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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  January 11, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning, and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> a case of road rageescalates. shots were fired and a car window was busted. an investigation is on the way.
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and will bring you a live report in a minute. the music world is mourning the death of david bowie. while you were sleeping, the iconic music performer passed away. he turned 69 on friday. that's the same day he released a new album called black star. questions regarding sean penn's secret interview with juan el chapo guzman. the article comes right after the drug lord's capture in mexico. right now, el chapo is in the same prison he escaped from, waiting extradition to the u.s. people in cape coral are cleaning up this morning after a tornado. the ef-2 twister packed winds of up to 132 miles per hour. take a look at this. it tore a path of destruction for more than three miles. three people received injuries. the severe weather was part of a system that ushered in cool
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experiencing this morning. let's go straight to meteorologist leigh spann with more on the cool down. it is chilly out there. >> it certainly is, and getting colder. cold air is filtering in hinted the cold front. just in the last minute or two, you've dropped into the 30s. 39degrees there. tampa just dropped a few degrees. year at 47 degrees. lakeland, 45. 50 in sarasota. and it is certainly significantly cooler than this time yesterday. anywhere from about 25 up to 30 degrees colder than when you walked out the door around 6:00 yesterday morning. and of course, there's the wind. which makes a difference. makes it feel even cooler, coming in at 5:00 to 15 miles per hour. that cool breeze will battle any sunshine, so temperatures are going to struggle. only making it to 63. weather and traffic at 6:08. i go hour by hour, through this relatively chilly monday, and leslie's going to help you get
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>> we've got a good drive on the bay area interstates. let's take a look at what is going on out there. we still have issues over in temple terrace. this is due to a possible road rage incident involving a shooting. a lot of police activity out here. westbound fowler avenue still blocked between morris hill bridge and riverview drive. no need to take an alternate at this point. sly avenue in havana. traffic getting by okay. hopping over here, this one is off to the shoulder, not a factor. but eastbound i-4, near 33. the bridges look good. back to gene and gayle. police in temple terrace are looking for a motorcyclist who fired shot as at driver. this is all playing out in temple terrace near morris bridge road, and river hills drive. that's where we find ryan hughes this morning. he's been there all evening long, gathering details for us. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you.
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so, the vehicle at the center of all of this was hauled away from the scene. came to a rest right here between 1:30 and 2:00 p.m. you can see a large police presence here on scene. they have been here for the past four or five hours, investigating this situation. we have some video to show you right now. temple terrace police were called to the scene around 1:30 this morning. we're told a motorcyclist shot into that car after some sort of altercation. now a window in that car was either shot, or punched, and it became shattered. police on scene tell us the driver of the motorcycle sped off onto i-75 southbound. live right now, you can see that traffic is now again flowing on east fowler avenue. this roadway has opened up within the last five minutes or so. we're waiting for a briefing from police. more information on the
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let you know. gayle back to you for now. investigators are investigating a shooting in pinellas county. this happened on whitney drive. wayne nundy found a strange man in his shed. nund says the man lunged at him. that's when he shot the man. neighbors don't blame nundy. >> i think he did a great job. i'm so grateful that he protected his family, and protected his neighbors. >> property records reveal wayne nundy and his wife have lived in the home since 1978. at this point, the homeowner is not facing charges. a pinellas man is facing charges after a child in his care ate synthetic marijuana. investigators arrested christopher clark. they believe a 3-year-old somehow got spice out of his pocket.
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little girl got sick and was rushed to the hospital. she should survive. a carnival cruise hip headed from tampa to the caribbean rescued a group of migrants at sea. a viewer september us this video. he described the raft as being made out of styrofoam and wood planks. the cruise ship is on a five day caribbean cruise. in your morning alert, sad news to tell you about this morning. sixer david bowie passed a-- singer david bowie passed away overnight. >> the music ledge end had been battling cancer for more than a year. such a sad day in music history. >> gayle, it is. despite battling cancer for 18 months, david bowie didn't slow down.
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on the same day, he released a brand new album. [ music ] this is his new album black star, it's already getting great reviews. he just posted this video about a month ago. bowie is credited with helping to create glam rock. his album space oddity put him on the map in 1969. from there, he had a number of hits, including heros, and rebel rebel this is a statement posted to his facebook page. it says he died peacefully surrounded by his family. david bowie's name is trending in tampa right now. condolences are pouring in especially from the music world. singer josh grobin said he never seemed of this world, and now he's left it. he built the beyonders of gender and our minds. one of a kind. rapper kanye west tweets, he gave us magic for a lifetime.
