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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  February 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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ba da ba ba ba good tuesday morning and thanks for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. and i'm gene ramirez. our top stories this tuesday morning, the fight against zika in the bay area continues. today pinellas county health officials will discuss what's being done to prevent the virus including mosquito control. several florida counties are stepping up their efforts to protect us from zika. and crews were working to fix a section of i-275 in tampa that's caused headaches for drivers now for weeks.
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lois to armenia avenues and now the lanes are back open including one new lane for drivers. d.o.t. hopes the changes will keep drivers from jamming up in the area. and strong gusts of winds causing rough seas along the coastline. check that out there. that's what it looked like along the courtney campbell causeway this morning. waves catching on the roadway. -- waves crashing on the roadway. >> what happened is, we had a cold front come through overnight and now the winds are coming in and notice there are clouds around that's because the winds are picking up moisture from the gulf and bringing it onshore. wouldn't be out of the question to see a sprinkle between now and lunchtime. there's a gale warning offshore. and then a high surf advisory. we expect seas to build 10 to 14 feet. and higher than average tide.
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so near the coast, you will see the water get higher. and lake wind advisory for inland areas as well. coming in sustained, meaning just a constant wind speed at 15 to 20 miles per hour. and then you get the stronger gusts and you have to really hold on to the steering wheel. up to 30 miles per hour in places. and i mentioned those sprinkles and notice what happens here, this is about 7:30. again, wouldn't be out of the question to see a sprinkle. but at 6:08 in weather and traffic on the 8s, i take you hour-by-hour so you know what to expect no matter what time you go out but it's windy. it is windy. especially across the skyway bridge, high wind advisory in effect there. and look at 275, dale mabry highway. at last check, the off-ramp was blocked. you might have to headache howard armenia or lois instead but we have a fourth lane opened up this morning between west shore and himes and that should ease congestion for rush hour. it's part of the widening project on 275.
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expressway before water, debris on the roadway. that's cleared. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. right now, st. petersburg police are searching for an art thief. someone stole a $25,000 piece from the chihuly collection in downtown st. pete. adrienne pedersen is live there now. do they have an idea who could be response until. >> reporter: good morning, gene. still no arrests and it could take a while. police are combing through surveillance video from 30 different cameras just behind these doors that roll 24/7. once they go through that, they are hoping to get a sketch of what this criminal could look like. in the meantime, visitors are stopping by here, specifically to see the crime scene. >> they said that a piece was stolen. so we figured, might as well take a look because it's like a historical moment, i guess. >> just bring it back. that's all i want.
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might be pouring in today for the same reason. and take a look, this is what the stolen piece looks like. it's worth $25,000 police tell us the heist happened sometime sunday. now you're probably wondering how is it even possible for someone to make it out the door with that art? well, even though the picture makes it look bigger, it's really only about 8 inches. but again, $25,000 they want it back as soon as possible. and as soon as we get the sketch, of course i will release it to you. gene -- >> okay, thank you. new this morning, polk county's school superintendent will face the school board for the first time since she was cleared of sexual harassment. the high-ranking coworker made the allegations. an investigation cleared here and now the school board is expected to decide if it should take any action against the superintendent. in your vote, the first ballot in the new hampshire
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peep people in the tiny town of dixville notch cast their votes at midnight. bernie sanders won all four democratic votes. and on the republican side, ohio governor john kasich beat trump 3-2. the rest of new hampshire will start voting in in a few hours. >> our own news channel 8s candace mccowan is in the granite state following the candidates as they campaign trying to get the votes in the midst of a snowstorm. >> reporter: good morning. it's a snowy primary day here in new hampshire. and it's a day that many residents would like to see come and go. that's because the candidates have been trying non-stop for a while now to get their attention as late as last night, trying to prove to the people here why they should be the next president of the united states. >> donald trump organizes his campaign around disparaging people as a sign of strength. >> we either have a country or we don't.
