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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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first we want these new details about how the attack unfolded. ohio state professor that was hit by abdul razak ali artan's car bethe young man went on a stack spree. when he crashed into a concrete planter the car clipped his legs and he flew and he saw people running into the building and heard gunshots. clark was in the basement of a hall before he realized he was bleeding. now out of the hospital clark realized that the gunshots were fired by campus poli o artan ending the attack. and get this, clark's daughter knows that officer. >> if he was here i would put my arm around him and tell him he has a lot to cope with in the days to come. he has to live with this for the rest of his life but he did the right thing. >> mr. clark stopped short of condemning his characteristic saying he doesn't know the truth and wish the respect, the living and the dead.
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he saw many things people would do that they normally would not do. >> the live team coverage of the attack. we heard more of that sentiment as he set out to find people that new abdul razak ali artan. bob jones tracked down a neighbor and joins us live outside of a abdul razak ali artan's apartment. bob, what did you hear? reporter: this is the apartment complex near columbus where abdul razak ali artan lived. we stopped by and knocked on the door and his here. we talked to a neighbor next door and she told us that abdul razak ali artan did seem off the day before the attack. still, no one expected what what happened yesterday on the campus of ohio state university. no one expected that abdul razak ali artan could be capable of such violence. lou ann car nagan says he was kind and helped her daughter get diaper bags and the children out of the car with
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she knew he was an osu student and if he resentment towards the u.s. he kept it quiet until the post before the attack when he wrote if you want us moslems to stop attacks make peace. after that he drove in a car of people and stabs people with a butcher knife and before that people knew him as friendly revenue wasn't himself before the attack. >> my daughter saw him one day before the attack and she thought he was off. and when he looked up at her, he hung his head back down. reporter: lou ann also told us that she gave interview to investigators that converged upon his apartment complex yesterday but she did not want
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abc news is reporting that isis is calling abdul razak ali artan one of its soldiers. >> >> everyone is on alert. case western and cleveland state are ahead of the curve with the training. they use a method caught in thousands of businesses and schools. dhomonique ricks joins us. this is training to deal an active killer situation. reporter: yes. it stands for alert lock down information counter escape. as i learned both schools have very good security measures in place. >> you have heard it before. if you see something, say something. college campuses in northeast ohio taking that motto to heart. case western reserve university and csu require all staff to receive active shooter response training and regularly take part in crisis situations.
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possible by a federal grant and that money allows the campus police department to purchase equipment. case western reserving uses the rave emergency notification system. they use social media and other communication in one place. text messages reach about 95% of users within two minutes and 15 seconds. we spoke with a security expert that says technology only goes so far. it is all about immediate response a camera or metal detector may help, the first and best line of defense is a well trained highly alert staff and student body. case western also has a free phone application that allows people to report emergencies directly to police. it also tracks their exact location. coming up at six, hear more from our security expert. liver in cleveland. dhomonique ricks, news 5. and only on news five before the ohio state attacker was name by police.
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twitter. who turned out to be innocent. police departments say routinely use social media to show criminals caught in the act by surveillance cameras in hopes of someone identifying them. here is the question. what happens when regular citizens tries that tactics sharing pictures like this of people that they believe are suspicious with no evidence. paul kiska has been digging into whether this might be more harm than good. well, frank social media is gr information but experts say playing detective online could backfire. >> police departments use social media to try to identify criminals caught in the act on camera. like this menner police post shows a man breaking into a van while residents post pictures, they walk a fine line between being he helpful and calling out innocent people. this post to facebook shows a
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the post shows they are up to no good. the resident plans belongs to a drug dealer. >> this post on a facebook page shows this white van allegedly involved in break-ins. police say they have received no complaints about a white van. >> the problem is that someone decides to post something, a pick or something. they don't know the full story. and a security expert says emotions. many people will post stuff on social media because of what they strongly believe. but it is not what they strongly know. the best thing to do is send a picture directly to the police department. listen to his reasoning. >> they would like to be sent to them confidential instead of putting it out on social media and letting the person know that maybe somebody is on to him.
