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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  November 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. now at 4:30, a deadly legionnaires outbreak in lake county. how many people have been hit wi at risk? >> and i asked you if you are at city all and you -- city hall and you said you are not. you are right here. are you lying? >> a city official caught in a lie. why a city councilman campaigned money. >> all i wanted do is curl up with a good book, our dogs, and never leave the house again.
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after the election and her emotional state in which she tells supporters to keep believing in america. >> and drama for your mama. another scandal this morning and someone in particular who is pretty ticked about who won the cy young award. first, we have to warn you, watch out for the fog out there. it is bad, jd rudd? a little soup for us. a dense fog advisory is in place for the entire viewing area until 8:00. the temperatures are cold, as well. if you were out late last night or early this morning, we are in the 30s. bundle up as you step outside. here is entire viewing area except for the ashtabula area. sorry, you got left out of this whole thing. do not use the high beams. take it slow on the roadways.
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thursday, warming fast. temperatures today in the middle 60s. tomorrow record high temperatures but we still have to talk about the weekend thing going on. right now let's talk about the roads. how is the fog impacting things. well, it is certainly blanketing the whole viewing area. but the traffic right now is light, of course. let's pull up the odot view. 76 and wooster, barely making out the cars with the fog out there. low beams. we are investigating an outbreak of legionnaires disease in lake county. officials believe it may have started at a plant in east lake. newschannel5's sarah phinney is
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are at risk? >> reporter: yes. the commissioner says they will be looking at 15 other businesses within a mile's radius that have cooling towers. people should not be concerned. the disease cannot be spread person to person, however people can be infected by breathing in mist or vapor from contaminated water. officials say a 54-year-old- wise county man died but all ten sick -- but all ten are sick. they are zeroing in on consolidated products. some legionella bacteria was found from cooler towers but officials cannot confirm it came from the company. the towers are clean and none of the bacteria was found in the latest test. we spoke with one employee that does not want his face shown on
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our health safety group does a find job of taking care of things here. it seems like there has been a lot of talking about it to make sure things are happening, things are being checked and the employees are being told. >> reporter: and a health commissioner says it will take two or three months to look at the other 15 plants. it is also important to know that several hundred cases of legionella are reported in ohio every year. live iner lake, sarah phinney, >> thank you, sarah. only on 5 this morning a cleveland city councilman sending thousands of dollars in campaign money on repeated cross country trips. we called councilman sacred and asked if he could -- sacred if he was at city hall so we could talk to him but he said
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well, we found him there the and he insists it is all business. the secretary of state office says quote all expenditures made by a campaign committee election or campaign expense, the candidate's duty of public office or making a charitable contribution but candidates do not have to list the reason for the expense unless they are audited. a brook park councilwoman accused of shoplifting from a target in north olmstead. julianne mccormick stole more than $900 worth of stuff on
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so far no comment from her. a week after making her concession speech, hillary clinton appearing in public for the first time. the children's defense fund honoring her for her work in contribution. she admitted speaking last night wasn't the easiest thing to do but she still had a message if are her supporters. >> i urge you, please, don't lose heart, don't give up on the values we share, believe in our country, fight for our values up. >> still, no word on whether clinton is done with politics but some say her speech is a sign her focus will likely shift to helping families. the soon-to-be former sheriff of sandusky county accused of stealing prescription drugs is expected to change his not guilty plea. there is a hearing today for kyle overmyre, charge this had summer with stealing drugs from police station drop boxes.
