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tv   Good Morning Cleveland at 6am  ABC  December 1, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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found in deplorable conditions into one cleveland backyard. scammers targeting the eld her i. what you can do to make sure you are not a victim. j gl good morning, everyone. in for karen. >> thank you so much for starting your thursday us. it is thursday, december 1st ssments yes, december. the temperatures are starting to cooperate and making it feel more like winter. a live look at our beautiful city. >> a little cool when you step outside. stark contrast from this time yesterday. mid to upper 50s if not low 60s 24-hours ago. now it's a change. trying to indicate we may be seeing a little snow flurry activity just west of canton area. although what gets me is the
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checked you can't have snow fall without clouds above it. if you're seeing anything let me know what it is so we can confirm. as you head out there morning here's what you need. the heavier coat and those seat warmers. warm the backside a little bit. it is going to be a cold stretch outside. give you a quick check in cleveland today. cold. and windy too. >> it's december. what do you want from me? leave me alone. >> leave me alone. the weatherman. we always attack the weather man when it's cold. we get mad at you. >> might not even impact your commute along 71 but 77 jumping to 71. still in the clear. nice and smooth ride intoed city. no major issues. monitoring all the highways we'll check on one more
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aside from being a little cool this morning. here's a look at 90 near eddie road and you can see traffic is moving along just nicely. not seeing a whole lot of volume at this time but things are looking pretty good. we'll check back in a couple of minutes and let you know what we see. back to you. >> thank you. staying on top of breaking news here. a police officer shot and killed while on duty. we're seeing stunning images coming in on social media of support from the community. i just want to share this is a woman actually had in her hospital gown who came out to salute after a procession went by. we can tell you there's still an active situation going on right now. a stand you've. a suspect in a home with a gun. it's been going on for 12 hours. the officer shot multiple times while responding. his family still being notified. we don't know the name.
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year veteran. we are going to be following this all morning long. nick? >> all right. right now a man hunt for the suspect in a murder. police say he's armed and dangerous. live there now for us with the latest on this search for the suspect. good morning, sarah. good morning, nick. that search continues this morning. we are expecting to learn a little bit more information from the sheriff in just a few hours but here's what we know so far. it appeared around 2:30 on hender henderson road. there were a lot of investigators. a car window with multiple bullet holes. the high school not far from where this took place. the school put on lockdown for a half hour but no students or staff were injured. investigators believe david darnell is responsible for the shooting. our partners report a 33-year- old man was killed and a 32-year-old woman hurt.
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she was five or six months pregnant. we're working to verify that with authorities. the violence is unusual in this area. >> tell them all the time. the actors on tv they get to go home after the credits are rolled up. death is for real out here in the streets. you know? make a better choice. >> but the is the suspect iser kd armed dangerous. if you have any information, give the portage county sheriff's office a call. sarah finney news 5. >> st still too soon to say if monday's attack is linked to terrorism but many believe he was radicalized online. they are now looking into whether he was inspired by isis or a former al qaeda
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may have something to do with the attack. >> terrorists have involved. the message is not is so much that but attack in your backyard. >> 11 people were hurt in the attack before ohio state university police officer allen horujko shot and killed him. supporting donald trump and he's joining the transition team. cofounder of the center in cleveland not exak roll but he's to the execkive community. he served as the ceo of the national kor litigation for trump. a local army national guardsman is in the fight of his life right now. he was hit. police still trying to track down the driver that hit 27-year-old scott holly field.
