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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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now. >> take a good look at these pictures. if you are asked to pick out which of the pounds of heroin cut with much more powerful narcotics like the elephant trang aliaser, could you. >> when added to heroin this makes it more potent. a memo shows lake county are warning first responders that they could overdose by touching it. tracy carloss live for us outside the menmer police with more about the warning. tracy. >> well, that warning came in the form of this memo from the lake county crime lab to first responders. two new opioid on the streets. >> dangerous. >> doug roadie with the crime
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dozen cases of the potent car phentenol and three more in the county. >> these new synthetic drugs are tens and thousands of time more potent than even phentenol so now we are dealing with instead of a bike hitting you, this is like a mack truck. >> roadie took the step of warning first responders and la precautions outlined in this memo. >> i believe the law enforcement is aware of the dangers of heroin but not how dangerous these new synthetic analogs are. >> roadie recommends using gloves but respirators that field drug testing should stop
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dogs at risk. >> these new analogs can be introduced through the body in an aerosol. this creates a greater danger. >> roadie explains that heroin and phentenol look like the stronger car phentenol and miss taking one for the other could be a deadly mistake for first responders and a small amount could >> that small amount even end end hailed can cause death. >> there have been accidental exposures and that is what they are trying to avoid. in menner. tracy carloss, news 5. we are keeping our eye on
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struck in fukushima. >> devastating killing at least 15,000 people the last earthquake. there's an active tsunami warning happening now. >> in the same spot as the 2011, earthquake. that was 9.5 and thousands of times stronger than the one that hit in japan. here is the bay fukushima the water rushing back towards shore and i was watching it come back out of the shoreline an hour ago indicating that there was a tsunami brewing well out to sea but now it has come back in and from the latest measurements a 60 to 90-centimeter tsunami. a 2 to 3-foot wave.
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that is the tsunami coming onshore and the seas are raging and no damage, the tsunami was smaller than the one in 2011. let's go back to our local picture. watch the clouds. eroding away as dryer air moves in. we are in for a clear and starchy evening. of us. no snow this evening. 35 cleveland and 33 akron. it is down to 29 in canton. 27 in wooster. you get the picture. the winds are speaking still gusting above 20 miles per hour. you got air temperatures, 30s and 20s since we head through the overnight and you got wind chills in the teens and lower 20s. the hour by hour not quite capturing the cold because this is the actual air temperatures. the wind chills colder.
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bundle up and you can leave the snow bootings -- boots at home. rain coming in for thanksgiving and more on that next. unimaginable heart ache for the parents after 16-year-old found dead. alexander mullins found shot to death. he was last seen on his way to school. a friend that came from a loving family. >> it is sick. he was just a baby. he didn't deserve it no matter what happened. he didn't deserve it. >> tonight police are searching for his killer. they are staying tight-lipped. stay with news 5 cleveland for any breaking developments. >> facing aggravated murder charge in the death of a 5-year- old child last year but davon holmes is out of jail after
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the case against holmes in the death of aavielle wakefield. she was shot and killed inside of her family car in october of last year. the two other men were arrested and charged in connection with her death. charles caldwell that was the accused shooter had charges dropped against him earlier. another man, lawrence hillard is still facing a tampering with evidence charge. a neighborhood in akron in shock after a terrifying turn of events. a man dousted himself in gasoline fire. this 69 year-old veteran being treated for severe burns. bob jones getting details. this started with the man ranting about donald trump. >> well, rob, the trouble started in the highlands square neighborhood around 9:30. the man dressed in a full marine corps uniform when he watched into this coffee shop. angel falls. surveillance video from inside that coffee shop shows the vietnam vet trying to get into
