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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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protest. >> a clear sign from trump voters they did not like any of the candidates. news 5 's james gherardi is at the board of election. we are talking about those who did not vote at all. >> reporter: that is right. it is called an underbanked. this year a record-breaking 6500 were submitted and that is not all. 3700 blank ballots were submitted as well. >> it is definitely one of highest devoted races. >> reporter: election day lines may have been wrong, but thousands of voters were not voting for donald trump or hillary clinton. these were a protest about. >> reporter: 6500 voters that they ballots blank for the presidential race. that is the most in county history. so many people frustrated with the choices that they had their
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voters submitted a blank ballot. >> we had over 37,000 blank ballots in this intervention. think of each voters having two separate ballots. this is a sample cuyahoga he -- cuyahoga county ballot. let's say i am only interested in voting in the presidential race. in the u.s. senate race. now races on page 2 interest me, so i leave it blank. when i submit by ballot, ballot one will be registered but 2 will be considered blank. >> reporter: while some stayed home and protest, many showed
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the underbanked plus, in 2012 about 30,000 more people voted but there were half the number of under both around 3000. outside the board of elections, i am james gherardi, news 5. check it has been two days since donald trump was elected and there is already a shakeup inside his team of wine list. rob powers is in the with changes to the team. >> that is right. he is been working behind close doors all day deciding who will fill hundreds of jobs in his administration. once decision we do know of is chris christie no longer leading the transition team. that task is now being handled by vice president-elect mike pence. chris christie and rudy giuliani isil on the team working as vice chairs.
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as potential attorney general candidates. >> the number one characteristic tum tum is looking for his loyalty. it is something we saw over and over in the campaign and he also wants a relationship with whomever he chooses. >> reporter: is also searching for a chief of staff with speculation it could include his son-in-law, jordan fischer and reince priebus is also a possibility. other members of the executive transition team including three of his children, ivanka, junior , and eric. there is questioned about their involvement while they run the business. today president obama delivered his last veterans day speech. >> used it to urge americans to learn from the example of veterans. he spoke at arlington national cemetery where he took part in
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ceremony. he said this year it came on the heels of a hard-fought campaign that that disagreement across the nation. >> the american instinct has never been to find isolation in opposite corners. it is to find strength in our common creed. to forge unity from our great diversity. to sustain that strength and unity even when it is hard. >> the president went on to note the most diverse institution made up of immigrants and native born servicemembers who represent all religions and no religion. all across the state we saw ceremonies and celebrations to honor the men and women who have sacrificed in our armed forces. news 5's tara molina spend the day looking at tributes to veterans. he spoke with several generations today. >> reporter: 6-year-olds and 90-
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about who and what they are thinking this veterans day and why it is so important. this is david acts. >> i would not miss this for anything in the world. >> reporter: was born seven years after we memorialized world war i with veterans day in 1919, and has been celebrating this country and honoring those who sacrificed even serving himself. >> this country, and i love the world. >> reporter: he is joined by bridget. she feels the same way. >> i love the united states because it is a country of freedom. >> reporter: she has a message to share with you tonight. >> you need to thank the veterans. >> reporter: people of all ages agree.
