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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  January 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. fires. in one fire, a cat is credited with saving the life of a hillsborough county woman. her home on bell glade avenue burst into flames this morning. the fire damaged the home's foyer and spread to the carport and car. fire officials report the cat woke up the woman who escaped safely. there's no word yet on what caused the fire. fire investigators are also on the scene of a fire on aaron brook drive. firefighters believe an electrical issue started the
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a smoke detector woke up six adults. they escaped safely. the red cross is now helping them find a place the to stay. our top story this morning, of course the, the cold weather. we are waking up to -- of course, the cold weather. we are wake up to cold temperatures across the area. the mercury is dipping into the 30s. citrus, hernando and parts of pasco county are down below freezing. let's go to meteorologist leigh spann. >> and i told you all morning that temperatures will continue to fall until after 7:30. and look at inverness right now, 28 degrees. and you could still get colder before this day is said and done. zephyrhills. so again, citrus, hernando, pasco, that's where we have the freeze warnings and that's where we're below freezing. but farther south, it's still 39 in plant city. the farther south you get, the warmer it is. it's 45 degrees in bradenton. so to review the freeze
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it's pasco county areas away from the coast. the reason i'm not as concerned about the freezing temperatures south of i-4, you can thank this blanket of clouds helping to insulate you because where it's clearer, that's where it's colder. during the afternoon, a nice warm-up though, 64 degrees, warmer than yesterday. and then tonight, not as cold. but still cooler at 48. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:08, i take you hour-by- hour through your wednesday. and leslee is here to let you commute. cold ride. here. again, i-75 at fowler avenue. seeing more vehicles but a nice drive. and we want to remind you about an issue in sarasota where one of the eastbound lanes at 17th blocked. what's going on here is the tracks are messed up. so they are doing railroad repair work in that area of sarasota. and into hillsborough county
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minute commute here. and wesley chapel, up to speed. >> thank you. right now, people all over the northeast are bracing for what could be a stormy weekend. the forecast calls for lots of know and it could impact -- lots of snow and it could way. at tampa international airport. >> reporter: good morning. it seems like new england and the northeast have been spared so far this winter but there could be up to a foot or more of snow falling in that area over the weekend. and here at tampa international airport, we're told that they are already bracing for delays on friday, perhaps into saturday. we just talked to a delta airlines employee and she said the company is already preparing just in case. we have some video to show you right now. this is what it looks like now in missouri and other parts of the midwest. a winter storm warning is in effect for parts of missouri and illinois.
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system expected to head east. forecasters believe most snow fall will be in the 3 to 6-inch range with isolated higher amounts. that means if you're traveling from places like tampa international airport, you will want to be on the lookout for delays and even cancellations. another live look right now inside tampa international airport. 8 on your side will monitor things for the rest of your week and we will let you know about potential delays or cancellations. it could be hectic come friday and saturday. >> absolutely. a lot of business travelers in and out of tia. thanks, ryan. you can keep track of the changing weather anywhere at any time. download the news channel 8's weather max app. it's free. manatee county detectives are searching for a killer after finding a young woman dead. investigators believe she knew the person responsible. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is tracking this case live from the manatee county
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have they made any arrests in this case? >> reporter: i checked with the deputy and he tells me no arrests. and i am checking on the jail log just to confirm that. and it looks like, no, they don't have anything yet. and they don't give us a description of a person who might be responsible. here's what we do know. let's pull up some video from the scene here. detectives found jordan finland's body in the palmetto area. deputies don't believe that she had been there for very long when they found her and that she most likely knew her killer. so let's pull up the 23-year- old's picture. i found her facebook page this morning and her friends are writing rip messages. and scrolling through the page, it looks like she was really down on her luck and at one point she wrote about having an emergency and she had nowhere to sleep at night and needed help. that was just a week ago. i will keep checking back here to find out if they made any
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should be on the lookout for. and there was another murder not too far from there in bradenton and we are trying to get more information on that as well to see if they could possibly be connected. gene, i'll keep you updated. >> all right. we will check back. thank you. right now, the accused largo puppy-napper is behind bars this morning but there's still no word on where the special needs pup is. wayne junior barfeel was arrested but authorities believe -- barfiled was arrested but authorities believe he traded the nine-week- old yorkie puppy for drugs and cash. the store she was stolen from hopes she is being cared for. >> i was disgusted. i ranted on facebook, you know, that how could somebody sell a puppy for drugs? >> surveillance video of barfield stuffing the yorkie in his shirt helped the cops make the arrest. wants their baby back.
