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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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scary. we continue to follow the breaking news tonight at 5:00. as we get our first look at the ohio state attacker from the lantern, a newspaper, 18-year- old abdul artan dead tonight after driving into a crude and attack people with a night. we've been following the breaking developments all day and the new information is still pouring in. but for two hours this students feared, so much so the man with the knife sent them into hiding. >> let's take a look at would we now have cop firmed tonight. it started before 10:00 this morning. arresttan drove a car into a group of pedestrians outside watts hall. that's ohio state's chemical engineering building. witnesses say he got out and started stack people with a buffer knife. nine people were hurt until police were able to shoot that
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information about artan but first let's send it to bob jones in columbus. you just spoke with the police chief about this investigation. what did she say? >> reporter: lee, we caught up with the columbus police chief this afternoon. tonight she says she is very grateful that all of the victims in this case are going to survive this horrific attack that happened this morning. six of the victims are being treated here at os sue's wexner -- at osu's wexner medical center. we're told the victims either had stab wounds from a butcher knife or injuries from getting hit by a car. this afternoon police chief kim jacobs said it was a chaotic seen but she credited the first responders for taking swift action and pointed out that faculty and staff did a great job getting students to safety, evacuating the area and taking care of themselves rather than
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chaotic. that suspect was shot dead by a campus police officer. earlier today jacobs told news 5 one victim was in surgery, but all the victims are now expected to links and for that the university and police are counting their blessings. >> certainly we're very happy that those families will be able to hear from their loved ones and find out exactly what happened from them. that we don't have to knock on their door and give them some really bad news. so we're happy to come out of an incident like this. >> reporter: i asked chief jacobs what was the possible motive in this case and she said that's what we're investigating. at this point they will not say if there's any possible link to terrorism. coming up tonight at 6:00, i spoke with an osu student who saw all of these terrible events unfold on his way to work. you will hear his story again at 6:00. live in columbus, bob jones, news 5. continuing our team
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we now know the identity of the officer who took artan out. this is ohio state university officer credited with bringing that vicious knife attack to an end this morning. plenty of people saw the bloody scene play out ending in that deadly shooting. news 5's tara molina is live from watts hall with their stories. tara, what a terrifying scene for these students to witness today. >> reporter: terrifying, lee. that's exactly how students described it to me. terrifying and horrifying but moving into tonight there's another feeling here on this campus. a feeling of gratitude, because the nine victims of these attacks are going to be okay. sophomore michael ashbrook's dorm is a 17's throw from watts hall where the attacks happened today. >> it looked like a fire drill
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in shock. >> it was super surprising. you hear stories of this happening other places. >> reporter: he never thought he would be watching emergency crews through his own window. >> people on my floor said they did hear gunshots. >> reporter: we now know a man drove through a crowd of students hitting some of them, then plowing into this building. one witness told me at first they thought it was an act but then the driver hopped outside with a butcher's knife and started cutting people. students ran. >> it was just kind of pandemonium. >> nine people were rushed to area hospal classrooms and offices were all locked down. police shot and killed the attacker. >> i saw the suspect's body laying on the concrete. i saw them pat tarp over a body. >> reporter: again, guys, public safety officials say it is too early to say whether these attacks are linked to any
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this campus thankful that the nine people would got hurt out here today are going to be all right. we're live at ohio state, tara molina, news 5. >> thank you tear radio. right now the motive remains unknown but officials believe the attack was deliberate and may have been premeditated. jonathan, what have you uncovered? >> reporter: the attacker was an 18-year-old somali refugee who resident. we've also learned he was a student. he just transferred from community college this past fall. the attacker is i department fide as 18-year-old abdul -- the attacker is he dent fide as -- is identified as 18-year-old