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and just let me ask you one question about the wall, who the hell is going to pay for the wall? what? >> governor bush referred to what we did in florida to protect against imminent domain abuse, that was my law. >> reporter: voters have been getting phone calls non-stop, people knocking on their doors lightning-stop and on thes on the of mail as candidates try to sway them in their direction. and the big question, how will the snow impact voters? will it keep them at home? donald trump saying at a rally last night, i don't mind if you get hurt, just make sure it's not until after you leave the polls. gene, gayle -- >> all right. thank you so much. well democratic presidential candidate hillary rodham clinton is calling on her husband to help sway voters. former president bill clinton attended several rallies to tout his wife's ability to lead the nation. most polls show hillary rodham
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challenger bernie sanders. clinton is having aa tough time closing the gender gap on the losing end when it comes to young women. senator sanders is using every last minute to highlight his grass roots campaign. in new hampshire, he called on voters to support his political revolution. the 74-year-old wants changes to the country's corruption campaign and banking system. stay with news channel 8 for results of the new hampshire primary. we will have complete coverage with our own candace mccowan. she will have live reports beginning at first at 4:00. and you can stay on top of the results as they come in online and on our app. people near mcdill air force base should expect to hear loud voices later today but they're not in your head either. the 6th air mobility wing will test a giant voice speaker system this afternoon. the loud speakers will be broadcasting test messages. so there's no reason to be concerned at all. the base just wants to check
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coming up on 6:08 on this tuesday morning. dealing with some wind, cooler weather. >> yeah, you may have a hard time hearing the loud voice over the howling wind outside today winds are already here at 6:08 and temperatures aren't that bad. they're in the 50s. the wind makes it uncomfortable and watch what happens hour-by- hour through the day, 51 degrees at 8:00 a.m. you might think on the surface, that's not too cold. but the wind makes it feel colder and we never warm up there. so we will inch up to 55 rise at noon. we will get a little bit more sunshine through the afternoon but that's not helping to warm us up. 58 at 3:00 p.m. and breezy this evening. that's topping the headline, the strong northwest wind with gale warnings, high surf advisory, higher than average tides this afternoon and staying chilly. the average this time of the
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we stay at 58 today and tomorrow and 60 on thursday before we get up into the upper 60s by the end of the week. at 6:08, let's check on traffic on the 8s. we know people need to hold on to the steering wheel with both hands. they certainly do. i have to hold on anyway because it makes me nervous. some travel timing for you in and out of tampa right now. kennedy to ashley off the howard franklin bridge, only a four minute commute. so looks great throughout the tampa area. bearss avenue to i-4, nine minutes. and just want to remind you again, we've got a new construction area here, dale mabry highway, still blocked here at the exit off of northbound 275. but we have an extra lane now, a fourth lane that has opened as of this morning between west shore and himes so it looks different but it's supposed to ease your congestion through rush hour. and a great drive here at the howard franklin bridge. only six minutes to cross it. and that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s.
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well there's more to crossing the finish line at the gasparilla distance classic. >> how the race and your participation is helping the community. and then a cruiseship in the middle of a raging storm. look at the waves too. coming up next, where it's headed right now after being pounded by the giant waves. it's 6:10.
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right now, a cruiseship headed for florida is on the way back to new jersey after riding through a terrible storm. >> yeah, impressive images here. you've got to see this video if you haven't done so already. passengers aboard royal caribbean's anthem of the seas have been sharing the images on social media. news channel 8's lindsey mastis has the morning alert. this sounds like a nightmare. >> reporter: it does, gene. hundreds of people are commenting and sharing this story on our wfla page and it's the topped clicked story on our website. now they're asking why the ship sailed into a dangerous storm in the first place. look at this, waves 30 feet high. tables and chairs toppled over. the cruiseship instructed passengers to stay in their state rooms and wait it out. the whole ordeal lasted 12
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winds of more than 100 miles per hour. and that's similar to a category two hurricane. royal caribbean is refunding passengers now and giving them half off of a future cruise. and now senator bill nelson wants the national transportation safety board to investigate. he wants to find out why a cruiseship would travel into a storm like this in the first place. we are going to continue to follow the story and we will let you know whether the ntsb looks into this and if so, what they find. meanwhile, share the story from our wfla facebook page. >> thank you for sharing. you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. a crane operator is okay after the crane fell into tampa bay. look at this. a web cam caught the accident as the worker was trying to demolish the st. pete pier. the operator backed up too far. that's when the crane just fell backwards.
