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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  November 18, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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following 3 breaking store a's cross three counties. -- stories across 3 counties we are at the scene moments after shots were fired and live now with new information. >> reporter: police are still investigating a deadly shooting. i i want to pull up some video. a violent night in happened after 7:00 police told us someone shot aman multi multiple times. and a man shot with multiple gun shots another spot about 8:002
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both were taken to metro health. >> he pointed a gun at my brother and at me and ducked and ran. >> the person in the kitchen and that is when thee started shooting. -- he started shooting and they shot each other. >> yea that were other. >> 15 people were inside that apartment and police are investigating all of these incidents. we are more break news tonight as well this is look that interchange in akron a semi hauling steel over turned in and that part of the road will be closed for hours. if you are driving in akron
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and more break news crews on the scene of massive brush fire hingely rez n -- hinkl, i reservation. and a >> daughter trying to take her own life and the mother is sharing her an gish. >> and the justice center this case has been drag on for more an a year? >> reporter: the family said it
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for a life time. >> have cried so much i don't know know. it is hard. >> it mother in so much pain she didn't want to be identified. >> she was lured up stairs and he touch her top and bottom area and told her that he did notet >> and her daughter was nine and a half at the time of a thoa of the attack. >> to have someone that utilized their title and abuse them and hurt them.
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side the quhurch as well. >> -- a case that has been dragging in the court system for 14 months and a waiting game that makes it difficult to start the healing process. >> it is hard for people to think it doesn't affect, it is a lie. and we went to the home to get were turned away and the pretrial is set for december 7th. >> it might feel like spring but this is what is in our future. our first blast of wintery weather will be here and the
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problem ons the roadways. >> and it is sweeping this away. it 67 right now. but find the top to your jeep. it is like june out there but pretty soon it will be december. and the rain showers and the leading edge of the cold fro moving into western ohio and movement toward the east and look at this cold air. rushing in behind this cold front so we will drop our temps 30-40 degrees in about 24 hours. by this time tomorrow we will look at lower 30s. and we are staying mild.
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showers. and we are in the 40s for akron and canton. you are going to want to see these, don't go to bed. this is the scene after broad view road and seven hills. the driverf the car took off and the two victims were rushed to the hospital and we are working to get information on the condition. >> police are asking people to carjackings and robberies. from early in the morning until late and this is is the map of the crimes. and two men in the last carjacking at madison and west 9th. and they are armed and dangerous. >> ten-days after he was
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happening inland tonight. >> we cleveland tonight. and we were out there for hours. >> reporter: right the crowd is gone but the peek it was several blocks long and bringing together many groups of for the first time. >> they came out f >> but theorsinizer said that sauce -- organizer said that was the point. >> there is a lot of different voices here. and we all have different stakes and we will not allow walls to
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>> they came from across north east ohio and some chooseing to walk in the streets and the camera captures a few confrontations. >> and the chanting filled the streets and one msa us at all. >> it is extremely lay important and you better have an opinion on it. >> and the group's organizer said they may stage protests like this in the future in response to specific issues. well donald trump has had a
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chancellor and general james mads are expected to visit the president elect. donald trump announced three top posts in his administration and jeff sessions nominated for for attorney general. and both of those positions have to be confirmed by the and the --. sams and cosco is the place to stock up. but now amazon prime is starting with deals. cosco came without the lowest prices over all and sam's club was second about 5% higher than cosco but cosco membership fee
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save was third. >> cosco is still 12% less when you compare to amazon is ascribe and save. >> cosco was best if you buy a lot and sam best for services and membership fees as low as $ten and amazon is convenient. >> it was a phone call that she was dead in bed and they were doing cpr. next dead in bed and why thousands are dying in hospitals nation wide and they are allowing it to happen. >> it is entirely preventable and it needs to stop. >> the deadly secret the
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and the fix that could save them
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. tonight an exclusive 5 month investigation uncovers one of the deadliest nation wide.
