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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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out on bail. >> a classroom catastrophic event avoided. >> we are fortunate it did note explode. >> we will see this at news 5. a teenage boy accused of bringing an explosive to school. >> an m80 and found a glue stick and threatened a teacher on facebook. news 5 bob jones joins us from north high school. what happened to the student, bob? report freshman was suspended and still a student in the akron public school district and he no longer attends north high school where the incident happened. police charged the 14-year-old boy and things could have gotten worse but the things in the classroom did not explode. >> it was a serious threat and something serious could have happened. >> frightening details of what happened inside a north classroom in october are just now coming to light.
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the size of an m80 into this glue stick and tossed the smoking school supply towards a teacher's desk. >> we are fortunate. sometimes you are fortunate that in this case that it didn't explode. >> luckily the flame in the glue stick container diffused keeping it from going off but it did cause panic in the classroom that was evacuated. margaret wright was not in the class but saw the aftermath. >> after it happened, they had kids running around upstairs from that had to go get the school officer and stuff. >> police found a note with a teacher's name on the potential explosive and the words you will pay on the boy's facebook page. officers tracked a threat to kill the teacher and explode a grenade at the school. he was charged with inducing panic and suspended for ten days. >> you can hide stuff and
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talk to us. >> but some say did the district did talk about it enough. parents did not receive any notification. >> it is a judgment call. where we lock the building we automatically do a call to everyone home. >> and the district believes the 14-year-old boy did all of this because he was angry that a teacher gave him an the district is telling me the boy is moved into a program with the most restrictive form of discipline and he is not a student at north anymore. live in akron. bob jones, news 5. to new developments in the case against a former cincinnati police officer accused of shooting an unarmed black man to death. ray tensing's trial that landed in a deadlocked jury and le go through the whole process all over again. news 5 anchor rob powers is following this for us.
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former police officer ray tensing will be retried in the shooting death of samuel dubose. it was last july when he stopped him and feared for the car dragging him but the body cam told a different story. deters is hoping the big difference will be a change of venue. >> it is our belief that the public attention that has been focused could have seeped into the jury room and we will try to alleviate that. >> in the first trial jurors deadlocked after deliberate be for 25 hours on charges of murder and voluntary manslaughter before the judge declared a mistrial. if tensing is convicted of murder this time around he will face 15 years to life in prison if he is found guilty of manslaughter he is looking at 3
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police in ohio have new technology to help them manage unruly crowds, the l rad. a long range acoustic device being used by police in columbus. the device is mounted to an armored vehicle and send waves up to 8 miles. listen to this right here. >> [ sirens ] >> that will get your police in ohio say some people were complaining they couldn't hear commands to disburse before tear gas was used. they should definitely hear this. the device was purchased thanks to a grant from homeland security. victims now fearful as the man arrested for the armed robbery you see in this video got out of jail by paying just a few thousand dollars. kristen volk broke the story
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from the judge. >> i did. what we were told is because the suspect has for prior convictions and, therefore, not considered a flight risk, he paid $3500 to get out of jail. but that's not enough for one of his alleged victims who works here at this used car dealership on west 117th. >> this guy is free out there and he can be robbing somebody right now as we speak. who knows? he is a dangerous person. >> november 5th. 5:15. scott mast believed that was the moment his life was ending. >> i said a prayer in my own mind and i figured it was over. >> this masked gunman busted through the door on west 117th street and held up scott, the finance manager in the auto store and a customer put his hand up. >> the gun is pointed at my hand. >> the man ransacked the store and grabbed $6000 and then as the customer tried to escape
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and missed and then he escaped until a strange twist of events five days later. >> i had strong suspicions it was him. >> cleveland police say this man, 21 year-old joe taylor is the one behind the crime. he said taylor bought a car at the dealership 45 minutes before the place was held up. >> he was anxious. >> he had the nerve to go back that's when police arrested him and charged him with aggravated robbery. >> this guy is not too bright so he is capable of anything. >> two days in jail and $3500 in bond, and taylor is now out again. scott is in disbelief. >> guys like this, they should sit in jail until they get sentenced. you got guys in county jail that are in there for less crime.