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the operator jumped off right in the nick of time before the crane actually fell into the water. rescue workers in taiwan begin a fourth day of searching for earthquake survey investigators. they are going through the rubble of a 17-story apartment building. it collapsed during that 6.4 earthquake. a volcano in mexico is causing trouble for travelers. irrelevant sent ash and vapor into the air. the mexico airport shut down. crews were cleaning ash from the runway for about two hours. it's one of the most active in all of mexico. a real tv star is making history as the first-ever female head coach in florida football. lakatriona brunson will be working at miami jackson senior high. you probably know her from the
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and her defensive coordinator, luther campbell, uncle luuuke. did i say that right? >> now you got it. >> she's busy, reality show, football, wow. 8 is on your side as we prepare for the gasparilla distance classic. the race is about two weeks away and while many are focused on the run, news channel 8's josh benson found out that organizers are focused on giving back. >> reporter: soon you will be crossing the finish line in one of the gasparilla distance classic races but the executive director says as the 30,000 runners finish, support for three charities will be starting up once again, the boys and girls clubs of tampa bay, friends of tampa recreation and big brothers and big sisters of tampa bay. >> we want to impact the youth. >> reporter: and they have, raising $4.5 million since the races began back in 1978 with the tampa's girls club. and then the races raised $17,500. last year, the total was $311,000.
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she says it's a win/win for the community. >> because it's gasparilla and because we keep the entry fees manageable, and entire families can come out and do it together. which is what we want. >> reporter: the funds ensure powerful youth programs continue to thrive. >> we served almost 15,000 youth last year. so it's ensuring that we're in the communities that need us most, providing opportunities for great kids. so we use it for daily operations. >> reporter: this event is heavy on logistics but the team involved is passionate. and she says they have this system down. >> we know what it takes. we know what january and february are going to be like. and everybody rises up to the occasion. they might pass out the day after but we know what it takes to make this the event that tampa can be proud of. >> reporter: josh benson, news channel 8. >> that was josh benson reporting. and i think he's running, right? well, there's still time to register for one of the gasparilla races. you can even walk through some of the races.
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and registration is open until this sunday february 14th. >> i'm excited because for the first year, my little ones are coming on the run. >> that's nice. >> and i will use it as an excuse to walk. i don't think they're going to be able to do the a 5k. >> throwing the girls under the bus like that? >> no. >> i heard they want to run. they're going to make you run. >> they'll probably run a little bit, i bet. i have your gasparilla distance classic forecast and it's windy this morning. going to make it tough running into the wind and then you will get it at your back sometime. that will help out. the best time to go today will be in the evening. it will be breezy but not as gusty as right now. inverness. tampa just dropped to 52. and 52 in lakeland. the colder air spreading south. notice north port, it was at 60 and now down 56 degrees.
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as i have been talking about. we are headed toward low tide now and expect a higher than average tide around 3:18. so if you live or head near the water today, the water will be higher. and seas at 10 to 14 feet and gale warning and high surf advisory. the front is to the south but a strong northwest wind is going to keep us from warming up. you may actually bring in some clouds off the gulf of mexico. even a sprinkle possible this morning. and look at the temperature, find your city. you just never get out of the 50s. all day today, you quickly drop into the 40s tonight. and another day with highs in the 50s tomorrow. and look at that, 30s wednesday night. so a long cool snap, leslee. >> got to get the coat out. the skyway bridge, folks. it is windy out there. meanwhile, we want to remind you about 275 today. we've had construction that was tying up the off-ramp at dale mabry highway. we have a fourth lane here
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and himes so it will look different but it should ease your congestion throughout the morning drive. and westbound i-4 near 22nd street in ybor city, a collision there. it's off to the shoulder. and in the parish area at county 675 right at prairie wolf glenn, we have an accident in manatee county. that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. drive-thru. only in florida. what could go wrong? >> yeah, he wasn't placing an order either. the reason the reptile ended up at the restaurant and the prankster who is now in pretty big trouble. and curing jetlag. coming up next, what researchers believe they can do the to your brain to keep you awake after a long trip.
