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tv   Good Morning Cleveland  ABC  November 20, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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there are still 31 days until it is officially winter but here north east ohio is to have arrived a little earlier as the temperatures plummet in the snow is back welcome to the sunday edition good morning cleveland. we start this morning off meg shaw is out and about storm tracker 5. she is following the snow and those strong winds actual given up date on road conditions but first we're also tracking storm and said the studio. janessa, what is the latest? >> you can see from this three- hour loop we are doing with the end of moisture that is making it passion way to the south of the greater cleveland area but we're still tracking very light
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dinah county to lorain county you are seeing a few flakes. wanted to deeper in southern cuyahoga county were we see a few bands waffling across north royalton but what we're seeing is still a very warm ground. remember on friday we had temperatures in the 70s. any accumulation that we are currently seeing is drying out fairly quickly. also 2 southern areas of maple heights to bedford heights, shaker heights, you are seeing currently falling but they are moving out of the area quickly. good news, the drier air will continue to work it's weigh in here, but temperatures are not playing nice. 35 degrees for greater cleveland. also worcester you are in the lower 30s but next that is not factoring in sustained winds meeting the constant wind speed out of the northwest from about 25 to 35 miles-per-hour. we
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in effect until 4:00 for lorraine, greater cleveland, cuyahoga county, even lake and ashtabula up to 45 mile-per- hour wind gust. that will bring the temperature down to the lower 20s. hour by hour doesn't want to show up but we are going to start to dry out with our daytime highs only in the 30s. >> those strong winds making things feel so much colder . the first oh of the year always means a mess on the roads. meg shaw has been driving around for us all morning long. make, -- how are things looking? >> we're headed toward maple heights right now. we are trying to follow the self. i know it is moving out as janessa has been talking about but i want to give you guys a look at the roads. they are doing just fine. they are clear as day, but that is also not the case everywhere across northeast ohio. if you are in some parts where you are waking up with snow, that is not the case for you. the main concerns with the
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are traveling along these roads and you are not blocked by bridges or trees, your feeling the effect of that wind in your car could shift a little bit . keep 2 hands on the wheel but i want to show you what we saw when we were out in chardon. i want to show you here -- that is not it . you guys are saying my daughter my phone. we will get that up for you in a little bit but i wanted to show you if you're on some of the side roads were the wind is gusting across the could be a little slick because it is very cold outside and the wind is making it colder . we will try to get that for you on the next hit but the roads are looking find especially if you're in the cleveland area but just keep in mind that wind. if you're going outside bundle up because it is very cold. will check back in with you guys pics that will love your dog bailey. she is so cute.
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it is causing some power outages. right now western portions of cuyahoga county seem to be hit the hardest with the transformer outage knocked out about 8000 first energy customer 's powers just about 400 and lake county without power 50 and summit player --. that is a fluid situation we will keep you dated. >> some people not happy about the different temperature. others are happy to see winter arrived. college. she just came home today and this is what she came home to, the snow. is thanksgiving and christmas is coming. i love it. >>odot tells us they are ready for anything, snow or not . you may have noticed those plows out and ready for today's snowfall. it is affecting more of the eastern folks then it is the western side. odot says they have sent recruiters another 11 covering
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pretreated because this started as rain and it would've just washed away the treatment. we turn out to be avenues of the morning, a jury is recommending the death penalty for the man convicted of killing 3 people at a warrensville heights barbershop . prosecutors say 21-year-old does the shy junior went to a barbershop to kill irreverently member. you will be formally sentenced by judge december 5. investigator released this st saying, quote, the jurors have lived with the horrific fact of this case for more than 2 months. we respect there put difficult decision. the outcome guarantees shine junior will never be again able to kill and shows that the community will not tolerate game murder of innocents. >> one team will end a losing streak today. will it be the steelers who are on the 4 game streak or our browns have gone
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the latest chapter happening today a firstenergy stadium. so many people are the author at the needy lots. they are braving these cold temperatures in the big winds. fans will want to bundle up. the wind will be brutal by the . here's another reason to win by the browns, victory would give rothmans a tie with anderson for the most wins 5 quarterback a firstenergy stadium which is 10. been place for the steelers not the br annual first food drive. greater cleveland food bank volunteers will collect donations outside of the get starting at 11:00 this morning so the fans last year the browns were able to provide 25,000 meals to families in need in our community. always rally when it matters most. also getting in on the charitable spirit, heb, the telegram reporting his
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money will be used to get the department a new canine, one of the 3 dog set to retire next year. thank you so much for spending part of your sunday morning here with us. coming up later, a recall alert for a very popular grocery item that we are learning could make your family sick. >> what you need to check for in your refrigerator straightahead. universities in ohio could soon be getting audited. what changes could be ahead of the new bill passes in columbus your local weather. we are currently out in storm tracker 5 tracking that snow. we will show you when the snow moves in and out and also how long the chill will last.
