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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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in the middle of the heist. she spoke to paul kiska that is live from the lorainne police department and, paul, this woman may have bought a two man burglary ring to its knees. >> that's right. if it was not for this gusty 53- year-old woman he may still be on the loose. >> it may be on the side of the street. >> at 7:00 a neighbored sus to say someone broke in her car and she saw her belongings including lawn equipment on the ground. >> it looks like your leaf blower ... >> susan fears the suspects do not want to be shown on camera but with her adrenalin pumping this morning, she took action. >> and i said that's them. it has to be them and they jump back in the car and took off. >> angry about what was happening, susan jump into her car and got behind the wheel and started to follow them.
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>> and she called 911. >> and they took off. >> susan followed the car for several blocks where the man approached another house. that's when things got tense. >> and i grabbed the license plate and tried to write it down with the house number and they saw me and started honking for the other young man to get in the car and one driver looked angry and i got scared and i took off go police believe the men might have planned to break into that house as well. with sus's lorainne police spotted the car and stopped it and arrested two men. the car filled with what is believed to be stolen items like flat-screen tvs from other burglaries. police are impressed with susan and advised caution. >> we would not recommend that. it is a little hands on and too close to the danger that we would like to see. but in the same respect, it is great for us because it gives us some of the knowledge that we need right then and there.
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cortez. they face at least 7 charges including breaking and entering. more charges are expected. 20-year-olds put away by this gutsy 53 year-old. >> it feels pretty good. it feels pretty good. i hope everybody gets their things back. and it doesn't happen again. >> and that was paul kiska reporting. a beautiful day out. oh, my goodness, what are you doing. >> i hope you enjoyed the warm weather while it lasted frank and lee, take a ok it is coming our way. this system that is causing all of this heavy snow, let me show you, blizzard like conditions right now in the northern plain states. yes. it is coming our way. we are getting our first taste of wintery weather. in colorado and in wyoming and in minnesota, i mean, they had up to 12-inches of snow in the last 24 hours. it is thick and heavy. it is wet snow and it is a slushy mess.
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in a nightmare of a mixture of slush and snow and it is causing major delays at the denver international airport. this may look nasty but a lot of people to the west say it is long overdue and they welcome the winter wonderland but still don't forget weather like this can be dangerous in colorado and minnesota the roads are blamed for several traffic deaths so far. all right. now let's take a look at where the system is now and where it is headed and you know here is the heavy snow. moving that way out of minnesota. but it is the cold front here that will put an end to the record high temperatures today. 74 degrees in cleveland. good enough to break our old record by 3 degrees. incredible. it is still 71 in cleveland right now and 71 in elyria and akron and canton hit 73. good enough to break their record of 70 degrees by 3 degrees. 67 astubula and to youngstown.
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through the evening you are dry and you will stay in the 60s. now, towards sunrise, we will likely see clouds thicken up and a shower arriving. wind will pick up as well and they will be gutsy as temperatures fall through the 40s and 30s. scattered rain and mixing with wet snow by mid to late afternoon tomorrow. here is the weather winter for warm, summer like air. it is your evening. leave the coats umbrellas at home tonight. not tomorrow frank and lee. >> want to get to breaking news on the pilot flying scandal. we just confirmed that jimmy haslem browns owner will be questioned in a taped deposition. all a part of the lawsuit filed by trucking companies. ten employees have pled guilty and the company's president and vice president have been indicted on fraud charges.
