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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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maybe grab the chef, take a look at thing, scroll through social media. by the way, you can get a full forecast through our newschannel5 app. when you look outside it doesn't look that cold but when you see the numbers here on the app, 34 in akron, feels like 30 with a southwest wind at 5. new philly is 33. still reporting fog in that area. there may be an isolated slick spot or two. here you see the fog showing up on the visibility map. akron-canton to new you may find low lying fog in those areas so be careful on the roads this morning. here is the forecast for cleveland, akron and canton today. after a cold start wall to wall sunshine this afternoon. temperatures close to 60. it all goes out the window tomorrow because, of course it does. >> all right. well, for the most part we are okay on the highways. the traffic restrictions in independence remain in place along 21. the two northbound lanes of 21 are closed between chestnut and
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i will let you know as soon as it hopes. no issues on any of the -- as it opens. no issues on the mainly highways. here is 71 and west 25th street. still quiet. no delays. let's check in with jon rudder with his view from the sky. >> reporter: well, kristin, there is an accident at east 40th and chester. it is not disrupting traffic there. right now flying along eddie road, things are all clear. back to you here in airtracker5. >> thank you, jon. well, we continue to monitor protests across the country as people still reacting to donald trump's election. here is video from portland, oregon. as many as 2,000 protestors there taking to the streets several times, blocking traffic and getting on the interstates you see there. the protestors walking through cars and forcing huge back ups
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city hall several times. similar protests happening in 15 cities overnight. well, it will be a busy day at the white house. president-elect trump meeting with president obama today. >> but he is not the only one heading to d.c. sarah phinney is live downtown for us. sarah, pennsylvania avenue is getting a visit from only popular clevelanders, too? >> reporter: yes. you may recognize them, lebron james and all the members the 2016 nba championship cleveland cavs team. you can't get tired of saying that, am i right? they will be at the white house around 2:15 this afternoon. take a look at this video. obama called the coach and it is all recorded there. today's visit times out well the team facing off against the wizards, wanting to visit white the nation's first black president was at the white
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house speaking with obama about the transition of power. map post players posting on instagram yesterday expressing disappointment in the results but telling the followers we will be all right. here is an interesting fact. the first nba team to visit the white house was in 1963 when president kennedy welcomed his we have a crew at the white house and we will bring you all the information. download our newschannel5 app. live in cleveland, sarah phinney, newschannel5. >> thank you, sarah. 6:03 is the time right now. this morning a "5 on your side" investigation is revealing there is a chilling election day loophole allowing sex offenders convicted of molesting children to enter schools to vote. they are forbidden from living within a thousand feet of a school or day care but here is
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they are assigned to vote there. 77 sex offenders were assigned to vote at cleveland schools and half of them had committed crimes against a child. >> it takes a second for things to happen. even if it doesn't happen at the school you are triggering a mechanism in their brain and they would leave and harm a child is there we see kids playing on school property after hours even if they are not in school on election day. well now a bill is being drifted to prohibit sex offenders from enter a school for any reason. they could still vote by mail or at the board of elections. and a shooting in ashtabula. investigators tell newschannel5 they found a bag of cash from the robbery in a car of the suspect shot and killed by a police officer. evan cox drove officer's a foot and dragged another. cox died at the seen and the
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all three officers involved are now on administrative leave. cleveland police recovered three stolen atms taken in recent smash-and-grabs. a group of men were spotted breaking into atms monday night near east 99th street and tanner court. one man was arrested and later charged and the four others took off running. norths are trying to match the atm -- investigators are now trying to match the atms from from. eric bartoli will spend 20 years in prison after running a ponzi scheme through his company. many victims were seniors in our area. he will be sentenced in november. well, the oberlin schools are with investigating whether or not the students hung the american flag upside down at the school yesterday. the staff turned the flag rightside up as soon as they saw it. he will be checking the cameras
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is not considering what happened vandalism at this time. it could be related to the electionment he thinks it was mostly a prank. the heroin epidemic is still affecting communities all over our state. now lakewood non-profit organization is planning a community conversation to raise awareness and connect residents to resources for help. it is being held at the lakewood public library at 7:00 tonight. at least 23 ohioans die from also today the rock & roll hall of fame debuting its new addition. you may have seen the long live rock sign outside the museum. all the repairs are done and the plastic wrap was taken off. the dedication starts at 2:00 this afternoon. if you have your "i voted" sticker still, you can see it for just $10 tomorrow through sunday. >> not a bad deal. you can rock & roll all night