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good morning, winter has arrived. -- arrived. we're talking 35 degrees. this is in the greater cleveland area thermometer not going up much. we have forecasted high of 36 degrees. let's check the rain from our future cast. we can start to see for western locations a little bit of high-pressure trying to build in. we will start to see mostly cloudy skies for the rest of your day right now around 11:45 we're tracking snow but think start to dry out. we could see some isolated activity for northern portage county take a look at
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summit county at 130 you are at 30s 3 degrees. the lake affect snow pushing and for ashtabula but most of us will be dry for your evening hours. we will sit under mostly cloudy skies. let's go ahead and grab the win for the browns today . still the winds are in place all the fans headed to the game , i need you to layer up twice so that northwest breeze at about 2010 top 25 miles-per-hour -- 20 . newly proposed legislation would create an online registry to track violent offenders after they are out of prison. it would operate similar to the sex offender registry. other states keep track of violent offenders. lawmakers say more work needs to be done to determine exactly how to define violent crimes. an idea started after an ex-con was charged with killing the university of toledo student not summer.
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authority to review college and university performance. a spokesperson says the school would submit to an audit if required. it would focus on streamlining operations in tapping the resources. it would likely center on it systems, fleet management and food service. somber piece of american history is being added to the toledo fire writers -- firefighter 's me jim. the jacket worn by plowman are now on display. during the september 11 attacks . you dead in 2014 from cancer likely because of jeff fuel exposure at the pentagon. his family says they hope to donate the equipment and hope it encourages the service of firefighter provides. as we head to break here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. >> you can stay up dated on weather and traffic conditions
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breaking overnight, the death toll of a massive train derailment in india is now over 100 and could rise even more. another 150 people were injured in the crash. the high number of deaths and injuries is because many train cars crumbled when they crashed into other train cars. right now crews are getting -- using cutting tools to pull people from the wreckage
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today. yesterday he met with the china's president and proof. a discuss chinese us relations going into donald trump's presidency. both expressed hope that the relationship will remain strong between the companies. the president is expected to start his journey back to washington tonight. donald trump spent much of the weekend meeting with potential candidates to line his administration and among those people one of his toughest critics during the campaign. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: president-elect donald trump in his 4 arrived at the trough national golf club -- and his vice president arrived at the trough national golf club to sit down with prospect the former massachusetts governor mitt romney is expected to meet today p expect we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to
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inches of united dates of rules of kids. discussed areas and exchanged -- areas of significance. -- united states and areas of significance. discussed areas and exchanged ideas. he is an obvious. his promises are as worthless as a degree from trump university. >> the guy is a stone cold loser. >> also scheduled president-elect, michelle read former chancellor of the dc public schools for education secretary, j matus for defense team, despite be moved as the head of the transition team, trump will sit down with chris christie. the heroin epidemic has reached new heights in the state. this after frightening video posted on facebook life goes viral. to chose 2 men overdosing on drug in a fast
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it happened in toledo. the man recording said he thought it was a joke when he stumbled on a farm in past out at this mcdonald's -- 2 men pass out at this mcdonald's. >> when i first arrived i tried to wake the guy up at first. i tried to touch of you was a moving or responses. i touched his face as cold and his hands were talking pails -- pale. >> they took action with one: police and another police say they were treated at the local hospital and may face charges. if you have sabra hummus in your refrigerator check the date. they are recalling spread with the best before date of january 23 of 2017. listeria has been found. it
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your weather forecast is about to get better. the satellite was launched from cape canaveral. it was delayed for short time because of a technical issue. when it did launch it went without a hitch. the satellite is the first of 3 be built to replace the aging united states weather satellite systems. it will be a huge advantage, a lot better imaging in that satellite. you can really see the storms, hurricanes, climate change is things like that. it will be amazing. now it's time fo what a change a couple of days make. >> you better remember that sunshine and 70s. >> is more what we're used to seeing but the fact that it was such an abrupt change it catches people off guard. >> knows coming but it is still a shock. >> want everybody but it was very dramatic year. we will from the 70s are many spots, 30 to 40 degrees temperature drop since friday. we want you to
