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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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let's get you set to take on your friday with a check of your forecast. good morning, jd. >> good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us on this friday. ahead of this storm system a great looking weather day is in store but obviously you can see the snow that direction as we head to the weekend. let's not jump too far ahead of the day. mild today as we get the kids out the door. 68 this morning, 70s this afternoon. but the 70s go be by the wayside tomorrow as is system cuts into the area, windy, cold and rain and snow. we will talk about it as the morning goes on. overnight work at 271 south at broadway, the right lane back open at this point.
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place right now wrapping up. the work at 76 and 77 between dart and wolf ledges parkway. elsewhere as we zoom out the bigger picture showing we are trouble-free. no accidents to tell you about. let's pull up the odot cameras, 77 south of east 30th, you look fine. over to you. well, i am in airtracker5. things looking good, as well. we are flying over 90 near ed a nice, smooth ride. not a lot of volume we are seeing at the 6:00 hour but that will change as we get closer to rush hour. back to you inside. a hunch here, downtown cleveland will probably be very busy tonight. it could be tough for you to get home from work, too. >> the cavs play at 7:30. half an hour before that there is a protest against president- elect donald trump on public square.
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lights and glow sticks but a that morning marchs should stay out of the street, should not yell, assault or intimidate anyone. we have seen protests across the country since trump was elected. this one in akron was organized and remained peaceful. trump in the meantime is filling his staff and cabinet positions. this weekend he will be meeting with mitt romney who refused to endorse um secretary of state. the list of contenders for the position includes former new york city mayor rudy giuliani, you know ambassador -- u.n. ambassador john bolton and south carolina governor nikki haley. i don't want to wake up one day and they are so sick they end up dead like that one guy did.
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one at least is linked to a business in east lake. the businesses there have been given the clear but the health commissioner is saying there is a chance the disease traveled. if you live in the area and have flu-like symptoms, talk to your doctor. come to your screen. i need you to take a good look at this teenager. 13-year-old cameron scott shipley. canton police are trying to find him. he was seen wednesday in the 4700 block of northwest. he had a green and black nike bag with him and a skateboard. if you have seen him or no anything, call police. well, a terrifying standoff in mentor. man holding a baby hostage for hours last night. >> our cameras were rolling as the suspect walked out of the house. police say it started with an arrest warrant. the 32-year-old threatened to
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relieved to see the baby carried out of the house wrapped in a blanket. >> he was in there so long. you have to make sure the baby is being taken care of. >> thank god it went the way it was. i was hoping it would not turn bad. it came out good, thank god. >> the baby was not hurt. the police have not released the man's name but say he will face charges. well, people believed to be involved in ohio were arrested in october after multiple raids by several agencies. cleveland police say many of the suspects are members of the wade park boys street gang, all due in court monday. social media proving useful again for police in our area. the hinckley police department posted these photos of a man captured on surveillance robbing this home. officers said numerous tips poured in and two suspects are in custody now.
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burglaries in the area. a man is alive after a heroin overdose, thanks to his uber driver. the driver took the 40-year-old passenger to the police station tuesday afternoon when the man suddenly stopped breathing in the car and started turning blue. firefighters dragged him out, using narcan and a defibrillator to revive him. it is not sure when he used the in his wallet and he could be facing charges now. officer steve loomis is suspended now for six days in relation to a fight with another officer that happened at a union hall in october. he is not suspended for the physical confrontation. it is because loomis shouted vulgarities to a fellow sworn cpd member. in a statement he said it was an off-duty family matter and he is appealing the decision.
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about restaurants in the flats and throughout downtown closing. >> one owner is talking to newschannel5 about why this is happens. the own of santorinis shut his doors and let the staff go after two years of disappointing sales, now turning the greek restaurant into a late night american- style diner. he says it is a cut throat field and there aren't enough customers to go around. >> you need 50,000 to 70,000 people support the businesses. it is not stopping. every season there are new bars and restaurants opening up and it will continue. >> well, some vacancys in the flats will be filled with new restaurants and near the public square and a ruth crist steakhouse and a taco bell. a cantina taco bell where you can get a margarita. good, jd. and the weather will also be so nice today.
