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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 24, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm rob powers. we start with tara blake in the weather center. tear remarks for those heading home from grandma's, what can we expect? >> with the darker clouds and lower visibility you may be wondering if you are going to run into any trouble. the good news, there's not much to show you. the bad news, it is chill. >> reporter: yes you are going to have in line for those deals. this is a little earlier. sunset was at 5:00. just wanted to show you the lowered clouds. we've had some light sprinkles and even notice the formation of fog. but driving in the fog, you're good to go. we have not noticed any issues when driving. it is settle on what looks like a gloomy day but a belly filled day. 46 in cleveland.
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45 youngstown, 44 in ashtabula. for your black friday shoppers, here we go, friday's clouds will be staying. 39 for your morning start. a few better chances at rainfall for everyone at 42. highs are not going to be too much better than what we're finding right here and now for those headed out for their thursday shopping festivities. we're going to take a look at your weekend weather and show you a warm-up >> look forward to that. armed robbers have hit a string of northeast ohio restaurants over the last several weeks. many of the suspects were still at large. it's a rash of robberies that has an entire community coming together to try to figure out what can be done. news 5 investigator joe has been digging into these cases where even surveillance cameras don't seem to be slowing anybody down. >> it's very scary. it's very scary. >> reporter: this neighborhood subway restaurant in cleveland is back to normal business.
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few days ago. two armed robbers caught on surveillance cameras, both with guns drawn. the suspects still on the loose. >> i grew up in this neighborhood, and i would like to believe that you get comfortable, and then now you're fearful going in businesses that you once fement say. >> it was a bad night. >> reporter: in garfield heights it was more of the same. jam mall was working here when this hooded gunman walked in and took cash. police tried to guy to a holdup at the burger king but police say the grand jury threw out the case. >> we sent our video and they supposedly had an image of him when he robbed burger king so i thought it was done. then we got the news that he wasn't charged. >> reporter: blakeer believes the rash of robberies are being generated by financial difficulties. >> it's bad. >> reporter: residents living
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public safety meeting here at this church looking for answers to this growing problem. >> it gets the community to come together. you get neighbors out and you get to meet one another and join together that way when these things happen, we're more united. >> that public safety meeting at the christ baptist church is set for november 29th at 6:00 in the evening. if you have any information about these cases you are asked to call cleveland's second district detective bureau or the as this holiday winds down, the festivities wind down, some of you might be getting ready to head out for holiday shopping. there's still concern tonight for drives would may be on the roads under the influence right now. this year the state of ohio has seen a big increase in drugged driving incidents on the highways. ohio state highway patrol says so far this year there have been nearly 3600 crashes all caused by drivers under the influence of drugs. that number represents 33% of
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this year. officers tell us it is a little more difficult to spot drugged drivers over drunk drivers but there signs to look for if you suspect something. >> dilated pupils, constrict pupils. they actually look like they're falling asleep. their eyes start to close and their forehead starts to drooch down towards their knees. >> dial pound 677 from your phone volunteers in tremont have handed out meals to those in need for years. today was no exception. they prepared enough food to feed nearly 20,000 people. news 5's tara molina was there and has more. >> reporter: talk about feeling thankful, you can feel it in this room right now, people coming together to celebrate thanksgiving. a lot of these people wouldn't have been able to celebrate otherwise. it takes about 1500 turkeys.
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potatoes, green beans, stuffing, and cranberry sauce. >> it's like a freeness that you get that you just can't purchase. they're helping the community. >> everybody is thankful. >> did you need a plate? >> i'm full. and that makes me happy. as long as they're full and they go home full. >> be blessed. >> reporter: serving it up with a smile and a hug, even a dance. because today is about more than what's on the plate. >> it's not just a meal, it's a celebration. >> reporter: a family celebration. and this -- >> it is a family that we have. >> reporter: -- is a big one. >> everybody has so much love in their heart, and people come together, the and they truly want to be here. >> reporter: a lot of food and a lot of fun here today, guys,
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st. awest. augustin has delivered hundreds of meals today to people who couldn't make it here. we're in cleveland and having a very happy thanksgiving. tara molina, news 5. >> that is great. but st. augustin isn't the local church giving to those in need. we found a group that stepped outside the box to go the extra mile. the nonprofit shoulder to shoulder has been out today doing what they call street feed traditional route of setting things up in a church or a shelter this group went driving and walking the streets to pass out meals to the homeless who maybe couldn't make it to those facilities. >> we all should be doing this. it's what you are supposed to do, to help each other. i just feel like i'm doing what i'm supposed to. >> this is the group's fourth year doing its street feed in the cleveland area. thousands of local runners braved the chilly and wet elements for this year's turkey
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the race organizers say close to 7,000 people decided to burn off a couple of calories before heading to their holiday dippers. a little preventive maintenance. there's a 5k and a one-mile as well. for a lot of people football is a big part of thanksgiving. in medina, tossing the old pigskin around is a huge fund- raiser. the meadows turkey bowl has been around for 27 years. in the last 11 years 40 players have raised nearly $1.5 million to paul society. this year they had a fund raising record. $245,000. today's game also honored the memory of beth mowery, a mother of four from hudson. she died from breast cancer a few months ago. her husband alan played in this game. the players wore shirts with beth's name on the back. >> seeing beth's name on the back just really -- she touched so many people's lives when she was here, just knowing that she is going to be able to help
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lives as families go through cancer is really humbling. >> mike meadows says 30% of donations going forward will be earmarked to assist feels dealing with cancer. now to new information on an exclusive news 5 investigation. we told you how hollywood hi jacks your tax dollars. turns out other states have now figured out film credits aren't all they're cracked up investigator sarah buduson joining us now. ohio is what they call an outlier. >> it is. we found other states scaling back as ohio doubled down. ohio lawmakers want more movies like these made in ohio so they voted to increase the film tax credit from $20 million to 40 million this year. but we found other states saying "country.