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you know news 5 is also investigating after learning fountains and faucets have lead in the water. >> those of the findings at 69 public schools around the district. james girardi is outside mary ann sterling elementary with what happens next. reporter: lee and frank i'm live outside one of the schools that went through multiple rounds of lead testing and exceeding 100 times what the epa recommends. a drinking fountain in tremont. a bathroom sink on the west side along with 100 other drinking sources in cleveland schools tested positive for dangerously high levels of
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schools and 50 were home to 119 sources of toxic drinking water stemming from sinks and water fountains. >> i was neither surprised or unsurprised. i just knew that we as a district had to find out if there was an issue. >> during testing water was off limits and schools stocked with water coolers and officials what about any students to undergo lead exposure testing. >> the resourcing to have take advantage of that. >> more than 500 nondrinking water sources were identified as problematic and will need to be replaced. a lengthy and expensive process. to date the district has spent $400,000 on testing. another 140 grand on providing water coolers for 69 schools. the cost to replace several hundred water fountains and sinks is not yet known. >> if after the repair we still
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deeper in to seeing what, if any piping needs to be replaced. >> and that's the concern. what if some of the water sources are tied to city water infrastructure that needs to be replaced. this could be a length and expensive process. everything spent on this so far has been in the school budgets. if you like to see if your school has lead in it, we have a list of impacted cleveland pu newschannel reporting live in cleveland. i'm james giradi. news five. >> you can check out the free news 5 cleveland app for an interactive map on the lead testing. we have all of the schools included and the report for each school's lead result. the team is coming together. today our president-elect donald trump announced three positions he has filled today. >> donald trump is filled with lingering disputes behind the
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that transition for us. rob. >> frank and lee this day started with a flurry of announcements, three major positions filled. mr. trump's cabinet pick jeff sessions and tapped as attorney general but that could be a tough sell. sessions a former alabama attorney general was blocked from being a judge because of racism and michael flynn as advi because of his relationship with relationship and third michael pompeeo for the central director of intelligence and people want to be a fly on the wall of this next meeting. donald trump and mitt romney getting together this week to men fences. during the campaign donald trump called romney a loser and romney called donald trump a fraud and whose promises are as
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university. >> there are brand new details against trump university. the attorney general just announced a settlement in three lawsuits, this avoids the prospect of a child before the president elect takes the white house. three lawsuits file on behalf of former trump university customers that say the real estate coursenot deliver. mr. trump greed to pay 25 million-dollars which includes money for former students and fines imposed by new york state. with the election of donald trump. house, senate and congress putting more pressure on democrats in washington. news 5 john kosic spoke with ohio senior senator sherrod brown and joins us to explain more. >> what happens next year is important for sherrod brown up for reelection in 2018. while there are areas he is in disagreement with donald trump there is one area they are in agreement.
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dead. >> donald trump supported and sherrod brown opposed. >> i want more trade but undifferent rules. >> donald trump opposed it as he does nafta where brown sees an opportunity to work with the new administration because its is not an easy bell to unring. >> i don't think president- elect donald trump has thought about these issues, he doesn't like trade agreements but it is more complicated. >> brown wrote a letter offering to help trump he issued a call for him to dump >> when he appoints bannon that is racist anti semit and he is karl rove whose office is outside. >> brown says the party needs to reconnect with working families and the senate has new democratic leadership he failed to support tim ryan's decision of nancy pelosi in the house.
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she has been a good leader. without her the biggest cut for workers making between 20 and $40,000 my bill for the senate, it would have never passed in a republican house without her skills. tim has got to build a better case than just time for a change. >> brown faces challenges in two years when he seeks re- election to the seat in two years. he says other than fundraisers he is not focused on 2018 yet. john kosic, news 5. i want to take folks outside. look at the screen. that is a look at public square. you see the flag being flown upside down. that is an anti-trump protest. taking place at 7:00. road rage.
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>> i on got in confrontation with a man in road rage and he tased me. >> if he think that sounds extreme. wait until you see how that 911 call responded to the angry driver that tased him. >> another case of road rage that plays out in dramatic 911 call. here is the call for help from a woman being chased through several cities by a drunk driver. >> with cleveland on track to beat last year's of homicides we take you in the trauma center where gunshots wounds are taking a physical
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trying to save lives. earlier this walsh made the case that road rage in ohio is getting worse. tonight we have some proof. there is a 911 call made after one intense confrontation. >> 911. >> i just got in an altercation with a guy and road rage and he tazed me and as he tazed me, i pull my knife out and i stabbed him a bunch of times. >> police say this started when the caller, ryan, tried to pass
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say that instead of letting him over michael coachalek tried to block him and the two cars were driving bumper to bumper and then one driver drove in front of another one and he got out of his car and confronted the other guy. >> you got people yelling at each other, you know, and a few choice words to each other and short of that, you don't the assault and stabbing. >> no, you don't- covalakotasserred him and stabbed him and call 911. covalek remains in the hospital and there will be charges but not sure who will be charged. and there's more. another road rage played out during a 911 call in arizona. >> a guy is trying to kill me on the road.
