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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 10, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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reporter allowed to go along. the repercussions are serious. >> they are very serious. the bartenders face possible jail time and hundreds if not thousands in fines. the establishments themselves get slapped with hefty fines, too. and waugh think everyone would learn -- and you would think everyone would learn their lesson, but that certainly wasn't the case. she is an 18-year-old informant working for the >> can i have a bottle of bud light, please? >> reporter: she puts bartenders and clerks to the test. >> a bolts of bud light, please. >> reporter: asking for alcohol as a minor. she bought a bud light here on brown street in akron, and here at the score on exchange street where the sticker on the door reads, "we id." and that wasn't it. next to the score is lorenzo's drive-through.
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shows the clerk her real id, and yet she's still able to purchase this. state agents tell us this was the second time in a week this place was busted for selling alcohol to minors. and both times this man, the manager, was here. >> the consequences sometimes aren't thought about. >> reporter: george oversees these agos. >> in the worst-case scenar overserved. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened here in bath township four years ago. a high school senior crashed her car and was thrown through the roof after she was overserved at an akron bar. >> we're going to be going to brubaker's next. >> reporter: brubaker's also busted. in fact, a majority of the places this informant visited last night sold alcohol to her
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establishments uncertain as the state decides whether to revoke their liquor license. >> it is senseless. we just want people to do the right thing, make good decisions. >> reporter: the ohio investigative unit offers a free program for any liquor permit holder in the state and his or her employees on what the laws are when it comes to the sale of alcohol. it also covers the penalties. now, the unit also says that three out of the five places cited last night, lorenzo's drive-thro and shots, had all been cited before. >> kristin, thank you. also, only on news 5, asking important questions after learning a euclid business was cited for hiring unqualified drivers to transport sick patients. the state auditor accuses d square transportation limited of collecting more than $300,000 in medicaid, overpaid. dhomonique ricks spent the day digging into this story. >> the review, which is from
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december 31st, 2014 found more than 1200 errors out of more than 2500 different services. the audit also found one of the drivers working for the company did not have first aid certification for the first 31 months of the examination period. another driver had lapses in both first aid and cpr certification. >> reporter: can you tell me where his office is >> yes. >> reporter: this is a business office? >> yes. >> reporter: the office is a house. his cousin met us at the door and said the man was out transporting patients and would not be back until thrairnt day. d square transportation limited is represented by dubose law firm. they say they plan to refute every single allegation. with interest tacked on, the company actually owes the department of medicaid more
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dhomonique ricks, news 5. >> that's a lot of money. thank you. all eyes on washington d.c. more specifically, the white house and this busy day for president obama. first, he welcomes his successor. then, he congratulated our cavaliers and our john kosich was along for that ride. john, the president loves his sports. >> reporter: i've got to tell you robb, i was looking at his facebook on the south lawn and i was reminded of a quote that said if it wasn't for memories or mi it was clear when he was around the nba champs it really brought out the little kid in him, president obama welcoming the cleveland cavaliers, tang centuries old tradition that started with president johnson back in 1865. this is the first time a cleveland team paid a industry. invitation was extended right after the cavs won in june, hoping they could make it here before he left office in 70 days. afterwards coach lue said what
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basketball. >> how much knowledge he has of the game. he knows every little nuance investor player what they've been through, how they play the game, things that i didn't even know, you know. and just seeing that you have a vice president the united states, and he understands and knows the game of basketball, your profession, and he loves it and enjoys it means a lot. >> reporter: the president joking with lebron afterwards saying -- asking if he could rip the sleeves off the jersey they gave him j.r. smith, thank you for at least wearing shirt or jersey here today. >> john, thank you very much. safe travels home. the cavs were not alone today. ohio governor john kasich with the team and tweeted this photo. after the presentation with the team did he speak with our john kosich and said he did spend private time with president obama. the governor did call on to us
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democrats but most important we're americans. we have to hope, pray, and work for his success because all that success will mean something great for the people of our country. so that's kind of my sense about it all. >> as you might recall governor kasich refused to endorse trump. didn't even appear at the rnc here in cleveland but kasich also mentioned he is praying for trump now and his success. speaking of mr. trump we've been telling you he spent his day in washington, d.c. as well. first he met with president obama at the white house, then meet with house speaker paul ryan and other republicans. a news 5 news alert now. we've been keeping a close eye on the market four. the dow did close to record highs today but the nasdaq fell. the s & p fairly flat. if you logged on to facebook today you may have seen people thanking friends and family what served as marines. that's because today is the 241st birthday of the u.s. marine corps. tomorrow the nation will mark veterans day, a day to honor
