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tv   Despierta America  Univision  August 9, 2013 7:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> we're out in the real estate market. where your real real estate investor and where your mentor should be. listen i have tremendous amounts of successful students going out there and doing this. and making money in today's market because i'm not sitting up in some i'm studio, i'm out here showing people how to make money and i am going to do this with our live event.o there are only two ways you're going to know if you can do this or not. one, if your mentors and trainers is doing it and two, if i have other and successful students who are out there doing it now and making money in your backyard in today's your marketplace. listen if you are sick and tired of your boss telling you what to do, if youling are sick and tired of not having enough money ornot having bad credit or if you are sick and tiredf and knowing that the government is not going to bail you out or if you are a professional going looke i make some pretty decent money but i want to maket really big money and take todays marketplace you can do this now when you register for the live event. listen, i have students out there who are making so much money and you are about to meet these people but you can only do it ife you take action now and register forion now and the live event.
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call that little 800 or 877 number whatever it is call at the bottom of that thing right now and watch these amazing studentatch testimonials of people who are running ahead of youho making money in today's market because theyay's know how i do it. >> with armando's system, i havd equity in the last nine months. >> if you really want to be successful in real estate, i recommend that you take armando's live event, because he can teach you things that i truly believe no one else can. >> so i'm here with john, and john, how are you? >> i'm doing great, thank you.>g fantastic, everybody has told me that you are tearing it up, that these are, this is one ofpe purchased, right? >> absolutely. >and how long ago did you purchase this property? >> purchased it about three weeks ago. >> and how much profit do you have on it? >> we have about 43,000 in profit. >> and how long ago did you go to one of my live events? >> it was just six weeks ago. >> six weeks ago. can you imagine what your life would be like making $43,000 right now in less than six weeks? now, i hear that's not the only property that you've purchased,
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that you have a couple of others that you've already purchased and profited from? >> that's correct, we have from the three properties that we've already purchased and profited from, about $133,000. >> $133,000, and you're sitting there on your couch going, "why am i sitting here on my couch just watching an infomercial?" why aren't you picking up the phone, taking action? call the phone number on the bottom of your screen, come to one of my live events, 'cause seating is limited. now, i've heard you'd done even more than that, that you have a bunch of other properties under contract right now. are these them? >> yeah, these are the contracts that we have right now, we have seven different contracts right now for houses with a profit of about $400,000. >> $400,000? >> 400,000. >> you're tearing it up. you're gonna pass me up one day. >> [laughs] >> you're doing great. now, let me ask you this, 'cause every saying, "you know, armando, i got to have money to do this or i have to have credit what did you learn at my live events? >> that was one of the best parts of the event, because you taught us how to find resources that i never would've thought of otherwise, so it really helped us find the moneyf houses that we would like to do.
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>> how about the marketplace? how do you feel about the economy and the real estate marketplace today? >> i don't think there's a better time in history to buyroperty. right now is when i'm trying to buy as many as we can, because the profits are out there, and i don't see how you can lose. by following the road map that you put out there for us, like g.p.s., if you will, i don't see how you could fail. >> see, go out, take action, call the phone number at the bottom of your screen right now. come to the live event. it will be powerful, you will be our next testimonial, you'll be the next person. in six weeks, this man has done where he can profit up to $400,000... and he's already profited $133,000. call the phone number right now. seating is limited, i will take you by the hand, i will show you how to do it. we will give you the road map, the g.p.s.-- this is no b.s., all right, guys? i'm not here to blow smoke up your skirt, i'm here to show you how to become extremely wealthy, i'm a real real estate investor, i don't sit there with a suit and tie, i'm not
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a perfect person, but i will tell you this: if somebody can show you how to become completely wealthy in real estate, how to eliminate debt and create cash flow, i will show you how to do this, i am the man to do this, i will show you, but you have to do the first step, call, make your reservations immediately. >> announcer: armando montelongo hit tv show flip this house, and inc. 500's number one educational company in the country is bringing his armando live event series to your area this week. this is a rare opportunity to learn armando's millionaire real estate strategies that made him a household name. armando's team will take you by the hand and show you that you can eliminate debt and create cash now so you and your family can benefit from today's foreclosure market. at armando's live event, you will learn that you can help others out of foreclosure while making huge sums of cash in today's market and in your backyard; that now is the time to buy renovate, and sell real estate with or
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without your money or your credit; that you can do this in your marketplace now;yod foreclosures the way armando does you can change your family legacy by creating huge sums of cash and getting the financial freedom that you deserve. toryndo believes this is to invest in real estate, and you can do this by taking action now. seating is first-come, first-served, and seats fill fast. when you register now, you will receive two tickets for you and a guest to attend armando's reserve your seat now and receive for absolutely free armando's flip for succe armando's real estate 2013 audio cd, and a free mp3 player. this $500 package is yours when you register now and attend armando's live event. learn armando's techniques live and in pern. admission is free, so seating is extremely limited. so make your reservation and gain the knowledge you need
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to be successful today. >> listen, you can go out there and you can do this. at one point, i was just an average guy-- in fact, i was below average. i was living in a garage,y livi, i was $50,000 in debt and now... i live in a freaking castle. check out our average at one time and decided to stop being average. they decided to go out there, work hard, follow the program that i've laid out to the "t", go to the live event and become successful. the average person will sit on their butt and do nothing with their life. check out these people who decided to stop being average. >> w real estate courses, but weren't able to make any money. we took armando's live event, and since then, within a week we bought two houses, we're gonna make $70,000 profit and we'll make $700 cash flow a month without our money or any credit. it was a great program, i would
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recommend it to everybody. before using our armando's techniques we were tryingose toa year and was unsuccessful and in that i wasccessful unemployed and unfortunately we lost our home and forced myself, my wife and my kids to movemy back into my in-laws. and after using armando's techniques we've now acquired five properties in a matter of 2 months. my situation is similar to marks i was actually in the same situation we lost our home as well and my wife is pregnant, i have a one year son and i remember being next to her when she was actually giving birth.was actually and in labor. changed my life and i said i so mark and i applied to armando's techniques and we've been very fortunate to acquire 5 prope we just want to give armando a message we just want to say thank you.ust thank you very much. it's changed our lives. and were hoping to help others with this message. thank you.h this message. thank armando. armando believes right now is a phenominal time to make money in real estate. call the number at the bottom of your screen and
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register for the free live event. coming to your area this week. >> look, i'm a real real estate investor, this is a house that i've bought and that i've owned, and literally, four weeks ago, this property, we're gonna put up a picture on scwned this, and this property was not in good shape. i bought it, i renovated it, i did none of the work myself, and here i am four weeks later in front of the propertycher. listen, i actually do't sit in a studio and tell you that you should go out and do real estate, or one day i'm gonna teach you, i'm in the marketplace doing real estate, and guess what, because i do it, i have my pulse on the real estate marketplace. i know how to do itto do it, in your marketplace, and i'm known as america's number-one and top real estate investing expert. and why am i telling you this? because we'll show you and take, and the benefit for you is this: if you're sitting on the other side of this camera going, "you know what, armando? i go, i've tried everything,ed , i've tried other things and they didn't work out," this will work if you do exactly what i say and allow me to lead you by the han
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if you're a stay-at-home mom, or you know what, if you're a single mom and you've been left alone and you have children to support and you know that you deserve a better life and you need a better life and right now is the time to get a better life, and you know that you need to do better financially for your family, then real estate and my system, my live events can help get you there now. if you're a man who, literally, wife lost faith in him, if your wife lost faith in you and says, "you know what? he's a good man, but he's not successful and he's not providing for our family the way he should," check out the video testimonial of one of my students whose wife now supports him to the highest degree and has total and absolute faith because of the live events that he's gone to. listen, now it's time to get away from the of loss. imagine what your life's gonna be like five years from now if you don't do this, imagine what it's gonna be like five years from now if you don't take action right now, and then stop and think, "you know what, if i just pick up the phone and i go to armando's live event, imagine
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what it's gonna be like when i go and i learn from armando how to do real estate in today's market the way armando's out there and actually doing real estate." check out these testimonialsat e at one time were sitting on the couch just like you, listening to an infomercial from me, just like this, but they picked up the phone, they attended the live event, and they've changed their life. you can be the next person who changes their life. >> before learning armando's techniques, i had a little bit of investment experience. after learning his techniques and strategies, i now have two properties; one i estimate to make 18k at the end of the month and the other one, after rehab, i will make around 20,000. thank you, armando, for everything. >> like many other women, i had my doubts. we've tried other seminars, my husband has, and it just didn't work out. and now he's done armando's seminar and we actually see the fruit of it, actually having two properties, making $90,000 with no money
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out of our pockets, an just been an amazing experience to know that it's turned into reality. >> listen, i'm not gon a lot of time at this house because i literally flipped this house in less than 24 hours. i did something by what i call "flipping the paper." i can show you how to out there and flip the paper with no money out of your pocket, with no cred, with no obligation whatsoever, and i did it in less than 24 hours. listen, money knows no time. whether you're fresh out of college and college just isn't paying the bills and you need a new lot on life, or if you're a senior citizen and you never quite reached that financial potential that you knew. look, you did great with your kids, your family, but you never reached that financial potential, now is the time, because money-- when taught the right way--ows . listen, ray kroc of mcdonald's didn't get started with a mcdonald's until he was 50 years old. now is the time to get started when you come to my live event. check out these people and put yourself in their shoes of
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what it's like just a few months after attending my live event. so i'm out here with mike and mike attended one of our live events.d one of how you doin' mike? hey armando how's it going? it's going great. now i hear it's going fantastic for you. absolutely.or you. i want to let everyone know out there what you've experienced since i've you've experienced attended a live event i was able to get all that information and come out here and makend come out deals happen. i can make a deal in my own back yard. you made a deal ind. your own backyard. and also across the country from what i learned from the live event my first deal i was able to secure $15, nice. and after that i was able to get deals that i'm probably going to make about $160,000 from those deals. so $15,000 from the first deals. deal, $160,000 on your total deals.00 on your right. now how much cash did you put in the bank since you attended the live event?u well since i attended the live event i was able to put $50,000i was able to into my account. so he's got $50'000 being able to put into his account.
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can you imagine what yourunt. life would be like fromyou're st now to be able to put $50,000 into your account. and how much total money do you have in mind that $50,000 will make?d that in the pipe line i'll probably have $180,000. $180,000 mknown as mikhis neigh. do you understand this. you can go out there and you can do it but you can only do it but you cancan only do it if you register for a live event. register register for a live event right now, take action. mike congratulation's.. thank you very much. get out there you guys go register for a live event. while we're going to make more money now. >> i started this year off unemployment checks, and after six weeks i made $45,000, and i can make $45,000 every month. armando, you've changed my life. thank you. >> so, i am here with carol, and carol, how old are you? >> i'm 68 years young. >> she's 68 years young-- great answer-- and how long ago did you go to my live event? >> about three and a half months ago. >> three and a half months, and how many deals have you done since going to the live event? >> three of 'em. >> three deals. >> yes. >> three deals in three and a half months, and approximately
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how much profit do you have? deal. the average, between >> $35- to $45,000, so y saying-- let's go small. let's say that you only have $35,000 each, ri >> that's over $105,000 worth of profit in three and a half months? >> months, yes. >> all right, what would you tell the people out there, if they should go to the live event, what would you tell the people out there? >> that it's an opportunity that you should not miss no matter what your station in life is. take advantage of it and create a better lif right now. >> but let me ask you one more question: is right now-- with everything they say about the economy-- is right now the right time to be real estate? >> it is the best time ever. >> announcer: armando believes right now is a phenomenal time to make money in real estate and seats are filling fast. take action now. call the number at the bottom of your screen and register for the free live event coming to your area this week. >> announcer: armando montelongo, star of a&e's hit tv show flip this house,
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and inc. 500's number one educational company in the country is bringing his armando live event series to your area this this is a rare opportunity to learn armando's millionaire real estate strategies thatname. armando's team will take you by the hand and show you that you can eliminate debt and create cash now so you and your event, can benefit frommarket. you will learn that you can help others out of foreclosure while making huge sums of cash in today's market and in your backyard; that now is the time to buy renovate, and sell real estate with or without your money or your credit; that you can do this in your marketplace now; you can get pre-foreclosures and foreclosures the way armando does you can change your family legacy by creating huge sums of cash and getting the financial freedom that you deserve. ara phenomenal time in history to invest in real estate,
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and you cado this by taking action now. seating is first-served, and seats fill fast. when you register now, you will receive two tickets for you and a guest to attend armando's live e reserve your seat now and receive for absolutely armando's flip for success dvd, armando's real estate 2013 audio cd, and a free mp3 player. this $500 package is yours when you register now and attend armando's live event. learn armando's techniques live and in person. admission is free, so seating is extremely limited. so make your reservation and gain the knowledge you need to be successful today. >> checko went to the live event, they de they decided to work hard and to follow my system to the "t". check out their amazing results.
