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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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kick off our political coverage at 5:00 with the trump transition, president- elect donald trump and president obama have spent the past year saying some unflattering things about each other. >> yes, they did. today they appeared to turn the page on their past. the president to the white house. here's what the two men talked about. >> reporter: good evening. first lady michele obama welcomed melania trump to the white house. their husbands met for the very first tame. that meeting actually lasted longer than originally scheduled. the peaceful transition of power. >> we now are going to want to do everything we can to help
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succeeds. >> reporter: this is what makes american democracy extraordinary. >> i very much look forward to dealing with at the present time in the future, including counsel. >> reporter: after an extremely contentious campaign they met together in the oval office for an hour and a half. their bitter wounds apparently healing. >> so, mr. president, it was a great honor being with you. >> nation a sense of cooperation. just like mr. obama did to his spread saysor. mr. obama also traveled to the capitol to meet with mitch mcconnell and speaker of the house paul ryan who showed him where he will be inaugurated and the two men discussed would they plan to do when that happens. >> whether it's healthcare or i am grierks many different
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them very rapidly. >> reporter: with republican majorities in both houses of congress donald trump will have more power to actually make those changes possible when he is back here in january taking the oath of office. reporting live from the capitol, lana zach, abc news. remember when there was talk of texas seceding from the nation? now th california. that's not the only way trump's critics are criticizing his election. rob powers is live in the newsroom to break it all down. >> california is one state seeing protesters. let's start in oakland. tens of thousands filled the streets burning effigies of the president-elect. the people say they're afraid of how the lgbt community will
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administration. police responded with tear gas. other protests remained peaceful from chicago to d.c. and pennsylvania. these demonstrators say they know this won't change the outcome but they are choosing to exercise their rights. police meantime working to protect donald trump properties. today crews had to wash graffiti off a trump hotel in d.c. in new york city there's a no-fly zone within two miles of trump tower up to 3,000 feet. that will be in place until after >> let's talk a little facebook fumplet looking for someone or something to blame for the stark, divisive nature of the country right now, try facebook. facebook uses an algorithm to cater to your news feed to your interest. it shows you posts without distinguishing between fact or fiction. it's a problem that's been coined the filter bubble. you are seeing content that matches the world view you already hold.
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be true. this algorithm doesn't invite healthy discourse and debate. after this recent study, 63% of adults use face because as a news source. you can see why so many folks, they can't get on the same page. facebook's ceo mark zuckerberg won't even accept responsibility insisting it's a technology company, not a media company. no doubt you heard people say they dis trump and hillary clinton. now there's more proof they meant what know said. we've uncovered information showing the candidates were pretty unpopular. on your side investigator sarah buduson joins us now what. did you find? >> lee, just in cuyahoga county the unofficial results show a massive increase in the number of write-in votes for president. check it out. in 2012 there were just 942. but this year, more than 6,000 voters chose someone other
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ballot. so who do you think those voters think should be president? the cuyahoga board of elections say they don't keep a list, but they do know ohio governor john kasich was the number one write-in candidate, followed by vermont senator bernie sanders. another name written in will be familiar to news 5 viewers. some selected our own leon bibb as their choice for president. no kidding. >> wow! >> by the way, there's no chance he could have won, write-in candidate, those votes, they don't count. on your side, i'm investigator sarah buduson, newschannel5. >> leon for president. love that. >> i love that graphic. >> there was a lot more graphic at the white house today besides all of the transition talk. we're talking about our champions, the cleveland cavaliers. the entire team was invited to meet the president and be honored for their performance. we sent news 5's john kosich along for the ride.
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house, what a great day for the cavs there. >> reporter: an unbelievable day here at the white house. we're here outside of the west wing where you saw so much history took place with the peaceful transition of power beginning today. but that was the business side of things. the cavs brought the mental relief to all that, and that fun took place out back on the south lawn. >> that's right, i said world champion and cleveland in the same sentence. >> reporter: cleveland cavalier they also brought the larry o'brien trophy with them to the white house so the world could know what cleveland already knew. we don't give up. >> this is a city that throughout sports history has been through a lot. the fumble, the drive, jordan over elo, a whole lot more. but through it all cleveland was always "believe land," and that's why the cavs have always given back to their finance and the community that's been so loyal to them.
