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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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a loop high school. how sex offenders are getting into your children's school. >> and white house takeover. the big names getting ready to meet with president obama today, including clevelanders you may recognize. >> you know them. >> yes! well, it is thursday, november 10th. i am corrina pysa. >> and i am terrence lee. we have a lot to get to this morning. good morning! but first, look outside at the forecast with meteorologist jd rudd. >> yes. it is cold outside. some areas waking up to fog around the new philly and canton areas. temperatures are cold. air temperatures in the 30s. you throw in the lighter wind, under 10 miles per hour, but many areas feels like freezing, if not colder. it feels like 29 in akron and
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heading off to work later on this morning at 7:00 or 8:00, temperatures could be close to 40 with plenty of sunshine. temperatures mid 50s at 5:00 and afternoon highs should top out around 06 today. a nice rebound from yesterday. let's check this now with kristin. >> all right, jd. we are still accident free on 77 and 71, traveling along at good speeds. no major issues the let's talk about some closures, however. this is state route 44b, the ramp to state route 2 closed for bridge work. it will be opened very soon at the end of today. 71 north b as you approach the city, no issues. fulton to 90 looks fine. here is another view of 77 just to check in here. grand avenue no issues. one lonely car there.
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it is going to be a busy day at the white house. president-elect trump is meeting with president obama. heading to the d.c. area. sarah phinney is live downtown for us this morning. sarah, pennsylvania avenue is getting a visit from some popular clevelanders? are yes, some guys you may be familiar with, maybe lebron james, kevin love, jr smith, all those guy, the whole gang, the cavs winning championship team including ohio governor john kasich. he will also be there today.
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works for months. coach lou was on the phone with obama when he got the invite. they wanted to visit while the nation's first black president was still in office. as you mentioned trump will be at the white house today, too. he and obama will talk about a peaceful transition of power. james and other players were big supporters of hillary clinton, james endorsing her back in october and appearing at a rally with jr smith on sunday posting on instagram yesterday expressing dismay in the results but telling people we will be all right. college and pro championship teams have been visiting the white house for a while, a long standing tradition. the first nba team to visit was in 1963 when president kennedy welcomed his hometown, boston celtics. it is a tradition president obama has enjoyed. our john kasich will also be at the white house today. download our newschannel5 app
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phinney, newschannel5. >> thank you, sarah. this morning we have to get to an on your side investigation revealing there is a chilling election day loophole allowing sex offenders convicted of molesting children to entering into schools to vote. sex offenders are prohibited from living within 1,000 feet of a school or day care, but there is a catch, they can walk in if they are assigned to vote there. we found 77 sex offenders assigned to vote at them committed crimes against children. >> it takes a second for something to happen and even if it doesn't, you are triggering that mechanism in their brain that could harm a child. >> even with many schools closed on election day, we found children playing on school property after hours. local representative shaun o'brien is drafting a bill that will prohibit sex offenders
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reason. they would still be able to vote by mail or at the board of elections. and new in a shooting in ashtabula, investigators told newschannel5 they found a bag of cash from the robbery in the car of a suspect shot by a ashtabula police officer. evan cox drove over an officer's foot and dragged another one. he died at the scene. all three officers involved are now on administrative recovered three stolen atms taken in smash-and-grab and a tolls van. a group of men were spotted breaking into atms monday night behind a vacant apartment building near east 99th street and tanner court. one man arrested and later charged. the four others took off running. investigators trying to match the atms to the stores they were stolen from. he pleaded guilty of stealing tens of thousands from
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spend 20 years in prison. prosecutors say he ran a ponzi scheme through his company. many victims were seniors. he will be sentenced in november. well, schools are investigating whether or not it with us students that hung an american flag upside down at the high school yesterday. the superintendant told the chronicle telegram staff turn the flag rightside up as soon as they noticed it. he will be checking the cameras at the school and talking to th vandalism at this time. while it could be election related, he thinks it was mostly a prank. a young mother from lakewood has been missing for weeks now. >> now police are asking for your help finding her. she came to the us as a refugee from iraq. the 24 was last seen at her apartment october 16th and reported missing three days later. now her friend, co-workers and police are getting more worried
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contact from her, cell phone or otherwise with friends and family. there hasn't been financial sort of activity with her accounts since the 16th. >> she has a 3-year-old son and recently divorced. her ex-husband was arrested for violating a protection order. she has friends and family in michigan, as well. now the fbi is helping to cast a wider net here, putting out a missing person's poster in english and arabic, hoping someone knows something. still impacting communities all over our state. a lakewood non-profit organization is planning a community conversation to raise awareness and connect residents to resources for help. it is being held at the lakewood public library at 7:00 tonight. as of september cuyahoga county has seen more than 50 deaths from heroin overdoses. >> also today, the rock & roll hall of fame is formally debuting its new addition.
