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out a was sound offering but after their own lives shipped lst shall they see or gather to themselves tehers havin itching years out that were itching and wrong importan that means (he technical cks what people want or won't endure sound doctrine up why they listen to the words of all pt er the word of god and want someone who ll soon to tell the congreon walked by a want toeaa gun of your tribulatioas can be the truth is tribula like there's never beenince the beginng of the world and never will be again at sound hard i'm ready you sugcoat it can she do tell me that
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all i hao do is believe ali have to do is be say he tell us what we@wantere fo fou$ a ty shall tu away their ears from the trh and shall be turned on to labels how many chri'tian churches across this naon teach the eve to abide out on apple and that was the cause of the problem we've allowed the truth of g's word to retn in fairy tales poll waeds about it but watch and we are to be watching now and all things endure afflictionor polls certainly endured is shr do the work of this site have faith as a member and was due to rk of
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angelis( make foolprf of my ministry will prove means to fool bill your ministry or all saddam aut the guy in ed at hand hold ministry most goodight i have finished my course i have kept the faithf wouldn't waver to serve the work wor gives for there is laid up for me a crown of like systems which the lord the righteous judge shall give me at tt day and t to me on but io role when i'm also a low use up your secd conglomerate year u ready to see the lds appearing at the second than how many of our brothe and sisters we going below to see the appearing of
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antichrist loving jesus rned even the elect about noticing scripture that i'm no immediate you probably have memorized what does is good to go over it again d again d again cuently in matth 24 jes very coneabout the election disciples asked christ soon before his writing is crucifixion lots of them in the wife when you me back st bore you comeack and jesus is no verse 11 and manyfold profits shall rise until the cu mini receded that i just believe you don' understand over revelations and because an equity or lawlessns shell of my own below the many shall wax cold or being caused from yet (he
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name of our lord thereing @ caused in the longer reviewer or love our father or the messiah but he that shall endure in the end thsame shall be cited at supplyin to you my brands do you want to that part of e first resurrection in revelation chapter 20 verse five and six jesus is telling us here you endure to the d and you will end this gospel of@the kingdom shall be preached in all the world to witness for and then shey and come ns referring to a new the income or cannot referring to be unerse but thend of this dispention and of course thgospel being preached to the kidom who does that you did en the holy irit testifies through you that goel will be a witne to
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the nation ver 15 when yo+ for abomination of desolation spoken by daniel the prophet daniel chapter 9 verse 27 stand in the holy place who reait to let him understand would place the court being mount zion are about to below are avery happy that when jesusays who so read it does let him derstand and i understand what he just said ask your question how many of our brothers and sisters read th verse andaven't a clue what jes was talking about the d earso hearen l them would be in judea flee under
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the mountin let him wch is on the housetop not come down to watch the pce to take any things out of his house neither let him ich is in the field returned back to take his clothes get out of to be a delate for his layer and moral one of them that are with child and to them that gives sox in those days you all know jesus cobden had have be gone some 200-2000 years pattern d he expects a virgin $e when you return this is spiritually speaking those who are with child when he returns are f to be his virgin ride thr spiritual and alrey in bed wit enterprise but for a unit supplied is not in the winner will be harvted out of season neither on the sabbath day travel on the sabbwas buried limited you can et foreign about god or then shelby for what rehein
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wiwhen you see the abomination of desation standing in tde holy place then sha he write a tribulation such as s not world of this time no go ever shall be in the wallace in the words of jesus or you want to listen to thword of all prot l you ha to do ibelieve in beside program you rapture out of your while i is not what jesus id there shall be tribulation were not going days should be shorted or should know closely say t for@the relaxed sake those days shall be shortened in a revelation chapter 9 of judgment srtened to five months for dcc jesuss concerd for theectheir and i'm d