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million investment failed to create any new jobs. abysmal results also led to alaska and arizona to killing their credits. in fact, tax experts chris called film credits a hollywood heist. >> those states that are looking at the success or failure of these programs are realizing that they're a failure. they're giving tens of millions of dollars away to these companies and getting nothing in return. a study found the film credit does boost the economy but it only analyzed four years of data. so we asked for all of the information but didn't get any answers. look at this. the state censored the records. on your side, i'm investigator sarah buduson, news 5. right now an akron man is behind bars after he was found with 11kilos of cocaine in his car. they also found more at his
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by jumping from an akron bridge. he now faces federal charges for possession a firearm as a convict felon. so if you are feeling a little lucky as we head into the weekend now might be the best time to buy into the powerball jackpot. there were no winners in last night's drawing, pushing the jackpot now to a whopping $403 million. that's a lot. you have until saturday to get a ticket for the next drawing. you can watch that drawing during news 5 at 11:00. still ahead at 6:00, while the dishes are being cleaned many are getting themselves ready to head out for some early bird shopping. but are all those black friday ads really worth it? and weather for us here in northeast ohio on turkey day a little gloomy. rainfall, snowfall, it's all back in your power of 5 seven- day forecast. we'll see if it will be rang on those shopping bags as we break
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black friday has almost turned into black thursday. stores open early, people leave their homes for savings. but do you really to have fight the crowds and all those long
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jonathan wall ssh here with that answer. jonathan, you have specific examples. >> experts have been saying that for awhile now. many years now, that on-line savings are there for you, and this year is certainly no different. it's almost dizzying, the amount of sales that are staring you in the face. door busters from so many stores, tempting you to hop from place to place, like the easter bunny on thanksgiving. but the truth? well, the secret's been out. >> business expert from a 2014 interview i did where he said savings on-line were equal or better than the stores. >> in general, the whole process of bag on-line as opposed to buying in-store is much more efficient on behalf of the consumer as opposed to what the retailer wants, which is to get you in the store and get you spending more. >> reporter: and that's what stores want. foot traffic. but if you have specific items in mind, footing the bill at
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the best buy door buster black friday ad is showing this mixer for $199.99. then you go on-line to the best buy site, and sure enough, it's there for the same price. no need to rush to the store. same for stap pass. this router in the paper ad, and it's the same on-line. this j.c. penney insert touts the black friday deal on the earrings, but go to its website and without stepping foot in a store you can add them to your g. it's a prediction that retail experts made with they saw the success of sign monday years ago, that on-line opportunities which actually catch up with the brick and mortar stores. you can see that's happening right now. so happy shopping, however you feel like saving this year. i'm on your side investigator jonathan walsh. >> good tips, jonathan. while many of us are recovering from the big feast, some are already out there trying to cash in on these early black
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the door. but as consumer reporter john matarese found that promotion didn't come without a catch. >> reporter: the wave of black friday ads are targeting shoppers right now. j.c. penney stands out. that's because it will have a thanksgiving day coupon give away of as much as $500. >> i think that's a great lure to get people out here. >> reporter: shoppers like brenda and mary say it could make penney's their black friday destination. >> that would be great. >> to get $1 >> sure. >> reporter: j.c. penney's will give shoppers a coupon for up to $500 off. but the website consumerist says it comes with catches k. each store will give out at least one $500 coupon. it says only one out investor 100 coupons will be for $100 off. the other 99 will give you just $10 off your purchase. j.c. penney did nothing wrong here but it is one of those cases where you need to read the fine
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you first see in the ad may not be would they're really offering. >> i would like the 300, but i don't planning on spending $100 at j.c. penney. >> reporter: it's a reminder to make sure you understand any catches. >> the catch, there always is that, isn't it. >> if the seems too good to be true, it always is. happy thanksgiving. >> what's going on outside? a lot of gray, low clouds, a little pesky rain g. napping weather. >> i think at 4:00 you used the meteorological term icky. >> right. >> i earned that wynn college i guess. let's talk about your forecast where you see this. the skies have darkened but you do notice the bright shine on the roadway. here is what we found in wooster. a lot of low clouds. you shouldn't after problem