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a study from stanford may have found a cure for jetlag. >> exposing travelers to short flashes of lights helps. it delayed sleepiness by almost two hours the. the light therapy could be used the night before traveling before traveling to trick the brain's bilogical clock. it's one of the only in florida stories we hear about too often, i think. a young florida prankster is facing serious charges because he did the following. are you listening? he threw a live alligator through a wendy's drive-thru window. not even making it up. josh james is the guy. this is him right here. yeah, he's facing, again, serious charge, assault with a deadly weapon. the weapon is the gator. but then his parents stepping in. and they are pleading with people to understand, he's just
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the person he played the prank on. cops aren't buying that and he's stuck with the consequences for now. >> that's probably why josh is like that, it's just josh. >> they started selling gator bites at wendy's, just saying. >> those are good. you should try them. >> wendy's not selling them. totally made that up. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. >> and in the next half hour, new shark attack numbers. where florida ranks in the record-breaking list. and finding the most romantic and unique dates to impress that special someone.
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at 6:28, emoji man says hold on to your hat, very strong winds all day.
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around, gusty, temperatures at 51. when they come home from school, it's still going to be windy with 20 to 30 miles per hour winds and a high of only 58. so we never warm up today. and tomorrow another chilly day at 58.
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welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. the northbound lanes of 275 are back open after a closure overnight. and drivers have one new lane to use. i know leslee lacey is really excited about this. this is a spot that's been giving drivers a headache for weeks now. leslee, tell us what's going on. >> well, it's part of a widening project right now on 275, folks between the howard franklin bridge and downtown.
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one of the lanes that they had, that was getting traffic by, they have restored that to its original lane and so that's good news and on top of that, we now have a fourth lane. that's right, four lanes here and that's between west shore over to himes. so hope friday that's going to ease congestion out there. and now earlier the dale mabry off-ramp was still blocked. and we have ryan hughes out there driving around. and maybe you can tell us whether or not the dale mabry not. how's it going? morning to you. trying to merge in here right now. and take a look in front of me and you can see there's still some cones here at the dale mabry highway exit. so it appears that it is still shut down but the lanes are reopened which is going to be welcomed by drivers this morning because for the last
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faced bumper to bumper traffic anywhere from about 6:30 to just beyond 8:00. things are running smoothly. the dale mabry highway exit is now reopened so that must have just happened within the last 20 minutes or so. the florida department of traps poor saying saying a lane that was closed is now reopened and -- of transportation saying that a lane that was closed is now reopened and a fourth lane has now opened as well. and hopefully the smooth commute will continue as the morning goes on. back to you for now. >> thank you, ryan. and again, the dale mabry highway off-ramp has been reopened. definitely more vehicles on the roadway but traffic was moving at good speeds. the big issue now is the wind on the skyway bridge. >> on any bridge, any elevated surface, on any street surface, drive.
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sustained. meaning we take an average over time. and in the average, you get the strongest gust, the one that moves the car around a little bit and that's where we're close to 30 miles per hour in cases. and now the winds going forward in time may pull moisture off the gulf of mexico. like around 8:00 this morning, see the blue spot, maybe drizzle or sprinkles through about 10:00 and after, that we will see clear skies but right now, when you just look at the temperature map, you might think that's not cold, low to that's not bad. well we never warm up from there. in fact, the afternoon high still in the 50s. and the wind is going to make it feel uncomfortable. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:38, i will tell you the wind speed forecast. >> thank you so much, leigh. and a deadly train crash in germany is causing chaos as rescue teams struggle to reach the injured. the crash is near an
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and now four hours later, people are being taken by boat and helicopter across the river and into ambulances on the other side. 150 people were injured and so far, eight people are dead. new overnight, the man accused of attacking a 6-year- old girl in a mall bathroom bonded out of jail. 18-year-old rickey thompson is now facing a watery charge. he told police the whole thing was an accident. he explained to police he was there to pick up his young son from zika virus estranged wife when he quote, accidentally went into the women's bathroom. thompson is charged with battery. happening today, crime stoppers of tampa bay will announce a new reward program to fight gun violence in hillsborough county. the program will include tampa, plant city and temple terrace. in 2015, the hillsborough sheriff's office investigated 687 criminal offenses involving a firearm. this morning, a 10-month- old baby is back in her parents' arms after a
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she was in her mom's car when a car jacker stole the car from a laundromat in fort lauderdale. the little girl and the little girl were found not long after a amber alert was sent out. here's something you may want to keep in mind before getting into the water, shark attacks are on the rise. according to data just released by the florida museum of natural history, 2015 set a new record for shark attacks. 98 attacks were reported worldwide. 30 of those attacks were reported right here in florida. and that's almost one-third of the total. according to scientist, the previous record was 88 attacks back in 2000. it's 6:35 on this tuesday morning. it's presidential primary day in new hampshire. people who live in the tiny town of dixville notch, yep,
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their polls opened at midnight. senator bernie sanders won all four democratic votes. on the republican side, ohio governor john kasich beat donald trump for a win of 3-1. interesting to see kasich take the lead here. he didn't fair as well in iowa. and of course keeping a close eye on our florida candidates including marco rubio and jeb bush. exciting day. and also happening today, you will hear the engines revving up in st. pete. st. pete is waving the green flag to grand prix event organizers. construction of the 1.8-mile course around downtown st. pete is scheduled for later today. mayor rick kriseman and colombian juan pack low montoya will be there to install the first block along bay shore drive. it's always a great time. and love is in the air as we get ready for valentine's day.
