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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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you by mr. hero. get a 7-inch blt meal for 5.99. >> news 5 on your side. starts now. >> a shootout between the police and a group of teens almost turning deadly. >> that group caught in the middle of a robbery at a local facility trying to make a quick bust. they tried to take off but police caught up to most of them. >> it happened at a energy service center in cleveland on first street. derrick waller is live and one of them is on the run still. reporter: that's right. police captured three of the teenagers and one at large still and this is where it happened. it happened right outside the barbed wire fencing. they got over two sections on the wire and a shootout
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security worker called 911. after a thermal imaging camera picked up this. a group of 4 trespassing and trying to get away with a spool of metal wiring. >> police on the scene in minutes. >> why are they doing this? we will see you get in there and alert the police and whatever you think you might be able to steal it is not worth it. >> the situation escalated. police say at least one of e and those officers shot back hitting one in the shoulder and he is getting in the ambulance here and here is the conversation with dispatchers. >> you and your partner are okay? >> yes. we are okay. >> air tracker 5 showed cleveland police on the property. all with flashlights. they recovered a suspect's glove and shell casings. >> i don't know. it is getting bad.
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neighbors. >> it sounded like about 15, 20. >> what is that like. >> like they were shooting at each other. >> now they are facing lifelong felonies. >> is it worth getting shot? no. worth going to jail? no. >> and back here live. that teen that was shot was taken to uh for treatment. we don't know his name still. and copper theft is such a big problem for first energy they put out a 5000-dollar reward for information in previous sets. markjo the way. >> you could see the record warmth and the artic air coming in a few hours. these are the old records. cleveland 71, akron 70 and mansfield 71 degrees. these are the new record highs set today just before 3:00 p.m. 74 cleveland and elyria. and 73 akron and canton and 74
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mansfield and 72 youngstown to astubula. current temperatures falling back. you notice through ten p.m. it is staying mild. in fact we will be mild past midnight and dry. if you are going out and about, leave the umbrellas and the snow shovels and the cokes at home. give it about 8 or 10 hours and you will need all of those coming up. we will talk more about that next. scandal. jimmy haslem will be questioned about his involvement. it is all parts of numerous lawsuits at a number of companies that have filed. ten former pilot employees have pled guilty and the president and vice president have been indicted on fraud charges. the deposition will be on the
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unsafe levels of lead were found in 69 schools. the news coming out after months of testing. more than 500 of 5000 water testings tested positive. we will start with james giradi that spoke with school officials about how they plan to fix all of this. reporter: this school year kids did not drink the water. water coolers were brought in. that said, school want students, past and present to undergo less exposure testing. >> as to those that went there before, i can't speak to the levels because nobody knows what exposure there may or may not have been. >> 50 schools have been identified as having 119 drinking water sources that exceed the epa's guidelines for safe lead levels. students previously enrolled at
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exposed to cleveland districts that begin to voluntarily do testing. they will replace more than 500 water outlets across several schools. we have a full list of the cleveland public schools that were impacted on newschannel reporting live in cleveland i'm james giradi. with the district fixing the problems the parents are on alert about their children's health. lee has more on this. more than just lead poisoning. >> experts say it can affect a child's behavior as well. lead poisoning has been linked to multiple behavioral and academic issues and can go misdiagnosed. no amount of lead in water is good. but it is particularly concerning for kids that are
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your kid tested if you are concerned. >> unfortunately lead is a silent poison. we need to be suspicious and thoughtful that is lead a problem. >> as of right now the school district will not be testing kids from previous years but they strongly advise parents to have them tested on their own. >> new at six. cleveland police trying to track down two men that they believe are behind a rash of armed robberies on the west side. monday and last night these two are believed to behind 14 robberies and none of those just last night. and some of the cases they took off with the victims' cars. if you recognize them give investigators a call. relatives of a summit county woman are sitting in jail after they stole $600,000 from her. the sheriff's department says the woman's son, kevin story
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the money from the 77-year-old bank account to pay for a house. they have been charged with felony theft. >> a piece of legislation going to the state house will bring severe charges to drug dealers found responsible for a deadly overdose. it would change the definition of involuntary manslaughter to include contributing to someone's death by illegally giving out a control substance and makes years behind bar. when it passes it will go to the senate. lawmakers are calling on governor john kosic to declare the heroin epidemic a state- wide emergency. they want the governor to make the declaration to open up funding and fight it and create educational programs. as president-elect donald trump fills his cabinet, ohio senator sherrod brown has reached out to him. while he disagrees with trump
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agreement on some issues of trade. brown says in a letter to trump that he is willing to work him and offer his help for renegotiating nafta and he sports trump's stance on the partnership and hope the administration will seek his counsel and others to learn about the deals that they have had on ohio manufacturing jobs. >> i don't think that the president-elect donald trump has thought about the issues he don't like trade agreements but it is more complicated and i am hopeful that he will listen to people that know these things from the view point that he has and mostly i have, i think on these trade issues. >> now, brown says the key for democrats going forward is finding a way to reconnect with working families. on news 5 investigation uncovers one of the deadliest secrets in hospitals. why patients are dying that could have gone on to live long healthy live.
