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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 5am  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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with us. >> all is calm right now but rain could soon be on the way. here's meteorologist with a check of the forecast good morning. heading back to work and school. a very, very chilly start. most in the upper 20s. the rain chances continue to increase. now kids headed toed bus stop you are okay. not a chance of rain this morning. start to really rev up by the noon hour. folks are headed home. that's when we start to see scattered showers. expwr gl all right. thanks so much. still looking just fine. let slide south. great news for folks in the
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and then state route 8 to 76 westbound open by 6 a.m. let pull over and glance outside and check on those highways. four different views showing we are trouble free. over to you. >> thank you. cleveland police really busy overnight. responded to a number of shootings. >> including one deadly shooting that was down the block from mayor frank jackson's home. around 9 last night at east 38th and central. two men were shot and at least woa working to get more details a cleveland police officer shot at while on the job. one person's in custody. the suspect shot at them. >> you know it and we know it. it's cyber monday. new online shooping records are expected to be set today. all of those purchases are going to be shipped out. but not all of them will reach the destination.
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problem. meg shaw live in cleveland at the post office for us will w how you can protect those online orders. yeah. many of you out there will be send ed expert opinioning your average clicking away trying to score the best deals. i know i have my eye on a number of things. sales are expected to exceed more than $3 billion this year. but that means -- that means millions of packages will be shipped out starting today and that means increasing theft. so here's some steps you can take to make sure you do not become a victim this year of panel theft. ask your employer if you can have them accept to work or ask a neighbor that you trust. also consider home security. if you don't already have it. make sure signs are posted
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crooks considering anything illegal will notice them right away. take some of can take. consider them when getting your packages delivered. you don't want brand new items being snatched up right away. >> thank you. firefighters say they know what's been causing a bad leak. last week two employees at the oosm system went to the hospital because of carbon monoxide exposure. it was caused by two mal functioning flifts. since identifying the problem
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workers are back on the job. the factory says it's hoping to have replacements later today. the ohio lake erie commission could be reorganized. that's the group in charge of conservation efforts. ohio lawrvegs say they want the commission to head up algae. what feeds the al jie by 40% within the next years. it will drop it down. that means a lot of smaller departments will be
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would be for shortage of breath. that's been basically replaced last year they got more than 2,000 back. >> we are end nearing the end of no shave november. they need your help. officers have been growing their beards all month long raising money for cancer worldwide. they want to be total. right now they've brought in $1200. you can find a link to their donation page. it's right on their facebook page. expwhrnch and if you take the -- don't worry about grabbing breakfast. rta has you covered. they are celebrating the reopening of track 8 so the rta deciding free food.
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9:30. a good looking forecast here. we are going to be on that uptoward trend. we were slightly below normal. we're going to sees that are going to return to the mid-50s this afternoon rain is back in the forecast all the way through. we are tracking rain. off to a very good start. it's 5:06. >> thank you so much for starting your morning with us. decision that's not sitting well with veterans. wait until you see what they did. >> if you are never home amazon has a solution. the new delivery option here in
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what comes next for cuba is a lot of
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he promised democracy but soon jail and executed anyone he perceived as against him. more than a million sent to exile. they are hopeful that change will come even if it might come slowly. >> it continues. the lack of freedom continues. it won't be an overnight thing at all. >> there was the uncertain taking over the white house now. he earlier warned he might redo the ties with cuba. meantime his funeral is set for sunday. >> following the news of his death canadian prime minister released the statement praising the dictator that caused a bit of an uproar online. many people upset with the compliments. he's responding to the criticism. >> the fact is fidel castro had
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impact on the cuban people. it certainly was -- he certainly was a polarizing figure and significant concerns around human rights. that's something that i'm open about and i've headlighted. >> his con dols ignore the human rights abuses and political oppression. marco rubio called them shameful. ted cruz called for tributes disgraceful. >> new from overnight police in manila detonate a bomb. it was found in a trash bin by a street sweeper. it was attached to a cell phone with wires. no one was hurt but traffic was backed up for hour on the major street because of this. >> a number of former youth -- sexually abused by coaches. and the coach just the center
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is this man. he worked for the england football association. he ran summer camps. it's beginning an internal review. new tbhup tapes revealing the moment a missing mother is discovered alive. >> heavy pattern. >> she vanished. her husband called the cops when she didn't pick up their kid from day care. he found her phone and strand of her hair near hair