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ma'am. turn your flashers on. >> that is hard to listen to. that woman says she was tased for half an hour by a drunk driver. police found her and arrested the man and found the other car. he is charged with dui. reckless driving and assault. >> we are experiencing calendar confusion. mother nature playing mind games as temperatures soar and shattering records in northeast ohio. news 5 mike brookbanks is live from public square. it feels like more than mid november. >> it sure does and it feels fantastic. now the timing of this warm surge kind of comical because people are supposed to be ice- skating in public school right now. the skates are sharpened. the new ice rink is supposed to open on a day we are seeing record warmth. >> i have mixed emotions, it is
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>> temperatures in the 70s and sunshine delaying the rink's soft launch. >> we need 30 and 40-degree temperatures in order to put the ice in. >> in edgewater park, the warm weather perfect for spotting we typically never see in northeast ohio. >> marty callalease on look out for swallows. >> the strong warmth is breaking the binds and have been spotted by bird watchers along the erie in line. >> we have spotted them and summer's last blast is great for getting more use of the equipment no matter the size. the new beachhead is ahead of schedule because of the mild weather so far. unfortunately the same can be said about projects like the one in public scare. >> we will be here 24 hours air
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to go. >> you are taking a live look at the crews in charge of getting this rink up and running. thankfully, that colder air moving in and they will start putting water down. 4000 gallons on this rink starting this week end and the grand opening is next saturday. like in downtown. mike brookbank. >> ice skating or swimming. >> should have put in a swimming pool. you got your chores down, you still got time. we won't plummet until tomorrow morning. >> i am sure a lot of people are putting the lights up. >> the cold is coming. let me show you a live look at akron. what a beautiful sunset. this looks like june, doesn't it. felt like june today. with 74 degrees. cleveland, akron, lower 70s and middle 70s. everything you went are good
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station. in downtown it is 68, coming downtown for a show or a meal. you can leave the coats at home. 72 downtown and 71 at hopkins and 72 north royalton and 70 jackson and we are in the upper 60s for canton and massillon and kent. the temperatures will slowly fall. you will high school football games tonight. winds out of the south and wind speeds at 14 in canton and cleveland and elyria and a little bit blustery out there. let me show you dry weather on the power of five, no need to worry about any type of rainfall. now, here is the record warmth and here is what is going to sweep it all away. this cold front bringing heavy snow to the western great lakes and the front coming in, tomorrow morning, look, this is
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46. it will be windy during the weekend beginning tomorrow as the front moves by and scattered rain towards sunrise and it will be primarily rain tomorrow. colder air will lag a little bit and as the cold air rushes in during the afternoon, wet snowflakes. wet snowflakes mixing in and saturday night, whatever rain is out there changes to all snow. let me show you the hour by hour. this is saturday morning at 2:30. sandusky and nor walk. the rain showers as the front comes in. and there you go. scattered snow showers as we head through the evening hours into the overnight saturday and there could be some accumulations generally an inch or less, area wide but there could be a few spots in the snow belt by noontime on sunday to get two or three inches of snow, maybe a little bit more. chardon and burton, those areas there.
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tomorrow it is scattered rain and you notice the high tomorrow is the same as the low tonight. what does that tell you, lee jordan? temperatures going down during the day. blustery and colder, showers during the day. may mix with wet snow by late afternoon. first flakes of the season. colder, akron 44 and tomorrow's high 44. what does that mean, lee? >> it means it will be 44. >> the temperatures will fall during the day. rain likely, cool and breezy. do i have time for the seven- day forecast? let me show you. sunday is scattered snow, 36
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a busy hub could grind to a halt. hundreds of works in o'hare
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we are talking about baggage handlers. janitors and wheelchair attenders. they want a pay increase. it is not clear on how it will affect operations. detection of stoned drivers. recreational marijuana is legal in 8 states and dangerous when drivers get behind the wheel. officers say if they pull somebody over, it is hard to get a conviction. difficult to say okay all of the things that you saw is wonderful and you may have been right, officer but we need to convince a jury. >> the group here at labs in california are working on what they call a pot breathalyzer. it would be able to detect both alcohol and pot creating the evidence that officers need. it could be available as soon as next year. next, only on 5. how low
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how about stealing from homeless veterans. the heart breaking attack for an organization designed to help. >> a child's giving spirit to meet a little bit. instead of birthday presents he
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community. concerns about lead in cleveland schools. metropolitan schools tested 1700 drinking fountains and faucets in 69 buildings. today we learned that nine percent of the fixtures they tested have elevated lead levels and they are being replaced as we speak. if you want to snow how schools or which schools are affected. check out the news 5 app. the new york attorney general announced a settlement in three lawsuits against trump university. they were filed on behalf of former customers. claiming that the real estate courses that they took did not
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president-elect donald trump agreed to pay $25 million to settle them. >> this is a live look at public square where dozens of people are protesting president- elect donald trump. it is playing out all over the country. this group is scheduled to be here on the square until 11:00 tonight. >> awful news in lorainne. the homeless veterans won't be able to help as many people this holiday season. >> someone stole the donations. tara molina spent the day. >> for vets in need this is the difference between sleeping on the street and getting a second chance. the people i caught up can't believe that someone would do this. >> could be homeless now. >> for carmen tucker and so many others this place offers more than shelter from the streets.