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will be sorely missed. as well as cher writing devastated. just go to our facebook page to leave messages. >> he was a real trail blazer in the world of music, sad, sad story. we're just seconds away from 6:08. leigh, we need to bundle up. >> this is the time that we can do that. a little chilly this morning. i just checked in with my weather watcher, dora. she is at 39 degrees this morning. certainly bundle up. hour by hour, we don't warm up that quickly, folks. even with lots of sunshine. a breeze is going to bring in cooler air from the north. so we're still at 49 degrees at 9:00 a.m. you're out at lunch, you still need the coat at 56. well below the average of 70. you can bet when the sunset
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if you're like me, and training for the gasparilla distance classic, i would say go for it in afternoon or lunchtime. this morning and evening will be brisk. highs in the 60s through thursday. but tonight is the coldest night of the week. even some upper 30s, and low 40s throughout the region. at 6:08, let's check in on traffic at the 8's, it's a monday, people need to get out the door this morning. >> reporter: we've got a decent drive so far. a great drive on the bay area interstate. let's talk about temple terrace, folks. we did have all the lanes blocked. you see a little bit of residual congestion here. but all lanes have been reopened. the only reason you see a little bit of delay is just because there are a lot of police vehicles on scene. but they're off to the shoulder, and you can get by just fine there. just a little bit of a slow down. also, a collision, sly avenue
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no injuries involved in that accident. we had an earlier crash here out an i-4, near the lakeland area. that is completely cleared from the road rays. also, the bay area bridges look great. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. republican presidential candidate donald trump sounding off about football. >> you saw, wow, what a tackle. bing, flag. football has become soft. >> coming up, trump's comments and how he's comparing it to america. >> then good news at the gas pump. why gas prices just keep falling, and how low they can
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developing this morning, new york police arrest four suspects in connection to the gang rape of a teenager at a playground. they're still looking for a fifth. the men were spotted in surveillance video, entering a bodega before the assault. police accused men of attacking a woman as she walked through a brooklyn playground. two of the suspects are 15 years old, the others are 14 and 17. police officers in
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officers of a new threat from a radical group. the officer was shot several times, but should survive. archer reportedly pledged allegance to isis. the standsoff in oregon he wanters a second week. the small armed group in protest of federal lands policies. now the group is calling on supporters to spend them supplies, including blankets and coffee creamer. we're one week away from the iowa caucuses. it appears republican front runner donald trump is losing ground. according to a new nbc news poll. republican senator ted cruz leads trump by 4 points. when iowa caucus goers were asked about a hypothetical match up, democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders beat out trump. planned parenthood announced it
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it's the first time it's backed a primary candidate. planned parenthood plans to spend $20 million in the 2016 presidential campaign. but the group's president says it will not be used to criticize clinton's chief rival sanders. trump is talking on the nfl in his latest ramp. >> at a nevada campaign stop, the republican presidential candidate claimed football was going soft. >> used to see these tackle, and it was incredible to watch, right? now they tackle. head on collision, 15 yards. you say, wow, what a tackle, bing, flag. football has become soft. football has become soft. i'll be criticized for that. they'll say, oh, isn't that terrible, but football has become soft like our country has become soft. it's true. it's true. >> trump wednesday on to say, he doesn't watch nfl football anymore, in recent years, the
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rules aimed at reducing the risk of concussion among players. 6:15 and final preps are underway in tonight's national championship game. the game kicks off at 8:30 p.m. in glendale, arizona. if the crimson tide wins, it would be nick saban's fiveth national championship. for the tigers it would be their second title, it would also cap off a perfect 15-0 season for clemson. we may be in for more savings at the pump. experiments are predicting prices will continue to follow, and could possibly drop to only $1 a gallon. right now, the national average $1.96. in the tampa, st. pete, clearwater area the average is about $1.91.