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media account. we will bring you any updates on news 5 cleveland. >> we're tracking the latest developments on our news 5 app. we have everything we're digging up on the attacker all right on the main page there. developing in cincinnati the judge from the ray tensing trial will not be part of the retry. today she repuffed herself from the case. tensing is accused of shooting samuel dubose to death. the prosecutor wants to retry him in another county. traffic on a website that logs prescription pain killer abuse is at an all-time high. the site is used by doctors and alerts them to those what try to get multiple prescriptions. according to the board the site has been accessed more than 143,000 times a day. let's gate first check on
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meteorologist mark johnson. >> we've got a little bit of rain. the wall of water if you will is cincinnati up to fort wayne, indiana. that is trekking our way steadily. it will be here after dark. most likely after 7:00 p.m. for the west siders. so greater cleveland we'll watch these little sprinkles drive south from the south toward the north and east. and they are fading just a sprinkle over towards euclid and timberlake, willoughby hills. current temperatures mild. 53 in cleveland and canton. 49 currently ashtabula to youngs town, but i'm thinking we stay in the 50s through the evening hours. and again, watch out for the rain showers especially after 8:00 p.m. we will see a lot of rain moving our way. if you are staying out late grab the um brel lavements we've got a nice day for tomorrow. wait until you see how warm and how dry, coming up. >> sounds good for the end of november, early december. many thanks, mark screw. one week from today there's
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between those protesting the dakota access pain lion north that coat that and the army corps of engineers. demonstrators have remained camped in their efforts to try and stop a company from building a pipeline turned missouri river. the demonstrators contend it would put at risk the tribe's source of clean water and put downstream communities at risk for oil leaks and spills. but the army corps of ordered everyone to leave the area by december 5th or face arrest. >> we don't want the pipeline traversing through treaty territory. there's already been sacred sites destroyed. if they would have rerouted the pipeline or went with their original route north of bismarck we wouldn't even be in this fight right now. >> the army corps of engineers says it is only trying to protect the general public.
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forcible removal. last weekend police used tear gas and rubber bullets. these protests have lasted for months with hundreds arrested in recent weeks. ohio lawmakers are jumping into the fight against that harmful lake erie algae. they want the ohio lake erie commission, the group in charge of conservation efforts involving the lake to head up efforts to battle the algae. the state's goal to reduce phosphorous. that's what feeds the algae. they want to reduce it by 40% within the well, millions of americans are expected to take advantage of huge on-line deals today which is known as cyber monday. >> but as you are doing all your on-line shopping you need to be aware some deals really are too good to be true. news 5's james gherardi has some advice to help you avoid becoming a cyber monday scam story. >> a lot of us, leon, lee, getting home from work today are going to post up right here at our computer.
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artists waiting to take advantage of one of the biggest shopping holidays of the year. the fbi says scammers this year will cash in op a billion dollars from on-line shoppers. many of us may be scrolling through but beware. if a deal is too good to be true, it's probably too good to also, beware of fake websites, knock-offs like this, it looks legit and was registered in russia and was created just a couple of months ago. >> the web address should have http sornings front of -- https in front of it.
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if it doesn't have a review it was likely created just a couple of months ago just in time to scam you for the holidays. reporting thriven newsroom tonight, i'm james gherardi, news 5. >> thank you james. a self-driving truck made its debut on ohio rows. the truck maker tested it out on a 35-mail stretch. a human driver was inside in case something went wrong. be available for purchase. well, he's saying millions of illegal votes and fraud at the polls. >> if you thought donald trump's bold claims on twitter would end, think again. the next recount is on, and president-elect trump isn't happy. state lawmakers here in ohio are looking to tackle a lot of tough decisions in their lame duck session.
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bank account is nearly. the simple way to protect your money at 5:30. also, a chilling letter claiming donald trump will cleanse america and do to muslims what hitler did to jews. what we know about the hateful correspondence sent to four mosques in this country.