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we breaking news here at the live desk. we are learning two police officers were shot outside of pittsburgh. the two officers were shot in canonsburg and taken to a nearby hospital. we are learning the suspect in
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home this morning. no word yet on the condition of the officers. >> thank you. investigators in south carolina have identified two bodies discovered on the property where a woman was found alive and chained to a storage container. they say the man and woman were a couple buried on todd coliff's property for about a year. the rescued woman's boyfriend was found in a coliff confessed to killing two people in his motorcycle shop in 2003. they found guns on top of two more found at his home. as a registered sex offender, he was prohibited from buying guns. the jury will continue deliberations in the case of justin harris this morning. he is accused of killing his 22- month-old son cooper by
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seven hours back in 2014. participates say harris wanted -- prosecutors say harris wanted out of his marriage and deliberately killed the boy. defense attorneys are calling the death a horrible accident. brad pitt is cleared of child abuse charges. the l.a. county of child and family services investigated the physical abuse incident. it happened on a private jet back in september while pit was intoxicated. days later angelina jolie for divorce. for now she has custody of the six children. after six years twitter ceo adam bain is leaving the company, announcing his decision, propertily, in a tiers of tweets. the move comes as twitter faces challenges. the company struggles to add more users and lost $13 million last quarter. last month twitter laid off 350 employees. new jersey governor chris christie's administration has seized power in atlantic city.
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the assets and major decision- making power. the struggling seaside gambling resort is half a billion in debt. the city is declining because gambling is declining. atlantic city has seen five of its 12 casinos close since 2014. we know you are planning your day right now. let's get a check of weather and traffic together. >> you step outside and say oh, it is cold outside. well, once you step ou that 37 degrees in cleveland kind of meets and greets you. it is a day to put the seat warmers on high or you wish you had seat warmers. all patchy frost out there. as you step at the door temperatures will warm their way up. the biggest thing this morning may be having to scrape the frost off your car windshield. how numb will your fingers get? having to do that, i don't think very. on the old finger rating of scraping frost skate it is only
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the fingers are numb and you are digging for a dinosaur, then we will raise that number up but it is not one of those days today at all. here is the satellite and radar. a little could cloud cover along the lakeshore. otherwise the fog is an issue in one area, namely over new philly from canton to that direction. this should mix out once the sun comes up after 8:00 or so. temperatures across the greater cuyahoga county area, it is 40 in mayfield thi in parma, 36 in strongsville. that is just the air temperature. this will will get your attention a little bit this morning. other locations 33 rivera, 34 in youngstown and 36 in ashtabula. these temperatures are below where we should be this time of year, at least in the morning hours. by the afternoon we go above average. sunshine and highs topping out around 60 although a little breezy today. enjoy the cold front which means change coming for tomorrow as the cooler air
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we will tumble back down in terms of temperatures tomorrow. only in the low 50s. cloudy sky, a few rain showers tomorrow, then tomorrow night we fall back down to the 30s. checking traffic. kristin, what is going on this morning? not a lot. a two car crash at 40th and chester earlier this morning but that is in the process of being cleared. this is 71 and 480. we are getting busier out there but at free. visibility a big concern in tuscarawas counties. the drive times are locationing a-okay. look at our speeds. 72 miles per hour. slow it down. let's check in with jon rudder in airtracker5. >> reporter: good morning, kristin. things looking good along 77 as well.
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all clear. things moving along nicely. and further north at 77 and 90, things are nice and smooth and all lanes are open after the overnight lane closures that were expected to open at 6:00 a.m. hours after trump's win, several college students in florida were getting in line for health insurance through obama-care. trump says in his first 100 days in office he plans to repeal and replace the program but many students ar of obama-care they say. >> definitely. one of those things, one of those students that students can capitalize on and are using. >> well, even the experts are not sure what the future holds but the open enrollment period will continue through december 15th for coverage to begin on january 1st. well, in the meantime, affordable health care act is known as protecting women from being charged more at the doctor's office because of their gender.
