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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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myself. >> we're learning more about the attack at ohio state, including how this army veteran jumped in to help his fellow buckeyes. students will be reunited with their teachers after almost a month. we'll have details. thanks for waking up with us on this very mild wednesday. >> it's like in the 60s or something. the big question, we know it can't last, stick around? >> you've got about 18 hours or so until things start to change. this morning, you might not need a jacket. temperatures are in the mid to upper 50s right now, if not the low 60s. you may need rain gear in some areas. rain continues in the canton, new philly area this morning. that will move to the north and northeast. for cleveland, our rain chances go up later on this afternoon, into this evening, ahead of a cold front which will bring the
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tonight and tomorrow. so here's the forecast today for cleveland, akron and canton, high temperatures upper 50s, make the most of it. we tumble tomorrow. more on that in a couple of minutes. we do have a two car crash i've been tracking at 102nd in cleveland at elk avenue. speeds are looking okay inbound into the city, 71 north, fulton to 90, your speeds looking okay, 63 to 65 miles per hour been watching 77, hasn't changed much, 77 at sixth street. you can make out the back splash from the cars. give yourself enough space between you and the car in front of you. let's get another view from air tracker 5. >> reporter: we're looking at a water main break on quincy avenue this morning. cleveland water crews are on the scene. you can see a couple police
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have started. we don't see any digging yet. we'll touch base on how those repairs are coming along and we'll check back with you when we get a response to give you an update. for the second night in a he row, employees at a local pizza place are left shaken . >> happy's pizza on west 25ths has been targeted by robbers twice now. meg shaw has the latest on the story. >> reporter: good mo pizza on west 25th say after monday night's robbery everyone was on their toes, keeping a close eye on everything. they never thought the same thing would happen just 24 hours later. joe ekelberry says two guys ran through the front doors of the pizza shop, yelling at him.
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he was robbed at gunpoint just the night before. >> this time it was two young it looked like kids, could have been from 16 to 18, probably, and then last night it was like a guy in his 20s. >> reporter: we're told the pizza shop has plenty of cameras here. they say both incidents were caught on the surveillance camera. ekelberry says it's just a matter of time before these guys are if you know anything, please call cleveland police. live in cleveland, meg shaw, news 5. >> meg, thank you. we are learning more about thosed deadly tornadoes in northeastern alabama overnight. a line of strong storms moved through, it was around midnight. three people inside a mobile home were killed, four others critically hurt when a 24 hour day-care center was destroyed
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jackson county. dozens of homes and businesses were damaged. thousands of people are without power. there are multiple reports of tornadoes across several counties in northern alabama and southern tennessee. new information coming in about the attack at ohio state. isis now claims that attacker is a soldier of the islamic state. the fbi is not conforming any links between islamic extremeists and abdul artan. one of the students was veteran andy payne. he says his instint was instinct was to grab the weapon. >> he went to attack me and i grabbed the knife with my hand. >> andy had surgery to repair damaged nerves and tendons in his hand. he is expected to make a full recovery. after what happened at the osu campus we started looking
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some of our local universities. case western and cleveland state both use a method that's called a.l.i.c.e.. at both schools staff are required to get active shooter response training and take part in simulations. case western can send texts, e- mails, social media posts and calls all at the same time where it reaches 95% of users within two minutes and 15 seconds. we spoke with a security expert who says technology only goes it's all about immediate response. >> while a piece of equipment, a camera or metal detector, might help in some situations, the first and best line of defense is a well trained, highly alert staff and student body. >> case western also has a free phone app where people can report emergencies directly to police and track their exact location. teachers returning to work this morning at louisville schools. earlier this week the teachers' union voted to end the strike
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despite that, the union tells the canton rep it still doesn't have a deal with the board of ed. the teachers have been without a contract since june 30th. no word yet on when the two sides will start negotiating again. this morning the olive garden responding after an incident at its akron restaurant goes viral. >> it started when rickey smith, the founder of random acts of kindness everywhere, tweeted about his experience. >> he says his party was kicked off because they asked for a new serv their black waitress saying she doesn't like to serve other black people. when they complained, smith says management told him, hey, they could either be served by the same waitress or they could leave. they didn't leave. police were called. >> the olive garden responded to the tweet saying all guests are welcome and olive garden, we are currently investigating this matter. looking ahead, metrohealth systems could be adding a new hospital to the main campus. metro health is looking to borrow more than $25 billion to