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bradenton-sarasota area. experts credit falling refinery prices. health and human services sect, sylvia burwell was in tampa. she visited new mount zion baptist church. she reminded parishioners the deadline to enroll was january 31. recycling could pay off in one bay area city. today, clearwater is rolling out incentives to get people to recycle. every time the recycling card is picked up, customers receive points. those points translate into discounts from local businesses. those who enroll would be entered for a chance to win an ipad. more than a dozen dogs from flood ravaged mississippi, are now calling tampa home. 15 dogs arrived this weekend. these dogs will be vaccinated,
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should be available for adoption sometime next week. >> cute, all the way from mississippi. they all have southern barks. >> yeah, they do. oh, boy. let's get a check on weather and traffic. >> and they'll take their tea sweet for sure. maybe some hot tea. 47degrees at 8:00 this morning. a significant difference behind yesterday's cold front. even today, with lots of sunshine temperatures are going to struggle. 63degrees obviously well below the average of 70. i just checked in with my weather watcher, 46 degrees. we do have some 30s on the map. 39 in crystal river. in inverness, colder river continues to spill down the peninsula. sarasota at 50. we're just at the tip of some very cold air across the rest
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at atlanta, you're at 24. cincinnati is at 10. 9degrees below zero in minneapolis. third coldest nfl game in history yesterday. yikes. all because of this one cold front. came through here, now we're seeing the clearing skies from north to south. i also want you to pay attention to these blue counties. a freeze watch in effect at midnight tonight. for us, we're going to see temperatures today in the low to mid-60s. even colder tonight, down to 42 in carolwood. tomorrow, still cool at 64. still cool on wednesday. then the rain chances go up for the end of the week. how about traffic on the 8's? you have the just thinking about that football game. i can't imagine what the nfl is like when it's that cold. temple terrace area.
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all lanes have been reopen the here. not seeing any delays here now. looks like the residual congestion has passed by. westbound fowler avenue at morris bridge is open. all right, let's talk about this crash. no injuries involved. not really a traffic factor, but nonetheless, be aware of it. sly avenue at havana avenue, here's a live look at traffic on the howard franklin bridge. it's only going to take you 6 minutes to cross it. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8. a big night in hollywood, as the award season kicks off. >> coming up, the big winners at the golden globes. we'll show you who's walking
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what if the sweet stevia leaf was discovered... ...before the sugarcane. and everything had fewer calories. truvia. life with less sugar is just as sweet. much of hollywood may be in
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after the golden globes. >> leonardo dicaprio won best actor for the film, the revenant. >> bree larsen for best actress for the drama room. matt damon won best actor for the movie, the martian. jennifer lawrence won best actress for joy. one of the golden globes best moments involved sylvester stallone, however. >> i want to thank my imaginary friend rocky balboa. >> a standing ovation from the crowd. he won best supporting actor for the movie, creed, for playing rocky balboa. it's classic. >> got to check it out. weather and traffic on the 8's, is just three minutes away. >> of course, no one may have won that big powerball jackpot, but someone did win $1 million. coming up, where that million
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>> and changes in garbage pick up for one city. the city cutting back on the number of trash days for
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all right, at 6:28, you're just getting ready to send the kids off to the bus stop. make sure they have their jacket with them, because it's going to be much colder. we'll be in the 40s. skies are clearing out as we speak. so even when the kids come home from school today, it will be sunny. we're in for another cold night tonight. time to build a fire into that fireplace. mid-60s through the end of the week. by the end of the week, it does warm up. leslie, how about traffic on
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in tampa right now, no delays, as you hope on biers avenue and start to head downtown. a little more on the southbound side. that's typical. let's look at the howard franklin bring. getting more visible. seeing more vehicles come into tampa here. this is near the cypress exit, not too tar from the airport. only going to take you 7 minutes to cross the howard
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good monday morning, welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> i'm gayle guyardo. a road rage incident that ended in gunfire. just before 2:00 a.m., a motorcyclist shot at a vehicle here at the intersection of river hills drive and fowler avenue. ryan hughes is at the scene, and will join us in just two
6:25 am
also a sad day for david bowie fans around the world. the rock legend has died after an 18 month battle with cancer. bowie had just turned 69 on friday, and had just released his latest album, black star. you're looking at a live picture of a growing memorial to the singer. this is in the city of london. that's where people are leaving flowers, balloons, and other mementos. we're waking up to chilly temperatures this morning. you'll want to make sure you wear a jacket. let's go right to meteorologist leigh spann for more on this cool down. good morning, lee. >> good morning. we're still seeing temperatures drop this morning and should see it for another half hour to hour. look at this. into the 30s now for a couple
6:26 am
clearwater, you've dropped to 46. 42 in zephyrhills. bradenton 53. it's significant, because of the difference. this is just the 24 hour temperature change where most of us are between 25 and 30 degrees colder. winds out of the north at 5 to 15 miles per hour. make it is feel even colder, of course. even throughout the day with lots of sunshine, it's going to remain brisk with a high of only 63. that's well below average. weather and traffic on the 8's, at 6:38. i'll let you know just how long the cool weather lasts. leslie will let you know how long it lasts on the road. >> overall, we're still hanging onto a good drive. 275. just 5 minutes. we bumped up a little bit, because it's getting busier on 275. just 11 minutes down to i-4. getting a little bit busier, but still fast.