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police department. >> i also talked with cleveland a defense attorney. he says there is no expectation of privacy so you can't post the pick online. you must not convict them of the crime or you could open yourself up to litigation. paul kiska, news 5. mark johnson is tracking breaking news and what picture that is behind you. >> gatlinburg tennessee evacuated. one fire burning in gatlinburg, a popular tourist town near dollywood. three people have been confirmed killed by the wildfires. so sad. and so far more than 100 homes have been damaged by the flames. the fires are forcing mass
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quickly. >> we covered our faces with wet towels and we got in the car and drove down the mountains and we ran into something that was over the road and we could not see to get up the mountains. >> the mayor says the fire started in great smoky mountains national park and high winds and 75 miles per hour and dry drought conditions helped it to spread. here is hopeful news. rain in the forecast tonight and tomorrow. we are talking up to two inches of very much help the fire situation there. let's talk about what is happening at home. and the other thing that makes me angry, frank and lee, arson. all of fires started by humans. arson fires, just terrible. mild and drug. 54 elyria and 58 cleveland. akron to canton to astubula and youngstown. comfortable weather. we had gusty winds into this morning and they have came down
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clouds in and out and rain showers beginning to develop and starting to see them in the cincinnati area and popping up very quickly. the showers will move our way. not arriving until closer to sunrise tomorrow in most spots. all right. 58 in akron and 58 cleveland and 54 in akron and 54 in mansfield. winds out of the south. here is the hour by hour. temperatures hovering the mid- 50s through the overnight with rain arriving towards mark. talking politics. turn to go to transition of power in washington and a series of new power announcements. secretary of state, phyllis orspot for the transition team. we have the new information from the newsroom. >> donald trump will dine with mitt romney, the man that once called him a phone. he wants to talk about appointing romney secretary of
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possibility with aids working for him not to do it. and romney is not the only contender for that job. the president president elect is meeting with david petraeus and bob corker. but the fact that mitt romney scored a second meeting is not sitting well with trump royalists. >> the number of people that feel betrayed that think that governor romney would get a cabinet of his way to hurt donald trump. >> congressman george price is critical of obama care and will be appointed health and human services secretary and chuck schumer said that was the decision to having the fox guard and the hen house saying that price doesn't agree with most americans for medicare and the affordable health care and planned parenthood. price's top mission will be repealing obama care.
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something he will uphold and when people are worried about what is going to happen with the healthcare, we have a president elect to do that. elaine chow standed as transportation secretary and labor secretary under george w. bush and is married to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. today his pick for attorney general is meeting with the top republican on congress. chuck lasley will hold a confirmation hearing for jeff sessions. free speech or punishable offense. another tweet and national debate. suggesting flag burners to be punished. donald trump has been sounding off about fraud and the election that he won.
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a look at his latest claims. thieves or accuracy. people had their eyes on ohio state after an alert was set out about an active shooter but it was a different kind of threat. >> a push against the country free feminine hygiene
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developing at five. another tweet making international headlines as president-elect donald trump continues to use it. those that deserve loss of citizenship or jail time. but some say it is free speech protected by the u.s. constitution and trump's spoke person talked about that project. >> the president elect is a strong supporter of the 1st amendment and there's a big difference between that and burning the american flag. >> well flag burning has been protected since 1990. many lawmakers that come out say they don't believe in
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the security ruling that protects the action. justice scalia that died earlier this year talked about it. >> burning the flag is a form of expression. speech just doesn't mean written words or oral words. burning a flag is a symbol that expresses an idea. >> i remember mr. trump has offered heavy praise of the late justice. up to the president elect to fill his empty security. rob, tonight the recount effort requested by jill stein continues in wisconsin. she is considering legal action after missing the deadline request for a recount in pennsylvania. >> but she is not the only one requesting it. the associated press operation is shooting down president- elect donald trump claim of widespread fraud in three states. california, new hampshire and
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there is no evidence to support trump's claim. his transition team only pointed to past charges of voter registration irregularities in wisconsin. one state lawmaker is struggling to understand why mr. trump is weighing in at all. >> i don't think it behooves the american people or electorate to sit and cast stones at what happened on november 8th. let it go. and i don't understand why mr. and talking about the election that he won. winners don't want to call in to question the results. >> experts from the nonpartisan brannan center and the nonprofit election center says wines tampering would be highly impractical because the country's election system is
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hard to tip an election. mr. trump claims that millions of illegal votes cost him the popular vote. hillary clinton is ahead by more than 2 million votes and our partners at politico facts gave the same ratings about fraud in california and new hampshire. did you bring the coat to work today? >> you know what? i just wore a scarf. it was glorious. it is november >> it is. 61 degrees when we were coming into work a few hours ago and i had my heavy winter coat on, you get in the season and you transfer everything over to the pockets of whatever coat you need for the season, right? >> right. because you could need it tomorrow. >> because you could need it tomorrow and you are not about to take it all out to give back to the lighter coats so i wore the winter coat today. >> you don't need it, folks. in fact tonight you don't need it and tomorrow you don't need it. dry weather on the power of 5. any news.
