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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  March 2, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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ba da ba ba ba good morning and d welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. we have breaking news this morning. >> fire-rescue posted pictures of a mobile home. as you can see, there is very little left. investigators remain on the scene this morning to determine the cause of the fire and to identify those found inside. we are there checking for updates and we will bring them to you as soon as we get them throughout the morning herere on news channel 8 today. >> yeah, this is a picture of a mobile home in polk county where two bodies were found.
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the race for the white house are gaining momentum afafter super tuesday. hillary rodham clinton and donald trump have the most wins this morning. both candidates were in florida when they spoke to supporters. >> i'm a unifier. i knknow people are going to find that hard to believe. >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. >> senator ted cruz picked up a much needed win in his home state of texas as well as in oklahoma. riright now, cruz is predicted to win alaska. marco rubio won the minnesota a caucus. testimony continues today in the erin andrdrews pepeephole trial. she is suing marriott hotels and heher stalker over the naked video of heher posted to the internet. erin is the daughter of our investigative reporter steve andrews. her emotional testimony is now over but the trial is expected to last through the week.
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bay rays kick-off spring training games today. the team will take on the washington nationals. game time is 1:50. and more exciting news about the rays we're going to tell you about later. should be a nice warm day for all of the spring training games. lakeland, 59. how about 63 in inverness. 57 in wimauma. here's perspective, in inverness, you are e 20 degrees warmer than you were at 4:00 yeyesterday morning. yeah, a lot warmer. 10 degreeees warmer in bradenton. and extra clouds as well, a thin layer of clouds ahead of this cold front. just a sprinkles in southern georgia across the big bend of florida. as the front comes through, about a 10% rain chance. highs today 75 which is the average for thisis the time of the year.
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at 4:08, i takeke you hour-by- hour through the wednesday. and meredith is in for leslee. thanks for coming in. >> absolutely. it's a mixed bag in terms of traffic at 4:00. let's get you started with a live look at ongoing construction. no big surprise here, 275 near the airport exit. you can see crews onscene. they should be wrapped up and out of the way by 5:00 a.m. we do have an accident in pasco county. the sheriff's office reporting congress shut downwn pine hill to ridge road. scoot over the ususe regency park. if you travel the bay area bridges this morning, no problems. courtney campbell, howardrd franklin and gandy in the green indicating no delays. gayle, gene, back to the you. >> thank you. in your vote, reresults are pouring in and already big wins for presidential candidates democrat hillary rodham clinton and republican fronont-runner donald trump.
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tuesday. trump won in arkansas, virginia, massachuhusetts, wow. from alaska. though the victories put trump nomination. >> despite trump's victory, republican senator ted cruz is not conceding. he claimed victories in delegate-r-rich texas, his home state and oklahoma and right t in alaska. in his speech, he congratulated trump and called on voters and the other republican candidates to come together. >> for ththe candidates who hahave not yet won a state, who have not raracked up significant delegate, i ask you to prayerfully consider our coming together, uniting. [ applause ] >> to our senator marco rubio won in minnesota.
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race. >> well on the democratic side, hillary rodham clinton came out the big winner of the night. she wrapped up victories in texas, arkansas, massachusesetts, tennessee. in the next half hour, live stick around for that. 8 on your side is working video. it shows a fight betweeeen students at a hillsborough county school. one mom tells us, it also includes at least one parent. take a closer look. tiffany tells 8 on your side that you can see the dad in the black shirt slam one of the boys and argue with the resource officer. she wants the dad to face charges but it's been a month and nothing soso far. we asked the hillsborough county sheriff's office and they tell us, they are investigating. happening totoday, the civil
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emotional days of testimony by sportscaster erin andrews. she is suing the owner and operatoror of the nashville marriott for $75 million after a stalker recorded nunude video of her and posted that online. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is following this story fofor us lilive from the tampmpa nenews center. our hearts go out to erin and her famimily. we know her dad very well, our own investigative reporter steve andrews. >> reporter: that's right. and we now know how much erin andrews has changed after the nude pictures and video went viral online. and while on the stand, she revealed she lives in fear. listen to what she does now when she travels for work. >> cover the peephole. and then dodo a check of the room. i look for lilights. i look for red lights. i look to see if there's cameras. i check the bed, the alarm clock, the phone.
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>> reporter: during a brief cross-examination, the hotel's attorneys argued that the blame lies with the stalker. that's despite the hotel agreeing to give him a room next to her's without informing her. and they claim it didn't damage her career but andrews insists that's only because she focused on work to take her mind ofoff of the videdeo. jurors will have to decide whether the hotel shouldld pay $75 million for negligencece. we have a closose eye on the case and we will have updates about what happens today beginning at first at 4:00. >> yeah, thank you. well this morning an asis at thahat particular time fire chief -- an assistant firere chief is off the job.b. he resigned amid accusations he stole a $3$3 energy drink.
