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tv   News 5 at 6pm  ABC  November 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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before i pass judgment on this young man i would like to see what the circumstances are and why he took the course of action he chose to. >> one of their own going on a knife wielding rampage. flashing students before being confronted by police. >> at the end of the day, i am still going home this afternoon and he is dead. >> authorities believe the man that attacked 11 men at ohio state university was inspired by terrorist propaganda from isis. they are claiming the attacker was one of their soldiers. the chilling details surfacing in the last few hours. here is what we know. no indication that abdul razak ali artan communicated with any terror group and evidence points to a lone wolf attack. news 5 has learned investigators are inspecting his computer and cell phone and talking to family and associates as they try to
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bob jones live right now in columbus where he is learning more by the minute. bob. >> well, danita, we have not seen any sign of abdul razak ali artan's family. they live in a town hall in franklin town and, of course, near columbus. neighbors are talking and they can't believe what he did. >> that doesn't portray the person that i have seen every day since i moved here. >> luann knew abdul razak ali student and graduate of a community college and refugee from somalia that lived next door with his mom and brother and sisters and he would say hello. >> he would get diaper bags out of the car. >> luann can believe this is a the same man that created carnage and stabbing people.
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tomorrow is never promised. never promised and nobody knows what goes on. >> minutes baton rouge the osu attack, abdul razak ali artan posted a rant saying i can't take it anymore america and if you want us moslems to stop carrying out the lone wolf attacks make peace. >> it is unbelievable. >> i am shocked at what happened. i never expected him to across the street and says abdul razak ali artan was quiet but friendly customer. >> he never talked about whatever happened in different countries or what is going on with moslems. >> investigators are now trying to determine if abdul razak ali artan's attack was inspired by isis. jack is now worried what happened at osu will reflect on the moslem community. >> i am to be honest with you.
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to take us to. >> abdul razak ali artan was not himself on sunday he says and seems depressant neighbor wonders if that was a sign that he was planning the attack for the very next day. investigators are now saying that it appears the attack was isis. inspired. bob jones, news 5. we have been digging around on social media and we found this message the attacker posted on facebook. it says i can't take it anymore america. countries especially the moslem oma. if you want moslems to stop carrying out attacks make peace. he was featured in the moslem newspaper. the leaders in ohio are urging people not to jump to conclusions. >> we do know of somalia heritage and this is a enough
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tragic incidents to the moslem community. there was a prayer vigil last night near the scene of the monday morning attack. it was an effort to comfort students and faculty and alum shaken by the violence. one buckeye placed roses at the site representing each victim. >> the helplessness is what i'm the idea that just trying to learn can put you in harm's way. it is something that i have a tough time to swallow. >> students plan to get together through the week to show their support for both the students and also the campus. we will continue to follow the latest developments on the attack at ohio state university and if you want to read more in- depth coverage of what is going on. check out the news 5 app on the app you will find a timeline of
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conferences surrounding the incident. we are just covering the issue with the bedbugs and the lawsuit. >> do you know anybody that has them or anybody has had them? i have never seen one. >> news 5 tracks down a landlord over a disgusting issue that people on fixed incomes are forced to deal with. the big issue whether landlords or ten tenants are on >> i guess it depends on where you live. >> that's right. it does depend on where you live. here in lake wood city code mandates that landlords pay for pest control but the tenants have been picking up the bill. >> it is why mary and several other tenant filed this lawsuit
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they were forced to pay $700 for exterminators to take care of a rampant bedbug problem. otto forked over $600. >> there was a rule if you had them you had the responsibility. >> since neighbors filed suit. management filed a counterclaim against the city claiming the local ordinance mandating landlords pay for treatment is in violation of state housing codes that have no such language. a lawyer for the company didn't respond to a phone call or property manager. >> we are just covering the issue with the bedbugs and the lawsuit. >> do you know anybody that has ever had them? i have never seen one. >> you don't know anybody that has a bedbug? >> no. >> what about these invoices for treatments. 5 or $600. >> i have not seen them. >> you don't know about the lawsuit. >> maybe there was at one time