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>> i have been a practicing real estate attorney in florida for the past 25 years, and being an attorney, i have a pretty analytical mind. sought this program to my attention and of course i analyzed the heck out of it, and kind of a cross my arms in front of my chest "no, i don't think that i need to do that; i know everything there is to know about real estate because i'm a real estate attorney." so i agreed to come to the seminar this weekend, and i have got to tell you guys that it changed my life. i am out actually looking at real estate deals in your backyard dealing with today's marketplace it doesn't matter if yout have credino credit bad credit listen i've taken people who have a 400 credit score make 400 absolutely no money and go into the live event and go go and some of them have chapter seven bankruptsies making up to thirty five thousand dollars withine weeks after the live event and i've taken doctors and lawyers and professionals to show them how they can take that money and take it to a whole new level of wealth and recession proof their lives forever. proof
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i do this step by step methodically and chronological order and the other best thing you are going to have a tremendous amount of fun doing this.amount of fun look i'm out doing real estate because i love real estate and i want you real to check out some of my millionaire students they literally had nothing before going to the live event and they made a tremendousthey made a amount of money. the government is giving money away but not government grants people are buying houses this is the best real estateis is economy in the next 30 to 40 years but you've gotta reach the live event you gotta go now call theyou number at the bottom of your screen now check out some of my millionaire students. >> since learning armando'sents. techniques, my company not only has come a deficit, but now we're sitting at 1.5 million. we're doing four or five houses per month, averaging 79,000 per it without armando and usingone his techniques. we have been using armando's techniques to buy and sell properties. he has taught us how to determine the after repa
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value of the house. repa how much repair needs to be done. and through everything we learned through armando our first 2 propertieso have netted $53,000 profit. and has given us a futuret. to count on, we can dois for a . thanks to armandoan dois for a . i'm a professional of 32 years we've been attending armanda's live we currently have 2 properties under contract the opportunity has given me for working with my son what i was doingith my son before this he wouldn't... and it's just fantastic... the environment that armondo creates for learing this stuff. he gave me the conthat i could do this and his methodological approach to teaching is justpproach to fantastic, it's step by step. i'm one of those people step. that needs 99% of the information beforethe i think i can and and act on it. and he provided all that. the teaching really does go back to the basics you abcs,s it very easy to understand
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and very easy tounderstand progress quickly. before learning armando's techniques and strategies we hadn't had any realies fobung our own home. from there we made our 1st deal and we thank armando and his techniquk armando any skeptism about it, the techniques are anything but and there's a program and his techniques lay it to rest because thisay it is the real deal. we had a great time. it been a blast. we've learned so much from the techniques like wife was just sayin' it's been wonderful. team ramando!derful. weboth sold this property, he walked away we got another property, you've got to go to the seminar. learn how to do this.nar. armando can teach you. anybody can do this. armando believes right now is a phenomenal time to make money in real estate. call the number at the bottom of your screen and register for the free live event coming to your area this to your area we've been successfully investing with armando's system for almost a year and a half now using his teachniques and hisg his teachings we've been able to net over $73,000n able on our last 3 deals.
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and being a realtor he had some success investing and real estate and helpingand others and after using the techniques we learned from armando actually changed investors as well.f other what he can do for you and what he's done for myself and what i can pass on to my family is a legacy i'll have forever.a legacy i'll before going to armando's seminar i was a contractor and my wife was a nursetor we were able to take this system and techniques,his apply it to our home town, small home town, and ourn, first deal we made of a net profit of $30,000 and it set on the market less then 2 weeks. market less the next 2 deals we were able to net a prof $47, a prof this system and this education allowed us to have so much more freedom, so much more time. the ability to help our families, in just help in so many ways that it isin extremely and
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unbelievably life changing. >> look, you've seen the houses that i've done, you've seen the houses that my students are doing. now, there's only a few minutes left in this television infomercial.listen, you only h minutes to call and act right now, but you got to call the number, you got to get you can't just show up without registering, so call right now to be able to go to the seminar. what are you waiting for? there's only a few minutes left. here are the details. call the number right there at the bottom of that screen right there. see that little number? you acon and call it. get urself off the couch, because listen, if you don't do it, somebody else will. everybody says, "armando, ifh at somebody else doing it?" that's what the first negative person ever told me. and you know what it is? you are that somebody else. if i hadn't have taken that first deal, i would have never got the number-one h in america, become america's number-one real estate mentor,
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and trainer and investor, and ultimately i wouldn't be talking to you right now. if i can do it, you can do it. if my students can do it, you can do it. anybody can do it with the right training, but you got to call that number. >> announcer: armando montelongo, star of a&e's hit tv show flip this house, and inc. 500's number one educational company in the countryo live event series to your area this week. this is a rare opportunity to learn armando's millionaire real estate strategies that made him a household name. armando's team will take you by the hand and show can eliminate debt and create cash now so you and your family can benefit from today's foreclosure market. at armando's live event, you will learnhat you can help o while making huge sums of cash in today's market and in your backyard; that now is the time to buy renovate, and sell real estate with or without your money or your credit; that you can do
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this in your marketplace now; you can get pre-foreclosures and foreclosures the way armando doesange your family legacy by creating huge sums of cash and getting the financial ve. armando believes this is a phenomenal time in history to invest in real estate, and you can do this by taking action now. seating is first-come, first-served, and seats fill fast. when you register now, you will receive two tickets for you and a guest to attend armando's live event, but wait.w and receive for absolutely free armando's flip for success dvd, armando's real estate 2013 audio cd, and a free mp3 player. this $500 package is yours when you register now and attend armando's live event. learn armando's techniquesive and in person. admission is free, so seating is extremely limited. so make your reservation and need to be successful today.
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of writing a groundbreaking book that'll bring the physics world to its knees. oh. what's it called? payback's a bitch, strudwick. but, dick, i... i already got the tickets, like you told me. here. listen to this, don. "to construct the analog curvature, "deplace a vector x a second time to the first p. "the coinciding volume of the light complex is the same whether measured iariae k or l." what do you think? watch out, steven king. hey, don. how's it goin'? oh, not good. your brother just stuck me with a movie ticket. oh, yeah? what movie you seein'? i don't remember the name of it, but it's the one where jackie chan kills 2 guys with a baguette. i hear that one's awesome! yeah. ha ha. i would ask you, you know, but since we broke up... ohof course. sure. but i--i do have, you know, an extra ticket. maybe we could go as, uh... friends. ok. yeah.
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friends. hey, i'll even buy the ticket off ya. no, don't worry about that, unless you happen to have 6.50 handy. oh...i only got a 20 on me. got change. [giggles] where you goin'? i have to put a fork at the other end of the table. i'll miss you. woman: hi. go in and check on the kids. ok. there's my parents. don't be nervous. they're gonna love you. ok. [clears throat] dad, this is tommy. this is my father. hello, tommy. nice to meet you. yeah. nice to meet you, too. you're nothing at all like i pictured. hi. i'm alissa's mom. now i get it. a whole book? only the most brilliant book on physics ever written. are 400 years ahead of this planet's most advanced modern thinking.
8:07 am
whoa, dick! you're gonna be famous! i am, thank you very much. humans are gonna be blown away by all that. that'll wipe the smugliness off strudwick's furry, ratlike little face. every expert in the country's gonna be dyin' to know how you figured all this out. you thini can't wait to see barbara walters make you cry. barbara walters? yep. grillin' you about your childhood on national television. but i--i never had a childhood. oh, you don't have to tell me. a boy grows up awful fast on the mean streets of, uh... where are you from again? outer space! what was i thinking?! sh all the secrets of the universe, we mand yell out,well "we're aliens!" oh, yeah. that would be quite a predicament.
8:08 am
you idiot! well... [sighs] this is my place. wow. smells, um... rustic. y great. ise can just go to a movie as friends? is cool. it's great. really great. so, you want a cup of coffee or anything? nah. i should probably go. ok. that was a wonderful meal, dotty. yeah, decious. well, i'm glad you liked it. here, mom, let me give you a hand. [clears throat] so, uh... i really like alissa a lot. she's a lovely girl. yeah. you and me, we're lucky guys, huh? we got ourselves a couple of hotties, huh? excuse me? listen, man. ahem. between you and me,
8:09 am
has alissa mentioned anything about my kissing? what? the thing is, we're makin' out, like, a lot. right? but she's a little more experienced than i am, which is why any feedback she gave you'd be really appreciated. i--i think maybe we should change the subject. oh, ok. so. what does your father do? uh, he's a professor. at pendelton. um, dick solomon? oh... oh, boy. that was somethin', huh? 't expectin' that! oh, me, neither. well, i guess we had one left in us. that was a big mistake. oh, big. oh, big. [chuckling] well, uh...i, uh... i'd better be goin'. ok! i'll see you around. you know what? we'll do somethin', right? oh, that'd be nice. god, i want you. take me!
8:10 am
108 for 210... 108 for 211... 109 for 212... dr. solomon, channel 58 just called and asked if you would like to appear on some show callmen & ideas? men & ideas?! yes, indeed, i do! mary, look at this. what? i guess the word is finally getting out. i'm gonna be a guest men & ideas. actually, you're just a panelist. what? the show's all about strudwick. no! ohhh... [sobbing] you're taking it better than i thought you would. [honking] i'll be right there! [chuckles] it's the laureates. i'm taking them to banana republic.
8:11 am
bernard has never worn jeans. bernard has never [honk honk]ans. oh. i'm coming! jeez! dick! what's going on?! what do you mean? what is your son doing with my daughter? what are you talking about? well, apparently, they've been dating for 3 months. that's impossible. tommy's been dating some girl named alissa for 3 months. alissa strudwick, you idiot! my daughter! what?! that hot little blond number's your daughter?! how dare you des! no strudwick is gonna date my son! your son is an ill-mannered, obnoxious boor! you take that back! all right. he's rude! he's smug! he kissed my daughter right in front of me! wait a minute. vincent. what? this is really bothering you, isn't it? damn right it is. i suggest that you teach your son some manners. what's so damn funny? nothing. nothing.
8:12 am
oh, no. no, no! on, no! no, no! what is it, dick? it's nothing. i can't talk about it. oh, no! what?! it's just about the two of you, you'that's all. it's about us? what is it? it's about what your father said about you. but, please, don't ask. i promised him i wouldn't say. what?! what?! all right, here it is. now, listen. your father thinks the two of you should break up. what? why? something about him not trusting you, you being too immature, you following in the footsteps f yours that everybody hates. aunt ellie? mmm. everybody loves aunt ellie. oh, well...there must be somebody in your family that everybody hates. cousin jeff? that's the one. cousin jeff. i'm nothing like cousin jeff. his words, not mine. why would he say that?
