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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 430am  ABC  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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i'm in ohio state and this guy is with a knife. >> where is this? >> it's ohio state university. >> now at 4:30, terror state as students return to class investigators conduct a late night search looking for new information about the suspect. the motive they are now looking into. and going back to class. teefers in -- teachers in louisville walk off the picket line, but have they agreed to a new contract? but, first. [ explosion ] >> all right. scaffolding cables you're
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the side of the pnc building downtown. whipping winds causing a whole lot of trouble, power outages overnight. in the upper left there, the entire front of an abandoned building collapses onto maywood avenue. you see bricks and debris all over the place. strong winds take down half a wall of bricks at st. teresa's holiness science church on kinsman. there are a whole lot of reports of poles and power lines down right now. some 10,000 people are northeast ohio. the hardest hit area is lake county and the high winds will continue this morning. >> the power lines kind of like jump ropes this morning, doing loops and loops over and over. the sustained wind speeds right now are 15 to 20 miles an hour. that's not the full story, though. we get those wind gusts occasionally around 30 to 40 miles an hour. that's not going to help things much at all. however, i think as the morning goes on, the wind will subside a little bit. still going to be extra windy through about 8:00 in the
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breezy conditions, 10 to 20 miles an hour shortly after sunrise. sun may come out later on this afternoon. temperatures today in the upper 50s to low 60s, but, again, the bigger story is going to be that wind, so the old trash can meter for today, it's going to be down the block. so heads up too. we're going to keep that mild air in place as we go through tomorrow, but then some change comes our way. more on that later on this morning. i'm on the ohio state campus. there has been -- i think it's some >>reporter: confusion and chaos on the campus of ohio state university. >> people were, like, don't go to campus. >>reporter: a man driving into a crowd and then stabbing people nearby. >> i saw the car ran into him and plowed into a crowd of students that were standing outside. >>reporter: investigators now searching his home, looking to see if terror was his motive >> we have to consider that it is that possibility. >>reporter: and students coming together as classes resume today.
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up the pieces. >> well, that attack happening in just a few minutes. of course, though, it'll forever change ohio state. >> yeah. the campus is left asking why a fellow student went after them and that's just one of many unanswered questions this morning. meg shaw in the tech center this morning following the latest developments, and, meg, things are startings to get back to normal today. >>reporter: yeah, sarah. today is about moving forward and healing for the ohio state university campus. classes will resume starting later today as police and federal agents now begin their investigation into the man behind the attacks. less than an hour after abdul artan slammed his car into a crowd of people and started stabbing, law enforcement swarmed this apartment complex where they believe he lives. fbi agents seen moving boxes from the apartment late monday night. at this point no motive has been revealed, but police are now investigating whether it
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identified himself as a muslim was quiet and polite. >> i talked to that boy almost everyday. fairly a decent person, i mean, spoke when spoken to, had very nice mannerisms, wasn't rude, wasn't respectful. >>reporter: now, as thousands of students and professors look to get past this tragic event, there will be a special community event tonight at the st. john's arena on the school's campus. it is scheduled to begin at news 5. >> all right, meg, thank you. you know the attack, it could have been so much worse if not for the actions of a heroic officer. ohio state officer alan horujko is just 28 years old. he's a two-year veteran of the force and an ohio state alum. well, he responded to reports of a gas leak there. horujko saw the car hit the crowd, and then saw the subject
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people. he fatally got the person with permanent legal status. the entire confrontation unfolded in just minutes. it ended up with 11 people take tone three columbus-area hospitals, one person critically injured. these injuries range from a fractured skull to lacerations from the butcher knife the suspect used. we do know the victims were ohio state faculty and also students. of course we are going to keep you inform of all the late- breaking details on this case. if yo depth coverage of what's going on, you can head over to our news 5 app. we've got a timeline of developments for you. now to breaking news, the teachers are going back to work in louisville. the canton rep says the teachers union voted to end the nearly four-week strike last night. but right now it's unclear if they've accepted the new contract that was left on the table. they are asking the board of education to clarify two issues, those are reduction in
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before the strike. classes at all louisville city schools are canceled today. everyone will be back on wednesday. we've got some breaking news coming into the live desk here overnight. there are only five survivors of a plane crash in colombia. police say everyone else on board was killed. right now search efforts put on hold because of heavy rain in the area. 81 people were on board, including a top brazilian soccer team. the chartered ple crash in a mountainous area. more breaking news right now. look at this, the sky just a wall of orange there. out-of-control wildfires threatening resort towns in tennessee. smoke and ash filling the air, dozens of structures destroyed and thousands of people have been forced to evacuate because of this. right now no one is allowed into the city of gat linburg, that is a mountain town in the eastern part of the state. pigeon forge also in path of fire.