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you covered. you can check out our website for more on the parades and ceremonies that happened across the cleveland area today. tara molina, news 5 . we want to talk about the picture that has been trending on social media. the way facebook uses an algorithm to cater your newsfeed to interest without exploding -- exposing you to fact or fiction. house staff that was shared over and over again by posters claiming these staffers were glowering as president obama welcomes president-elect trump to the white house but time magazine clarified today this photo was actually taken wednesday before mr. trump ever step foot in the white house. the staff was looking on as president obama gave one of his
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the information went viral and one correction was shared a few times. that is not the only example of how social media can be misleading. this tweet claims trump supporters were chanting we hate muslims during his event on election night. it was tweeted from the account of a fake sports journalist. the claim was the chant broke out around 7:00 but video at that time showed a calm crowd this tweet as pants on fire. does this picture look familiar? if you look on social media in august may have been led to believe this was a massive crowd of trump supporters in florida. we know you don't buy this because you probably recognize this as our own city of cleveland. this was a picture from the june cabs -- kountze
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>> this goes to show the power of social media. you might want to make everything you see with a grain of salt. don't believe anything without doing your own research. you can check with our partner at put a fact and see who is lying to you. the ceo behind the dakota access pipeline says he is confident it will be completed under president trump. he told confident mr. trump will help get the project done. he is a stockholder and the ceo of the company donating more than $100,000 to mr. trump's campaign. the two men have never actually met. president-elect trump hasn't said anything about the dakota access pipeline but he said they will allow the keystone and other things to move forward. let's check in with chief
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>> it'll be a nasty one out there. >> have held off the cold weather as long as we could, but it is coming out now. akron will allow the temperatures to drop. there is still if you isolated sprinkles and it is sliding south and fading away. that is the last of them, folks. morning highs lower 50s youngstown. if you are going to a playoff game, those bleachers get cold. 45 at 7:00 with 40 at halftime and 37 at 10 pm. windchills will be in the 30s throughout the evening and let me show you the hour by hour here cleveland forecast. winds calm down with temperatures bottoming out for
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30s but inland areas upper 20s. and jon rudder is in air traveler 5. >> there is a long line of traffic and have a look for yourself. just a long back up for a little more than one hour. this is 1 mile from the accident and traffic is like this for several more miles 271. usually you can expect long delays in this area all of the way through cuyahoga valley national park. i put the detour on my facebook page. in the meantime jury deliberations have stretched into a third day in the murder trial of a former cincinnati police officer. ray tensing is accused of killing someone debose during a
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the judge making an exception on veterans day keeping her courtroom open. the court will stay fully staffed in case the jury returns a product. a former ohio police officer sentenced to 33 months in prison for impersonating an officer. jeffrey martin is accused of raping a woman of september. and that investigation into his conduct his charges dropped as part of a plea deal. today the nation pauses to honor veterans. >> and at a news 5 we are paying tribute to one of veteran in particular. next he has been called the voice of cleveland and now we are showing you the story of leon bibb and his years of service during the vietnam war. six months ago a lot of people would have said the republican party was falling apart and now it is the democrats struggling to find a path forward.
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mannequin challenge quite like this one. what happened when preschoolers responded to this viral challenge.
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was a part of what would be the deadliest deployment we are paying tribute to the men and women. >> we also on memories of those who passed on. the envelope is here with the story which also had a heartfelt addition about veterans honoring members of others who wore the uniform and have since died. >> they see everyone who died should have special tribute. michael hyland casey to a place of hollowed ground and heartfelt tribute. the wind whispers across ac of gravestones. you like thousands of veterans of the military. the western reserve national cemetery richmond was
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it is a hallowed resting ground set aside specifically for honorably discharged veterans. it is quiet but then sounds a command. an honor guard present for every funeral here comprising the honor guard's military veterans themselves. >> it is pretty important to do it right. throughout a higher sense veterans volunteering to serve as honor guard at the ohio western national cemetery. three dozen units rotate for ceremonial duty. today is a funeral of ronald reagan. his family and friends are there as are the garden all of the while the honor guard stands an almost mystical mitchell then moving upon
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beautiful notes echo across this garden of stone. honor and tribute to the last. the last farewell. there may be as many as 15 the volunteer honor guard of aging veterans. men in military tradition and respect. jon understands as he has also stood the honor guard. >> if it wasn't for the veterans, where with this country be? >> reporter: in 2000 that thought established this cemetery in richmond. ritual
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tightly and so too are memories as family members return. >> they did a gorgeous job. they did the gun salute and it was a wonderful ceremony. they did a great job. it is just kind of hard to talk about. >> reporter: gravestones and underneath each one the body of a member of the u.s. military. a veteran who served honorably. each is at parade rest. jon and the others are of single mindset. passionate and offering tributes for any veterans. >> those who serve protect us. we gave our time, but now we are to go old to serve. so we spend our time here. >> reporter: most of the honor
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veterans. often when a member of the honor guard dies he too is buried here. sometimes there is a burial in which no family or friend attends. >> sometimes there's only one person there. but we still perform. >> reporter: in my ohio aging guards are offering salutes to memories of the honored dead. veterans who as they did years ago still . there are 23,000 buried at the western reserve national cemetery. there is space for the burials of 106,000 veterans. i am leon bibb. >> what a beautiful story. you can feel how much the honor guard means to them to do this and to the family.