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call back from municipal court judge charles patton that presided over taylor's case. it is now being bound over to county court and will be held by a grand jury. when that will happen is unknown. live in cleveland, i'm kristen volk news 5. he said goodbye to his son before school, nearly two weeks ago. tonight a cleveland father is coping with the 16-year-old's murder. alex mullins body was found on sunday in a vacant home on east 54th street. the boy had a gunshot his chest. before finding his body, investigators had identified an area as a source of a pink from alex's cell phone. today alex's father, henry, talked for the first time about the days of searching and in fields and dumpster and vacant homes for his son and the moment he felt things had ended badly for alex. >> i realized that alex called
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didn't make it out of the neighborhood. >> henry mullins described his son as soft spoken and always helpful. he said the last time he saw the teen was on november 10th. police are still investigating the circumstances surrounding his death. lots going on at trump tower in new york city as donald trump continues his transition to the presidency. >> mr. trump announced he carson to his cabinet and weighing his pledge to put hillary clinton in jail and he canceled and held a meeting with the new york times. we have the story. >> dr. ben carson said he did not want to be considered for a cabinet position now appears to be back in consideration. after a meeting at trump tower, the president-elect donald trump tweeted i am seriously considering dr. ben carson as
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declared to not weigh in on his interest. >> i am not going to discuss what i am interested in or the president-elect donald trump is mulling over. >> he did say that the president elect may be backing down to call for a criminal investigation into hillary clinton. >> there is tradition in american politics after you win an election you put things behind you. i would be supportive of continuing the investigation. >> the president in this country does not have the power to decide who is under criminal investigation. one of the many topics mr. trump york times during his sit down interview. the president-elect donald trump saying it is not something that he feels very strongly about. the times live tweeted their meeting the president elect and among the other topics was climate change that mr. trump is connected to humans and the all right that he has disavowed and his business dealings. >> in the irs filing the trump
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will deal with that disclosure lonna sack, abc news washington. a pretty decent fall day. >> not bad for almost thanksgiving. right? a lot of folks are headed to the store to buy those last minute condiments and potatoes. don't forget to get the turkey out. thaw it. you got a day-and-a-half before you got to feed folks. clouds in and out and notice rain chicago and those will be in tomorrow by about this time and maybe in a little bit earlier so travelers, you may have a little wetness to deal with. 33 elyria and 34 in akron and 36 canton. your weather window dry and cleveland will drop down to 32 by midnight and you will be in the 20s by midnight for the akron, canton area. staying dry. >> a tragedy beyond comprehension, the investigating under way as the
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to chattanooga where a school bus driver is in custody after a deadly reck. that cost the lives of five children. a news 5 investigation credited with saving lives. how ohio's treatment of a brand new street drug we uncovered could be leading the way for law enforcement. >> cuyahoga county cracking down on crime. how you can be part of a brand new effort to keep our city streets safer at 5:30. we reveal serial abusers that know how to cheat the system.
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change to protect victims. brand new details to get deadly drugs off of the streets. we broke the details about a synthetic drug. at the time the drug was so new chemists had to figure out what it was. it had killed a young man in that county. in fact that man was the first person in the state to die from the drug. and today we've learned that
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>> this got the attention of the legislatures in columbus and the ohio board of pharmacy and they presented a document for our governor to sign that made it a scheduled one drug in ohio. we were the first state to schedule u4770. >> may making u4770 a scheduled one drug ohio put it in the same class as heroin, lsd and cocaine. doug growte from the crime lab saved lives. so far 31 deaths across the country have been attributed to this drug, frank. >> five children killed in a devastating school bus crash. the driver suspected of speeding, charged with vehicular homicide and tonight we are learning more about that driver. news 5 elizabeth hurr is live with this investigation. reporter: frank, we are
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people are here at the hospital. six of them in the intensive care unit. as far as the investigation is concerned. this is what we are learning from the police. they have charged the driver with vehicular homicide and reckless driving because based on witness events and evidence gathered. they suspect the driver was speeding. new details outlined in court documents, the driver of this speeding. 24-year-old jonathan walker lost control and swerved to the right and then to the left. eventually overturning and crashing in to a telephone pole and a tree killing five children at the scene. the youngest in kindergarten. a horror story. we saw the children escaping through the roof hatch.