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dollywood now on high alert. this fire started five days ago, but windy conditions are helping to fuel the flames, making things so much worse. firefighters now just hoping that rain will help put it out. well, today marks four years since and an notorious cleveland police chase and shooting that ended with two unarmed suspects dead. our overnight news tracker was actually riding along with police officers that night. the chase started in downtown cleveland, lasting for 20 minutes, ending in east timothy russell and melissa williams. several officers were disciplined. michael brillo, the only one facing manslaughter charges was acquitted, but the city of cleveland paid the victims' families $1.5 million each. in cincinnati, the judge in the ray tensing trial will not be part of the retrial. she removed herself from the case. tensing is accused of shooting samuel dubose to death during a
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hung jury. the prosecutor wants to retry him in another county. still ahead, despite opposition from his inner circle, the president-elect will meet again with a former presidential candidate. and then losing anything important to you is just the absolute worst. but what about if you lost your pay check? oh, my goodness. how one woman was lucky enough to get that check back.
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it is 4:40. i'm power of 5 meteorologist jamie rudd. as we go through the day today the wind will ease up a little bit. the silver lining to all this wind, it's ushering in that milder air.
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make the most of it. big change by the end of the week. more on that coming up here in just a couple of moments. >> j.d., thank you. new this morning, planes are in the works this morning to celebrate the life of prince on the first anniversary of his death. >> paisley park will host a four-day celebration from april 20th to the 23rd. bands scheduled to perform include prince's former backup band the revolution as well as members of his other bands. paisley park officially opened to visitors last month says the museum the tours will be expanded with new fan experiences. rapper kanye west still in the hospital. he's reportedly not ready to go home anytime soon. sources telling tmz west wasn't stable enough to leave ucla medical center. he checked in a week ago after suffering from dehydration and sleep deprivation and since he's been there sources say he's also dealt with depression and paranoia. a rep for the rapper has not
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a courtroom surprise, why an accused murderer may be able to question the family of his victims. then sneaky ways stores trick you into buying things you don't really need or want.
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welcome back. 4:44. breaking news coming into the live desk overnight. the president of south korea says she will step down, that's what parliament wants this. is a surprise announcement. it to delay impeachment. prosecutors say she conspired with the daughter of a late cult leader who allegedly interfered with state affairs. she pressured companies to donate millions to a foundation. that woman controlled hundreds of people have rallied there in south korea. you see some of those protests. they're calling on their president to resign. an impreevment motion vote was planned for friday. sarah. well, it could be a big day for the donald trump administration.
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at what's to come. >> we'll be back at it first thing in the morning and there will be a number of very important announcements. >> today trump is set to meet with mitt romney for the second time and yesterday he met with retired general and former cia director david petraeus hoss is also up for consideration -- who is also up for consideration. the secretary of state decision has created a divide among trump advisers. trump is weighing his options before making a decision. while trump thinks about that decision, he other depositions in his administration, tapping georgia representative tom price to lead the department of of health and human services. an official announcement is expected today. price is a surgeon and has been a leading critic of the affordable care act. well, moving on here, there's a second shooter in the south carolina church massacre is representing himself during his federal death penalty trial. so that means dylann roof could cross examine survivors and family members of those killed. the judge making that ruling
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jury selection got under way. roof faces 33 charges, including murder and hate crime. he is accused of killing nine people during a bible study at an african-american church last year. and the driver behind the wheel when a school bus crashed in tennessee, killing six children will make his first appearance in court today. 24-year-old johnthony walker faces multiple charges, including vehicular homicide. let's take a live look outside right now. cleveland, we are looking windy. i right now on lake erie. and lots of power outages too, j.d. >> yeah. a lot of things going on this morning, especially if you're heading out in a higher profile vehicle this morning, both hands on that wheel for sure. these are the current wind gusts right now which are around 20 to even, look at that, 32 miles an hour in ashtabula, same thing in new philadelphia. earlier this morning we had some wind gusts close to 40 miles an hour. so, again, it's a windy morning this morning, but as the day goes on, those winds will subside a little bit. that said, you may get the
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miles an hour. here's the hourly breakdown of forecast wind gusts for today. and, again, you see that right around 20 to 25-mile-per-hour range. so it's going to be windy, but, again, the wind brings in some milder air. it's all thanks to a bigger storm system well off to our north and northwest pulling in all that mild air and all that wind as well. now, the back side of this storm system is actually continuing to dump snow in parts of the dakotas. they've picked up around seven inches yesterday in the bismarck area, four in my former stomping grounds of minot, north dakota of all things. look at this big system here. this is all one big storm system. we're getting that milder air pushed into our area, so we're going to enjoy the nice temperatures and that wind. here's kind of the big picture of what's going to happen for us as we go through today into tomorrow. notice a milder air working its way in. may see a rain shower or two try to sneak by early tomorrow morning, otherwise this big counter clockwise system up here. that snow begins to work its way into the great lakes area.
