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tv   Noticias Univision Washington  Univision  August 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of skinny girl cocktail. >> is it ever ok to guys to drink skinny girl vodka? >> absolutely it's ok. guys want to have thin waist line. if guys want to get laid, it's a get laid, say, i will take a skinny girl. >> it depends on who they want to get laid by. [laughter] >> thanks so much. have a good one. >> warning, you're about to batch nicky mythen go on an epic rapper ic rant with a named ransom she used to be friends with. so buckle up. it's about to get crazy. >>som saying he wrote some of your songs? >> what the [bleep] is he crazy? i'm better then him. i'm not even a man and in their mouth. >> and away we go. yep, that's nicki obliterating this guy, ransom, outside a club
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in l.a. after we asked about a big story on the mega huge rap website all hip >> all hip-hop is saying ransom is nicky and they're saying he doesn't write his own likes and she's the go-to writer. >> a clarification, a rapper saying roached lyrics is a worse insult you can give. it's a sucker m. >> now i get it, sucking m.c. is bad. >> oh, whi peoe. anyway, here's the ransom song. >> before nicki was wearing crazy bigs i was doing versus for her just hoping she madebig♪ >> did you hear that? he said he was doing versus for her and -- >> that could mean he was singing on a song though. >> exactly! either way, our photog asked about it and nicki no likey. >> i don't need no [bleep] writer. you ask him why he is so
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desperate. and he youtill ain't gonna pop. >> don't forget the penis part. >> i'm not even a man in [bleep], in their mouth. [bleep]. >> it's metaphorical penis. if it's a litter penis, she would be a man. >> right. anyway, despite the confusion, nicki ain't backing down, tweeting to ransom, the line was taken out of context period. should have been rewarded. aim protect my credibility at all costs. bottom line, don't met with nicki. >> s's looking the best seen ni. >> she looks fantastic. >> you don't have it such up to her, just, you know -- [applause] >> these girls have got it made! >> they're in new york city. nveiling their fashion line. fans are already showing up for them in new york. leaving the hotel and running there. >> they make kim look old? >> yes. i have to live rest of my life
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with kardashian's image. >> true. it's going to be a l >> see, the kardashians will outlive you. that's even worse. >> bruce jenner's going to outlive you. [laughter] >> only parts of bruce[laughter. you know their dad's work. mar stontime you know, cooper, the hatchett boys! push it! ♪ >> grew up with rich dad! now he's old! >> we got cooper and mar ston hefner. >> speaking of roughish, didn't their dad have a blowout at the "playboy" mansion this weekend?
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awesome! >> you have a drinks party t's . >> if you sense a lack of thumb for mar ston, it's because when your dad is hugh huff ner u. get used to naked chick how many naked girls do you imagine seeing in your lifetime? >> a lot. >> is there one in particular that you remember the most? >> oh, my god, i love this game! >> that's because this is more than a game. these are the sights of the man who created the greatest pornographic empire of all time. they have seen every important chick in the world naked. they're worth gold. so who is the hefner boys favorite naked playmate in the mansion? so many choices, pam anderslect pam anderson. >> younger so i'm going with carmen electra. >> i'm going with pam anderson. as a matter of fact, i will double down on pam anderson. >> you better double bag if it's pam anderson. >> talking about groceries. but let's see --
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marston says, which "playboy" chick slt most memsnabble >>am aerson. >> harvey wins! >> yeah! >> you know the read bikini on baywatch, is it in smithsonian or something? >> probably. >> i think it's at her house. two lucky bastards. >> we have r. kelly. out on hisoat. over off the coast of italy. he thinks. [laughter] he's in the bathtub. >> oh, you're an ass. >> you said that! >> you said that! >> hey. taking it and telling him he's in monte carlo. never know. put him in a boat. he's in the driveway. the trailer still, at the storage yard. >> kind of lost it a little bit. >> cool sea breeze. >> delightful. >> stevie wonder's here. wants to say hi.