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pup back, no questions asked reward. well now to the latest on the tornado outbreak and how people in sarasota and manatee morning. today workers will completely cover exposed top floors of the condos in siesta key. crews will use a tarp to protect the building from wind and rain. it comes as residents gather whatever belongings they are salvage after the roof was torn off. and in manatee county this morning, the children injured improve. the two girls are now out of intensive care and the two boys altogether. the grandparents died when a tornado tore through their inside. >> so great to learn that the though. this morning, we are learning more about how fire crews rescued a woman from her tornado-ravaged home in siesta key. check this out. they used air bags to free her
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>> just seeing the condition of the roof and how it pancaked over from the tornado, there really wasn't too many void spaces for her to be in. and she was lucky enough to be in the right one. >> after trying to use pry bars and other basic tools, crews turned to an air bag. you see, it can lift tons of weight off the ground. it took the firefighters nearly an hour to delicately raise the unbelievable work our firefighters do. let's turn things to leigh spann because it's cold outside. >> could be one of the coldest mornings we have seen so far this season and for a lot of people, you are below freezing in citrus, hernando and pasco. but here's good news for those this cold. we see a really fast warm-up through the morning. noon. that's warmer than yesterday by the lunch break.
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comfortable in the sunshine. and we won't cool down as quickly tonight either. 57 degrees at 7:00 p.m. and asking my opinion on the best time to go for the gasparilla training run like evening. don't worry about this morning, the coldest morning we've seen. longer. mid-60s this afternoon. near 70 degrees tomorrow. and warmer before a strong cold on friday. and we're going to see another big dip in temperatures for saturday and sunday which means bundle up the pirates going to the gasparilla children's parade on saturday. >> i don't know how you can run in such cold weather. >> your body warms up quickly. >> i have flash backs from the army. can't do it. i go to the gym where it's warm. i-75 from brooksville down to brandon, up to speed. a fast 44 minute commute. in sarasota, railroad repair
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right at east avenue. and when i come back, i will look at downtown tampa. the 8s. and now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. and an academy award winning actor gets a new role at a real life hero. >> i don't look at it as heroic. i just look at it like just had to do something. >> coming up, jamie foxx's actions that saved the life. and then adding fat to water to lose weight? i'll take a closer look at the new the trend and how it can help you. it's 6:10 and you're watching
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time now 6:13. a bay area school is starting a new bathroom policy for transgender students. they are allowing students to choose the bathroom of the sex they identify as. the story is getting a lot of clicks this morning on 17-year-old nathan quinn is part of the reason for that change. born female, he identifies as male. including on his driver's license. the senior explains this is for future trans students. >> it's about more than just me. maybe i have five months. i know some trans guys that are juniors and they have a year and five months. i know there's going to be kids that come out younger now that
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>> quinn is planning a call-in for next week. he is asking supporters to call officials in hopes of getting more schools to adopt a transgender bathroom policy. and trending this morning, haven't heard this name in a bit, sarah palin. >> but the attention she is getting isn't just because she endorsed donald trump. news channel 8's lindsey mastis has the morning alert. a lot of people are raising questions about time thing of her endorsement. >> reporter: that's right. less than 24 hours before she took the stage with trump, her son, track palin, was arrested in on domestic violence charges. and it has some asking whether palin planned the endorsement as a stunt to divert attention away from her son. >> i am here because like you, i know that it is now or never. i'm in it to win it because we believe in america. >> reporter: sarah palin is trending on social media. trump believes she can give him a boost among conservatives.
