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tv   News 5 at 5pm  ABC  November 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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a real gun that turned tout be a toy replica. the estate was awarded $5 bnt 5. his mother and sister received $250 ,000. they declined to indite both officers. they have not been disciplined for their roles. i'm chief investigator. a news alert at 5:00. the contested pipeline is happening. the federal energy regulatory commission just announced it didn't find any major environmental issues that should bar the pipeline from big built. we haven't learn which route they will take but home owners have been voicing their concerns about the project. we'll continue to keep your updates -- updated as
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cleveland in more than a half reported in our county's suburbs. and with another 16 deaths still waiting on test results, that number could grow even higher. only on news 5. much of the nation is searching for an answer to the devastating heroin epidemic. >> none so much as ohio which is number one in the country when it comes to heroin deaths. news 5 james gerard is here now. >> new numbers. heroin crisis according to the new york times americans as the aids crisis did at its height. they're pushing for more major solutions as more people are dieing from overdosing in ohio than anywhere else in the country. >> you use this -- you don't get a second chance. >> he works every day to make sure people don't die from using heroin but his job has become harder than
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it's a moderate increase. 228 last year is nothing compared to what will likely be more than 500 deaths in 2016. >> what we're missing is long- term sober living environment. not just two or three months. six or seven months they are so overwhelmed where one study says one in every nine joseph overdecember deaths occur. >> we can't be saying anymore wait a week or two. that's not the right thing to do. somebody goes to an er with a broken arm. we don't tell them wait a week or two. >> there are success stories. in switzerland after a record- high number of deaths the government implemented a safe, supervised heroin use program.
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there. and 82% of patients using no longer sought out heroin on the streets but relied on safe heroin. the problem is that's expensive and difficult to drum up support for. >> that may work just fine in all those other areas. we got to find out what works in our community. >> there has been some success stories. access program. that's the drugs that will heroin overdose. it's called project dawn. it saved more than 200 lives. clearly though, a lot of work left to be done. reporting live in the newsroom tonight. news 5. today ohio congressman tim ryan failed to unseat long-time democratic leader nancy pelosi. he may have set himself up for success. a look ahead at the options going forward.
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the most powerful democrat come january. that's what made her the amuse to oust her from leadership. >> i'm disappointed because i like to win. >> tim ryan emerged from his failed leadership challenge a former house speaker disappointed but not defeated. >> i think it was a great discussion for us and i think honestly i think the party is better off. >> congresswoman marsha fudge agreed. >> today we won because they hear us. >> ryan wants a political profile. >> it's where he's really raising himself and being looked at again as a perennial possibility. >> it's been floated before to head a democratic ticket but the confront of his seat is won out.
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the longshot odds of winning back the house any time soon. >> a party is going to have no voice at all. from a career perspective he may be looking at then maybe i do look seriously at the governorship. >> he will face a tough challenge. so the challenge the first step in the career of a new tim ryan if >> that really for me is the biggest thing when it comes to get the potential reward moving ahead. >> ryan has told me his focus to this point has been on the fight in congress in 2018. not on 2018 but now this is past but that conversation possibility to change. news 5. turning now to the transition of power in washington and donald trump is doing more than preparing to run our nation's government. >> today he announced he's leaving his business to focus on the presidency.
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trump is beginning to fill -- so far mr. trump has nominated billionaire as commerce secretary and goldman sacks executive as treasury secretary. this comes at the same time the president-elect announced a deal with air- conditioning company to keep 1,000 jobs in the united states. it's a move that will celebrate tomorrow during the first leg of his thank you tour that takes him from indianapolis to cincinnati. during that tour one question will be mr. trump whovment will he choose as secretary of the state. his team hinted he's down to four final ice. mitt romney, porker, me tray yus and rudy giuliani. all right. new information on the man accused of plotting to attack in back in 20156789 he's a changed man and they filed a 31-page memo with the court claiming christopher lee pictured right
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propaganda that influenced him to plan the attack. now they are petitioning for a lighter prison sentence. the memo urges the court not to throw away a young man that can be saved. and new details just coming in about the deadly plane crash. look at that right there. that plane carrying a brazilian soccer team when it went down this week. 5 recording from the air traffic controller tower was leaked to a radio request permission to land due to a total electric failure and a lack of fuel. the crash killed 71 of the 77 people on board. seven people are now confirmed dead and 400 buildings damaged because of the wild fiers and the death toll could rise because crews are still looking for more victims. rain today has helped the crews but the fire isn't fully contained.