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title and still ran for re- election. he lost the race behind bars. well, the nba awards, corey kluber took third in the voting, but his wife kept it classy. >> yes. the same cannot be said for justin verlander's fianci, kate upton. he finished second in the voting to boston's rick purcell low two reiters from tam baa bay left him off the ballot and upton did not hold back on twitter. she tweeted... obviously she is really upset about this. >> really? i can't tell. she seems okay with it! [ laughing ] time now 4:37 on your
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the noble prize cover -- nobel prize controversy continues today. >> and helping donations that can improve a loved one's
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. it is 4:40. i am power of 5 meteorologist jd rudd. it is a soupy start for us. the visibility scale goes from 0 to 10. we like to see the numbers at 9 or 10 but some areas are at .0 meaning the fog is thick. use caution this morning. once the fog lifts we are in
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a fair amount of sunshine. tomorrow record highs. let's look at the fog outside right now. the morning commute will be difficult, really, throughout the viewing area. here are four different cameras along 76. this is 76 and 277. 76 right at 77. remember, do not use the high beams. if you do the light will be reflected back tower vehicle by the thick fog. slow it down. if you don't feel safe, pull over, find a safe place and don't drive. let's talk about a brand new study coming out of ahead state university. this is really encouraging for cancer patients. >> it finds yourself getting moving, a little exercise is a good thing both during and after treatment. researchers say not only is it safe, but it leaves to a better quality of life and physical function. they looked at strength training in prostate and breast
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there are 15 million survivors in the united states and that number is expected to go up to 20 million in the next ten years. well, we saw this streamed on facebook live, a man stabbing by a car shot by a police officer. this morning the officer is facing charges but not everyone is happy about it. and alert for parents. the test results are in. find out if your kid's booster
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welcome back. 4:44. new video into the live desk. i am nick foley. look at the store in canton, illinois. look at the explosion yesterday evening. several buildings have extensive damage. store fronts and windows blown out. after a search one person is dead and 11 others are injured.
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terrence? we are following new developments this morning out of minnesota. a police officer is charged with manslaughter for killing a black man during a traffic stop but many are not happy with the charge. they are taking to the streets saying officer jer rom know yanez should be -- erer ron mow yanez should -- jeronimo yanez should killing him. >> you saw him get his i.d. and driver's license. oh, my god, please don't tell me he is dead. >> this was my best friend. murder to highest extent of the law is what would be appropriate here in minnesota. >> the officer was legally carrying a gun and prosecutors say he never tried to remove it from his pocket. the officer fired seven shots.
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justify use of deadly force. the officer will be arraigned tomorrow. well, this morning, new details about the release of brendan dassey, one of the men in the hit docuseries making a murderer. he must be released friday night at 9:00 if a emergency appeal is denied here. this week a judge ordered his release after overturning the conviction saying he has to be retried or released. in prison while the appeal plays out but his lawyer says there is no case against him. we are also learning more about a case of man that shot nine people. dylann roof's hearing will be closed to the public. they will present evidence and interviews with roof. the judge is deciding if it will all be allowed during the trial. this morning metros and media organizations will argue to keep the hearing open. a south carolina man is arrested for calling in a bomb
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police talk to justin mccoy and he said he did it. no bombs were found at the white house. mccoy is being held in jail now without bail. president-elect donald trump not wasting any time. today he is meeting japan's prime minister in new york, trying to build trust with the impending president and the prime minister will try to safe guard the long standing alliance between the u.s. and japan. japanese officials are trying to figure out what trump's intentions are once he all right, the big story today is the fog, jd. >> yes, there is fog this morning but then we turn things around. temperatures will really jump this afternoon but the dense follow advisory across most of the northern part of the united states and most of the viewing area. as kristin said, be alert, don't use the high beams. it gets reflected right back in your face. it does no good at all. slow down and take your time on the roadways. here to get you out the door,
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cold side. you will want a coat or jacket. we quickly warm up. by 9:00 in the mid 40s. the fog should be mixed out by then. by afternoon we will jump up to the 60s for high temperatures. satellite and radar picture, nothing major showing up right now but we have the fog in some locations. here is beginning of the storm system which will impact the central part of the country in the next 24 to 36 hour, then our area as we head more into the weekend. temperatures right now across the area 30 showing up on the board. again, it is cold. hour-by-hour details for you today. check it out. 59 by the lunch hour. 63 by 2:00. i think a high today of 65 degrees. how about that? then tomorrow look at this. temperatures in the 70s. that would beat out a record from one year ago of 71 in cleveland. look what is knocking on the door. that is the system for the weekend. still looks like it will arrive late in the day friday into saturday.
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here is early saturday morning. the front comes through. the rain showers behind that. then once the cold air gets involved by saturday night you see a rain-snow mix that will continue into early sunday morning. the heaviest snow will be in the far eastern areas. i am going with 1 to 4 inches but we will adjust the forecast as needed. kristin? >> thank you, jd. fog is the story for the morning commute so slow it down. lo blanketed by the thick fog. 77 north we have starke county and summit county blanketed, as well. richfield starts to clear out maybe. but the dense fog advisory in affect until 9:00 a.m. let's pull up the odot views.