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that is how people get sick. they were wear shorts and now they are all covered often bundled up. today we want you to have the action thereon. you can see from the county on rooftops a little bit of snow accumulation reports of 3 to 4 inches. please take note of these grassy areas. the roadways are so very warm here and that is why we're not seeing significant accumulation. temperatures across the board greater cleveland 35 degrees, wooster knock on a warm-up -- manier not going to warm-up much for your daytime highs. is very 7 winds coming out of the northwest to about 25 miles- per-hour . the feel like temperature out there in the mid-20s in most spots. we will continue to deal with that wind advisory until 4:00
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and ashtabula were gust will continue throughout your evening. when you factor in those winds , wind chills are in the teams for around 30 quarter, mansfield to ashley county and the 20s for most of us throughout your afternoon. i want to show you exactly where the snow is currently moving across summit county. they had to orts of 3 inches, northern stark county usa a little bit flying right now. what we really keeping our eye on, maple heights, the area, there is this then that is wobbling here. it is pretty stubborn but it is moving south out of that area by about 15 to 20 miles-per-hour making your way to the west from ava north ridgeville. you are seeing light flakes but that will move up fairly quickly. due to the drier air that continues to work in, for most
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under mostly cloudy skies. if you are not a snow can, hopefully even a little bit of snow shower -- sunshine to the west this afternoon . this is from our future casts. 11. this is from our future casts. 1130 he can see that isolated a start to clear out wayne county and portage county. you are not in the clear just yet but by tonight most of us will be city under mostly cloudy conditions. today we will go a high of 36 degrees, blustery winds the advisory is some place tonight. overnight lows tracking down to about 28 degrees. your 7-day forecast, holiday forecast here. tuesday we will see a little bit of sunshine, 41 degrees. we will track our next front. wednesday evening through thanksgiving day we will track a few showers by our daytime highs are warming up to the 40s. many people picking up the pieces this morning. we have our own meg shaw was a maple
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>> reporter: good morning, it is not too bad out here. i will say if you're getting up and getting out on the roads, you are probably going to see something a little bit like. it is not bad at all. it is just kind of what.-- wet . we're trying to find that snow. we're headed towards warrensville heights. if you're getting on the road, the story this morning is really just a trend 3. endogenous has been talking about it can feel the car shifting a little bit if you are not surrounded by trees are bridges. really this is just the 2 hands on the wheel kind of day. the roads look like this year in the cleveland area, but i will show you what a little bit ago we were out in chardon. if you are along the back row, this is what might be seen, a little bit of snow on the roads because that is where the house are still trying to get to that . if that is what you're
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-- make sure you are taking it a little bit slower because it could be a little slick out there. again, back here in the cleveland area roads not look like that out here, but again the story this morning is really that wind. if you are getting out on the road take it easy and slow down just a little bit. we will check back in with you soon. >> you will certainly see that wind no matter where you go in northeast ohio. it was a little too close for comfort and but in the end ohio held on for a much-needed victory keeping the playoff hopes alive and well . michigan state had a chance to tie it up with an extra point . the spartans decided to go for the lead in the 2 point conversion. it did not work out in the buckeyes holding onto the win by one point in the buckeyes holding onto the win by 1.17? 16. next week is the big test., buckeyes take on michigan state at the horseshoe. we have an alert for anyone planning a holiday vacation for
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may be nothing like the final deal -- you see online may be nothing like the final deal. >> reporter: this is the time of year many of us start booking our springtime vacations so as a popular for cruises and resort packages, but beware new report says many of them come with hundreds of dollars in fees. >> saisons at or under hundred schedule better pack some extra money this is package deals typically do not include the caribbean arrival tax is highs $50 in antigua, caribbean sales taxes as high as 18 percent in the dominican republic it -- , resort activity fees $50 a day -- $20 a day .
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fees up to unlike airline flights, federal on the wires airlines to include taxes and fees when shown a flight, but that is not required for hotels or resorts. about travel sociedad book your trip based on the first price that pops up.-- says do not book your trip based on the first price that pops up. certainly a lot of things family without for. also along the travel hitting us this holiday season, passport breaking a record of their own. if you need to get yours you better act now. this is us department of state website showing processing times of 4 to 5 weeks. that is roochi so officials say now -- routine so officials say now is the time to apply for that passport. >> get those passports.