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was sprayed a month ago. >> otto is pleased with how the landlord is handling it. >> who should pay. >> the landlord exterminates every month regardless. so you tell me. >> and i just spoke with the lawyer for the landlord that tells me they believe that they are in compliance with all federal, state and but talking to the city council man that represents this ward dan o'mally is siding with the residents. he fired off a letter to the landlord demanding they pay for treatment. >> today marked four years since a no torturous police chase ended with an unarmed man and woman dead. our overnight news tracker was riding along with police officers. it started in downtown
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minutes and ending in east cleveland. officers fired 137 shots at tim russell and melissa williams. several officers were disciplined. new developments tonight in the retrial of a former university officer that shot and killed an unarmed man. two judges recused themselves from the ray tensing murder trial. now a 4th judge is selected to hear the case. lee jordan is here with more on the latest developments. danita. judges are recusing themselves from this trial is in the hands of judge leslie ghiz. this is after judge beth myers recused herself moments after she was selected. myers inherited the case from judge tom hekin that was the first judge after judge megan shanahan stepped down. she is expecting a child soon. the defense attorney was
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maternity leave was coming. >> i am shocked that she did recuse herself but i think it is because in the interest of justice and time. the family doesn't want it delayed any longer than necessary. >> the shooting was captured on camera. tensing says he was being dragged by the left arm but body cam shows a different story. judge shanahan did not rule on the motion for the change of replacement. >> here is chief meteorologist mark johnson. how is it looking? >> mild and dry. even clear skies. astubula and ravenna. 50 to 57. light south winds and clouds in and out. over in the youngstown area high mid-level clouds to akron and wooster.
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cleveland. 52 canton and 50 dover new philly. and 53 mansfield to nor walk and astubula at 54. the winds, notice they are much lighter at this hour than they were 24 hours ago. and last night it was a very windy night with several power outages reported around the region. some small tree limbs coming down. 57 and 43-degree dew point south win at 9 and visibility 10 miles per hour. the high is 61 and the average is 45. first front went down this morning. i told you, we would be dry setting us up for the second front that will come in during the day tomorrow. probably tomorrow lunchtimish and that is going to bring in chillier air. rain showers coming in 8:30 and the morning commute will be hit- and-miss showers. tonight 52 clouding up. showers towards sunrise. the 7 day, thursday a few
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sleet and wet snow and that will carry us through the weekend with temperatures in the 40s. new tonight at 6. the u.s. marshals are arresting a man accused of punching a florida man and knocking him out and robbing him after game six. police using this surveillance footage to identify anthony johnson. he and another man were seen here using the victim's stolen credit card. johnson is charged with aggravated robbery. still ahead six. professor practice. in light of yesterday's tragic events. schools all across the country are on high alert. news 5 dig digging and showing you how colleges prepare for life or death situations light what happened at ohio state. and in demand, a place that normally lends a helping hand is in dire need itself.
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giving tuesday. breaking developments. authorities believe that the man that attacked 11 people at ohio state was inspired by terrorist propaganda from isis.
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the attacker was one of their soldiers. no indication that abdul razak ali artan communicated with any terror group and evidence points to a lone wolf attack. news 5 have learned that investigators are inspecting his computer and cell phone and talking to families and associates as they try to determine what led him to act. 3 of the 11 people injured in the attack are still in the hospital tonight and also ohio state will hold a vigil on campus as a way healing. >> in light of the news yesterday universities are doing everything possible to ensure your college students are safe and we wanted to find out more and dhomonique ricks has been digging for answers. reporter: everyone can rest assured that answer is yes. as i found out schools are doing every single thing they can to make sure that if something like this were to happen here, every employee
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in 1999, schools across the nation for the last two decades have worked on active shooter responses. >> it is constantly evolving according to security president ken trump. >> emergency preparedness are not perfect sciences and we learn from every incident. >> the challenges dealing with the emergency and getting the information out as quickly and accurately as possible. >> the two go hand in hand. >> both case western and cleveland state that staff routinely take part to hone response skills. this helps to identify loopholes where additional training and equipment may be needed. although training is constantly improving there is one method that save lives. >> lock-downs are proven reliable strategies with decades of implementations. >> with training in schools, this expert says the shift has focused too much on hardware. >> while a piece of equipment,