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wanted to know who organized recent donald trump protests and urged more protests against trump. but no one engaged in that conversation so the 69-year-old man left the shop and left and grabbed a gas can and lighter and set himself on fire. witnesses threw coats on the vet and used an extinguisher to put out the fire and the police are treating this as suicide. >> him having a five gallon gas can and asking this mike person to take a picture. >> the veteran being treated at the burn unit. the man handed the phone and told to record that incident did not record it and another man just down the street did see what was happening and he
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handed over to akron police. bob jones, news 5. lead is in here and i was not told about it. >> a big problem. we are putting residents on alert as we continue to follow the news that hundreds of cleveland city school kids may have been exposed. an aging infrastructure could have harmed your child's health if you have not taken precautions. >> not just only focusing >> rob and danita, parents are on edge after news that 60 schools in the cleveland city school district have elevated lead levels and now other places where kids are taken care of, are on alert. like daycare. a few providers say they have no idea that the water flowing through the pipes have tested positive for lead and angry
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considering their business. >> i feel bad knowing that i'm cooking with water with lead in it. i take care of 12 kids a day. and i feel really bad right now. and i'm drinking it. >> there is a home kit you can buy and there are faucet filters that can help. danita. >> we have an update about a dog we told you about. rememberha shot and his leg was in an animal trap. one of the legs had to be amputated. check out the pictures. this is chance and now standing on his own. a good samaritan found chance in the woods and took him to get help and look at that smile. people donated $8000 to help with the veteran bills. >> a local man gets stuck with a bill bill over sewer lines. we got that story for you at
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it is beginning to look a lot like christmas. that's right, mark. i sang it. take a look at downtown cleveland, everybody. how you can enjoy the season with this brand new ice-skating rink. no tune here but a special honor for the cavs where the team is getting a street named after them. we are back in just about two minutes.
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ongoing news investigation about how hundreds of abusers are rarely sent to prison or spend a day in jail. >> our investigative team exposed loopholes placing women at risk. you have been digging into 700 cases here in cuyahoga county. >> that's right. that's how many abusers were charged with felony domestic violence last year alone. but we found one of every three abusers never spent a day behind bars. >> and he has this look in his eyes that i have never seen. >> so we tracked every abuser in every felony domestic
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in cuyahoga county. nearly 700. we found 8 out of ten repeatedly abused women and punishment often falls far short of the crime. >> he started to squeeze my throat. >> choking new choking me. >> seconds later slamming her beloved dog into the wall. >> i am going to dog. my dog is going to die. i grabbed my dog and up and see if anything is broke. the dog is crying. >> well she was his 3rd victim and he is already out of prison. tonight at 11. how most abusers never spend a day behind bars. i'm chief investigator ron regan. look forward to that. a man from the west side of cleveland was told he owed more than $13,000 in construction costs but on your side investigators found out that he was not responsible and today
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joining us. this took months to figure out. >> it started last saturday when joe started to see problems with his plumbing but now he has the last check from the city of cleveland to pay off the bill. good news and joe showed us that 6500 check. there was questions about the sewer backup and who was to blame. the city said it is on the you but after i dug through the details and kept asking questions, the city and e bill. >> without muscle there is no fighting city hall. thank god for channel 5. came by and you guys were my muscle thank god. we are able to get it done only because of you guys. >> well, joe told me that there is no way he could have paid that bill on his own. i'm on your side investigator jonathan walsh. >> as the cold weather moved in, so did a nice new ice rink
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pair of skates or seven dollars if you bring your own skates. a 32 million-dollar renovation project on a public square and will stay open as long as the weather stays cold. love it. there is danita harris. >> i am not that skilled. i am amazed that people can do that. that's great. very graceful to ice skate outside or on the roads or bridges. >> bitter cold. >> is the top on the jeep? >> it is secured. super glued. >> watching the clouds leaving us. that is good news and we should see moon shine and star shine. if you are going to go stargazing bundle up. the cold air is here and it is hanging around.
