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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 15, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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-- news 5 on your side starts now. tonight only on news 5 cleveland's police chief opens up about leeted the men and women -- leading the men and women in blue during a turbulent time. >> you have to get involved and be a part of change in this system. >> my exclusive one on one interview with chief calvin williams in just minutes. but first only on 5. a not in one neighborhood tonight. those who live there are horrified because of what's moving in next door. >> megan hickey has more information on plans for a homeless housing complex in akron that has neighbors fearing for their safety. >> the woods behind me are set to become an $11 million complex for homeless and disabled people but the neighbors are scared of what that might bring.
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their dream house less than a year ago and spent their life savings. >> i picked this home for many reasons but those reasons will soon be gone it seems like. >> it's a private dirt road neighborhood across from a lush forest. >> the building will be here. >> now set to become stony point a four-story housing complex for homeless and disabled people. the neighbors fear safety issues and enough amenities. >> i'm horrified. >> others worry it will damage property values. >> what about people in this area like me. we're old. they can't afford this. >> the company and its nonprofit partner say they understand. >> it's a hard process. and it's going to be something that takes time. and over time we believe that they will see that this is a value added to their community. >> they argue the community is in need of homeless housing.
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understand. >> the homeless need help. we need to help them. but we need a better place for them. there's nothing on this hill. >> the project is slated to break ground in march and should take about a year to complete. in akron megan hickey news 5. let's stay in akron. people getting ready to start a protest against president-elect donald trump. it's been one week since he's been voted in and we've seen nationwide ever since. tonight's will be peaceful they say. as trump and his team get ready to move into the white house the democrats in congress are trying to figure out their plan as well. they must work on appealing to working class vaet voters they say. they decided to delay voting for their leaders.
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tim ryan is considering this. >> this isn't about the past election in my mind. it's about the next election. and what do the leaders look like? what does the message sound like? in order for us to pick up the seats that we need to pick up to get back in the majority. >> they will choose leaders november 30th. the new public square open for months but one issue unresolved until tonight. the busses supposed to be temporary. we learned that is not the case. frank wiley is live with what this means for us. >> this is the area we're talking about. public square. those barricades have made some folks unhappy. they didn't like what the mayor had to say tonight. >> reporter: foot traffic, food and frustration. it has people talking about the
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tonight. >> it would be best to keep superior avenue closed. >> closed to busses. and it's not going over well. >> the transit zone goes from west 3rd on st. clair avenue. >> it's more distance in walking for travelers. >> we should be able to commute back and forth as a rider. sometimes we may need to get over there but we have to get off early. >> it's going to congestion and that down. >> part of the plan, to make changes to nearby streets to make them similar to what's been done on euclid avenue. traffic priority lanes to avoid red lights. mayor jackson says they're looking into a strategy plan with the f dpshgsa. it -- fda. it could take two weeks for the plans to come into place. right now we're live downtown
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-- frank wiley news channel 5. a few dozen people taking to the street against the dakota access pipeline during the evening rush holding signs. a pipeline protest in columbus earlier today shut down an intersection. a man parked a van in the intersection of broad street and 3rd and locked himself to the axle underneath it. it took an hour and a half to free the man. these protests the day they decided to delay construction of the dakota access pipeline to talk more with the standing rock sioux tribe. the tribe says digging under the river will affect its drinking water supply and put communities at risk if there are oil leaks. backers say it's the best way to move oil. new information tonight on the deadly shooting at the will rogers world airport in oklahoma city. police found the suspect dead in a truck in an airport
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self-inflicted gunshot. the victim was a 52-year-old southwest airlines worker in a parking lot. police believe it was planned. a teen found guilty of killing a kent state student during a robbery attempt will be sentenced. damantae graham was sentenced to death today. he was charged in the death of nicholas mas three other teens also charged in the death. this story is going to break your heart. what happened to a 6-year-old autistic boy in southern ohio is heartbreaking. it illustrates how bad the drug problem is. he hasn't been seen by his father's side of the family for months but wasn't officially reported missing until two weeks ago. his mother led them to his remains behind an abandoned house.
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august where she and her boyfriend had been staying. they are both now charged with murder. >> he was thrown away like a piece of trash. we live in a society where children are considered disposable. >> police say that white told them hunt abused tooij t.j. and he was -- t.j. and he was malnourished. they're also looking into whether white fed her drug habit looking for vandals who did this damage with slingshots. they are targeting businesses, cars, and people. >> they can be dangerous. joe pagonakis, well he's on the case. joe, do police have any solid leads tonight? >> well danita, so far they have vague descriptions of the suspects. police are reaching out to the public tonight for their help. >> it's already the third time.