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reacting to the news bonos -- news but now it's being overshadowed by her son. according to police, his girlfriend worried she would shoot himself. track palin faces several charges including assault and possessing is a weapon while intoxicated. trump is getting some praise for palin's endorsement but when it comes to the incident involving her son, people are being more critical. on twitter, one post says sarah palin should be more concerned about her son getting arrested instead of supporting donald trump. some are criticizing her message. it says, princess, please, make things great again? start with your own family. others think the endorsement is a diverse. look at this, says keen pr move to draw attention away. and one write, make this go viral and he shows the picture of the police report. well we want to know what you
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you can reach out to us on social media. gayle -- >> all right. thank you. and of course you can follow our morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. well the father of an accused drunk driver is thanking his lucky stars for his son's life. >> yeah, more than that, he is thanking oscar winning actor jamie foxx. police claim the 32-year-old man was driving under the influence when he lost control his pickup truck and overturning the vehicle in front of the actor's mansion. the truck burst into flames. foxx ran out and pulled him out. >> i don't want have to leave you. and i said, you got angels around you. >> the man next to the actor is the father of the driver. you see him in tears. foxx brought him in to his home to watch surveillance video of the crash. the actor is humble though. he claims he is not a hero,
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8 on your side with a new health craze that's bubbling up to the top this year. it called fat water. now people are adding fat to their water. >> reporter: word on the health benefits of stock up on water and drinking plenty of it is always floating around but adding fat to your water, it's a thing. so this is a thing? >> well, actually it tastes really good for one thing. and then gives you fuel for your brain for the day. just wakes you up. it's not a stimulant like a coffee but gets you ready for the day. >> reporter: the makers of bullet proof which adds butter to your coffee came out with fat water claiming to give you energy, help you lose weight and generally make you feel better. it's not available in our market but you can still drink it. >> you add a tablespoon of the mct oil. >> reporter: adam of rock star cafe shows me it's simple to make.
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medium chain fatty acid which is comes from coconuts. >> coconut oil converts to energy much quicker than anything else. >> reporter: the fresh strawberries and stevia are optional. and blend it together for a smooth, delicious drink that does not have a coconut flavor. cheers. >> cheers. to your health and to your energy. >> all right. >> and do have to blend the oil because it gives you the best health benefits and you can add it to anything. >> what does it taste like? >> not like coconuts. just makes it creamy and delicious. >> so put the fruits. >> hot coffee, tea, whatever you want to do. >> like it. let's get a check on weather and traffic on the 8s. to coffee is a good idea. >> yes, put it in something hot is the option for today. with the coldest morning so far of the season. and many spots, that's why we have the freeze warning for citrus, hernando and inland portions of pasco county.
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so you could spend many hours below freezing. in those spots. everywhere else, it's still going to be cold. winter coats needed, upper 30s at 8:00 a.m. and it's going to warm up quickly. especially compared to yesterday where it stayed cold all day. 54 at noon. and 64 at 3:00 p.m. compared to the 30 degrees where we are in brooksville and crystal receiver right now. and below freezing in zephyrhills, 31. 39 in plant city and notice farther to the south. and i checked in with my 38 degrees. the warmer conditions slightly clouds. in fact tomorrow with southeast winds, it will feel even better. low 70s. that's just ahead of a big storm system that's going to come through on friday and bring us a good rain chance and then get gusty and cold for saturday with a high of only 58 degrees and the wind making it feel colder.
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well, pasco county because we have three issues now going on in pasco county. we start off in the new port richey area. this is tying up lanes. no injuries reported but nonetheless, rowan road. good drive on state road 54. and look at the sun coast parkway, looks good. a collision here at community dry at state road 54. that's to the shoulder. and then also one that's off to the side of the roadway at parkway boulevard. i-75 looks great. so does downtown tampa. a live look at that coming up in the next report. and that's a look at weather and traffic. and now back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. you know passwords are part of our daily lives. you have to have them for smart phones, email, computers, the list goes on and on. >> over and over again. yep. sometimes you forget them.