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and one witness says she can't comprehend how this driver left him for dead. >> still stop just to make sure their okay and turn yourself in. such a verbal story. the vehicle didn't leave behind any gri. they don't know what they are looking for. they are hoping someone and gave them a better scription. >> only on 5. the holidays turning they are being targeted by scammers. the county department of consumers affairs they need to report scams. >> they report it just to whatever agency they happen to be talking to and it might be they tell a social worker who's worried
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scam. but not really investigating the scam because that's not their work. >> well in response to the growing number of senior scams many they are banning a dozen agencies together including cleveland police, the u.s. postal service and ohio attorney
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more on that legal fight at 7 a.m. w. your first
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eastern tennessee but rainy weather is helping them. the rain has meant they have a better look at the damage. more than 700 buildings have been destroyed or damaged. 300 of those in gatlinburg. another three bodies were found up to seven now. many more unaccounted for including this man's wife and daughters. >> called the other shelters. she just hop for a miracle. >> just so hard to imagine. fire officials say they think the fire was caused by humans. they haven't elaborated on how it started. and there is some good news out of all of this. workers say all 10,000 animals left behind during the evacuation at the aquarium are safe. a skeleton staff was able to return yesterday and
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the same line of storm caused lots of damage further south. this is drone video. this is where one of a handful of tornadoes touched down early yesterday morning. at least five people are dead from those systems and dozens more hurt. as a result of the storms. well nancy pelosi will lead the democrats in the house. she defeated thyme ryan in the race for the minority leader position and news 5 looking into what might be ahead for representative ryan. his name was floated around before to head the democratic ticket in ohio but a safe seat won out. with the large majority in congress that safety may not be so entwicing anymore. >> they are going to have no voice at all. from a career perspective he may be looking at it. maybe we do look seriously at a governorship. if they were to run for
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tough spot. ? [ music ] so good, so good, so good. rock and roll hall of fame induck tee neil diamond coming to cleveland. 50 years of music with a new tour in the new year. diamond will perform at the q tuesday may 30sth. those will go on sale next friday. they'll go very fast. >> that was beautiful by the way. our little due wet. you'll have to beat ticket scalpers. they passed a bill that cracks down on ticket bureaucratickers to snag all the tickets before you can buy them. they end up reselling them for huge profits. well the bill allows them to go after them. it's moving on to the house. >> all right. live look outside now. it's a chilly morning. it things have changed so quickly t.
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funny. it's the first day of winner. december 1 marks the first day of winter for us. i mentioned this more on our twitter page if you want to go check that out. good timing there. much colder for us today. 15 to 20-degree drop. you're going to notice that when you step outside and wind is going to make it feel colder. if you got bye without a jacket yesterday morning that will not be the case. air temperatures in the mid-30s across area. it feels more like the 20s. all krses our coverage, everybody's in the 30s this morning. nobody's below freezing officially however there are many so areas sitting a little snow flurry activity. get you out the door over the next few hours or so. cloudy skies. is a spotty sprinkle or shower. i really should decorate that house for the holiday. aisle work on that for tomorrow. i promise you. that here's power 5 weather radar.
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that may not be all watt way to the ground but they could return. just to the west. maybe something is even troo iing toking to fall fsm you're seeing this also jumping on fancy twitter machine and let us know what you're seeing. it's par of a ragged victory storm system. the back edge of this is foing to continue to sweep through today, tomorrow and even into saturday bringing a chance foa spotty sprinkles. even a minor dusting wouldn't be surprising. maybe a ring or two of sunshine. briefly in the low 40s but the wind will make it feel cooler. looking ahead to tomorrow. this is where i say let me see here t. a little snow flurry activity. so maybe a couple low calls. wide up seeing a dusting of
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generally a half inch give or take. this would be a light dusting no. being issues by the time we get to ard morning. the compleerkt forecast in a few minutes. >> thanks. no major issues. notice a little bit of a slow pocket right before 490 west. but we're back in the green right now. still looking nice and smooth. those eastbound lanes. 7207271. about a 7-minute commute. looking fine too. a little bit too fast for that wrels we're checking in okay. we do have that work at 303 and 271 down to one lane. that work is going to be going on until june 2017. let show our view. right now you are looking at 90 at clayment so far so good. up to john rudder. near the north field road area. a little more volume.
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271 northbound. but no accidents to report from air tracker five. pretty nicely so far for your morning commute. we'll check back in with you in a couple of minutes. back to you. >> all things considered t. thank you. >> smoke willing be banned from public housing across the country. they just announced the regulations. it prohibits all lit tobacco products from living units and common areas. the residents who want to stop smoking. >> hope their housing unit will follow suit. popular indict. just are not good ideas. the study did not -- between 50 and 79. it found those who followed high protein indicts had a significantly rate of heart thrur. it was double. more vernl is needed to figure
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right, lifestyle choices or other factors. >> well for about a decade now an idaho elementary school kept the classrooms divided. boys with boys and girls with girls. the federal government say that has to stop. this type of seg agree congratulation which prohibits gender disqualifying. keeping them divided imreufd performance enofficial's psms in the aclu greezs. >> the jut come can be very hurtful for boys and girls. that was at the heart of this complaint as well. not only is the curriculum different and the treatment different. sometimes we do get the treatment that is disproportional and it favors the boys. and this ruling applies not only to this school but all schools across the country. still ahead bad news for
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there's a chance you've got a hacked app on your phone. >> and president-elect donald trump going on the road today. where in ohio his thank you tour will stop. >> plus tracking your traffic.