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a donald trump presidency birth control costs will go up and access to services like middle school will be limited. as a result -- middle school will be limited.-- planned parenthood will be limited e. well, trending today, you can cross one item off your list -- yes, that for this 93- year-old woman. take a look. >> oh, my gosh.
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oh! >> beautiful and exciting. she wanted nothing more than to zip line at the mall of america and as you saw her wish was granted. she went a second time, too. all of you out there that can hear my voice should follow your dreams and try it. >> you are never too old to follow your dreams. just ask peggy there. >> next on this thursday, another way to comm the new cavs beverage coming up. >> plus, tackling the heroin epidemic. how lorain county plans to move forward now that a levy failed at the polls. you are watching "good morning cleveland" here on
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fly ball, right field. it is out of here! >> well, that was home run number 34 for carlos santana back in september. a clear high. now that bat is in the hands of jr smith. look there. jr shared this photo on his instagram account of giving him the bat he used to hit his final home run of the regular season. turns out jr was at the came. that was a pretty cool
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bridge repair. no issue on the highways. 71 right at west 130th north and southbound lanes look good. we are up to speed. we were dealing with the fog, jd, earlier. i don't know how it is looking, at least in the cleveland area it looks fine? >> yes. in the cleveland area it is okay but in the new philly area we are still getting fog on the sensors. if you live in that area, send us your photos. here is what you need today. it is cold this morning. you will shed the coat this afternoon with sunshine and temperatures around 60 degrees. we will plan out the rest of the seven-day forecast period. sunshine and 60. tomorrow the other way, cloudy skies and 51, a spotty shower or two. gets colder on saturday. despite the sunshine a high of 48. that is after a morning low in the mid 30s. we start a little warming trend as we go into next week. there are some indications we
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weekend. let's focus on today. >> all right, jd. thank you. the heroin epidemic is hitting hard in lorain county. this he expect a record number of deadly heroin overdoses this year. >> issue 35 would have raised taxes to help treatment centers help more people but voters defeated the levy. christa toronto is now 79 days clean thanks to heroin services in lorain county. now she is another chance. >> it would help more people suffering out there. i would like to see more people get help the way i did. >> the boor in lorain believes the levy failed in part because many don't see the devastation heroin can cause. the board plans to meet soon to decide if they will try to get it on the ballot again. in the meantime a new drug addiction recovery center is getting set to open its doors
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open house tomorrow, serving 80 to 100 men living in stages of drug and alcohol sobriety. seven armed robberies in two weeks. how one cleveland campus plans to beef up security. >> cleveland police asking for your help this morning as they worry over a local mom.
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now at 6:30, a country divided. some celebrating, others protesting president-elect trump this morning. we are keeping an eye on large crowds all over the country. >> plus, today our current president starts this day with the next and ending with the championship cavs. first, let's get a check on the forecast with meteorologist jd rudd. re forecast today. wall to wall sunshine. the problem is the clear sky now is cold. look at that. you will start seeing the rays of sunshine off in the eastern horizon. it will be a nice sunrise this morning. if you have a photo we would love to see it as always. here is a look outside looking toward csu and other areas there. temperatures are cold there. is no doubt about that. we are in the 30s, feeling like 20s in some areas. wooster feeling like 26 when you step outside.
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mid 50s at noon. we should briefly touch around 60 at 3:00 to 4:00 and then back down to 56 by 5:00. change coming tomorrow. cooler air and a chance for more rain. we will talk about that in a few minutes. right now traffic. quite conditions out there. you mentioned the kill but our weather conditions are helping our drive times. 90 eastbound crocker to the innerbelt bridge still an average commute. normal, as well. slow spots under 71, however, with cars going under the speed limit. here is a view of all the highways looking okay. and here is jon rudder in airtracker5. >> reporter: kristin, things are looking good from airtracker5, as well. a look at 480 near west 130th street. flashing lights on your screen.