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branchs of the military. for some veterans adjusting from military life to civilian life can be long and difficult. but today a local university did something special to make tray transition a bit easier. bob jones, you were at that dedication today. >> reporter: throughout northeast ohio including here in akron you will see american flags are up to honor the millions of men and women who have served our country a day ahead of veterans day. in jackson township today the focus wa student veterans. at that university there are 160 student veterans or reserves who go to classes at kent state university's stark county campus. now they have a new building just for them, the william birks ddle veterans -- the william biddle veterans campus. a survey revealed veteran
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who don't share similar experiences. so this place can go a long way in changing that according to a 45-year-old army veteran who is a student at the university. >> i know for a long time after i got out, i was hyper aware of my surroundings, and i think when those soldiers get out of that environment, and they know they can have a green zone, or a safe place to come and sit and relax, this will provide that for them. >> reporter: and the building at the campus who is a former veteran. he was in the navy. $60,000 was raised to donate for the cause. live in akron, bob jones, news 5. >> bob, thank you. mark johnson, a busy news day under clear skies. >> a beautiful reprieve from the coolness we had yesterday. it is a virtual cloud-free sky right now, our map showing some high, thin clouds moving through earlier today but they
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looking at a lot of moon shine through the evening hours. with temperatures, we topped out at 60 degrees but now they are beginning to fall back. still middle and upper 50s for the bigger cities. temperatures in the 50s through 2:00 a.m. for cleveland. we do begin to see clouds coming in after midnight, all right. akron canton, by 10:00 you're in the upper 40s, and again we will watch for increasing clouds. eventually that's going to bring a front our way and some showers and some much cooler weathe weekend. more on that coming up. we also deal with this. this fall trouble could be piling up in your driveway. we're talking about the leaves. they can do serious damage to your car. might even cause a fire. news 5's tara molina has a warning from folks who have seen it firsthand. >> it was a big blaze. >> reporter: the blaze got george out of bed. >> like a bright red scary scene. >> reporter: when he saw the car surrounded by leaves, he
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>> because the leaves all caught on fire, and then the car caught on fire. >> reporter: it only takes a couple of minutes for the bottom of your car to reach a temperature that makes a pile like this one real dangerous. >> if you were driving a car, just running the kids to school and back that can heat up a car to the point where it could catch the leaves on fire. >> the expert advice? sile them. don't park on a pile of leaves, because it will set them on fire. >> still ahead for us, donations are down. local charities feeling the pinch just weeks before thanksgiving. we uncover the reasons why and find out how you can help. plus, drama outside a courtroom. wait until you see what happened here when a man demanded to speak to a judge. plus, a new epipen will
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we will tell you when news 5
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tonight we are still
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university of cincinnati police officer, ray tensing. he is on trial accused of shooting and killing a man during a traffic stop. some schools in cincinnati closed today, others let students out early. officials said they don't expect there will be any violence. they just wanted to keep the kids safe just in case. and check out this scene that unfolded outside in dayton. a man barged into the room, demanded to speak to the judge. he refused to leave. that is when officers stepped in. police say this man had a personal dispute with both police and the court. he is now facing charges, including contempt of court. problems now with pink. not the color, the drug.
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opioid. it has been linked to 46 deaths including two 13-year- old boys in utah. the dea's move makes it illegal to buy and sell pink on-line. a generic version of the epipen is going to be released next month. it is supposed to sell for $300 for a two-pack. another generic will go to the believe it or not thanksgiving now just two weeks from today. the quick approaching holiday season catching people off- guard. our warmer start to fall might be one reason why. this warmer weather is putting the heat on service agencies. >> that's right. organizations like the salvation army seaing the impact. not too many clients are thinking about the holidays just yet. the boys of summer still on
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late october. >> gone! home run! >> and summer-like temperatures around town to match. >> people are not thinking christmas yet. they think they have a lot of time. >> but time is quickly running out for families looking for holiday help from the salvation army. every year around this time, the organization starts take requests for its christmas gift assistance program. >> last year we helped just under 4,000 children. >> this year a surprise. right now fewer children are registered to subpoena because in our programs, the numbers are up. >> across town at the greater cleveland food bank they are also keeping tabs on the temperatures. >> when the weather is nice often people aren't thinking about those needs. >> if we continue to stay mild -- >> we will likely see a downturn in donations. >> the food bank is trying to recover from a $300,000 hit it took during the presidential