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>> repeated vandalism as this strip mall on center ridge road. >> i wish they learned their lesson and stop behaving like they do. i hope it's not drug-related. >> more than a dozen windows left shattered. $8,000 in damage. police believe the vandals are using high powered slingshots like this one. what's worse is the suspects are shooting at vehicles on detroit road. >> a man driving a delivery truck saw passenger window and fired a slingshot. >> police say the suspects are also shooting at people on the road, using large marbles that are more than one inch in diameter. >> it was a silver two door with a spoiler on the back. occupied by two white males. they kind of stared at him then he felt a pain in his left ear. >> this strip mall is installing more surveillance
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several years in jail. >> you could be looking at some felonies. this is not dennis breaking mr. wilson's window. >> and they can only hope the slingshot attackers stop before someone is hurt. >> it's hard to imagine. i have four children. and i cannot imagine my children to behave like that. >> by the way, the city of westlake has a law on the books banning the use of slingshots within city limits. the westlake police department. i'm news 5 investigator joe pagonakis reporting live. temps cooling off. we've got 40s inland. outskirts areas, bigger city in the low 50s. not a cold night tonight. clouds focussing in and out of the area all night long. so it's going to stay dry. it's going to be cool as we get up and go. our temps bottoming out in the
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akron canton area. mild for a couple days. staying mild through the workweek through friday we may set a record high on friday. and then it all comes to an end as winter arrives for the weekend with cold and, i'm not allowed to say it, the s-word. we'll show you what's komging your way for the weekend -- coming your way for the weekend coming up. still ahead on news 5 at 11:00. with cleveland police chief calvin williams. >> what drove him to become a police officer. whether he would make the same choice this the world we now live in and his connection to the community he protects and serves.
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he's the face of calm when level head under pressure. in a rare one on one interview with police chief calvin williams he sat down with me to talk about his love for the city he serves and what needs to be done to bridge the gap between police and the community. he's the city of cleveland's 40th chief of police. but as a young college student chief calvin williams told me being a police officer was not on his to do list. >> tell me what attracted you to law enforcement.
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danita. actually it came to me as a dare. my best friend and i were in college at cleveland state university and he saw an announcement for the cleveland division of police, you know, come take the test. be one of the men and women in the division of police. he kept nagging me, i dare you, i can score better than you. take it. so we signed up. both took the test. went through all the process, and both got exact same time. and i said okay am i really going to do this. then i talked to my family and you know, talked to my friend and decided to give it a try. >> you have a big drive to recruit police officers. >> yes. >> would that same man in the culture that we are in today, would you still want to be a police officer today, and why? >> yeah. i mean i would encourage people to get involved in a system that has a huge impact on a lot
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especially people of color. and, you know, i say now a lot with everything that's going on, you know, you have to get involved and be a part of the system to get change within that system. you can't stand on the outside knocking on the door demanding. you have to know how the system works to know what changes you want to see. >> the one thing that seems consistent with you is your perm investment. -- personal investment in cleveland. that you said this is your home. how does having such a personal investment in the city having that high level of care that you bring to your job, are there cons to that? is there a disadvantage to being so attached? >> sometimes it's hard to let things go. sometimes it's hard to hear that negative from a lot of folks. you know, and i look at them going what's there to really
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and it's a lot of opportunity. >> but he does admit things could be better when it comes to the relationship between police and the community. as an african-american police chief, what inside or perspective could you give us. are african-american men, are they held to a different perception, not a truth, but a perception in tulsa when a guy in a chopper says that bad dude. were they saying that because he was black or could it have been a white male or hispanic male? >> i see a lot of miscommunication. whether it be on the law enforcement side or on the community side. of course, there's a lot of distrust on both sides. being an african-american here in this city, being the chief of police, i see it from both sides.
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year-old son. i have a 3-year-old and a 7- month-old granddaughter growing up in the city. and i want them to be safe and secure in this city. but i also have 1500 police officers of different races and nationalities that i want to be safe in the city. both sides have to kind of take it down a notch, you know, the citizen cannot things and the officer by not elevating it also by you know do what i'm telling you do do. we have to have more communication. >> he couldn't have been more positive about his passion to protect and serve the city of cleveland. >> i love seeing people in the community that support us. i love seeing our young folks and being able to really talk
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of the division get better. i love representing this city. wherever i go i talk about cleveland. >> what an inspiring man. and you can see more of my unedited interview on he gets up at 6:30 in the morning and takes care of his brother's kids. he died a few years ago and he's taking care and he is keeping the city safe. and he has a heart for cleveland and he loves the people he serves. >> it's good to see the man behind the badge. >> cleveland makes so much to him. >> yes, you can tell. it's genuine. >> for the first time we got to know him tonight. nice chat there. all right, danita said i could not use the s-word. >> i'm going to call the police chief if you do.
