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p i'm sa i'm sara gor >> "open house."ptoday rt manhattp manhattmanhattan what. >> didn't you feel guilty paying so little? >> i'm george oliphant, and on "open house to the rescue," find out where all of this came from. wow, you guys weren't kidding. this room really is stuck in the '70s. >> and tips on personalizing your place with mosaics. >> the mosaics bring so much life and color and movement to
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the walls. >> plus, luxury living along the east coast countryside. >> from the balcony, we overlook the pool. simply put, this is the grandest view from any home. captions paid for by nbc-universal television welcome to "open house." we're your weekly guide to the country's real estate market. whether you're buying, selling, redesigning or just dreaming, we've got you cered. today, i'm coming to you from this 4,000-square-foot, pre-war, loft-style apartment in midtown east. this full-floor home features a great room, a formal dining room, four large bedroom suites and a chef's kitchen. in addition to all the amenities of its full-service building. this is classic new york city living. now, this week on "price fix," our real estate guru barbara corcoran tells homeowner steven what his apartments will really sell for in today's market.
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>> today on "price fix," i'm standing here with steven in his two-bedroom, two-bath condo in the east 30s. so, tell me, when did you buy the place? >> february of 1999. we purchased the place for $345,000. >> $345,000, didn't you feel guilty paying so little? >> not at that time, because it was right before the jump. >> you were right in under the wire, frankly. >> yeah. we were really lucky. we have another child on the way in september. >> good for you. >> which is why we have to get something bigger. >> of course, you do. why don't you show me exactly what you've done with the apartment since you've bought it. >> let's take a look. >> okay. ♪ >> when we moved in, we wanted to change the floors right away, so we put down select oak floors. we also put socket boxes with lighting along the apartment with the crown molding. >> what's here? looks like a walk-in closet. >> we have a mini office here. >> and you built this here.
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>> we brought the wall out. >> created the space for it. >> right. we brought the wall out. it works for two people. and in the kitchen, we gutted everything out, put down granite floors and countertops and all new appliances. so, that was done from floor to ceiling. >> steven, in total, how much money did you put into the apartment for all those improvements? >> spent about $100,000. >> wow, $100,000, plus the $350,000 you put in. that's $450,000. and in today's market, what are you really hoping to get out of this? >> i'd like to get $1.3 million. >> well, let's see what the brokers think about that. >> okay, let's see. ♪ >> wow. i love the color of this apartment. >> nice soffits, a lot of little lights there lighting the place up. crown molding looks nice. >> you have a big party here. >> i like the grain in the floors, but it's a little dark for this apartment. >> oh, beautiful dining area. this could be transformed into another bedroom. >> a little noisy here on third avenue, but that's what third
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avenue is. >> wow, a home office. very nice touch. >> big frog collection. the thing about when you're trying to sell your place is that you want to not have so many things that are distracting. people looking, focus on the frog collection, not the apartment, and i'm focusing on the frog collection right now. >> lots of storage space, though, for a kitchen this size. that's a huge plus. >> good cabinet space, but i'm not crazy about the formica-esque look we've got going on here. >> are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> okay, here it comes. max, $995,000. beverly, $1.2 million. surprised by those numbers? >> i would obviously like to get more, but if i have to hold out, i'll hold out for a year. i truly believe this is the bottom and things are going to go back up. >> well, i'm going to add my
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opinion to the list, if you don't mi. you're going to like me a lot less than max, i'm afraid. i think you should be pricing this at $925,000 to get rid of it. you have a few things blatantly wrong with it, taking into consideration the improvements you've already made, but some of them look too outdated. you have to clean out the place. it's much too cluttered. and personally, i'm going to tell you you're nuts to wait. and the reason you're nuts to wait is you want to upgrade. you're the perfect guy to go out in this bad market and get a deal on a bigger apartment at the same great discount. so i think this is bad news in a happy wrapping. i want you to promise me that you're going to get out this weekend and start looking for that deal. >> i promise. >> is it a promise i can trust? >> yes, i promise you. >> are you sure, are you sure, are you sure? >> yes, i promise. >> okay, okay, okay! so, you want to know what you place is worth, contact us at before we break, here's a sneak peek at what's coming up on "open house."
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>> what's that, you guys? oh, you guys need a new family room? okay. >> imagine 300-degree views of rolling hills, pristine water views, total privacy. >> this fireplace is based on the fact that this home faces the chicago river. >>
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♪ >> hello. my name is jade mills, and i'm
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with coldwell banker, and we are at number 14 beverly park in beverly hills. right now, we're standing in the fabulous entry with this wonderful fountain. >> i'm joyce rey, executive director of previous international. this property is spectacular in every respect. it's located on just under two acres. the main residence comprises approximately 13,637 square feet. we have fabulous high ceilings, stunning city views, seven bedrooms, eight baths. the current list price is $19,995,000. >> and here is the wonderful living room, which is basically divided by an outstanding bar into two separate sections. adjoining the living room is a wonderful family room with a full bath as well as a library.