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the recount is underway in wisconsin. and graney party presidential candidate jill stein officially filed her request to recount the votes in pennsylvania as well. >> stein is not stopping there, though. her attorney let michigan know michigan would be next. so far stein as much money for her recount effort as she did for her own failed graney party presidential bid. the michigan results were only just confirmed today. donald trump came out on top by just about 10,000 votes. he has railed against the recount effort on twitter making claims without any evidence that millions of illegals secured hillary clinton a popular vote victory. trump also claimed without any evidence that there was, quote,
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the white house spokesperson was asked about those claims today. >> i think what i can say as an objective fact is there's been to evidence produced to substantiate a claim like that. >> josh ernest also confirmed that president obama and president-elect trump spoke on the phone for 45 minutes saturday. he said he wanted mr. trump to be able to the advice of the president. kenneth moton reports from washington, d.c. on what's going on with the democratic party. ohio lawmaker tim ryan is vying to unseat nancy pelosi. he says his colleagues have
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were looking for change in the house as well. state lawmakers are getting prepared to make tough decisions at this year's state house debate. hot button topics will take center stage with several proposals up in the air before the legislative session wraps up. among them is a ban on abortions after the 20-week mark. expanded concealed carry access and an answer to the unemployment compensation system. neglected and living in the worst soon to be mom has found out but needs your help to survive. she was rescued and sent to the geauga county humane society's rescue village, the only one for farm animals in northeast ohio, after being neglected so badly that she lost her first born. now being nursed back to health the rescued horse is pregnant once again.
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tuesday." >> it's a way for people who love animals to do something great to really be part of their story. >> the team at rescue village in south russell will be there helping the horse when she delivers her foal in masn and will hopefully find her a permanent home. >> beautiful animal. >> i know. still grazing on the grass out there. >> leon, you need a horse. no? >> you got to feed the horse every day. >> there's the catch. no matter how much snow is out there. >> i got a one-horsepower car. >> i'm a one trick pony. >> that's a horse of a different color. >> sorry, lee. i know, she's sitting there go really? a live look at cleveland. there you go. cloudy skies, a few little sprinkles moved through a moment ago, but we are dry for now. and if you need to get out and
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hour or so. take a look at this wall of water coming in. look at all the yellows coming in, indicating some good moderate steady rainfall, all the way back to wallville. it is moving towards the northeast. once the rain arrives tonight, again it's not going to end until closer to tomorrow's sunrise. but the payoff is this is arrive ago few hours early so believe it or not we should be able to get rid of this rain, and tuesday hugh be an incredible day to get outside with and some sunshine coming your way. we will zoom in, show you the power of 5. five live radars. we will combine them. columbus up interstate 7 1, coming into cleveland a few sprinkles move through. they're right up over timberlake. there you go. bring it on in. there's those sprinkles. now over mentor. just a tiny sprinkle. look at the temperatures. we're at 49 in ravenna and
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i can't read today. too much turkey. 53 akron to canton to cleveland. 51 currently in men tore. your rain chances really jumping up so likely as we head towards the 10:00 p.m. hour there's still a good chance for rain as we head through 1:00 a.m. another little jump. 4:00 a.m. notice by tomorrow morning's rush the rain chances really dropping off because we'll see an end, the back edge of the rain coming in here we go. temperatures in the 50s all the way through the evening hours. not too shabby. rain and rain, 9:00 to 11:00, even 1:00 a.m. akron-canton rain showers with temperatures bottoming out in the upper 40s before they jump back up. and then tomorrow, leon and lee, you're dog love tomorrow's forecast. i'm going hold it back for another few minutes. 60s coming your way. a good day for going to see
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santa claus this weekend. i'll post that picture on facebook. santa and costa. still ahead, we take you back to columbus for today's attack on the campus of ohio statement our live report just 10 minutes away. death of a dictator. why president obama is accused of being too soft in his official statement about the
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now, all new at 5:00, it takes three components to make a formula. >> and in this week's teacher of the week meteorologist janessa webb introduces us to a math teacher. >> reporter: this week we travel to avon lake high