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reopen on friday. adding that despite that there's a reason for hope. that's our message. we are going to be okay. and if you really, really want to do something, we're going to back on our feet in a real short time. come and visit us. come back and vacation here. >> right now investigators say the fires appear to have been start bd i humans. months of drought and dry conditions help them grow out of control. this is the worst wild fire the state century. okay. chief meteorologist here now with another threat to tennessee. >> that's right. severe weather. a long line of deadly storms just pasted through that state overnight and this video. the storm spawn nearly two dons tornado reports from alabama through mississippi and up into tennessee. all right. at least nine people have been confirmed dead. take a look. in northeast alabama homes, businesses, ripped to
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trailer and critically injurying children at a day care center. strong winds gusting over 60 miles an hour causing major damage along major highways there. >> we're really lucky no one was hurt here tonight. >> all right despite the added damage to the area. the storms could offer some relief to firefighters tennessee. there's now a flash flood warning with heavy rain expected. all right. let take a look add what's going on back here closer to home. how about rain showers coming? right about here and we've got a line of showers with some brief moderate bursts moving north and east. western suburbs of greater cleveland stretching
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that's your evening. it's mild. 62 in cleveland. currently 58. akron 56 in camp ton. joan i it. the temps are going down as we head through the-esque hours. the rain should end by 8:30 for the greater cleveland area. by 9 p.m. rain should be done and then the chill. look, by midnight or so, we're at 39. 24 in whatever you want to do this evening. 60s to start. it's back to normal as we begin december. even a few snow flakes coming up. >> all right. a hung jury or a biased jury? >> next some new information about the jury questionnaires released today from the trial of cincinnati officer ray tensing. the shocking things they had to say about police officers and race relations. >> promise and delivered? republicans moving fast to follow through on the
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obamacare. next our first look at what might replace it. and a letter filled with hate mailed to more than half a dozen moms. they think they're getting close to finding the author. the hunt is on. we'll have that at 5:30 >> and think this couldn't happen to you? well, today, only 5 was ib invited to ride along with police patrolling shopping areas and we learned it doesn't really take much to push shoppers right
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tear gas and rubber bullets. more than 2,000 u.s. veterans plan to form a human shield around the protesters for protection. today the governor requested a meeting with the chief of the standing rock sioux tribe. >> help is on the way. that is the message from lead tainted tap water. ryan promised the aid package is in the process. they have been dealing with it for two years now. a new health care plan introduced in the house
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>> it promising more kois choises and lower costs. along with an outline to strengthen medicare. speaker ryan calling it a game changer especially when it comes to mental health care. >> not only do we need to bring mental illness out of the shadows we have to improve how we address it. more early intervention and this bill takes a huge step in that all right. where is he? >> i'm tracking tornadoes right now. more tornadoes on the ground. >> down south? >> yeah. moving out of north carolina. and moving up out of south carolina to north carolina. >> oh, goodness. >> want to see them? let me show them to you. let's show right now. it's day number two.
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spartanburg. two tornado warnings there. moving through spartanburg, south carolina. there's charlotte. so this whole area is moving north and east. i hope they weaken. i think they will before they reach charlotte. and let's see. we'll zoom on it. we'll show you tornado watches here as well. all the way down into georgia and the florida panhandle. decemberen, florida had a weak tornado. here's last night's reports. 27 # them. some of them may be duplicates. still a very severe weather scenario ongoing. our friends to the south. it is wet. rain showers there. a live look. we can show you the power of five radar. mansfield. over toward homerville. you're about to get wet there. downtown cleveland. we got a few showers moving in. we'll zoom on in and show you some brief, moderate
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over here just moving on shore into timberlake. there you go. out of euclid. they're continuing to flair up. so you can see this. this is a stark contrast. the heat yellows the warm air. take a look at the blues and where it's coming. our way. there's the cold front and the cooler air rushing in behind it. tonight's lows will bottom out. i also wanted to note that tomorrow during the day winds could gust above 20 miles an hour. windy as temps only recover into the lower 40s. tonight some scattered showers before midnight mainly. cloudy skies.