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for the funeral director. therapy and honor guard for that former trooper. >> what touched you most about the conversations? >> i think is the men who are aging and still dedicated. they still pay tribute to the idea of giving honor to those who wear the uniform because a lot of sacrifices were members of my family with world war ii veterans. they go back. you pay tribute to that. >> thank you for your service and thanks to all of you. we've got some cold weather that a streaming our way and we are beginning to see the skies
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sprinkles in medina county and lorain county. they may get to wooster and ashland but drier air is really coming our way quickly. an isolated spritz generally last of interstate 77 through the evening but clearing will be the trend and look at our temperatures with 42 in parma and 40 in orange. the son -- sun is just going down and barber still have some winds to deal with and these are sustained winds at 21 miles-per-hour in elyria and 16 downtown with gus above 20 miles-per-hour. especially along the lakeshore's. here is what the windchill feels like. these our current windchill temperatures. it feels like 33 in mansfield and 33 in ravenna. this is what you need to pay
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cold weather right here. this is 11 pm and even air temperatures are in the 30s. this would make windchills in the 20s and the same here in ravenna. 32 at 11 pm with windchills in the 20s. some of the coldest air we have seen since last spring. 29 in mansfield and 28 in ravenna. here is what is coming our way for the weekend. let me saturday we will have trouble forming you up. another frosty cold saturday night with calm wind and a lot of frost to scrape on the windshield. we will be right back with more
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have the scene the mannequin challenge trending lately? a group of people perfectly still while somebody with a camera walks among them. >> we have been talking about this all day. even the first lady got in on this when the cavs is at the white house. you have to see this right here. now have the cutest mannequin challenge you'll ever see. we are talking about a 4-year- old's who for some re wide open. for a preschool level challenge they did pretty well. we see a lot of eyes looking around checking to make sure everyone is doing their part. >> that is hilarious. i love it. they are adorable. all new at 5:00 how does a political party rebuild after losing it all and was next for
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country was found to be heartbreaking. that is all the reason one man from cleveland spreading
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are big story as 5:30 today as president obama said the example set by american veterans and is helping to heal the he made the comments after laying a wreath in arlington national cemetery. across the state a number of celebrations were held to honor veterans who have served our armed forces. cleveland city officials how the annual veterans day recognition ceremony to honor them. >> jurors told a judge they cannot reach a decision in the cincinnati murder trial of a
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man during a traffic stop. the judge told them to keep deliberating. the officer is accused of killing a motorist near the university of cincinnati last year. the clean sweep has left democratic party wondering what now. >> donna brazile has been acting chair since a wiki release led to a resignation. the party is now looking for >> reporter: changing directions could be next for democrats following the devastating blow that the control of the house and senate went to republican control. former dnc chair howard dean expressing interest in taking the reins and reaching out to young voters expect they are the largest demographic in the company -- country and they
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clinton. >> reporter: martin o'malley also during his name in the hat tweeting we need to reform our process and articulate a bold progressive work bernie sanders tweeting out the next dnc chair must understand the need to listen to working families. >> this a young muslim american from minnesota who represents a new generation of leaders in congress. >> it could signal a they are feeling emboldened are going the candidates excited voters more than institutional political elites like hillary clinton. california representative maxine waters saying that ellison stands a chance. >> i think that he offers a new direction for the democratic party and i think he will get a lot of support.