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fight against crime to a new level after she falls victims to a couple of burglars, how she fought back and won. giving back. a local group is helping a very special group of people get
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an exclusive five investigation. >> it is not botched surgeries or risky procedures. ron, you are finding thousands of avoidable deaths are happening in hospitals all across the country. >> that's right. these are patients who are back recovering in their own hospital rooms talking with families and friends. but we found far too many are dying within hours and hospitals are failing to rescue. >> i described it as half of my
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because she was my right arm. her and i were really close. >> amanda was 18 years old. >> she had got accepted into the local university, indiana university. >> there was a whole future ahead. >> yes. >> that summer strep throat sent their daughter to the hospital. >> what is hardest she will never walk down the aisle and i will never get to hold >> something went wrong. >> we got a phone call that she was dead in bed and they were doing cpr. >> dead in bed. dying unexpectedly and one of medicine's best kept secrets. >> they flies under the radar.
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and and a teasologist. >> it is not good to have unexplained deaths which is what these are. >> well, it seems that almost impossible to believe but it is true. hospitals know how to save thousands of lives and instead allowing patients to die. tonight at 11. an investigation you and loved ones cannot afford to miss. >> i'm chief investigation ron regan. a 53 year-old lorainne woman robbed by a pair of 20- year-olds chases them down after they targeted her home and police are giving her credit now for staying on their tails. paul kiska spoke to her this afternoon and he has more. >> she knows my belongings have been in my vehicle hidden. >> at 7:00, a neighbor called
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susan looked outside and saw her belongings on the ground. susan does not want to be shown on camera but this morning she took action. >> i said that's them. this has to be them and they took off in the car. >> susan call the car calling the more rain police with a license plate number and a car description. with susan's help police spotted the car and arrested brandon barren and robert everybody gets their things back. and it doesn't happen again. >> police believe the men are connected to other break-ins. in lorainne, paul kiska, news 5. this story is all about helping people get a fair start when moving to america. new numbers show that the refugee population is growing in cleveland. local agencies telling news 5 one thousand refugees move to cleveland just this year. >> now this population is
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get on their feet. dhomonique ricks has more on the refugee bike program. >> something simple as a bike can make all of the difference in the world for someone just moved to the united states of america. >> not having transportation is not easy. >> 23 year-old john is from rue wanda and has been in the usa for six months and in she has landed a job. >> a job that can cause anxiety because of her lack of reliable transportation. >> when you have a bike, it can help you and go to market and go to this. >> it is expensive to just buy a bus pass every month. >> jim sheehan the executive
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refugee bike program. >> you can keep a bike on the road economically. >> he and his team are collecting old bikes and fixing them up so they are safe and reliable. >> sheehan says they will flip one hundred bikes because it takes a lot of work and time along with a new bike recipients will get a head light and helm. >> we will make sure that everybody can handle them. >> and classroom lessons an interpreter. >> it could help you. >> 100 refugees will receive knew bikes in the spring of 2017. in ohio cities, dhomonique ricks, news 5. all right. winter has been canceled, right? >> after today. everybody is just kind of lulled into this sense that it is going to be weather like this for the rest of the year. well, no. look at this. record highs today, cold front
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reality. we are dry now on the power of 5 and the rain showers are here moving towards fort wayne. the thunderstorms will fade quickly over the next couple of hours but the rain showers will remain and clouds will come in, serous clouds first during the overnight hours. but you got dry weather for the next 8 hours or so if you are worried about your evening, don't worry about it. look at the mild temperatures. 69 cleveland and menner, akron and 63 in wooster and 67 for nor walk to tiffin. winter blizzard warnings for minnesota and the western lakes. a wind advisory to chicago and westward through omaha nebraska and coming our way. the heavy snow, we will see lake-effect snow warnings and advisory out for much of
