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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  November 15, 2016 12:00pm-12:29pm EST

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. good afternoon, everyone. this is leon bibb. at the noon hour, video of a cr nationwide from northeast ohio. it is video of a canton police officer nearly run over. the scene is a wal-mart, the police officer was trying to shop an alleged shoplifter and getaway car. meg shaw has more on the intense video and the story with it. >> reporter: this video is spreading like wildfire online now. thousands of people have viewed it, thousands of people have shared it and hundreds of
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police on the way to the scene quickly taught them. all three were arrested and charged. in canton, meg shaw, newschannel5. in other news now, in an exclusive newschannel5 report we are learning a traffic stop made by cleveland police may have contributed to the death of a man rushed to hospital with a gunshot wound. it was in september. we first told you kevin mcqueen was shot in the chest. while his friends were rushing him to the hospital police officers ordered those friends to the ground. when police finally noticed the wounded mcqueen, they administered first aid and called ems but they awaited until a commanding officer arrived before jumping in the van and taking him to the hospital. >> why was it so long that they detained my son to get there to the hospital. because in those 15 minutes it
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stay tuned. audio system is dropping out, faint or unclear] we are seeing lots of sunshine across had board. we are under a dry weather pattern. the temperatures are warmer
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many spots. 62 for lake county. good afternoon, ashtabula, currently at 54. 59 for cuyahoga county be you we are looking at day time highs returning possibly, 62 to 63 our live on 5 radar is not picking up any moisture but we are tracking the next weak cold front that will produce cloud coverage starting tonight and a few sprinkles by tomorrow afternoon. you can see right now partly sunny skies by the 1:00 hour. we will be sitting in the 60s. track in here by the 5:00 hour but temperatures still at 56 degrees. i will show you coming up. we are tracking a few flurries back into our extended forecast. leon? >> thank you, janessa. authorities are trying to find the thieves that cut and stolen electrical wires in the city. the thefts started over the summer. there have been three incidents on the east side since october 5th. the thieves pose as workers for
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this is their scam and approach posing as utility workers. they warn residents there may be a loss of electrical power, then steal hundreds of et dollars in copper wires and other wiring. they leave behind hundreds of volts of live wires on the ground. now first energy is working to catch the thieves, there $5,000 reward leading to an arrest. if you know anything, call police. michael fein pleaded guilty to kidnapping and attempted kidnapping. a client two years ago thought she may have been hypnotize by him and then recorded phone calls. other women came forward.
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registered sex offender. more trouble for people in new zealand. heavy flooding is causing evacuations in that country. and are you getting what you pay for? the new alert for vitamin users. >> protests turn violent at a local college campus. we have new video on the story.
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welcome back. residents in new zealand are facing widespread flooding after two major earthcams hit the country yesterday, leaving -- earthquakes hit yesterday, leaving many people there without power. many have been seventh from coastal towns to inland areas. fresh rains overnight have water waistdeep in some areas and oo people are being urged to move to higher ground there in new zealand. a recall for you right now. mazda is recalling almost 70,000rx8 sports cars because of the risk of fire that affect
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mazda says the cars have fuel pump sealing rings that can track allowing gasoline to escape. so far there have not been any reported injuries. the companys will be notified and told when to take their cars in for repairs. twitter is cracking down on hate speech. over the income tax few days the company will add new features to curb online harassment. twitter is expanding the mute feature to let people filter don't want to see in there mentioned. user will also be able to report harassment and hate speech directly. thanksgiving day is next week. in the united states more than 27 million people are expected to fly over the 12 days. what are the best and worst days for travel. according to google's annual report the best day to leave is the sunday morning before thanksgiving. the worst day to leave is the day before thanksgiving.