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better. in two years they will defend two dozen senate seat in deep red state. that is the potential to give republicans a filibuster proof majority which could lead to the way to a conservative agenda. protests are raging across the country over the election of donald trump. >> but we are also seeing a different kind of response as news 5's us some nonprofits are seeing a spike in interest post election. >> reporter: ricky smith is looking at calls from people in california to florida and everywhere in between. the increase coming hours after america learned donald trump would be our president. smith never expected the surge
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biggest donations following the election been called the expect the first donation came anonymously and i thought it was a typo. >> reporter: the money coming from clinton and trump supporters and telvin smith do things like this. paint for strangers mills in a local drive-through line. in 2017 he asked what i can do to plans are in the works to create a kindness mobile to take two scenes of tragedy like the bulls pick >> with these donations we decided that would be the down payment. it would help and promote the kindness campaign.
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smith said it shows americans are taking actions to make a positive impact. to give some perspective, the hashtag has been used in every state and in 22 countries. >> i think chilly describes tonight. >> the mild air is southwest of us with a flow coming from the north. it is coming your way and i think in the 20s overnight tonight. still a couple left and the temperatures continue to be chilly with morning highs in the 50s and that is going. current shower chances basically lorain county and medina county with ashland and wayne counties with a lingering sprinkle. your hour by hour look at these
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8 pm with some of you in the 30s by 10 pm tonight. make sure you take the winter coats. the chill is on and i will tell you if it will warm up for the weekend. >> it is veterans day and our men and women being honored across the country. a special news 5 surprise for our own veteran leon bibb's. right now take a look
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today it is all about you and this was yesterday. look at the screenshot from gina in mentor. it looks like a
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a rainbow -- a double rainbow this morning in lorain according to kathy. and she said it is snowing too. no real snow. there is the rainbow right in there. look at the rough waves with 6 to 10 foot waves coming ashore today. mark johnson
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on this veterans day it is time to honor one of our own. the veteran inside our newsroom. >> many people might be surprised to find out that leon bibb is a vietnam veteran. >> i'm happy to say leon bibb is not only my his courage is admired and today his sacrifice is honored. [ playing "taps" ] >> reporter: it was a weather november day. >> my mother was crying, and there were tears which fell into the skillet of the eggs and bacon that morning. >> reporter: tears from another
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son. backpacks map he was on his way. he was on his way into the unknown. >> he did what he needed to do, and he got out as fast as he could. >> reporter: he dropped everything going into training and a few months later he was descending on a vietnam. >> i will be bringing her in rather steep, he said. >> reporter: morning the down. >> i gripped the armrest and said to the soldier seated next to me down and he said you. welcome to be at home. >> reporter: this was war. >> i was frightened for him. he was very brave. >> reporter: words from a silent soldier fighting her own right back at home. >> we stood together holding
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praying for my safe return and we thank god for that. >> reporter: in those days there was no phone call. the first anniversary as a married couple spent 8500 miles apart. their love has stood the test of time. >> i have been with him for 50 years. >> reporter: he followed in the footsteps of his father a veteran. he is no longer with us but a part of >> it is as if my father is holding my hand right now. >> reporter: fast-forward to today. his weapon? his voice. his uniform? a suit. his reminder one every day just above his heart. >> hewers of partly. he said even though it was difficult been in the war he would not trade it for anything
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his bronze star 11 men have world war ii status included both of their fathers. leon, your bravery is not lost on any of us. thank you for your service. [ applause ] >> i am so proud to call you a friend. >> thank you so much for your kind words and marguerite for her kind words. >> i love those photos of you lives together to go pick >> we spent our first wedding anniversary apart. >> the photographer for that piece is also a veteran for the u.s. navy. >> he was on the aircraft carrier. he and i talked about military stuff all of the time. a great veteran as well. >> you get to follow leon again.