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of the most common passwords . fries? coming up, the restaurant serving the sweet and salty
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from your bank account to that old aol email that you made years ago. >> you still have that? >> i do not. my mom does. we all agree that passwords are important. >> can't live without them. you may want to rethink yours after hearing this. a security company just released a list of 2015's most stolen passwords. at the top of the list, duh, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. come on, at least try to come up with a password. the second most stolen password, guilty, password. i have done that. and football and baseball also made the list. and for geeks like me, star wars.
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star wars exclamation point. >> yes, that's hugely popular. >> especially now, right? well a week from now people across japan will have the option to order their fries with chocolate. >> who knew it would create what mcdonald's is calling harmony. the fast food restaurant announced the mcchoco-potato. it's drizzled with milk chocolate and white chocolate. mcdonald's calls it a wonderfully salty and sweet harmonious taste. >> like dipping your french fries in your frosty at wendy's. i like it. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. >> plus, don't miss your chance to win tickets to the show the lion king. and the case of the zika virus in hillsborough county. you're watching news channel 8
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it's an icy emoji man. some places below freezing so when you send the kids to the bus stop, make sure they're wearing layers.
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good wednesday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. our top stories this morning, just 12 days before the iowa caucuses, republican presidential front runner donald trump is getting a key endorsement. sarah palin calls the billionaire an honored man. the time of the endorsement though is raising some questions. palin's oldest son was arrested and accused of punching hi girlfriend in the face. at this hour, investigators are trying to determine what started a fire at a home on bell glade avenue. the woman living in the home
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neighbors tell us she was asleep when the fire started and it was her cat who woke her up. and a live look at downtown shows it is lit up and beautiful this morning but it is very cold outside, really across the bay area, the coldest night of winter so far. and a freeze warning is in place for parts of the area. meteorologist leigh spann has a look at where the coldest spots are. >> that's right, and it's well north of i-4. i will zoom up here, citrus, hernando and inland portions of pasco county remain under a freeze warning until 8:00 9:00 this morning. and -- until 9:00 this morning. and temperatures may drop for another hour. and the only reason i'm not concerned about the freezing temperature south of i-4, look at this thin layer of clouds. it's going to make for a beautiful sunrise. and notice the clouds are south of i-4 but where it's clearer, that's where it's colder. 30 degrees in brooksville. 31 in zephyrhills.
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the farther south you go, notice the clouds doing a good job of keeping new the low 40s. during the afternoon, it's actually going to feel comfortable, 64 degrees, plenty of sunshine and in weather and traffic on the 8s 6:38, i go through an eight-day temperature trend which is all up and down. so you will want the stay tuned for that. but first, let's check on the roads on this cold wednesday. it is cold and traffic is pretty decent. we have some issues but overall, not seeing any slow downs yet. let's start off pasco county. this one is tying up lanes. rowan road, keep that in mind, no injuries. and two more, community drive at state road 54, that's off to the shoulder. and also one in parkway boulevard, and that's off to the side of the roadway as well. and let's take a live look at traffic, 275 at ashley drive- thru downtown tampa, looking good. that's a look at -- drive through downtown tampa, looking good. >> thank you. we are experiencing the
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so far this year. people are bundling up as they head to work and school and you probably should too. news channel 8's ryan hughs is live at tampa international airport. i find this bizarre because people come here escaping the cold but instead, they'll be dealing with the cold. >> reporter: gene, good morning to you. once again, very cold here today. and that's why as you mentioned, there are people here at the airport this morning trying to get out of the cold, perhaps heading to warmer climates. around here, we are dealing with some of the coalest temperatures we have seen in a while. -- the coldest temperatures we have seen in a while. in this video, you can see people bundled up in downtown tampa. over the past few week, temperatures have dipped into the 40s and below. and this morning is now the coldest we have seen this winter. again, you just heard this from meteorologist leigh spann, our local counties underred a freeze warning right now are
6:27 am
sumpter county is included as well. and some communities are slightly above freezing and others are close to it this morning. so pull out those hats and gloves this morning, perhaps the boots and make sure you bring a cup of coffee or tea with you this morning, gene, because as you mentioned, it is cold this morning. back to you for now. >> if you go out for the coffee, make it a venti. thank you. developing this morning a murder investigation in northern manatee county. detectives found the young woman dead and believe she knew her killer. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is live at the manatee county sheriff's office this morning. what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning, gayle. i talked to a deputy and he tells me, still no arrests in this case. i did find the young woman's facebook page and i want to pull that up right now. you can see her picture on the screen, we are talking about 23- year-old jordan finland.