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children. we have a lot of people that run back into the airport after they get up there because all of their passports had expired. >> you don't want to be late on getting those passports before those vacations. roughly 20,000,000 people will apply for a passport to share. coming up, the cleveland indians are making sure no one goes without a warm meal this thanksgiving. northeast ohio is dealing with it's first snowfall. more
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here's your set of lake mary. it is cold, windy. you will feel if you are out and about to the sunday edition of good morning cleveland. the big story, the snow and the weather have team weather coverage for you all morning long. make -- meg shaw is live for you all morning long. janessa is at hard work in the weather center. we're still tracking snow on the power5 across the greater cleveland area.
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seen a drop in our temperatures in the last 24 hours, another 4 degrees. for this weekend from the start, friday to now 30 to 35 degrees temperature drop the most spots. let's track where the snow currently is falling across the area we're seeing light accumulation to the west from avon lake to lorraine county. you are seeing scattered snowfall, anything that we are saying as it hits the ground is definitely a wet snow not really sticking. 7 cuyahoga county to north workd's and you are saying some light to scattered snow showers to bedford to warrensville heights. we're seeing heavier bands but that is moving to the south here fairly quickly. we are going to keep snow in the forecast throughout the 2 clock our. throughout your evening we could possibly see a little bit of lake affect snow but this graph is not urgent 2 much -- is not budging too
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will see highs of 36 degrees with the wind in the chill still in your forecast . our team coverage continues with meg shaw storm tracker 5. >> reporter: good morning guys. we are here and warrensville heights area. it actually is not bad. only give you look at what the roads look like right now. it is coming. we're trying to track the south janessa said it is moving down pretty quickly but the story here is the roads are wet. there is not much accumulation in the area, but the story is the wet roads in the wind . we talked about how cold it is all morning long. that is really affecting the roads. because they are wet it could get a little bit slick. will route in the chardon area the back roads they had more snow, the blowing drifting snow. you have to keep that in mind
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this right -- wet roadways and the wind. definitely keep both hands on the wheel if you're going out. don't think i can't go out because of the so. it is really not bad out here. as you can see clear roadways. again, keep in mind this wind . you can really see how strong this wind is . you can kind of feel it depending on where you are on the r in mind as you are getting up and heading out today. we will check out in a little bit -- check back with you in a little bit. >> is always certainly more of the fact that the more you head away from cleveland. on the east side they are already getting a taste of winter overnight. those that live in the snow belt are used to this. that first storm of the year can always be a little jarring. those we spoke to said bring it on. >> i am ready to where my
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ready. the back-and-forth weather has gotten me sick and to me close -- codes. i am ready to take on the snow . >> janessa says she is right there with you. bring on those snow conditions. the snow has also knocked out power to some areas. about 8001st energy customers still without power but most of those coming from a trance ponder -- transponder outage . a disturbing story from akron as a the 69-year-old is a vietnam veteran and was in full uniform when he handed a stranger his cell phone and asked him to record something. a witness ran out and put out the flames. this morning we know this horrific act was minutes after he was hurt ranting in a coffee shop about the presidential election. we're told the man is in stable condition at akron children's hospital. a scary violent scene the 2 people inside the scarf after it rammed into this home early
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structure. no word if anyone was inside the house at the time of the crash. we are working to get an update on the condition of the 2 people inside the car. now to some feel good news. the manier police department holding it's food drive. officers will be collecting nonperishable food items in cash donations and everything brought in will be distributed to local food pantri examples of getting back as the indians team up with several organizations today to head out thanksgiving meals to visitors at progressive field. the starting pitcher will be on hand to help serve meals on the terrace club. the team hosted the event every year. it will get underway later this morning also from 11 until 3 select. 5 honoring young son heroes who work hard to educate our
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the week coming up next. >> we're still tracking snow and also cooler temperatures. i will show you my 7-day forecast, when the snow moves out and also when we warm back up to the 40s.
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we have people that are currently at the muni lot ready to support our browns, but for kickoff the bitter cold is still in place with mostly cloudy skies, 33 degrees. now every week i get to honor a deserving teacher. this week i met a woman that has gone above and beyond and not completely outside of the box. she is also teaching her students to do the same.