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delays in that area. on the highways things are looking good. let's head back inside. it is time for us to come together as one united people. >> donald trump is going to be our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> everybody is sad when their side loses an election. but the day after, we have to remember we are ac >> and you just heard them there. three of our leaders calling for unity. this morning our country is anything but that. >> a tense situation in several cities overnightment foal foal is looking at all -- overnight. nick foley is looking at all the protests. good morning. ?? >> we have been watching the protests in more than for a dozen major cities across the country like this in san francisco. one example of protests, more
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overnight, this now in los angeles. thousands of people flooding into the streets there. protestors taking to the highways, blocking busy freeways and traffic backed up at times. that led to dozens of arrests there. in portland, oregon, as many as 2,000 protestors taking to the street, several times blocking traffic there, as well, also causing trouble on interstate, a major theme across the country. here in cleveland people marched throughout downtown. >> we have a video of that to show you. they then took to it playhouse square. the school president michael nelson says voters should be helpful because of the political process but make no mistake, the country has been divided a long time. >> we know what feelings are and we recognize in rural counties like pennsylvania and ohio, the president-elect is getting 70% to 0% of the votes which means there is a cultural
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and significant anxiety and they are not in you. >> the group stayed on public square for about an hour and chanted anti-trump and police messages. disrupting traffic and ending their march at cleveland state. >> amid the protest donald trump will meet with president obama at the white house. >> the two will talk about the transfer of power and he is not the only one heading to d.c. today. sarah phinney is live in cleveland. sarah, the same day the cavs will be at the white house. >> reporter: that is right. the cavs visit to the white house has been in works for months, coinciding with the game against the washington wizards tomorrow night. the team wanted to visit while president obama was still in office. lebron james and jr smith have been vocal supporters of hillary clinton, the two appearing with her sunday at public auditorium and taking to instagram yesterday expressing their disappointment about the outcome of the election but
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democrats to put aside their feelings and work toward a successful transition. trump is visiting at 11:00. well, james has been to the white house already when he played for the miami heat. but the veterans are really looking forward to the visit. >> i am excited to meet barack. he is such a basketball fan. i have been a he is the first president i voted for. and, you know, i think that will be -- i am hoping to get him on snapchap. >> reporter: he always has entertaining snaps. now the rit is expected to be at -- the visit is expected to be at 2:15. we will have a crew at the white house when the cavs are there. download our newschannel5 app.
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case western reserve university police are stepping up patrols. six students there have been robbed over the past two weeks, some at gunpoint. the university is adding officers on all shifts and doubling the number of shuttle buses, cutting student wait times and the increased police controls on campus having an impact with seven people arrested in the past ten days. the two-day strike against cedar point is now over. the park and union members just made a deal. wages. the workers felt the park did not offer enough given how the park was doing financially and management salaries. the man that shot his pregnant girlfriend in the head is still out there this morning. police have not released his name but they tell us he shot shavonte chester, 23 and 31 weeks pregnant during an argument in the glendale neighborhood. she was taken to the university hospital in critical condition.
6:36 am
her we will pass the information along. a mon from cleveland accused of driving drunk, her kids in the car when she hit and killed a man on a motorcycle. this happened monday night atkinsman road and east 73rd street -- night at kinsman road and east 73rd street. she made a left turn right in front of a motorcycle with her two young children in the backseat. 52-year-old john stoudenmire die first-degree in the crash. well -- died in the crash. well, at the akron-canton airport spirit will be taking off now. they will offer flights to four cities in florida, vegas and myrtle beach. all new at 6:30 for you, getting your happens on a cheaper iphone. what apple is doing for the first time ever.
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presidency has people fearing of a plunge on wall street, be you how the markets actually
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it is 6:39. good morning to you. i am power of 5 meteorologist jd rudd. you may be seeing frost on the vehicle this morning. it is cold for the kids this afternoon, including for the kids at the bus stop.
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be close to 60 by 3:00 today, howeverment we need to be careful of fog around the akron- canton and new philly area. >> and i pulled up a couple of shots at 77 and harvard. jd, to the south is where we are seeing that at 77 and arlington. you can make out the halos around the headlights. you may be contending with visibility issues in that area. >> kristin, thank you. terrence, you were talking about christmas shopping earlier. this could be something on your list cheaper iphone. >> for the first time the tech giant will sell refurbished models through its online store. apple has a number of refurbished phones on the website for 15% off the price of the new m.d. they come in all -- new model. they come in all different colors and have a brand new cell.