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we got 5 radars. remember? and we are zooming in, cincinnati radar here. notice we are beginning to see moisture building at a louisville and cincinnati. and so we are likely to see the showery weather expand from st. louis to indy and down to louisville and cincinnati over the next few hours and then track our way. we are going to see rain tonight. but it is not going to be until well after midnight. whatever you want to do this evening. thumbs up and here is more good news. remember how windy it was i am thinking 50 miles per hour worses. i saw tree limbs down everywhere. winds are calming down 8 miles per hour in the south. cleveland 8 miles per hour and the current wind speed in wooster. much quieter. the hour by hour, the temperatures in the 50s and the rain showers arrive generally after 4:00 a.m. factor greater cleveland. they will come up from the south with this warm front and
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slide our way. we have severe thunderstorm warnings and tornado warnings in louisiana and mississippi. we won't deal with that here. we will see an end to this warm weather come thursday. once that front and low pressure slide by. here we go. we will start you off. 8:15 in the morning and light accumulations here. it is not likely to be heavy rain. if you are traveling south on i- 77 into southeast ohio. west tennessee, they will likely see one to two inches of rainfall. for us, there you go. this is 6:00 p.m. wednesday evening. there's not a tenth of an inch of rain. .3 for akron and 13, one hundredths of an inch for sandusky. not a pig rain event but you will have to prepare and get to the bus stop and get rained on in many stops. tonight at a glance the rain will hold off the longest for
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get showers after 3:00 a.m. and same for canton and wooster after 2:00 a.m. rain showers coming in. 52 and mainly cloudy and mild and what about your day tomorrow? how about 58 to 60. spotty showers should be light, mild and breezy. the seven day does show a cool- down and snowflakes. frank and lee we will talk about that next. the magic in the makeup but is that a to domestic abuse survivors and to television segments getting slammed across social media? next. paying tribute to a legend. how the senate plans to honor vice president biden for his decades of public service before his term comes to an end
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lifestyle show seems to miss the point in a segment about domestic violence. >> the program didn't offer any solutions to the problems instead showing demonstrations of how women can use makeup trips to hide evidence of abuse. look at it here. the show brought a professional makeup artist and used a model with artificial bruises. physical need not be it said. after it it says the women can carry on with their daily lives. some say it is inappropriate. a similar but far more chilling depiction of domestic violence from the united nations. we are in the middle of the organization's 16 days of activism against gender based violence that ends on september 10th. the video shows a woman bruised
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is one of the most reflections of it and then it shows the bruises disappear with the message, we must reverse this trend. >> you will recall we have done a series of investigations on domestic violence laws and protections in northeast ohio. you can check them out on our news 5 app and if you need help, we have a crisis hotline for you. the domestic violence violence center, that number is 216391 help. next all new at five. the loss of a local legend. how cleveland is remembering it. protestors planning to defy orders to evacuate their site near the pipeline route. what happened if they are still
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back with our top stories. breaking news out of tennessee. look at that. crews are working to contain the deadly wildfire. more than 100 homes have been damaged or destroyed. just over an hour southeast of knoxville that area. the fire started in great smoky mountains national park. dry conditions made it all spread. >> breaking tonight. investigators now confirm the ohio state attacker abdul razak ali artan was inspired by terrorist propaganda. he crashed a car into of people and got out and started to stab them with a butcher knife. 11 people were hurt before he was killed by police. today we learned moments before the attack abdul razak ali artan shared an anti american post saying he was seek and tired of seeing fellow moslems killed and tortured. on news 5. before the details were clear, messages about an active shooter blasted out to students and faculty at
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and the gunshots people heard were those of ohio state police officers. we are asking that accuracy trump timeliness in a campus emergency. news 5 james giradi continue the like team coverage of the attacks from doubt. good questions, james. >> guys, like you said, we know there was no active shooter on ohio state's campus yesterday. regardless. that was the exact message sent to thousands of students. with that said. we spoke to officials at hn and they said despite ohio state telling thousands of students that there was a shooter on campus, they did everything right. >> videos like this showing sheltering in place after reports of an active shooter at ohio state. it turns out no active shooter and rather an attacker wielding a knife. >> we have to make a quick evaluation based on information coming in.