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dividends and draw-backs. for president obama this is the benefit he will probably miss the most. the cavs' visit brought not just a championship feel but a feeling of social change. >> the cavs met with attorney general loretta lynch and my senior advisor to discuss steps they're taking to help build understanding between law enforcement and the cleveland community. >> that's why he said you can't measure this team st by hardware. >> this was already a championship group of guys even before last year. you should be very proud of them. gift up for the world champs one last time. >> reporter: one last time. the cavs would like to do it a second time. if they are fortunate enough, a return trip to the white house will be next year with president trump. reporting live at the white house, john kosich, news 5. >> thank you, john. we couldn't help but notice
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today? >> who? >> markjweather. >> i did. look at this beautiful subpoenaset. the sun just about ready to go down. i love sunset pics. you send me a lot of great ones. it should be a beautiful evening. just take the sweater. temperatures topped out at 60 at 3:00 p.m. now they are beginning to drop. we will fall through the 50s during the evening hours. barely a cloud in one or two. that is it. we have an area of high pressure on top of us. your evening, lower and middle 50s at 6:00. lower and middle 50s at 8:00. and upper 40s and lower 50s by 10:00 p.m. look at all that star shine. a good night for star gazing. just grab the hoodie. lee and frank j. a dangerous
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hiring unqualified drivers to transport sick patients to hospitals. with the healthcare law on the chopping block under a trump administration, what does that mean for the millions using it for insurance coverage? and adjusting to a college setting can be enough of a challenge without also trying to do it after seeing war
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a memorial is growing right now for the pennsylvania officer who was shot and killed in an ambush. the officer was responding to a dome this morning when it all happened. police say michael cwiklinski shot officer scott bashioum to death. another officer was also shot and rushed into surgery. michael qi cwiklinski shot and killed himself.
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euclid man to pay up. he's suspected of hiring unqualified drivers to transport sick patients to the hospital. a state audit found 1200 mistakes in his services over two years, and we're not talking small problems. >> reporter: i found out those errors contributed to more than $300,000 of overpayments. now the state wants its money back. i found out >> is he here? >> he walked. >> reporter: you're him? >> no, i'm not him. >> reporter: where is he? >> at work. >> reporter: what is that for? >> we're doing a story. i would love to chat with him a little bit more since it is
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>> can you tell me where his office is locate? >> right here. >> this is a business office? >> yes. >> reporter: his cousin met us at the door. >> reporter: can you tell me where we can find him? >> he's not here. >> reporter: he's out driving around? >> yes. >> reporter: details reveal d square transportation had more than 2400 services through 2014. errors resulted in overpayments of more than $300,000. not just that. auditors discovered one of the drivers working for the company did not have first aid certification for the first 31 months of the examination period. the audit found another driver had lapses in both first aid and cpr certification. i am calling in regards to a story that i'm working on in regards to -- >> reporter: i reached out to
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>> he did eventually speak. his company is represented by dubose law firm. with interest tacked on, the company owes the state more than $316,000. live in the newsroom, dhomonique ricks, news 5. deliberations continue today in the murder trial for a cincinnati police officer. he testified that he shot because he feared for his life. today the ohio man accused of trying to fly overseas to join isis was formally indated. a prosecuted tore says daniels wired $250 to an islamic state group operative back in january. he reportedly told an undercover informant about his interest in traveling overseas to commit jihad.
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international airport. a man will spend 20 years behind bars for scamming hundreds of ohio families. eric bartoli was sent to federal prison. he pleaded guilty to conspiracy and fraud charges. prosecutors say he ran a ponzi scheme selling investors $65 million in unregistered securities. well, today is the 241st birthday corps. it was founded in 1775. the marine corps motto of semper fi means always faithful in latin. it comes one day before veterans day tomorrow. and veterans day, of course, a chance for all of to us pause and remember the men and women who have served our country. >> today a local university honored student veterans by
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bob jones found that spot is very meaningful to more than 100 vets. >> reporter: frank, it is a new building that will help connect student veterans from their military life to their civilian life. tonight we are outside of watson park where you can see the american flags are up a day ahead of veterans day. just down i-77 today there was another special ceremony at kent state university, stark county campus. >> i'm honored to be here. >> reporter: lawrence is a kent s set to graduate next year. he served in desert storm. >> the uncertainty is the biggest thing. you are always second-guessing what's coming at you. >> reporter: lawrence says the war was short but the transition from structured military life to civilian life took a long time. >> coming out of being a soldier into a civilian world was a drastic change.