8:13 am
my dad can be such a jerk sometimes. oh, don't tell me. i think the two of you are fabulous together. i guess i've always been able to see you for the intet young woman that you are. but if your fatheryou! wait a can't see that, then i think you have no choice but just to go straight home and be furious with him. oh, i'm on my way! oh! dick... are you sure-- i've already said too much!
8:14 am
8:15 am
well, this is much better, huh? absolutely. we should never have gone to your apartment. there's, uh... a bed in there. yeah. what were we thinking? i mean, this... this makes more sense. the perfect place for 2 friends to share a cup of coffee. you know, i knew we could do it, don. totally casual. no problem.
8:16 am
hi, guys! harry! what--what's up? how're you doin'? where--what's up? where you goin'? well, i was just goin' over to the park to push over some of those tai chi guys. ohhh... and what are you doin'? we're just havin' soffee. want some coffee? i'd love some coffee! oh, great! there's nothin' better than 3 friends sittin' around, havin' some joe! i'll get the cup, and you pour. ok, great. so, harry, what'd you do today? oh, well, my day started sort of early. you know that thing where you wake up, and you say "rabbit," you'll have good luck all day? i was gonna do that; i just totally forgot. and then there was lunch. morning, vincent. how's it goin'? r boy last night?
8:17 am
yes. we talked, we laughed, we shared. then there were the, uh, hugs, as usual. she came home, slammed how'the door in my face, and ooh. ouch. herself in her ro did she, by any chance, say that, uh, she hates you? how'd you know that? call it fatherly intuition. she said...she said... oh, never mind. go on, vincent. you can tell me. she said why couldn't i be more like... like you? well, i can understand that. some of us devote our time to our families, others opt instead to write books. i'm sure you made the right choice. not for your daughter, of course, but for you. no, don't worry! is awfu as the decades... slip by, these wounds will scab over and harden into bitter scars. and you'll get together then, vince. a good time then. ohhh...
8:18 am
ok, everybody, here we go. johann, why don't you sit right here? there you go. bernard.... sit down. give me the gum. give me the gum. spit it out! so, don, do you think we'll be ok here? come on, sally, there must be 50 people here. that's true. we're not gonna do it in front of 50 people. you sit over there. i'll sit over here. and we're on in 3...2... hello, and welcome men & ideas. i'm hamilton bell. and to my right is dr. vincent strudwick, author of physics for a new millennium and the brightest star of the pendelton university faculty. we are also honored to have of nobel laureates-- dr. bernard
8:19 am
yamshuth... dr. carl mainen... dr. ronald schenk... and dr. johann borgeson. and finally, "physics professor "and raconteur... and master of close-up magic dick solomon." [applause] tell me, dr. strudwick. did you have any idea when you set out to write your book that it would get honestly? yes.ind of reception? well, it tremendous work, but it has come at quite a cost, honehasn't it, vincent?ception? what? i think you know what i mean. well, i'm sure we all have questions for you, dr. strudwick, so why don't we begin-- yes, i have one. on. yes. i was discussing the book last night with my son tommy. hi, tommy. love you. and, uh, it made me wonder. you seem to have a reasonable grasp of spectral analysis, and yet you have no idea where yoas last night at midnight--my house,
8:20 am
ere kids are allowed to flourish. why don't you shut your mouth, solomon?! why don't you make me? let's go! come on! ok. ok. i'm cool. i'm cool. please, oh, please, gentlemen. let's be civil. don't look at me, ham. i'm just trying to be a good father. i am a good father. oh, yeah? then why did you insist that your daughter never see my son ever again?! at are you talking about? i never said that. what? i only said that he should mind his manners! liar! i might've been paraphrasing-- i'll kill you! tommy! tommy! it's ok! come on. hey. hey. hey. calmly. this is a show about a science book. it should be boring. you're an idiot! it's on, bitch! let's go! come on! eryone! let's just stay calm! calm down! peace! peace! peace! well! this guy thinks he's all that,
8:21 am
's not all that! oh, yeah. this is where it gets good. mary: i am sick of you [bleep]! my god. look at that face i'm making. now look at this. now, that's a punch. dick, that was the makeup woman. well... she had it coming. hey! are you and don back together again? no. why would you think that? well, he's got his tongue in your ear. harry...don and i have some issues to resolve, but we're gonna get together tonight and talk 'em out. uh-huh. wear somethin' nice. shut up! i just don't understand it. assuage my professional jealousy
8:22 am
by attacking strudwick on a deeply personal level, using his daughter and my son as unwitting pawns. yet somehow i come off looking like the bad guy. what are you talking about? you jeopardized my relationship for your own petty goals. tommy, sometimes you have to take one for the team. oh, you think you're all that! i am all that! oh, you want some of this? captioning made possible by carsey-werner productions and u.s. department of education captioning performed by the national captioning institute, inc. public performance of captions prohibited without permission of national captioning institute "this is a tablet that i'm going to have to learn how to use." literally the flip of a switch i was logged onto our wi-fi network at home and i was off and running. [ male announcer ] now you can get a state-of-the-art kindle fire hd, built and backed by amazon, with stunning high def screen, do-fi and access to 23 million movies, tv shows, music, apps and more --
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8:25 am
at least i'm not a strudwick.
8:26 am
>>ow on "extra," howard stern sounds off on simon's paternity. >> he hasn't beetoo busy making making babies. >> what howard says simon sho d.
8:27 am
>> maybe this is too x-rated. >> and stern and cowell named the two highest paid personalities on tv. who makes more? beyonce's new look. did she really chop off her hair? >> or is it a wig? >> joy behar says goodbye after 16 years and "extra" is right there. >> what am i going to do next? how about porn for thelind? >> joy's advice for her replacement, jenny mccarthy. jodi arias's first words about racing to jamie lee curtis after a car crash. >> what happened? >> are you ok. ashton matt in l.a.,iere in new york breaking news about "two and a half men.">> i like >> tont's "beauty by the numbers," the inside out facial that tightens and tones without surgery.>> the best nonsurgical face-lift. >> plus what is doing and how long should it?
8:28 am
>> "extra, extra!" [cheers and applause] >> hey, everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the grove. i'm mario lopez. >> and i'm maria menounos. coming up, we're with joy behar for her last day on "the view," but where was barbara walters? >> first let's get right to tonight's top story. breaking their silence -- >> look, i don't think simon is thrilled. >> brutally honest, gloves are off for the first time howard howard and the "america's got talent" crew talking to a.j. about their boss' rumored baby mama drama. >> he is too busy with sex. if he was here doing his job and running things. i think simon should wear a rubber. there is no doubt. >> stern giving simon the business like only he can, the two tying for first place on "forbes"' list of highest paid tv personalities. both raking in $95 million lt year. new reports claimndrew si simon's friend, is faking his outrage wife
8:29 am
lauren's romance with cowell. developer apparently knew what was going on and is more upset that his bromance with simon is over. howie mandel fresh off nbc's live quarterfinals at radio city says simon needs to get one thingtraight. >> apparently it is, right? did you talk to mowry povich. >> andrew, you are not the father. >> joking aside, former prosecutor loni coombs says a d.n.a. test is a good idea. >> if he is taking on child support, you should make sure you are the father of the child. >> host nick cannon looking forward to having a new baby around. >> that will be crazy. wearing v-necked shirts, chest all out. cowell cowell's kid is america's royal baby. we'll vote on the baby. >> not for sure about that. you can vote on a.g.t. e competition is getting fierce as they move sorts the semifinals. >> down to 12 people there and only four can make it. so it's rough. >> watch a.g.t. tuesday on
8:30 am
nbc. >> let's get you caught up on the most talked about stories in tonight's now trending. >> for the last 10 years, beyonce has dominated the music scene with her hits and, let's face it, that's why the internet almost exploded when beyonce posted these fresh new pics on instagram. short hair, don't care, queen bey showing off her pixie cut getting over 850,000 likes in over 24 hours, the inspiration, nobody knows for sure. it could be that caught on youtube moment when her hat got caught in a fan during her tour. the reviews. >> it's fresh and new. >> a short haircut doesn't do her justice.>> i like it. >> a source says it's the real deal, not a wig. >> what do you think of the beyonce cut? >> i'm not really feeling it. >> well, justin bieber tweeted out a big thank you to all of his fans. you can see why he is so grateful. >> the "new york daily news" with photos of two girls that she picked out of the crowd at a
8:31 am
club, the same night he allegedly had his people carry out a "die hard" attack against another. >> the nation is up in arms. one thing for sure, if it is true, he has the touch. dark hair ave long like selena gomez. >> justin bieber's mentor usher has had a tough week obviously. he is finally speaking out about the incident that landed his son in the >> usher releasing a statement saying "i'm blessed and fortunate to say that usher v is doing well and recovering. >> it's getting nastier, tameka saying usher didn't provide proper supervision for their son after his arm got caught in a pool drama. >> ladyhas done pretty wild stuff in her videos. i haven't seen anything like that. >> yeah, it's shocking. friend marina in the woods
8:32 am
abramovic's kick-starter supporting her abramovic method exercise program. a link of the full story is up at be warned guys, it is out there. >> let's head to a.j. in new york. what's up? >> i'm with joy on h last day after 16 seasons. any advice for your replacement? >> jenny mccarthy, she should come on naked every once in a while. >> m to the end. the outspokenco-host saying goodbye to "the view" this week. barbara not in studio today, but will be there for the final farewell. >> tomorrow is the taped last day. my friends there, alan alda, regis, c can'ta show without regis, and meredith vera,ver don't forget tony bennett. >> it airs tomorrow on abc. joy is looking back on her most memorable moments. >> you had l.l. -- >> he benchpressed me, l.l. cool jay. he is strong. he could lift chris christi.
8:33 am
president obama, i asked him if he had read 50 shades of grey, you can't beat it. >> you and whoopi walked off on bill o'reilly. >> he made a statement about muslims which annoyed me. my body jumped out of the seat. >> you had feuds, rosie and elizabeth. >> defend your own insinuations. >> a standout moment got on tv. >> would you ever write a tell y'all? >> never. >> no. >> 10 years down the line? >> it's not my thing. >> tell it to my facing. >> what am i doing next is the next question? >> you know? >> how about porn for the blind. it's so crazy, it might work. >> joy's former co-host, elizabeth hasselbeck, as you know is heading to fox news. now we're hearing megan kelly is about to land a plum primetime slot. a source says she is the new face of cable news. so, renee, you were with jodie foster last night. jamie lee curtis, right?her really ld me what
8:34 am
happened when jamie lee got into a bad car accident. i talked to her at the premiere >> she loves to meet her fans and sign autographs and post for pictures at premieres. when the paps catch her out and about, she is not so >> they take pictures of you in compromising places. >> like these photos. jodie rushing to her friend, jamie lee curtis's side after a car accident. the s.u.v. she was riding in struck a car. jodie showing up right before jamie lee went to the hospital. >> there was no saving. i just saved the luggage out of the trunk and that's pretty m about it. >> is she ok? >> yes, she is. thank god. >> jodie all glammed up in a roland mouret dress joining mr. d mrs. damon at last night's premiere of "elysium." >> a date night? >> we got a sitter, he can state out a little later. >> how late is late? >> 10:30. sidekick h kimmel's
8:35 am
guillermo on "jimmy kimmel live." >> we have a movie called "estupido" and an arrow pointing towards me. >> how long is that going on? >> as long as he has a tv show. my goal is to take him off the air. >> >> how do you avenge jimmy? me on the air. >> you're looking good with the shaved hair and the tats. >> for six months i got to be that guy which is fun. >> to watch matt battle jodie on screen. "elysium" in theaters tomorrow. now let's head to new york where ashton kutcher is opening up about his new move "jobs" and a whole bunch more. >> ashton is in new york channeling apple icon steve jobs and talking about hisision job. when ashton kutcher reports to the set of "two and a half men" on monday, he'll be meeting a new co-star. >> it's rumored it's a girl. >> yeah. >> rumor is that girl is tameka raymond, the former "joan of arcadia" filling the void left by angus t. jones.