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properly evaluate it before we can get there. we know something is happening. >> we asked brian heard chief of police what he would have done if he was in charge at ohio state. >> if a person had a knife rather than a gun is relevant and how we want the people to receive the message to respond and i think that was appropriate to get the message and urgency understood. >> we test the system the first and 3rd friday >> getting messages to thousands of students has become standard practice for college campuses everywhere. in an the u.s. in a matter of minutes, thousands of john carol students can know of an emergency on campus. experts say they will go for time rather than accuracy and an emergency is an emergency and time is always of the essence. >> in a crisis situation, there could be a lot of misinformation and it is very fluid.
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act wisely trying to get everybody shelter in place and as they were figuring out the situation. emergency situations are confusing at first and there is mixed information and it is unclear so we all have to work through that. >> in 2007, virginia tech officials received major backlash for not notifying students that there was a shooter on campus. sooner. and as a result many say the death toll could have 32 people were killed in those shootings. james giradi. news 5. today marks four years since the cleveland police chase and shooting ending in the death of two unarmed suspects. the overnight news tracker riding along with police officers that night. the 20 minute chase began downtown and ended in east cleveland. officers fired 137 shots at tim russell and melissa williams. more than 90 officers were
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one acquitted of manslaughter sparking several days of protests. the city of cleveland paid the victim's families $1.5 millions each. chief meteorologist mark johnson we are headed to december and today felt like the middle of spring. absolutely. a break from the cool weather. look at these temperatures right now. cleveland 58 and we are clouding up and akron clouds and 54 and 50s across the board and feel like mild and dry, 55 in wooster and mid-50s in astubula and youngs stown. what do you want to do? cloudy skies are coming in and rain after midnight. in fact the northern most counties may not see the rain closer to sunrise. you got a dry evening and south winds 20 miles per hour. and here are the low
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wooster. quiet night and no big wind gusts and no tree limbs to clean up. colder air in the seven day and snowflakes and we will talk about that coming up. thousands of dakota pipeline protestors have no plans of leaving. that's despite a mandatory order from the army corps of engineers. the governor is warning that winter weather conditions in that area could be life- threatening. more than ten inches of snow have protestors say they will brave the elements despite the evacuation orders. and the local sheriff's department says they will not forcibly remove anyone. meantime authorities have recovered the two black boxes from the plane killing a resilient team in mexico. 6 people survived when the aircraft went down breaking it into pieces and 71 others killed on that crash. civil aviation authorities say
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southern bolivia and circled the airport while the crew declared an emergency because of an electrical failure. bad weather played a part. the brazil ran president declaring three days of mourning. >> mourners paying their respects to university heights major harold rothchild. he passed away in hospice care. she was one of mayors in cuyahoga county and retired in twine. she spent ten years as mayor. she retired in twine. offering free tampons can improve attendance?
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in my world of weather. sharing this great bird picture that i shot. it is very blur where but this is a mockingbird. rare in northern ohio. i have never seen them in the countryside and never seen them on farms which is where you normally see them in the south. instead, i have seen them in downtown cleveland. they love to live in cleveland. this is right next to parking lot yesterday. here at news 5. incredible. i love this shot from mary knight. a picture of the american bulldog theater with santa. love the shots an the holiday lights. send them in and here is a great shot of a freshly erected christmas tree. there you go.
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providing hygiene supplies for women and girls. for free it is an idea taking hold on college campuses and across the country. >> new york city became the first to pass legislation to provide tampon and pads at no costs in its public schools shelters and jails. it started in columbus and
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>> the first time i walked into the restroom at apple is when i saw tampons and pads freely assessable and i thought why is the not like that any place. >> for nancy kramer an entrepreneur a light bulb moment. >> to me tampons and pads are just like toilet paper. it there to tend to our normally body functions and women have no control over unexpected start to the period. >> and all women have been there, a study found 86% of women 14 to 54 years have started their period unexpectedly in public and 79% had to improvise.
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not created a social norm to carry around toilet paper. girls will help themselves to a dozen instead of the one or two they need. something that has not been a problem in new york city. but a cleveland company has been working on a solution. >> it is a woman's health issue and a sexual equality suspensers have not changed much. get one for a quarter and now they have equipment to dispense for free but make it difficult for one person to em the vending machine. >> what we did here was put on a delay in the dispenser so when you push it dispenses it and if you keep pushing it
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have to wait until the button dispenses. >> the supplies can be hard to come by and resulting absentees from schools to avoid embarrassment. a study on the free supplies found it measurably increased attendance. >> not a surprise. >> it makes sense. they having accidents at school and have to worry about missing school for a week every month. >> a menstrual cycle can be a barrier for a young girl because of the humiliation and the dignity and the consequences of not having access to those items. >> and send a message to girls that the needs matter.