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into butler towards pittsburgh but no watches advisories or warnings for anywhere in northern ohio. things are cross and we hope to not get heavy snow but a few inches for some. 74 the official high. new record, by this time tomorrow i'm thinking we will be in the mid-30s. a 40-degree temperature drop. watch the front. here it comes. boom. by tomorrow morning. we are in the 40s. mid-40s as you go, a.m. 30s, columbus to cincinnati. and we drop into the 30s during the late afternoon hours. scattered showers and mixing and changing over to snow late afternoon and evening. here is the hour by hour. rain tomorrow morning. we will dry it out by lunchtime for a little while. and then a rain-snow mix by mid to late afternoon changing to all snow. here is the early expectations for snow. doesn't get out of control but most everyone will see their first flake.
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elyria and here in the snow belt. secondary snow belt. there could be anywhere from one to three and maybe a little bit more up towards chardon and burton back towards akron into medina and could be a couple of inches of wet snow and it will melt quickly and the ground is warm. 46 and clouds thicken and let's show you tomorrow. not 73. see. oh my computer would not accept the cold coming in. scattered rain and blustery colder and temperatures fall from the mid-40s to the 30. 44 tonight and tomorrow 44 and falling temperatures for akron and canton. rain likely and the 7 day. sunday, blustery day with scattered snow and should end by the afternoon and browns game chilly and wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour.
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wow. the computer just left you hanging. >> can you take us home? the cavs are built for one. lebron james fills us in. and what the head coach says worth hearing next at
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>> the cavs opening a three game hoping to bounce back. lebron sat out and got rest and back in the lineup against the pistons and while playing at home is an advantage. the cavs are using the 3 ball. have knocked down three pointers in each of the 11 games and nba record for consecutive games with ten or more made 3s and pistons know all too well about the 3 point prowess. going back to the post-season. cleveland hit lebron and how the cavs are capitalizing with the 3 ball. >> i think the team is built for that and the team is built to you know make that. the shooters need to shoot the ball and we have so many players to make it from the perimeter. the ball has movement and we get the ball from side to side and they are the recipients.
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ankle injury will start tonight. robert griffin iii making progress. his status came up when a reporter asked hugh jackson if he will play. >> there is a procedure to go through melly to see for sure if he is okay. he will have an opportunity to start practicing next week. there ll hurtle for him to be cleared to play. >> good question. hugh jackson says he will practice next week. there is a kid from florida that made the catch of the year. at the top of your screen. 9 year-old boy saved history makers baby brother after falling off of a changing table. the baby didn't hit the floor.
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like an angel pushed him. angels in the outfield and everywhere. parents, you got to keep your head on a swivel. all right. i rolled off several times and i'm fine. >> we figured something happened. news 5 at six has brought to you by the ohio lottery cash explosion game, saturdays at
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tonight, breaking news. as we come on, the bombshell $25 million settlement just in, after allegations of fraud against trump university. the president-elect once tweeting he would not settle out of principle. tonight, his team now responding. also breaking, the deadly blizzard hitting right now. moving from the midwest to the northeast. the school bus horror. the bus flipping. multiple injuries. students crawling through the hatch of the bus. tonight, the officer captured on camera punching a woman he was trying to detain. and now comes word, a major new development. the bear attack. the 63-year-old woman walking down the driveway in an american suburb. a 200-pound bear attacks. she calls 911, saying her arms and legs already broken.


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