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>> reporter: our joy and excitement is all because we get to meet a special education educator and south euclid. she is making her students fall in love with everyday learning. >> she is so caring and really cares about our families and the students that she works with. >> a woman with an infectious smile, our teacher of the week from roland elementary, ms. parker. >> we would like to congratulate you. you are our week. we will like to present you with a very special word for all that you do. >> [ video playback ] >> on behalf of the savings bank we would like to present to you this check from omaha bank -- state. her students are extremely grateful for all of her hard work here mom and families love her devotion. >> whatever she sets out to do
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to how much she can give her how much she is willing to give tell the children. >> congrats mrs. parker from all of us here news 5. >> if you would like to nominate a deserving educator log onto news 5 of house democrats and president-elect trump realized. we're breaking down some of their shared principles coming up next. our winter weather coverage continues as the system that has moved through overnight. will check back in with megan
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time now is 10:44. back to politics we go for a look at northeast ohio congressman trying to make a name for herself on the national stage. john has to story. also highlight some common ground for the democratic party donald trump. >> reporter: a very good sunday morning as the winds have change and continue to blow weatherwise across northeast ohio they continue to be felt politically washington dc as well. more announcements are made as donald trump places around him the people that will help them over the next 50 years . party leaders were elected
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house, what the democrats -- but the democrats are holding up their vote until december 30. paul ryan mounts a challenge to former house speaker nancy pelosi. just as the election of donald trump shook up washington, ohio congressman tells me it should also shakeup the democratic party. >> we screwed up so badly that donald trump is now the president of the united states and the great blue firewall collapses in ohio and pennsylvania and mich terribly wrong. >> that is what his mounting a challenge to former house speaker nancy pelosi for house minority leader going on shows saying there is an appetite in america for new democratic party to win back members who voted for trump. >> the obama zircon, the clintons are gone, the bidens are gone, we don't have anyone at the dean. the house leadership race is really going to be an important signal to many democrats, independents and moderate republicans on what the new
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to be made in his district and others like it. these are my friends. these are the people that i went to school with. for us to have ignored them so badly for so long that they actually think the donald trump is a better option than the democratic party , is a real problem for us and it is heartbreaking for a lot of us. >> this vote will take place a week from wednesday. one of the topics we talked about this week with u sherrod around along with another topic, the area of strong agreement he has with donald trump. >> i am comfortable that tpp is said, the transpacific the ship, trade deal president obama supported for democrats opposed. >> i want more trade i just wanted under a different set of rules. donald trump posted -- opposed it as well. he sees an opportunity to work with the new administration
10:47 am
elect have thought about these issues with any depth. he knows he doesn't like trade agreements but it is obviously bigger than that. >> there was a call for him to dump steve bannon. >> when he appoints a guy like bennett as i said who's and about racist, anti-semi, he is karl rove. he is the top political advisor with a spring in his ear was offices right outside the oval office and that sends a pretty troubling message. >> the troubling message for democrats was the scope of their defeat. he says working families while the senate has new democratic leadership he failed to propose -- support tim ryan's challenge of nancy pelosi in the house. >> i'm surprised the rhine is running against nancy pelosi. without her the biggest tax cut for workers making between 20 and $40,000, my bill from the senate, the bill never would've passed without her political skills. tim has to build a better case than just time for a change.
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challenges he seeks reelection in u.s. senate seat he won back in 2006 which was the last high water mark for democrats in washington. brown says other than unreason which he has to be doing at this point, he is really not focus at this point yet on 2018 . >> 4 months ago today the republican national convention was in full swing while the true overall economic impact is still being calculated, for a few small businesses down to a few questions, did we make enough, just, did we sell enough to cover the bills?>> she says she was roughly one of 20 veterans to take part in the marketplace that was set up in progressive field. >> it was an experience will never forget. >> cindy and her husband are blasts masters.
