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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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with amanda berry. >> i think back to myself this can't be real. the whole story, the whole situation. >> she talks about her time trapped inside that house of horrors. >> i try to stay busy. keep your mind off of it. >> the moment she and the two others decided to escape. >> if i don't do it now i'm never going to be able to. >> and her life now with her little girl. >> i want her to great but you have to make it great. nobody makes it great for you. >> i'm so grateful to have the opportunity to talk with her. such a strong, young woman after a decade in an unthinkable situation. it's the interview you have to see coming up in minutes. but first at 11:00 on this veterans day they risked everything to protect our country. now hundreds of servicemen and women who made it home from vietnam are badling a new
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threat. >> that threat may have followed them home. we spoke with one widow. she's calling the cancer a deadly secret. >> her husband died suddenly in 2010. she thought it was an ice lated case until hundreds -- ice lated -- isolated case until hundreds came forward with the same story. >> we had so many plans. we had all this stuff we wanted to do never thinking this could >> but mario never made it to retirement. he died at 61. a month after his official diagnosis. >> in my heart he was going to get better. >> but he had cancer. according to the cleveland clinic it's difficult to cure. and many cases are sporadic. his wife anne started noticing a pattern. >> like i said there were 20 cases. i have over 200 people that
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their families that have been diagnosed with this. >> one of the causes? parasites found in river fish in asia. like the kind found in vietnam that mario ate all the time. he even received a handbook published by the department of defense telling soldiers to eat the fish. she submit # her claim to the v -- submitted her claim three times to the va before it was taken. >> it's not fair that they aren't recognized. >> she's in contact with hundreds of victims like mario and she continues to push for early testing for vets at risk. she says there's much more work to be done but she knows her husband would be proud. >> i sure hope so. i keep getting signs from him. but i sure hope so. >> bile duct cancer is
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like him in the last 15 years. live in cleveland megan hickey news 5. night three of national protest against president-elect donald trump. you're looking live at demonstrations happening in dallas and portland, oregon right now. people are protesting trump and his policies. but as his stay in the white house nears some of his strong stances have sofrned. we -- softened. we break down >> it comes with a push for congressional term limits as anxiety builds among voters. power shift. it will come with major changes and changes to major promises. >> let me ask you about obamacare which you say you're going to repeal and replace. when you replace it are you going to make sure that people with preconditions are still covered? >> yes, because it happens to be one of the strongest assets.
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>> also with the children living with their parents for an extended period. we're going to try and keep it. >> vice president-elect mike pence will handle the transition plans. he'll replace chris christie but christie will stay on as a vice chairman. a leading candidate for chief of staff? reince priebus. >> reince is a star. he's the hardest working guy and in a certain way i did get over here reince. >> but everything happening behind closed doors has ignited a fire of emotions spilling on to streets across the country. people disgusted with what's to come from president-elect donald trump. the trump organization said they were planning to transfer control of the portfolio of businesses to his children and other executives.
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unhappy with their choices for president this year a big portion left it blank. in 20123,000 left it blank. this year overall voter turnout was lower but 6,500 left it empty. you typically see a couple thousand every presidential election. but officials say the total was unprecedented. population of this county submitted a blank ballot where an entire page of the ballot was just empty. >> that's one option is to go in, sign the poll book, take a ballot, and not vote for any of the candidates. so basically they are saying they voted and they are protesting maybe a presidential candidate or all the presidential candidates. >> about 30,000 less people voted in this county this year
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don't kill me. they were scared for their lives. >> that woman recalling hearing her coworkers plead for their lives as they hid under their desks in the pittsburgh area when a patient went on the attack. he backed into the hospital and -- walked into the hospital and pulled out a gun. saying they ruined his life. he stabbed three people before police rushed in and shot him. well, fall seems to be settling in in northeast ohio. a chilly, chilly night in cleveland, ohio. >> getting ready to build a fire. >> no, don't do that. >> it's chilly in here. >> how about a coat? >> a coat, yeah the furnace and double blankets. >> it's going to be the coolest, coldest air in six months for a large portion of the viewing area. follow me over here. coldest air that's your
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mid-april. last time we had lows in the 20s already. look at these temps. canton down to 37. a 38 in canta. and area wide except near the lakeshore and in the bigger cities we are talking 30s. some of you are going to get up at 27, 28, 29 degrees. since april 15th we have not been that cold. watch them going down by 7:00 a.m. mainland areas 32 for the achron canton area. -- achron canton area -- akron can on the area -- canton area. and winter can wait some mild air that's going to make a return. all that in my seven-day coming up, rob? more than two dpuzen people