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college application season if you can do that. >> one school has come up with
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acceptance letter they are sending out snap chats. they are learning they've been accepted faster than ever before. >> the screen shot of the snap and they'll respond with an excited selfie. they are able to see and so far admit the students are excited but the ones not admitted do they not get >> only slow pocket that i've seen here is 490 on 70. just those westbound lanes. the usual spot. we do have a report just coming in of a gas leak. so part of the center ridge is closed to race road. again, the city's north ridgeville. check of the highways right now. we are looking okay. no majority incidents out there but that's the good news.
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approach 6:24 a.m. all right. grab your attention real quick. look at this map behind me. the temperature change in the last 24 hours. 21 degrees colder in cleveland right now. 17 colder in akron. so when you step outside you'll want the gloves and scarves. a big change from yesterday. we're going to stay on the weekend. a couple of chances here for a few showers and flurries especially on sunday. but then as we go into next week a warm up. 50 by wednesday. more rain on tuesday. guys? >> all right. well if you have an android phone you need to listen to this. through apps. now those are appears that are not downloaded from google play.
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software. high and fraudulent inflating their reputation. google says it has clocked 150,000 versions of the cyber attack. it's warning consumers to stay away from the uncertified apps. the man who created the big mac has died. he invented the iconic mcdonald's two-tiered burger in the franchise. when he first introduced it back in 19 two years to perfect that special sauce. it was available nationwide the following year and today mcdonalds sells 900 million every year worldwide. he was 98 years old. >> a big mac or two myself over the years. >> in one day. >> you've been hearing a lot of about the pipeline out in north dakota. the debate over a pipeline
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was kicked out of a restaurant because of a racist waitress. there's more to that story.
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what both sides just agreed to. >> given the green light brand new development about the pipeline that has local residents worried. first though here is a check outside. and you know what? our city always looking beautiful but today noticeably chillier out there. >> look at this. watch the water move a little bit. the wind is out there. what you don't see is any kind of rain or snow. but the radar has been picking up on that. i heard from chopper 5 a little too. this is the radar picture right now. again, you see these little areas. these pockets of snow flurries. some of that might not be hitting the ground. if you're seeing it please let me know. a few shoty showers are possible today. school day planner for the kiddos. it's much different than yesterday. chattering teeth at the bus top this morning. chilly and windy this afternoon. may see a couple more showers later on today. more chances for rain in our forecast and even a little bit of snow too.
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morning goes on. >> all right. thanks so much. we do have a traffic alert. you are closed from race to case. you see the purple right on our traffic maps there. they have a gas leak in that area. so be cautious. avoid that if you can. highways looking fine. a little too fast there at 71 northbound. average speed is 69. the speed limit is 60. our travel times are nice and low where we should be. east and west getting busier. we're accident-free in that spot. just as you mentioned getting busier 77 and 480. you can see the volume has picked up a little bit especially on 480 but the good news is no accidents so far this morning. things looking good on 77. we'll check back in a couple of minutes. . >> back to the breaking news out of washington state.
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injuries and overnight just an outpouring of support from the community. we're seeing images like this one a woman in her hospital gown coming out to salute as the procession wept by the hospital there in support of that fallen officer. now the standoff still going on with the suspect. the officer was responding to a domestic violence call in tacoma when he was shot inside a home. he was 45. had been an officer for 17 years. police say the homeowner we'll keep you updated. fourth inmate who escaped from jail a week ago recaptured. authorities finding chavez at his sister's house not too far from the jail he broke out of in san jose. he was arrested after an 8-hour standoff. they broke out of the cell by cutting through the bar and climbing down from bed sheets from the second floor. >> right now police are
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he's considered armed and extremely dangerous. news 5 live getting the latest for us this morning. good morning sarah. >> good morning, nick. the portage county sheriff's office says they're on the run. we are expecting to learn more information in just a few hours. now i want you to take another good look at the tv to see a photo of the suspect. this before 2:30 in the driveway of a home on henderson road. now, you can see bullet holes in a car and shell casings on the ground. it happened not too far away from the high school. because of the close proximatety. the sheriff's office says all students and staff are
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>> they could have been best friends. two of the strongest young men in our community. they were very, very bright. >> reporter: calhoun is considered armed and dangerous. the akron beacon journal reports he is on parole right now. again, we are expecting to learn more information in just a few hours. download our latest updates. glmpleghts sarah, thank you. the pipeline feud heating up. the federal energy regulatory commission giving them green light to getting the permit to build it. that mean it is could clear the way for the natural gas pipeline to run through a huge stretch of northeast ohio. well t has residents like james harvey worried. james says the pipeline would cut his 110-acre far