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today means so much to him. it is specifically for 160 student veterans or those in the reserves. here, only they can work on computer projects, enjoy a meal with fellow vets, or just relax and talk. >> if you are having troubles in school or you feel like you don't fit in, this is the place that you know you can come, and the rest of the people have experienced similar environments. >> reporter: the commons was made possible by $60,000 in donations and is named for the campus' former dean, a navy veteran who understands the value of a comfort zone. >> when you have but in an environment where you are worried about suicide bombers and you are worried about i.e.d.s and all that sort of stuff, sometimes you feel like you're walk through life on eggshells. >> reporter: the commons is designed to connect veterans with academic, financial, or emotional help. on the day before veterans day lawrence is grateful his service is honored. >> i'm saying thank you today
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feel awkward. thank you. [ applause ] >> reporter: and those student vets have swipe cards so they are able to access that building 24/7. kent state at stark will also give access to faculty members who are veterans. bob jones, news 5. >> and a huge thank you from all of us, right. >> what a wonderful facility to address their specific needs. >> absolutely. thank a valley. tomorrow is veterans day. >> make it happen. >> let's do it. i've got a great ot twilight. some great colors in the sky right now. >> so pretty. >> the sun is down behind the horizon but you are still getting those oranges transitioning to blue. >> i mean, it's okay. >> really? really, frank? frank likes gloomy and cloudy. that's tomorrow, buddy. here we go. let's widen out our view. look at all the clear sky action over much of the great lakes including all of you and me.
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job, keeping us sunny, but this front is coming tomorrow, and that's going to spread clouds in late tonight, and it could bring an isolated rain shower to the area as early as tomorrow afternoon. the next front means cool. so if you liked today's 60 degrees, tomorrow will struggle into the lower 50s. and then 48 to 50 on saturday. current temperatures 57 millersburg 56 akron. there's dover-new philly. 57 for ravenna 54. winds have been blustery. all right? if you are trying to rake some leaves, they're blowing all over the place. 18-mile-per-hour winds in canton, 15, even gusting upwards of 20 to 25 miles per hour right along the lakeshore for mentor all the way into ashtabula where a gale warning is in effect for boaters for
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temperatures will bottom out in the middle and upper 40s for the big cities tomorrow morning as you get up and go but notice we're in the lower 50s for the morning commute, so that's not too shabby. your overnight low 44 degrees, clear skies with clouds well after midnight. tomorrow let's do 50 to 53. mainly cloudy with that rain shower. there's your weather, frank. weather you love. >> lovely. next, all new at 5:00, can you today. well, a lot of us can't believe it. and that's why local food banks are hurting for donations. butts not too late to help. and tonight, all new at 6:00, serving is minors. only news 5 was al for the ride when local police busted
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us off-guard. we will be sitting down for thanksgiving dinner two weeks from today. >> sneaking up on us. a warm start to fall throwing off a lot of folks and creating concern. so news 5's mike brookbank joins us now. mike, when the weather is so nice like it has been, a lot of folks are not thinking about the holidays. >> how can you, frank, when it's sunny and in the 60s. and there are still leaves on the trees. while we're loving this weather the delay in places like the salvation army. the number of children signed up for christmas assistance is down. fewer families signing up for help with gifts despite there still being a huge need. last year nearly 4,000 children in cleveland had something to open christmas morning thanks to the salvation army. >> when the weather is as beautiful as it has been people are not thinking christmas yet. our numbers are 34% behind
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>> reporter: the salvation army is hosting one final gift assistance sign-up event next wednesday from 9:00 to 3:00. in the newsroom, mike brookbank, news 5. donald trump and the republican party made it very clear. obamacare, your days are numbered. next, news 5 investigates what this means for americans with an affordable care act plan. plus, the school nurse has come a long way. we take you inside a major expansion of school healthcare
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president obama and president-elect donald trump met at the white house. new jersey governor chris christie is now in charge of trump's transition team. >> but not everything is going smoothly for donald trump. people have been protesting,
