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lord's table with those simply need to have any red wine ape juice will do or unleavened bre if you don't waná that means us pizza soda cracker will do twice a year we do this progr for the television audience if you feel the need to take communion at home more often than not what i wod suggest you do obtain a copy a cd dvd your choice of the communion special that way you got that at home anytime you feel the need to take communion you can do that u can take communion often as you feel the need we don't like tdo it too often here at the chapel specially for a local conggation think that becomes a traditionf you will takes away some of
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the specialness of commuon lisa georgia outcome after i attended the bible college i got an interval disease lisa being a christian and/or a thinking christian bible college does not give one community from the world you lisa just reading between the lines advise you to be very careful you don't blame god oftentimes, hel they start blaming god that's not a good thing to do jeremh 23 give that a read if you want know what god this about those who say he places burdenon them rich in washington why is there no humor in the bible boy are you wrong there's a t ofumor
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in the bible g has to have a sincerset up there in heaven looking down on our lly can you agine how he keeps a straight face sometimes you think god has no humor at point first kings 18 to you what happed ahab and jebel had 400 built priests she was killing a bunch of priests of god will happen elijah challenged the 400 dale priests that two oxen you take your pick out take one of these oxen you have your drug bill come down and consume the ox with firekay will take this up you want to work on they jped up and down hollered and w went to this
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that came around nothing filly we starteb cutting themselves beating their chests causing physical damage to themselves elijah stepped up and said cry aloud for bill is god small g either he is lking busy talking to somebody evidently or he's pursuing chipped up the etymology of that word pursuing mns perhaps is taking a potty break or 's on a journey may bsleeping i fight alot humor in that bingo five or six also we have the son of nebuchadnezzar king of babylon bilsure sark he decided to have a group party he had him bring the gold cups
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everything they've slen from rusalem from the temple of god and they were getting drunk out of them about that time a man's finger rather large was writing onhe wall what did you write on the wall you wrote on the wall many many you can judge and you been found wanting belshazzar's loins released that means he wet his britches find little humor in that as we no name on this i'dike to know do you have any of the small bottles of oil so i can bless my house keep it at my back door no we don't distribute oil you can obtain olive oil at any grocery store i recommend you check with your local pharmacy ask if you can buy a smalempty bio from
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th shall they be happy to help you with the replace a small amount will in the vaio emperor us god bless that will let him know you'll use it i obediencto him then if you need protection your home needs prottionrom wicked and evil he took a small amount of the whale unde index labor place it on the doorpost of ur doorjamb if yowill y order all negative all evil out of your home be sure to do it in the name jesus christ anointing oil can be used to anoint e sick and request and ask god for healing james five verse 14 will document that cuis california wt is the difference between st.ohn in the epistles of john the st. john the author of both a)e
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simply different books of the bible hn of st. john in the epistle pistols th don't know simply another word for @ letters like you would write a lettero somebody revelation also got utilized servant john to describe the book revelation as well curtis has a second question when christ went all the way back to know is time to preach the gospel did he also preached to the six-day creation yes of course he did god loves all ohis children but keisha if you prefer forgiveness from jesus for being at the core and the rapist would you automatically be sent to hell of course not bukeisha are misunderstanding something when you prefeforgiveness if
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you're truly repented he cannot con god he knows your heart knows her mind if you truly wanthange and you go to him and yes for forgiveness he does not send you to hell he forgives you at this point cannot be forgiven if god t chooses to forgive it there is a sin in the future unforgivable sin which is of god's e&ection refuses the holy spirit to speak through them that is unforgible braden indiana braden is seven years old my question how did d come to be thank you pastor hari for teachingrg your sure welcome really happy you're interested ig studying god's word braden it makes our daone we see you people particularly taken an interest in the letter that god wrote to them exodus 3 verse 14
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moses had been contacted by the lord lordgave him instruction. what i nt you to do mos you go to pharaoh taaferro most powerful man the world let my people go than i want to delete my people israel out of egypt and into the promised land moses thought about that him and said you know god, to go down there and you say we st me upset moses you tell them i am ideology of the word he's always bn e always will be you can be anything he wants to be a tug god came into being was i am that i am a know that's hard even for adults sometimes to get their
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arms around much less the seven again braden were happy you're studying with those you keep plowing proud of you some cindy arkansas can you please tell me why you say holy spir in the blwhen it ys holy ghost ink so much for your teaing of the bible i have for the first time in my life had so understanding of the bible thanks to your program god bless you all thank you r that cindy were g&ad you're undersnding our father's word is word is so very powerful when you do understand that when you study it here with understanding we say holy spirit at the chapel because we believe holy ghost is about translation the word