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mainly cloudy. we'll mention a little lake effect mix of rain and wet snow. all right? shouldn't amount to anything but could be coming down on you. 43 degrees. what a change. 20 degrees temperature drop. >> all right. this is great. the time of year when a lot of families wonder if it's time to expand with a new pet. >> look at those guys. >> if you're still on the fence, lee, science-backed facts. >> just after days after an attack state lawmakers are weighing whether more people should be allowed to carry guns at our public
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amazing health benefits that we don't know about. >> but plenty we do. first of all, not only do pets warm our hearts. doctor the with university hospitals say they also benefit them. >> we know that it lowers blood pressure, cholesterol and it's cardio protective whovment would have thought? is >> it gets us moving speeskically if you have a dog. you have to walk them. dog owners are less obese and have better physical fitness. on top of that pet ownership decrease depression. >> it helps us feel more connected. we feel bonded sort of like having family and our depression levels go down just being able to love
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unconditionally by that pet. >> a dog makes you more social. studies show people with dogs know their neighbors more and more socially interactive. he says children benefit too. expsing infants to a pet actually helps them develop immunity to allergens. now you know. in the studio. news 5. the investigation continues after a knife attack. next what police are saying today about the motive >> and donald trump hasn't taken the oath of office but one department is working on a major goal of his administration. deporting illegal immigrants. what the secretary thinks about
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that allows userred a supervised heroin use program. they prepare to retry. we're learning more about the jurors. one juror are related to a police officer. four said some racial or ethnic violent antejury could not reach a verdict in that trial. the prosecutor is trying to move the next trial out of hamilton county. new information tonight on the ohio man accused of flotting to attack the state of the union address back in 2015. his attorneys say he's a changed man. they filed a 31-pain memo with the court claiming he has come to reject the radical propaganda.
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throw away a young man that can be saved. and new information about the suspect in the attack at ohio state university. the fbi says 18-year-old abdul arkan was not on the radar. he was a somalia ref -- refugee. >> all we know is we believe he may have been inspired by isis. our investigation will determine that. it's too soon to draw any conclusions. >> policing our -- that morning but they don't know if that is the one he uses to attack on campus. >> he rammed his car into a group of people. got out and flashed them with the butcher knife. 11 people were hurt. he was killed by an ohio state police officer. igniting the debate about
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allow and it just so happens that a bill to allow people on state university campuses is making its way through the state legislature. >> it passed the house. now works is way through the state senate. that's right. >> today lawmakers in columbus discussed house bill 48. that comes just two days after that attack at ohio state university. the attacker was shot and killed by a police officer. but plenty of people wontder what would have happened if were allowed to carry gunning on campus. that what they are discussing. if passed the bill would allow universities to make policies that allow people to carry concealed handguns on campus. some ohio college students say after several attacks on college campuses nationwide, they would feel safer if guns were loud on campus. others disagree. >> that would make me scared every day. >> would you feel safer or not?