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surprise honor. >> ms. andrews, you're news 5's teacher of the week. we would really like to congratulate you. >> thank you. >> how do you feel? >> i'm surprised. >> we have a really special award for you. [ applause ] >> congratulations. on behalf of ohio savings bank, we would like to present you with a gift certificate to >> thank you. it's great working with the students at avon lake. they're hard working, nice, fun to work with, and it's just fun. and i hope that they're having fun, too. >> mrs. andrews, thank you for all your hard work and dedication. congratulations on being news 5's ohio savings bank teacher of the week. and if you would like to nominate a deserving educator log on to
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she says her bank told her they issued a new debit card to someone pretending to be her. how this happened, and could you also be at risk? and giving back to those in need. how you can help a family this holliday season. those stories when news 5
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an 18-year-old shot to deat university campus after sending nine people to the hospital. a deadly and dramatic morning in columbus. we've been tracking this for you all day. >> tonight we are continuing to learn more about the young man who drove his car into a crowd then started attacking people with a butcher knife. t.j. parker is live outside the wexner medical center uncolumbus to continue our team coverage tonight. t.j. >> reporter: well, leon and lee, official here at wexner
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where this incident took place this morning gave us an update about the victims who were taken to this hospital. about six of those victims were taken here. hospital officials say two of them being treated for stab wounds, two others being treated for injuries sustained from the car. two other hospitals took people in. two people were taken to taken to grant hospital here in columbus. several people, including ohio governor john kasich thanking osu's officer for his quick spoins shooting and killing the suspect, abdul artafternoon. >> when you think about the students, when you think about the parents, many of whom were texting and snapchating to their kids, it is remarkable
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did. i mean, there will be a lesson all across america, on all the campuses across america. >> reporter: now some of the victims have been released. some are still being treated for their injuries but the good news in all of this is all non life threatening injuries. t.j. parker, back to you guys. >> thank you t.j. here is a question four. could a thief be eyeing your basic account? the answer is yes. could be. fraud experts warn this is the time and credit cards are being jeopardize at very high rates. news 5's dhomonique ricks met up with a parma woman who says it happened to her. dhomonique, they tack all of her money. >> reporter: almost all of her money. she said someone walked into her bank, used her information and walked out with a new card linked to her account. >> i am still shaking from that.
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>> reporter: we apologize for that. we're having some difficulties with that report. we'll get that story to you as soon as we can. we reached out to huntington bank. they tell us they are investigating the matter. live in cleveland, dhomonique ricks, news 5. the city of cleveland is one of the poorest major cities in the nation. the greater cleveland food bank helps thousands of people with meals every day. noth stretches to the suburbs and demand only increases during the holidays. paul kiska talked with food bank leaders today. paul joins us now. >> reporter: from cleveland to mansfield all the way to the border demand continues to rise. >> we are still serving more people today than we were
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particularly busy time. >> reporter: the president of the greater cleveland food bank told me the need for food is higher than ever. >> community support is needed like never before. >> reporter: demand for nutritious food goes up this time of year as kids go on winter break and don't get a school lunch. volunteers pack bags of food for children who go to the boys and girls clubs after school. they will pack even more bags after winter break. >> summer is a very busy time for partners making sure that kids have access to the food they need and the holidays are as well. >> reporter: one in three people at cleveland lives in poverty. many of them children. the numbers of hot meals the food basic's kitchen puts out every day is remarkable. >> back in our kitchen we could distribute anywhere from 5,000 to almost 10,000 meals in any given day depending on whether
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>> reporter: financial donations help the food bank to buy bulk foods to store in the warehouse. as she told me, many people are working low paying jobs or part- time jobs and now the need for food goes beyond cleveland. >> unfortunately cleveland has one of the highest child poverty rates in the nation. we're also seeing more and more need in suburbs like cleveland heights and warrensville and lakewood and even beyond that, than we've seen in the past. >> if you would like to a link object our news 5 app right now. paul kiska, news 5. why don't we check in on that all-important weather situation. >> darkness has descended, mr. bib. >> yep. >> all across the land. in wooster, darkness there as well. let me show you what's going on. rainfall-wise, a little band