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taking grain ground. you basically eliminate our production off that land to support the animals. >> according to a statement they are anticipating that to come through early next week and they plan to be in service by december of 2017. olive garden and ricky smith on good terms again. smith posted he heard his black racist say she doesn't like serving blacks. this was at the rs rawnt. last night smith put up a note saying they apologized. two sides to every story. new york daily news reporting in the 9-1-1 call about this another waitress says smith and his group were getting rowdy and sexually harassing that server. >> another deadly trend. now number one in the country when it comes to heroin deaths. the number nearly doubling
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are overwhelmed. there there are no beds fleft recovery centers. the alcohol drug addiction and mental health board tells us there's now a series search for solutions. we're missing is long-term living environment. six or seven months. >> and the controversial program in switzerland is getting some interest. they started a safe supervised heroin use program and but programs tepid to be expensive and not overly supported. . >> moving to politics today. the president-elect has a busy day. first he will be in indiana to discuss the deal to keep more than a thousand jobs at carrier right here in the u.s.. >> and tonight he kicks off his thank you tour in cincinnati. our state of course crucial to his election upset. he will be at the u.s. bank arena at 7 p.m. the cincinnati stop is in the first in what's expected to be a series. at this point the rest of the
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revealed. coming up for you surprising some lucky long hoshes. the a-list star giving rides after a night out on the town. >> a local pastor heading to washington. what he'll be doing for our
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let's do it again. >> let's hear it. >> all right, all right, all right. >> that wasn't as good as the others. anyway matthew mcis a big my vi star.
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golf cart. it's the program to make sure they get home safely after a night out. he graduated from texas in 1993. look at that shot there. he remained a huge supporter of the university since then. >> i love to see that. a high school senior in minnesota disqualified from her final cross country race. >> during the race 8th grader felt a tighten in her chest and she kept falling. so senior helped the young girl disqualified. the rule states runners cannot help each other finish races but because of similar incidents start in to '02 17 that rule goes away. like to see that. >> look at that picture. >> it's all about sportsmanship. >> coming up next drivers beware. where you should be extra careful if someone hits you from behind. scam on rise in the northeast. what's being done to slow down this alarming trend.
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the start for winter. the arch temperatures will be colder. also getting some reports of a few snow flurries. temperatures right now are just above the freezing point . there may be some pockets of sleet in some areas too. no windchill in the 20s. when you step outside. here's the forecast for today. highs upper 30s, lower 40s. a stark contrast from yesterday. you throw in that wind. it's going it feel more like the 30s at best for today. maybe we squeak out a ray or two of the sunshine. the weather radar. showing us what we have right now. a little speck of white and blues on the radar. trying to indicate snow but
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kind of mix. strongsville to the wellington areas. same thing back around akron. a little farther to the east. a snow flake or two in the rivena area. let us know if you see any of this so we can confirm what the radar is showing us. the back edge of it now. so what we're seeing today is going to continue through tomorrow i think as well. walk you through futurecast here. flakes this morning. should give way to mostly cloudy skies. a few more showers this afternoon and this evening. and perhaps even some minor snowfall accumulations would not surprise me in the area over the next 24 to 36 hours. so here's kind of the weather time line for today. spring sprinkles and flurries this morning. tonight cloudy and cold. tomorrow, more of the same with showers and flurries we will check your seven-day forecast in a couple of minutes. >> all right.
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slow it down but not in the way as as far as accidents are concerned. 6:47 this morning. central ridge road you are closed from about race to case but it looks like our traffic maps are extending that closure. if you need to head east or west take the turnpike. let's check on the highways east and west look fantastic. we are looking good for the most part. we're in good shape. over to you. >> for anyone headed out we do drivers this morning. if your car gets rear ended. think twice before stopping right away. two women were carjacked after getting into fender benders. when the first woman got out, one of the men in the suv got in and took off. the second woman was forced out of her car. police say be alert and aware. one of those stolen cars was found. the other was not.
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national guardsman is in the fight of his life. he was hit by a car in bar barberton. they are trying to track down that driver. he's in a coma right now. multiple broken bones. >> the settlement between rice and the city of cleveland now official. county probait judge approving the agreement in the death of her son. earlier this year it was announced they would pay $6 million after they shot and killed her 12-yearld settlement will help create a foundation in her son's name. and we've got an update on the consent decree. how they should operate after federal officials called them disorganized. they call to be assigned within 24 hours. more frequent communication. these new guidelines also suggesting the police review boards have the authority to discipline an
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what the chief of police does. it's up to decide whether they are sufficient. >> well new information now out of cincinnati as prosecutor prepares to retry for the murder of samuel. we're learning more about the jurors who could not reach a consensus. juror questionnaires have been released and revealed one juror is related to a police officer. he called police the good guys who should be given the benefit of the doubt. the prosecutor now tried to move the next trial out of hamilton taking a look at around ohio. governor kasich. there he is. a self-driving truck. taking a drive on route 33 with a driver on the backup. it will take a test run on the turnpike later this week. they are investing into. this fiberoptic cable network and sensor systems on route 33 just next year.