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a recycling scepter. there was some hazardous material in the center. there's no longer any threat to the public. a state of emergency in north carolina as firefighters are scrambling to get two dozen wildfires under control. 100 homes have been evacuated and 17,000 acres have been burned. they're all being investigated for arson. only on 5 tonight. business owners at one of cleveland's most prestigious >> business is down by as much as 60% and they are sinking under represent increases and parking problems. joe pagonakis is on the case. they're calling this an emergency situation. >> more than 100 of the vendors here at the westside market have signed this petition urging the city for a badly needed reduction in rent. it's friday afternoon at
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>> it's -- it's terrible. >> it's supposed to be a busy day. >> yes it's an emergency. >> for dozens of vendors business is down 40%, 50%, 60% in the past several months. >> if i was gambling with your job how would you feel? >> the president says land spikes and closed parking lots have hit vendors like vince's meats hard. >> some people have jobs. >> we're nearly 60% down. everybody loves our product but they can't get in here. >> jeff owner of the juice garden says there's not enough parking even though the city added 128 additional spots. >> i don't think any of us felt we were going to be down this long or they were going to shut down so much of the lot. >> he says the explosion of the new businesses around the market has blocked shoppers
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that even 300 additional parking spots wouldn't be enough. >> there's no way. oh no, we need 500600 spots. >> some say a represent reduction is needed for survival. >> you don't raise the remit, okay? and then take away your means of making the money in one fatal swoop. and that's what they did. >> vendors say their current agreement has two rent increases built into it over the next two years. the go parking lot will finally be open tomorrow morning. the vendors we talked to say it won't be enough. reporting live i'm news 5 investigator joe pagonakis. when people come up to me and they've heard my story it makes me feel like i'm doing to help hang the world in maybe a small way. that's enough for me. >> next on news 5. amanda berry opens up about life three
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decade of captivity. >> when people see her they're like she's a normal kid. that's what i wanted. it makes me happy. >> how she stays focused on her future. >> i try to do positive things in my life and stay busy. so i don't have time to think about that. >> my exclusive interview with
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we here at news 5 want to
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our country. >> for one local marine this is a day he and his family will never forget. bran dan griffin has been -- bran den griffin has been -- brandon griffin has been serving for 15 years. so he surprised his little sister today at high school. our cameras caught the ree union. >> it's -- reunion. >> it's veterans day. we have a special gues [ cheering and applause ] >> i was really surprised because i haven't seen him in six years. and i really missed him. it's hard being away. >> it was pretty overwhelming. i think that's why my eyes were watering up as well. pretty overwhelming. >> seen it ten times today, still gets to me. a perfect day for this reunion.
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. here at news 5 several of our coworkers served among them. leon bibb today the joint veteran's council give him a -- gave him a salute as veteran of the year. he served a full tour in the vietnam war and was rewarded the bronze star for his service. we thank everyone and we thank leon. . this can't be real. the whole story the whe >> but amanda berry's story of survival is real. three and a half years after she escaped from the home, the young mother is revealing new details about her life on seymour avenue. how she survived a decade of captivity and who is amanda berry now? >> help me i'm amanda berry. >> you need police fire or ambulance? okay what's going. on?
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been missing for ten years. >> a decade of silence broken. amanda berry breaks free from the house of horror that held her and two others captive. years of her life stolen by her abductor. i asked amanda to take me back to the day. >> may 6, 2013 escape day. >> we noticed he wasn't there and i guess when i seen that opportunity i was like if i don't do to be able to. >> she took a chance and put a period on the hellish days and nights on seymour avenue. she found an interesting source of strength that helped her endure it all. watching local news consistently. >> for me it was every day. 5:00 in the morning, 5:00 at night the news was on. i wanted to see my family. i knew somebody was searching for me which gave me strength because if they gave up i would have.
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from her reality. >> i wrote recipes and watched martha stuart. i can't -- martha stewart. i can't cook too well. >> amanda we're right here. we're sisters in that. also during her captivity castro used her and the others as sex slaves. amanda gave birth to her daughter. the bright light that made the darkness bearable and gave her a reason to live. but it wasn't easy. >> it was so hard because i didn't are the control to do what i wanted or teach her what i wanted. i had to go through everything with him. i wanted to make sure that she knew like her abcs and 123s. she would do them and that would be school. >> despite the environment today she is a vibrant little girl who loves people and is a normal kid.