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moving towards the northeast. it will take a little longer to get it into akron and cleveland, west of interstate 7 1. so if i understandly, mansfield -- so finley, mansfield. rainy and mild. in the 50s all night long. it is going to be warm. you are not deal with freezing precipitation but we have a lot of water coming our way overnight. i will tell you if we can salvage tuesday and what the rest of the week looks like as we move into december. >> all new at 5:00. >> reporter: a letter of hate. the chilling words sent to several mosques and the threats made against. we're tracking the trial of
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shooter who today learned he would be allowed to represent
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here we go. it's our world of weather, yours and mine, and this is mine. i tweeted this out today. lee jordan loves to see the chronicles of my puppy. no puppy, we do not eat the house plants. that is the blooming christmas cactus on the floor, and the puppy thinks up on the internet, i googled it, the christmas cactus is not toxic to animals. >> some of these holliday plants are. >> absolutely. we don't want them munching on any old christmas plans. the christmas cactus is not toxic. of course, the doggy threw up
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this beautiful hawk. notice how he blends right in. he's looking for a little mouse or mor serks l, if you will.
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received hate-filled letters in two states threatening muslims will be wiped out of america. the chilling letters were sent to three mosques in california and one in georgia. the letters were handwritten addressing muslims as children of satan. the letter climbs there's a new sheriff in town, donald trump who will cleanse america by doing to muslims what adolf hitler did to jews. de letters, the mosque had this to say. >> if this person is listening, i would like to send a message of peace and blessing to him or her and i would like to invite this person to our center. our center is open any time. >> the letters close by advising muslims to, quote, get out of don. it was signed americans for a better way. the council in american islamic
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religious intimidation. it also wants state leaders to speak out against any anti- muslim bigotry. confessed killer dylann roof will be allowed to represent himself in his murder trial. he told police he was hoping to start a race war after being arrested for the murder of nine black parishioners during bible study class at the historic emmanuel ame church in charleston. he depending himself. jury selection began today. if convict prosecutors say they will seek the death penalty. two very different reactions in the aftermath of fidel castro's death. the cuban. at the same time in the united states, celebrations and political unsearch. abc's marcy gonzales is in havana with more. >> reporter: cubans lining up
5:46 pm
plaza to pause and pay tribute to fidel castro. the first public memorial since the 90-year-old's death friday beginning with a salute, marking the end of an era for the island nation castro ruled for nearly half a century. >> a transcendental man in the history of cuba and, in my opinion of the world. >> reporter: the somber reflections beneath lowered flags, a glaring contrast, in miami. >> now that he is gone there's an opportunity to get hopped those opposition lead sores we can secure better futures for cuba and the united states. >> reporter: and hope for the thawing relationship highlighted as the first direct commercial flight between the u.s. and havana took off from miami. >> this is history.
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>> reporter: coincidental timing is president-elect trump saying his administration will do all it can to ensure pros pair tea and liberty for the cubans. the white house says for now there are no plans to send a u.s. delegation. marci gonzalez, abc news, havana, cuba. >> th that blue sea looks pretty beautiful. >> sure does. we'll see some of that tomorrow. >> oh, we will? >> a little bit. but now it's cloudy and we've got rain moving in. at least's not the alternative. >> that's always around the correspond. >> we've got a live look at downtown akron. he will on, december's coming. >> oh yeah. akron is dry, cloudy overhead. right now there's to rain there but look at the rain. i want to show you this wall of
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blofnlt there's a rope. there's wetness here. we're going to have wet roads through the overnight hours. dry for now on the power of 5 so good news there. let me show you temperatures. mans field 5 3, akron is at 5 3, wooster 52. winders out of the south 12 to 15 miles per hour. it is going to be. if you hear the branches on the window or the 49 norwalk. am. 56 millersburg, 54 at dover-new philly. 53s up and down i-77 from canton to cleveland. winds sustained at 13 miles per hour in cleveland and elyria. 16 miles per hour in canton.