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opportunity to achieve some of the things i need in my life to move forward. >> when he learned someone cleared out their cash drawer and got their donations. >> i couldn't say what i wanted to say on tv. >> so there are senior advocate sandy wright did. >> it hurts because it is here for them and here to help others. >> telling me the worst part, the theft means that she will have to tell someone no. >> to help and we have to turn them down because we have, you know, somebody has taken something from us so we don't have as much to give as we usually give. it is crushing. >> and guys, this couldn't have happened at a worse time. sandy says they always see more need during the holidays. if you want more information on them and how to help. head to our web site,
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news app. tara molina. news 5. what do you want for your birthday? ask kids that and most of them can whip up a long list. >> an 8 year-old boy is different. he gave up his birthday gift to help others. bob jones is like in akron to show us how the boy's kindness played out on a play ground. what is up, bob? >> collin is a student at seton catholic school in hudson and but he made some friends today. he basically said why do i need presents when i can make a play ground better. >> on a bright sunny day the play ground at mickey bright elementary. he hauled in footballs and soccer balls and jump ropes. >> i have lots of stuff and
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donate. >> you gave up your birthday present. >> yes. >> you don't have to tell this 8 year-old that it feels better to give then receive. >> it make me feel good. >> the generous donation started when collin's parents asked him what gifts he wanted for his birthday party. >> he just pretty much said i'm good. like i am content and i am happy. >> collin decided he didn't need any presents but he wanted others >> that is awesome. >> he donated all of them to the inner city schools. >> it just brings tears to my eyes. >> gym teacher says the equipment is needed and some of her students will take balls home for good behavior. >> if you don't have a basketball ball or soccer ball collin will make it possible
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opportunity where i am more fortunate than others and i could use something to help someone else. >> the kids here said thank you to collin in this sign and seeing them playing with the new gifts is probable all the thanks that the 8 year-old needed. >> and get this. the giving is not over. the boys parents gave away gift cards at the party and asked the families to give those away bob jones, news 5. awesome story, bob. the weather, collin is the man. >> what a guy start nem young and what a giving heart he has. it is warm. he warms up and mother warms up. 71 in cleveland and it feels like a feel like temperature of 71.
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mansfield at 69. this is summer like warmth. record highs everywhere in the northern and middle 70s. cold front and showers and thunderstorms here. most of it will fade out by the time it reaches us and we will have sunshine for tomorrow and behind it look at the major cool-down, we will go from 74 today to about 35 by this time tomorrow. temperature drop. unbelievable. 69 at six. here you go. everywhere in the 60s. lower and middle 60s at 8 and upper 50s. enjoy the evening. how single shot from a gun can pierce the lives of so many people. playing in the park and i come here and it makes me
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trauma center.
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it has been a phenomenal fall, has it not? i love seeing these great shots. there's a great shot from massillon. lauren took this shot of the waterfall there. look a it is all over. looks like summertime out there and tracy workmen says she took this picture out in her back yard and the leaves are down off of the trees. get used to 40s and 30s and 20s. all of that cupping our way weather weekend and snow as well.
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it is the ripple effect of gun violence and happening in our community. news 5 takes you inside a local trauma room where doctors, nurses and medics work tiredlessly to save victims. a majority of them young african-american men. the stress of it all is
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personal ways. >> kristen volk spent night after night with them. >> three men shot. >> five people shot. >> another shooting. >> now it is how many. will you hear, two, three, four, five. >> another night in cleveland. another -- >> 105 and 74. >> gunshot victim. >> not only is it physically taxing but emotionally taxing. >> two bullet holes. >> show on the east side and dropped off in front of the er by someone who sped away.
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gurney. >> thank you. >> is another one. >> does it hurt here? >> yes. >> shot twice. >> the patient stabilized. >> and it is back to the operating room. >> how do you keep it together. >> here? i don't always. i probably cry like once a month. >> aj is a nurse in the er. >> and so is katherine. >> both work overnights. >> i grew up playing in the park and being is fearful to have kids in the world these days. curt tis pope has kids. >> i just pray that my kids never end up here. >> his faith is what gets him through a job and most people cannot stomach. >> it can get messy.