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>> now this bill will be discussed. in 23 states universities are allowed to decide if they will allow concealed weapons. news 5. and police in los angeles they think they are closer to finding the person who sent hateful letters at least eight got that letter and one in georgia claiming president-elect trump wowlz cleanse america of muslims like hitler did jews. the lapd has a very good lead on the location of the author but the department and the fbi don't know yet what charges might be filed if they find that person. and that's just one of the nearly 900 hate crimes reported sinced election. 865 cases in 22 states. 22 happening in ohio and just ten days after the election. the crimes have ranged from racial slurs to
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donald trump for the wave of hatred. he incited police violence. even his announcement he was running. he referred to mexican immigrants as rapist and criminals. the president-elect was saddened and told his sporrers to stop it. it looks like mass deportations are happening. >> home jay johnson spoke about his potential success sor and donald trump's bow to deport some 3 million undocumented immigrants with criminal records. johnson says his department has prioritized but he said that is not a catch-all solution to our nation's immigration concerns. >> you can build more walls and you can put more border security on southwest border but you've got
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circumstances in guatemala, honduras and el salvador to come to the united states for a better life. >> he gave his stamp of approval to his potential success sor. congressman michael mccall is vying for the job. he currently chairs the house homeland security committee. and has spent years focusing on illegal immigration. all right. let's check in with our chief meteorologist. week. >> and one rumble of thunder right now. right here over painsville. just happened. just saw it on the radar. there it is. we've got some moderate to
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right here, right now. a few showers behind that front will linger in to the 8, 9, 10 p.m. hour. it should end. 55 currently cleveland. mild degrees. mid-50s in canton. the cool down is just a couple of hours away. you'll be in the 40s very, very quickly. 47 for akron, mid-40s for canton. notice the rain showers continuing until between 8:00 and about 9:30 and then we a chilly rest of the weather week and through the weekend with a few snow flakes. more on that coming up. >> new at 5:00 more than 5 decades in violence may be coming to an end. today the columbian senate approved a new peace agreement between the government and a rebel dwreement. it was rejected by the public at the polls. many felt the deal left them with no consequences. this disagreement signed by both parties last week
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only on news 5. don't let your holiday shopping trip end with you in handcuffs t. may sound unlikely but we rolled along with police and learned that holiday stress can push people to the limit. fighting back. which states are being targeted with lawsuits from planned parenthood for cracking
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missouri and alaska. the lawsuits target a banned on abortion in alaska. and a ban after 20 weeks in north carolina. except immediate emergencies. restrictions targeted in missouri are similar rules in texas requires abortion clinics meet the same standards and doctors have privileges. and our cry from the mm community and advocates for reproductive rights texas will soon require fetal remains be bury or cremated regardless of the length. >> it takes affect up iser 19. it bans the landfills. it can cost several thousands of dollars which
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responsible for. it's being considered in the house. the holiday shopping season is at its peak and tensions are running a little high in our area and across the nation. >> it's wonderful time of the year; right? fight breaking out over parking spaces and police even capturing some of that action on body cameras. news 5 spent some time uncovered unbelievable video of folks who are stressed out. is on. speeding in parking lots is getting worse and police are taking notice scwhrsm you don't have to search hard to find videos like this. >> inside a northern california mall. or how about this video? this fight over a parking spot. this body camera video posted by south euclid
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police have much seen it all. the closer we inch to the big day the more crime increases. >> you can see over here there's a purse in plain sight in the seat here and there's cell phones. >> reporter: the biggest problem they're seeing right now is negligence and it happens all the time. >> she says thieveses are not just snatching things out of cars. some are bold enough to s mall or you're coming out of a shopping area and you're washington walking with backs and looking for your keys or your phone be aware of who's walking around behind you. >> it's imperative to be aware of your surroundings. another big problem? the holiday rush. people zipping through parking lots. >> there's a lot of think of moms and dads walking and their hands are fulls. little kids are not hanging on.
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closers tensions are elevated. slowdown, be thoughtful and pay attention in cleveland, news 5. is it safe to go shopping with you? expwhr absolutely. >> with a hard hat on. >> aisle take the spot farthest away. >> i don't know. you've got to watch here. >> you've got to walk. it's good for cardio. >> all right. i want to show you a little thunder clap. there's a little thunder with the showers foreshadowing something. we'll show you the tower cam. there's some rain on the old lens there. rain showers have arrived and briefly heavy for about ten to 15 minutes. this line moves by. look at that. see the reds and the oranges? heavy rain from downtown. olmstead falls. all the way into medina.