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the museum. how repairs are done and the plastic wrap has been removed. the dedication starts at 2:00 this afternoon. if you still have your "i voted" sticker you can still get in to see it tomorrow for $10 at the rock hall. it is chilly out. >> yes. it is cold and soupy in some areas with temperatures being close to freezing and fog in some areas that could wind up being patchy freezing fog. keep that philly area and akron and canton, as well. the rest of the day will be sunshine and warming up. 46 by 9:00. 56 by noon. it will stay breezy today, by the way. temperatures toward 4:00 or 5:00 this afternoon around 60 degrees. a lot milder than it was yesterday. but cherish this because things will change as we go more into tomorrow. we will talk about that in a couple of minutes. >> all right, jd, thank you.
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next@so now what will happen to obama-care enrollment? >> plus, this woman crosses an adventure item off her bucket list, and she is 93, by the way. you do not want to miss this
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investigators in south carolina identified two bodies discovered on a property where a woman was found alive and chained to a storage container. the man and woman were buried on the property for a year and found the rescued woman's boyfriend in a shallow grave. they say he confessed to killing four people at a officials removed the cargo container from his property where they found assault rifles, two gun, on top of five guns found inside his home. as a registered sex offender he is banned from buying guns. the fate of a georgia man that left his son inside a hot car will be decided as soon as today. the jury will con deliberations in the case of justin harris, accused of killing his 22-month- old son, cooper, by
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seven hours. he wanted out of his marriage and deliberately killed the boy. the defense attorneys call i had a horrible accident. well, brad pitt cleared of child abuse charges. the l.a. department of child and family services cleared the actor after investigating a verbal and physical abuse incident. it happened at a private jet in september while pit was intoxicated. days later angelina jolie filed if are divorce. she has custody of the si twitter ceo adam bain is leaving the company anouns his decision appropriately after facing challenges to add users and lost $103 million last quarter. last month twitter laid off 350 employees. new jersey governor's chris christie's administration
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seaside gambling resort in atlanta city. the city is declining because gambling is declining it says. atlantic city has seen five of 12 casinos close since 2014. a time check for you. it is 5:14. it is time to check in with meteorologist jd rudd. >> thank you, terrence. good morning, everyone. nice to have you here on this thursday where it is cold and foggy in some areas but a nice afternoon is taking shape. here deceptive. a clean sweep. no rain showing up. hard to find any clouds here but you have areas of fog out here, seeing that reported at the automated reporting site in new philly. temperatures are 32. we could get a little freezing fog, so it may be slick in and around the under the influence area so keep in a in mind. a lot of the wind chill values are in the low 30s and upper
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if you live in or around new philly or canton, email or tweet your pictures to us this morning. we would like to see this. highs in the low 50s tomorrow, mostly cloudy skies, a few hit and miss showers tomorrow afternoon and lows tomorrow night will fall down to the 30s. temperatures today in the upper
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still breezy today, a southwest wind at 10 to 25. in canton, 60 for a high, sunshine and southwest winds at 10 to 25. cleveland 60 for a high temperature this evening about 53. then tonight won't be as cold as clouds come in and 45 for the overnight low. let's check this now with kristin. >> sounds good. the highways look good. traffic is still pretty here are the maps now. 45 minutes left of the closure at 77 north b at 90. take east 14th street. get off there. seventy-seven northbound at 90. take east 14th street. get off there. low travel times on 90, 71 and
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than ten minutes. >> thank you, kristin. this election cycle left students asking a lot of tough questions about a trump presidency and what is next. >> a lot of grown-ups, too. one teacher reminding his government students while there may be some concern, in politics campaign promises don't always play out. >> it is something that people will have to wait and see if this is really him being true to his word. >> we haven't had him how he will be. let's give him a few chances and see what happens. >> his message, the system and other legislative balances are there to keep thing this is place. hours after trump's win students in florida were getting in line for obama-care. trump said in his first 100 days in office he plans to repeal and replace the program