6:28 am
messages on her wall this morning. it looks like she was down on her luck. and at one point, she even wrote she was having an emergency and she didn't have anywhere to go or sleep at night. and really needed help. that was a week ago. and detectives found her body off of bishop harbor road in the palmetto area. deputies don't believe she had been there for very long. and they believe she most likely knew her killer. i will let you know as soon as i get anymore information on her arrest. and we are asking if there's someone we should all be on the lookout for. so as soon as we get any kind of updates, gayle, we will let you know. >> hopefully someone comes forward with information. thank you so much. it's 635:67: 6:00 -- 6:35. right now, clearwater police need help finding a man. this is a picture of 28-year- old bob taylor. he was last seen yesterday at
6:29 am
at the regency oaks south residences. taylor suffers from parkinsons and early dementia. he usually walks with a walker or a cane. and police are especially concerned because of the cold weather. they believe he may not be wearing any shoes. if you recognize him, please call police right away. and caught on camera, a shameless criminal stealing from a church collection box. look at the video. clearwater police need your help in finding the man on the screen. they tell us he walked into the catholic church in clearwater, opened the donation box and took off with $50. call clearwater police if you know who this is. breaking news, at least 19 people are dead in an attack on the university in northwest pakistan. dozens more are injured. it happened when gunmen stormed the school shortly after classes started. police and military forces are at the school. the shootout just ended. so far, no one is claiming responsibility for the attack. well new this morning, the actress who helped arrange sean
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with drug lord joaqumn el chapo guzman is under subpoena. mexico's attorney general laundering investigation. the actress denies any wrongdoing. a u.s. mayor is welcoming cuban migrants with open arms after nicaragua closed its borders to thousands of them. they can now enter the u.s. legally. the mayor welcomed five cuban migrants to west new york. with shifting relations between the u.s. and cuba, some migrants fear an end to the cuban adjustment act that fast tracks immigration. happening today, tampa police are warning gasparilla partyers about its zero tolerance policy. the chief will unvail the educational presentation this morning. officers will then take the groups. police want to make sure everyone stays safe during the
6:31 am
fun and they draw thousands of people each year. children's parade. and then on saturday, january 30th, yep, the grown-up pirates invade. news channel 8 will carry the gasparilla parade of pirates live. our very own pirates will be hosting the coverage. we will have a pirate reporter on the street. the parade starts at 2:30. it's 6:38. and hopefully it won't be this cold because the pirates will have to cover up. >> yeah, the children's parade pirates will have to bundle up. it will be cold and windy. but check out what the national weather service just posted, this is frost. they had outside their window in ruskin in eastern hillsborough county. please post any pictures you have of frost in the area on our storm team 8 facebook page or my facebook page.
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we warm up quickly today. mid-50s at noon. 64 at 3:00 p.m. our next rain chance is friday. a good one at 50%. that's when the cold front comes through. so check out the up and down temperatures, cool today, warm thursday and friday and then that cold children's parade on saturday. 58 and windy before we warm up again on tuesday with a high of 72. let's check in on traffic on the 8s because people may need to scrape the wind shields. >> that's right. i'm thinking scarves, especially when it's windy for the children's parade. well we have a decent drive but we've got five accidents in pasco county right now. let's see if we can get to them all. new port richey, this one is tying up lanes. so i want you to be aware of that. and moving over, this is new on the list, this is southbound on u.s. 41. you can see a little bit of a southbound delay here. it is tying up one lane here.