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the trauma room. he cleans and sanitizes. >> i close my eyes and pray. >> gayle has the same job. >> are there days and times that you lose hope? >> no. you got to be strong. you can't be weak. you got to be strong. an. >> hours later. another gunshot victim, all in the same this repetition of sadness triggers numbness. >> with shootings it may be the golden 30 minutes. >> dr. clancy started his career as a paramedic in the south bronx 30 years ago. >> when a gunshot victim comes in, i really focus on stopping the hemorrhage and getting them taken care of and i don't
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the wounded just keep coming and the injuries severe. a fear of retaliation very real. >> we don't know if someone is coming through with gun. >> this is why there is security. >> we have to be security. >> it is not a job for just anybody. >> where did you put his gps? >> it is so much more than just a job. >> now it is a life-changing experience. >> it makes me rougher around the edges. >> the darkest moments creep up after carnage is gone. >> it makes you think about your life. >> when there is time. >> and makes you think about everything around you. >> i have become humble. >> look at me.
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for a while. at least i will try. the medical team here at uh saved all three gunshot victims from our story and the staff here tells us that there is grief counseling available to all employees. in cleveland. kristin volk. news 5. >> a twilight in wooster. a few clouds and temperatures in the 60s. clouds moving in and rain showers after midnight. if you are worried about your evening it is going to feel warm. it is going to feel like summer and no jacket or umbrella required. 71 cleveland. akron, 67 degrees right now and mansfield sitting at 69. same as in wooster. 60s and some low 70s left.
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today between 72 and 75-degree. incredible. >> so your evening, near 70s. pleasant. 65 at 7 and 10:00 p.m. you are still at 63 degrees. mild and dry. a few spots may have dropped in the upper 50s away from the big cities and then the change happens. this is summer. and then here is the front. five a.m. to 7:00 a.m. and look. by 7:00 a.m. it is 46 degrees and temperatures, don't go up. they go down and i'm thinking we are in the 30s. windy with scattered rain showers on and off. mixing with wet snow. by late afternoon. so what is next? the cold front approaches and arrives tomorrow morning. saturday rain, mixing with snow by late afternoon and then it is a cold brown sunday with snow, just light stuff but it is going to be very windy at the browns game with one of --
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per hour. cold air rushing our way and it will snack you in the face tomorrow morning. it will be chilly. rain showers arriving, 5:45 a.m. and then we will dry out for a few hours towards lunchtime and then the second waves comes in by four p.m. and there's some rain showers mixing with wet snow especially wet. and scattered snow as we head towards 8:00 p.m. some of it could slow you down. there could be an inch or or three especially in the snow belt areas of northeast ohio but sunday morning. 46 degrees tonight. clouds thicken up and predawn rain and temperature temperatures don't go up, they go down. scattered showers with snow and blustery and colder. here you go, akron 44 and tomorrow cool and breezy. seven-day forecast, sunday satered snow but it should end by noontime so the browns game
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gusts up to 30 miles per hour. this is a wind chills in the 20s. monday it is 39 and i think we are dry and a few more rain showers for your travel day on wednesday. 46 and thursday it is lighter rain showers. widely scattered and wet snow mixing in and it does not at this time look like a major problem for thanksgiving day. frank and lee. terror breaks out after teens. all new at six, a massive search is under way for one of the boys. what we have learned about the search and the others involved in the incident. >> a new program helping people that move to this country for a better life. get a fresh start. but first news 5 at 5. >> why an electrical company is
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first hit by an earthquake and now neighbors in okay are going to court. they have filed a lawsuit over a quake. the residents say the companies are injecting waste water from oil and gas production underground. fracking in though they know it causes earthquakes. a magnitude 5.8 earthquake that struck a mile away from tulsa. there have been thousands of earthquakes in recent years. >> the obama administration blocking new drilling for oil and gas. a five-year band for offshore drilling but the band may not last. there was a letter sent to mr. obama urging him to eliminate the possibility of offshore
5:57 pm
but republican lawmakers blasted the decision saying the president is costing the state jobs. asking to rewrite the blueprint from 2017 to 2022. what is going on at six rob and danita. >> a confrontation between a group of kids and the police nearly turning deadly when shots are fired. >> one of the teens shooting first shot an officer and one teen is now on the run. >> parents on edge after nearly 10% of water sources inside the cleveland school district. recorded high levels of lead.
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you by mr. hero. get a 7-inch blt meal for 5.99. >> news 5 on your side. starts now. >> a shootout between the police and a group of teens almost turning deadly. >> that group caught in the middle of a robbery at a local facility trying to make a quick bust. they tried to take off but police caught up to most of them. >> it happened at a energy service center in cleveland on first street. derrick waller is live and one of them is on the run still. reporter: that's right. police captured three of the teenagers and one at large still and this is where it happened. it happened right outside the barbed wire fencing. they got over two sections on the wire and a shootout


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