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fining thousands of avoidable deaths are happening in hospital across the country. >> these are patients that are recovering and they are back with their rooms and family members but far to many are dying within hours and hospitals are failing to rescue. i just dis my heart dies. and her and i were really close. >> she was just 18 years hold. >> there was a whole foper for her. >> -- future for her. >> will never hold her children. >> something went terrible
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was dead in bed and they were doing cpr on her. >> dead in bed it is how hospital describe dying suddenly and it is one of medicine best kept secrets. >> our hospitals fighting to public? >> certainly it doesn't bode well in a competitive health care environment to have unexplained deaths and that is what these are. >> our investigation found it is not happening during surgery or in recovery rooms but instead, here in hospital rooms
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risks are -- >> we feel 100% it can be avoided onlarm sounds and -- an alarm sounds and technologies and doctors have known for ca being left to chance. >> everything was perfect and shh surgery went well. >>. >> they found her not breathing. >> they found him cyanotic. so he was blue and his heart stopped and they did a code
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family made the decision to remove life support. >> this is preventable. >> we found hospitals and doctors already know what is causing so many patients to simply stop breathing. >> they can depress breather. >> opiates are the most power pain killers used and providing too much. >> in retrospect too >> and we found hospitals profit when patients are kept pain free. because they grade hospitals on how well their pain is managed. and the safety issue that we are dealing with is what we call a gap between what we do and what we know.
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millionian americans with sleep apnea. >> people denying it is happening and every hospital i have given a talk in about the risk of opiates come up to me and say yes we have a patient a month ago who we found dead in bed from respiratory depression. >> he heads up >> this is something we that the we need to stop. >> reporter: . >> this sort of damage or whatever cost of doing business or whatever you want to call this . is unacceptable in our health care system. >> if you have capabilities and
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i don't want anyone to lose a loved one that is preventable. >> only university hospitals and geneva medical center is protecting patients with the type of monitoring of all surgical patients that can save lives. you can check and you can learn more more about these tragic and preventable deaths. >> what a day it has been it is still mild but you can see it i love showing you these. temperatures and there is the cold air. the front is rapidly and we set
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and 73 in acconrenlen -- -- akron and canton. this is 1:00 p.m. saturday. look at these temps in upper 30s and i am thinking all of us will be in the 30s by the end of the afternoon with scattered rain showers and changing over to snofement let me show you the hour by hour -- snow and let meshow you the hour by hour. the upper 40s so we have really dropped and that first wave with the cold front going by and some of these pink colors indicating ice and wet snowflake and look what happen to our temps. lower 40s and upper 30s and the second wave arrives. mid-to late afternoon. scattered snow with rain mixing
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we have a 74-degree day. and the pavement and grass. the snow will melt but tomorrow night intem temps -- temps plummets and where do the snow bands exist. there is a flake flying it is 1 or 2. it will not be snowy but it will be very cold. the totals primary snow belt gets the most. 1-3-inchs and a dusting in cleveland and akron can see an inch, cold in anded our first
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predawn rain. falling temps tomorrow. a wet start but snow by late afternoon with temps in the 30s. and akron and canton. 49 and 49. and you seven-day. look at this. windy and cold and wind chills in the 20ed and winds in -- 20s and the winds gusting. and 40 next week. we will be right back with
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0. how is this for starters. lebron in the starting line up and the hosting the pistons and
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night long. that top of your screen. up to thompson for the throw down. you better get behind those cavs hustling look on defense and they let them finish what he started and burries the three. welcome back. and then perfect pass. and sharing ask is caring. and -- sharing caring. this is intutruicate and look at that -- intraicate look at that,
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kick off with a monitor match up. a spot in the semi finals. and tonight the rematch. and it went to over time. a huge rival. and back and forth game. two minutes to go. a keeping it self wildcats. saint eds resawneds. sponds. forth quarter and ten minutes to go. ten-yard touch down. eagles take a 28-24-league. and patrick ryan to mike, 35-yard touch down and they take
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tied at 31. eight 31. eight yards out. he is in. and saint edwards has to se. so back up is in. and it is down this, to the end zone and the pass is incomplete. wildcats are moving state semize. >> 69-yard touch down. what a vad vance -- advanceing to the state
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s. >> 69-yard touch down. what -- advanceing to the state emis
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this is a fire retardant that malfunctionened and it pureed out into the street it is alive. >> thanks for being with us.
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight matthew broderick, from the los angeles rams, william hayes and tip. and in you, have mercy -- here's jimmy kimmel! ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. i'm jimmy. i'm the host short. thanks for watching. thanks for coming. that's very nice. i appreciate it. i'm happy to see you too. you know, it was another interesting day in america


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