8:36 am
amber is reportedly set to play charlie sheen's long lost lesbian daughter. >> i think this year will be the funniest year of "two andver. that's a big thing. >> that's huge. >> i like taking big risks. i'm going to take the risk to make that statement. >> it's already a big year for kutcher. >> how does somebody know what want if they have never even seen? >> getting solid reviews as apple co-founder steve jobs in the highly anticipated "jobs." >> i heard you were channeling steve already in the first time that you met the director. >> no, no. >> that's what he told me. >> i was trying to channel it's like a job interview, right? >> a job interview he nailed, thanks in part to his physical resemblance to the young jobs. the funny thing is ashton doesn't see it. >> there were things that drove me crazy. we didn't have the same nose. i'm a little bit taller than he is. i tried to approximate as much as i could. >> mission accomplished, "jobs"
8:37 am
in theaters friday the 16th. >> up next, patrick dempsey gets terri all re racing come? >> from racing cars anatomy" secrets. >> season 10, let's keep it zen. >> tonight's "beauty by the numbers," a new kind of face-lift no surgery required. >> you see the contours on the face. >> that's coming up. >> "extra" brought to you by the new comedy "meet the miller we're playing.
8:38 am
>> coming up, vanessaudgens' dark new role that will life fans doing a double take. art workout, part?ó
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> "extra" "extra" >> well, we of course know patrick dempsey has dr. mcdreamy on "grey's anatomy," but did you also know he is a very stilled juggler. >> oh, boy, i smell a juggling challenge coming on. >> i have no idea what you're talking about, maria. here is patrick dempsey! it's the most famous 24-hour high octane definite defying race in the world. and patri risking his life and his dr. mcdreamy day job to chase the world's top drivers in his four-part series for velocity, "patrick dempsey: racing lemans." >> when you're out there at that speed -- >> you have nothing else, you can't think about anything else. you have to focus on hitting your marks. >> actor patrick hits his mark on "grey's anatomy," now heading
8:41 am
into season 10. >> season 10, let's keep it zen is what everybody's ma tra is. >> he is all about that need for speed. >> where does this passion for racing come from? >> i was as a kid. my dream was to go to the olympics as a skierer. i won ap in s rode the unicycle. but i ended up running off to the circus, and acting world is back in the rai world with his new documentary >> vanessa hudgens' fans get ready for a big surprise. the former teen queen is going super dark for her new role opposite nicolas cage and the results are prilling chilling. >> nicolas cage is on the hunt for a serial killer. >> this guy did it and they let him get away with it. >> as an alaskan in "the frozen ground." >> nothing was exaggerated. it was all like it happened. these ladies who lost their lives as a result of this horrible person. >> john cusack killing as a
8:42 am
cold-blooded killer, vanessa hudgens barely recognizable following up her dark character in "spring breakers" as a kung prostitute that gets away. >> they're characters that i'm drawn to. nice to push yourself. >> he was a big daddy in the super hero comedy "kick ass." >> i never was in it. >> not afraid to sound off on take that the film was too violent. >> it's things and turn them off even though i can't stand slasher films. i can't and won't watch them, people need to>> it will create chills when "the frozen ground" hits theaters august 23. >> coming up, want a firm place like charlize and scarjo. get ready for the insideout facial. >> your contours will remain good and sculpted. >> the best part, you don't need surgery. a peek at $45 million
8:43 am
ma selena, vanessa, bella, three star styles recreated for on line now, details on how you can win the official bag from the teen choice 2013 awards airing this sunday on fox. for your chance to win, go to >> "extra" is like no other show on telision. >> we have all of the moments. >> all of the action on the red carpet. > you're the best. >> from new york. >> it's all in the knees. >> oh. >> to l.a. booty shake. >> the only place to go for your entertainment is "extra." >> yeah. >> every day is a live event. >> don't do that. >> "extra."
8:44 am
>> next "extra," shocking bombshells about j.f.k. and ackie o, from secret addictions
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> "extra, extra!" >> ryan reynolds is on the move as his 1.5 million bachelor pad son the market. ryan ready to call new york home with his wife blake lively. now it's time to see who else is bung and selling starting with the home that cher just bought in beverly hills. >> here it is, 3,000 square feet, four bedrooms, three baskets complete with a waterfall and meditation area that once belonged family's" ed o'neill. now is iconic singering her pro >> the buzz is that jay-z and beyonce want to buy it. >> the rumor is you're selling your m to london? >> no. >> neither is true? >> no. >> for true under $7 million, grab a sprawling piece of history, milk naulty's malibu mansion.
8:47 am
it's more than just h home, it's a compound with a main hours, a guest houset backdrop >> this was tommy chong's house. ra grew up in this house. >> nick and jane kelland giving us a tour complete with four court and lagoon pool. ted >> it has evolved into this very transdental peaceful serene paradise. >> on line now, howie madeal ors cape cod inspired estate, how much at with me no today's "beauty by the numbers." >> when we heard of the inside out facial, we had to check it out. the favoriteique is part workout.d part charlize, scarjo, kate, cate, and hillary, they all have one thing in common. >> the best nonsurgical face-lift. >>ichola joss an expert and brand ambassador for the
8:48 am
sanctuary spa is shaping up these stars with the inside out facial. >> we address all of those muscles under the cheekbones and you have better contours on the face. >> some jaws, lifted cheeks and toned eyebrows, the no going under the knife method isn't pain-free. >> it's a little bit uncomfortable. the benefits outweighs it. >> first cleansing and a light massage with the facial oil. >> it's delivering ingredients. >> then the workout begins. >> pushing under that cheekbone. that's going to give you the lift here. >> bonus butte tip, what katy perry, kate most and sierra miller use for that glow. >> put it on and glow. >> extra secrets, go to >> three words that can send sheriffs down every kid's spine this summer, back to school. >> that wathe worst when summer ended and you had to to the only cool thing was you got to rock the new gear going into
8:49 am
the new year. or me, old school cavaricci, and silk shirt. >> now to 2014. >> we would hate for you to flunk fall fashion. teaming up with burlington coat factory for a little style study hall. >> burlington shop for to school needs. one of the favorite looks for fall is camouflage. we put together a look that we saw wearing. she is wearing a riding boot which is really this is one of the top must-have pieces for this season, the motorcycle jacket. on her legs, leather pant legs. we saw bella thorn on the red carpet wearing a similar look to this. vanessa hudgens was recently out and about in an amazing galaxy print skirt. we used denim because printed denim is a great trend for back to school fashion. she is wearing it with a
8:50 am
must-have piece of the season, a chambray denim shirt. >> find out more at >> today's giveaway is all about this by dr. dre. these have dual jacks and make it easy for sharing your tunes. we are also giving away a limited he edition compact speaker. it irvings to your phone and deliver your sounds anywhere anytime. to get yours, go to, but right now, i am giving away ends right here. who wants to get crazy!
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>> closed captioning and other consideratioovided by --
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>> a big thanks to our new "extra" friends. be sure to sign up at >> i'm moving into a new hood, parent hood. have one last night out i had a bachelor party, it as a baby shower on testosterone. the man behind this is robert nichol. >> it's time for the dads to be alone with all of his friends
8:55 am
and to say goodbye. >> the highlight of the night, spending it with >> welcome home, lisa g! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution]
8:56 am
8:57 am
>> today on tmz tmz - >> lady gaga has finally done it. she's stripped naked on camera and it's the weirdest thing i think i have seen. >> sends the wrong message. kind of like yoga without sweating. >> i support anything where people are fully naked. >> i can name ten people you would say no to. >> and they're all in this room. >>chopped off all of hehair. >> i hate it! i hate it so much! >> this is amazing. she has the best short hair of anyone with short hair before. she joan of arc.aughter] >> kate hudson's upset about
8:58 am
being the cov of "sports illustrated." she felt l meat. i'm not a toy, i'm a human. i'm not here to be used. she's not a toy. she's two toys. >> have paul degilder. he's on discovery and "jaws" and swimming in sydney harbour when he was attacked. >> ripped off my hand and hamstring. >> one of his mates reached in and grabbed the artery. >> australians, they're real men. shark bite! >> and now "tmz" presents, did that kid in a wheelchair just get hit in the face with a cake? , in this case -- he just got cake faced. ok, somebody explain it. >> yogi, famous deejay, had a
8:59 am
concert this weekend in toronto yes. there was a guy in a wheelchair crowd surfing. they lifted him up in the wheelchair. >> yeah, in the wheelchair. th pushing the wheelchair around. >> it in the paul ania concert. >> some people are not that ambulatory. ok. >> he's having a full cake-on scene and takes it and chuck it's out and it goes like 80 d. >> amazingly the cake managed to it that young gentleman. >> it's a good throw. >> right in the face. >> like dead on. >> yeah, it was a hell of a shot but shockingly, no one was mad. in fact, the wheelchair kid was actually thrilled. >> somebody in his family wrote in and said it was the best day life. >> that he got hit with the cake? >> yeah. turns out it's huge honor to be cake-faced at show. kind o his thing. speaking of which, le
9:00 am
forget the real hero he can i jt consistency in the cake. it doesn't fall apart at all, which blew my mind. >> yes, truly a great cake. and fun, according to his recent tweets. >> wheelchair kid could eat me literally. i'm a kid and quite delicious, smiley faces. >> we will miss you, cakey. you're getting comicallyhoved into god's face now. [laughter] >> reading statement today basically thanking heroes that saved his son. plus, one of the mother of one ofout. the mother of ben cruz. and ben cruz is the one who drove intoool and rescued usher's raymond. and she's saying this is a crazy month for benz. not only is his birthday monday butied next week. i asked has he reached out to you guys for any reward or anything? she's like no, but if i can make a suggestion, i it would be great idea if usher sung at his
9:01 am
wedding. >> i find this fascinating. mother to cted on whether it's say that because her son did save that kid. >> i think it would be a great idea. >> it would be great if usher did it. i'm saying the asking part. >> it would be bad if he asked. but his mom asking, i think it's >> that's why i'm not sure. >> what if this couple is not a fan? if i save avril lavigne's baby, i don't want her singing at my wedding. we're good! >> nickelback jumps in the pool! >> yeah! nickelback has to stay home. [laughter] ♪ >> nice, but wait a second. that's lady gaga naked! fully naked! ot some revealing dress or artsy, partially covered naked but naked, naked!