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>> so bad. >> don't know.guys hate blind this is up place. >> coming up -- >> we have cooper and marston hefner, hugh hefner's son. if you're a kid, where would you rather live? "playboy" mansion -- let me finish -- or the white house? >> what kind of question is that? a or law every day! >> plus -- >> we have michael phelps. >> did you ever pee in any of your races in the >> best swimmer ever says everyone pees in the pool, it's completely normal. i feel liberated. >> u.s.a.!
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>> hi, michael, how are you doing, man? big fan. >> oh, my god, it's michael phelps, the most decorated and possibly retired olympian of all time. and with the 2016 games on the horizon, there's only one
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question we have to ask -->> di your races in the olympics? >> yes, michael phelps is about to settle one of the greatest controversies in pool history, to pee or not to pee? that is the question. >> oh, i'm pro-pee. >> you're pro-pee? >> you're a pee advocate? >> ab>> everyone in this room h don't care who yo guys, that's michael phelps has to say? >> everybody pees in the pool. >> so it's like normal? >> everyone pees in the pool. >> so mikey, an ol peer. >> i feel liberated! >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.!>> take that, russia! >> yeah, take that, and give us back edward stoweden or else we will pee in your pool. now, let's get back to phelps here. >> michael phelps peed out of a
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fire hose. >> he what? >> he's saying he has a big wiener. >> well, the speedo doesn't leave much to the imagination. >> michael phelps has a rudder in the water. [laughter] >> no! >> good for him. and for her. and for her. and her too. thanks, michael. and chlorine, you make our eyes red instead of yellow. anastasia ashley. she's a pro surfer. she's a warming up before her surf meet. shtours for -- notorious for er warmup. obviously, this is some type of weird publicity thing but damn if it worked. >> it's wonderful exerse. >> harvey, there's a flaw in this. the way she squats, her knees come over her toes, which is terrible form and dominates your knees nur your ankles. >> freaking forment is all screwed up! >> her ass is perfect. > it's perfect because she squirts. that lunge and deep swat is
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really, really good for your buns. >> charliedo >> i do. >> that's a there is >> how are you doing? love you guys on the show, man. >> hey, it's the property brothers jonathan and drew in d.c. they're huge on hgtv. they're on that show and show. >> what's the new one, brother versus brother? >> wasn't that called the civil war? but these guys have destroyed and rebuilt just about every house there is, we've got to know -- had you to reconstruct the white house, how would you be able to pimp it out? >> pretty good question. >> at first they're not really so creative. at first he's like, let's give it a little color. how about that? >> they have tons of color. red room, the blue room. >> someone's done their home work. or surveiled the property with drones. but what do the experts say? >> it's got to have a water slide somewhere. >> you think there's a really
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nice man cave? >> yeah? >> why, you do not want a man cave if hillary clinton gets elected president. >> that doesn't sense. >> no, it doesn't. but who cares. because it's time to play our exciting new game --ow many gallons of paint does it take to paint the white house? >> how many gallons it takes to paint the stpwhouse >> no, i don't know. you know? >> number? >> how many do you think? how many gallons just to paint the outside sursnass >> 478? >> good guess, maybe! and the answer is. >> 570 gallons. >> really? that's a lot. >> harvey! >> not bad. >> i almost respect you. >> "tmz," we almost respect each other. thanks, property bros! >> you know, shark week. shark after dark is like the after show. that's the talk show. >> yeah. tara reid and i.n.g. were on be
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tara reid said after doing sharknado, what did you learn about sharks? she was like nothing, they were fake sharks. i didn't learn anything. she came on and goes -- >> wait. don't want to eat tons of seafood. doing this show today. learnedcation on sharks. look up sharks on the internet. whale sharks. that must mean a whale and a shark have sex. >> no! [laughter] >> oh, my god. >> and they're like terrified. this -- what the hell are you going to say? and she's sitting there with such conviction saying -- >> i think how do the whale and shark have sex? and i look up -- >> was there a video of it? >> no. because there's a thing called whale sharks. so i thought they must -- whales are mammals and sharks are animals. they have nothing to do with each other. [laughter] >> oh, tara, we love you! >> you got to love her. they don't know how a lot of sharks mate. >> not with whales.
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that's simple. >> pretty sure sblfment give her a break. >> sharks are animals. >> coming up -- >> "the league," popular show. parn the sloy popular a lot of athletes are trying to be on it. who would you love to be on the league? he doesn't even think have to think about it. hen hernandez.