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the school opened today with counselors jo hand for so many still in disbelief. >> it is so sad. you know. no words. i have no words. >> how do you explain something like this? >> you can't. >> i felt like maybe they could explain it differently than i can. >> ntsb investigators from dc are now in tennessee to get to the bottom of this. >> we will look at the totality of the situation to try to determine what caused this and try to make prevent it from happening again. >> police in the meantime revealing a warrant has been issued to remove the black box for clues and awaiting blood test results from the driver. >> as the children continue to recover at the hospital. abc news learned that driver was involved in another crash two months ago. no injuries were reported then
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of the ongoing investigation they will be looking into that incident as well. reporting live in chattanooga, elizabeth hurr from news 5. >> the coverage in tennessee we spoke with a local school safety expert to get insight into this investigation. he says that it is all about the black box from the bus and that driver. he spoke with news 5 paul kiska who joins us now live with what he has learned. >> paul. >> well, the overall school buses are considered to be safe. but sometimes they do have tragic accidents including here in ohio. >> ohio has not seen anything like what happened in tennessee but ohio has had two deaths on school buses between 2005 and 2014. in one, the 67 year-old school bus driver who was wearing a seat belt was killed in star county at 2008. a 6 year-old passenger was killed in muskogee county in
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75% of school fatalities are other drivers and pedestrians and cyclists, not the occupants of the school bus. on average 6 children die every year nationwide on school buses. like airplanes they have black boxes to tell one how fast someone is going. ken trump told us this afternoon that investigators will focus on the school bus driver. >> the key issue with buses that the vast majority of school buses to and from school. when there is an accident we look at what to do in the emergency situation and the driving. when there are school bus accidents, the first focus goes to the driver and the driver selections and the condition of the roadways and the condition of the driver. >> of all vehicle accidents only a half percent involve
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paul kiska, news 5. probably a lot of people on the road. want to know if the weather will hold up? >> hold up meaning no snow. that's good. right? >> very little. an. >> there will be some rain moving around for the travelers. let's take a look at what is going on. dry weather for your evening if you are spending your time doing last-minute shopping or packing up the bags as you head on out. dry weather cool. 30s to near 40s and hey, it is late november. right? notice we do have rain showers showing up on the radar off to the west. this is the system moving our way for wednesday into thursday. now, it is not a major winter storm for us. it is hit and miss rain showers beginning tomorrow. let me show you the hour by hour. starting off wednesday morning at 6:00 a.m. dry, temperatures in the 20s and lower 30s lakeside and a
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clouds for the most part and cloudy all day long. this is noontime where we are still dry. notice up a few rain showers by five, moving in and hit and miss and then rain showers are likely by midnight tomorrow night into early thursday morning. could see a wet snowflake mixing in. watch the temperatures. falling down into the upper 20s by 6:00 a.m. before you should get up and go tomorrow morning. clouds and there is that through the afternoon with highs in the mid-40s for your day tomorrow. thursday, a couple of isolated showers as well. 27 degrees tonight. mainly cloudy and chilly. tomorrow, let's do cloudy skies. and some isolated showers. still chilly and 46 and akron and canton, mid-20s and tonight warming you up. 45 for the high with p.m. rain showers and slightly
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here we go. thursday a few showers near 50s. one or two showers on friday. 45, same for saturday. one or two showers, 44. sunday it appears to be the best day of your weather weekend. i'm thinking 50 to 54 degrees. that's not too shabby and monday, rain and 57. is winter canceled? no. just a temporary uptick in the temperatures as we head through your weather shopping on friday after thanksgiving is looking good. friday i know you are a good shopper. >> wouldn't shopper. >> have you had the talk lately with your doctor? we are talking about any prescriptions you may be taking and what you absolutely shouldn't be mixing with them. the group of people seeing a spike in bad drug reaction next. a post election rally on walt. which companies are benefiting
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you really should take your medications with you because your drugs may react badly with each other. the centers for disease control says that in 2013 and 2014 one out of every 250 americans went to the er bec senior citizens are the most likely group to be affected and end up hospitalized. >> good news. dementia rates are falling. the number of senior citizens dropped. the average age is 82. the study published in that jama medical journal found that people with diabetes had a higher chance of developing dementia and people overweight had a lower risk.