9:02 am
what is this? >> lady gaga did this, the wrong mess adge and she's practicing it with a woman who's a very famous performance artsist. he's like the hipster god mother. >> it's like a yoga thing, cool. inner peace and what have you. >> it's like supposed to heighten your mental and physical awareness. ? all right. there's definitely some physical heightening going on right now. you know what i'm saying? but interest aside this, video is -- >> it's the weirdest thing i think i have>> years? >> gosh, this week. ok. but it's not weird, it's art. here, gaga lays on the floor making sounds of serenity. here gaga stands in a river in the rain with things jumping out of her face. >> and the best is when she curled up with a giant quarts crystal. >> cuddle with the crystal, humps the crystal, feelcrystal. beautiful, mesmerizing and now our in depth analysis of gaga's
9:03 am
method -- >> fantastic! hairless, watching hairless! >> totally hairless! >> yeah, harve! feel the tranquility. ♪ ah! [laughter] >> he's hairless too, right? >> ok, tranquility over. >> yo, how is it going today, sir? good to see you. >> actor johaneaving the cafe. from2,csi: new york." >> what comes to your mind when you hear the word twirk? >> i think the first one i ever saw on youtube was the twirk teen. >> whoa! >> damn girl! >> think of a little girl mushroom with grass on it. [laughter] ♪
9:04 am
>> thank you. have >> back up. back up. beyonce got a new hair cut baby, hair cut, hair cut! let's us take a look at that! jesus. >> beyonce went and chopped off all of her hair. >> no way! >> i hate it. i hate it so much! >> steady. we're going to get through this. >> it looks very rihannaish. >> hey, dude - >> don't say dude. >> rihanna may be the hottest looking person around. >> i like it on rihanna but i t was a wig before/ bably wears extensions and wigs and all of that stuff. >> but that was before the tragic caught in the act incident of july 2013. ♪ a terrifying ordeal that may have led safer hair style. >> she has the best short hair
9:05 am
of anyone who ever had short hair before. she looks very joan of arc. >> joan of arc? >> you don't know your history? >> nor has he ever seen a movie apparently. she also traveled through time at aerobics. but back to beyonce. >> she's woman. she really can't mess herself up. >> beyonce can't do anything wrong. >> gold member. that was pretty wrong. you see that one? anyway, beyonce, we love the new hair! >> i hate it. i hate it! i hate it so much! >> ok.yonce's haircut, ya. >> paul. >> we have paul degder. he's the guy that vicious shark attack. he's on discovery shark week. she's on "i escaped jaws." his right arm and right leg are both gone. has prosthetics. he was in the australian navy doing a counterterrorism exercise and swimming in sydney harber when he wasd and there's video of it. >> the surveillance camera captures the chilling moment a
9:06 am
bull shark drags him under. >> we asked him, how fight that off? >> punched it in the face. didn'tse. it ripped off my hand and ripped out my hamstring. >> and let him go and he tried to swim to a boat where his guys were. >> that's where i saw my hand floating. i kept that out of the water and kept one hand out of the safety boat, boys came and pulled me out of the water and first aid kicked in and saved my life. >> told the crew last night about one of his mates up there actually r the artery and held it shut with his fingers. >> oh, my god. >> austr they're real men. >> they really are. >> have to give them credit. >> that ain't a shark bite! [laughter] >> thank you so much, paul. >> thanks, mate. coming up -- >> eminem performed last night. >> he must have made a fortune. >> $2 million. >> i say more.
9:07 am
i.s a crappy negotiator. 50 stpwhrfment plus -- >> kate hudson's upset about beingsports illustrated." >> explain that. >> she's on many married guys' list. >> when you're on a married man list, it makes you feel uncomfortable because you're like check yourself. >> i'm taking you -- myself off the list.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> "tmz" in new york city! >> we're taking you to all of the places we have broken big celebrity news. f the art bus will take where celebrities live, where they shop, where they eat. >> where they play and where they drink. >> and where they drink more. >> cruise through hot spots like times square, chelsea, tribeca, meat packing district and lindsay lohan terror zone! for tickets, go to tmz >> this is a real show we put on and it's a show where every seat is great! >> all aboard the "tmz" tour new york city! >> there's o the world that has a problem with kate hudson upton's "sports illustrated" cover and that person is kate upton, seriously? >> kate upton is upset about being the cover girl on "spor illustrated." >> upset? why, she looks amazing. so, so amazing. >> she feels like she was
9:11 am
objectified by being on "sports illustrated." >> yes, in a recent "elle" magazine interview she said, quote -- >> after my first "sports illustrated" cover i felt terrible about myself for a solid month. every single guy i met was either married or about to be married was a bachelor present or something. i'm not a toy. i'm a human. wasn't that from the elephant a human being! >> but kate's right. just because she posed on a magazine issue that objectifies women doesn't mean she should be objectified with those sweet, sweat lips and supple breasts. boingy, boingy, boingy. knock it off! especially you, married guys who make specialists of girls they can have sex with. >> can i say something? >> yes, but only because we can probably make fun of it. >> when you're on a married man's list, it makes you feel really uncomfortable because you're like check yourself. you're married. >> i'm taking you off my list.
9:12 am
>> take kate off too. that's n >> if you go on the cover of "sports illustrated" in a bikini, we get to objectify you, right? >> wrong! no objectifying kate on this cover or in this video or this photo or this -- oh, dear god, we just want -- no, no! she's not a toy. >> she's not a toy. she's two toys. >> boingy, boingy, boingy. thanks, kate upton! boingy! >> what's up, buddy? how are you doing, man, good to see you. >> we have piers morgan leaving london hotel in new york. good friend of simon cowell. >> your exboss in a little bit of trouble now. what are your thoughts about this whole thing? >> well, i'm not the father. >> you're not the father. >> that i can tell with you absolute certainty. >> so we say to him, why don't these guys wear condoms man, seriously? 53 years hasn't ha why the hell simon cowell not protect himself, come on. >> he was wearing a condom t just had a v-neck. [laughter]
9:13 am
>> hey, buddy, good seeing you. >> thanks. >> holy crap, that's eminemally in new york city. we never see that guy anymore. which means, it's the return of eminem! ell, at least for one night. awesome! >> he's never out. we don't see this guy. he performed at the 30th g shock watches. ♪ >> how cool is that? especially because as far as we know, the last time he performed was last ye same company. he must love watches! or money! >> he must have made a fortune. $2 million more than --
9:14 am
>> i say more. >> i say more. probably 5. >> not over a million. >> you guys are crappy negotiators, 750. >> we don't really know for sure how much 'em raked in but it had to be a lot because jennifer lopez reportedly made a million bucks for a special concert in june. so it was in turkmenistan for a dictator but still, em could make that kind of money for a show. >> no way he went for less. >> maybe, maybe not whofment cares. bottom line,e performed and it was awesome! ♪ thanks, em and watches. phones are making you interesting. foro the u.s. army is upset this tape. >> why? >> basically the captain saiwe' but we think it's disgusting that you allowed this chick to touch herself on the american flag. >> spoorptly, steve hirish got
9:15 am
upset by it. they removed the entire scene from the video. >> it would be ok to be masturbating on the flag? >> kate upton? >> that, i could handle that. >> there you go. >> what if it was betsy ross masturbating? that would be ok, right? >> paul revere. paul revere banging betsy ross on the flag? the british aren't the only one. [laughter] >> coming up -- >> we have tiger at the supper club. asked about a new story out there. don't know what happened in tiger's mind but he snaps a little bit and gos in on the camera guy. uses a lot of choice language that's not appropriate.
9:16 am
9:17 am
9:18 am
>> "tmz," on and on your phone 24/7. >> big brother thought! bill o'reilly dropped the bomb the ow so else joined crew! and rappers hate too. >> i'm not being weird. >> i have a camera. >> [bleep]. yes,'s the summer of hate, it's the summer of hate! now, who is this articulate young man? >> tiger supper club. >> yeah. tiger. may remember him from that song about the strip club. ♪ rag city bitch >> so what happened? >> we asked tiger about a new story that's out there, the girls are sue him from the "make
9:19 am
it nasty" video -- >> over nonconsensual exposurer. allegedly. it's a long >> look at my car. do i look like i care about a lawsuit. >> $20 million, man. >> for some reason he snaps a little bit. >> i'm not being weird. >> camera for it. >> just my [bleep] job, man! >> that's a [bleep] job. >> homophobic sir! >> the way he's using the word is vial. and it is interesting he's super hetero, like he made that porn. >> and his songs are all about chicks and actually, that juan can go wa >> tonight he's saying are that super hetero, where they start attacking gays -- >> do you think maybe he's compensating for something? >> whoa weerks not saying anything. except this -- >> you should have seen harvey like 15 years ago. he was slaying dragons left and right. >> uh-huh, it's funny because he's a diana ross fan.
9:20 am
thanks, tiger and congratulations on joining the 2013 summer of hate club. hope they let knew the meetings. >> coming up -- >> it's collin. he's hanging out with add lambert. >> knock me over with a boe! >> you think that matters or going around the gay community for a while! [ jessica ] so i opened the box and i said to myself, "this is a tablet that i'm going to have to learn how to use." literally the flip of a switch i was logged onto our wi-fi network at home running. [ male announcer ] now you can get a state-of-the-art kindle fire hd, built and backed by amazon, with stunning high def screen, dolby sound, ultra-fast wi-fi and access to 23 million movies, , music, appsng high def screen, dolby souand more --ast wi-fi all for much less than an ipad mini. i use it for everything. it gives you all the options with the apps as far as netflix, hulu, great internet browser; you can do all your email on there. and then when i'm on business trips
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don't miss out. this is a limited-time offer, and you won't find it anywhere else. kindle fire is amazing. it's a life-changer. [ male announcer ] call or click to order now. >> closed captioning and other consideration for "tmz" provided by --
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>> so boredur ipad, you're as drink coastster. e your pad purposee w awesomely approved "tmz"app f super high resolution photo galleries, videos, stories and to nav i get than octomom's birth canal!share sto
9:24 am
and twitter. see videos from "tmz" on tv and tmz tps live. go to the app store and get the all-new "tmz" app for ipad and cue that annoying little guy -- the price is free! >> it's collin. he was out last night. went to an event. hanging out with adam lambert. >> knock me over with a boe. [laughter] >> you think of that or has that been going around gate community 230r a while? >> no, i just thought of it. >> pretty good. >> i j interesting that ever since he's come out, 's been out photographed with lance. and now lambert. >> let me explain something to you about the gay community. they need a fresh, new gay mafia. the gay mafia's -- the gay mafia's getting old. >> they will miss with you. you might wake up with a unicorn head in your bed! [laughter] gay mafia. >> harvey, can you be in a jewish mafia and gay mafia at once? >> i'm not in the mafia.
9:25 am
i'm a loner. >> god daddy.
9:26 am
captions paid for by the fox broadcasting company
9:27 am
welcome to "dish nation." i'm rickeyy from right here in atlanta, georgia. hey, right now, all the way country, in l.a., heidi and frank. >> yeah! >> hey, rickey. we were able t find the in cancer, thanks to chris rock and pamela anderson. >> you know you need it, rickey. we've got today's rick squish. >> let's see what's going on in the dfw. what's up, dallas? >> hey, what's up?zg1@&hc& >> throw your hands in the air, kelly. >> you missed it. >> check it out. i tonignow if you guys have a hot date this weekend. >> let's hope date doesn't show up with oprah hair. what is that? >> britney spears versus christina aguilera.
9:28 am
>> but first, we talk about judges, and the believers out there, there's been a bieber fiasco. >> that's right. let's get it started right here in atlanta! >> you'll never guess what sparked a nghtclub brawl with justin bieber. >> what? a white bow tie. let's break this down. nightclub in southampton. justin bieber chilling with all his boys. wayne reynolds rocking a white bow tie. a bottle girl liked the bow tie so much, he wanted to rock it. he took the bow tie off, gave it to the girl. the girl runs over to justin bieber's vip section, in the meantime wayne followed her, because his bow tie bag. >> #club custody. she's not really feeling it. >> the vip section attacked? >> exactly. he got into anwentkh out to th
9:29 am
lot. justin bieber jumped off the hood car and beat lil wayne down, dude. >> who is lil wayne fighting? >> it's wayne reynolds. >> who is wayne reynolds? >> he was in the club. to make sure not a ough. celebrity. >> now he's famous f getting beat up over a white bow tie. "dish nation" celebrity. >> oh, man. the end of the day,s the most important question. this is the crux of the matter. >> what's the crux? >> did wayne get the bow tie back? people want to know. #8÷ yes, he did. >> he did? >> the chick gave it back to him. >> he threw it on the ground? >> tossed it.