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may help, the first and best line of defense is well trained highly alert student body. >> and when it comes to grade school children, trump says the focus should not be on kids throwing items at a possible intruder. we heard that practice encouraged before. he says it is all about going in to lock-down mode. live in cleveland. dhomonique ricks, news 5. okay, mark, it is tuesday night. >> it is socco tuesday. but not until later. if you want to do shopping, christmas shopping. >> if you want to by me something. >> if you want to get some spam. >> or by me something. >> yeah. it is a good night to do it. danita will post her sizes on facebook. >> let's show you more. an active weather pattern for many parts of country. of course you have been hearing all about the devastating
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arson, folks. it is a drought in this area. there is a big time lack of water, no lightning to start the fires. it was started by humans. now we got thunder and lightning further south. this is tornado warning country right here. we got 5 tornado warnings out for portions of louisiana and mississippi and this is the rainfall that is moving right up towards gatlinburg that will help with the fires. one to two inches of expected. here again we have bismarck north dakota and minot north dakota and winter storm warnings out to mild city and rapid city. heavy snow and high winds. winter storms and tornado warnings. see the pink areas here. there is aling hook echo there. there is another one right in here. tornado warning and another one near jackson, mississippi and one back south north of fort
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box. very active weather pattern. the showers are moving north towards tennessee and rain showers coming back our way. i'm not expecting any measure heavy rainfall but as i showed you earlier in the show. the first front went by and we dried out and the cold air has not arrived yet. we will wait for the low to go by. during the day on wednesday. for the cold air to sweep in. so enjoy the mild weather tonight and the mild weather tomorrow. it again. temperatures staying in the 50s and by tomorrow morning's rush it is spotty rain showers. nothing heavy. 52 overnight and clouds thicken up and late showers. we will do it again. 58 to 60 and clouds with a few showers. hit and miss and nothing heavy. and some wet roads. akron and canton 48 and 60 tomorrow. a few showers and the seven day one more time. i mentioned the cooler air coming in. thursday you will need the
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friday an isolated mix of rain and wet snow and we may have to deal with a lake effect snow shower saturday should be dry sunday and the temperatures are chilly. did you know today is giving tuesday? and the greater cleveland food bank is hoping you will consider giving back. with the holiday season in full throttle, the cleveland food bank is in dire need. one in three people live in poverty. so many rely on the food to eat. if you want to give back, donations don't need to be in the form of nonperishable foods. the food bank accepts financial donations as well. do your best. it will make a big difference. sports director andy bastian is here. ways up. >> you are talking about the food bank. the relationship between the browns and food bank is outstanding. last week there were guys helping to pack food and need to see that.
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we will hear how he may change what is going on and the cavs tip off against an old friend tonight. weird to see him wearing a green jersey.
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never would have taken this job if i thought it was going to be anything other than me being here. that part is never an issue. being on 12 is hard on anybody. >> o and 12 on a buy week it is refreshing to hear that browns organization may have some stability. that is what it is as the team moving forward. hugh jackson is trying to right the ship. he will get help when they play cincinnati. perhaps robert griffin iii will be the quarterback. put on the active roster and eligible to play and off of the ir. the offensive line knows it is a different game with rg iii. >> i think he can bring something different to the table too. obviously he has a unique skill set with the way he can run and the type of athlete that he is. so it can make preparing for the offense more difficult when
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a weapon to rub the football. do you like joe's beard? are you done with it. >> cavs in milwaukee, 13-2 and the first meeting against number 8, matthew delladoveva. it will be weird seeing that tonight. we will have highlights at 11. time now to meet the best of the best. here is this week's mcdonald's student athlete of the week. >> ever here of kobe not the former laker. kobe bryant that is our latest student athlete of the week. >> i have had a couple of rewards for football. it is hard work.
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of things. >> kobe ultimately would like to play in the nfl and i wants to be an entrepreneur. lauren brill, news 5. go to the news 5 app. you cansy peanut butter deli time. you are done with them getting a ring when they come back. absolutely. news 5 at six brought to you by the ohio lottery cash ex
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tonight, breaking news. the state of emergency right now. several major fires out of control in tennessee. thousands of families and tourists racing to escape. this hotel engulfed in flames. even dolly parton's dollywood in the path. some cabins catching fire. also breaking, the deadly plane crash. what we have just learned. crash. and the team onboard, the video of them celebrating before the fateful flight. and the six found outside the plane, alive. the attack at ohio state. the student on a rampage with a butcher's knife. what's now been discovered tonight. donald trump about to go to dinner at this hour with mitt romney and his wife. will romney get the job as secretary of state over rudy giuliani? and cameras in the court. the stunning moment. the officer who shot walter


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