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root here? >> it is a wonderful improvement to make it available in places where we need them. phyllis thinks it is a conversation that can and should begin. >> a question of gender equity and a question of dignity. >> and councilwoman cleveland says that answer here may not pursuing. >> what season is it? >> i am confused. >> it is. >> i wore the winter coat and was a mistake. and took the coat off in a greenhouse. let's show you more. clouds are moving insofar so good for the rain showers. and they are not likely until well after midnight in most spots but look at the temperatures.
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another little dose of springtime 54 medina and ravenna 53 and nor walk and fremont and coshocton 54. 58 cleveland and mid-50s. winds out of the south and west. 9 miles per hour in wooster and 8 in mansfield as well as cleveland. winds have calmed down. a lot going on. let me show you the -- first of all we will go to the snow. winter storm warnings up here. bismarck and north dakota and heavy snow there and they will get another 8-inches of snow and south tornado watches and warnings. this pink trap situation. there is a hook echo and there is a tornado on the ground. this is -- talking mississippi and louisiana. a stormy night and in fact the watch has been extended to southern tennessee.
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pressure begins to trudge towards the northeast. this low will bring rain. much-needed rain and to pigeon forge tennessee to gatlinburg tennessee. one to two inches of rainfall and that will do a tremendous amount to help them get control of the fires. they need the rain. 57 this evening for cleveland at 6:00 p.m. 56 at 7. by nine p.m. at 54 and dry and partly to mostly cloudy. for akron and canton. mid-50s at 6:00 and still at 51. why not get outside and enjoy it. the rain showers coming in after midnight. for many of you closer to sunrise and the low 52 and tomorrow, yeah, scattered showers and especially during the morning. should be on the light side folks. cloudy skies and 58. 52 tonight. tomorrow 58 degrees and spot
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akron 48 and cloudy skies and showers coming in after midnight. tomorrow it is a few showers and mild near 60s. i want to show you the seven day now. >> a few showers thursday. look at the temperatures. 43. showers friday mixing with wet snowflakes. you can see one anywhere. lower and middle 40s through next week. with hit and miss, no major winter storms and any precip off thursday through tuesday could have ice pellets or wet snow in there. enjoy tonight and tomorrow folks. back to december weather next. here is what is coming up at six. >> all new. how a pest control fee has come back to bite the landlord and
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president obama's right- hand man getting a huge honor.
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the last two weeks have seen focus on administration moving to washington. >> but many members of the current administration say they are not going anywhere and secretary of state john kerry spoke in washington. th security as well as cyber terrorism. migration and terrorism. kerry that will leave the position in 7 weeks vowed he will not go quietly. he spoke about the complexities of international politics and made a clear jab at the president-elect donald trump method of responding to events around the world. listen to this. >> so international changes, my friends have to be confronted
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with the determination and confidence. not with slogans little tweets that pretend to deal with the complexity of this age. if we don't do that. we will feel to lead because we will not be taken seriously. >> kerry expressed remorse that his predecessor was unable to break. the highest glass ceiling in the country but added the highest glass ceiling was removed even clinton headed to the department. >> vice presidential joe biden not expected to lay low after he finishes his term. lawmakers are both sides of the aisle will pay tribute. biden held a senate seat from delaware for three deck indicates before he was vice president. it will happen three weeks from tomorrow and the vice president plans to be there. this is a it for news 5 at 5.
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six. >> people in one community dealing with a disgusting problem ending up in court. breaking developments in on the tragedy that played out yesterday at ohio state university that left almost one dozen students injured. the terror group claiming responsibility for the attack.
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minutes. news five at six brought to you by mr. hero. get a blt meal for 5.99. >> news five on your side starts now. >> an osu student and having been a faculty member for 35 years, i am only too aware of the things that drive students sometimes to do things that
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before i pass judgment on this young man i would like to see what the circumstances are and why he took the course of action he chose to. >> one of their own going on a knife wielding rampage. flashing students before being confronted by police. >> at the end of the day, i am still going home this afternoon and he is dead. >> authorities believe the man that attacked 11 men at ohio state university was inspired by terrorist propaganda from isis. they are claiming the attacker was one of their soldiers. the chilling details surfacing in the last few hours. here is what we know. no indication that abdul razak ali artan communicated with any terror group and evidence points to a lone wolf attack. news 5 has learned investigators are inspecting his computer and cell phone and talking to family and associates as they try to


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