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>> in this area, you have two fireplaces, one for the formal living room and one for the area adjoining. >> and here we are in the sensational master suite. you have vistas of the tennis courts, swimming pool, gardens and city beyond. fabulous fireplace and the most amazing terrace. >> the whole north side of the upstairs is master bedroom as well as two bathrooms, a lovely his and a lovely hers. >> the highlight of this residence is the outdoor area. gorgeous grassy grounds, championship lighted tennis court, huge swimming pool with a spa, spectacular city view beyond, barbecue, fountain, terrace. in addition, you have the second
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wing which has its own kitchen, living room, family room and two bedrooms. this fabulous property is listed at coming up, wall art with a personalized touch. and later on "open house to the rescue," george is helping this new jersey family get the most
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welcome back to "open house." now on "tips of the trade," designer francese gergushon shares her secrets for transforming a boring wall into a personalized work of art with mosaics. ♪
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>> hi, i'm francine gourguechon. i'm an artist and i live between sonoma and california. mosaic art is a really unique art form to have in your home. it's also sort of a collaborative effort because doing mosaic art, you're in the home for a long time, so you get to know the people, they get to enjoy the process and you form a relationship around the art you're doing for them. this fireplace is based on the fact that this home faces the chicago river. the fire pot is a south african ceramic fire pot that she got before i did the mosaic. so, i sort of based the colors and the feel of it on the pot and also the fact that she lives on the water. there's natural stone to get these very sort of subtle colors. and then i put a little blue in there to accentuate the water feel. and then i continued it on the hearth so that it almost feels like the water's lapping up on your feet.
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when you do a design, you have to really think about it in terms of how it looks from far away or the detail if you're right on top of it. now, this is one of m very favorite rooms in the house. it's the spa room. there's a combination of the marble that was on the floor and the tile that was already installed, and then i took glass pebbles and made it all look like it fit together and made a nice sort of underwatery, organic place where you can really relax in the hot tub. i've made mosaics my career, but you can learn to do mosaics, too, at the chicago mosaic school. >> heo, my name is karen ami, and i am executive director and founder of the chicago mosaic school, the first school for mosaic arts in the united states. in order toake a mosaic, the most important thing you need to do is think about your design and what colors that design is going to be and how it's going to fit into the space.
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then you want to determine your colors and then pick your materials, which could be ceramic or glass or a combination of a lot of different things. then you want to start gluing your piece down. grouting is the last step, and that's the step where you see your piece completely finished, and hopefully, you're really happy about it. it's really up to you to express yourself and your individuality, and that's why it's so wonderful to use mu zaosaics in your home really make your home a signature of who you are. coming up, we'll take you inside an exclusive estate chosen as the perfect backdrop for a photo shoot with usher. and later on "open house to the rescue," george takes a family from past to presen
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welcome back to "open house." on this next installment of "square feet," we're visiting the new york countryside and the beautiful town of bedford corners. homeowner matthew takes us inside this amazing house on a hill, which recently was the backdrop for an "essence" magazine photo shoot. >> imagine 300-degree views of rolling hills, pristine water views, total privacy without another home in sight and just 40 minutes from new york city. i'm matthew yasger, and this is where i live. any tour of our house begins in the grand hall, and this space is grand in all its elements. above me are these great arches which are supported by stone columns that have been carved out of texas limestone. this 400-pound chandelier was a find in a soho antique shopping spree. besides being the focal point of
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this room, this fireplace and the plaque above itave been the focal point of many things, but most recently featured in "essence" magazine, where singer usher unveiled his son to the world. unlike most formal living rooms, we actually spend a lot of time living in this room. so, even though we added classic touches like the curtains and beautiful wallpaper, the furniture is contemporary and comfortable. off of the living room is our study. it has all of the classic elements a study needs, like the raised, paneled mahogany walls and the rised ceiling, but the challenge was the carpet on the floor, which we were told by a decorator is impossible to do wall to wall. and as you can see, it's obviously not impossible. style went into this chef's kitchen meets country cottage. unlike most people who show their appliances, we hid all of ours. we would have hid the stove if we could have. the cabinetry is furniture-grade just like in any high-end
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bedroom. one of my favorite features in the kitchen is the foot pedals. not only does it keep your hands free while cooking, it saves water for the environment. welcome to the master bedroom suite. this handsome space features one of the six gas-burning fireplaces in the home. the 12-foot-high tray ceilings with its intricate moldings are the perfect finish to this majestic bedroom. some bedroom suites have a clos closet, others a walk-in closet, but this bedroom suite has the mother of all closets. a 60-foot balcony with the limestone and limestone flooring is the perfect place for informal dinners and entertaining friends. from the balcony, we overlook the pool, a perfect hangout in the summertime much the white lounge chairs make it feel like you're relaxing at a caribbean location. simply put, this is the grandest view from any home in all of westchester county. it's truly a one of a kind. after the break on "open
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house to the rescue" -- >> one, two, three! >> oh, my god!
