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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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trick that could save lives. new information on the deadly legionnaires' outbreak. first the powerball drawing. news 5 on your side.
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hall you said you're not. you're right here. were you lying? >> an elected official busted. caught stretching the truth. it's part of an exclusive on your side investigation over a city councilman's use of money. >> fancy dinners and hotels paid for by donors. jonathan walsh un-- derick waller >> i did finally catch up with zach reed and i was able to ask him why he's spending thousands of dollars of campaign contradictions for his lo -- -- contributions for his trips. >> every one of the trips you have i can justify. >> flights, hotels, and dinners in d.c., fort lauderdale even san francisco. more than five grand laid out
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>> why aren't other council people taking these trips. i don't see them taking the trips to san francisco, washington, d.c., fort lauderdale. >> it depends on the committee. >> he says those aren't vacations, they're work trips, conferences, and meetings with elected officials and law enforcement to reduce violence. >> we were trying to get ahead of -- the head of the center for disease control to speak to us this violence from a public health standpoint. >> can't that be done with a phone call? >> state law leaves leeway for how to use money. it must be for influencing the result of an election, a campaign expense, the duties of public office, or making a charitiable contribution. they don't have to list the reason unless they get audited.
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>> i've been trying to get reed to explain the expenses for weeks so i tracked him down. >> row you at city hall -- are you at city hall now? that's him denying he's in the building even though his car is in the garage. you were certainly in the building when i asked you. it was seconds before we saw you. >> i doubt it. i doubt it. i have no reason to lie to you. >> by the way reed says he is out of town after the interview yesterday he headed to pittsburgh for a national league of city's conference. derick waller news 5. the soon to be former sheriff accused of stealing prescription drugs is expected to change his not guilty flee. a change of -- plea hearing. a change of plea hearing is scheduled.
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bars. folks in new walk ohio may have -- newarq ohio have -- newark voted under ohio state law people can still be fined and lose driving privileges. supporters said the law would let police focus on the heroin problem. another cautionary tale about watching what you post on social media. joy karega in trouble over alleged facebook posts. she refused to acknowledge what she did. she says her statements were taken out of context. new information tonight on the outbreak of legionnaires' disease that left one dead and ten others sick. while the lake county health district says it's confident
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more than a dozen other businesses that may be at risk of the spreading the bacteria. joe pagonakis live in east listen leak. -- in eastlake. >> they have massive cooling towers. they produce vapor and health officials say it can spread the disease. >> it seems like there has been a lot of talking about it to make sure things are happening, things >> he's an employee who didn't want to be identified but said his company responded after lake county health officials said precision was more than a dozen companies that could have been a source to spread the disease that claimed the life of a 54-year-old cuyahoga man and made ten others sick. health officials made it clear they may never know where it came from. >> i can't confirm that the
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we know upon testing one of the towers was tested positive. >> legionnaires' cannot be spread from person to person. they're reaching out to 15 other companies within a one mile radius of the consolidated precision products to determine if there are other towers that could have spread the legionnaires' bacteria. >> were memos issued? >> sure. we had inner office memos put up on the time clocks for the employees. he just got over lung cancer. >> some residents like beth who have loved ones near the plant believe they should have been told about the outbreak when it was discovered months ago. some taking to facebook to ask why we're just now hearing about this. or holy cow this is right behind my house and we've heard nothing. >> there's no notification
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my parents are elderly. it's nice to have knowledge. >> health officials say they have complete confidence they have everything under control. it's likely to take two to three weeks to go over the other 15 businesses that could be a risk. reporting live in eastlake i'm joe pagonakis. it's been two years since akron police officer justin winebrine was shot and killed as a pub. family and friends came together to >> is and they're also shedding -- and they're also shedding light on an issue the men and women in blue face every day. >> a celebration of life two years in the making, but it was death that brought everyone together. memories have his name written all over. a shirt. a picture. a child.
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have seemed like night. >> every day is a hard day. but what makes me move forward is that i can be a proud dad. >> there's no easy way to get through things. >> an angry customer brought them together. >> keenan got kicked out of this pub. he returned with a gun. justin took the bullet that took him away. >> i wish we didn't have to do this. i wish known of this -- none of out of their day to be here. >> there's a feeling of loneliness. >> even in a packed room with familiar faces and every day the thought of what if remains. . >> i would be married right now. >> tonight they send a prayer and hope for healing. the only light that shines in darkness. in akron frank wiley news 5.