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clear skies and mild. 57 already this morning. how about that? where we are headed today, well, high temperatures should be in the 70s but that goes by the wayside tomorrow and sunday. rain and snow, wind and cold -- a first taste of winter is on the doorstep. guys? this morning fed up and going on strike. how tensions at one airport could affect your thanksgiving travel plans. >> and an incredible story coming out of maryland. a woman attacked by a bear and rv >> and a very happy ending to the day's long search for a missing family of four. >> here is what is coming up on "good morning america." >> in this morning's gma first look. this family vanished on tuesday. this morning jason says the family van got stuck in mud while trying to go around a fallen tree, stranding them. >> it got dark on us so we spent the night on the side of
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shelter. >> thursday morning they heard on the radio people were out searching for them. they ran into a local hunter who called 9-1-1. >> this morning the family of four is waking up at home, healthy and thankful. >> everybody is good. we are great. we are thankful. >> we will have harrowing ordeal at 7:00 a.m.
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welcome back. 6:12. breaking overnight at the live desk, a deadly shooting at a child's birthday party in dyersburg, tennessee, outside of memphis. seven people were hurt and taken to hospitals, including a 6-year-old. the 21-year-old woman killed is
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the party was being held for. the baby thankfully was not injured. well, your thanksgiving travel plans could be interrupted because workers at one airport are fed up. hundreds of o'hare international airport workers voted to go on strike ohio of the thanksgiving holiday. it is not clear how the strike would affect operations at one of the nation's busiest airports, though. we though the workers include badge handler, cabin cleaners, demanding a $15 hourly wage. president-elect donald trump donald trump has offered the role of national security advisor to a registered democrat. according to a senior trump official he is offering the job to retired army director michael flynn who served in the intelligence agency of president obama but was booted for being critical of the administration.
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trump's on the "hollywood walk of fame" destroyed. the man now, 52-year-old james ohties, who destroyed it is facing a maximum penalty of three years in jail. police say he admitted he planned to steal the star, then sell it off and give the money to the women who said trump groped them. some of us not so happy to see the snow, well it is in the forecast. sorry to tell you. but people in montgomery, look, they are montana, look, they are happy. jd, snow for the weekend but today in the 70s? yes, think of the kids.
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sledding for the first time, enjoy watching the first snow flakes, or maybe you have a dog -- yes, i am trying to thing of the good things about looking forward to snow! well, look at montana, you can see from rapids to north platte, nebraska to mitchell, south dakota, look at the storm system there getting itself all wound up. the destination is us. fifty-eight in parma, 55 here in west lake, 53 in strongsville, so definitely looking different here than those areas we just showed you. here is the emoji forecast today. i give it the thumbs up for the 8:00 forecast. take the shades for the lunch hour and how can you not be in love with weather like this. if only we could keep it another three weeks to a month
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a record high of 73 the forecast high. the old record of 71 will fall by the wayside. let me get you an hour by hour of what may happen with the cold front, rain and snow as we go into late tonight and early tomorrow morning. there is the rain and front. 7:00 tomorrow it works its way through. the clouds come inment rain changing over to a little snow by late tomorrow evening into sunday morning. a few things to know here. expect a big change in temperature, plus that wind, as well. the first bit of snow likely melt quickly due to the warm ground. stay alert to the slip reroads and plan ahead this weekend. i am kind of preaching to the choir, aren't i, kristin? >> yes, but you know what, we need to put the reminders out there. here is the odot view of 71. let's head to the maps. we may be see a slow spot, this is 490 east at 77, around the east 55th where the cars
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the drive times have not -- stop sign. the drive times have not budged this morning really much. still looking reasonable out there. 65 for an average speed. other highways look fantastic, too. here is jon rudder with another view from airtracker5. >> reporter: things are looking good on 480. things are looking pretty good from airtracker5. this is 480 a little east of the valley view bridge. traffic is moving along nicely. not a lo seeing on the roadways. no accidents to report for you this morning as well from airtracker5. back to you inside now. >> thank you, jon. well, sad, strange, bizarre news developing in wyoming. we are learning man from oregon died after accidentally slipping and falling into a yellowstone national park hot spring. that happened back in june. you may remember the story. officials were never able to find the body. the man was in an unauthorized area officials are saying.