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the community connected working together to attract activity in the neighborhood. some say big brother and others say safety improvement. we will explain how it works next. >> we saw snow and wintery weather but at least we are not buried in it. look what people in the
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>> news 5 brought to national floor outlet carpet store. a former university of cincinnati police officer will face a second murder trial for killing an unarmed black man. the hamilton county prosecutor made the announcement today. earlier this the judge declared a mistrial. he wants it moved out of hamilton county. >> a news 5 story credited with
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u r70770. lawmakers made it a class 1 drug in the same last at heroin and lsd and cocaine. 31 deaths have been attribute to the drug including one in lake county. >> learning new details about the driver in that devastating school bus accident in chattanooga tennessee. court documents say 24-year-old jonathan walker wa tree. it killed five children and injured others. the driver was charged with vehicular homicide. a new system to stop and solve crime, a camera mapping system connected to hundreds of surveillance cameras across the county. >> working in new york city and san francisco and as tara
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business and development and homes. that's right, if you have got a personal security camera, that can be registered and part of this plan. about 700 cameras are registered so far in cuyahoga county. and they are already making a huge difference. according to prosecutors and police. one unblinking eye often time the reason for a conviction and sentence. the plan, cover the county. but for now, the focus is specific areas. >> like the detroit shore way neighborhood. each red marker represents a camera. if you register one at your house this is what police and prosecutors can see. if something happens near you. >> we will have the officer use this database to contact them and the release would develop from there. if they are interested and change their mine and they don't want to provide it, that will be sorted out later. reporter: there are security
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registration is simple. if you want more information on how to register or the program head to the news 5 app. in cleveland, tara molina. news 5. a news alert at 5. for the first time the dow has closed above 19,000. the index is closed at a record high of 6 times since the presidential election but note every business segment is benefiting. retail stocks are soaring thanks to stores like dollar tree and burlington that and health care stocks are slumping thanks to weak results from the medical device companies. medtronic. >> the wintery weather we got our first taste of made a mess in the northeast. the storm hammered new york, burying some areas in more than 40-inches of snow. the powerful winds and whiteout
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highways a danger littered with wreckage and cars. one terrifying moment, a bus flipped over trying to avoid a spun out car. >> we rushed over there and there were students and they were okay and we got them out of the emergency exit. >> there were 40 high schoolers on the bus. nine suffered minor injuries and here is a better idea. how much snow we are talking about. look at this time lapse of the snow pilg as that storm moved through. well, mark, people are getting ready to head over the river and through the woods. >> and a much quieter travel period for folks wherever you want to go, 39 degrees right now and a lot of folks are headed out and about to the stores this evening. to grab those little food items that you may have forgotten, the veggie and the salad, who needs salad. you got meat and potatoes. >> not on the menu.