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it would be on west 2 t-- west 25th. theif this plan moves forward, it would be complete by 2022. there are some exciting new additions headed to the flats. thirsty dog brewing is hoping to move in. pizza location and another restaurant could move in a well. all three new businesses need to be approved by the east bank developers. let's head over to meteorologist jd rudd for maybe some good news coming to an end. >> we've got mild air in place today. we've got three things you should know. the first one is we're well above average today, upper 50s to lower 60s. spotty rain showers will dot the area off and on as we go
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third thing to know, it's a colder start to december. we'll talk how cold in a couple of minutes. good morning, i'm corrina pysa. >> i'm nick foley. coming up on good morning cleveland, wildfires continue to devastate tennessee. we're hearing about the conditions evacuees had to endure to get out alive. a clothing company shatters its previous black friday sales record, but they aren't going to see any of the profits. where that mo instead. first, here's what's coming up on good morning america. >> in this morning's gma first look, the terrifying details of shareholderly pepini's alleged kidnapping coming to light. police say she was branded, a message burned into her skin. >> i would think that was some sort of either an exertion of power and control and/or maybe some type of message. >> her husband described an
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his wife was toremented physically and mentally. he said she's she weighed just 87 pounds and was covered in burns, rashes and chain markings. her long, blond hair had been chopped off. >> obviously, a very sick person who may have wanted to
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it's been a devastating 24 hours all across parts of eastern tennessee. the destruction not over yet. at least three people are dead, many more still missing. the wildfires are being spurred on by hurricane strength winds. those who evacuated in time
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returning to when this is all over. one man says someone told him his apartment is gone. another person said his apartment is just fine. >> it is frustrating. it is frustrating because literally everything i own is in that little apartment. i don know if i have nothing or if i -- i don't know if i have nothing or if i have something to start over with. >> a curfew is currently in place from 6:00 p.m. until 6:00 a.m. every night. we are learning new details about that horrific plane crash that killed 71 people in colombia. investigators say the plane suffered an electrical failure and a majority of the cabin disintegrated on impact. six people survived the crash. last night the black boxes were recovered.
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today, fidel castro's ashes begin their jury journey to the birth place of his revolution. cuban americans are celebrating in the streets but in havana people are mourning their fallen leader. >> it's a once in a lifetime experience, to get to experience the culture in a different way. castro was a polarizing figure and it will be interesting to see how people are responding. >> the funeral is set for sunday. leaders from around the world are expected to attend. however, planning to go. the push for a $15 minimum wage moving forward as thousands of workers across the country walked off their jobs, calling for a significant pay increase. they gathered outside a mcdonald's on the east side last night. they said the current wage isn't enough for them to make a living off of. >> i talked to a police officer
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hour, he's been at it for 15 years. there's something seriously wrong with that. >> this issue will be up for a vote on may 2nd. in missouri, dozens of people were arrested in kansas city. more arrests took place in new york, los angeles and chicago. president-elect donald trump is announcing a new round of cabinet nominees treasury department. he picked steven munchin. tom price is set to run the health care system. he supports privatizing medicare. for the department of transportation, he selected elaine chow, a former labor secretary and the wife of mitch mcconnell. the last two weeks have seen a lot of focus on the next administration moving into washington. many members of the current administration say they're not going quietly. john kerry spoke at the women's
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washington. he spoke about the challenges of international politics and took a jab at the president- elect's method of responding to events around the world. >> international challenges, my friends, have to be confronted with honesty, with determination, and with confidence, not with slogans and with little pithy tweets or whatever that pretend to somehow deal with the complexity of this age. and if we don't do that, we will fail to be able to lead seriously. >> kerry expressed remorse that hillary clinton was unable to break what he called the highest glass ceiling in the country. let's give you a live look outside right now. the city is sparkling. it looks beautiful. it's such a nice morning. we can give the car heaters a break as we head into work.