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you are looking live at the latest protest. you can see hundreds gathered in philadelphia. police are preparing for the possibility of more scenes like this one tonight. a news 5 investigation uncovered that more than 6,000 people wrote in their presidential pick. that's almost six times the amount from the previous election. but unless someone is a certified write-in candidate, those votes don't count. and for many americans, th obamacare, the only way that they can get some health insurance. >> but president-elect trump and his congress have promised to appeal it. james girardi has been digging into their concerns. how many people will be impacted? >> reporter: tens of thousands have coverage under obamacare. this insurance agent has a ton
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insurance from obamacare. >> people are concerned their insurance is going toned right away and they're not going cost because of a preexisting condition. >> reporter: it was a key campaign promise of soon to be president donald trump repealing in full the affordable care act. but for millions of americans many right here in the ohio in the midst of open enrollment, that raises fears they will be kicked off their health insurance. >> there's been no changes. come and talk to us. you still need to sign up for a plan. at health markets, we cab help you through finding that plan. >> reporter: no need to fear. if you have obama occasions enroll as you would for 2017. >> that would be my expectation that there would not be january 1 switch. everything is in effect as it was on monday. >> the insurance companies through statute must supply discounted insurance policies. >> reporter: experts say in fact you will likely have obamacare through the year, if not for years to come. it will take a long time for
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repeal it. for one, there's not a large enough majority in the senate. second, there are aspect of the law that all sides agree are beneficial, like the ability of a son or daughter to stay on a parent's plan until age 26. >> no one needs to be concerned that on january 20th when president-elect trump takes office that they will lose their policies. >> reporter: a concern, though, definitely being felt here in cleveland where the medical industry is employer. how would an obamacare repeal affect hospitals in the gays the cleveland clinic and many others will be watching very closely. thriven newsroom tonight, i'm gyms girardi, news 5. >> now a story you will see only on news 5, bringing better healthcare to lorain county schools. >> news 5's paul kiska got a tour of one of the new clinics and joins us live from washington elementary.
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clinic, after awhile i forgot i was even in a school because it looks and feels so much like a health clinic. this nurse's office has several exam rooms staffed with nurses and a nurse- practitioner. this is one of the new spacious clinics in three lorain elementary schools. when parents were surveyed healthcare was their number one concern so lorain schools partnered with mercy health sometimes of going to the doctor. >> reporter: this clinic resemble's a doctor's office. nurses can give students physicals, immunizations, treat diabetes and asthma, and the list goes on. the clinic helps students stay in school. >> attendance is very important for our students. we saw that a lot of them would go to the doctor and miss school. >> reporter: 90s% of the
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the poverty level. if a people doesn't have health insurance, no student will be turned away. >> it's needed tin community. access to care is difficult for the families of the lorain city school district. so i think bringing the services into the community is just such an incredible concept. >> reporter: the nurses could also came in prescriptions, and vision and dental health is also offered. >> any services you would receive from your primary-care physician or provider students can also job shadow nurses without ever having to leave school. there are 10 elementary schools in the city of lorain, and they would like to bring those clinics to all of those schools. live in lorain, paul kiska, news 5. markjweather, that flag was moving behind you. >> oh, yeah, we've got breezy conditions he is special along the lakeshore with winds out of the north right now, blowing upwards of 15 to 20 miles per hour.
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hopkins, 58. mid-50s for peninsula and solon. mid-50s from akron through jackson into canton. 54 degrees for massillon right now. a wider shot, yeah, we're 50s, but we will cool you down through the overnight. 7:00 p.m., already some upper 40s showing up. inland away from the big city lights by 11:00 p.m. lots of 40s so if you are staying out late, sweaters. notice the clouds coming in after midnight, and yep, even a couple of showers toward sunrise east of cleveland, with temperatures 40s to near 50 degrees. a little bit of rain tomorrow, and then a big cool-down for part of the weekend. more on that coming up. still ahead, our on your side investigation. dozens of sex offenders walk right into local schools while kids are still in class, all in the name of democracy.
