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tv   News 5 at 11pm  ABC  December 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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reason, to say thank you to ohio. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. >> the next president of the united states kicking off his victory tour. thanking ohio voters for helping him win the white house. today was also about keeping a campaign promise for presidential elect donald trump and adding more people to his circle. >> reporter: donald trump's victory battle -- thank you to battle ground ohio. >> i love you ohio. . >> reporter: this rally in cincinnati his first stop on his thank you tour that see news broke the president elect made his pick for secretary of defense. retired marine general james matusz. >> he is the closest thing to general george patten and it is
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have to pass legislation to get him confirmed. he served 40 years. led troops in several wars and known for his tough military tactics. but economic strategy was the focus thursday in indiana. praising the deal he struck with carrier air conditioning to save 1,000 factory jobs bound for mexico. carrier says the state where vice president elect mike pence is still the governor its parent company a 7 million dollars incentive package over several years. >> they won't be leaving anymore. they won't be taking people. >> reporter: the deal is under scrutiny by critics in washington who are demanding to know all the details and the president elect offered do understand the victims of the attack at ohio state. his thank you tour continues over the next few week.
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won but he did not. while trump takes his victory tour there are states where they are double checking. the recount of 3 million votes in wisconsin is underway. workers flipped through stacks of ballots. recounts are also possible in michigan and pennsylvania. but trump filed an objection to the one in michigan putting it on hold. this just in the obama administration is after a federal judge blocked regulations that would have made 4 million more americans eligible for over time pay. that rule was supposed to take effect today but 21 states sued to block it saying it would burden them so a judge put it on hold. the u.s. labor department filed a notice to appeal today. also tonight new information about the escaped inmate. police are searching for david dahn. he was last seen in the
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afternoon running through the woods. officers went to pick him up but he was nowhere to be found. he is wanted on theft and drug charges and will face new charges for escaping. a move that is generating a storm of complaints and controversy. the feds are banning smoking at public housing units nationwide. and some here in cuyahoga county are fuming. residents won't be allowed to smoke within 25 property. news channel 5's joe pagonakis has been talking with people all day. this is, of course, a move to improve public health. >> reporter: yes, but some believe it is unfair it inthey don't comply they could be e-- that if they don't comply they could be evicted.
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unit or within 25 feet of a property you could be evicted if you ignore warnings from management. >> i don't think they should lose their homes for that. they have to consider that. >> reporter: here where many residents buy cigarettes everyone we talked to believes the ban isn't practical. >> it will be tough to enforce it. come do to the restaurants and bars? >> reporter: they say a large number of residents are in favor of the smoking ban and it is now putting together a plan to meet guidelines. still, though, they admit it won't be easy. >> the goal is not to evict people. we want to work with residents and make the transition as smooth as possible.
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invasion of their rights. >> i love to abide by the rules but you can't tell a person what they can and can't do on their own property and they are paying rent and everything. >> reporter: a smoking ban some believe could make it tough on some families. >> putting kid out because their mother smoke? it will be rough. >> reporter: they will host a series of public meetings on the ban in the coming months and they are offering programs habit. news 5 investigator joe pagonakis. keeps happening, for the third time, gun shots rang outind a barber shot. the -- out inside a barber shot. the latest this morning. three men were shot inside on west exchange street. two victims just 17 and 20- years-old. another man in his 40s. the shooting happened after a
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and opened fire. >> once the shots are fired everybody was running out. capes on. shaving cream on. fleeing out the doors. everybody is running in every direction. >> tonight police are working to bring the shooter to justice. if you think you know something about him give them a call. a cloudy crisp night kickoff december in northeast ohio, what a beautiful sight as brian archer is panning the sky line. love it. >> looking good. our city shines. our counties around the region shine. all right people shine. here we go. cloudy skies across the board. 40 degrees cleveland. akron 38. chilly salt mansfield 36.