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wednesday, thursday, maybe perhaps a passing shower along the lake shore. outside of that not looking all that bad. hourly breakdown for today, temperature and wind, there you see the wind easing up, temperatures going up as we head through the afternoon. so all things said and done, not a bad tuesday taking shape. temperatures right now already in the 50s across most of the area, but the wind, yeah, still a little bit gusty to say the least, sustained wind at around 20 miles an hour in some locales this morning. here, again, is the breakdown for today in cleveland. we'll keep the clouds in place, today about 10 to 15 degrees above where they should be for this time of year. we'll watch wednesday night into thursday as that system slides by, our next chance for a few rain showers. your seven-day forecast coming up here in a couple of minutes. >> all right, j.d., i love that advice too, both hands on the wheel kind of morning. safety first. all right. so obviously we're talking shopping. it is that time of year, a lot of people buying gifts. well, stores, imagine this,
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things you don't even need >> i don't need to be tricked. i just buy it on my own. it's called the psychology of shopping. for example, studies show you're more likely to buy item they are in the middle of a shelf or if a price ends in nine, you see a lot of that. and rude salespeople, this is interesting, in luxury stores can cause customers with lower self-esteem to spend more money so you're kind of pressured into it because they're a little rude. and if you th hear is random, think again. the right genre can make shoppers happier and lose track of time. i know that has happened to me. and studies show that pop music actually leads to impulse buys. >> interesting, the psychology behind shopping. now you know. all right. this is a great story. a florida dog's christmas wish was granted early this year. kia is a 1-year-old short-beda who loves playing with her toy santa.
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really treat her and meet the big guy. you can tell by the picture how excited she was. look at that, mouth wide open. kia has actually become an instagram star. i checked out her page, really funny >> oh, really? what is her user name? >> i'll tweet it out >> thank you, sarah. it's a terrible feeling to know you've lost something, especially if it is that pay check. oh, my goodness. >> i can't even imagine. well, that same thing, though, happened to a woman in networks. her story, -- her story, thankfully ends on a good note. this is latasha. she says she has no idea where or when she lost that check, she does not remember. later she opened her front door, as you see, finding a yellow envelope waiting for her. a good samaritan dropped it off. how nice. well, we have no idea who that person is, but latetiia, she certainly has something she wants to say to them. >> thank you very much for being so honest taking the time to look up the address, going
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here. >> so nice of that person. and she says her family is especially relieved to have the check returned because her husband has actually been out of work for almost a month now. >> and you can see the emotion on her face too. it says everything for how grateful she is. wonderful. time now 4:51. good morning, i'm karina piza. >> i'm sarah phinney, thank you for waking up with us. still ahead, a college student's bank account is nearly drained. was for a thief and now a local bank stepping in to get that money back. and then neglected, living in the worst possible conditions, this four-legged soon-to-be mom has found a way out, but now she needs your help to survive. as we take you to break, this is a look at how wall street opens today.
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it's 5:54. good morning to you. i'm power of 5 meteorologist j.d. rudd. here's the quick vergs of the forecast today -- version of the forecast today, highs in the 60s. may see some sunshine by the end of t winds will stay strong. there's your temperature time line. that's well above average for this time of year. give you a check of the seven- day forecast. enjoy today and tomorrow. system rolls through wednesday night into thursday, much cooler air comes in to finish out the week, may see a few showers. and look at this, we're keeping eyes on sunday into monday for a little rain/snow mix, kristin. >>reporter: this morning just a slick commute out there. you are looking at four different views along 71 right now. been monitoring all the highways. for the most part we're okay, just slick out there. but we do have sos side streets that are in jeopardy because of
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downed wires. make sure you follow me on twitter at kristin-byrne. an elyria man is expected to be in court this morning after ohio state highway patrol arrested him for his fifth o.v.i. officers say eric frye was arrested on sunday. he was involved in a crash on state route 83 in wayne county. well, right now the fbi trying to track down two men who robbed a brooklyn bank at gunpoint. this was monday morning. so take a good look pictures here. the robbers, they walked into the huntington bank over on ridge avenue just after 9:30 in the morning. one of the men said they were robbing the bank, the other pointing a gun at the teller. the company now offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. a local bank now saying it will do everything possible to work with a college student who was targeted by a thief. the student says someone pretending to be her used her
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well, that card was granted. the thief all but wiped out that student's account. this morning the bank says it will fix the mistake while police work to track down the crook who did it. and you know local scams, they are just getting so bad, the county has now put together a scam squad. the task force will combat scams that prey on older residents, nonprofit agencies, social service agencies. local, state and federal law enforcement also are going to work togethers on this to fight fraud. -- together on this to fight fraud. tuesday. after days of scoring deals, now it's time to give back. >> and the folks at the geauga county humane society's rescue village hope you'll consider helping nevra. the horse was rescued and sent there. she was neglected. and in such bad condition that she lost her firstborn. and now after being nursed back to health, she is pregnant again. and while nevra is getting much better care now, the shelter really needs help and is asking for your donations.
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around us, for the humane community and people who love animals to do something great, to really be part of their story. >> the team at the rescue village in south russell will be there helping her when she delivers her foal in march and hopefully find her a permanent home. we sure hope so. here's a look at what we're working on at 5:00, paying more to park. leaving your car at hopkins airport will now cost you a little extra. and giving back to those in need, how you family this holiday season. "good morning cleveland" back
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everyone here is just really, really [ inaudible ] right now. >> the ohio state community still in shock this morning. new details about a late night search. the suspect and the event students are planning.
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do is to be divided. we need to stand united.


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