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plus, now that we're getting ready to usher in a republican dominated government, we revisit the gop platform unveiled this year to see what pieces of legislation may be landing on our next president's desk. but first, your winning
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we call this a mackerel sky. why? because the clods here look like the scales on a mackerel. a peaceful picture from sheffield lake. a great shot of the lake there with some waves. brenda, there you go, mark, autumn leaves. sunrise in the background. the cornfield, the beautiful
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and i asked my puppy this morning, do you know who chewed my computer power cord? and this was his response. he blamed the neighbor's cat. he's got three paws out the door right now. markjweather on twitter. also on facebook.
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investigation reveals the chilling loophole that could put your children in real danger. it allows sex offenders convicted of molesting children to enter schools to vote. >> we dug through hundreds of voter registrations. >> reporter: ohio law is silent on the matter but we discovered 77 reasons why parents should be concerned. >> tier 3. that's for life. >> this is his registration. >> that's unbelievable. >> reporter: even the man who has been working on this issue for years was shocked. >> that's what we're trying to stop. >> reporter: a loophole in ohio law that has to do with kids. >> hey, baby, how was school today? >> good. >> reporter: and convicted sex offenders. they're forbidden from living within 1,000 feet of any school or day care. there's a catch. >> you've got sex offender coming in here voting. it's not safe at all. >> reporter: they can't live
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walk in. and they're even assigned to vote there. we showed this cleveland mom the rap sheet of one such offender, a tier 3 sex offender convicted of gross sexual imposition against a six-year-old girl, and his voter registration at her daughter's school. >> that's putting more than just kids in danger. >> reporter: even with many schools closed we found no shortage of kids playing on school property after hours. so how is all of this even possible? ohio is one of just convicted felons to vote. we found 77 sex offenders assigned to vote at cleveland schools. more than half of which committed crimes against children. >> you wouldn't send an alcoholic into a bar and say don't drink. >> reporter: prosecutor natasha says our numbers pinpoint the problem. >> because it just takes a second for something to happen. and even if it doesn't happen at the school it could be something to where you're triggering that mechanism in their brain where they're
5:46 pm
subsequent act. >> the superintendents will call me from time to time asking us if they want us to get out of there. >> reporter: even the board is hearing about it but their hands are tied. what's the remedy? remember representative shawn o'brien? he said our 77 case files prove the point he has been making for years. >> it's just not worth the risk. >> reporter: and now he is drafting a bill that would prohibit convicted sex a preventive measure against a life changing crime. >> this is something where a child is harmed for the rest of their life, and that stays with them forever. >> reporter: o'brien hopes to introduce the bill early next year. sex offenders could still vote by mail or at the ble. in cleveland, meghan hick key, news 5. >> we reached out to the cleveland metropolitan school system for comment but did not receive a response. continuing our coverage of democracy 2016 and the
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presidency. you may remember back in july a little event called the republican national convention. >> before their big showcase the republican party set sits 2016 platform. now that we have a republican president who will enjoy the benefits of a republican congress we want to revisit some of the policies the gop could be sending to our next president's desk. for starters, president-elect trump's 100-day plan includes huge tax cuts. the gop platform specifies tax the party believes in lowering the corporate tax rate to spur economic growth. the republicans also want to get rid of the wall street regulations democrats pushed through after the 2007 recession by de-regulating the banks. the gop platform also calls for a review of all federal regulations, especially those protecting the environment, to make it hard or pricey to rent, buy, or sell homes.
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wade and same-sex marriage and notably in a century that saw two democrats win the popular vote but still lose the white thowrks gop opposes any effort to, quote, abolish or distort the procedures of the electoral college. all right, now that we are done with election season, i don't know that we're ready for the cold. >> you know what, we're hanging on to some nice, mild air. i'm seeing probably more toward thanksg so as long as we can -- let's try and push that back even further. >> she still cooking for everybody? >> yeah, she's cooking. i'm bringing the stuffing. what are you bringing? >> my appetite. >> good plan. >> two weeks until thanksgiving, today. by the way, the anniversary of the edmond fitzgerald civic today, 41 years ago. lake superior. let's show you what is going on in akron.