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sus ishinking i don't know a light organ of yellow to survive the deceit of the bowl propped then if any man shal say unto you low hears cries for their believe it not for there shall arise false cries and false prophets and show show sw show great signs andonders revelation 13 1314 enterprises can build snap his fingers and were enghtening dowfrom heaven and definite convincing bi of research women were prepared for the loveroes as kobe convincing to a lot of folks what they said to you walk to me and water come on you can walk to me on water or two north falsehoods regarding the drive what he say me money from on such
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lawater lord and i may nee veiled in and he'sble to convinced by that note do not because jesus said there shall bereat tribulati 25 behold iold you before in a warm softwarwith its verse 24 there 'hall arise possibly they sll receive the very away at the waing to you in closing worth me to revelation a false pphet covering and he wl most assedly outgrew all of his reminds you the power of two witnesses will have in leviticus chapter 11 versus
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five and six wht happens if any man l hurt them fire will proceed o of eir mouth and devour them for six@ order they control the controller heavens were mo wine during the ti of@their prophecy may have the power to turn waters the blood revetion 1715 poable waters people they have the power to strike the earth with oldloy and we talk out the six violence person were cover six of them forces kn there are seven laughing of a file i think of the little bottle like here in my rning well in for time us not to record e b these files are to be pour out a photograpd god's wrath is blding its a sure wideuth cup and when ty
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are poured out it is my own spreads e reason i mention the power ofhe two witnesses as we go through these vis are to see at a lot of on the mama and rushes to the two witnesses and erefore think it points to e time. when we will see these vials were out while the two witness are prophesied for onend are a great voice out of the temple assignedo the seven angels go your ways and four out of upon the earth poured out on the earth will occur to you of course but what to do this when you see these things coming to pass no god's word is true in the first grant and pour out his vial was e first ploypon the eart d their fellow norse and grievous sore disease of the re upon the man which of
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thmark of the beast up them which worshiped his what i am the second angel city seal the peop's member d it became as the blood of a dead man power to turn of waters to blood the@two witnseand every living std to a good cause mother lives in perception and the third angel poured and fountains of wers and they became blood revelation 11 six again and i heard t angel who wate cited our rights is so bored ricart and while since all be happened yet when classes because they has the judge he has the bus rely no one has any ghttoomplain@or they have sd the blood of science and profits the true given them blood to drink fo
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the air or worthy matthew chapter 23 versus 31 to this is who killed the prophets jesus tells us there from the blood of rights is able undesired pariah to use loop between the work and the altar was he talking to kill label gain so hidescendents of slough a lot ofhe problems and i heard anothe$ out of the altar si(e even so righteous are aboujudgment as is the same altar of velati chapter 6 for nine or those who were slain for the word of god say how long will lorhow long before you will be in and judge in the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the son and power was given unto him to score command where tde fire two witnesses are required to
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proceed from (he mouth and men worse works@wi great heat and ast on the main god which haveower over the players and they repented not give him glory their straight up and fly rit there d wouldn repay in the fifth angepour out his vial upon the seaá of the beast and use the bruiser gods elect reporting in a cramped in the city ofite power right w and his kingdom was full of darkness their tongues for planning know that f%fth seal the calm in the file i believe the time of teaching a time en whod to let her busy a work pparing god'shildren for what happens in the swift
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trial and blast them t god of heaven cause of their pains in their stores d repent not for their deeds in two witnesses do you think people are vital of them now or in the@80s like the true prophets of god always have been hat y know what people areoing to do when in the pot that in the great their every celebrating and exchanging gives one oa cant wait to see the look on their faces three days later you know and aee that says 80 les in fear will@come ross call of were them when raise in yo that point arerue christ returns 12 in the sixth gel poured out his vial uponhe great river euphras inhe water there was dried up and away it
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seems of the east might be prepared this is the w of the kings of the rising sun you know what also aears where the rising sun appears ever theornings are about morning star is call 's th lucifer and isaiah 14 and w three young claims kurds life for almost come out of the mouth of the dgon at te a out of the mouth of thbeast and ouof the mouth ofhe polls craord to read ouenterprin her 40 thi of the science of thpeople same thing with the full profits of intel and the people through old starting with them today through all ofod'sord peace and prosperity, me show u someone walking on the