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>> she was attacked by a bear wednesday night. she was walking her dog when it happened. she was able to get into the fetal position and call 9-1-1. she has a broken arm and cuts to her head, and some punxsutawneyture wounds on both of her -- and some puncture wounds on both of her arm, as well. it appears she got in between the mama bear and her cubs. >> we are glad everybody is okay. we are out in the woods, okay? it is a tough call in the woods. they are dangerous. >> this is believed to be the first bear attack on record in the state of maryland. per state protocol the bear had to be put down. let's get you health news this morning. a new study suggesting moms with arthritis have a higher
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researchers in denmark looked a more than 2 million kids. if their moms had rheumatoid arthritis they were a third more likely to develop epilepsy by the time they turned 4. this doesn't mean arthritis causes epilepsy. there is just a association and more research needs to be done. heart disease may soon lose its spot as our nation's top killer. a new report from the cdc is saying canceris cause of death in a number states and predicting it will be the number one killer in the u.s. by 2020. the good news, though, better medical treatment and lifestyle changes is driving down death rates from both heart disease and cancer. well, still ahead here, how green is your ride? the car that is taking top honors this year for being the cleanest. >> and a local piece of history in need of your help. the major repairs needed to keep this place of worship up and running.
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well, the top honors 2017 green car of the year, after $30 grand after tax breaks it is half the price of any electric car that can go 200-
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it marks the second big award for -- yes, the chevy volt. it won the motor trend car of the year on tuesday. >> i like the fact it is so green. i don't like orange cars, but i know i am wearing an orange dress. well, 490 at 77, nothing too concerning. 76, 277 as well as 77 you are up to speed. the drive times since early this morning. 480 the eastbound lane, 77 to 271 still looking at about 7or 8 minute, an 8 minute commute at 63 miles per hour. let's look at the odot cameras. we are looking fine on the highways. i believe this shot is 77 right at the turnpike. jd, nice quiet conditions. by tomorrow morning that will change. by tomorrow morning we will
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the area. but 70s for high temperatures today. make the most for the record high temperatures being tied or broken today. there is the weekend, falling temperatures, wind, rain and snow mixes coming in. next week, thanksgiving around the corner. turkey day, a chance for a few rain showers and temperatures are back in the upper 40s. it has to be november at some point. it looks like that point is now. >> right now. thank you. we, forecast is not already putting you in the holiday spirit, we have a light show for you. you can drive through 60-acres of christmas lights at the north ridgeville victory park. it junes through january 1st, you can buy tickets online. well, walt disney world revealing its first drone holiday light show, 300 of them maneuvered in the air over
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shapes like this green spiral christmas tree. and look at this? is this an angel? so cool! and it is mickey mouse's birthday today, speaking of disney. >> how hold is mickey? >> he was born in the '20s? 1927 i think! well, this is santa claus. although he doesn't have the hat on, he will be dressing up as santa claus again helping toys for tots helping kids in need. he says if people can help take care of others in the community, the world would be a better place. a steeple repair of a church in cuyahoga falls, the pilgrim united church of christ, could be losing its livelihood. the 180-year-old building has been struck by lightning twice and recently had parts blown
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they say this is not just about the place of worship but preserving the city's history. they are not giving up hope. >> we will not live in a place of fear. we will go forward from a place of hope. >> it is inconceivable. if we do believe what we say we believe, faith, it will happen. >> faith, not fear. the building is the oldest operating building in summit county. if the funds are not raised they may have 6:30, a young girl from east cleveland says she was kidnapped. the suspects police are looking for this morning. >> and helping people in need. how one restaurant in cleveland
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. we need to get to new information on the police shooting we have been talking aboual >> officers exchanging gunfire with a man on the city's east side. let's go to newschannel5's sarah phinney who is there. you just got an update, sarah? >> reporter: terrence, a commander with the 4th district describes a very tense situation. police and one suspect in a fire fight but i want to give you a different view of the scene from airtracker5. jon rudder up there flying above it. you can see she will casings. many of the police officers
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still need to be worked out. here is what we know so far. the call came in at 1:30 this morning, officers responding to a trespassing call at the illuminating company miles service center. when police approached, the group started running, one turning around and firing at officers. the officers we are told shot back, hitting one suspect in the shoulder. police are not saying right now how many shots with are fired but you saw from airtracker5 there are several shell casings on the ground. here as the injured 18-year-old was taken from the back of the police car to the ambulance. he is at uh in stable condition. the weapon has been recovered but it is unclear which suspect fired. police believe the group was trying to scrap metal. i asked the commander if he was surprise that had three of the four suspects are teens. here is what he had to say. >> anybody is capable, 15,
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kids do terrible things. so, anything is possible i suppose. >> reporter: and there is surveillance video we are told. also the officers were wearing body cameras. the facility company will be open today. the illuminating company is cooperating with the investigation. police are still searching for one suspect this morning. they have yet to release that suspect's description. we will be sure to keep you updated. download our newschannel5 app. live in cleveland, sa jd, we are going from flip flops today to hats, boots and scarves. >> yes. this is bother for folks. a great -- this is a back and forth weekend for folks. here is a beautiful shot of cleveland.