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cable worker shows up at your door. people in lorain say a man with real looking equipment showed up and offered to set this woman up with bundled service. she paid $200 and found out she was scammed. >> when the cable man came to do the appointment he said the equipment was obsolete. >> i was stealing cable and didn't know it. i could have been in big trouble. >> all righ always get paperwork. never pay up front. and look for familiar company logos on their clothes and on their vans. all right. visibilities are dropping. we've got some fog out there. it's a half mile in wooster. one mile in ra ven nachlt a dense -- ravenna.
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cuyahoga, summit, wayne, medina, ash land randz counties and -- ashland, rischland counties. -- richland counties. we'll stay dry. current temps falling 32 in wooster. 35 in ravenna. here we go. we'll end up around 42 in downtown cleveland but up land areas talking lower middle and upper 30s. we'll talk snow for the weekend coming up. he would punch me in the head and tell me that only whores sleep. >> it can take unbelievable strength for a victim of domestic violence to leave their abuser and seek help. >> it often comes in the form of a protection order. but what's the point if it doesn't protect you? >> how many times has he been arrested.
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protection -- violate protections order walk free. >> i thought it was a piece of paper until someone knows about it. >> the simple solution that could protect women and save
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it sounds unbelievable. police afraid to arrest abuser. >> unfortunately it's real and puts the lives of victims at risk. sarah uncovers a way to close that loophole in the ohio protection order system. >> victims are 70 times more likely to be murdered when they leave their abusers. but we found the state is missing a valuable tool that could save lives. >> see a shadow of him standing over me. >> jane's estranged husband is so violent. >> he would punch me in the head and tell me that only whores sleep. >> we're hiding her face and changing her name. >> he said he hired a person to
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>> and tell me this is who's going to see you die. >> she got a protection order. >> it was premented to me as if -- presented to me as if it was my armor. >> when her husband violates the order police are supposed to arrest him. but he stalked her at work, at home, even at the grocery store. her cries for help went unanswered. >> how many times has he been arrested? >> zero. >> it's not a perfect system. independence. >> it does a disservice to the victims. the entire purpose is to protect the victim of a crime from further harassment. >> to understand what's wrong in ohio you have to go to west virginia. where a murder changed their mindset. >> i ask god every day. >> he shot and killed his teenaged girlfriend in this
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over the couple earlier that day, but he didn't know that she had a protective order. fearing clark would kidnap her. >> people say it's just a piece of paper. i thought it's just a piece of paper until someone knows about it. >> meet angela. >> we were asking victims to protect themselves. >> she spearheaded the effort to change that in west virginia. she found like it is in ohio courts and cops weren't communicating. up. >> officers couldn't verify orders after courts closed. >> mainly domestic violence doesn't happen 9:00 to 5:00. you don't have to have every little bell and whistle in there. it's not about how pretty it looks. >> it's a database that includes a scanned copy of orders and is available to every law enforcement officer.
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like tony. >> you pulled this up? >> yes exactly. >> west virginia is not unusual. on your side investigators talked to officials in all 50 states. we found 29 have protection order registries or something similar. >> before the registry, to be honest with you, a lot of times officers would not enforce protective orders. >> what stopped them? fear of making a misfake. >> are officer -- mistake. >> about make a bad arrest than protecting a victim? >> i think a lot of times, yes. the courts tend to favor the defen dapts. they -- defendants. they favor the rights more than the victim. >> you have to limit the liability of the police officers so we don't in turn end up getting sue for false arrest. >> that's how it still is in ohio. officers afraid of getting sued
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they can confirm the order. they have to call the court clerks. >> sometimes there's a delay with clerks getting back to us. >> in the meantime victims are left hanging. >> they are. >> victims like jane. in march she called independence police after her husband harassed her. the officer who responded tried to help. he called cleveland and cuyahoga county. no one could confirm the order. he went free again. view bridge it's a piece of paper. -- i was told by one individual that it's a piece of paper. >> do you feel safe? >> never, never. >> and still stalking her. >> because i don't, i don't know what safe means any longer. >> after we started asking questions independence took another look at jane's cases.