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found. authorities are now looking at the clothes for any dna evidence from his kidnappers. developing this morning, continues for two escape yees. they broke out of a county jail just before thanksgiving. chavez and campbell were part of a group of four inmates that cut through the window of their cell and repelling down two stories by tieing together glan kets quickly captured but chavez and campbell has evaded the massive search effort for
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the other two battle ground states targeted by presidential candidate jill stein to force a review in michigan. they have until wednesday to request recount in pennsylvania and mowb requested throw a official court appeal. democrats say they aren't optimistic it will change any results. >> it's a legal right. i don't think anybody thinks it's going to be profound difference. president elect donald trump tweeting about another election issue. he claims million ofs people voted illegally for hillary clinton. he says he would have won the popular vote. that's an unpress dentded claim and so far, there's
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gathered to protest the decision came after students burned an american flag in protest after the win. not long after all were removed from campus buildings when news got out. veterans groups called for protests. >> they have a right to do that. i want them to understand how seriously that hurts me. >> peaceful with the exception of one incident. one man sat in the middle of everyone making on seen gestures. we are tracking rain. the good news is the temperatures are rebounding back due to a very good warm
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southern portions all the way into low dot area. this is moving east fairly quickly. make sure you have the coat an handy the bulk is still well to our west. we're losing that hi pressure throughout the weekend. it's a warm front to the north. it really doesn't drop until wednesday. for most of your day. going to sit under mostly
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it really loses its force. it really doesn't track in here. do some shopping here. highs in the upper 50s. for most of the day on dry side. 55 degrees for greater cleveland. we'll go to akron. we are slightly wampler tonight. upper 40 to lower 50s. this is going to be round and rounds of rain. we'll start to ral cool off by thursday. let's head to the maps right now. later on this morning # a.m. the start time. some lane restrictions. 90 east over the inner belt
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wednesday. the best news today is the akron area. a couple of ramps are back open. >> sorry. too late for that. you ran out of time. [ laughter ] . >> as we've been telling you it's a crime that becomes too common. grinch or porch pirate comes along and swipes your packages. a new way you can protect packages. 23 million people have had a package stolen from outside their home or outside their apartment. make sure that doesn't happen to you. we have a chance to see exactly how they work.
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>> that's all there is to it. you saw her do or scan your order it will open for you. they had them for three weeks now. right by dick's sporting goods. they're pretty popular. >> we've had quite a few calls. usually you can request between couple. they'll hold it there for you. the idea is simple. have the orders shipped to the locker and pick it up when you have a chance. and you don't have to worry about it sitting out in the open. news 5. such a cool new feature everyone knows about the appliance field but some of the biggest discounts are actually on some things you
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trips to the caribbean and they come pretty cheap. >> a little more careful about how they're spending their money this year. the national retail federation says 3 million more shopped instores and online this black friday week than last year but get this americans still spend an average of $10 less. analyst say that's because more offered. last year's average was $00 per person compared to $290. another heart-breaking loss for the cleveland brown but it's the coach's reaction that's going viral. >> and so is this ice skating routine. tracking your weather and traffic during the break.
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spending most of the day
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people are wac in their homes. the cause of the crash under investigation. and this morning authorities trying to figure out who's behind the hack of the transit system in san francisco. >> packers left the masses -- the message you hacked all data encrypted on computer screens. but it wasn't all bad news for rides. as a result all rides were free. since they weren't able to charge fares. the transit system is expected to be back to normal here's the weather and traffic. starting off with kristen. >> happy monday morning to you. early yet. so not a whole lot of volume. not a whole lot of issue. we've got those ramps open. 77 northbound. 76 westbound. state route 8 south to 76 westbound. that's absolutely good new. by 6 a.m. expect those be open. take a look outside. no issues for you here.
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we're off to a cry start. notice the clouds. most of your afternoon. sit under mostly cloudy skies. the big change though is our daytime highs. they're returning to above normal temperatures. and in the mid to upper 50s. now we are tracking rain once imen. we have a very strong warm front that's lifting to the north. that's allowing our above normal but rain sticks in the forecast throughout your tuesday. all the way to thursday afternoon. before we transition into a little bit of that wintery mix and going into december. that's a little bit more than like normal. >> well performance from the russian ice skating show is sparking outrage. >> yeah. the show's a lot like dancing with the stars but two contestants made a very questionable decision.