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welcome back. it's time for another rescue. today, our resident fixer-upper, george oliphant, takes a family's outdated living room and turns it into a modern
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masterpiece. >> i'm george oliphant, and on today's rescue, we're tackling a living room. they say it's stuck in the '70s. let's find out for ourselves. >> george. >> h, emily, how are you? >> we need you! we need you. >> yeah, i got your e-mail. >> come on in. >> let's check out this living room of yours. >> great. >> hi, i'm steve. >> and i'm emily. and our problem is that our living room is a bit outdated and a little cave-like. you know, our family's going to grow here, and this is where we're going to raise our family and this is the place that we want to be together and spend our time and have fun together as a family. so, we feel like we need help getting this room how we need it. >> wow, you guys weren't kidding. this room really is stuck in the '70s. >> it is. it really is. these walls. i mean, feel that.
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>> what's going on with these? >> and check out these fake beams up here. >> oh, man. and the lighting in here, it's terrible. >> none. >> there is no -- >> george, anything you can do is going to be better than what we have. we need inspiration. we need ideas. we really need a rescue. >> hey, you came to the right person. this room is perfect for a rescue i'm going to take care of it. you guys enjoy your family and -- >> george, are you going to hammer during nap time? >> no, there will be no hammering. i like to take a nap myself. >> good. >> stay rested. so, matt, this is the space. this is the living room, family room, whatever you want to call it. we're going to transform. it what's your ideas, quick looking around? >> looking at the fireplace, seems slightly dated. what i picture is two built-ins on either side -- >> love built-ins. >> and then tie it into a nice flat-screen tv hooked to a nice surround sound system. >> two questions, one -- and i need yeses on both these -- >> okay. >> we're taking these faux panel walls off, right? >> they're out. they're out. >> also, we're taking out these beams? >> we're taking out the beams.
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we're going to put six new high hats in here. >> see, that's what they needed. they needed lights and they needed to modernize this place. >> is going to be nice and clean. nice and clean. >> i li that. built-ins, tv, out with the old, in with the new. let's get to work. >> hey, is everybody having fun? so, matt, we have gutted this room. now what are we up to? >> here, we're going to run surround sound. we're going to use this over here. so, you're going to have everything hidden in the cabinet, then you're going to have your speakers hidden in the ceiling. >> now, when you drill holes for wiring, whether it be stereo or electric, you want to make sure that all the holes are the same height. all right,this room's looking pretty good. we got all the wiring done for the speakers, for the lights. what what's next? >> we've got to sheetrock it and then hit it hard with the built-ins. >> the cabinet. i just saw the truck pulling up.
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let's see what they look like. >> all right, let's go. >> awesome. >> so, the cabinets have arrived, george. >> and i see they're from tedd wood, which i underand is one of the best cabinet makers around. ♪ >> hi there, kate. hey, lauren. what's that, guys? oh, you guys need a new family room? okay. well, consider it done, okay? you just enjoy your lunch. now, matt, why is it better to have prefabricated cabinets rather than just coming in here with a pile of wood? >> well, you could come in with a pile of wood, but you're not going to get a furniture finish, you're not going to get specialty hinges, and it's not going to be as durable. steve and emily are going to be really happy with this. >> i'd say that this room is done. >> nice job, buddy. >> another rescue. we did it again! now, let's get emily and steve. all right, emily, steve, are you ready to see your new family
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room? >> we're ready! >> yeah. >> you're ready? >> absolutely. >> ready! >> on three. one, two, three! >> oh, my god! look at this! can you believe this? look at this place. >> thank you so much, man. this is awesome. >> this is great! oh, i like this. i like this. >> oh, my god. >> it is a different room. you guys are amazing. we got rescued. >> we got rescued. >> we needed this. thank you, george. thank you, matt. thank you, "open house." we love it. love it. >> that's what we do. if you want to berescued, hit us up at >> that's all for this episode of "open house." join us next week for more of america's top properties and design. thanks for stopping in. i'm sara gore
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