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health care because of obama- care. >> it is one of the things that students are capitalizing on an using. >> the open enrollment period will continue december 15th and coverage begins on january 1st. so, obama-care or the affordable health care act protected women from being charged more at the doctor's office because of their gender. women are taking to social media to voice their fear access to birth control and access to planned parenthood could be jeopardized. well, the university of southern california study shows 20% of frequent vapors had moved to regular smoking six months later and became
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the association believes the study is flawed. turning to a 93 woman from wisconsin who has quite the bucket list. >> yes. just recently she was able to cross one item off. >> oh, my gosh. oh, this is beautiful! oh, wow! oh, how exciting! >> you can hear the joy in her voice there. that is vicky growner. she wanted nothing more than to zip line at the mall of america. as you saw, her wish came true. she even went a second time, too, saying everyone should follow their dreams and try it, as well. >> i love her reaction there. it is so fun. >> yes. what is next on "good morning cleveland", another way to commemorate our championship team, the new cavs beverage.
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epidemic. how lorain county plans to move forward now that a levy failed at the polls.
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. fly ball, right field. out of here! [ cheering & applause ] >> well, that was a home run number 34 for carlos santana
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cavs guard jr smith. he shared this photo on his instagram accountment santana giving him the bat he used to hit his final home -- account. santana giving him the bat he used to hit his final home run of the regular season. i say that is a cool souvenir there. >> very cool. that is awesome. well, being at the white house today is not the only cool thing our championship team is doing. >> yes, the cavs releasing a all for one beer, celebrating the city's first ever nba title, featuring a championship label and box that goes on sale wednesday, november 16th, sold exclusively at the brew kettle restaurants in strongsville and amherst. i think it will sell out so fast. i want to get me some of that.
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well, your highways looking fine. no issues. checking on 71 and 90 as well as 480, the travel times in the akron area, summit county, no problems along 76 or 77. here is the view at 480, warrenville center road east and westbound lanes looking good. closures in th traffic restrictions in place on route 21. details in a bit. >> thank you, kristin. 5:24 this morning. a live look outside right now. not that bad. you can't tell from tashot like this but it -- from a shot like this but it is cold when you wake up. maybe you are thinking you didn't turn the heat up enough last night. temperatures in the 30s to wake up but we quickly warm as the afternoon goes on. sunshine and 56 at noon. near 60 at 3:00. breezy today and a southwest
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enjoy today because tomorrow here comes the other cold front. cloudy skies and a few spotty showers this in the afternoon. 48 for a high. sunday a nice rebound, sunshine and 55. we will take that. the heroin epidemic is hitting hard in lorain county. this he expect a record number of deadly overdose this is year. >> issue 35 would have helped but now 79 days clean thanks to services in the county and now she is hoping the heavy i gets another -- levy gets another chance is there it will help a lot of people suffering out there. >> the executive director of the alcohol and drug addictions board in lorain weave the levy failed in part because many don't see the devastation heroin can cause. the board will decide to see if they can get it on the ballot
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recovery center is expected to open in lorain county. the primary purpose center will have an open house tomorrow and take in its first residents monday. it will serve 80 to 100 men living in various stages of drug and alcohol associate. seven armed robberies -- sobel rite. >> seven armed robberies. >> and how it >> and here is a look at the winning lottery numbers.
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now at 5:30, we trump's election all over our area. >> and many appear to be struggling with the way the election turned out. >> but let's get to meteorologist jd rudd with the forecast on this thursday. >> it is a cold morning this morning. a live look outside. the temperatures we have right now, too. i put the windchill folk or the, the feels like in yellow next to the temperatures.