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shoes based on the weather, you may want to keep in mind that rain will be around off and on today. tonight, cold air arrives, the cold front works its way in. tomorrow brings a couple of spotty showers. it will only be in the 40s tomorrow, which is where we're supposed to be for this time of year. when you compare it to yesterday and today, it will feel like such a change. here's the weather radar this morning, showing where we it's mainly in the southern and eastern locations this morning, from canton to youngstown to new philly. the rain showers are continuing to move to the north and northeast this morning and slowly making their way out of our viewing area. as i mentioned, we're not quite done with the rain shower chances just yet. while nothing's developing back to the west, i do expect that the change later on today with more rain showers coming into
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here's our future cast, showing us some rain in the western part of the coverage area. i think we'll get a dry period this afternoon. this evening, the front continues to work its way in, we should start to see a few showers work their way across the area, then the temperatures really just bottom out overnight tonight, into tomorrow morning. much colder start to your thursday, readings will be in the 30s tomorrow morning. so to get you over the hump it's pretty much in the upper 50s with a few pockets of rain around the area. we do have a little bit of a slowdown, 490 and 77. a couple accidents in the cleveland area are all clear. we've got that two car crash,
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right now. ivanhoe, south of saint clair, that's back open as well. 77 and fourth street is still slick outside. >> reporter: this a water main break on quincy avenue. some crews were on the scene a few minutes ago. the crews look like they're leaving. doesn't look like they've begun repairs yet. they have cones set up in the area. both lanes of quincy in both directions. you can see the cars splashing through the area... let's get you some health news this morning. a new study shows the prescription drugs that are meant to help us have some unintended effects. researchers studied more than 42,000 emergency room visits between 2013 and 2014. they found drug reactions sent
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e.r. more than a quarter of those patients experienced of effects so severe they actually had to be hospitalized. the most common problems centered around blood thinners, antibiotics and diabetes drugs. you might notice patagonia trending online this morning. the outdoor clothing company hit a new black friday record. it sold $10 million in just one day. the best part, it's donating all of it, every cent, the $10 million will go to nearly 800 environmental groups around world. the vice president of the company said they came up with the idea to help bring people together after a divisive presidential election. a group of 20 coworkers just hit the jackpot. we're hearing from the tennessee 20. so jealous of them. see what these new multimillionaires plan to do with their winnings. you could be saving more than just one life when you adopt a shelter pet. why getting a new furry friend
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family's health. we're tracking weather and traffic as we take you to break. you're watching good morning cleveland on news 5. we'll be
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good morning. thanks for tuning in to newschannel5. we havewe don't have a lot of issues on the highways.
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little slick because of the overnight rain and early morning rain. still 15 minutes 77 northbound whipple to wilson. 77 around fourth street, the northbound and southbound lanes are getting busier. we're always concerned about the hydroplaning when you see that shine, it's not always a good thing. i want to talk about the temperat we'll be about 62 today. enjoy this. change comes as soon as we turn the calendar page for tomorrow. here's the seven-day forecast. we start december out feeling a lot more like december, high temperatures in the low 40s. notice what's missing, though, no big chances for snow, at least as it stands right now. we'll keep searching for those. with the season as long as the nba's, a few losses are to be expected.
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we were getting used to adding a w really easily. all streaks have to come to an end. this one, a four game win streak coming to an end with the cavs last night with a loss in milwaukee. >> what they do, they do it well. everyone's going to have to be locked in. they move obviously shoot a lot of 3s. >> final score was 118-101. the cavs are now 13-3 this season. the next game tomorrow at home against the clippers. that will be a big game. speaking of big, the winners of this weekend's $420 million powerball jack pot have come forward.
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to a group of 20 coworkers in tennessee. >> they work for an auto parts manufacturing plant. the group says this will impact more than just 20 lives. >> you see somebody while you're checking out at walmart or kroger's that look like they need help, go over there and swipe the card. >> there will be a lot of people blessed through this and i'm thankful for that. >> how about a whole community? the group taking of $254.7 million which they will split evenly. that's about $12.7 million apiece. >> can i get some of that, please? if you see something, say something, but local police say some of the reports they're noticing on social media are going a step too far. new restaurants could soon be headed to the flats.