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victims with stripe yeumps and yellow stars of david. they claim it was a reference to the film life is boofl but obviously kind of in poor taste. really poor taste. the woman is married to vladimir peut ons main spokesman. >> another controversy trending this morning the wall street journal film critic is in hot water for confusing two actors of indan lion but in his review he compares it to the name sake meu is vi he think it was in. audiotapes. another actor of indian origin. he says it was just a dumb error. yikes. a painful one. >> painful error. next the trial could be headed out of cincinnati. what's happening today with that case. >> and package theft is becoming an even bigger
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share a few more ways to prectd your online purchases. >> as we head to break here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers.
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teenagers lead police on a
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morning. and holiday heights. already hitting neighborhoods before you buy on cyber monday. the way you should protect your online order. >> being 0-12 is probably the hardest thing ever. >> the browns latest loss leaves their head coach teary eyed as he struggles to confront a winless season. let get you a check on the forecast. not a greatest day on tap today. >> not at are tracking widespread rain once again after a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. we are tracking rain that's going to move in here round and rounds for the next five to seven days. so be prepared for that. today is the big day because most of are are under a cloudy sky for the brunt of your afternoon. so let's show you the tiling here. by the 1:00 hour maybe stepping
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around 6:00. daytime highs well above normal. 56 by 5 p.m. kristen? >> all right thanks. we are rain free. a pretty nice ride this morning. here are your drive times. 71 northbound. 271 to 90. 9 minutes ifer you. let's switch it up here. no issues for you along 76 or 77. still on the green. a couple of ramps in the akron interchange. be sure to follow me on twitter. those details there. pull up our view and check on the highways right now. four different views for you. slightly building when it comes to volume but looking good so far. >> overnight from the live desk a police chase in akron comes to a crashing end. it started as a routine traffic stop but two teenagers in the suv took off. there was a shot change with akron officers before
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hospital. we are making this calls to find out how they're doing. and new information on a deadly shooting friday night in cleveland. the having's mother says her son was targeted. this happened on i-90. the 24-year-old driving west when another driver pulled up and opening fire. his car crashing into a fence. green's mom tells she thinks someone who failed to kill him before the job. green was supposed to be sentenced this week on drug trafficking charges no. arrests in his death. there have been 12 # hmeds this year in cleveland. new this morning the university of akron laying out new plans to address its looming deficit and declining enrollment. it offers buy yous and increasing recruiting efforts and restructures its scholarship system. akron's president says the
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finalize the voluntary program by early next year. it is expected to save the university $8 million. >> also in akron a protest against the dakota aks pipeline. organizers are calling for the project to be scrapped. several tribes are fighting the pipeline because they are afraid it will harm drinking water and cultural sites. the developers says it will be safe. protests have since august. the protest will begin at 4 today. , of course, today is cyber monday. >> experts say half of all americans are going to spend some too many shopping online today. >> some of them at work. >> you need to protect yourself from holiday hype.
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>> millions packs will be sent out to nose cyber monday shoppers. according to forbes more than $3 billion will be spent online today. that's a 9% increase from last year. but now those are more likely to be right off of your front porch. take a look at this video time and time again we see surveillance video like these showing thieves snatching packages and taking in northeast ohio. according to the social media site 42% of people say this has happened to them. with 61 neighbors reporting they're afraid to have them delivered at home. they expect to deliver more than 6 million packages between thanksgiving and new year's day. they suggest using a signature confirmation. that way someone is home when your package is
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you don't fall victim to a package theft. i'll have that coming up at 6:00. plus, where you can have your packaged delivered if you're ordering from amazon. live from cleveland. all right. thank you, meg. not only did the brown loses the game. rg iii lost some money. they left their wallet inside that car during the game. his girlfriend tweeting they came back and the money left inside asking why did they leave the cash in the car in the first place? she tweeted back. they were parked in the players and family parking garage and should be able to leave anything they want in there. >> you should always be careful. >> yes. >> fighting back tears after the tough loss. >> she hoped up late after a 40-
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the bosses. jackson did show reporters that his job is safe. but when talking about another loss he had to stop to fight back tears even tapping on the side of the podium. about eight times to compose himself. >> being 0-12 is probably the hardest thing ever. >> the browns can rest up. they head into a bye weekend. he said he does not plan on taking any hopefully channeling that emotion into practice. >> it hurts to watch that. >> up next it would be an unusual move. then a joyride through wal- mart. new video of the dangerous prank. today's tech bytes. in today's tech bytes sign ir monday. some deep discounts online including target taking 15% off almost everything on
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electronics but forget about this smart tv for $125 at wal-mart. it's already sold out. >> do then some merchants will e-mail disownlts including jc penny. cyber monday expensive for employers. one estimate puts the cost of lost productivity at half a >> they would be shopping today while at work. and 3% said they'd be doing it at least some online shopping during a meeting. >> hmm. nice. >> just don't get caught. >> yeah. >> those are your tech bytes.