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water and miraculousowers isn the veryext verse can be very convincing a ask if afraid of though no jesus gave us power over a of our enemieinis name don't ever forget that last part in his am i concerned about view of jesus was concerned about us want u to be mentally and spiritually prepared for theaculous wer their productill have want to do remember paul's final exhtation to tithy to reach the word that means you got in no word ach something you not only have to know your materi you have bn no board are way also warned timothy
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season samto you be ready f at all tim reprove read yo export your others and sisters with patience and sound do and finally fulfill your ministry up for pa's aempt to mask in german if you@know you have a minute mt certainly do you have a destinyrom u put forco stand with their of gospelrmor on and with t holy spirit spki tough you witness against the polls raw and where the words of jesus shall be great tribulation@regrettably the endure unto the end rice said
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in you will have their reward thateward ckground was good was from dominant only father we thank yofor your written word father your word that shows us a lightweight father your word that tells us and warns us that the rule we all profits even in the zen times father your word at hel us just differentiate between the false prophets the true prophets and of course bng the who stick with your work father we tha you for that word rovers cefully review theraves and issue a jesus versus ninamen 91 a
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>>i don't have to listen to you! i wish you were dead! >> don't you ever talk to me like that! >> if you're the mother of a child with behavior problems, i'd like to talk to you. my name is janet lehman, and i'm a behavioral therapist and a mom. i know what it's like when the child that you love becomes a defiant, out-of-control child who disrespects you.
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that's why my husband james and i created the total transformation, the program that tens of thousands of moms are now using to turn around their child's behavior. if you've heard about the total transformation and wondered if it will work for you, now you can try it for free. i'm willing to give away a thousand programs today for free. all you need to do is get the program and let us know how it works for you. we'll let you keep it for free. i know the total transformation works, because i used these techniques with my own son and with troubled kids for over 30 years. let me prove to you that it works by giving you the program free. >> man: call the number on your screen now to get the total transformation free. >> you never listen to me! >> is your child's behavior driving you crazy? >> shut up! i hate you! >> don't touch me! >> are they misbehaving and getting into trouble in school? >> you need to come down and pick up connor at school right now! he's in my office, and he's been in another fight! he's completely out of control!
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>> go! >> get away! >> do they argue and fight constantly? >> don't! >> first of all, you need to know you're not alone, and second, help is on the way. >> if you have a child or grandchild with any kind of behavior problem or attention deficit disorder, of if you're a single parent trying to cope with a child who is disrespectful or obnoxious towards you, we're gonna introduce you to the man who can show you how to transform your child's behavior and put some peace and sanity back into your home life. >> behavioral therapist james lehman is here to help you get back in control of your family right now with the total transformation program. >> we are at a place right now that i never imagined our family life would be at and that my son is this productive, happy, capable young man. so, i know that there are parents out there probably feeling exactly like i did about four years ago, and i'm just saying that it doesn't have to be like that. >> if i hadn't have met james,
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there's no doubt i would be nowhere near as solid as i am right now. i wouldn't have any goals. i was an angry person. i was confused and frustrated, and if i hadn't have met james, there's no doubt i would probably be kicked out of school, kicked out of my house. probably would be having a tough life right now, but james has helped me in so many ways that my life is real strong and steady, and there's no doubt that i'm on my way. >> our guest today understands what makes a child with behavior problems tick, because he was once one of them, and he knows how to turn difficult behavior into good behavior. >> james lehman is a renowned counselor, therapist, and teacher who has worked with children with behavior problems for over 30 years. he's a social worker with a master's degree in social work and the creator of the total transformation program for parents. his credentials are impressive, but it's even more impressive when you hear about the road that james had to travel to get where he is. james, welcome to th


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