9:30 am
rumors running ld about the "american idol" judges and their big fat contracts. first on the list, the only confirmed judge right now is keith urban. urban is returning as one of the judges leaving two more spots. >> i like him as a judge. >> he can't even pick a good barber. seriously, keith urban has the worst hair cut ever. what are you doing? >> it's rumored black-eyed pea singer will iflt am -- >> i think h self-indulgent and his hair sucks, too. and his stupid glasses. let's talk about j. lo back to the show. what does she bring to the show? >> she does have a musical background. she's a self-made cdhtwoman. you have to respect that. i think she's a keeper, too. >> he came from humble beginnings. >> she came from the block. >> that's what i hear. >> yeah, she was just jenny back
9:31 am
then. >> first year she was on "american idol," she made $12 million. next year she got a raise, $20 million. now they're offering her contract to come back for $15 million. it's a $5 million pay cut if she returns. >> to do what? seriously, travel around listening to people who can't sing for $15 million? it's like keith urban [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> let j. lo judge it. i love "america's got talent," especially heidi klum. she's all over the tv last night. she picked up howie mandel and >> someone's got to carry that show. >> being a supermodel, she's hot. >> heidi was also on "deal with iame up with an idea for the contestant to earn some money by slapping her on
9:32 am
the ass. >> i'm going to walk through the lobby now and you're going to slap me onass. >> heidi klum. i? okay. >> are you crazy? >> oh! >> you get on tv -- >> i think it's a fair tradeoff right there. i would love to slap heidi klum on the behind >> did you see how shocked he looked? >> i want you to slap me on the butt. >> he was like, okay. >> can we see that in slow motion? >> oh, absolutely. >> oh, come on. >> let's freeze with the hand on the i want to live vicariously through him. >> this is actually heidi's idea. she wants to be touched on the
9:33 am
butt so bad, that means something's not happening in the bedroom. >> i need to start offering men cash for touching me iplaces. isn't that known as something else? >> reverseprostitution? >> ght-up prostitution. >> wow. no, you don't need to demonstrate. thanks, al. christina aguilera,spears b carpetsast week showcasing their banging bodies. it's alleged neither one of them knew that the other was going to be body in the same week. >> i've always soft spot in my heart for spears. she's looking better than ever, in my opinion, of course. >> no, no, ma'am. look at christina. christina is giving it, honey. >> what are you talking about? >> ladies, ladies, put down your weapons. it looks like we have a throwback thursday battle. >> we'res:é go way when they both started out in the musketeer club.
9:34 am
i hate to call a kid trashy, but cuter. had the ruffles and everything. >> one person's trash is somebody else's treasure. britney and christina got the same -- >> have you seen christina's feet? they are jacked up. they're like boomerang toes. >> she got time? >> christina's much more sane. she hasn't been locked up in an asylum. >> christina was smart enough to marry somebody with money. >> give us a period in time where her body was built had a house.011 and she had to work back, like back to where she is now. >> hmm. >> you call that falling off a little bit? >> yeah. >> you call christina aguilera
9:35 am
was way prettier bit? pregnant. >> adorable. >> i tell you what, i'm gngngngg jump ship. britney spears' body is banging. >> thank you, rickey. >> come on over, rickey. >> we supposed to be -- >> i know, man, but i've always been attracted to britney ámh spears. she has÷ nice legs. even when these ladies become 80 years old, and in wheelchairs, they'll park them up next to each other on the red carpet an thi britney spears to chris aguilera. >> i guess we'll just pick this up in 50 years. thanks, al. then. time to "caption this" to y. "dish nation" we need laughs from you. >> take a look at today's photo of cy. the south korean cap n crunch.
9:36 am
>> does my back have something really stupid on it? >> post your best caption on the "dish nation" facebook page. we'll pick our favorite and read it on friday's show.[÷" next -- >> matt damon, jennifer aniston, we'll tell you who to ticket or skip it this weekend. >> is beyonce really cut out for mil >> chris rock tells us about the tching gift he gave to his 16. >> we're here to answer all your questions. alright guys, let's huddle up here and talk probiotics. for digestive health? yes and did you know that trubiotics is a daily probiotic that helps in two ways. it supports digestive th by wort try trubiotics today. it supports digestive th by wort ♪
9:37 am
you're not made of money, so don't overpay for boat insurance. geico, see how much you could save. break the ice, with breath freshening cooling crystals. ice breakers.
9:38 am
it is t for science with tara reid. she is spitting serious shark
9:39 am
science. she got obsessed with whale shark. >> whale sharks, oh, that must mean, a whale, and a shark have sex. and i think, well, how does the whale and shark have sex? >> she's on to something, man. >> aha! >>just having at the dock. i'm no scientist. i know, it was fun and silly. i would love to hear an explanation of what a blow fish is. >> whale is a mammal andare ani. they have nothing to do with each other. dolphins have sex with each other, but sharks don't. >> i had no idea that, a, she was sober, and that, >> i don't think she was. >> or sharks were animals. >> because of this, she's inspired me to give you a little s!o animals right? >> come on.
9:40 am
doing it, and you know what i mean by mammal -- >> mammal style? >> the bullfrog. >> i find that bul awfully pain. how about the zonky. >> vezebra and donkey? >> i think i saw a zonky ones. so i'll go with yes. >> you saw a zonky show? >> yep. hi, mom. >> it's time for ticket or skip it. >> yea! >> we tell movies what we think they should see based solely on the trailere the millers that opened on wednesday. starring jason and jennifer addison and emma roberts. a veteran pot dealer creates a fa part of his plan to move a huge shipment of weed into >> how would you like to make ten grand? >> drug dealing? >> it's not drug dealing, it's smuggling.
9:41 am
huge red flag. families don't get a second look. i want you to be my wife. >> i laughed the entire way throu. i mean, hopefully they didn't just show all the funny parts there, but i am hooked. >> it's jennifer aniston. i think she looks good, but e the same as the cast of moore to be strip tees. ou have jennifer aniston start stripping, it will look like your m stripping. you'll think, oh, they probably should have cast someby diffe that off. it's not going to be sexy at all. they showed you a couple glances of her ass. i say ticket. >> back at it again in the action zone, where he belongs in a new joint. based in 2154. aapepeople on earth are the live in a spa
9:42 am
sta where they have everything you could possibly imagine. @&h me sold. matt damon forever. >> whatever, i don't car> i lov. forever. >> the crazy thing is, initially they wan to be in this movie. he wanted to shoot it init. therefore, that put matt damon in position to play this part. >> skip it. >> what? >> two startrek-ish. it's too complicated to watch. >> yeah. skip it. >> next up, on ticket or skip it, planes. >> i'm afra of heights. >> that airplane needs some help, you all know that, right? >> yeah. >> it stars dane c >> it's a cartoon, guys. >> here's the thing, this might
9:43 am
be dan cook's first hit movie, because you slip any cartoon on t -- >> and it a disney flick. >> exactly. >> i'm going to ticket it. they had me at bret burger. >> welcome to the world's fastest sport. >> ticket. next -- beyonce really cut r miley's hair >> what do you do if you stealary husband and her kid? you get a reality show. >> and that's what we dishing about. yep, there i am with flo. hoo-hoo! watch it! [chuckles] anyhoo, 3 million people switched to me last year, saving an average of $475. [sigh] it feels good to help people save... with great discounts like safe driver, multicar, and multipolicy. so call me today. you'll be glad you did. cannonbox! [splash!]
9:44 am
s before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. it's time-9 for dish celeby
9:45 am
squish. instead of bringing up names like brangelina, or kim yes or bennifer, we took it a step further. can you guess this celebrity couple that we squished together? he's got a little bit of an x factor and she's more of a silver lover than gold. when we come back, we're goingki
9:46 am
9:47 am
welcome back to "dish nation." we have your answer for our "dish nation" celebrity squish. possibly our favorite comment yet, i thought that was a kardashian without makeup. our celebrity squish is, simon cowell and lauren silverman, or as we like to call them, lauren calman. who do you think it is? let us know on facebook and twitter, #dish squish. did you hear that leann rhymes and sidney are getting their own reality show? >>&jñ i've probably been follow this relationship a little too closely. huge real housewives f. i have my loyalty to leann rhymes. they were making a movie back in the day called northern lights or something. th
9:48 am
affair in the tabloids. they've been having this ongoing twitter battle that's going on for two years now. no eddie and leann get to tell their stor reality show. it's going to be six episodes, 30 minutes each. i think what they want to do is show, look how happy we are, even though we had this extramaritalfá affair. we're all really nice people. >> when i leann rhymes on tv, you know how you can switch the brightness on your tv? if you make her green, she looks exactly like the grinch who stole christmas. >> i'm just really fascinated that the who produce "duck dynasty" are producing it. >> that's what we dishing about. i don't know what is going on withand i know a lot of time oprah's inhe news and i love oprah. she's on the cover of the magazine and she has this enormous afro. she said it weighs three pounds. she has three pounds of hair on
9:49 am
top of her head. oprah, i love you, but really, what it looks like to me is,f'm she's going to be auditioningfog race. oprah, i love you, most women a fix this. >> i think that's why oprah did it. the bigger hair makes her look smaller. >> it from the bottom half of the cover, which is pretty muchoprah's butt. >> isn't it just oprah with a big afro? we go to somebody else for style and fashion. that is. >> who? >> beyonce. this picture with the short pixie cut. i love it. what do you think about that? >> rocking like the platinum ball halle barry >> ocourse, everybody loves
9:50 am
beyonce anyway. is she copying miley cyrus? knowing beyonce, she always has something up her sleeve. i would think she's doing this for a role or something. >> so many people are inspired by beyonce cutting her hair, even comedians are getting in on it. let's put this picture next to beyonce and look what happens. next -- [ doorbell rings ]
9:51 am
9:52 am
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9:54 am
>> dying of cancer, i snuck him the pam anderson sex tape. >> he looked a little more. >> is that so bad? >> i don't think so. it's literally make-a-wish foundation. you have to honor any kid's wish, whatever it is. >> if you were on your deathbed, what is your make-a-wish? >> oh, my god, i want to meet oprah. >> what if the only thing i have is an oprah sex tape? would you watch >> with stedman or gale? >> this kid was years old. dying of cancer. and chris rock that he snuck the tape in there to the kid. >> that's the way i want to go in my last memory, of pamela anderson getting down. that's a good way to go.ct,ñ
9:55 am
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>> announcer: and now here's wendy! >> wendy: thanks for watching. thanks foatching. say hello to the sexiest audience dm the audience in the borld. ha world. how you doin'? i never have to ask how you're doing on friday. i suspect you're dog fabulously. we've prepared a fabulous show for you.
9:58 am
ashlee simpson is out of control, denzel washington explains why he's not friends with oíwq3z movie stars. fantas control. we'll talk about it and more. it's time for hot topics. [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. the weekend is here, and of course sunday night the oscars in hollywood, the biggest night of the year. seth macfarlane is hosting. very funny, and he was great -- i think he hosted the
9:59 am
oscars before or the golden globes or something? he's never hosted anything? hosted anything? oh, well, i'm sure it will be interesting. anyway, this year they've up some musical acts that i'm sure that you love. i know that jennifer hudson is going to perform. and adele and barbra streisand. that's good company in the oscars. and i'm not real big into movies and things like that. i've been honest with you before. my favorite part of the or any awards show is always who's wearing what. but some oscar trivia for you. made a list of people who oscar winners who have thanked in their speeches last . two winners have thanked oprah, which it seems like in 11 years all she's done more people would have thanked ed her. only three winners thanked god.
10:00 am
i know! only 11 years, three winners. a lightning bolt is about to strike hollywood. but the leader of the pack, guess who got thanked the most? meryl streep, four times. [ applause ] four times. now she got me wanting to count on sunday night. but my favorite part, like i telling you, the red carpet, what people are wearing. i'm having a twitter party. you can join and my glam squad as we dish on red carpet fashions, you tweet us back. it starts at 8:30 p.m. eastern time. it's fun. and -- what, 6:30? 6:30. sorry. 6:30 eastern time. and use hash tag wendy red carpet and join the conversation. it's a lot of fun. [ cheers and applause ] and then on monday you'll want to tune into our show because we'll have our special red carpet fashion panel to break down the hits and the misse
10:01 am
what were they thinking. i know. so, you know, here on the show i like to think we all have a special place in our heart for fantasia fantasia furious with magazine and she wants them to apologize to her. you fantasia is latest cover girl on "jet" magazine, and that's the cover. is not a that's not the one she wanted on the cover. so she got on instagram and wrote "false" all over the cover. i know. i know. i know. with "jet", i know, household name. here's what she said. she said, this saddens me. it is clear that this picture is ten years old and "jet"ne put it's on the cover after i send them the new look and direction. sad.