6:27 am
minutes on your drive time. great drive to pasco. temple terrace area, all lanes have been reopened from this investigation. westbound fowler at morris bridge. back to gene and gayle. a possible road rage in temple terrace. police are looking for a motorcyclist this morning who shot at a driver. it happened near morris bridge road and river hills drive, that's just east of i-75. that's where we find ryan hughes. >> gene, good morning to you once again. within the last 25 minutes or, so the roadway behind me opened up. it was closed for several hours, as police investigated this possible road rage incident. the car wound up right here against this utility pole. we have video of the scene to show you right now. temple terrace police were called here around 1:45 a.m. we're told a motorcycle driver apparently shot into a car after some sort of altercation.
6:28 am
of the vehicle was either shot out, and we're told it might have been punched out by the driver of that motorcycle. it shattered. the woman in the car was taken to a local hospital, but we don't know her condition at this point. no word if she was struck by gunfire. police tell us the driver of the bike sped off on i-75 southbound at this point, they're still trying to find the driver of the motorcycle. the investigation is in full swing. as you can tell, police have left the scene, within the last 15 minute osar so, i emailed the police department, hoping to get an update. if we get any new information we will let you know. we'll check back in with you then, thanks ryan. >> happening today, leaders from manatee county are headed to tallahassee to voice their support for patty's law. they're centered around an incident where dog bit a bradenton boy. the dog was scheduled to be put down. a judge ruled part of the dog
6:29 am
bradenton is leading the charge to allow due process with reasonable exceptions for euthanasia. several manatee county commissioners will be in tallahassee this week to support the law. >> there's almost universal agreement this is a gray area of the law that needs to be resolved, and a large majority of the public who were involved in this case agree that the statute of vague enough that it needs some state attention. >> the commissioners and other county leaders plan to return wednesday. so far, the law appears to have house approval, and will go before the senate later today. an electrical short is being blamed for a fire that damaged three rv's in clearwater. the fire started in one rv, and quickly spread to the two others. they were being stored there and were not occupied. crews put out the fire in just 10 minutes. no injuries were reported. a developing story.
6:30 am
question actors sean penn, and kate dell castillo. the actors met in secret with el chapo guzman. lindsay, good morning. what's next for el chapo? >> reporter: gene, good morning. the actors insist they talked with joaquin el chapo guzman for seven hours in person. he reportedly told them about his drug trafficking operation. this game to light when rolling stone published an article about the ordeal. they met him in the mexican jungle, because they were interested in making a film about the drug trafficker's life. the mexican officials began the process to expedite guzman to the united states to face drug charges. right now, he's back in the same prison he escaped from in july.
6:31 am
dell castillo should face charges. right now, authorities insist they just want to talk to the pair. >> lots of people talking about this. thank you lindsay. happening today, garbage collection in clearwater is changing from once a week to twice a week. garbage will be collected only on the same day as recycling and yard waste collections. residents have been filling trash barrels less, and using recycling containers more. trash collection rates will not be reduced. this morning, the world's largest jackpot ever stands at $1.3 billion. no one guessed the 5 numbers and the powerball. one tampa bay area person won $1 million. that means the ticket had all 5 numbers correct, except the powerball. still a good prize though.
6:32 am
35 people in florida also won $50,000. the new jackpot, it's so big, it does not even fit in billboards. take a look. wow, you still have a chance to win by the way. the drawing for the $1.3 billion jackpot is this wednesday at 11:00 p.m. tickets may be purchased until 10:00 p.m. that night. good luck. i bought tickets. i didn't even come close. >> i didn't even get a single number. >> next time. because we were waiting to be billionaires. >> right. it's 6:38 on this monday morning. got to bundle up when you head outside. >> you certainly do. significantly colder air. you know it's cold now at 6:38. let me take you you hour by hour, and show you that really it's actually going to be cool throughout the day. patty in new port richey says she's starting her day at 47. we get to 49 at 9:00 a.m. just a slow, creeping warm up. 56 at noon. that's still chilly. 63 at 3:00 p.m.