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>> we have another surprise in the newsroom with cake. [ laughter ] this is for you, leon . >> i did not even know that this interview was done. marguerite went home, and i got to the parade and did some other things and i was having a hamburger summer. thank you for the cake as >> you are kind of a big deal. >> i did what we do. it was simply the time i was born put me of age for the war at phenom. i simply answered the call because uncle sam said i need you. >> and this day is not thanking you and all veterans and so many whose stories i never celebrated.
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gave to me, we get to all of those men and women who have served ever since 1776. >> how many t-shirts acr now? >> he give us a quote during the indians series. >> don't mess with my town. he is still a soldier. thank you, leon. wooster is seng bit of clearing and that is the way it will be through the evening. you can see a few sprinkles still with central lorain county moving down toward lagrange and right here near homer bill we are dropping close. skies will be clearing out and we will not totally get rid of all of the clouds tonight but clearing skies all around will allow temperatures to really drop still some wind gusts
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valeria at 28 miles-per-hour and 23 in wooster. we saw blustery conditions everywhere so even though the temperatures say 40 on the thermometer right now it feels like the 30s. dress accordingly if you are going out and about. temperatures are falling down with 2 a.m. notice we end up in the upper 30s and that is near the big city of cleveland with this cool flow wrapping around this high. ashland, canton, ravenna. you will see temperatures between 27 and 30 degrees with maybe a few sheltered valleys tonight. some of the coldest air we have seen since last spring time. we will have sunshine for your weekend saturday the coolest day in the 40s but back up to the 50s for sunday.
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on 48. the winds will calm down , so that will help a little bit. 30 tonight for akron in canton with 48 sunshine returning and staying cool. your seven day does have a little warm-up the next half- hour. fake gun battle? the fight to get guns off the street hits a roadblock here in ohio. at 6:00 they are digging into the reasons delay and what it could be a matter of life and death. >> when news 5 returns she worked and today her hard work finally paid off. we explain her first admission to care for our local service
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wounded veterans right here in cleveland. news 5's derick waller is live at the hospital with a story you only see here and this is all about some homemade blankets. >> that is right. a grandmother is turning her hobby into a heartwarming gift. >> some of them have five different colors. >> reporter: for priscilla all of this started 20 years ago. >> i nothing else to do rather than to crochet. crocheting after her husband and she quit smoking. >> what makes you happy. >> reporter: she is now dropping off some blankets she made herself. >> that is all it takes. i don't even think a thank you is good enough. >> reporter: many of our veterans could use some cheering up. a study showed one in 10 older veterans are clinically
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know if anybody cares. people forget about you. >> reporter: even more reason why volunteers are giving back today. that includes high school students from youngstown dropping in for some bingo with a group called heroes and halos. >> i love it. it is something that i really love to do. it is good to see everyone smiling. day. >> reporter: some of the injuries are so severe the va will become a long-term residents. >> i've been praying a lot. >> reporter: today it is feeling a little more like home . >> and she told me she has been working on those blankets for two years. in cleveland, derick waller,
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>> what is ahead at 6:00? >> on this veterans day is for social price for a local high schooler. >> with a special guest today. it is veterans day. >> the emotional reunion with this teenager seen her brother for the first time in six years. news 5 asking important questions about these fake guns. promised to bend them they are still on the streets. they are finding out why when news 5 at six starts in two
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questions about stories affecting your community park after police killed two men into different cities carrying the same type of gun, we wanted to know what was going on. the guns were fake, but they looked real. they were similar to this one. >> at that time lawmakers about to ban these guns so they wanted to know that was the case and why megan hickey uncovers the problem. >> reporter: two robbery suspects 70 miles apart shot and killed in similar incidents. >> we do not know which officer fired the shots. >> reporter: officers were responding to a robbery at a video store when they got up with the car matching the suspect description. that is when is a 26-year-old evan cox hit one of the officers with his car.


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