6:33 am
52, a slow down. there. community drive at state road -- slow down there. and community drive at state road 54. and one at parkway boulevard. that's off to the side as well. and just got word of one here at state road 54 at the entrance ramp to i-75. so keep that in mind as well. and when i come back, i will look at the the bay area bridges. right now, heading across the howard franklin, it will take about seven minutes and six minutes across the courtney campbell causeway. downtown tampa is picking up. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. pick up your phones and pay attention, this is it. your chance to win disney's the lion king tickets. >> yeah, you could win a family four-pack of tickets right now. all you have to do is be the eighth caller. call 1-855-420-9352. be the eighth winner to call in.
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>> yep. >> once again, 1-855-420-9352. please remember to dial 1 before the 855. it's a freel call. if you don't win this time, you will get -- it's a free call. if you don't win this time, you will get another chance tomorrow morning. pregnant women. >> ahead, an update on the zika virus and how health officials hillsborough county caught it. and something you expect to back to play. >> coming up, the scary encounter a south florida boy experienced when he went to play with his friends. it's 6:41.
6:35 am
this morning, virus threat. one of the three people in florida infected with the zika virus lives right here in hillsborough county. >> yeah, now the health department is trying to prevent a local epidemic.
6:36 am
joins with us the morning alert. this is concerning because the virus can cause birth defects. >> reporter: gene, that's right. this is a story getting a lot of attention on social media right now. even the centers for disease control got on facebook to let people know about a new travel notice, especially for pregnant women. the cdc is urging pregnant women and women trying to get pregnant to postpone their travel to 14 countries and territories in central america, south america and the caribbean. this includes venezuela which is where the hillsborough virus. the zika virus is spread through mosquito bites and can cause birth defects in. hillsborough county, mosquito control sprayed around the neighbor's home. and neighbors are asked to dump standing water and wear protech at that point in time clothing. the victims can be given medication but the virus has to run its course. it can cause babies to be born with smaller heads because their brains don't develop properly. we will have much more
6:37 am
virus on our website, just go gene -- >> thank you. you can follow the morning alerts every day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. parents listen up, we have an important 8 on your side recall. disney is recalling about 10,000 onesies due to a choking hazard. it involves the two styles on the screen, the the disney land 60th and the darth vader. the snaps on the three happen snatch closure can -- three- snap closure can come loose and become a choking hazard. listen to this, a warning this morning about future of our oceans and beaches. it's a prediction here that by 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the world's oceans. that comes from the world economic forum. experts explain the amount of
6:38 am
not. when you're watching your diet, a cheat day at a restaurant is a treat. but research might change your mind. the study found that more than 90% of meals if large chain and local restaurants exceed the recommended calories for a single meal. experts believe smaller meals at lower prices could help combat the problem. and south florida, a boy is okay after a run-in with a baby gator. >> it happened as the 10-year- old and his friends were playing outside. listen to how they described the encounter. >> all of a sudden, we hear bobby scream. >> it took my side off and bit me. >> he starts running and the gator bite him. >> oh, crap, there's an alligator. >> it felt terrible. >> bobby only suffered a small crash. he believes the gator was just a baby and was only protecting his home. >> that's one story they'll be
6:39 am
oh, snap. something yummy as we get ready for the florida state fair. >> it's time for the second ward. yum. a look at theburgers up for a vote this year 0 at the burger award. the french toast burger, the red neckburger and this one, oh, this one has to come with a bomb explosion burger. you can only imagine what that does to you. voting starts today and runs to january 27th. the florida state fair kicks off two the weeks from tomorrow on february 4th. i'm up for that bacon bomb explosion. you can vote online. just head to to read more about the burgers and make your choice. >> i voted for the red neck. >> why would you do that? >> i don't know. near and dear to my heart. all right. let's turn things over to leigh spann. >> i would choose the ice cream burger because look, there's ice. spring hill, sheila sent me
6:40 am
picture. windshield this morning and warning. and again, that freeze warning goes until 9:00 this morning. citrus, hernando and inland 9:00. so temperatures are obviously below freezing in some spots. but everyone is cold. 39 degrees at 8:00 a.m. the sunshine today is going to help warm us up. day. and we will already be at 54 at noon and up to the 63 degrees by 3:00 p.m. feeling very nice. and let's check out the temperatures. 30 in crystal river, inverness, brooksville. and those are the areas below freezing and in the freeze warnings. and notice though it's milder farther to the south. low 40s, thin layer of cloud keeping you warmer. i mean it's still cold and colder than yesterday but a little bit warmer than other places where we have seen clearwater.