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>> police raided the bus and they found a stun gun. > it lowers his rock star
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>> "tmz," online and on your phone 24/7. >> the "tmz" tour new york city! >> we're taking you to all of th where we have broken big celebrity news. >> our state of the art bus will take you where the celebrities live, where they shop, where they eat, where they play. >> where they drink. >> and where they drink more. cruise throu hot spots like times square, chelsea, tribeca, the meat packing dtrict and terrordsay lohan terrace ne.r more information, call "tmz"nyc. >> where we put on a show. >> all aboard "tmz" in new york city. hey, it's paul shearer from "the league," you know the show no
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what's channel it's on who or who's in 2? >> does he knows this exact same thing vin diesel war in triple x? >> i'm done with you. >> so popular athletes are trying to be on it. >> the league featured several nfl stars like terrell maurice jones-drew and sidney rice, awkwardly assessing the comedy. ♪ we're the shuffle and now we're here doing the super bowl shuffle ♪ >> it's kind of funny, right?s0 >> we say who would you love to be on "the league"? he didn't even have to think about it. >> aaron hernandez. would i like aaron hernandez on the show. there are a couple of people on the show i think would be whacked. >> too soon. >> yeah, probably. never mind that, we have to talk about these oh, dear arsenio hall feud. because apparently it may be a thing. i'm doing my own show called i arsenio hall show where shearer clips of
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hall show. where he re-enacts seth rogen and will arnett as bill clinton. >> i gave it my best shot! >> yea, yeah. >> he ran the country for eight years. anyway, isn't arsenio going to be pissed about this? >> maybe he will hire aaron hernandez again! i don't know. >> he needs football for us because there's still a chance he's innocent, said no one ever. goodwith it, paul. >> good to see you, paul. thank you, man. >> coming up -- >> leed know dicaprio, he's in spain now and he tries out the water jet taxi. >> oh, my god! i have never seen that. [ jessica ] so i opened the box and i said to myself,
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>> closed captioning and other consid by --
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>> now on "extra." >> usher is fighting to keepis son. >> the ugly new tug of war over little usher hours after he nearly drowned in the family pool. >> is he priesting? >> could the voice superstar custity? their dirty brash ra. say it laundry just before joy goes. >> have at it. come on. details on beebe's hamptons brawl before he order his goons to attack.
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and president obama shuts down hollywood and goes toe-to-toe with leno. >> now trending, is tiger's $60 million sinking? new video, kardashian's post baby video message today. ho is chasing her little sister. >> the perils of growing up kardashian. >> he goes with harrison ford. >> he is wearing wranglers. >> and what eddie sip ron is saying. >> i love "extra." >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i am mario lopez. >> and i am maria menounos. coming up, all new clues to the next "dancing with the stars" cast including the truth about the paula deen rumor. >> top story. >> usher's fight to keep his son. his ex launching an all-out custody, saying the lack of
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supervision le near s in the fifth sunday. s in a i.c.u. after getting his arm stuck in a pool drain. he was in and out there for the accident but made it home in time to with h season. >> gushing about them. >> who dresses those two? >> i did. >> last year a judge awarded custody to the singer. now they will go before the judge friday for a an emergency hearing. former prosecutor loni coombs weighs in. >> a parent can go if and ask for a change if there is a pattern. i don't think usher would do anything to put his children in dange intentionally. >> a video vogue bieber in the
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mill of of a melee. investigation ordered his bodyguards to do a saltalacchia down beat dean on a patron. abby wambach offered this tongue-in-cheekdvice. >> that would be so you're a nice boy. pull your troicers up. >> we have seen on-camera clashes on have you view. >> i asked you a question. >> now there is a rumored blow up between whoopi and barbara. what is going on, a.j.? >> you know how everyone likes to stir up drama. the ladies of the view are clearing the air. >> some idiot reporter i can't wait until she retires, and what the hell, and you know. >> you didn't tell me that. >> well, that is pause it didn't happen. >> she wanted to know what everyone really thinks of her. >> two more days here. have it, go ahead. tell


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