10:49 am
september. will filling orders. >> each class undergoes a 5 step process that can take up to an hour to complete. we first met cindy they were overwhelmed at the prospect of paying for the convention. >> we are smalltime potatoes here. we don't even have a brick-and-mortar. this is our business right here. >> the long hours that follows she said paid off. >> she did -- when we did the convention a really ok over the type . it was wonderful. we were able to do some home improvements and we're still working on the. >> they are getting ready for the state of holiday events will still dating back into rnc work when asked. >> people still call. it is just he and i. we're still plugging away and doing what we do. >> ours was an informal sampling of a handful of vendors . it didn't change the size or scope of the business but it did make for a better year than
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>> that sunday includes some colder temperatures than we have seen the last 48 hours. what a change it has been for all of us. it is that huge dramatic change. is not really a big surprise but still dramatic. >> i know you have been waiting for. >> i have been counting down the days that i was to snow. >> you just have to love it. myself and we are ready to hit the slopes in the winds is what is making a traumatic. we do have that wind advisory for the wind want to be the center of attention beside the snow of to about 25 to 30 miles- per-hour. low-lying clouds are taking over the greater cleveland area right now. things are starting to calm down . the chill, you will need that extra hot coffee this morning and cocoa. look at the ambient temperature, 30 degrees when you factor in those northwest
10:51 am
windchill down to 22 degrees. very cool air in place. 30 degrees. good morning mowing county. 35 for lake county where you saw about 3 inches of accumulation even for ashtabula . was so have snow in the forecast throughout your afternoon with a little bit of lake affect snow. was still have that wind advisory until 4:00 for lorraine. cuyahoga, lake in ashtabula county we could see potential gus to 45 miles-per-hour but most of us will con throughout your afternoon. that really won't subside until we step into your monday. can see from our 5 live radar the moisture is in place for madonna -- medina. the darker purple you are seeing the flakes that are flying but it is that what snow.
10:52 am
can see to the north were only doing this just for a few more bands. to the west high pressure will build and throughout your afternoon and hopefully some locations will get a glimpse of some sunshine. 36 for daytime highs. the winds are still in place . it will be another chilly one but the clouds will really start to take over with an overnight low of 28 degrees. your 7-day forecast, things really start to calm down. please take note tomorrow morning as you are getting ready for work commute. overnight lows are in the 20s. any moisture that we are currently seeing on the roadways is going to start to freeze over. try to give yourself a little bit of extra time. tuesday a high of 41. happy thanksgiving. on thursday 48 degrees with just a few raindrops. we're still tracking snow activity. we have our own meg shaw and storm tracker. good morning, we're in
10:53 am
guess if you want the snow are not, we're not seeing any snow but i want to show you, if you can see the flags on the side of the road, the wind , that is the story today. it is very windy out here making it pretty cold. i know janessa says chilly sometimes but it is cold today with this wind. you can see the roads . they are completely clear. if you are out for you have some snow accumulation off to thea not be so clear. when you factor in the wind you are getting the blowing trip snow on the roadway. make sure you take a little bit slower out there if you see some so, out here the story again is really the wind in the cold . if you're headed out make sure you're taking it a little bit slower with this wind and you are bundling up. get your coffee extra hop. if you're
10:54 am
make sure you have your seat warmers on because it is pretty cold. roadways are looking fine. >> it doesn't look too bad out there just have to watch out for the wind chills. as we go to break one update you on some power outages. we're down the 3000 without power. most of that is from a transponder outage in the rocky river area. will be back to wreck -- wrap
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for the final look at whether. it is cold and windy. >> very windy in the wind will same place throughout the afternoon. will start to drought, 36 degrees, 38 for tomorrow afternoon and then we bump up to the 40s for your thanksgiving day. i have 48 but we will track a few showers. we will be consistently in the 40s for the next 5 to 70s. it is getting better -- 7 days . it is getting better. >> for the people out there at the browns game thank you so much for joining us.
10:58 am
hi. we're with health market insurance agency pick they're going to explain how to find a medicare plan that fits your needs. thank you for being here. >> let's start off with explaining the difference between having medicare with the supplement versus having medicare advantage plan. >> they are both ways to reduce out-of-pocket cost for the medicare beneficiaries but they work very good way to look at it is medicare supplement you will pay a higher premium today to have much lower out-of-pocket costs should you need. an advantage plan is the opposite. you have a lower no monthly premium for some more out-of-pocket exposure along the way but it is kept. >> which one is better to have? >> it depends on the circumstance and what is better for the person. some people may travel a lot
10:59 am
the nation so medicare supplement might work better. sometimes people can afford medicare supplement so they don't have a choice but to go to an advantage plan. it kind of depends on the variables. >> there is a lot to think about. what should people take into consideration when they are picking or choosing a medicare advantage plan. >> the main factor is prescription and providers. each plan will have a different formula and drug list and different networks of hospitals. those things should be taken into consider >> one of the main changes? >> it is really the formulary list. the drug costs are getting so high that the insurance companies have to tweak and adjust their formulary list -- . >> great information. thank you so much. if you would like to learn more go to their website. it is cleveland
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calls 216-228-0765. this is browns' countdown live from firstenergy stadium presented by elkanah. it is cold outside, yes it


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