6:41 am
new port richey and she says degrees. for most of us, this is the coalest morning yet. beautiful afternoon. tonight, cool but not as cold. i don't expect anybody to get close to freezing and a mild day tomorrow. and ahead of friday's cold front. the day's high, generally in the mid-60s. and for tonight, dropping into the 40s. big story will come friday with the weekend. >> all right. looking at traffic, it's busy. we will take a look at bradenton to kick things off here because we have a collision that's tying up some of the northbound and southbound lanes. the left lane is blocked right at drake. and that's just south of state road 70. so the inside lanes take anway. expect a little bit of a slow down there southbound. new port richey area, an accident that's still blocking lanes. and this is located at rowan road.
6:42 am
this collision southbound on 41. a delay just past state road 52. and let's take a live look at the howard franklin bridge. look at the beautiful drive. maybe seven minutes to cross at this point. so still looking very good. courtney campbell causeway up to speed as well. and this is i-75. and this is right by fowler avenue. it's got pockets of congestion down to about bruce b. bounds and 275 slowing a little -- bruce b downs and 275 slowing down a little bit. college students now understand the middle ages like the back of their hand. >> a religion and culture professor used game of thrones as a teaching tool. he wanted students to explore why fantasy is so closely tied to the middle ages. he is not currently offering the class but he would like to teach it again. >> a way to engage students. something they like -- >> it's a little racy though, don't you think?
6:43 am
come on. >> oh. >> like you're so innocent. >> i am. i watch it non-stop. what you need to know before you walk out the door is next. >> including a cat that saved a woman's life. and where is a missing puppy? investigators catch the suspected thief but can't find the tiny yorkie.
6:44 am
a murder mystery in manatee counties. >> yeah, investigators are trying to figure out who killed a young woman. detectives found 23-year-old jordan finland's body dead in palmetto. investigators believe she knew her killer. the medical examiner is conducting an autopsy to determine how finland died. a cat is credited with
6:45 am
glade avenue. flames broke out early this hillsborough fire officials report that the cat woke up the woman who was then able to escape safely. an electrical issue is being blamed for this fire. flames broke out in the garage of a home on aaron brook drive. a smoke detector alerted six they escaped safely. the red cross is now helping them find a place to stay. the accused largo puppy- napper bow puppy-napper is behind bars this morning but there's no word on where the special needs puppy is. take a look at him. authorities believe wayne junior barfield traded the nine- week-old puppy for crack and cash. and now a no questions asked reward is being offered for the puppy. republican presidential candidate donald trump now has a key endorsement. sarah palin tapped the billionaire business man as her choice. it comes less than two weeks
6:46 am
trump is locked in a dead heat with texas senator ted cruz. the northeast is preparing for a monster winter storm. the national weather service predicts up to two feet of snow could fall in areas. and some wind gusts could be as strong as 35 miles per hour. not snow but frost. another picture came in from don in tampa. there's the frost on the windshield. so you may be scraping this morning. there's officially a freeze warning for citrus, hernando and portions of pasco county. and there are places below freezing in those areas. er is hills, 30. and -- zephyrhills, 30. for those who don't like it cold, mid-60s today. low 70s tomorrow. and another cold front though brings a windy cold day for us on saturday. the children's gasparilla parade need to bundle the pirates up. bradenton. starting off here in manatee county, the left lanes blocked.
6:47 am
boulevard. that's just south of highway 70. and a new crash, 4th street at 116th avenue, be aware of that in pinellas. and this just happened, overton road underneath u.s. 19, a collision. and one at seminole boulevard at 8th avenue. and a live look right now, what a beautiful sunrise but heavy traffic 275 in hillsborough avenue into downtown the tampa. >> thank you. and. >> and we talk about the pets and the plants in the cold temperature but think of the elderly people. thanks for joining us. >> we are going to stay on top of the breaking newsing for. catch our updates during the
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