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plan a romantic date with that special someone. and news channel 8s ryan hughes shows us some of the best places in the bay area to make this volcanoen teen's day memorable. >> reporter: love is in the air and celebration aviation. >> everything seems like it's beautiful from up there. >> reporter: so why not spend this valentine's day up, up and away and bring new meaning to the term love birds if you surprise your significant other with a ride that would hail as the most unforgettable date. celebration aviation owner david justice has been taking couples through calm winds and sunny skies for decades. valentine's day is one of the most popular time for a romantic ride. >> they're beautiful. and it's just the idea of going to just float with the breeze. >> reporter: if heights aren't your thing, try the calm waters of the hillsborough river. >> we've actually become the highest rated water activity according to trip adviser.
6:31 am
eboats tampa and take your boat for a spin around the river, enjoying the sights and sounds of downtown tampa and up close views of the city. >> we are open until 10:00 at night. we're busy all day long but people love to see the night light, especially with the bridges that light up on the river. that's a great time. >> reporter: and anyone can operate the electric boats and they go at a slow speed which allows for an enjoyable and relaxing ride. and for sports fanatics, tampa bay lightning tickets are still available. or head to ybor city for a dog valentine day food tour. walk with your dog and significant other and enjoy cooked by junior chefs and they'll feed your pet too. i'm ryan hugh, news channel 8. >> and love is in the air all this week on news channel 8 today. we want you to meet this couple, this is michael and crystal. michael sent us this photo from
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king on the 7th anniversary of their engagement. valentine. and we want you to share your love story as well. send them to us on social media using the #iheartwfla. you may want to snuggle up with your valentine. it's very windy. the temperatures right now aren't that cold. watch hour-by-hour through the day . starting at about 51 degrees, there's extra clouds around and maybe a sprinkle in morning but the -- sprinkle this morning but they keep us from warming up. we struggle to get to 55 by lunchtime and 58 at 3:00 p.m. that's our high temperature. we never get out of the 50s. and then cooling quickly through the evening and strong winds making dangerous conditions on the water. don't take the boat out today with the gale warning, the lake
6:33 am
the winds out of northwest at about 10 to 20 miles per hour. 30:00, still 10 to 20 miles per hour winds off the gulf of mexico. and then they kids come home from school and you may be driving home with 2520 to 25 miles per hour winds. and -- with 20 to 25 miles per hour winds. that's going to move your car around. so hold on with both hands. let's check in on the morning commute. on the skyway bridge, the high wind advisory. no kite surfing today. >> no, stay away. >> well, we do have a drive that's starting to get busier. let's look at some travel times for you. this is 301 to 275, hitting the brakes, an eight minute commute westbound into the junction. and look at this, on the veterans expressway southbound already busy, ehrlich to 275, up to 13 minutes on the commute there. and let's look at 275 coming off the howard franklin bridge, kennedy to ashley, just four minutes.