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degrees. december 1, the official start of winter. december, january, february. makes it easier. all right. we have a few lake effect rain- snow showers here. rain-snow radar. it is rain but south toward bushnell you are getting isolated snow. shouldn't amount to much. but we will keep the temperatures there in the 30s. let's show you, lows inland upper 20s. lower 30s closer to the lake shore. 36 degrees. still breezy and cold. the death toll from the devastating wildfires in tennessee just keeps growing. the remains of another person was found in just the last few hours. bringing the number of those dead up to 11. the new video is giving us a look at thdestruction done --
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scorched trees and a smoky haze surrounding it all. thousands of acres and 700 buildings have burned. 14,000 people forced to flee on monday and the city is still off limits. three people killed when a pickup truck crashed through the doors of this walmart in iowa today. investigators say they don't have any reason to believe it was intentional but they are investigating all possibilities. those killed were outside the passenger were also hurt. police are looking for the man who shot and killed a couple in cold blood. we learned that the the 33-year- old lashaun sanders and sarah marsh have a 13-year-old son and were expecting another child. authorities say this man, 25- year-old david darnell calhoun, jr. killed them. family members aren't sure what lead to the shooting but say he
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a month ago. >> just don't seem. doesn't seem real that he is gone. i hope that they catch who did this. and he gets what he deserves. >> david darnell calhoun is armed and dangerous. he served prison time for armed robbery and paroled in april. the engineer who caused a train to derail three years ago injuring 70 others is suing the metro north for $10 million. he claim they failed to provide him with a safe work place. investigators say he had an undiagnosed sleep disorder. the train was going 80 miles per hour around a curve with a 30 miles per hour speed limit when it crashed. meanwhile the connecticut supreme court says it will hear an appeal after a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that made the rifle
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elementary school massacre was dismissed. they sued claiming the company vilitted law by sell -- violated law by selling a dangerous weapon to the public. very confused. [ indiscernible ] especially on your big day. >> stranded on their wedding day. it wasn't the husband or wife that didn't show up, it was their ride. this isn't the first time people high and dry. what else i uncovered next. >> and new information about the hundreds of animals rescued from one backyard. we will take you to the house to hear what neighbors have to say. >> and 2016 has been a good year for cleveland and businesses are still benefiting from our time in the spotlight
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this next story just isn't right. only on 5, stranded at the alter. a limo company accused of leaving couples high and dry on their wedding days, taking their deposit and taking off. megan hickey is tracking down the answers. talking abouts of dollars in losses here -- about thousands of dollars in losses here. >> reporter: they never dreamed
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it was a gorgeous september wedding with one hitch. >> very confused how somebody could do that to you. especially on your big day. >> reporter: they ordered three separate limos. the owner took their deposits, had them sign a contract and told them everything was set for the big day. >> took our money and went on his way. >> reporter: doesbs of calls and -- dozens of mails went unanswered. the address turned out to be a storage company. the better business bureau received 19 complaints in three years with similar stories. >> everybody was stranded at the hotel because the limo never showed up. >> reporter: not only did the company fail to respond to our requests for an interview, they
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>> the company does not respond to us any longer about their complaints. >> reporter: the party is still fighting to get their deposits back and hoping their story will serve as a warning. >> that is a nightmare. for anyone in the future, if you booked with them, i would hate for it to happen to them. >> reporter: they have an "f" rating with the better business bureau which says the last 7 complaints have gone unanswered. megan hickey, news channel 5. new tonight, picture of buzz aldrin in a hospital in new zealand after he was evacuated from the south pole because he got sick. the second man to walk on the moon was visiting as a tourist. the 86-year-old had fluid in his lungs but is responding to drugs and will be in the hospital over night for observation. remember we told you last night at 11:00 p.m. about what is now more than 200 farm animals rescued from the
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look at where they were living. this is the home where they were seized. talking chickens, roosters, turkeys, ducks, geese, rabbits, a pig, a goat and more. a number of those are illegal to have in the city. and others require space. no one was home when we stopped by but we did talk to neighbors. >> th many. that was it. >> right. nice neighbors merchandise the animals were seized after a call was made. the first complaint about this house. charges for violating the number of animals allowed and cruelty and neglect are pending. cavaliers, the indians, the rnc. a great year for us here in
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well. look at this line of people waiting to tour the christmas story house today. while they didn't see a huge swell of visitors during the republican national convention the publicity paid off. >> 1100 more people in september and then a hundred more in october. those are slower months they just kept coming. >> and for the second year in a row they are auctioning off a two the auction started tonight. money raised goes toward home improvements in the neighborhood. time to find out how much it would cost to buy all the gifts in the 12 days of christmas. curious? they have been tracking it for three decades and while most of the gifts stayed about the same
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threat ion $34,000 -- $34,000. that is a lot. that is up. less than a percent from 2015. five, four, three, two, one. >> president obama lit the national cis first lady michelle obama was there to help and there was a concert featuring kelly clarkson, garth brooks and james taylor and others. the national christmas tree lighting has been a tradition in washington, d.c. for 100 years. they had a big crowd and great music. >> great music.