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today the trial begins for a 23-year-old mother accused killing her daughter. danielle john son is charged with aggravated murder. she was unresponsive and police say they found bruising. the medical examiner found a fractured skull and other injuries. family members say the the girl disorder. >> and happying today a big question about the retrial of a former university of cincinnati police officer. the judge set to meet with both sides in the case involving him and today we could learn in the prosecutors request to move the trial out of hamilton county will be granted. he's accused of shooting and kill an unarmed driver. a mistrial was declare earlier this month. the prosecutor plans to retry the officer on the
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cuban american are is celebrating a dictator's death. the nation of cuba begins remembrance. and check this out. was it an earthquake? a zombie apocalypse? who can did all of this damage? you're watching good morning
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american and the entire world. >> on december 4th his ashes will be buried in southeastern cuba. happening today american airlines a regularly scheduled flight from miami to havana. american not the only airline starting service. united southwest and delta and other airlines will be adding flights. president-elect donald trump will continue working to fill open white house and cabinet positions. he is meeting with could land in some of the top spots. he's expected to have eight meetings. that includes paul atkins, lou barlett & scott preut. those are just a few names. we'll be watching closely to see who he adds if anyone. >> newly released documents by a school district are prompting more questions this morning about the employment of a driver involving in that dreadly
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officials new walker had a second job weeks prior the to the accident and still allowed to driver. the ntsb revealing he worked at amazon fulfillment center. according to the school's transportation policy it's dangerous for bus drivers to have a second job. meanwhile the chattanooga community said good-bye to another victim. >> he loved to dance. she's the sweetest little girl you ever wanted to >> just heartbreaking. more questions also being raised about walker's driving records. from fraud friday. two written statements by students complaining he drove too fast. another claiming he was doing sharp turns. six children were killed last week. right now police searching for two suspects in a deadly shooting in new orleans. one person is dead. nine others hurt. they have just identified the
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25-year-old tolliver. five the victims are out of the hospital. four still recovering from their injuries. the officers say none of the people shot were intended targtds. police believe the two suspects are from outside of new orleans. >> now to new developments about the protest over the north dakota access pipeline. the u.s. army corps of engineers say it has to plans to remove the protesters in north dakota. it is looking for a peaceful transition as it tries to mo by the way, they will be closed december 5th for safety concerns. agency says those who choose to stay do so at their own risk. good morning, everyone. we're off to a very chilly start but kind of a hodgepodge of different temperatures across the board this morning. 44 out to west. lower 40s for millersburg.
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maple heights here in the lower to mid-30s. you can see our radar starting to rev up here. seeing some pockets of a little bit of a mixture with temperatures below the freezing mark for stark and summit counties. even richland county. you're seeing a little bit of wintery mix. the brunt is moving east. 10 to 15 miles an hour and it's on the isolated side. this first round is going to be moving in and out fairly quickly. this is the front that we are north. the bulk of this moisture is moving to the north. we're still going to watch that back edge. pretty much doesn't hit us until your early evening. i'll show you exact timing coming up but the wind are revving up. we're going to lose the sunshine. mostly cloudy skies. a southernly flow. be picking up to about 15 to 20 miles an hour. high pressure is going to
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a little bit milder air throughout your day. you can see from your hour by hour hour most of us going to be in the lower to mid- 50 #-z as we step into about the 3:00 to 5:00 hour. tonight, the clouds will be in place. though slightly warmer. lower 50s but wind still in place. this is the first round of rain. today is my pick day out of the week. we're going to see more widespread rain for tuesday and wednesday. temperatures off the mark by thursday. back into kristen? >> all right. thanks so much. highways still in good shape this morning. haven't seen a whole lot of issue. some lane restrictions in place later on this morning. start time 9 a.m. it will be going on all day. this will be happening each day until wednesday. just that right lane closed 90 eastbound over the bridge. you'll still have access. that's good news. check that shoreway. haven't done that yet.