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>> 37 in akron and 38 in youngstown and 39 in mansfield and we will show you the greater cleveland area. no travel issues, 32 in parma and 33 chardon and 35 in west lake and north royal ton. 36 for jackson township and canton, akron at 34 degrees. so temperatures are going to hover. lower and middle 30s at six and upper 20s at 8 and upper 20s at ten p.m. winter coats an the snow shovels, yet. >> guess what? the turkey came early for some folks in ohio city. news five was there for the 4th annual town hall feed the need event. players from the cleveland browns and the cavs were there helping to dish out dinner to the homeless community in that neighborhood. >> it is good what they are doing. a lot of people aren't doing
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should be about. no division. people have to eat and we have to look after those that are poor and we have to work together. >> you recognize that face, jim brown was in the house joined by tyron lou doing good for more than 4,000 folks. that event was a fundraiser supporting the st. augustine center feeding thousands all jail time and out free to abuse again. he is doing the same thing again. he is a human time bomb ready to explode. >> what is happening with the shocking number of domestic violence cases in northeast ohio and why it can be so
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let's talk travel in my world of weather. a lot of you will hit the road and expecting loved ones to come in. notice out here currently in the nation's mid section we got snow in minneapolis and into wisconsin and rain showers here all the way through iowa and st. louis down into dallas. let's take this progression and move it towards the east as we head into wednesday. notice this is six p.m. right here, rr 6:00 p.m. and high mountain snows and rain in the pacific northwest. the main area of rain and trouble for travel. from detroit through grand rapids and chicago and up into madison and down into indy and northern ohio. notice isolated showers from the east coast in the great lakes. we'll be right back.
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flush. now to an exclusive on your side investigation. hundreds of violent abusers that are rarely sent to prison or spend a day in jail. our news 5 investigative team spend a year exposing loopholes placing women at risk. ron regan is here. you have been digging into 700
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>> that's how many abusers were charged with felony domestic violence last year. but we found one of other three abusers never spent a day behind bars. >> when i opened the door he went to the door and he threw me against the wall. >> she is describing a terrifying night in 2014. her abuser inside her home had a long history of abusing women. running one off of the road and grabbing another by the throat on this night, she was next. >> i couldn't even scream. because i couldn't breathe. >> by now her abuser knows exactly how to gain the system. >> probation and a 2010 case. so 5 months later he abuses another. and after just 30 months in prison, he strikes again. >> he has this look in his eyes that i have never seen.
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in every felony domestic violence case. filed last year in cuyahoga county. nearly 700. we found 8 out of ten repeatedly abused women and punishment often falls far short of the crime. >> he puts my hands on my throat and squeezing me around the throat. >> choking new. >> choking me. >> around your throat. holding me with one hand and around my throat with the other and throwing her dog on the wall. >> i am dog. i gag my dog and pick him up and i'm trying to see if anything is broke because he is crying. >> and then a chilling threat. >> that's when he told me he was going to kill you. >> he said that. >> he said i'm going to kill you and holding me the same way and said i'm going to bury you in the woods. >> despite that, a three time abuser spent just 12 months
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him? >> no, it did not. he walked out of there and doing it again when he wrecked. he is a human time bomb ready to explode. >> we found 582 of nearly 700 felony abusers struck plea deals leading to reduced charges including when guns are involved. this repeat abuser got 18 months in prison and this one remains to abuse for years. in 2011, probatio beating his father. in 2013, a again probation. after punching and strangling his child's mother and in 2013 accused of trying to kill her and 6 months later, beating her again. but that long history of abuse equals just three years in prison. >> we asked a top prosecutor how can that happen? >> doesn't that suggest that perhaps prosecutor ares not
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should be? >> believe me. we would love to be more aggressive but it actually is pretty amazing. a lot of women -- it is amazing that they can actually hide. >> diane russell is deputy supervisor in the major trials unit and says victims often failed to prosecute. >> she wants to believe that he is sorry and that it happen again. so it makes it difficult when jane q public calls her and says i want to prosecute the man that you love. >> we found only 161 abusers actually went to prison. 235 more never spent a day behind bars. findings that raised concern among domestic violence advocates. >> does this send a message to