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fought am. your best collapse for showers to really come in, in earnest, i would forms. we're drying out in time for your morning rush. temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow looks dry. the rain is arriving earlier than expected. so we should be able to get rid of it for your tuesday. looking pretty dog-gone good. 11:10, rain then 7:15, foach. a little more sunshine in the afternoon as as we can get 61 or 62 in a lot of spots tomorrow. not bad. should be dry. akron, there you go. by 3:00 p.m. up close to sick degrees after
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but then kind of hanging in the lower 50s for the morning com miewflt there is the rain stopping and no rain expected during the daylight hours tomorrow. love seeing that. by the way, december is right around the corner. p. coming your way as we head toward the weekend. leon. jonathan walsh? everyone is coming up. it does include a cool-down. cooler temperatures and a little bit of snow. sorry about that. all that coming up in a couple of minutes. lee and leon. >> we continue to follow breaking news from the campus of ohio state where a man attacked and injured 11 students before he was. >> we're learning new information by the manipulate. all new at 6:00, we go to our team of reporters in columbus for the latest including what we know about the attacker.
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why you could be he. but first, when news fimed, the high-tech way thieves can steal your money and how to make sure it does not happen to
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. now back to a story will you only see here. a warning that a thief could be ike your bank account. >> fraud experts to target your debit and credit cards. news 5's dhomonique ricks met up with a parma woman who says happened to her. dhomonique did they take all of her money? >> reporter: you know, guys, they took almost all of it, a good chunk, in fact. she said someone walked into her bank, had her information and walked out with her new debit card. >> this person left me with nothing. >> reporter: the holiday
5:55 pm
21-year-old erin drawbridge. she's a college student who works part-time. >> i can't pay any of my bills because my account is $80 off balance. >> she only has $41 left, this after a debit card ending in 7874 withdrew $80 out of her accounts, a card she says she's never seen. >> the bank gave it to them. according to drawbridge, huntington bank told her a person card. >> they changed the pin that i use and took $80 from my account which was most of my paycheck. >> there's more activity this time of year on people's credit cards than any other point of the year. >> reporter: the process of stealing your money continues to get more sophisticated. >> this is their business. they're in the business to try to steal. they can bump into you and in that period of time they could scan your credit card.
5:56 pm
is so accurate it can actually read your chip through clothing, even through a pumplets you can prevent this from happening with scan protection devices like this card sleeve. drawbridge is working with police and the bank to get her money back. >> i have explained my situation. they're helping me. >> reporter: huntington bank says they are investigate and hope to have a resolution soon. reporting live in cleveland, dhomonique ricks, news five. >> thank you dhomonique. that's it for news 5 >> over to danita for a look at 6:00. >> we are following the latest out of columbus where an attack on the campus of ohio state injured at least nine students. we've just learned more about who the attacker is as the entire ohio state community is left in shock. plus, it was a promised project that would give easy access to the shores of lake
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we have a vehicle that struck several me des streefnlts we have gunshots fired. we have >> one of the nation's largest campuses thrown into chaos after a student drove into a crowd and began stack people. >> it was really scary. we barricaded ourselves in our rooms like we were taught, turned off our lights and just hunkered down. >> the lone attacker shot dead less than a minute after his attack began. the quick actions of one campus police officer bringing an end to what could have been a
6:00 pm
it was an attack that only lasted a minute on the campus of ohio state university. but it was quick enough to send at least nine people to local hospitals. it all started at 9:52 this morning when the attacker, abdul artan drove his car into a crowd, then he got out of the car and began stack people with a knife. he was shot by a campus police officer who happened to be in the area at the time investigating the report of gas leak. >> an individual drove on to a sidewalk striking several individuals and then exited the vehicle with a knife and cut and or stabbed other individuals before being encountered by one of the university's police officers. >> the attacker was a student


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