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ontario to upstate new york all the way down towards rhode island, for greater cleveland we have dried out with no snow and great news and 38 degrees right now downtown. the chill is on. here we go with the power of five. not seeing any snowstorm and skies are clearing out very nicely. over the weekend about .3 of an inch for greater: and if go towards hiram two-and-a-half inches. chardon 2 toy 2 and in burton, youngstown, 4.3-inches of lake- effect snow. it kind of fell out of the traditional lake-effect snow area into other areas. i didn't get much in my house. about an inch, 35 cleveland with a wind out of the west at ten and 29 in akron with northwest winds at 7 and winds
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here is the weather thanksgiving. look at all of the rain showers building off to the west. you notice there is not a lot of snow. temperatures moderate to keep this primarily rain. beginning rain late afternoon. the high is in control. it brings us sunshine for your tuesday and wednesday, the clouds move in and eventually towards evening we get those showers coming our way. could there be a wet snowflake wednesday and thursday? cod mixing with showers during the day? sure. but not going to be a major travel problem with just the exception of wet roadways for your wednesday and thursday this week. 27 tonight and partly cloudy and breezy and cold. tomorrow sunshine and a high of 40-degree. now, akron and canton tonight. 25 with wind chills in the
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tomorrow morning, definitely winter apparel. 25 tonight and 39 tomorrow and that's cold. 39 degrees is cold. wouldn't you say danita? it is cold. 40 tuesday and late afternoon rain on wednesday, 41 and there's the thanksgiving day. 48 with a few isolated showers and maybe a few snowflakes and friday a couple of showers. there's the turkey. don't look at me. 47 on friday and saturday should be dry and we will go and look at that. monday, springtime arrives. 52. keeping my head down. and now i must look up. looking ahead. a lot of you will travel for the upcoming holiday and if you are hitting the road you can expect to pay more for gas. gas prices are up 11 cents from last week and the average is 2.09 a gallon. 2 million ohioans are expected
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between wednesday and sunday. unfortunate placement of the water drops with that turkey, is it not. >> looking like something else. one of our championship teams. >> thank you, thank you. that's why i like you. starting today the cleveland cavaliers will have a street named after them. the city of independence is renamed a portion of brecksville. and where the team's practice facility is located. the city of akron is part of south main street between market and exchange streets. we have cavaliers name. i am mesmerized by the seven- day forecast. i can't stop looking at that browns coach. name of the starting quarterback. you have so see this video.
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the browns are looking for a way to getting punched out from the steelers. josh mccown will start against the giants. the steelers had zero respect for the 0-11 browns and you will remember this before the end of the half not flinching
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two extra plays before the break yesterday. i will be the calm leader that will get us through this and we will understand that there is one way and it is kind of my way and we will all work together and figure it out from there. and we'll all do it his way on thursday night at 7:00. the hugh jackson show and it repeats at 1130. on thanksgiving you can hang out with coach jackson and the crew. the game is saturday, ohio stat and number 3. the buckeyes coming off a one point win over michigan state. one of the reasons that this is called the best rivalry in sports, most have a childhood memory of ohio state, michigan like head coach urban meyer right here in northeast ohio. my mother for some reason, i still to this day don't know why, said we have to go grab an errand and what are you talking about, don't leave that game in
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and over the loudspeakers i just kept stopping and listening to the game in the 70s, the ten year war. i remember that. i have the same memories of being at cedar center with my father as i waited forever to wait for my dad to get shoes. we have you conferred for ohio state and michigan game. we get you moving and got things to wrap it up and have the game at noon. this is amazing. guys from how ridiculous. almost 600-foot basketball shot. from the top of a dam in switzerland. >> are you kidding? >> watch. >> no. they did it on their 3rd try. 3rd try? >> i kept telling you, i can watch this play over and over again. i think we have time to show it one more time.
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over the dam, wow! >> no way. >> mesmerizing. the key is you don't spin the ball. and so you just send it through. a dam shot. >> there's your seven day. look at thanksgiving. see you tonight at 11. laying some eggs. brought to you by the ohio
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tonight, breaking news. just as millions begin to travel for thanksgiving, the major storm turning deadly tonight. the 40-car pileup. and now the new storm moving in right after, just in time for the holiday. also breaking, there is word coming in right now of a horrific and deadly school bus crash. reports of several elementary also, as we come on tonight, the earthquake and tsunami warning near the toque shia nuclear plant. the images coming in. the urgent manhunt after a veteran officer in texas is shot and killed in an ambush. the surveillance video released late today. another officer shot while in his patrol car in st. louis. four officers targeted in 24 hours. and the new message late today from president-elect donald trump. the race to fill his cabinet.


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