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these are different views along 76. 76 at 277 a are you have go of it. just in overnight, a new review of child booster seats. are cars becoming safer? 53 new booster seats were tested by the department of highway safety. two models were not given high ratings. the easy elite and high back and 1dx see a review offer a big improvement from eight years ago when only 25% of seats earned their highest ratings. well, i still can't believe this but thanksgiving, yes, is a week away now. but the people at butter ball are ready to take your turkey day questioned today. >> they are so busy. you can call the butterball
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you can text them question, as well. we don't know how long it will take to get a text back. the turkey hot line has been taking calls for 30 years now. the most asked question is the same. any guesses? how long does it take the turkey to thaw? that is an important question. we checked it is about four days in the fridge so make sure you take it out of the freezer and give it plenty of time to thaw out. and too busy nobel prize ceremony, bob dylan skipping a trip to sweden. in a letter he says he is honored but has pre-existing commitments. after it was announced he stayed silent for weeks. he will still get the prize but he has to present a nobel lecture within six months. time now 4:51. good morning. i am corrina pysa. >> and i am terrence lee. thank you for starting your thursday with us here at newschannel5.
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looking to make a little extra cash. a warning if you use the facebook marketplace, craigslist and other trading websites. >> and a display of unit. a special moment from the kent state basketball team that you don't want to miss. >> as we head to break, here is a look at how wal-mart opened today.-- wal-mart opened today.-- wall street opened
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. five away from 5:00 on your thursday. a dense fog advisory in place this morning. give yourself time on the roadways. the temperatures this afternoon, this is nice compared to yesterday. 65 degrees under a mostly sunny sky later on today. tomorrow record high temperatures 73. here comes the weekend storm system with rain and snow. ahead about that, kristin? >> all right. i am not excited about that, jd. well, you name the highway and there is a good chance we are seeing fog. look at 77 an the turnpike, 480 -- slow it down this morning. a lot of thick fog along 76 but it is not impacting your drive times in summit county. all good along 77. here is 76 at 77. you can hardly make out the cars out there on odot. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. right now cleveland police detectives need your help identifying these two armed robbers that targeted a subway restaurant on the west side pointing guns at employees
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jar right off the counter. if you have any information give police a call. and i feel like i need to be making room for all the thanksgiving goodies, the sweet treats and all the dishes, you know? >> yes. we have a warning for you, though, this morning. watch out for people illegally selling food online. it is a trend taking off on social media. the problem is regulating what is being sold and what is in the food you are buying. baked goods out of your home legally without a permit, something like a pumpkin roll need as license. >> a moist thing, like a cheesecake or creamy pie, you would have to have a license to do that. >> the cuyahoga county board of health also says many times people are being fooled online thinking what they are buying is made in an approved kitchen. ask to see the seller's
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around, that could be a red flag. well, the kent state basketball team taking a unifying stance on what has been a dividing subject. >> during the homeowner against mississippi valley state last night, take a look, players invited fans of various races to join them in singing the national anthem. the players took the idea to the athletic department that could not have been more supportive of the plan. they won, 93-63, by the way. are working on at 5:00, a safe haven for victims who have been through the worst. an effort being made to make sure human trafficking victims are not forgotten. >> a lot of people are hooked up temporarily. i collected a lot of money. >> a man making the rounds saying he works for the cable company, but it is all a big, fat lie. the clever con he is trying to
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now at 5:00, a legionnaires outbreak in east lake. where exactly it is centered and if people who live here should be concerned. >> then hillary clinton makes her first public appearance since losing the presidential election. the message she is sending to her supporters. >> and one ohio town makes it legal to smoke marijuana. getting people arrested. good thursday morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i am corrina pysa. >> and i am terrence lee. we have a couple more days of good weather left this week but wait until you look outside. you can't see anything. this looks like a scene it of a horror movie, jd. >> yes. be careful. let's be serious for a second. it is foggy out there. if you are heading out use caution. the fog is thick.


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