6:34 am
fourth lane when you come off of the howard franklin. you're supposed to ease congestion more. and then bearss avenue to i-4 southbound, this is typical about 13 minutes on your drive time. and now this is that lane that i was talking about, it is between west shore and hime, it's all part of the widening project. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. caught on camera, a gas station roof crashing to the ground. coming up, who was caught on the roof at the moment of the impact. plus, the war on the zika virus in the bay area. what's being done today to keep the illness from spreading.
6:35 am
(phone ringing) you can't deal with something, by ignoring it. but that's how some presidential candidates seem to be dealing with social security. americans work hard, and pay into it. so our next president needs a real plan to keep it strong. (elephant noise) (donkey noise) hey candidates,
6:36 am
on top of the spread of the zika virus in our communities. >> we are now getting weekly updates and these are the latest numbers. 16 case of zika virus reported in florida, including three cases here in hillsborough county. and now to aid in the fight against the spread of zika, president barack obama is asking congress for $1.8 billion. >> yeah, there's a big national push. and a lot is being done here in the tampa bay area to keep the virus from spreading locally. lindsey mastis is joining us now instudio. that's happening on our home front. >> reporter: today in pinellas county, 8 on your side is going to be meeting with mosquito control and the health department. and they're going to show us what they're doing to help prevent the zika virus from spreading. in hillsborough county, they're setting more ground traps and that's because the type of mosquito that carries zika likes to go after targets from about the waist down. and right now, there are 65 traps in hillsborough county. but the weather is affecting how many are being captured.
6:37 am
not favorable for trapping the mosquitoes outside. when it's too cold, when it's windy and when it's rainy. >> reporter: hillsborough is also spraying in areas where there are confirmed cases. right now, everyone in florida with zika actually got it from somewhere expels none of the confirmed -- somewhere else and none of the confirmed cases include pregnant women. the goal is to keep it that way. 8 on your side will have new information on what pinellas county is doing. look for the updates on our news app and starting on first at 4:00. >> florida is a travel destination. the biggest concern is people coming in from other places. >> reporter: absolutely. we want to make sure they're not getting bit and having it spread. >> all right. thank you. and 8 on your side has you covered on the zika virus with more information on there we have also included more details on the virus and how to prevent the spreading of it. you have got to see this incredible surveillance video.
6:38 am
that is the roof over the outdoor portion of the gas station, over the pump, collapsing. there's a car in the middle there. no one was seriously injured but there was someone on the roof. you can see there's a maintenance worker on the top left of that roof there when the structure gave way and collapsed over the car. amazingly, the worker suffered only minor injuries and no one else was hurt. an suv takes a dive into a pool. this happened in college station, texas. and just check out where the car ended up. yep, police explained the 69- year-old man lost control of his chevy tahoe, drove over a curb through a metal fence and into the backyard pool. listen to this, according to the driver, loose groceries hit him while he was driving. got to watch out for the flying bananas. a nearby neighbor was able to help the man out. and it took the tow truck more than an hour to get the suv out of the pool. happening today, president
6:39 am
proposal. the president is facing many challenges before he prepares to leave office next winter. he is facing stiff opposition from the republican-lead house. homeownership is on a downward slide. a new report from shows 40% of middle aged americans don't own a home. the reason, well, they can't afford the down payment and many have bad credit. all right, pizza lovers unite, it is national pizza day . one of my favorite foods. week. whether you're planning lunch or dinner, pizza is a favorite. it's the top comfort food. according to a report, one in eight americans consume pizza on any given day. so, yeah. whether from the freezer or over the phone, today is the day.
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spot downtown with gluten-free pizza. traveling in style. in baby two-toed sloth is making his way to pittsburgh. look how cute. i'm just a sloth. he will play a key role in educating programs as an ambassador for the rain forest species. the sloth will make his public debut on friday. it's 6:48. >> and it is windy. and the sun is just starting to the peek over the horizon. see the clouds and check in on the wind speeds there, northwest at 20 miles per hour. so if i told you it was 51 degrees you might not think that's that chilly but the wind will make it feel uncomfortable, the clouds and maybe a few sprinkles. but we never get to warm up. 55 degrees, still windy at noon as we see more sunshine. and chilly and breezy all day. and a high of only 58. so not that much warmer this afternoon than now. colder air continues down the peninsula and notice we're in the upper 40s in the northern spots. and mid-50s farther south.