6:41 am
certificate the new phones before selling them. for added peace of mind they include a one year warranty for refurbished products. >> good deal. vermont may be changing it -- verizon may change its mind saying it may rescind its $5 billion deal to buy yahoo because of the hack back in september. since then yahoo has been slapped with more than0 action lawsuits. and in health news for you, are you always looking for the sugar rush around 3:00 in the afternoon. it may have to do with how much sleep you get. a new study of the national sleep foundation find people that skimp on sleep dink 20% more sugar sweetened drinks than those that sleep seven to eight hours and say less sleep leads to more coffee consumption which could keep
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cycle. up next, the new addition to the rock & roll hall of fame. what you will now see outside the michigan humane society.
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now in the morning sprint, nick foley at the live desk following a protest over donald trump being our next president. >> and sarah phinney following the trump and cavs visit to the white house but first, a check of your thursday forecast with meteorologist jd rudd. thank you. it is 6:45. good morning to you. here is the power of 5 doppler radar scanning the sky all the time. right now nothing to a dry, quiet day today. that will change tomorrow. i am monitoring fog, though, still being reported in and around the new philly area. akron area has a lower visibility area, too. you may have issues on the roads this morning. be cautious if you are down in those areas. sunrise is coming at us as you look to the east. temperatures are primarily in the 30s this morning. southwest winds at around 5 to 10 miles per hour. it feels cooler when you step outside, more like the 20s in some areas, but to take you
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day today, hour-by-hour, the wind will work its way up. we will be breezy by about 1:00 to 3:00 this afternoon. the temperature also warming up as well. we are setting the stage here for a pretty nice afternoon after this cold and foggy morning. sunshine and 50 at 10:00. sunshine and 5 by noon. 58 at 2:00 this afternoon. starting right now below average. we finish above average. then change coming in for tomorrow. watch this cold front work its way in late today behind the front the clouds will thicken up and a chance for a little rain here and there tomorrow morning to tomorrow afternoon. right now it doesn't look to be heavy at all. a few lake affect showers are possible as we head through tomorrow afternoon. today in canton 06 degrees. sunshine southwest winds at 10 to 25. in cleveland today 60 for a high. southwest breeze at around 10 to 25, down to 53 for this evening. we will check the seven-day forecast in just a bit. kristin?
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on major highways. a 3-d city zoom check of the highways. 77 to 271 eastbound lanes clocking in at a 60-mile per hour commute. and along 77 and east 22nd street nothing concerning, just your typical delay. the highways at 77 and allergytop may be dealing with fog but we haven't seen any crashes. let's check in with once more from the sky. >> slow traffic on 77. you are seeing the slow traffic if east 22nd to until you reach 90. here is an aerial look at it, really slowing things down. even on the innerbelt bridge bridge, no accidents. just slow traffic in this area. let's go back inside. >> jon, thank you. in the fallout to trump's election continuing overnight, huge protests forming in dozens of cities across the country
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voice opposition over trump. and this time in los angeles people there burning the donald trump upgy as they flooded the streets and groups blocking the busy highways and streets leading to dozens of arrests at the protest theme continues across the country. let's go out to sarah phinney as the morning sprint continues. >> reporter: hey, nick. it will be a very busy day at the white house. donald trump and the cavities are expected expected to visit. the cavs will be playing the washington wizards tomorrow but the president-elect trump and the nba champions will not cross paths. trump is scheduled to be there at 11:00 and the cavs are
6:49 am
little more than 70 days away. he own as hotel on pennsylvania avenue but in a few hours he will get a look at his new home. we have a crew in d.c. who will be there when the cavs visit. that appearance is scheduled for 2:15. live in downtown cleveland, sarah phinney, newschannel5. while markets around the globe were initially shaken after the election, most of them have rebounded. overnight markets in australia, india, hong kong and japan all up. the nick kay yesterday -- nigh kay jumped 6% -- since august. today is the one year anniversary for the deadly plane crash in akron. on november 10 of last year the plane crashed into an apartment building killing all people on board. the pilot's mismanaged the approach in several ways. flaps for in the wrong
6:50 am
result went into a stahl. and we have an update on a shooting in ashtabula. investigators telling newschannel5 they found a bag of cash from the robbery in the car of a suspect shot and killed by a ashtabula police officer. police say evan cox drove over an officer's foot and dragged another. all three officers involved here are now on administrative leave. a man indicted on rape charges will be arraigned. he is 46 kidnapping and raping a 9-year- old girl. in september he took her while they was walking home from the library allegedly and is on jail now on $2 million bond. he pleaded guilty to stealing 0ss of millions from northeast ohio families. now you are rick bartoli will spend 20 years in prison. he ran a ponzi scheme throughs his company and many of the