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singing ] big boards now. we have a flow coming in over the great lake. this looks like a cold weather pattern. lake effect rain, and wet snow. if you are up near buffalo, new york, i am keeping up with you, listen, camera, you can't out ru see if the camera makes the move again. mind of their own. this is the cold air, this is the cold air, 40 degrees cleveland. 39 pittsburgh. keeps streaming in. there is nothing to stop it through the weather weekend. there it is. great lakes. seeing the most precipitation. we have high mountain snows out west. and a little thunder and lightning near miami.
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from memphis to atlanta. good news there. should remain dry in this area where they had the bad weather. here we are. we have a low pressure that will spin, drag in a few troughs every couple days but the flow will be breezy and colder through your weather weekend. welcome to december, folks. we will see a little isolated mix of rain and wet snow. this is friday morning. for the morning commute. notice the majority of us lower 30s to mid-30s closer to the lake. watch during the day, we keep this band of lake effect rain and snow going from greater cleveland, suburbs, ashtabula county, upper 30s and lower 40s. into saturday, more of the same. isolated rain and wet snow saturday morning. finally we push that pattern out of here for the most part afternoon saturday before
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snow returns on sunday. nothing major. just those lake effect rain and snow showers. 36 tonight. cloudy, breezy and colder. kids on the bus tomorrow, well, winter coat weather through the day. 30s to start. near 40 coming home. cloudy skies. friday cloudy skies, rain and snow mix in the snow built. lower 40 -- belt. lower 40s through the afternoon. akron, canton 32 tonight. here is your seven-day forecast. there is the weekend. 41. sunday late afternoon or evening rain with wet snow, 44 and in the 40s through next week and next thursday the bottom falls out of the temperatures. a winter to arrive then. things not working right for the cavaliers tonight. we will talk about that in a second and of course we will
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now news 5 sports brought to you by ... >> the cavaliers dominated the clippers 19 games -- 16-19 games but tonight it didn't feel that way. early on lebron james and kevin love with an alley-oop right there. caves with two assists in the second half. not good. 3rd quarter. clippers came to play. redick had 23. cavs get blown out at home,
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not a good game. >> they are a hungry team. they lost three in a row. they were motivated. backs against the wall losing three in a row and they came playing like a desperate team. >> division 2 state football championship in columbus. rematch of last year. came down a the 4th quarter. tied 7-7. smith. a difference makewer the spin move. they title 14-7 the final. the browns are off this week. terrell prior, this week he sat down to break down plays and give us insight. >> talk about the respect and the challenge that it is to see the top corners in the national football league every week? >> they want to slow me down and you know, i -- i guess, you
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i don't look at it like that. look at it as trying to dominate the guy, doesn't matter how -- what defense you are playing. you know? but for me, you know, i don't look at the person. i you know, look at what is going on and try to win the route or the concept. and whoever is in front of me doesn't matter. i don't get into who it is, is he good -- [ talking at the same time ] >> reporter: last question, talk about the group as a whole? you set yourself apart with leading in receptions and yards. coleman got a touchdown, higbs got receptions. talk about the group and how production you can be when all things are firing. >> i think that -- you know, guys -- you know, guys need more opportunities. it is tough because, you know, the circumstances that we are in. we are not in a great situation right now, you know, there are
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better at. we know that and we take the challenge and accept it. once those guys get opportunities i think they will flourish and be great. he will continue to get better and things he has to work on. he knows that. i am proud of him, though, he keeps fighting and he is a competitor. i love playing besides him. he will only get better. >> nice job. the hue jackson show saturday this week at 11:30 a.m. in the morning. get browns football.
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now that looks like a december weather pattern. >> yes, it does. >> 40s all the way through next thursday. i see a very cold air mass
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maybe into wednesday and then thursday we turn towards much, much colder air. so that may seem chilly right now for the next 7 days -- [ talking at the same time ] >> heat -- [ talking at the same time ] >> time for snow for the holidays. >> thank you for watching news 5 at 11:00 p.m. have a great night. closed captioning of news 5
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"jimmy kimmel live"! tonight jake gyllenhaal hailee steinfeld the results of our youtube halloween challenge, and music from keith urban. and now, you know him you love him, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. i hope you had a pleasant halloween. by the way, we'll be taking


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