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violating her protection order six months after her initial call for help. on your side i'm investigator sarah news 5 on your side. our first winter storm of the season building out west. wyoming, montana, look at this snow. winter weather advisories. look at this a blizzard watch now for portions of the dakotas winter storm watches around the blizzard watch. here's the low. it's going to track this way. it will impact us here in northern ohio. it's going to bring in a round of very cold air and that's likely going to lead to at least a little bit of snow in your neighborhood. so the first thing it's going to bring to us is a surge of warm air. here we go. friday record highs in the lower 70s. but here's the front. you can see that cold air just slamming our way.
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and it's coming in saturday morning saturday night it changes to snow. record highs on friday. rain a little thunder saturday. and then sunday, saturday night and sunday scattered snow showers. don't go crazy with what you're hearing or reading on facebook or on the internet about snowfall totals. this is a conservative model. it's not anything to be overly temperatures in the air is in the 30s. not expecting a major blast for most of us. the exception could be if we get a squall over lake eerie. there may be several inches by tomorrow morning. that remains to be seen. first flakes, first cold air shot of the winter coming in for the weekend. winds are going to pick up through friday with that surge of warm air.
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above 20 miles per hour. sunday, brown's game. how about wind gusts between 30 and 40 miles per hour with scattered snow. that's a good football game, isn't it? partly cloudy, patchy dense fog. chilly sun tomorrow in the 30s to start. by noon up into the 50s. look at that 64 degrees by late afternoon. akron canton tonight 32. dense fog tomorrow. 62. mainly sunny skies. friday's sun, 73. then it send saturday. rain, wind. temps falling through the 40s saturday night and sunday. scatterered -- scattered snow. some lake-effect snow lingering into monday. are you ready? >> you've done great. >> it's not been a bad fall. >> it's almost thanksgiving it's about that time.
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outside with your siblings in the mud. >> and now in the snow. save the drama for your mama. drama on the cy young voting. battling the pacers without lebron and jr. next on news
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now news 5 sports. brought to you by brunswick automart. >> well corey clubber's wife -- corey kluber's wife kept it classy. but others did not.
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place votes but still lost. so porsello wins the cy young award and kluber was third. voting was done before the post- season started. kluber had a heck of a year this year. an 18-9 record with a 3.14 era. lebron james getting rest tonight. jr smith also out because of a sprained right ankl you subtract two starters and it equals a loss. ending with a 9-1 record. a win tonight would be the best start in the cavs history. post rising a pair of kevin love draws the defender. love went for a game high. 16 rebounds. lebron approves. pacers pull away.
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knocked down the jumper. they lose 103-93. cavs home friday against the pistons. rg iii cleared for activity. he can throw but is not ready to be tackled yet. the browns have 20 days to activate him. he fractured his shoulder in the season opener. name that quarterback. roethlisberger was asked if he could name all quarterbacks he's faced. he said no chance. if you're playing at home you're in luck. we're going to name them all. first game in 2004 the quarterback was jeff garcia. then fry anderson, mccoy, wallace, campbell. man sel and finally -- mansell and finally davis. 15 quarterbacks. 20-2 against cleveland.
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quarterback like big ben. >> would we love him? absolutely. he's won super bowls and division titles. he's done everything you can do. i think our team, our organization we want to have a guy that we can say is a winning super bowl division quarterback at some point. i think that's what we're going to get some day. >> hopefully sooner than later. hosting the steelers tomorrow. join us on news 5
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here we go. look at that. saturday it's rain with a little bit of thunder and windy. 49 with temps falling a little bit through the afternoon. cold air arrives saturday night. changes whatever rain is out there to sdaterred -- scattered snow. doesn't look like the majority
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first flakes sunday scattered snow. going to be a cold browns game and windy. 37 degrees windchills in the 20s. >> that's the headline. >> there you go. >> but coming up friday, record highs. low 70s. >> i'm going out to strengthen my tan on friday. >> sound good. see you tomorrow. closed sponsored by serpentine. new updates from the akron
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- garth brooks, tom hiddleston, and from "manchester by the sea" lucas hedges. and now, moving forward -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: thank you. hi, everybody. welcome, welcome. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. that's very nice. we have so much. we have a jam-packed show tonight. but i want to start with


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