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is joining the president-elect transition team. reverend scott is the cofounder of the spirit revival center. the trump team isn't revealing the exact role but he is being added to the executive community. he served as the ceo for trump. >> noaps pelosi will lead the democrats in the house. she defeated tim ryan in the race for the minority leader position. so what's next for ryan? his name has been democratic ticket in ohio like governor. if ryan were to run for governor he would face a tough challenge from either attorney general mike delaware de wine. >> turning into a horror story for seniors all over northeast ohio. they are repeatedly being targeted by scammers. the department of consumer affairs saying the solution they need to report scams to as many
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involve kd help with investigating. it also gets the word out to other seniors. well in response to the growing number of senior scams they are creating what they're calling a scam squad. the murder rate is on face be the highest in more than a decade. 123 hmentdzful it's surpassed last year's mark with a month still left to go. last year investigators had 121 cases to the deadliest year was 2007. this morning there are new developments in the case of more than 150 farm animals rescued. rabbits, dogs, chickens even a pig and a goat are being checked out and cared for at the cleveland apl. they were rescued thanks to a tip. they will start looking for homes. today some very deserving cleveland businesses
6:52 am
actually a big boost. the urban league is launching a loan fund for minority-owned small businesses. this money will be split into 50 loans for the next three years. the full plan set to be announced this afternoon. and one of the biggest sports legends in cleveland history receiving a major honor. jim brown being awarded the athletes concerned with civil rights. the morning sprint will continue in 60 seconds staivment stay
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a 33-year-old man was woman hurt. the nbc station in youngston that she was five or six months pregnant. we are working to verify that information with authorities. the high school in the area placed on lockdown. all students and staff are okay. i tweeted a photo and the journal also reports that he was on parole. live, news 5. >> the fourth and final inmate escaped from a california jail just over a
6:55 am
recaptured. >> finding chavez at his sister's house not too far from the jail he broke out of. he was arrested after nearly 8- hour standoff with police. chavez and three others broke out of their cell by cutting through the bars an turning bed sheets into a makeshift rope. a police officer shot multiple times dies in washington state. right now officers starting to leave the scene of a standoff that lasted more than 12 hours. there are reports coming in right now the suspect has been shot and killed by domestic violence call in tacoma, washington when he was shot inside a home. he was 45 years old, had been an officer for 17 years. police say the homeowner and her two children got out of the house safely. the latest on that situation coming up on good morning america. an investigators say it's too soon to say if
6:56 am
in fact, a chair of the house homeland security committee thinks a video just released this weekend may have had something to do with this attack. jd? glt streak of days going without any fatalities has come to an end. they are assessing damage and confirm various tornadoes. take a look at this drone video taking over alabama. nine people were killed as nearly two dozen different states. our abc affiliate in atlanta reporting the first tornado passed through three counties. a second one started south of the city, moved through the heart of atlanta's buckhead community and the third affecting three northern suburbs of atlanta. >> at least seven people have died from the massive wild fires through tennessee speeskically the resort town of gatlinburg.
6:57 am
$1,000 a month to all of the families who lost their homes. dolly saying her company is establishing the my people fund. the group is accepting donations to help those people effected. all right. show you our weather radar. a couple snow flurries. so as soon as you head out heads up and be careful. it may not last very long. today is much cooler than yesterday. seven-day forecast showing us. we're going to stay few days which is around 43 to 44 degrees but look at next week. 50s. a chance for rain. >> there you go. a little bright spotment we do have that gas leak that's part of central ridge road. and let me show you this. the best option for you is going to be loraine as your alternate. i think you should take that. we're up to speed there. >> sounds good. we'll see you back here on 23
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good morning, america. trail of destruction. this twister in florida caught on camera as deadly tornadoes devastate the south. 48 twisters reported this week. now the death toll is rising. >> it looks like a war zone up here. >> the storm system moving east and a new threat brewing down south. breaking overnight, protests erupt over that deadly police shooting in charlotte. prosecutors deciding not to charge this officer after that shooting in broad daylight caught on camera. >> stop. >> the new evidence and what the victim's family is saying now. donald trump's victory tour. the president-elect celebrates his deal to save more than a thousand jobs making good on a campaign promise. >> call up the head of carrier,


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