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the light breeze it feels like freezing right now, 29 as you step outside in the canton area. here is the forecast for today. cold and frosty in the morning. sunshine and milder by the afternoon. we should top out around 60 for a high temperature today. one thing to note this morning, still seeing a little bit of fog in a couple of areas south of akron. use caution in this area, especially if you are on the roadways. kristin? absolutely, jd. and police activity on 40th and chester. i don't think it is anything serious. elsewhere no major issues. in independence, 21, an earlier water main break that happened, yes, it has been repaired but they are still doing work in that area. we talked about the fog. so, carroll and parts of tuscarawas may be slow.
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crestline. no issues there. it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> everybody is sad when their side loses an election. but the day after we have to remember that we are actually all on one team. >> three of r calling for unity. this morning, though, our country is anything but that. >> yes. a tense situation in several cities overnight. foal foal is monitoring -- nick foley is monitoring it all. >> protests forming in dozens of cities across the country as people continue to react to the election of donald trump. as we are seeing from overnight, some of the protests leaving thousands in says like this one this san francisco, with groups carrying out a sit- in in front of city hall.
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people there flooding into the streets. protestors taking to the highways and blocking busy freeway, as well. traffic backed up on the 101 for miles leaving to dozens of arrests. in portland, oregon, as many as 2,000 protestors taking to the streets there, several times blocking traffic and taking to interstates. we will continue to watch the feeds across the country and bring them to you as they come in. closer to home in cleveland people marched throughout downtown. >> that. they started a cleveland state and took it to playhouse square. voters should be hopeful because of the political process michael nelson said. but make no mistake, he says. the country has been divided a long time. >> we know people's feelings, but we recognize rural counties in pennsylvania and ohio, the president-elect is getting 70% to 80% of the votes which mean
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a significant anxiety and those are not new. >> the protestors stayed on public square for about an hour, then they started marching throughout the city, chanting anti-trump and anti- police messages disrupting traffic and ended their march back at the cleveland state campus. and donald trump will meet with president obama at the white house. >> the two will talk about the transfer of power. but he is not the only one heading to d.c. newschannel5's this morning. trump's visit comes on the same day the cavs will be at the white house. >> reporter: that is right, terrence. this visit has been in the works for months at which time cavs are playing the washington wizards tomorrow night and they wanted to visit while president obama was still in office. jr smith and lebron james have been very vocal supporters of hillary clinton. the two appearing with her at public auditoriums sunday,
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about the outcome of the election but encouraging people not to lose hope. meanwhile obama urging democrats to put aside their feelings and work toward a successful transition. trump will be at the white house at 11:00 this hurricane warning. james has already been to the white house when he played for the miami heat, but richard jefferson, the veteran that won his first championship with the cavs, is really looking forward to the visit. >> i am really excited to meet barack. i have been a fan of his a long time. he is the first president i voted for and, you know, i think that will be great. i am really excited to see if i can get him on snapchap. >> reporter: he is very popular on snapchap. ohio's governor will be accompanying the team to the white house today. our crew will be there with
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have all the information on our newschannel5 app. feel tree to download it.-- feel free to down let it. moving on right now, case western reserve university police are stepping up patrols after a series of six student robberies in the past two week, some even happening at gunpoint. the university responding by adding officers on all shifts and doubling the number of shuttle bus, significantly cutting student wait times and the increased police patrols on campus d impact. seven have been arrested in the past ten days. the two-day strike against cedar point is now over. the park and union members just made a deal. the agreement includes higher wages. the workers felt the park hadn't offered enough given how well the park was doing financially and management salaries. the man that shot his pregnant girlfriend in the head is still out there this morning. police have not released his name.
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chester, 23 years old and 31 weeks pregnant during an argument in the glendale neighborhood. she was taken to university hospital in critical condition. 2 minute we learn more about the suspect we will pass the information along to you. 5:36 on your thursday. up next donald trump made a lot of bold promises on the campaign trail, but how much power will event to deliver them?