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report is day after thanksgiving. black friday. and the worst day to return, the saturday after thanksgiving. that is expected to be the busiest travel day. here is a question for you? do you spend a lot of money supplements and vitamins. a study now reports vitamins provide little, if any, benefit. nutritionists say no pill can take the place of all the nutrients you would get in wholesome foods. well, when we return, we will introduce to you the pet of the week, emily. she is a 3-year-old in need of a loving home. maybe you can help. now we will listen to janessa as they helps us with this weather forecast. >> leon, we are bright and
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again. the exact timing coming up, and also in my seven-day
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donald trump's white house is shaping up and decisions over who will stand behind him on his team are already coming under fire, this as president obama's trip overseas is overshadowed by the decisions of the new president-elect donald trump. >> reporter: president-elect donald trump is beefing up the white house and the rumors are flying. all eyes are on rudy giuliani, is former new york city ma popular secretary of state. and former un ambassador, john bolton -- >> john would be a very good choice. is there anybody better? maybe me. i don't know [ laughing ] >> reporter: but one of trump's decisions, stephen bannon as chief strategist and white house counselor, leading the charge to turn the covert platform for the out-right, a
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nancy pelosi saying there must be no sugar coating the reality that a white nationalist has been named chief strategist for the trump administration. trump's advisors slam the description as incomplete. >> people should look at the full resume. >> reporter: many republicans that expect to work with the new administration are finding them in a delicate balance, with paul ryan restrained decision on bannon. >> this is a person that helped him win an incredible election and incredible campaign. >> reporter: when asked about the november th outcome while in greece, the president was quick to calm the waters. >> the job of leaders, i think, is to try to address people's real, legitimate concerns and channel them in the most constructive ways possible. >> reporter: president obama went on to say that he was surprised by the outcome of the
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anything trump says or does, he will help to make sure the transition of power is acids because that will mean a -- is a success because that will be a success for the american people. maggie rulli, abc news, washington. now knew video, an ain't trump protestor falls down four or five stairs after being the man responsible was taken away if i ohio state police. the protests were peaceful until the attack. well, let's take a look at the weather situation. how are we looking right now? a pretty nice looking day when i got up this morning. >> lots of sunshine. it is, again, happening. the warmth is building across northern ohio. today temperatures are back in the 60s. nice for november i think. >> yes. this has been an unusual november to say the least. >> unusual.
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where we didn't see snow on the ground until january. so i know you are not hoping for that. >> well, let's see what happens. >> let's see what happens. >> yes. clear skies right now. let's take a look at what is happening outside in the greater cleveland area. we are not even seeing high cirrus clouds. this time yesterday we were in the mid 50s. right now look at the 60s. they are coming back already. lake county, cuyahoga county and cl slightly cooler for ashtabula. 54 there. right now the map is pretty quiet here with the warmer air pumping in from the south. we have that area of low pressure. it will really start to die out as it tracks in from west to east. i will give you exact timing here coming up of what we will track in a few scattered showers. so, tonight we will start to see the clouds picking up once again. we will go with mostly cloudy skies. by tomorrow morning to your
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few sprinkles due to that front and also as the front makes its way through the breeze will start to come out of the northwest about 15 to 20 miles per hour. it will be short-lived here. by thursday and friday we are tracking a big time warm up, the 70s return. i want to show you because you will need to prepare for tomorrow morning. kids headed to the bus stop, notice the lake affect rain here bringing in a few showers ashtabula county pretty much all day long. it is not a washout thursday but the sprinkles will continue to be in affect throughout thursday. the sunshine will rebuild itself thursday and friday. the 70s. this weekend when i see you, however, we will be tracking lake affect snow by sunday. symptoms well, it is tuesday and it --
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>> this is mocha and she is 1- year-old pickup mix. she likes walking around the studio. >> she is for me! [ laughing ] >> exactly. she is a sweet girl. let cease get you over here -- let's get you over here so you can see the camera. she is tiny. she didn't have enough food, water and shelter so she was brought in. other than a scratch on pounds she is in perfect health. she loves treats and would be a great addition to any family. >> what events do you have going on? >> we got word that tuna melts my heart. if you know the internet sensation, tuna melts my heart -- he will be at the apl next tuesday from 5:30 to 7:00. plan the come in to see tuna. he is a huge internet star and we are lucky to have him come to the apl. >> awesome. come visit the cleveland apl
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and today's weather is -- >> lots of sunshine. get out and enjoy it. >> this is mocha. remember her when you are thinking of a new addition to your family. that does it for mocha and the rest of us.
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hi, i am sarah car insurance. we are here on legal tuesday to talk. ?? whether you are in an accident, what should you do. >> when you are in an accident, your adrenaline may be pumping, your heart may be beating quickly. the most important thing is to call the police so they can
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when there is so much going through your head, it is better to be safe than sorry. when should you consider calling a lawyer? >> sooner is better than later. the at-fault attorney is already starting to organize the defense to your claim. you want to have somebody on your side as early as possible to help. >> so, specifically talk to me about that. how can i lawyer help me? >> tune in and quarterback the situation. a lot of things will fly at you pretty quickly. medicabi you will have insurance people calling. you want a lawyer who can take those things off your shoulders so that you can focus on the most important thing, getting better. >> and what is one of the most common mistakes people make when they are involved in an accident? >> thinking they can do it on their own. it is important to have a lawyer on your side from the get-go to fight that insurance company on your behalf. >> well, thank you so much. that is great information for
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for more information, contact us at any of the information on
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it's november 15th, time for videos going viral "right this minute." a woman dangles a small child over a busy overpass. what happens when the girl's child doesn't lift a finger to help. >> it was strange. >> a jet skier races to rescue >> okay, no. >> see why whatever it is, it shouldn't be there. model in justen bieber's hit video is starring in a video that cost -- >> more than a million dollars. >> the breathtaking scene around the bride's new role. plus the buzz word for your shot to win a new ipad mini as we break down the best on the web, including a tough talking


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