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so we realized a lot of people were giving to candidates last year. >> back at the salvation army a final call for families that could use a helping hand this holiday season, and there are quite a few. >> we're finding that our numbers are 34% behind last year. so we're going to offer another makeup day this week. >> if your family needs gift assistance this year you can sign up next wednesday at the salvation army's miles park location from 9:00 to 3:00. >> maybe that story is exactly what they need to get beautiful day, mark johnson. two weeks from thanksgiving. >> 60 degrees today. not too shabby. darkness has descended. we are past sunset now. 57 degrees downtown. just a sweater fur coming in for dinner or a show. here we have the power of 5 with five live radars. there is no rain within several hundred miles of you
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overnight. 54 norwalk, 55 akron. we've dropped to 51 in wooster, 53 for ravenna, 52 in canton. we are still getting some gusty winds out there. sustained winds now in elyria at 18. canton winds at 17 with gusts above 20 miles per hour. it is going to stay breezy overnight and almost windy tomorrow with winds coming in out of the north during the afternoon gusting above 25 miles per hour currently 57 degrees downtown cleveland. visibility 10 miles. southwesterly winds sustained at 16, gusts to 20. humidity at 37%. the air is very dry. today we hit 60. the average is 53. no rainfall. we may see a couple of showers tomorrow. the front is coming by during the morning, and then quickly sliding southward. i think the front comes through dry. the front is right about here. there's really not a lot of cloudiness with it although
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picked up by the front and drop in overnight. the front comes through dry, then behind it we get a few showers coming in off lake erie with that cooler flow out of the north, and saturday setting up to be a very chilly day, all bet sunny. chilly sweater weather. 47 tonight. it will remain cool. tomorrow clouds, isolated showers. we will go 53. it is going to be windy out there. 42 tonight for akron. clouds towards sunrise. 53 tomorrow with a couple of showers. le oh boy. at least it's sunny. 49 degrees. sunday your pick day. if you want to get outside, if there's any leaves left on the trees, there are still some leaves on the trees. if you want to rake, a good day for. that monday, dry, near 60. a late shower tuesday, closer to tuesday night, 56. then we're going stay in 50s, middle and upper wednesday through thursday of next week. >> we might be two weeks away
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>> do i have to talk politics or anything if i'm sitting in this chair? >> it comes with the territory. >> i just want to make sure i'm good. i have a weird feeling about the browns tonight. >> it's a good feeling. tonight's the night knee. called it. >> tonight's the night. >> the browns are set to kick off in a little more than an hour and a half. we're going to talk about the browns. in particular, we're going to talk about cody kessler and what is essential an audition for next season and how you
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we get right back tout playing. we didn't play as well as we can play and we own that but we understand we have another game around the corner against a rye strainl baltimore ravens. i think for a football team need to get back out there and play. >> browns and ravens, the only national television appearance this season for the browns on thursday night football. the game son nfl network. despite no wins in nine tries cody kessler is looking to keep this job for a long time. he has done a nice job of tabling care of the football especially when it comes to interceptions, but he also knows wins are the only important thing in the nfl. >> it sounds like the right thing to say, but that's truly
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it's always being competitor. that's how i was brought up, being competitive. that's why you play sports, to win games. at the end of the day you play the game to win. >> and kickoff from baltimore is set for 8:25 again on nfl network. and of course before the game we get you ready with the hue jackson show. it will air tent at 7:00 and it will reair saturday at 11:30. we will still do browns countdown on sunday morning so we are looking forward to. that we will wrap up from tonight and we will look ahead to what is going on next with the browns. so we have all kinds of browns coverage. the buckeyes have a game they should be able to walk through on saturday. 5-4 maryland. ohio state plays michigan state next week, then they end the regular season against michigan on the 26th. the buckeyes can't after hiccup at all. and they need michigan to be undefeated when they play. still looking at penn state and that loss they had a few
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you possibly can do to help your team win, carry on, move forward. if not, fix it. that was the sunday topic after the game. don't forget saturday we have you covered with all kinds of college football. penn state and indiana starts things off at noon. pittsburgh and clemson at 3:30. then scarlet saturday. matt will michigan and iowa, so keep rooting for the wolverines. i know it sounds rare but you need them to win. the cavaliers at the white house was one of those moments, it was really cool. you say you want to win a championship in your lifetime. this is one of those things. this is a tradition that dates back all the way to andrew jackson where sports teams
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pretty cool. it's one of the perks. i know they raised the banner. now you made that trip to the white house. now last season in the rearview mirror officially. >> get them a ring. >> did you get yours? >> i did not get one. >> did you get one? >> no, are you kidding? >> that's it for us. we'll see you back here at
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tonight, face to face. president-elect trump and president 0 warm ma in the oval office. they had never met. you will hear from both of them and the comments picked up on mike. melania trump meets michelle obama. preparing the next first lady. then mr. trump take on the the capitol. and hillary clinton. 24 mom who was hiking discovering clinton walking her dogs. also tonight, a divided america. the new messages of hate now emerging in schools. the chants of "build that wall" in a cafeteria. >> build that wall! >> and this message in a high school hallway. >> white power. >> and the new protests after the election. also tonight, the deadly police ambush. one officer killed, another shot. what authorities then discover in the suspect's car.


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