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evening hours. we will see clouds moving in, but not until much later, well after midnight tonight. so let's get it on. how about this? five live radars spinning is round and round. not seeing any rain showers and we're not going to see any overnight. could be one or two tomorrow, especially east of interstate 77. low 50s for medina and ravenna. coshocton at 52. fremon individual cities. 58 chief land. winds out of the southwest 15 miles per hour. 16 for mansfield, 14-mile-per- hour winds for wooster, and 13 for akron. it has been blawforty day. but tomorrow those winds will shift around to the north, and you are going to see them really pick up speed. there you go. look at this. gusts well above 20 miles per hour, he is special during the late morning and afternoon
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boaters, you are not going to go out anyway, not tomorrow. 8 to 12 footers over towards ashtabula. mainly clear through 11:00 p.m. midnight a couple of clouds. we really don't get the clouds coming in until closer to sunrise as temperatures fall down into the upper 40s, then slowly lift back by the morning commute. not too shabby. i wanted to show you the temperature contours. here's the wa and orange. now what. see those cool 40s? just dropping progressively to the south. boom, there it is. the front coming in, pushing the high out of the way. that is going to set the stage for a keeler friday and a very chilly saturday. tonight 44, clear skies. clouds well after midnight. tomorrow we will go 53 with
5:51 pm
akron-canton 42. 53 with a couple of showers here. saturday dry, 49. sunday sunshine, 57. and still in 50s next week. >> thank you mark. screw coming up tonight at 6:00, putting local bars to the test. >> an 18-year-old tries to buy a beer. it happens all over akron overnight. standing by and ready for action, state agents, and we were the only station allowed to go along. trouble piling up in your drive way. why it is so important to keep those leaves away from car. >> but first, when news 5 at 5:00 returns, does election stress have you down? you are not alone. we went searching for ways to
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tuesday's election upset has half of voters feeling pretty thrilled. >> and the other half sad, angry, maybe even depressed. derick waller says this is affecting people's health
5:55 pm
disorder. >> reporter: this clinical psychologist says she's never seen an election result affect her clients' health like this one. >> everything from mild to medium depression, anxiety, insomnia, a loss of appetite, difficulty concentrating, irritability. >> reporter: one of her clients hasn't even been back to work, but she advises the opposite. >> go back to work, begin exercising again. >> reporter: get back to living your life an things you enjoy. >> and get some spiritual healing. >> reporter: for katie, that means leaning on her faith. she attended this lunchtime healing service inside a cathedral. >> you can't change it but you can change how you react. you can know that god is present. >> this election cycle was so contentious and so -- just
5:56 pm
towards strangers that we're told has distorted humanity. >> it's through the other that's the point of jesus. >> reporter: she says understanding god means trying to understand those with whom you disagree politically. >> how we view the other, how we see the other, how we treat the other is critical to how -- to a life of faith. >> reporter: back here live outside of trinity episcopal cathedral i also spoke with dr. kasper today what says that it's also important to let those feelings out. don't bottle them up. talk to your friends. she says it's also important just to give this time. >> and that's it for news 5 at five. >> robb, it's all yours. >> bars busted for breaking the results. only on news 5, the sting that went down on local streets. why agents say some locations just are not learning the
5:57 pm
cincinnati puts a police officer on trial. the verdict could come at any time and the city is now preparing for protests. news 5 at 6:00 begins in two
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5:59 pm
bars busted, accused of sell alcohol to underage drinkers. >> i'm saddened by the amount of activity we've had so far tonight. >> only news 5 sailing for the undercover sting as an 18-year- old puts servers to the test. >> the sting targeting bars and carry-outs in akron. they were busted for selling alcohol to 18-year-olds, and
6:00 pm
reporter allowed to go along. the repercussions are serious. >> they are very serious. the bartenders face possible jail time and hundreds if not thousands in fines. the establishments themselves get slapped with hefty fines, too. and waugh think everyone would learn -- and you would think everyone would learn their lesson, but that certainly wasn't the case. she is an 18-year-old informant working for the >> can i have a bottle of bud light, please? >> reporter: she puts bartenders and clerks to the test. >> a bolts of bud light, please. >> reporter: asking for alcohol as a minor. she bought a bud light here on brown street in akron, and here at the score on exchange street where the sticker on the door reads, "we id." and that wasn't it. next to the score is lorenzo's drive-through.


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