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november-like weather versus what we are seeing right now. in south dakota blinding snow and low visibilities and near blizzard-like conditions there as the storm system gets itself wound up. for us readings are in the mid to upper 50s for many of us. so, a very mild start to friday. here is forecast breakdown today. 68 and sunny at noon. upper 60s still at 5:00. between noon and 5:00 we will touch low 70s. breezy today, windy and colder into the weekend. hour. kristin? we are accident-free. cars are going under the speed limit with the rush hour but nothing too stifling. here are the travel time speeds... here are the akron cameras.
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okay. back to you. it will probably be a different story. tonight downtown cleveland will likely be really busy. it could be tough to get home from work. >> the cavs play at 7:30. a half hour before that there is protest against president- elect donald trump on public square. social media is encouraging people to use lights and glow sticks but there is a warning. protestors must stay out of the street and should not yell, we have seen similar protests across the country since donald trump was elected last week, like this one in akron that was organized and peaceful. democrats are in the minority in both the house and senate. there may be a shake up at the top. northeast ohio congressman tim ryan is throwing his hat in the ring to be the democratic house minority leader. he will challenge nancy pelosi, the official vote in congress
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well, there was a six hour standoff in man an arrest warrant. he was holed up inside this home holding a baby hostage and threatening p.m. the s.w.a.t. team and police trying to get him to come out. and neighbors heard them saying don't hurt yourself or baby joey. he finally, as you saw, walked out hands up. the baby was carried in a blanket. the neighbors told us it was such a relief when this was all over. >> thank god it went the way it
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bad. >> neighbors say this was not the man's first run-in with police. thankfully the baby was not hurt. a young girl from east cleveland says she was kidnapped but is now safe with her family this morning. officers found the 12-year-old yesterday. she was walking to girl on terrace road when someone in a white van kidnapped her, punched her in the face and tied her up. they are working on a detailed description this morning. well, look at this accident that brought traffic to a massive back up. look at that. it went on for miles. we learned a man died when he was hit by a rta bus while crossing the highway. it appears his car broke down at west 117th street. we are working to to learn more about the victim. police so far not releasing a name. today you may notice a lot
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don't worry. it is all just a drill. there is active shooter training going on at the school at 8:00 this morning and 1:00 this afternoon. parents, the school will go into lockdown during all this. you will be getting a notification. just remember, though, only a drill. well, coming up, a dangerous game, a local teenager pulling the trigger, advertising the whole thing on social media. >> and sprucing up for the next world series.
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it is in the 70s today. what could possibly go wrong. it is friday. we made it. 58 at 9:00 this morning. the wind picks up this afternoon. sunshine and 68 at noon of the i think we pop our way into the 70s this afternoon. for a mid to late november day, we will take that. no question about it. the weekend as we have been talking brings change, rain and snow coming our way. travelout look for today, no issues. a green light and 50s. i think for the weekend, that is where things change. rain, snow and the red light caution will come out for that because the roadways could be slick, especially late saturday night to sunday morning. kristin, as folks are out enjoying themselves on a saturday, whatever it could be tomorrow night, keep this in
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there. nice, quiet conditions behind me. this is 90 and fulton. i will have a final traffic check in a bit. back to you. well, the cavs have just begun their season and the city of akron is gearing up for the holiday season. >> here is the annual tree for the lebron james family foundation has been lit akron. the cavs historic championship win part of the celebration. it stands 8 feet tall and has hand painted basketballs and even changes color. it looks pretty cool. well, the house of blues is continuing its ten year tradition, serving free thanksgiving dinner to those in need. in the past they served 300 people dinner inside the restaurant on east 4th, but they are hoping more people turn out this year at the music hall.