10:02 am
i want a public apology from "jet." so that picture does look old, and i've seen recent pictures of fantasia. she's done this whole makeover thing. so i w siding with fan tase kwa. but i wanted to do my investigative reporti so what i report is as accurate as it possibly can be. so, hello, jet? it's wendy. and they told me, from jet, not fantasia. our goal was to show fantasia in the most positive light possible. yes it is an older picture, but we were looking for a cover photo of fantasia that people can root for. after looking at the fantasia's publicist provided, we didn't feel it fit the image of the cover story. it's disappointing she went about it this way.
10:03 am
so, upon further investigation, i said, well, telegram me the pictures. i want to see for myself. and i have them for you. so you saw the picture that "jet" ended up years ago, but here are the three ptures that fantasia's$íq publicist pr and i don't know much about magazine covers. i can tell you right now all that background -- no, they want a clean picture with just -- even you know this. people in the audience -- oh, fantasia! you have been fam enough to understand none of those -- they're all beautiful pictures of you, but none of them are cover worthy for any magazine. and as far as your publicist, i'm sorry to say, they did use the ten-year-old picture, but it sounds to me like -z"r"jet" wan to cooperate with you and you're just jumping up and down. the person you should be mad at is your publicist. [ applause ] hey, fanny, we haven't seen you
10:04 am
in a while, and i hear you have a new album coming out in march. so come holler at your girl. i like her. so simpson has had a really rough time lately, you know. she split from her boyfriend vincent piazza. they were together when he came to our show. now they're not. and had her pareer parents are through a scandalous divorce and her father is going through his ding to "star" magazine, though, ashlee is now spiraling out of control. well, she comes from a place of spiralization. you'll recall in the past she's spiralled, but recently she spiralled at this place in l.a. called pink taco. she wasthrowing back the cocktails and then she got so drunk that started grinding on random men, and she allegedly was so drunk that they had to
10:05 am
escort her hout. we've got the picture of the escort out. it looks like he's got her by the scruff of the neck. ash you're having a really rough time right now. you know, her son bronx -- they're not from new york -- is now 4 years old her ex-husband pete flynn. you know -- by the way, isn't the surgery like one of the best things she could have ever do remember what had sshe looked l before? can we talk? she's so pretty, but it's got to be tough to be sisters with jessica simpson. and then there was ashlee. i mean, just -- that's a really w, ashlee and ly. jessica, in my opinion, are now older. because she's got the responsibility of not just being an adult and figuring out what she's going to do for her career because as far as i'm c right now i don't know that she
10:06 am
does anything, but she's got a 4-year-old so she owes it to herself and her son to get herself together. and grown parents -- i have the luxury that my parents have been together for 55 years so i don't know what is. but i think about it because it's a reality this our i think once we get grown and have our own families, we need our parents but we don't necessarily need them in the household in the same bed. you ust need everybody to kind of get along so thanksgiving and christmas we can get together. ashlee, if your parents and you1 simpson household has you spiraling out of control, maybe you need to search from within and f to get along. because the divorce is goih, yo father is special. and your si always be the prettiest. yes, joe. jessica will always be a account of everybody loves jessica simpson's stuff, right?
10:07 am
so just figure it out, ashlee, and get it together. by the way, ashlee, i remember an incident spiraling many years ago. remember she went to a mcdonald's and she was publicly drunk, and she jumped on the counter and started scrhe worke? oh, yes. it's not her first time spiraling. get it together, girl, we're all watching. [ applause ] and rooting. you know, i must be honest with you. thisto with denzel washington is just -- just really caught my eye. and i mean in a good way. well, because i'm creepy like that, too. i'll tell you what it is. denzel has co-starred, as we all know, with some of the biggest names in hollywood, but he's not friends with these people. i mean, he's cordial. they do a movie. and then he moves on with his life. you know his wife. has been here before, a really regular girl.he's been w.
10:08 am
well, here's what denzel said when he was asked does he keep with other actors. he i'm not a butt kisser, maybe i'm not a schmoozer. i'm not about to go to a party to try 0o get a job. and then when you have children the other friends become other parents. we'd coach baseball or basketball. want to movie star aised right. friends. it's not saying -- he's not saying there's anything wrong with them because that's not what i mean in my heart of hearts. but since we'v show, my life has changed a awhole lot. 48, and i get invited with friends a lot of places but i don't gorything. and honest to god when i tell you my favorite place to be is at my house in jersey with my kevins sewing a wig or -- no, honest
10:09 am
honestly. sewing a wig or like -- i used to think it was really, really weird wand i was kind of embarrassed to share it and say it, but you know it works for me and i've met some really wonderful people in this business. but my kid is in the other room and and i'm going home, and that's the weekend. denzel, i like your style. by the way,everybody, denzel is this sunday for "flight." [ applause sfxt [ . >> wendy: so good luck. good luck. i don't have such good news regarding demi lovato. i'm now scared for her. well, she's back with her ex wilmer vladrama. if you know anything about wilmer, first of all, they've
10:10 am
been linked on and off since 2010. she's now living in a sober house totally lly soebler. she's only 20 years old. wilmer is 33 and all kind of trouble, in my mind. only cause, oh, he never dates girls his own age. he always dates these you girls. look, if he looked at you when you're 20 years old just, i'll do whatorcé you he's gorgeous. but really short, like 3'5".but. and according to "us weekly" they were spotted in l.a.aving sushi on valentine's day, reportedly theydered like almost everything on the menu but didn't touch the food for at least an hour because they busy staring into each eyes. see? my thing is that she is too young for him. she is trying to stay sober and keep it good. and i just -- one thing i do
10:11 am
have to say about wilmer because he doesn't act in anything since 'that 70s show" that i know of. but he's invested well and he's still got cash money. so you can picture him rolling around hollywood with aof candy. well, let me tell you -- [ applause ] -- he's dated mandy moore, like a lot of these young girls. just be reful, demi, and, wilmer, wilmer anyway, we all find i think the way rhianna dresses interesting the very least. depending on your age, you love it or admire it or wish you could do it. but the thing about rhianna is now she's a fashion designer. i know. and she showed her first collection with the british retailer riv island during londoni infashion week.
10:12 am
well, it turns out her line is typical of her bell wiy chains, slits up to there. yes, the usual after-midnight wardrobe. [ so the critics weren't kind to her. they it called her clothing line porny, unsurprisingly slutty. another group of critics said the clothes areey remind her of norma kamali in the '80s. no, i don't there is one thing in this line that i or maybe i'll to effect spring cleaning and find jeans and stuff. you see these jeans right here? it ace double jeans, big jeans with little jeans sewn in
10:13 am
waist. they're like hot and edgy. but everything else, like what the heck? but rhianna was spotted modeling one of the outfits from her line while 25th birthday in hawaii with that man. there's th and there's rhianna with it excuse me, that looks grea don't hate! it looks great if they're on the beach and that's a bathing suit. but even girls rhianna's age don't want to dress like that in their minds because rhianna is a young girl. if you're a young girl and you're smart, you're straightening yourself up to get a job and be respectful and even when the sun goes down and you go to the nightclub you don't want guys to think of you in a seedy, tawdry way. so you might dress provocativel. anyway, rhianna, good luck with your line. everody, okay, michelle williams, not the cool white on
10:14 am
talking about the clumsy one from destiny's child. oh, you know she's clumsy. michelle williams is getting her own reality show. that's what i said. oh, i got a headache. i said the same thing. no. say it like you mean it. i like michelle. i like destiny's child. i met her and that whole bit. but according to the hollywood reporter it's going to follow michelle and her sisters and it's -- i don't know who the sisters are -- going to be called "my oiz ." it will focus on michelle making a new gospel album. on when the and what network it will be on. i think she's just putting it out in the universe and she's waiting for someone to bite. michelle, there was not one person on my entire producers'
10:15 am
hot topics staff that said they would watch. we all agree that kelly would be more washable even watch that show. sorry, michelle. hey, listen, we have a great show. one lucky wendy watcher is ive like a star" makeover, she wants to look like her favorite celebrity katie holmes. but up next, the veryenjoyable joan and melissa rivers are here.
10:16 am
10:17 am
>> wendy: okay, night the third season of "joan and melissa: joan knows best" on we-tv. and this season jan friend. or is she more than a friend? take a look. >> is everything okay? >> it's what happened with
10:18 am
shirl. i went out to dinner with her last night and some friends. >> yeah. >> anyhow, i kissed her. >> wait, wait, wai know. don't. >> you kissed shirl? >> yes. it was the moment. i like her very much. it's like the katy perry song "i kissed a and i don't know if i liked it or i didn't like it. i woke up this morning with an incredible urge to play golf. >> wendy: please welcome "jocom and melissa rivers. [ cheers and applause ] hi, joan! melis melissa! i love it. love it. have a seat. >> i always bring out my favorite for you.
10:19 am
>> wendy: it's more than the dress, which by the way is fabulous. >> i cut all my hair off. >> wendy: p me lmelissa, it loo really good. >> it was down to midback. >> wendy: you were always the ve also.rl, the classic haircut, how long have you had this? >> two weeks. >> wendy: do you love thidn't t to, and i think she looks fabul n doesn't it covers up. saves us money. >> wendy: so what's the deal in the clip? do we say how you doin', joan? >> well, you know, why not try everything maybe? a lot of my friends -- [ cheers and applause ] at this age, and a lot friends are gay, and i thought, let's see what happens. also if i was with a woman, i suddenly figured out i could double my w immediately.
10:20 am
>> your face is unbelievable. how do i felt? >> wendy: your mother is special! >> yeah. >> wendy: but you're special with her. i love your guys' relationship. melissa, what do yo think about her kissing a woman? >> what am i going to do? >> wendy: exactly. >> first i find out after the fact and then it's like -- what do you say?li i don't want two moms. and cooper, that poor child i've got to explain enough to him. now i've got to deal with this? they already think i'm crazyt the school. >> wendy: cooler's 12 now. >> the women are starting to call him in hollywood. demi moore. hi, what are you wearing? and he says, a onesie. >> yeah, i have, i like to
10:21 am
say, two tweens, two people showing bad judgment. >> wendy: now your >> yeah. >> wendy: so what i heard about this new season is that you are involving your ex, which cooper is the product of a marriage, melissa and what's his name? >> john. >> wendy: a horse trainer. >> yes. kind of messed ter you guys got up. >> kind of? >> wendy: i'm trying to be soft. this is what i always say on hot topics. i say, it takes amoment, maybe three years -- >> ten. >> wendy: ten years. >> honestly, we split up when cooper was two years old. >> wendy: this is where boys really need their father. so john is part of the >> they became friends. >> we remember why we liked each other. i don't want to live with him. he came and stayed with us for a little while and i remembered immediately why we can't live under the same roof. >> wendy: can you have the sex and then he leaves?
10:22 am
>> i was hoping. >> no! >> wendy: it's familiar. >> no. >> you'd have another child that looks like cooper. >> w remembered why we were friends and why we were together in the first place. but i think at the end he was ready to leave and i was ready for him to leave. >> wendy: joan, how do you get along with john? >> i adore him. >> ten >> everybody just know out there everything mellows out. i love john. >> wendy: nice, nice. >> he's a great dad. >> wendy: we were talking about prenups on the shower day. well, when you were married to john a prenup? >> oh, yes, i did. >> get ready to bleep. [ bleep ] right she did. absolutely! >> wendy: so you believe in prenups, joan. wow, interesting. she had a prenup, but you said, joan, you don't believ prenups. >> but she yelled at merried wi one. >> in theory, no.