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we do expect a little bit of rainfall moving in and out of that friday forecast but just like here and now it's not too impressive. just having the jacket will keep you warm and dry is your best bet. for tonight's plans as well as your friday fun. 46 downtown, 44 in bedford. if you are headed for some shopping tomorrow, still going to want the jacket. 45 in madison to 44 in jefferson. hopefully you had thanksgiving. 42 in kent, wadsworth at 43. pretty consistent. a little warmer close to the lake at 45 for us in westlake but this is on average warmer for everyone in comparison to that wednesday forecast. about seven degrees warmer in cleveland but the reason for the warmth is a warm front, and new cold front has swept to the east. so the warmer air, warmer didn't feel like it much, will
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and behind it, at low and the potential for rainfall. now, rain and snow is going to be hovering close to home. i do think for us it is a bit of a mixture, and not many of us are going to see that, but we still have the chance as we push into those weekend time frames. and really, it's mainly on the east side as well. but let's go through the next several hours. as far as rainfall tonight it will be really light tapering off for most of us. it does hug close to the east side, lake effect locations as we wake not thinking of any issues with sidewalks or parking lots but you do see a little bit of rainfall sagging farther south. there's a bit of mixture. so really late saturday or should i say really late friday into early saturday is when we see that little bit of mix try and pop up. mainly rain but trying to mix in for some of us farther south and east. we do have portage county, even youngstown. but that's just very light mix. no real accumulations when it
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as far as rain goes this isn't too impressive so it shouldn't stop from you any christmas shopping. rainfall numbers as we progress towards saturday, about .2 close to the lake, a little bit more in ashtabula, but that's as we get consistent rainfall and that added moisture with the potential of a mix. here is your snowfallcast as we make our way into sunday. .02 in ashtabula, so not much to show you which is good news considering we have some fantastic to columbus to watch this huge match-up, number two and number three taking each other on. it's always exciting, and this seen better. your power of 5 seven-day forecast showing warmer temperatures into next week. looking forward to tuesday. i don't care that it's raining, it's 60 degrees. but do watch out for a few slick spots especially on saturday. guys, over to you. >> 'tis the season for football. games today, we've got the big
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going to hear from some browns players about what they're thankful for this thanksgiving, plus what's going on around the nfl. that and more after the break
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the browns practicing earlier today on this
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first energy stadium. they are still looking for their first win of the season. meanwhile many of the players saying would they're thankful for on social media including terrelle pryor who is thankful for being blessed to fight through crazy circumstances. rgiii is thankful to be practicing with his team, and joe haydon posting a picture with his family. tonight we've got the hue jackson show 5 tonight at 7:00 he will give us plenty of insight on the team as they once again try and end their losing streak. several teams doing more than just practicing on this thanksgiving. washington and dallas playing as we speak. dallas up 17-6 at the half. pittsburgh taking on indianapolis tonight al 8:30. earlier minnesota visiting detroit. a nail biter at ford field.
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touchdown run. game tied at 7. fourth quarter, game now tied at 13. sam bradford intercepted by darius slay. the replay showing that he was down before fumbling. so with four seconds left, matt prater makes a 40-yard field goal. cavs with the day off in between games. they beat the portland trailblazers last night and will tak mavericks tomorrow night. their day off for thanksgiving very much deserved, at least by kevin love. last night kevin love came out on fire, pouring in 34 points in just the first quarter. that set an nba record for most points in a first quarter. he was three points shy from most points in any quarter of an nba game. that record belongs to klay thompson. cavs hosting dallas tomorrow at
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>> that's good news. >> heck of a game. >> exciting. that's it for us for now. thanks for spending a part of your holiday fours. we hope you can join us at 11:00. until then, hope you have a great thanksgiving. >> we're going to make a pumpkin pie. >> you got it. on my way now. news 5 at 6:00 has been brought to you by the ohio lottery cash explosion game.
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tonight, we're tracking several holiday storms. the trouble in the west. and the what saturday in the east. icy rain and snow fueling what could turn into a travel disaster. breaking news. found alive. the supermom who vanished while jogging three weeks ago, discovered safe. now, with r tonight, new questions about how she disappeared. rudy versus romney. the battle within the trump transition team. who to name as secretary of state. the revealing tweet from a top trump adviser. ambush. the lone police officer making a traffic stop when a fugitive jumps out of the trunk. this comes after a week of attacks on police officers. and the best deal. on the eve of black friday,


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