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one guy had the gun, the other guy jumped over the table, started asking for me to pull money out of the registers. >> now at 6:30, robbed a at gunpoint, a local pizza worker robbed twice in two days speaking about his terrifying ordeal only on news 5. tornadoes ravaging parts of alabama, at least three killed,
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coming to the flats, three new businesses that could replace businesses that recently closed. first let's head over to meteorologist jd rudd. the forecast is nice and mild today. >> you may not even the coat this morning. temperatures are in the 50s. current readings across akron, cleveland, wooster, all of us are in the 50s, close to 60 degrees. the wind is out of the south at first round of rain is working through the southern and eastern locations. we'll see more rain later on this evening, into tonight as a cold front makes its way through. you need to make the most of this with the above average temperatures. tomorrow it's a 15 to 20-degree drop. more on that coming up. i've been watching the radar, noticing that the showers are making their way out, just that first batch so
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yourself plenty of time. it's the final day of lane restrictions on 90 over the inner belt bridge, the right lane is pinched off. that will wrap up at 5:00 p.m. let's check outside, still dealing with slick spots along 77. good morning, john. >> reporter: around cleveland things are looking good on the highways. we're flying above 71 and 480 right now. you can see traffic along just nicely, no issues to report. the only problem we saw from air tracker 5, that water main break on quincy between east 64th and east 66th. we're waiting to hear about the status of the repairs. new this morning, a cleveland pizza worker is talking to news 5 about being robbed not once, but twice. >> meg shaw is live in cleveland for us this morning with the latest. >> reporter: good morning. that employee tells us they
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happy's pizza, so he believes it's a matter of time before these guys are identified and caught. the worker tells us the latest incident happened around 9:30 last night. he says two young guys, probably ages 16 to 18, barged through the front door, both wearing masks over their faces. one pointed a gun while the other jumped over the counter. they demanded the money from the register. so after snatching up about $100, they took off. they employee says despite facing the had no choice but to stay level headed. >> keep calm, following their orders. they said give me all the money out of the register. i gave them what was in the register. >> reporter: this is the second incident in just two days. that same employee says a man in his 20s hijacked the register on monday night, only getting away with about $100. if you know anything about
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you're asked to call cleveland police. live in cleveland, meg shaw, news 5. today, teachers in louisville are heading back to class. they voted to end the nearly four week strike. the union still hasn't reached a deal on a new contract. they're asking for clarification on a reduction in force and insurance bills from before the strike. teachers have been working without a contract since june 30th. back here at the live desk, millions of people we're learning are under watch. the national weather service extending it from alabama into southern louisiana. look at the damage this caused, including one tornado moving through northern alabama. we learned three people were killed and four critically injured are children. they were inside a 24 hour day- care center. damage and injuries are reported in mississippi. there are multiple reports of
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alabama, southern tennessee. this morning we are learning more about abdul razak ali artan, the man who attacked nearly a dozen people on the ohio state campus. isis now claiming he is a soldier of the islamic state but his motive is unknown. all 11 people that were injured are expected to make a full recovery. we're hearing from one of them for the first time. andy payne served two tours in iraq, unharmed, only to be injured at ohio state. >> initially it felt like someone punched me in the hand. you get that dull pain in your hand. then i looked down and i saw my entire hand was full of blood. >> following the attack, andy had surgery to repair that hand and damaged nerves and tendons as well. we've got new developments on a really disturbing story. a barberton man sentenced to life in prison after being found guilty of raping and killing his half sister.
6:35 am
doctors found internal injuries so severe she was taken off life support. demarcus jones who was 15 years old at the time was found guilty of rape and murder. he'll be eligible for parole and if he dozened up getting released from prison he'll have to register as a sex offender. a man accused of pulling a knife on canton police officers will be arraigned. danny henson is accused of threatening to kill his fiance and pulling a knife on officers
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thank you for waking up
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50s to low 60s, breezy today with a few spotty showers around from time to time. no heavy coats are needed at the bus stop. it will be mild throughout most of the afternoon. we may see a stray sprinkle on the ride home. tomorrow, a much cooler day. wet commute for those southern counties. behind me, 77 and arlington, showing traffic picking up. it's a slick ride so slow those friends. that's why we plaster pictures of them all over of social media. this time of year shelters see a surge in adoptions. >> if you're thinking about adding a pet to your family, we've got extra incentive for you. owning a pet is good for your health. it benefits your heart. it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels and gets us moving, specifically if you have a dog, have you of to walk them. dog owners are less likely to
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physical fitness too. it also decreases depression and reduces stress. >> it helps us feel more connected. we feel bonded, sort of like having family and our depression levels go down, just being able to love unconditionally and be loved unconditionally by that pet. >> on top of all that, the doctor says owning a pet makes you more social and exposing infants to a pet early on helps them allergens. nine in ten americans say they believe in god. some have had powerful spiritual experiences. a new study says religious experiences make you feel just as good as love and drugs. how about that? they activate the same part of your brain, the reward system. the lead author of the study says spiritual and religious feelings are the most powerful influences on our life decisions and our behavior.