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ghost in the greek language is pneuma like pneumatic tires air and it pneuma also means spirit not a spook ghost like casper the friendly ghost, ghost tes to have not casper himself other ghts arevil demonic to compare the holy spirit to something that's evil demonic you just can't do it susan ohio can you explain what jesus meant when he revealed to john what to write the seven churches of asia and revelation to ni and three to smyrna and philadelphia they say they're jesus but they're not they a of the synagogue of satan if you
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translate that properly and and revelation939 by the way, smyrna and philadelphia are the only two chuhes of the seven but christound n fault with only thing that's mentioning, and this is one thing and revelation 2939 they both knew who claim toe of judah oper translation they church philadelphians myrna knew and talked to cannot swear if you wanto attend the church that jesus finds no fault with me to find one who knows his achers who the connector maria florida, and the student and want tothank
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u for teaching as thetrue word of god things to your staff thanks for remembering staff we have extremely hard group of peoplwho are dedicating to getting out the word outearning much instinctively know i'm in trh this may be a stranger stupid question ere are no stupid questions concern i might be offending god without meaning to trefore i would love to get your opinion on the following, wallpaper for my cell phone that depicts the image of our lord jesus christ i find it comforting to see the image of our lord jesus christ whenever ipick up my cell phone also it's my hope people ask about it ani can use the opportity to plan asleep however word i might be offending our lord jesus home screen has three iconon
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the bottomf thscreens have icons all over his image also i have to swipe on the image. first of all i do go to one of the people mt with the wallpaper i thought wallpaper was what'sn the wall in the kitchen bedroom i found out wallpaper something you can pick up like a screensaver for lack of a bett description on yourself no i don't think the lord would be offended you have his image on your cell phone if you're really worried about pray about it take his counsel i don't think he would be offended by that whatsoever all too manyeople don't have ti with the lord the fact you want to keep them on your mind throughout the day i'm sure would please who doe
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have here kristin something question is about first corinthians 1310 when the perfect comes the partial will pass away what does the perfect represent the wordrfect and thaá scripture first corinthians 1310 mea mature or complete not perfect ver make a mistake never with fault mark nebraska i know we can't remember iwe were obediegtto god or rebellious against god and the first earth age is being born of woman here in second earth age indicate we were at let obedient enough to be born in the flesh as god wand as i understand it now even if we were rebe&lious in the first earth age would still be born of flesh and have a ance to get squared away ather some
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refuse to be born woman i ink maybe they are hard-core followers of satan from e first age ease advise those who refuse to be bn a woman anhing the first earth age there was no fsh in the first earth age they refuse to be born woman in this the second page you n't make that connection are trying to make their of course there's a third of god's children followed satan in the first earth age maybe that's what you're thinking about think thosthe third letter are on earth and no bonus new docunt that that's just an educated guess a much better could that be a followed satan in the first earth age they need to be here on earth when satan turns in his role the antichrist jewish
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pennsylvania do you answer questions by mail or only on your program bonus for it response we simply don't have the time or the staff to provide a written response t everybody that would like one if we can do for one footing the overall inoperative for any pitches that way that would not be fair i was told my infant son who died would not goo heaven unless me or his father goes to heaven what can you tell me about this chan to go to heaven for my infant sog ion't know who in the world tell you something like that joyce someone says something like that you could say show me that in the bible somebody babies are nocent your son is already in heaven
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saved in the arms of jesus god is not goingo judge an infant children pay for the sins of their fathers or benefit fromhe righteousness of their fathers or something good hands using the hands of jesus christ met a time love you all very built as you enjoy studying her father's word and that you know what he loves you a great deal when he looks down a he sees you and you ha the letter wrote before you are seeking knowledge of him it mixes the we are brought to you by your helped youp the scheme at we coming to want to do that bless god he will always bless you most imptant in this stain is word everyday you know everyday in your father's work is a good day even with trouble know why because jesus is the living word hearing god's work with understanding
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will change your life we hope you enjoy studying god's word you're on the shepherds chapel bible study hour with pastor arnold murray if you'd like to receive more for mission concerning shepherds chapel you may request our free introductory offer our introductory offer contains the mark of the beast tains audiotape our monthly newsletter written bible study take catalog list written referee works available through shephes chapel to request our free introductory offer by telephone call one call 1-800-643-4645 24 hours a day you may also request our introductory offer by writing shherds chapel po bo416, po box 416, gravette, ar 726 one to give that shepherds chapel po box 416,
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gravette, ar 72736 we invite you to join us for the next in that bible study each ekday at the same time thank you for watching today's bertram and at the same time thank you for watching today's bertram and god bless you that t whole
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