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tv   Noticiero Univision Fin de Semana  Univision  August 24, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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you see a lot of people used to be a wow member. thank you to toyota. they were a responsible some really appreciate it. >> what goes on with the party tag? you know, we have done this together. we talked about this. i keep hearing about this. all the women have a chance to come out and spend time together and interact and become great fans. continue to be great fans. >> first of all, they don't have to say a word. they are passionate, from head to toe. you should see the passion. and we have guys there, too. thank you for the guys. they share photos. they share their love for the game. they want a victory today. they show it in every day. it's just fine. >> thanks so much for coming.
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>> you are invited there, any time. >> joe: we have our fashion statement >> chick: we have our burgundy. >> joe: here are the real women of football. thank you. >> chick: the screener will allow you back into the booth after that almost fumble. >> you guys are also invited saturday, fifth women and kids. >> chick: running is not in my risumi right now. [ male announcer ] you know what's so awesome about the internet? it gets more and more entertaining every day. and once you've got verizon fios, that's when you get it -- america's fastest, most reliable internet takes your entertainment to ridiculous levels. i was streaming videos, movies, music.
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>> chick: fed ex field. a limited number of 2013 premium seat tickets are available. call the redskins now at (301)276-7800. >> that's a large pretzel. that's going to take a while. >> joe: he'll get two bites in before the buffalo bills don't move it around again. >> reporter: minnifield with a big hit. i i the point i was trying to make before the washington redskins have the ball, 10 1/2 minutes, the buffalo bills, 4 1/2 minutes. and there is the pop. >> chick: min griltd with the big hit.
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>> joe: that's the point now. if you run this up tempo offense, you know, you better stay on. these guys are gassed. you get into the third quarter, get into the fourth quarter, and it's a 10-5 ratio, that's a lot of football being played by the defense. buffalo has 8 first downs. it is a great theory if you can adhere to it but you have to get first downs. >> chick: choice with the carry herewashington redskins may remember him. had he a cuff of coffee here. and three in and three out. with that series, nothing over five yards. they have not tried to go over the field. they have run by david emerson
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a couple of times. one of the guys is marcus easley, number 81, he has not played a lot. he will probably get some more. >> chick: and the sean powell. powell with the punt of 48 yards. we'll take a timeout here and pat white now back here ♪
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>> chick: virginia 529 is prout to be the official college savings plan of the washington redskins. save today and save on the higher expenses of college. visit virginia for more details and that is deangelo hall, giving his mom a little birthday kiss. and a little cake, too. nothing wrong with that. >> joe: dehall. >> chick: not bad. false start by tom compton. neutral zone i >> reporter: let's check in now one more time with ken harvey who has kirk cousins standing by.
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>> ken: first thing, people want to know how bad the foot is? >> it's going well. i hope to get back into practice this week. ance once i get healthy, it's up to the coach. >> you know you have a secure job at number 2. do you push yourself and go or do you just wait? >> the reason i want to play is because of the specious i can gain, the reps that you get in the game. at the same time, you don't want to be foolish and force the injury. you let your body feel. >> how do you enjoy richmond? >> it was great. it was the first time. people in richmond with were really hospitable to us and really looking to get back out here. >> if you are the coach, if you see guys out here, what would you say to them. >> as a rookie last year, that's a tough spot being. i remember having a lot of fun in the preseason because the score does not matter as much as your development as a player. you try to get better and work and these guys are trying to prove themselves to the
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redskins and other teams around the league. >> ken: appreciate it. thank you, man. >> chick: we will not see kc and the sunshine band. >> joe: kirk cousins, robert griffin iii, two rookies last year. you listen to them. robert had a great rookie season. and kirk understands the work ethics that's necessary. he did some great things. >> chick: false start by the redskins. move by chris thompson. false start. on number 73. >> joe: it's been a long time since chris thompson has taken big hits. he does have some jets. he can get around the corner. all different kinds of styles in the running gaming. alfred morris has a style.