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rested? we don't know what that is here. if not, a new study -- >> as we all laugh. >> a new study says these effects are widespread. the biggest impact of sleep deprivation is on your health and well-being. researchers say it is actually costing the u.s. $411 billion, that is every single year. that is the amount of economic losses from lower productivity at work. big impact. >> all about a good night's sleep. in tennessee has gatlinburg waking up empty and ravaged. we'll have the latest on the devastation. a new 5 investigation reveals a flood of issues at the water department. why you'll now be getting bills more often. super screen 5 is up and running, tracking your weather and traffic during the break.
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time now is 6:44. and you are looking at a live look at downtown cleveland from our earth cam. you're waking up to a mild day. it's the last day of november. >> we can actually see temperatures in the 60s today. a few showers, though too. we're tracking it for you this
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meteorologist jd rudd. >> it's already in the 60s for some locations this morning. we're at our high temperature in some areas. the rain is out there too. you saw that on super screen 5. the first step outside, this is nice for the end of november. 59 degrees with those showers off to our south. we'll look at the radar here in just a second. here are the temperatures across cuyahoga county. you've got 56 in mayfield, the average high supposed to be 44. the sun's not even up yet. this is incredible. everybody is in the 50s this morning across the area. there is cooler air to the west. that's just a shade of what's to come as we go through the next 24 hours. get you out the door this morning, we should be in the middle 50s. a few spotty showers may dot the area. we have moderate rainfall
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philly to youngstown. it will continue to move to the north and northeast. more showers will come our way later on this afternoon and into this evening as part of a cold front that will make its way through and really change the temperature for us as we head into tomorrow. here's our future cast, showing you the rain moving out. a mostly cloudy sky, a few pockets of showers here and there, with temperatures staying in the 50s. we'll start to see a few more afternoon into this evening. we could see more rain on its way as we head toward 5, 6:00, 7:00. after that, the temperatures fall off and level off through the weekend. we'll go into more detail about that coming up in your seven- day forecast. here's that batch of rain over 77 and new philly, canton, even noticing ponding in some sections. that rain is moving out. in the meantime, the morning commute is slick along 77,
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71 not too bad, fulton to 90 still up-to-speed, 64 miles per hour as you approach the inner belt bridge. trouble free, 480 and warrensville center road. john, over to you. >> reporter: for the most part, things are getting busy but no other accidents that may be backing up traffic. the only issue we're seeing, a stalled vehicle on 490, looking like 490 westbound as you a approach 71. yo as the cars are off to the side of the road there. the only other issue that we saw, that water main break, still waiting to hear back on the status of those repairs. we've got new details about a deadly shooting on cleveland's east side. antoine williams, junior is charged with the murder of his 16-year-old accomplice, even though police say he is not the one who pulled the trigger. instead, it was the homeowner the pair was trying to rob. in ohio, suspect can be charged with murder if it's determined
6:48 am
committing a felony, in this case, a burglary. a summit county man will spend eight years in prison for involuntary manslaughter. robbers lance pleaded guilty to killing a man outside of a nightclub in august. a man was found guilty of injuring his daughter. he was found to have scalded his 4-month-old during the baby was found to have a skull fracture and broken ribs as well. the olive garden is commenting on something that happened at its akron restaurant. rickey smith said his party was kicked out because they asked for a new server. he said they overheard their black waitress saying she doesn't like to serve other black people. they complained.