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welcome back. the greater cleveland and metro area not seeing problems on the roads. the highways are up to speed in four different view, including 271. we will talk about 44 and painesville coming up. right now general motors is cutting jobs for the first time
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local workers. gm is laying off the third shift indefinitely. the lordstown plant where they make the chevy cruze will be forced to cut shifts. holiday coffee cups making a return. why your instagram picture could have made it back to starbuck's new a role in an attack between two
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welcome back. we continue to keep an eye on the protests across the country. following at the live desk. at least five people shot in downtown seattle, this outside a 7-eleven store there. two of the victims have researching injuries have were taken to -- researching injuries and were taken to -- life-threatening injuries and were taken to the hospital. the shooting is unrelated to a trump rally that brocked traffic nearby. carnegie, a man attacks --
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attacks a motorcyclist. >> a 27-year-old started hitting the motorcyclist recording and driving through the city. he was upset about a post on instagram that involved the victim's girlfriend. this was the first time the two had crossed paths. >> he said i could have my motorcycle, stolen and thrown in the miami river. i told him to come meet me to come fight. he never showed up like a man, so all i was doing was leaving the area, i saw him -- >> goodness. the motorcyclist was asked to tell his side of the story. he refused. miami beach detectives reviewed the footen and arrested the attacker at his home. two marine pilots are safe after their two fa-18 yets collided mid-air, one of the pilots able to land at north island near san diego. the other pilot ejected from
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rescue crews pulled him in the water. both are being examined by doctors and are expected to be okay. the cause of the crash is under investigation. vaccinate's day is tomorrow but a special -- veteran's day is tomorrow but today will be a special spotlight on the marines. yes, on this day in 1775 the continental marines were established. if you know a ma reap, give them a call, send them an email or message and wish them a happy birthday. reference jd rudd made. >> oh, my gosh. i want to keep my job a little longer. 5:46. a live look outside this morning. you can't tell from a shot like this but it is cold outside. not seeing too much of the wind whipping the trees around like yesterday. here is the current temperature in cleveland, 37 degrees.
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frost and cold. 50 by 10:00 and sunshine. if you let the dog out this morning it could be on the cold side. some areas seeing patchy fog from the akron-canton area and new philly. visibility is murky to say the least. be careful on the roadways this morning in our southern counties. here is the power of 5 weather radar and satellite. aside from the colder temperatures. 34 in shaker heights right now. 38 in parma, 38 in west lake this morning. across the wider area we are all kind of in the same boat. it is cold. the typical high temperature this time of year is 53. we will zoom past that this afternoon. sunshine and milder today with readings around 60. tomorrow the clouds and cooler air will come back. here is today's forecast hour- by-hour. there is the sunshine, mid to
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at around 10 to 20. this is the current set up right now. the main level of air flow above us to the north. all the country enjoying a mild day today, but tomorrow watch this colder air sink its way in. it will stay that way as we go into the weekend. the good news is all the warm air that gets piled up from the west will get thrown back our way by next week. enjoy today. sunshine, temperatures upper 50s to around 60 and a little on the breezy side. and traffic. >> thank you, jd. who doesn't know what i am talking about, who never left home, who never state route. >> jd, you started it. it is awful! let's head to the painesville area. 44 at 2 will be closed throughout the day for bridge repairs. i tried to work it in. it didn't work! [ laughing ] seventy-seven to
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no issues on that commute. the average speed is 63 miles per hour. let's pull up the view of 90 at east 55th. no issues there. traffic is building a tad. no major problems. i will let you know if we learn more about the accident at 40th and chester. well, trump will have a lot of work to do. if the election did nothing else, it showed howdy slided the nation is. the red areas all signifying areas that voted for trump. the blue for clinton. here. areas like holmes county with a population of 43,000 are a prime example of how rural ohio gave donald trump a really big boost on his path to an upset presidential victory and garnered 65% to 71% of the vote in other rural counties. wayne, tuscarawas and ashland, which even surprised some that voted for him. >> honestly, yes. ies afraid it wasn't go -- yes.