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roy helu, jr. has a style. and chris thompson does. >> chick: second and 6. out of the pistol, pat white will work. straight drop. slant. spectacular by ron brooks. almost off to the races. >> joe: he is such a big target. you have such variety. you talk about variety at the running back position. jordan reed gives him that kind of variety at the tight end position. you have to figure out what you're going to do. release it outside. pat white hesitates a second, gets the ball out. almost breaks out. >> chick: i think they're going to see four tightends in this spot. white out of the pistol, the give -- the fake. he faked me out. white tries to get to the line of scrimmage, gets a yard gain. all right.
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mike shanahan on his second year at quarterback. >> they are perfectionists. they want to come n want to do studies, make mistake. they don't want to make it again and with the type of mind set that they have, they don't want to do that again. that's what you want in your quarterback. you have to keep those those reps. >> reporter: white with the pressure put on by eric kettani, can't get it done. >> joe: bryant putting pressure again. again, the redskins second team is in getting some work against the mostly first team for the buffalo bills. i think mike encapsulated very well for the young quarterbacks. they both have a great work ethics. they both want to do something
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differently. they want to continue to grow. they understand there is a growth pattern in this game. does not happen overnight >> reporter: white out of the shotgun, right side. incomplete. buffalo ball after the punt. >> joe: that was a good job by keiland williams. the blitzer comes right on his face. pat white had to fire the ball. keiland williams didn't aggressive ground. >> chick: the redskins with 22 first downs here through one half and another quarter to play. sav rocca, a little pooch. fair catch, dropped and recovered by -- we'll wait for the referees to make a call. there is the scrum.
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robbie called for a fair catch. he got one of the two. he called for the fair catch but didn't make the catch. recovery by the washington redskins, first year out of east carolina. fumble, recould have had by the opposing team. first down, washington. >> joe: i think i figured it out. they are alternating every two. >> chick: is that what they are doing? >> joe: yes. it was windier down on the field than i felt in previous games. i don't know how windy it was monday night but down on the field, the wind took that one right to his left >> reporter: how do you think pat white feels? do i get the ball down here on the 20 and rex gets it. >> chick: robert asked several times this week to get in. >> joe: mike shanahan is big on
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guys giving each their round so they'll be evaluated favorable. >> reporter: they will have the big cuts after the third game of the preseason, the one right here. grossman under center. kettani in the back field. grossman looks left side, looking for george reed. >> joe: jordan reed will go into the position of being the guy who can get upfield, get out into the flat, do a lot of things down the field. when it comes to being down around the goal line, we have to pushing off a little bit, get away a little bit. create some separation and leave some room for the quarterback to leave the ball. >> reporter: this is brought to you by bank of america, the official bank of the washington redskins. gross man, the give, right side to thompson. in a scrum.
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down to the 5-yard line. >> joe: chris thompson looks like the back that will fit into this offense or this type of read offense very well. he makes one quick cut and turns it up the field. sometimes, he catches a gash in the defense. other times, he is willing to press the hole and be willing to get all he can get. >> chick: first round pick out of florida state. three carries and 14 yards against the pittsburgh steelers. a man down now for the buffalo bills. we'll take a timeout here. redskins 20-7 over buffalo, coming
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back here in landover, redskins with a 13 point lead if my math is correct. london fletcher, 15 years in the league. check out our ticker today brought to you by comcast sportsnet. tweet hashtag@redskins. >> joe: they look good. i love the way that everybody is my team, my guy. it is ours. that's what's so wonderful about living in this area. that's what's so wonderful with the redskins fans. they take ownership of this team and they hurt when things don't go well. grossman with the nice shovel
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pass to keiland williams. but no chance there. >> joe: number 52 making the play. fends off the block and wind up making the play. >> chick: so they had first and goal. nice job by the buffalo defense as kai forbath now comes on. only 28 yards. no, 21 yards, sorry. my math -- i was not a math lead at maryland, so you know. forbath, steady as ever. 3-for-3 on the day for kai forbath. yesterday, we welcomed home with a luncheon. london fletcher getting the award, ken harvey. >> joe: looks even bigger in a