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toward the north and east. some moderate rain moving in. a few showers out ahead. youngstown, portage county. just out of canton towards robertsville. there's carol county. dover, new philly. just a few showers a couple moments ago. wet now with some moderate to heavy rainfall. here's the front pulling our way. the front is going to bring in much it's not going to last. i'm thinking between 8 and 10 p.m. the rain is done. so the back edge into northwest ohio. it stays mainly cloudy and much cooler. 54 in cleveland with some rain. akron mid-50s. 57 from mansfield. so wind are out of the south. so here we have it. cleveland we've got rain, rain and by 9 p.m. it should be done for most of us.
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couple of spots. 48 degrees though. you see those temps falling down. akron and canton by 9 p.m. your add 49 with the scattered rain. generally coming to an end between 9 and 10:00. >> 38 tonight. scattered showers. cloudy skies. it'll will be a bit on the blustery side. tomorrow it gets windy. with winds up to 25 maybe even higher miles an hour. a high of only 43. mainly cloudy. mention a little lake effect. rain and in from cleveland east up the shoreline toward the counties. the majority of the area won't see any presip tomorrow. just some lake effect stuff moving west to east along the shoreline. 39. 37. same for akron. turning cooler. tomorrow it's going to be blustery. mainly cloudy. we're going to keep you dry in the akron, cannon area. winds up to 25 miles an hour.
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mix thursday. an isolated mix just about anywhere. we are talking rain showers, sprinkles. maybe a wet snow flake. saturday the same story. 42. sunday it's some afternoon rain and snow area wide. 42 and monday dry 41. back up to near 50 by next wednesday. of course tomorrow's the first day of summer. so we would expect some snow flakes; right? >> that's right. 6:00 people in one community are on high high alert. where they're happening and when these crooks are hitting. and he tried to take over one of the most powerful positions in washington but fell short of his goal. what the future holds for ohio's tim ryan. >> but first news 5 at 5 returns. why christmas is being banned in one school district and how both students and
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not to use santa in any decorations. to respect all religious beliefs but not everyone sees it that way. >> santa clause is important to the holiday season in america. you see them in hillsborough stores like jeff nelson's antique shop. >> just part of the holiday spirit, i >> santa's not welcome in hillsborough schools. the district telling staff who wish to decorate offices or doors to refrain from use religious themes. >> it went out as a notification to staff not even to parents to make sure that they were being sensitive and thoughtful as they kind of enter the holiday season. >> this is to make sure all
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the school. some parents say that's bogus. >> i'm from that generation where we believe in santa and my kids believe in santa. >> santa rocks. >> jason ramirez understands why the district does this but santa never bothered him. >> if you're going to put a giant cross on the window, that's one thing but i think santa claus is more folklore and american history. >> nelson with decorations says it might be going a little too far. on the ore hand they understand it's not meant to be at all. it's really a reminder and trying to get people to be sensitive. >> and for parents like ramirez he's used to the idea in schools. santa or no santa it makes no difference to him. >> they get the same effect out of it. >> santa rocks. >> santa rocks. >> indeed. >> several other school districts have similar policies. >> well that's it for news 5 at 5:00. let's send it for a look ahead at 6:00.
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ordeal. fine out what happened when a man entered the bank threatening to kill the dramatic conclusion coming up next. and the incident at ohio state has some rethinking a controversial move on campus. we'll have a look at the proposal. news 5 at 6:00 starts in 2
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a scene from a maw vi playing out out in real life. he gets covered in dye. it happened in cleveland just moments after the drama inside a bank as a robber demanded the money in front of a customer. only on news 5 the man inside
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that terrifying ordeal. >> just looked like a movie. >> they found himself with a starring role. >> i thank god i got my life. >> he was inside this bank this morning just after 9:00. that's when he explained to me that two men wearing wigs walked in. one walked up to a teller and demanded crash. >> putting the money in the bag. hurry or i'll blow your brains out. >> when cox told me he tried escape. >> he told me don't do that. i was not the one out of the door. this is where they filed the money at. they didn't make it far before the it exploded. this picture cox gave me captured it. the robber drops the money and took off. people started picking up the cash, returning it to the bank. the -- nearly double the bank robberies from last


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