6:41 am
to spread in and it's very strong northwest winds. rich in oldsmar says 53 degrees, northwest winds 15 to 25 knots and leading seas 10 to higher than average tides throughout the day because we have this cold front to the south and the winds are off the gulf of mexico. that's going to push the water from the gulf a little higher tide throughout the day and turn the seas up. and that could bring in extra clouds throughout the day but the big story is the cold wind all day, even colder tomorrow morning and we stay at 58 tomorrow. cold thursday before we see a little warm-up friday and saturday, leslee. all right, looking at traffic right now. use caution across the skyway bridge, both hands on the wheel, it is windy. and northbound 275 just in case you're just waking up with us this morning, we have a fourth lane open here, 275 from west
6:42 am
congestion and that's new as of today. and i-4 hitting the brakes through ybor city. and a look at hillsborough avenue at 50th street. we have an accident there. and also as we move back here, i want to you see that southbound i-75 is slow and coming away if fletcher and fowler. and then northbound where we have an accident right at fowler. but down to 31 miles per hour southbound. that's typical through the new tampa area. and also here, westbound i-4 near 22nd street, a crash that's off to the should. and again, heavy through ybor and south on 275. and on highway 60 at dover road, we've got a collision as well. and then also taking a quick look down here in manatee county, one on pray degree -- prairie wolf, 675. and what you need to know next. break. plus, a beautiful piece of
6:43 am
how police are trying to track down the thief.
6:44 am
new this morning, a brand new lane for commuters on i-275 near downtown tampa. >> this is the update many drivers have been waiting for. ryan hughs is joining us live. ryan, this area has been a problem for weeks. >> reporter: gayle, good morning to you. a very good update, it has been a problem but take a look at it live right here now. it's almost the 7:00 hour. when we were driving this live for you a few weeks back, it was sluggish but as you can tell, it's free flowing right now. that's because the florida department of transportation just opened a lane that was used for construction and a fourth lane. so the traffic nightmare people have been experiencing in the
6:45 am
live in tampa, i'm ryan hugh, news channel 8 today. the man accused of attacking a 6-year-old girl at the country side mall is out of jail on bond this morning. 18-year-old rickey thompson is facing a battery charge. police believe he's the man who walked into a bathroom and put his hand over the girl's mouth. thompson claims it was an accident. he told police he was at the mall to pick up his son from his estranged wife. investigators are looking for whoever is behind a art heist in st. pete. a glass and will up which you are worth $25,000 is gone. it disappeared from the chihuly collection in tampa is gone. the first votes are in for new hampshire's primary. people in dixville notch cast their ballots at midnight. senator bernie sanders won the democratic vote. ohio governor john kasich won on the republican side.
6:46 am
to donald trump's two votes. and news channel 8 will have coverage of the results tonight live in our newscast. candace mccowan is in new hampshire right now. tune in for her reports beginning at first on 4:00. and. today is fat tuesday. and that means mardi gras. more beads. the parades started weeks ago in new orleans and this is the last day of the carnival season. thousands of people in costumes take to the streets in over the top floats, throwing bead, moon pies and goodies. where is the rc? >> exactly. looks like fun. it is really windy. lakeland, 21 miles per hour sustained winds. we're seeing 15 to 20 elsewhere, that's sustained. and now i'm going to put in the gusts, where you buffet the car around a little bit, that's where you get up to 25 to 30 miles per hour. so be prepare for the the wind this morning and maybe extra clouds and light showers at 8 :00. by noon, we start to clear things out but we never warm up.
6:47 am
and it's going to stay windy today, tomorrow still windy, a high of 58. and we see a warm-up friday and saturday, and then another cold front for puerto vallartaen teen's. ehrlich to i-4, slow through ybor city, 301 the 275, five minutes. a crash westbound hillsborough avenue at 5th street, it's in lanes. 275 busy. and of course, northbound 275 as ryan was telling us, we have the extra line. and that's from lois, actually from west shore to lois. >> mardi gras today means lent starts tomorrow. what are you giving up? >> sweets. >> my dignity.
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