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will be performing. well, has cleveland's thriving restaurant scene been the cause of restaurants failing and new ones popping up. >> and we are tracking weather
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we are following breaking news right now. officers exchanging gunfire with a man on cleveland's east side. >> three teens are in custody and the search continues this morning for scene with an update in minutes. but first, let's get a check of the forecast. here is power of 5 meteorologist jd rudd. >> here is the weather timeline. today is the pick day. sunshine, breezy and 70s. tomorrow it is gone, out of here. falling temperatures, rain, snow -- sunday -- it will be a good weekend to stay inside, maybe get the lights put up, the tree -- maybe cook something in the slow cooker this weekend. take it easy out there.
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the cold, have fun with it. we will talk snow amount in a second. temperatures this morning, look at this, already in the 50s in many areas. it will only get warmer from there. 47 in akron right now. 44 in rivera, 40 in new philly and 50 in elyria for those waking up with us. thank you for doing so. here is a breakdown hour-by- hour. plenty of sunshine. the wind breezy out of the south at 10 to 25 miles per hour or so. readings in the upper 60s to low 70s by later on this af there is the storm system now. it is on its way. it will be here by about this time tomorrow morning, knocking on the door in the form of rain as the cold front will land on top of us by about 7:00 saturday morning. i don't think we start seeing any snow until later in the day. here is 5:00 tomorrow. showing snow showers and pockets of snow trying to develop. once we go more into tomorrow evening, that is the better chance for the rain to switch
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early sunday morning before tapering off a bit sunday afternoon. here is what to expect. keep in mind, too, the ground is still warm. the first half inch to an inch may melt quickly before we start stacking things up. it is not a huge snow storm, but the first one of the season so it always gets the attention of many. >> yes. it takes you off guard. the drive times are low despite the fact we are seeing traffic building. 90 eastbound crocker to the innerbelt bridge cracking cars that is why we are seeing the low travel time. and take caution of this area at west 65th at madison. steel plates separates because of the holes in the ground there from the construction work. but let's zoom out. all the green. for the most part we are trouble-free. 90 at east 22nd street, the
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on 90 there have cars getting by without much of an issue. let's go to jon rudder in airtracker5. >> reporter: the only issue we could even call a issue is slow traffic on 77 as you approach 90. but there is certainly not a lot of volume. slow traffic as you merge on to 90 here from 77. no accidents to report here from airtracker5. it is looking like a nice, smooth commute. let's go back inside. well, the video you saw and heard there is a 15-year- old in akron shooting at his neighbor's home, recording the whole thing on facebook live. this teen actually made a couple of videos just like this, waving around a rifle and a 9-millimeter handgun, pointing both, as you saw, toward an open window, eventually pulling the trigger.
6:48 am
handgun, as you heard, laughing almost the whole time. while this played out on facebook it was happened in real life on bloomfield avenue wednesday night. the teen is now in the summit county juvenile detention center this morning on weapons charges. this morning a man is alive after a heroin overdose thanks to his uber driver. the driver took the 42-year-old passenger to the police station tuesday afternoon when the man suddenly stopped breathing and the in the car and started turning blue. it isn't clear when or when the man used heroin but police found narcotics in his wallet. he could be facing charges. he was revived by narcan. well, sergeant steve loomis is suspended for six days after a fight with another officer in october. charges were dismissed but
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member. he is appealing the decision. five people indicted, believed to be involved in more than 50 smash-and-grab atm thefts throughout northeast ahead. they were arrested in october after multiple raids by several agencies. many of the suspects are members of the wade park boys street gang. all of them will be in court on monday. social media proving useful for police in our area. the hinckley police department posted these photos. take a look at the facebook pa surveillance robbing a home. numerous tips poured in and two suspects are in custody. police leave believe they are connected to dozens of other robberies in the area. well, men charged in a vandalism spree targeting rta shelters. more than 80 bus shelters across the greater achieved area were damaged. according to court documents the assessments shot marbles at