6:49 am
leave. they didn't leave. the cops were called. the olive garden responded saying, quote, all gets are welcome at olive garden. they are investigating the matter. a terrifying home for any homeowner, a burglar going through your house. a man held an intruding at gunpoint until police officers arrived. no one was hurt. the incident is under investigat department have been using -- a tool that police departments have been using to identify suspects. now people are trying to use facebook to catch people they think are criminals. this photo shows a couple walking, captioned that they, quote, seem to be up to no good. or, this one in lakewood, where people warn a white man is allegedly involved in home break-ins but police advise you should call them first if you think something suspicious
6:50 am
of punching another man, knocking him out and robbing him after game six of the world series. police used this surveillance footage to identify anthony johnson. he and another man were seen here using the victim's stolen credit cards. the browns have another starting option for qu cleared to go back to his position. he was hurt in week one and hasn't played since. some scary news for pet owners in wayne county. a raccoon tested positive for rabies.. the health department says people were not exposed but it's possible pets were. we have new developments in our ongoing news 5
6:51 am
we're learning a big change is on the way. the water department moving from quarterly to monthly billing. this will start in january. cleveland water says the bills will not look any different but they'll be easy to read. some customers we talked to are worried more bills could mean even more billing mistakes.. metrohealth systems could soon be adding another hospital to the main campus. metrohealth is looking to borrow just over $1 billion to add the new building on west 25th. the plan is to replace iconic round towers with a new building connected to the critical care pavilion. if it moves forward, they will be complete by 2022. the morning sprint is
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pizza, robbed at gunpoint two nights in a row. a manager tells us both incidents were caught on camera. last night two guys barged in the front doors here at the pizza shop, both wearing masks. one of them pointed a gun while the other jumped over the counter and demanded money from the register. they took nearly $100 and ran off, a scene all too familiar to the employee as he was hours earlier. >> this time it was two young it looked like kids, could have been from 16 to 18 probably and then last night it was like a guy in his 20s. >> reporter: they do have surveillance cameras here and both incidents were caught on camera. they say it's only a matter of time that these thieves will be identified and caught. if you know anything, call cleveland police.
6:54 am
news 5. right now more than a dozen wildfires are still raging in a tennessee tourism hub. three people have died, more man 150 buildings burned to the ground including iconic homes and a resort. we have the latest from gatlinburg. >> reporter: this homeowner is one of the lucky ones who was able to come back home after monday night's wildfires. there isn't much to come back to. many here are waiting to see how their homes look like as and clear roads of downed trees and power lines. we learned here in pigeon forge at least 500 people evacuated on monday night. we're told the mandatory evacuation has since been lifted. just down south in gatlinburg, the evacuation remains in effect and so does a curfew, until 6:00 a.m. and a boil water advisory. this incident has claimed the lives of three people and injuring 14 others.
6:55 am
last 100 years. the situation improved considerably last night but there are still some fires to work on. fire crews have arrived to help inned clouding the national guard -- including the national guard. the work is far from over. winds are expected to pick up to 60 miles per hour. back to you. we have breaking news. one of the two escaped inmates from california custody. lorne campbell was arrested overnight. there is still a manhunt going on for rohil chavez. the inmates escaped last week by using a bed sheet as a rope to climb from the second floor. today the u.s. house will hold leadership elections. and ohio lawmaker is making his
6:56 am
from youngstown to akron. he says it is time for a new face to guide the party into the future. nancy pelosi has led house democrats since 2003. she says she has the support of two-thirds of the caucus. the president-elect just tweeted about the osu attacker, saying he should not have been in our country. abdul razak ali artan was born in somali and living in the u.s. as a legal perm resident. while isis is taking credit, at this point the fbi is not confirming he had any links to islamic extremeists. breaking news on our president-elect, he says he's leaving his company to focus on the presidency. this week, trump begins his thank you tour across the country. it starts in cincinnati on thursday. more cities are expected to be
6:57 am
plane crash that killed 71 people in colombia. investigators say the lack of apparent fire damage means the plane may have run out of fuel. just heart-breaking to hear. six people survived the crash including three soccer players from a professional team in brazil. the rain is moving out this morning, should be a dry commute for most folks as they head off to work this morning. it's a mild morning, temperatures are already in the i expect more rain to develop and work its way in after about 4:00 to 5:00 this afternoon. you're looking at the shot of 480 and warrensville center road. the southern portions of the viewing area are dealing with a wet out commute. much more coming up on this developmentses in tennessee and alabama that will be on gma.
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minutes. >> also more on those powerball
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good morning, america. deadly devastation. 23 reported tornadoes tear through the south. >> there's a tornado right there. >> destroying homes and demolishing a day-care center. as those massive wildfires rip through tennessee. >> go, go, go, go. >> the largest there in a century. through a terrifying path of flames. >> my house is on fire. >> leaving a trail of destruction, now more severe weather is on the way. breaking news, president-elect trump with a major announcement about his new cabinet this morning and that dinner with former rival mitt romney overnight. >> president-elect trump is the very man who can lead us to that better future. >> speculation now growing over the race to be secretary of state. as trump's team announces a deal to keep hundreds of jobs here in the u.s.


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