6:51 am
grabs, atms were stolen. this behind a vacant building at east 99th street and tanner court. one man was arrested and the four others took off running. well, the oberlin school is investigating whether or not it was students that hang the american flag upside down yesterday. the staff turned the flag rightside up as soon as saw it. the school at this time is not considering it vandalism. while it could be election related, he thinks it is mostly a prank. general motors is cutting off jobs for the first time in six years, suspending the third shirt indefinitely because americans are buying
6:52 am
the lordstown plant where they make the chevy cruze will be suspending operations through january. well, take a look at this mother who is missing. she came to the u.s. as a refugee from iraq. she is 24 years old last seen at her apartment on october 16th. she was reported missing three days later and now friends and family are concerned with each passing day. she has divorced and her ex-husband was arrested for violating a protection order. the heroin epidemic impacting communities across the state. a lakewood non-profit is planning a community conversation to raise awareness and connect residents to resources for help. this will be held at 7:00 tonight. as of september cuyahoga county has seen more than 500 people die from heroin overdoses. also today, you have seep this for a few days now.
6:53 am
front of the rock hall will be dedicated today. that ceremony starts at 2:00 this afternoon. a reminder, if you still have your "i voted" sticker you can still get into the museum tomorrow through sunday. >> nice. the browns are on the road tonight for the only nationally televised game of the season. they will play the ravens on thursday night football. the browns are trying to avoid an 0-10 start. it would be the worst start in team history. all right. the morning sprint continues in 60 seconds.
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all right. right now we are following a developing story out of south carolina. investigators there have
6:55 am
where a woman was found alive and chained to a storage container. >> they say the man and woman were buried on todd coloff's property for about a year. they say he confessed to killing four people at a motorcycle shop back in 2003. and the fate of a georgia man that left his son inside a hot car could be decided as soon as today. the jury will continue deliberations in the case of justin harris accused of killing his 22-month-old son for nearly seven hours. we could be hours away from learning the verdict in the trial of an ohio police officer that shot and killed an unarmed man. the jury will begin deliberating today. the prosecutors are wrongful portraying him as a racist for the death of sam dubois. the prosecutors say ten zing was bias against plaque men. and caught on camera, a
6:56 am
and caught on camera, things turn violent after a man refused orders to leave a courtroom. officers wrestled him to the ground and took him into custody. more n police officers shot. kdka reporting this happened in canonsburg. the two officers were taken to a nearby hospital. their conditions are unknown. the suspect in this shooting is still at large. as you can see police are responding to that area and surrounding a home. again, the suspects still on the loose this morning. now for a final check of the weather. here is jd. >> thank you, nick. it is 6:56. here is the power forecast planner.
6:57 am
sunshine today, warmer than yesterday, high near 60. it will be breezy if not windy today with a southwest wind at 10 to 25. tomorrow things change. another cold front slides in. we could see mostly cloudy skies and temperatures around 50 throughout the afternoon, if not falling throughout the evening. a few showers are possible. we try to rebound over the weekend. we had better luck on sunday versus saturday. next week here come as warm middle part of the week. kristin? the highways are looking good for the most part. here is 77 and arlington. we are concerned about the fog in carroll and tuscarawas counties but at least the highways are checking in okay. no major issues for you. on "good morning america" more on the anti-trump protests going warm spot around the country and getting a jump start -- going on around the
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>> we will see you back here in
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good morning, america. breaking overnight anti-trump protests erupt coast to coast. peaceful ones turning violent. police fighting back with tear gas. >> tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets. marching on trump towers in new york and more than a hundred arrests. >> donald trump heads to washington vowing to bring the country together after a bitter election. >> now it's time for america to bind the wounds of division. >> he'll meet president obama in the oval office this morning. >> we're not democrats first, we're not republicans first, we are americans first. >> as the first lady hosts melania trump. now all eyes turn to who president trump will pick for


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