10:23 am
in theory it says it isn't going to last. isn't that what a prenup says? >> wendy: yes. me, at least you'll work it out while you still like each other, before you hate each other. >> it's tough. marriage these days is just so tough. >> wendy: it's a crap shoot. >> oh, 50%? i just did a gay -- i'm now officiating preston and his boyfriend theo got married. can i tell one thing? they were at th empire state building at midnight onine's da "sleepless in seattle" and for a souvenir everybody got as a parting gift a piece of meg ryan's old fac it was so great! [ ] >> wendy: both of you -- >> she can do baptisms and christenin christenings. >> wendy: i love that. well, you love to work so to be
10:24 am
out and be relevant, i know we'll get back to that.brity i want to talk about fashion. you're not only the fashion police, but you're a very fashionable mother and daughter. i love these two together. [ applause ] and do you borrow each other's clothes ever? >> my -- i can't fit into my mother's shoes, my feet are bigger, but i can borrow her jackets. but my mom -- my mom, though,ws and stuff like because i can't fit into her stuff. other than the jackets and coats. >> my breasts have d much that i wear an brassiere. it's like, she looks good and mine is tucked in down there. >> wendy: up next, everybody, joan and melissa, we're going to get their thoughts on the season's red carpet fashions, what we can expect at the oscars, and just more chitchat
10:25 am
with the girls. keep it here.
10:26 am
10:27 am
>> wendy: joan and melissa rivers are still here, and both of you were -- speaking of a man who's older and kissing same as on the show here the other day. he's gay now. >> yes, he's gay now. >> wendy: i know clive is your
10:28 am
friend. >> dear friend. >> wendy: you were at the grammy party. how was it? >> oh, we had the best time. there we are. there's clive. >> and ryanrandy. >> wendy: sierra? really? where have you been? hi, ryan seacrest. >> he's just an amazing man, and the party was >> wendy: hi,/ >> i love randy. >> wendy: i know, in a "hey randy" kind of way. i hear you saw ryan lochte there? >> the big story was colin k kaeperni kaepernick, the quarterback for the 49ers. that was like a bit deal. then ryan lochte was there. there's colin. they were -- >> johnny depp was lining upict >> that was the biggest star in the room that night. >> then ryan lochte came over. he's like my vagina. boring when dry. >> wendy: when had you girls go to stuff like that, do you go together, or do you go
10:29 am
separately? >> we went together. >> wendy: ithat. do you drink? oh, great! andelissa, you >> not when -- someone's got to -- i'm like the adult. i'm the designated driver. i'm the one that makes sure when it's time to go. at one point she had two glasses of wine and she was sitting like this with her eyes shut. >> enjoying the music. >> wendy: enjoying the music, she said. >> mommy, got to keep your eyes open. >> wendy: that's good. i love y'all's relationship. let's talk about the oscars and some of the it girls. i care about the fashions like you do. >> it's been is up a weekend. saturday night is the premiere of "joan and melissa" on we. then monday night the fashion police special. >> a 90-minute special on the oscars. >> wendy: 90 minutes! i love that. do you prefer to be behind the scenes on fashionice. >> yes. >> wendy: you like being the boss.
10:30 am
>> it gives me one hour a week i get to pretend to be in charge. she doesn't completely ignore it. >> wendy: we love fashion police. so let's talk about some of the biggies who will be on the red carpet. >> you've been on with us. >> wendy every weekend. please. i laugh and i cringe because sometimes the jokes are so mean. >> not mean. >> no. it's what you say to friends. >> wendy: tomato, tomato. let's talk about those who will be on the red jennifer lawrence >> she's one of the it girls this year. she's sort of 1 and 1 going into this, onewin, one loss. s.a.g. awards -- no, golden globes, horrible. >> with the breasts pointed down. this is where we're going to go. it was just, what is she doing? >> wendy: i didn't mind that dress. breasts. you're a young girl. it will happen soon enough, for god's sakes. >> then at the s.a.g. awards, amazing. she's 1 and 1.
10:31 am
>> ndy: where's that picture? >> isn't that beautiful? and she had pneumonia and looks that good. >> wendy: do we have the picture of the woman i can't her name?jessica chastain? >> wendy: no. marion ci don't like this dress. do you? >> it was slit like this. >> wendy: the it is. what is that? >> it looked like she had a fight with a midget, like a knife fight with a midget. >> wendy: w is she wearing? who is that? >> i believe that is dior at the baftas. >> lawrence and jessica chastain are both 1 and 1 going into sunday. >> she bent over and you could swipe your card. never saw anything like it. >> wendy: as usual, you girls delivered the goods. we laugh, we cry.
10:32 am
we'll be watching. it's the third season of "joan and joan knows best." it premier tomorrow on we-tv. up next, it's time forive like a star" audience giveaway. keep it here. [ male announcer ] now you can get a kindle fire hd,
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>> wendy: welcome back. okay, it's time for "live like a star "audience giveaway. audience, i've got something for you!applause ] we have a special guest for today's giveaway, his name is michael mazzella. come on out, michael. hi, michael. >> hi, wendy. how are you doing? >> wendy: welcome to our show. audience, it's very important you listen to everything michael says. first of all, tell everyone who you are. >> well, i work at gkg productions, we produce gifting lounges surrounding theemmys, golden globes and the oscars this very weekend. i know, right? basically, the way it works is we invite the top hollywood stars to come. while te give them their own personal escort, they're brought to each table
10:37 am
where they get the most amazing products. >> freebies, great stuff. anything is thrown in these. >> no. everything is divine, the best. >> wendy: so what's today's giveaway? >> we do invite everybody from fergie who's pregers now, as you know, and queen latifah. t the gifting suite. who else is there? within queen latifah, kristin chenoweth who is amazing. >> wendy: those pictures are actually tak gifting suite. who's so special about today's giveaway? >> your audience will get a sneak peek at some of the acto this weekend at the oscars lounge. and your fabulous audience will products before the celebrities do. >> wendy: let's take the cover off, michael.
10:38 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> p so the first thing we is the -- oh, my. >> wendy: tell us about it. >> the first thing we have is the jose eber hair dry it's infrared, for$150. the next product is the breadbasket truffles. it's totally worth being fat for. love them. then we have -- now, if your eyebrows are ratchet, these will fix it up. then we have the artisan group which provides accessories, jewelry, stationery. then after that milena's candles that smell divine. >> wendy: divine. >> then finallye have the viavo avocado bopolish. it's ferg-a-licious.
10:39 am
this is part of the artisan group, all one-of-a-kind, stationery, jewelry, you got it. >> wendy: studio audience, you're going home with everything in michael's arms. viewing audience, go to my facebook page to try to be a winner. still to come, our look like star celebrityover. but up next it's time for "ask wendy."
10:40 am
10:41 am
10:42 am
>> wendy: time for "ask wendy." how you doin'? >> how you doin'? >> wendy: i like your mint green. >> thank you. >> wendy: how can i help you? >> i'm sarena. i have a friend, high school sweetheart, that is just recently married. i know that he still has feelings for me, but i want to date his best friend. am i obligated to tell him i want to date his best friend? >> wendy: you realize that either his wife is watching this or one of his wife's friends, and when the wife finds out, you're not -- you're going to be dead to both o like, you are obligated to tell the best friend, but you realize that you're playing with fire. you're still crushing him. he's still crushing you. and you want to get closer to
10:43 am
him by dating the best friend. i know people like you, serea r. it's barking the wrong -- date other side of town. just leave him alone. >> okay, wendy. wife finds out you're crushing on her husband, you're going to have to explain it, too. >> he has to explain it, not me. >> wendy: very true. well, he's in trouble! everybody, cominglucky "wendy" o get a acelcelebrity makeover tok like her favorite star, katie holmes. ooks like, next.
10:44 am
10:45 am
10:46 am
>> wendy: hi!w, all month long showing you how to live like a star, and today one lucky "wendy" viewer named julie is getting a makeover to 0 look like one of her favorite celebrities katie holmes. let's take a look 0 at her video. >> hi, wendy, how you doin'? i'm julie, i'm 40 years old, i'm a dental hygienist.
10:47 am
my husband is from new york and his friends like to call me the country bum kin from iowa. we he have a big wedding coming up and i'd like to show them i'm not the country bumkin they think i am. i like katie holmes' look, i like the grace of her look. and i could maintain that after the show. thank you. >> wendy: i think that's reasonable. >> yes. >> wendy: okay, we have some people here to sh rules and the rule results from, we have fashion expert chassie post. she's been here before. and we have a new friend loreal paris celebrity hairstylist johnny lavoy. thank you, johnny. chassis, what's the key to getting katie holmes' look. i think she's gorgeous in a really peaches and cream kind of way. >> so gorgeous. katie is taking control of had her life and ashe's taking control of had her liook. she knows what works and we
10:48 am
don't see her stray from the formula. when it comes to katie, you think chic, sophisticated, sleek. >> wendy: hair? >> hnny's got the hair covered, but itig and bold. it's really subtle, sophisticated, and elegant. >> wendy: stream johnny, the hair. her hair always looks pretty, healthy. >> absolutely. the thing is, wendy, whenever you're going to replicate a celebrity's look you really have to commit to it and not be afraid of change. katie is not afraid of change. she's worn many different styles. currently it's longer. and the trick if you'reing to wear long hair is to not go marcia brady. you want a little more sex appeal and movement. >> wendy: you like the movement, little bit of wave in it. >> yes, just like yours. >> wendy: thank you. well, julie's husband david is in the audience. hi, david. >> hello. how are you? >> wendy: are you excited to see the results of your beautiful >> absolutely. as long as she's happy and excited, that makes me happy.
10:49 am
>> wendy: well, it's time for the big reveal, everybody. please welcome dental hygienist julie. she wants to replace her country bumkin look with sleek new york city swag, just like katie holmes. come on outme. let's take a look. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: i love this. julie! julie, you look fabulous. how do you feel? >> i feel gorgeous. thank you. thank you. >> wendy: are you going to be able to do this look yourself when you get back home? >> yes. they made sure that i would know how to keep uphis look. >> wendy: very good. chass chassie, tell us about this outfit. >> good-bye, scrubs. she has such an amazing body underneath those scrubs. >> wendy: you really do, julie. >> yes! so here she's really showing it off. just as katie holmes wears really tailored looks, she looks
10:50 am
sexy without showing too much skin. >> wendy: and thlike it was mad. it fits perfectly. >> doesn't it? katie wears a lot of dresses that mayttle plain, but if you look closely, they have great seaming, great detail. this pop of color,wear aa lot o pop is great to work something other than black. she's gorgeous! >> wendy: just beautiful. johnny, the hair is gorgeous. >> thank you. >> wendy: very simple. >> simple, exactly. julie is a simple girl so i wanted to give her a look that -- >> wendy: aww, not in a country bum>> no. the first thing i did was wash away mother nature's highlights. i went in with a color that was going to give her a healthy look and high-gloss, something she can do at home, easy maintenance. then i went in to give long layers to give the movement aexd it with the big iron to create a sexy wave.
10:51 am
now she's red carpet ready. >> wendy: julie, you look terrific. jul julie, we have a surprise for you and your husband. thanks to our friends at regia limousine and travel, we're giving you a super-stretch limo for eight passengers to take you and your family so you arrive wg stylish. >> oh, thank you! >> wendy: have fun. >> thank you>kz much within thank you, hassie johnny for these fabulous makeovers. keep it here, everybody. we'll be right back. ♪
10:52 am
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terrific time. thanks to our friends at regia limousines and travel, julie and her husband will have the best time at that wedding. i also want to thank joan and fabulous co-hosts my studio audience. ng do be breaking down the red carpet fanight's oscars, plus we'll learn to look like a star with celebrity trainer tracy anderson. have a wonderful ekend of the i love you forwatching, and i'll see you next time on i'll see you next time on "wendy -- captions by vitac --
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i'll see you next week.


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