6:33 am
we're still quickly dropping down into the 50s right after sunset. so obviously, we're keeping it dry and cool today, tomorrow, and wednesday. toward the end of the week, we start bringing the rain chances up. best chances coming on friday. also, the temperatures going up. look at the 8 day temperature trend. emoji man has his scarf on. low 60s. mid-60s, through the early part of the week. then the gradual warm up. 70 next week. of course, emoji man has his scarf on. i'm not telling you what to wear. but if you wanted to wear a cranberry shirt and long necklace, that's what the cool kids are wearing. >> plant city, macintosh, 9 minutes to new tampa. traffic looks good. seeing more vices out there. we start to get closer to rush hour. 9 minutes. let's take a live look. 275 the a 50th avenue north.
6:34 am
traffic looks regood off the sky way bridge. it's only going to take you about 7 minutes to cross the howard franklin. here's the view. more vehicles coming into tampa, but still a good drive. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8's. there's a big job fair happening today in the bay area. details of that event including the companies that are hiring, that's after a short break. >> plus, uber riders may soon get a break. the company is cutting prices in many cities across the u.s. and canada. we'll tell you what prompted this move. >> plus, more teens are suffering the effects of second hand smoking. the alarming new study every
6:35 am
happening today, the texas
6:36 am
ethan couch flee to mexico will ask for leniency. a fort worth judge set bail last week after she returned to texas. a florida woman has been found dead in her apartment in florence, italy. 35-year-old, ashley olsen had been living in florence for some time. her boyfriend, an italian artist grew concerned when he hadn't heard for her for several days. olson was found with scratches and bruises on her neck. an autopsy will confirm whether or not she was strangled. 57-year-old barbara dawson went to capital city liberty hospital. he he refused to leave, she collapsed as officers forcibly removed her, and died. >> we cannot ask questions that
6:37 am
>> that's not going to stop you from going to jail. >> dawson's family believes this is a case of patient dumping, which is against the law. the family attorney is now calling for a federal review. wounded warriors made a stop with some dolphins. 38 wounded military personnel visited the dolphin research center. the dolphins showed off their water skills, and their love. flipping through the air, and stealing some kisses while they were at it. the wounded warriors couldn't believe how the dolphins seemed to provide custom therapy to their patients. uber is making a move to compete with home bodies, after discovering demands for rides dropped in january, the ridesharing giant is lowering prices so they can get us off the coach. the prices are being cut in 100 u.s. and canadian cities.
6:38 am
past for supply and demand. the discounts vary by cities. strokes among young adults have increased by 50% in the past few decades. researcher as the ucla asked more than 1,000 people about what they would do if they experienced numbness, or difficulty speaking. one out of three said they would immediately go to a hospital. 73% said they would wait to see if their symptoms improved. because early treatment is so vital, experts say it's important that people of any age know these symptoms. almost half of all american teens who have never used tobacco themselves are the a risk for secondhand smoke. despite bans on smoking and public places, 48% of youth are exposed in private settings. 16% said they were around smoking in their home.
6:39 am
said they were exposed at work. second hand smoke exposure has been said to increase the risk of cancer and other illnesses. happening today, looking for a new job or maybe a career? the tampa bay job fair is today. it's at the coliseum in downtown st. petersburg. the address is 535 4th avenue north. there will be representatives for more than 75 profit, government, and nonprofit organizations, including verizon, the st. petersburg police department, lowe's, and many other companies hiring today. a word we all love. free admission, and free parking. nice. right now, old man winter is making his mark in the northwest in ohio. this is what it looked like in the toledo area. up to 2 inches of snow fell there. that created quite a mess on the roadways. this morning, the city is
6:40 am
give buses extra times to get to students. take a look at this scene. this is omaha, nebraska here. that is a building encased, not encased in flames, there it is, in ice. a fire broke out at this historical home. crews battled the fire in frigid temperatures. eventually, that water froze, covering the building in a thick layer of ice. from that is unbelievable. >> i've seen that happen before. i guess it's not too unusual. >> a sight for us to see here in florida. >> every time, absolutely. let's get a check at the weather and traffic on the 8's. >> look at how beautiful the sunrise is this morning. a thin layer of clouds. we had clouds overnight, and that's clearing out as the cold, dry air arrives. it's 46 degrees at that location in sun city center. my advice to you would be to at least grab a coat. 47 at 8:00 this morning.