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suggestions and i'm getting them now. >> morgan says cloud dandruff. l.a. steeler says frozen matter. let's see suburban -- >> these are the ones you can read. >> i can. yeah. some of them i kment. this -- can't. this one says happy rain. slept. here's what's going on a few clouds in and out right now. in and out through the overni watch this little front coming in. it's producing a coupling rain showers. some far -- couple rain showers. some far south near grand rapids. this is not an arctic front, no. here's your hour by hour. we'll show you tomorrow we're going to start before the rush, before the sun comes up. notice a few light rain showers and sprinkles and a lot of clouds overhead and a few light rain showers moving through during the morning hours.
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during the amp. then our -- afternoon. then our eyes shift towards warm air for friday. record high temps coming our way. notice this area here. this is going to be the pattern change that i warned you about between the 10th and 20th there would be a pattern change. here's the low pressure on the west coates right now. it's going to -- coast right now. it's going to draw in cold air for the weekend. record highs to deal you will not see danita harris or rob powers on friday. lower 70s for you. 71 the record high on friday from 2015, one year ago. we could tie or break that. here's the low. let's track it in. this is friday. saturday it comes through with some rain showers. by saturday night into sunday it changes. much colder air from the north
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do we call it? scattered snow. primarily lake-effect snow sunday into monday with some accumulations likely. i think most if not all of us are going to see our first snowflakes of the season this weekend. 45 overnight. partly cloudy. quiet kids on the bus, tomorrow a nice day. maybe a fall coat for the morning hours. cleveland tomorrow, cool not cool and dry, a couple of showers. 53 with a brief shower at noontime. akron 42. tomorrow goes 58. could there be a sprinkle? sure. here's your seven-day. here's your record high. all comes crashing down. scattered rain falling through the 40s saturday, sundays. lake effect know a high of 38. well we've heard the call before. a need for blood donation to
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legged companions give that as well. a police k-9 in boise idaho shot on the job. it took four doctors to save his life and he needed donations from dogs as well. >> we had blood donated earlier by one of the employee pets, cricket, and then miels is another one of the -- miles is another one of the blood donors in the hospital. we collected from him basically on site. >> for a dog to be a blood donor it's got to be healthy, happy, weigh more than 50 pounds, be able to lay still for 10 minutes and be committed for at least two years. that's my favorite one. we're going hear from the american league manager of the year, terry francona next. and a rematch.
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we'll see -- caves do? -- cavs do?
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now news 5 sports. brought to you by brunswick automart. >> my reward is like watching our guys play the game and building the relationships with them. and those types of things. i want our players to win the awards. >> well he won the award tonight. the base francona the american league manager of the year. battle at the q tonight. kyrie irving and lebron james butting on a show. -- putting on a show. channing fry coming up with a huge three right there. boom. lebron just missed out on a triple double. a nice back down the stretch.
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>> great players that made big time plays tonight. we stayed resilient in the fourth quarter. some guys on their team made some big shots as well. when you have two big teams playing against each other it's going to happen like that sometimes. >> ohio state is in a good spot to not have to play in the conference championship and still make the final four. they are in at number two. michigan three alabama one, the road to a state championship is a tough one in high school. they have some great stories though on a way to the title. >> it was loud in the gym today because the school honoring a very special team. the broadview brecksville volleyball team?
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our road to state. >> last year they lost in the regional finals. >> last year we were just so close. 15-13 game five. that hurt for a long time. >> this year they dethroned the three-time defending state champ. >> when we won i couldn't believe it. >> they got help from supportive parents including tom kupa. >> the best advise he gave me and to try my best for my team. >> i think that's what they all did. they played together. everyone had a part in it. it was fun to see them. >> he's not the only accomplished dad. joanna chung's father played on the national team. >> they say it was incredibly helpful but it was their belief in each other that helped them
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you can relate to this toll saying -- tom sag watching his daughter -- tom saying watching his daughter play sports was more stressful than playing himself. they hope to be back at state
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we got five rob.
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, casey affleck. from "dancing with the stars," laurie hernandez. judge james and music from garth brooks. and now, while we're at it, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, there. welcome. thank you. hi, everybody, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. it's very, very sweet. i hate to start with bad news


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