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tv   News 5 at Noon  ABC  December 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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news 5 on your side. >> it is b like december. good afternoon everyone. we are living under this gray cloud cover here in cleveland and northeast ohio. what do you think? >> those added clouds. we do have afternoon rain and some potential for slick
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ashtabula at 36. 40 in akron. it is mainly rain, we do have a little bit of that snow especially over -- that is a very light light mix. a rainfall on the north side as well. the first rains become the worse as hey bring oil of that road. you will rain through ashtabula counties. here is that big of a mix from chardon down towards clarendon. snow mixture but mainly on the rain side. some spots seeing a little speck or two.
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little bit of a mix at that time. very cool lower 40s. we should be in the middle 40s. a typical december temperature. a lot of clouds. winds are going to be wiping for everyone at 18-20 miles an hour. plans over the weekend. we will tell you when the best time is to make yourself out back to you. >> police search for a man who shot three people inside a barbershop. a 20-year-old man was shot. words were exchanged. the man in the chair pulled the gun and began firing. all three were taken to the hospitals.
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police are searching for the man who shot and killed a man. he took off after killing leshawn. family members calhoun had an argument with the couple. they describe him as dangerous. in fairview for an inmate enters its second day. officers went to pick him up from the hospital but he was not there. david dawn is wanded on sheft and drug charges. donald trump is back at the trump tower.
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new details about the trump deal. >> reporter: if the 17 days trump spent campaigning in ohio was the road show, this was the reunion. >> i love you, ohio. this is a great place. >> reporter: it includes tax reform and repealing obamacare. >> >> reporter: just quickly going back to some of his campaign rhetoric. >> we will construct a great wall at the border. to his controversial stance on muslims. >> people are pouring in from regions of the middle east. we have no idea who they are, where they come from. >> reporter: the president-elect
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lock her up. >> we did have a lot of unfighting hillary, didn't we? >> reporter: trump and the vice president elect talking about keeping a thousand jobs in indianapolis in return $7 million in tax insensitives. he sent a large companies wanting to leave. >> if they want to leave -- firing all their people leave. >> reporter: the president-elect has signalled to corporation they can threaten offshore jobs in exchange for tax incentives.
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is on the rise. gatlingburg mayor says 13 are confirmed dead. fire crews get closer to areas that are hit the hardest. monday 14,000 people were forced to leave gatlingburg. much of the city is off limits. among those found dead is a woman. her son said they got the first night. alice said she was afraid because of the high winds. two hours she said the house was on fire. that was the last time they heard from her mother. >> they were able to get on the mountain. her car was there. >> we got to the place where we kind of knew, you know -- >> while their mother's death
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focus on the community and focus on others. leaving couples high and dry on their wedding days. the bride and groom ordered three separate limousines. he had them sign a contract and told them everything was set for they never dreamed the cars would not show up. >> i was confused how somebody could do that to you especially on your big days. >> dozens of calls and e-mails left unanswered. aqua limo has an f-rating from
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recalling mid sized sedans worldwide. the 2016 ford fusion, 2013-2015 lincoln mkz. the recall is expected to become january the 16th. if you have one of these vehicles you can take it to the dealer to a former nfl star gun down, shot to death in a road rage incident. i'll have the latest on the investigation. new troubles on anthony weiner. why he is back in hot water again today. i'll be back with the story in a
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unbelievely close call for a woman in poland. she barely missed being hit. one of the vehicles swerved up to the sidewalk just inches from if woman. thankfully police there in poland said there were no serious injuries. a woman is facing jail time after her social media rant went
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there it is. that is every day! [ bleep ] >> in michigan that is 28-year-old andrea shepherd. she has a baby on her hip and 9-year-old son. she shouted at the home because she put all the money into the home and found out list for demolition. she fired that shout and shot at the home she just purchased. she is facing a concealed weapon. she says she is embarrassed from the video and living separated from her children.
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the mall of america. the first african-american santa claus. it feels like winter. winds off of the lake creating lake effect snow.
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a former nfl player shot dead at 20 years of age. they continue to investigate what happened in an apparent road rage incident. over night. angela has the latest. >> reporter: first responderss -- this as louisiana police took 54 ronald into custody at the scene on thursday. overnight he was released. the star running back was
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gasser shot him. he is facing charges as the investigation is ongoing. mcknight first drafted by the new york jets in 2010. last played in 2014 for the kansas city chiefs. the family devastated they will never see him again. >> i raised him since he was six. i just talked to h he was looking for -- i just had a conversation with the man. this was not a troubled kid, young man. the boy was just trying to make it back in the nfl. that's all he wanted to do. that was his whole dream.
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started. beside the gun that was surrender surrender no others have been found. several memorial services are planned to remember the 14 lives lost there. this was a video two days before the s them both in a shootout. more trouble for anthony weiner. a 64,000 dollar fine. he improperly used campaign money. he accepted more than $1.6 million in public funds
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criminal charges could be dropped for ryan lochte. he is accused of lying to investigators about being robbed at gunpoint. he said he exaggerated the claim. all charges will be drop if he pays a fine. if you want a one of visit with santa claus. in minnesota it has a black santa claus. he says he is still santa claus he just happens to be one of color. he is one-of-a-kind. he was the only one of color. of course, santa claus is of all
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good for them. hopefully it starts a trend. >> when santa came to my house, he was black. >> my kids are mixed so we have a mixed santa. >> what are we looking at weather? >> we have a december set up. a christmas set up. no extremes. no battles when you are driving and nothing slowing you down this eni clouds in cleveland. current temperature on the chilly side. winds out of the west-southwest at 15 miles per hour. the bulk of the rainfall is on the east side. we had a few little specks here in cuyahoga. light rain for the most part.
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radar. 38 in madison, 39 in canton, 39 in ashland. now rain today is mainly in the afternoon. evening it starts to break up. that is when a little more mixture kicks in. as you can see here on the models we wake up on the drier side. putting up any decorations you through the afternoon and evening and potential early in the morning. it is pretty small chance. no big issues. i will say if you do some christmas tree shopping grab the boots. your seven-day forecast showing temperatures staying in the 40s. we are on the radio.
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what do you think on the weather? >> stay inside. >> that's the best forecast quick and to the point. take care everybody.
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let's go ahead and start off. first thing is first. talk about the common myths kos medic surgery. they are going to look seven to ten years younger. second, cosmetic procedure is
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ageing. we can slow down ageing or reverse ageing. >> you can be proactive about it. you have people from all over the world that come to visit you. how do you accommodate them? >> we have streamline this process. the patients out of town and out of the country get on a call with us and we have the consultation. they come the day before surge same page and proceed with the surgery the next day. >> how you can communicate with people. speaking with communicating with people. what if someone has questions? >> it is simple. all they immediate to do is go to the web site and post the questions and i'll be happy to answer them. this is what i do every night for hours. >> thanks for helping so many
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call give him a call.
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it's december 2 7bd. time for great viral videos "right this minute." you don't want to see this coming at you if you're catmpin at the edge of a volcano. >> very limited resources and shelter. >> what happens when the elements collide on one extreme expedition. >> was this a challenge on survivor? >> tantrum at a train a woman -- >> starts smashing up the sign. >> why she's fed up and not going to take it anymore. a sweet cat gets a second chance after it's found -- >> frozen into the ground. >> how rescuers pull a delicate mission to save a life. we have christian, oli, charity, nick, and gayle breaking down the best on the web, including an equal time experiment with eye tracking goggles. >> and we find out what women really want.


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