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trouble-free as well. i will give you those drive times in just a little bit. >> a wild ride inside a wal- mart landing a pair of brothers in jail. all caught on camera. police say this man on the bike is justin bell. you see him speeding through the iels on a mini bike. police sergeant said she was shocked by the video. not just that it happened but that no one called if anybody would have walked through there or pushing a stroller or whatever, he could have hit them. >> they arrested him and his brother at their home. they are both charged with first-degree endangerment. >> that is a crazy story. and so is this. come over to your tv and take a look. this is the aftermath of black friday shopping at the nike store in seattle. yeah. look at that. reports say more than 20,000 people visited the
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by the end of the day you see it there. the shoe aisles were turned into rivers of orange shoe boxes. one employee told buzz feed it was jas -- >> disrespectful. look at those people. just trying to get through there without faming. all right. up next. talk about turning lemons into lemonade. why this couple had their first middle of the highway. and darth vader is ready to turn. it crashed a major ticketing website. good morning cleveland coming right back in 60
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going to be in the mid to upper 50s. >> still no delays to talk about. look at your comielt. 3-minute commute. 290. no issues for you. average speeds are looking good too. look at some of the other speeds. pu just fine on 71. 77 and 90. still in the green. what we want to see as we approach that 6:00 time slot. let's look at our view and check out the highways. looking just fine. 90 and ken worth. westbound lanes that look great. >> all right. pizza delivery with a christmas twist. >> take a look at this. dom knows in japan is training reindeers to pull sleds filled with pizza. yes. >> oh, yes. >> seeing that right.
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still has some -- oh my goodness. each sled has a gps tracker. they can watch the reindeer trip. no word on when you can expect a reindeer to bring a pizza to your house. or if it will ever happen. >> will it ever even get to you? what will it look like when and if it does? >> it's the journey not the destination. >> oh, dear. [ laughter ] touting the not have prices listed on the menu. >> instead they want you to just kind of pay what unfortunate you should pay. the hope is possibly pay forward the good deed. he decided to adopt the philosophy of serving food with no set prices while traveling in australia and what started as just a pop-up stand is grew really quickly. he opened his first permanent location. he says running this cafi has confirmed his belief that people just want to do
5:56 am
honest and want to contribute even if people are say homeless or struggling. they still want to contribute or pay what they can. >> he says some days the money in the cash register is pretty low. he says this gives everyone a safe place to eat. >> that's wonderful to hear. >> it is. walking down the aisle -- the grocery store aisle. they started dating after a chance encounter at the stone in when they decided it was time to get married they figured what better place than where it start snd why not? the supermarket helped them plan the wedding for several months. that's smg i've never seen before. >> me either. this is one of our favorite stories. the first dance. they will remember this forever. the couple were headed to their wedding reception when they got stuck from traffic. they got on the car and started
5:57 am
it was shutdown for an accident at the time. after about 2 hours they got their their resemtion but that's got to be the favorite dance of the evening. >> what a story to tell everybody too. >> that's documented. >> happening now tickets for the upcoming rogue one the star wars story are on on sale. tickets went on sale at 12:01. it's a spinoff off of star wars and a prequell. star wars fans essentially a force to be reckoned with. they crashed the site. not anticipating the high demand. it crashed after like 20 minutes. they tweeted fans will now be put in a waiting room because of high traffic. >> wow. >> and a quick con
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cleveland team. they won the national championship. well next at 6:00 today is not just a day to scoop up heavily discounted gifts. what about buying a cheap vacation? >> sounds good to me. what as the president-elect all riled up and hitting
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a check on the forecast. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. as we get ready to head back to work and school we are tracking rain on the power 5 right now. it's to our west. you're seeing a wintery mix. everyone across the board. we are off to a very chilly


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