6:41 am
cool all day long. plus they'll be a chilly breeze in the air as well. stepping out the door in zephyrhills, year at 42. clearwater 46. crystal river, you're at 37. the cooler air is still spreading south. a little warmer places like sarasota, and highlands county. but it's a refreshing 45 degrees. there's the cold front down to our south. the cooler air spreading in. it's definitely colder this morning. gusts up to 35 degrees. sunny, cool, breezy, highs in the low to mid-60s. tomorrow morning will be a few degrees cooler than this morning. during the day, we will see a few more clouds around. about a degrees below average tomorrow. mid-60s on wednesday as well. three to four days of cool weather. by the end of the week, we have higher rain chances, and higher temperatures. we could see thunderstorms on
6:42 am
we level out to 70 on sunday. that's a look at weather on the 8's. we're moving at pretty good speeds. ybor city now, taking a look at travel times. if you're traveling one of bound, that's where most of the traffic heads. this is from i-75, to 275. a 12 minute commute. coming away from biers avenue. 17 minutes on your drive time. veterans express, 13 minutes, ybor, again, an hour 11 minutes from 301 to 275. starting to hit the brakes coming away from u.s. 301. pinellas county, 275, 27th avenue south. traffic look as little busy, but fantastic, if you're moving between the sky way bridge, and the franklin bridge, we're still up to speed. a little bit of a slow down
6:43 am
heading over now and taking a quick look at i-4 in plant city, we're up to speed. no delays coming out of polk county. a detroit auto show opens this morning, and they're displaying more than horsepower around. cars at the show will feature vehicle systems with the ability to communicate with the driver, other surrounding cars, even nearby pedestrians. the car business is looking at its sixth straight year in record sales. i'll bet those lower gas prices help that. >> without a doubt. >> what you need to know before you head out the door is next. and breaking news in temple terrace this morning. what happened on the road that has police looking for a motorcyclist who pulled out a gun on another driver. >> then animal activists saved patty's life. now making changes that could save the lives of other dogs.
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breaking news, a possible road rage incident in temple terrace. >> now police are looking for a motorcyclist who may have opened fire on a driver. brian hughes has been joining us all morning. he joins us live. >> reporter: the car came to rest right here after a driver on a motorcycle apparently shot at the driver of that vehicle. we have some video to show you. temple terrace police officers were called to the scene just after 1:30 this morning. we're told that motorcyclist shot into that car after some sort of altercation on the road. now a window in the car was either shot out, or perhaps the driver of the motorcycle punched the window. police officers tell us the driver of the bike sped off
6:47 am
no word on the condition of the driver of that vehicle. leaders from manatee county are headed to tallahassee right now to voice support for patty's law. a judge ruled part of the dog bite law unconstitutional. now a state representative from bradenton is leading the charge to allow due process with reasonable exceptions for euthanasia. the law will go before the senate later today. the music world is mourning the death of david bowie this morning. while you were sleeping, the innovative, and iconic singer passed away from cancer. he turned 69 on friday. this morning, questions surrounding actor sean penn's secret interview with drug lord you joaquin el chapo guzman. rolling stone magazine published the article right after the drug lord's capture in mexico. right now, el chapo is in the same prison that he escaped
6:48 am
the united states. the powerball jackpot just keeps getting bigger. it's so big in fact, signs just don't have enough slots for the numbers. the signs read $999 million, but the jackpot is actually $1.3 billion for this wednesday's drawing. wow. if you've been cashing in on wanting colder weather, here it is. look at this beautiful shot from the sun toyota camera in new port richey, looking over u.s. 19. it's 44, and temperatures are dropping. it's 45 in clearwater. at tampa, we're at 47 in inverness. temperatures around 46 degrees in bartow: as we head through the day today, it's chilly, and throughout the day, we just really don't warm up. 56degrees at noon. still 63 at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow still cool at 64. tonight will be our coldest night, we'll be in the 30s and 40s. toward the end of the seven-day
6:49 am
in the short term, break out all the winter weather gear. >> looking at traffic right now. heating up on our veterans expressway. from odessa from straight road 54 looking at 17 minutes on the vets. further to the south. 13 minutes. the total time 30 minutes. ybor city getting a little sticky, 301 to 275, an 11 minute commute. here is why it's getting slow on the vet. southbound right past urlich road, that's we have a collision. thank you leslie, and thank you for joining us on this monday morning. >> we're going to stay on top of these stories throughout the morning for you. catch our updates on "the today
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