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escape was anything but normal. >> it was insane. when we got home we didn't realize it was going to be such a big thing like it was. media everywhere. you can't go outside. you can't go shopping. so i any it was hard to like adjust to it. because we weren't prepared. >> now that she is free to do what she wants and castro is dead do the memories of seymour avenue still live? >> i city have times hear a certain song it will take me back. or if i see something that we eat in the house. i don't think you ever get rid of it. i hope that you would but i don't know if i will. if i slow down i think about it more so i try to stay as busy as possible. >> oh i love that. >> amanda has been busy promoting her book and meeting people who know her story and praying for her to found.
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and tell me stories and hug me. it's so heartfelt and i feel like oh my god this is true and real. i think that to myself. this can't be real. >> what message would you like to send to people seeing amanda berry now. >> i'm still living day to day but i want to find a career, something that i love. i don't want my daughter to live mediocre. you. take that chance and run with it. >> she is an amazing woman. she shared with me that she loves being a stay at home mom and loves spending time with her daughter and family and friends. she is looking forward to a very bright future. we shared our mom stories. like most moms you go through your routine and she is living her life the best she can.
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>> i believe. so resilient. an incredible woman. >> she's watching right now. amanda we say to you you are the definition of strength ask courage. >> yes she is, yes she is. i was blessed to meet her. >> an important story to tell. an important person to tell it. nicely done. >> thank you rob. time for the weather. outside a live look at cleveland right now. clearing out a bit. a few clouds and our weather story for the weekend we out with this northerly wind flow. that's keeping us on the cold side. temps in the 30s they'll drop some of you in the 20s by dawn tomorrow. it's this high. on the front side of it. the winds out of the north. the high is going to slide further to the east for your day on saturday. it will be setting right on top of us on saturday. let me show that to you. moving in. so we'll be sunny but under the high still very very chilly air. once the high moves off to the
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allow a southerly wind flow to arrive on sunday. sunday will be your warmest weather day of the weekend. get outside rake some leaves, hike the metro parks, do whatever you want to do. maybe watch a football game or two. right, andy? >> whatever you need. >> 36, thanks buddy. 36 tonight partly cloudy ask staying cold -- partly cloudy and staying cold. tomorrow starts sunshine. sunshine at noon. 45. and then still sun sni and jacket weather -- sunny and jacket weather at 5:00 p.m. akron, canton near 30. scattered clouds fading. tomorrow it's sunny, chilly 48. you're seven-day. sunday your warmest day. look at this sunshine. our full moon sunday night into monday we get our full super moon.
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you'll get a good view of it. 57 sunday. 57 monday. and then 50s to near 60 next week. no sign of winter.
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now news 5 sports. brought to automart. >> they had a battle back from seven down. kyrie irving and lebron james. and the kravs win -- cavs win. united states and mexico in columbus tonight. world cup qualified. # #th minute. and the united states their
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2-1 the time. ? >> time now for the mcdonald's 5 on your sideline. nations playing at man nor the cardinal faithful. can i have a hot chocolate please? very nice. they make nice hot chocolate don't they? check out the run by patrick 24 yards on the touchdown. wild cats up. look wild cats up. look -- wildcats up. look at that. a common field goal. second quarter here comes iggy. almost lost the ball. gets in. iggy wins 31-17. to our next two games as they wait.
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twinsburg. st. ed's taking control early on. up 34-14 at the half. still not backing down. kyle marking his team down the field. over the top to lindsey. two plays later going under pressure. uses his legs then he airs it to derek wright. what a play for the score. 34-21. st. ed's not letting this go. curtis up the middle makes his way through. turns on the wheels and takes it 44 yards to the house. eagle uses up -- egoeagles win -- eagles win. now to ravenna stadium. battling it out. tied at 7-7. but warren harding pulling ahead.
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down. he falls into the end zone. comes back. fourth and six. that led to this. tony hooks up with a wide open john mcnight. a touchdown pass. harden-roaden does it again. around and to the house from 16 yards out. they take 49-31. >> thank you lauren. the warren g. harden raiders play next week. the game in macedonia how about that? fourth quarter tied at 7-7. greg 58 yards on the touchdown pass. and hudson hangs on to beat aurora in an upset. 14-7. that's it.
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everybody okay? >> going to be chilly. >> it was a good friday. >> friday, we'll see you tomorrow, saturday. >> he loves saturday. >> we'll see you back here on monday. have a great weekend.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- lin-manuel miranda. from "dr. ken," ken jeong and albert tsai. plus music from banks. and now, stay put -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. welcome. thank you. very nice, thank you. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you really for everything. for those of you who served in


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