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well, a company plans to phase out local operations and may close a plant by next march. at this point we don't know what would actually happen to the building. nick? well, volkswagon employees are also concerned this morning, terrence, as new developments at the giant automaker says it plans to cut 30,000 jobs. volkswagon says the cuts will be part of an effort to save $4 billion in co 23,000 of the jobs are germany plants that include early retirement for workers. no word yet if it will affect any employees at the chattanooga plant in tennessee. weeks after the world series progressive field is getting upgrades. the plain dealer says that includes replacing the grass on the field, building a first aid station, remodeling suites and adding more security
6:51 am
all the improvements should be concluded by the homeowner on april 11th. well, the pilgrim united church in christ in cuyahoga falls is asking the community do come together and help out. the 180-year-old building has been struck by lightning twice and has had parts blown off by a wind storm, causing flooding in the sanctuary. the building is the oldest operating building in the company. if the funds are not raised they may have to move out. the rocky river district says parents were sent emails letting them know act the of bullying and harassment will not be tolerated. bullying has been reported at schools across the country after the election. now they are looking to address quote teachable moments. don't go anywhere. we are following breaking news of a police-involved shooting. sarah phinney live at the scene
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there has been an attempted break-in at the illuminating company on miles avenue. the suspects are believed to be trying to steal scrap metal. the facility will be open this one was seen being taken out in handcuffs by police. the illuminating company is cooperating with the investigation. live in cleveland, sarah phinney, newschannel5. >> thank you, sarah. a terrifying standoff in mentor. a man holding a baby for hours last night in hostage. >> it started as an arrest warrant. mentor police say the 32-year- old threatened to shoot himself and harm police.
6:55 am
they were relieved when they saw the baby carried out of the house, wrapped in a blanket. >> he was in there so long. you didn't know exactly what was going on. >> thank god it came out good. >> we can tell you the baby was not hurt. the physical have not released the suspect's name but say he will be facing additional charges. if you can, come to your screen right now. take a good look at this teenager. 13-year-old cameron scot the 4700 block of cleveland avenue northwest. he was wearing a tan and black gray flannel shirt, gray skinny jeans, maroon shoes and had a green and black nike bag with him and a skateboard. if you have seen him, call policing. in lake county there are 13 confirmed cases now of legionnaires disease, one deadly, and there could be
6:56 am
the businesses now have been given the all clear but the health commissioner says there is a chance the disease traveled. so, if you live in the area and are experiencing any signs of the flu, please talk to your doctor. we have more information about this on our newschannel5 app. we told you earlier this week about restaurants in the flats and throughout downtown, too. they are closing down. the owner of santorinis shut his doors, let the staff go, after two years of what he says were disappointing sales. they here. he is now turning the greek restaurant into a late night american more style diner. the owner is trying to capture attention in a cutthroat field. good news, though, there are plans to fill vacancys in the flats with new restaurants. and near public square. how about this. a ruth crist steakhouse, an up skate taco bell, cantina taco bell, arriving soon. stay tuned! the school day planner for
6:57 am
temperatures pushing 70 already over the lunch hour. we will make the 70s this afternoon and break a record high today in cleveland. let's talk now about the weekend. we will get a little snow. that may be the keyword to focus in on, is a little snow. it 12 first one of the season. we want everyone to be prepared and ready. we don't want anybody to say come monday we didn't know this would happen, we were caught offguard. we have rain changing to snow lake affect snow sunday. brown's fan, the game will be brutally cold. 30s, windy with a few snow showers. turkey day, rain showers but at least close to average. >> not too bad. this is 90 at east 22nd street. busy but no major delays. we had a slowdown at 90. but for the most part pretty good. on "good morning america", we learned lieutenant general
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national security advisor. much more on that from them
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good morning, america. breaking news, donald trump names michael flynn as national security adviser according to a senior trump transition official. he's also set to meet former rival mitt romney to discuss secretary of state. the transition kicking into high gear as the president-elect holes his first face-to-face with a head of state. blizzard warning. the first major snowstorm of shutting down highways, sparking deadly pileups and delaying flights. creating a travel nightmare. less than a week before thanksgiving. now more cold and snow in the forecast. terrifying road rage. the chilling 911 call. the woman behind the wheel, she said she was attacked by a stranger. >> he's right behind me hitting me. >> did he hit your car? >> yes. >> her incredible escape from


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