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so if someone abuses their victim and they are arrested and they just get, you know, a slap on the hand, well, they know that they can get away with it and they will do it again. >> linda heads up cleveland's domestic violence is center. >> what needs to change. >> there are several things that need to change in order to have a more effective system and to hold offenders accountable and enjoy victim's safety. one is it needs a lot of training and education we know who is at the highest risk and if those factors are in a case, that's something that individuals need to be aware of. that's something that judges need to be aware of. >> still it leaves many others continuing to feel at risk. >> is the hurt to somebody? maybe the victim won't be here
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or somebody else. >> here is the crisis hotline number, 216391 help and prosecutors say that they're hopeful that the addition of body cameras worn by police will provide additional evidence in case where is victims fail to prosecute. i'm chief investigator ron regan. all right. weatherwise a dry sky in downtown akron. we got clear and some clouds mixing together. it should be quiet overnight. current downtown cleveland sitting at 36 degrees. winter coats and warm coats necessary going out and about. 34 akron and 36 in canton. mid-30s from astubula to youngs town. a 37-degree reading currently in mansfield. temperatures up to 40 and now dropping back down. let me show you clouds in and out.ling ripples of clouds moving towards the northeast. clouds will thicken up and it is going to be a cloudy wednesday. we are tracking rain showers
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pressures. this one with the snow around it, will head northeast away from us. this one here with a cold front will drag these showers near st. louis into northern ohio during the afternoon and overnight tomorrow. so here it comes. notice the temperatures, 40s to near 50s and i am thinking by thanksgiving day we could touch 50s in a lot of spot. no artic air anytime soon. at least not for your travel plans this holiday and holiday weeken your evening we are talking 30s through 9 p.m. and with partly cloudy skies, akron and canton, notice will drop you in the upper 20s between 8 and 9:00 p.m. definitely chilly. 27 tonight mainly cloudy and staying cold. but dry. tomorrow 46 and a few p.m. showers and isolated showers by the afternoon commute. if you are traveling, you got a dry morning and dry weather for most of the afternoon as you
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and illinois. i showed you the rain, that's where you will encounter rain tomorrow during the morning and that rain will will slide our way during the afternoon and overnight. 26 tonight and mostly cloudy and cold for akron and mid-40s tomorrow with isolated rain. seven day. rain likely. thursday a few showers and it will be muddy for that backyard football game. i know lee jordan will be the quarterback. 50s in the channel 5 football game. one or two showers friday and there is th saturday. one or two showers, 44 and sunday, nice day. there's your pick day of the weekend. lower and middle 50s with sunshine and monday, 57 and rain is moving in and tuesday cooler, 53. no sign of any big time snow here but it is not december yet. so let's feel fortunate that this is looking pretty good for travelers. lee and frank. you could do worse. as quarterback? >> yes. it's true. here is what is coming up
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road have been affected by the takata air bag recall. the defective product that has been linked to a dozen deaths. an. >> one car manufacturer was granted a delay in fixing the vehicle. to try and avoid a big payout. we will have more on that and how to check to see if your car is affected. plus, the cleveland city council, they are voteing to start charging folks that park their vehicles at the parking lot behind west side park and we will tell you how much you can expect to pay. first when returns. one woman's mission to take a hobby and bring hope and dreams
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>> a woman uses her sewing talent to save lives. she makes custom super hero
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to help children feel special. each cape comes with initiation into at super hero squad and souvenir of hope. >> the fact that we can make something that brings families this tangible source of courage and hope is priceless. >> the software engineer made it her life mission. she month to fifty every week. that's it for news 5 at 5. rob and danita. >> self-proclaimed doomsdayers with a sense of security rattled. >> burglaries took items from their home at night and hope nobody get hurt.
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on the street.
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minutes. us. >> 5 at 6 brought to you by mr. hero. get a 6-inch blt meal for 5.99. >> news 5 on your side starts now. >> now at 6, a small arsenal swiped in the middle of the night. a cleveland severe damage. >> now police are trying to track down dozens of deadly weapons before they affect someone else. >> only news 5 spent this day trying to find out what happened after these high powered weapons were taken from an east side home. >> we spoke to the owner that is worried that the guns are in the wrong hands. tracy carloss, that woman is shaken tonight. >> she is. afraid of who may be in the


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