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suit. >> chick: robert starting to negotiate his contract. that's the general manager. he might have caught him at the right moment there. >> chick: they have to relax there. >> joe: isn't it wonderful, too with mr. snyder coming in, talking about the women of washington, 51,000 signed up to be a part of women of washington. they will have a party deck over there. >> chick: i think, at some point, no one will notice if we leave the booth. >> joe: they talk about fashion. i love fashion. >> chick: fashion is my friend. >> joe: my wife would argue only because, when i walk out of the closet and walk into the bedroom and i ask robin, what does it look? she says, if you need to ask, then i don't need to answer. so i walk back and try something else. >> chick: john porter now on to
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kick off for the washington redskins. he has a big leg. the kickoff specialist last year for buffalo. the summer is going fast and so are the cars, trucks and suvs. check outs the best offers of the summer at your local ford dealer or go to mid-atlantic ford kirk cousins with that mid-foot sprain and will be ready and rested to go for the regular season as will robert griffin iii pending final examination. >> joe: he was cleared to practice by dr. andrews. but you are waiting for that word, cleared to play. a coach those look somebody on the field and say, okay, you are telling me that you fixed whatever the problem was and -- but you have to see how that player performing, does he
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makes all the movements that he needs to? is he going to put himself in harm's way? you look at the running backs, tashard brown, the tight ends, they are pretty deep there. >> chick: deep they are. bills third and 5 now, jeff tuel out of the shotgun. bunched up, will go up top. can't quite reach out. jerome murphy on the coverage. pretty good coverage as well. so the bills will punt. bills have yet to get a first down in the second half of play. this is the first ball they have actually thrown more than
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five yards. revved skins doing a nice job of holding. i guarantee you that the eagles will press down the field more. monday night, september 9th, the season home opener for the redskins. on the punt return, here comes thompson with the speed to burn. down to the 3-yard, caught that ball on the fly, joe theisman and never stopped running. >> joe: if you want to have option, that's one of the guys that you look. brandon banks with a kick returner, really didn't play last year for the redskins much at all. but now you see chris thompson being able to do the things that he needs to do. crawford averaged almost 20 yards each punt return. we saw him go off the field. you don't know what his status is.
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30-yard return for thompson. the lefty looking, sideline and ball knocked away by a red skin. not the way that's supposed to work. make sure you have the inside story with the exclusive video like the redskins on facebook. great defensive play by mic williams who is supposed to catch the ball. second and 10 now for the -- for white. just gets stripped down. gain of 2. keylands williams will check in for the redskins. kyle robbie with the tackle. third and eight now for the
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redskins. mike shanahan, year number 4 with the washington redskins. >> joe: the quarter will run out and they'll move on to the fourth quarter. one quarter to go here at fed ex field. revved skins with the lead, 23- 7 on the strength of three field goals from kai forbath. white with a running touchdown and grossman with a toss to pierre gargon. we have one quarter to may and the young
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>> chick: reminding you of the responsibility to be smart. act smart. what's that teammates always do. proud sponsor of the washington redskins. >> here are some of the women of washington. pat white directing this washington redskins offense. first and 8. keiland williams. in the back field. white goes left side. did he get his feet down? yes, he did. >> i like nick williams. somehow, some way, somewhere, this young kid is going to wind up playing football in the
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national football league. he has we talk about roles. people have roles on the football team. we look at the season in connecticut, averaging a little over 11 yards in reception. fourth quarter of play here. now is the time when young fellows try to get their names called and make sure that on that film, that game tape comes on sunday now. i guess this is a saturday game. you have a short week because thursday, they'll play the tampa bay buccaneers in the final preseason game. second and 7. white out of the gun. looking for donte stallworth. a little mistime there. let's send it one last time to
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ken harvey for the geico what to watch for. >> ken: i think it's simple right now. that's a quarterback battle to see who is going to be here. what you look at. in the fourth quarter, you want to see who will prevail against bat situations because you don't have the best time. >> chick: pat white out of the pistol. pressure up the middle. i like this. really do. the enthusiasm that he has, he is seizing the moment. he runs a really good route. picks up the first down. santana over, there giving him
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some props. more than car insurance. brought to you by ken harvey. first and goal now for the redskins. from the 7. white under center. left side to chris thompson, looking for some room, down to the 5. chris thompson will get a lot more carries in that game as will ja'wan jamison. remember last year, he was 22 from each team of the starters that did not dress. the guys that are on the field right now. kevin matthews, tom tomkins. you have all these offensive linemen looking to maybe be that 9th game. >> chick: almost got to that


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