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go that way but i am so glad it had. >> clinton won the counties with big cities. cleveland, columbus and cincinnati, but in the end it was not enough. now in a donald trump won the presidency, a lot of people are confused about what exactly our next president can and cannot do. here is terrence with a little lesson for us. yes. our reporter, tara molina, went back to our high school classrooms in social studies to bring us a refresher. we learned trump cannot away the rights to gay marriage and abortion because both are supreme court decisions. and the huge wall, the other big talker. it would require congressional support. so what you can expect to change in the coming months, remember, it probably cannot be done alone. >> really, that is why we have checks and balances in place. the process is meant to work, to take time. >> if you would like more information on the roles our
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change this coming year, head to our newschannel5 app. we have posted a lot more information there for you. well, we have to get to this next story. a lot of people are talking about this. voters in california reelected a dead man. >> that is right. it is for the city treasure seat in oceanside. it was two late to take gary ernst off the ballot when he passed. his opponent saying she doesn't understand why choose him. they will have to take him off the ballot or appoint another replacement to remedy the situation. well, a pit bull is back in her owner's loving arms. this morning she took a two mile spin. he left the pup out in the fort lauderdale yard monday morning but when he called her, she was no where to be found. it turns out the year-and-a-
5:52 am
she was rescued by two people returning to the dock from their towing job. >> he is the the savior of the family. he is an angel. the fact they were in the middle of their jobs and stop what they are doing and pull this dog out was tremendous. >> john says he didn't even know gypsy could swim, by the way, especially because her legs, look at them, are only about 6 inches long. he plans to bring gypsy along for well, here is something everyone of all ages will love. the national toy hall of fame will reveal its newest inductees today. >> they were chosen from tagroup of 12 finalist -- from a group of 12 finalists. the winners will be enshrined during a ceremony. care bears, clue and uno among the winners. >> that is good. i like the care bears, too.
5:53 am
cubs at starbucks. they were not meant for the holidays. this was about unity for the election. however today, snow flakes, santa claus and reindeer return on the red cup. there are 11 different designs. starbucks used social media posts from its customers for the inspiration. it is 5:53 right now. here is what is next for you on "good morning cleveland." take a look at this courtroom brawl here. a fight breaking out in a ohio courtroom. we will tell you what this. >> and a small step to legalizing marijuana in our state. the four ohio towns that decided smoking it is no longer a crime. >> and stocks rally after investors embrace donald trump as our next president, the dow opening up more than 250 points and the global market also up
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welcome back. well have new video to show you of a ohio courtroom brawl caught on fight. the fight erupting when a man barged into the courtroom demanding to speak to the judge. the man refused to leave after being ordered to. the man had a personal dispute with the police division and the court. he is now facing lift of charges including contempt and assaulting an officer. old woman gets a chance to caught zip lining off her bucket list. you don't want to miss this video.
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breaking overnight, protests over trump's election. some demonstrations getting dangerous. we are monitoring what is happening across the country for >> and a loophole. how sex offenders are getting into your children's schools. >> and the white house takeover. the big names getting ready to meet with president obama today, including clevelanders you may recognize. there is a little give away for you. thursday november 10th. i am corrina pysa. >> and i am terrence lee. good many to you. we have a lot to get to this morning. we want to first take a live look outside as we check in with meteorologist jd rudd. >> good morning. almost straight up 6:00 as you
6:00 am
maybe grab the chef, take a look at thing, scroll through social media. by the way, you can get a full forecast through our newschannel5 app. when you look outside it doesn't look that cold but when you see the numbers here on the app, 34 in akron, feels like 30 with a southwest wind at 5. new philly is 33. still reporting fog in that area. there may be an isolated slick spot or two. here you see the fog showing up on the visibility map. akron-canton to new you may find low lying fog in those areas so be careful on the roads this morning. here is the forecast for cleveland, akron and canton today. after a cold start wall to wall sunshine this afternoon. temperatures close to 60. it all goes out the window tomorrow because, of course it does. >> all right. well, for the most part we are okay on the highways. the traffic restrictions in independence remain in place along 21. the two northbound lanes of 21 are closed between chestnut and


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