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5-hour energy drink in his pocket and walked out. he claims he simply forgot to pay. still mild out there. >> it. and you know there, are a few more clouds this morning and this is ahead of a cold front. but unlike the cold fronts the past few week, this one you're barely going to notice. hour-by-y-hour through the day, 10% rain chance, 63 degrees at 8:00 a.m. so already warmer this morning ththan yesterday. and we still keep in the 10% rain chance as the front pushes south through the tampa bay area and the 10% chance cocontinues until about 4:00 p.m. as temperatures climb up to 75. but behind the front, it starts to get breezy and the temperatures fafall quickly through the evening. topping the headlines is the fact that the cold front is going to be barely noticeable. and still mild behind it, highs in the mid-70s. and d another cold frfront friday which will also only bring us a beautiful weekend ahead. and boy, this timeme of yeyear near
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74 thursday and frididay. and back toto 75 on saturday. hopefully you have some outside plans. and now it's 4:08, so let's check on traffic c on the 8s. it's early this morning. >> it's dark and early. traffific is really light as you might imagine. for the early commuter, this is what you u look like at the downtown junction, southbound 275. exititing on to i-4, very, very light trtraffic for yourur early commute. if y you travel on our bay area bridges, you will want to know that you'rere looking greaeat about a six to seven minute travel time across the courtney campbell causeway, howard franklklin and gandy bridge as well. still keeping an eye on an accident that is not here along i-4. v very quiet, looks like perhaps we're not loaded up. but let's give you travel times. westbound i-4 between 98 and i- 75, 23 minute trip.
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looking great out of pasco county, wesley chapel between 54 and 275 currently a light 10 minunutes. gayle, genene, back to you. scammers hit another bay area gas station. >> where detectives found a skimmer designed to steal your information. >> and then a cruiseship cursed? the ship cutting a trip short again and why. local county leaders want to turn this decades-old
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it's 4:13 on this wednesday morning. manatee county workers may soon not have to go far for basic health care needs. the county has been working to build an onsite clinic for employees. it could save taxpayers millions of dollars over the years. >> reporter: right now, it's old brick and wood and a lot of
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leaders want to transform this dedecades-old building for a onsite health clinic for each and every employee. >> it will reduce the cost to our taxpayers. >> reporter: kim hahas worked for years to get the idea off the ground. the clinic would be housed in the old meryl lynch building. county workers could stop in for basic medical needs and it may y help cut cost. >> they have a headache, a sore throat, a sinus infection, they could come in and see a physician and get a prescription and get back to work. >> reporter: this is the manatee county administration building. they could walk a few steps here to get care. the clinic wouldn't replace an employee's primary care physician. it would be a quick-care facility. some residents wish the services could be theirs too. >> what about the rest of the county residents? they still have to go to the emergency room and get their obamacare? >> is it the best use of the tax dollars that it's being targeted for the very spepecific
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>> reporter: 8 on your side learned the county anticipates it will cost nearly $3 millllion to renovate the building and it will take three years to get a return on that investment. pasco county opened two wellness centers for county employees and saved more than $900 in health care cost in the first year alone. more than 4,000 employees have already visited. reporting in bradenton, ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> thank you. this isn't a go just yet. commissioners first hahave to approve e funding and there's bebeen some opposition by local doctors who feel it will take business away from their practices. well, this morning an 8 on your side consumer alert that will have you checking your credit card statements. another skimimmer is found at a gas statioion in the bay y area. detectives found t the device on a a pump at a rally convenience store on main street. they believe it was installed between 6:30 a.m. anand 4:50 p.m. on monday. the device was fofound yesterday.
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rereminded to check their credit card and bank statements for unusual transactions. another trip cut short. this time severe weather and a norovirus outbtbreak are to blame for the anthem of the seas returning to port early once again. more than a hundred passengers are sick with the virus. on top of that, ththe cruise line claims it cut the trip two days short because of an anticipated storm. remember thihis cellphone video of furniture tossed around and waves crashing into the windows? yeah, royal caribbean is still dealing with the fallout. it's the same ship sent home eaearly. quite a scare for a sushi restaurant in south florida. check this out. this suv comes crashing through the front door.
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the restaurant is closed until it can make repairs to all that damage you see there. no one was hurt. a young north carolina woman is making history as the first female combat engineer. >> the role requires her to detonate explosives. before last november, 14 role was closeded to november. she -- november, this role was closed to november. >> i was alreready interested in the military since i was younger. and this opportunity came up and i took it. >> she wasn't told she would be the first woman ever because recruiters wanted her to follow her heart. she graduates high school in may and then she will be shipped d to basic traiaining this summer. >> making history at an early age. talk ababout history-making events here, the tampa bay rays are headed to cuba. for the first time in 17 year, a major league baseball team will play in cuba and it's our home team.
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scheduled for march 22nd. that's when the rays will take on ththe cuban national team. espn plan to carry thisis liveve. and you might recognize a fafan. president barack obobama tweeted he will be at the game. our own keith cate is traveling to cuba to cover the president's s historic game. 8 is on your side with complete coverage of all the changes taking place in cuba. eveverything happening down. at 4:18, let's keep an eye on the weather. >> that is awesome. can't wait to see that. this morning, we have something that i'm watching but not a huge weather maker which after all the very strong cold fronts, it's fine with me. a thin layer to of clouds, around 36 degrees. and more clouds around lunchtime because that's when the cold front itselflf is coming through. maybe a 10% chance of a stray shower. and behind the front during the
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75. in lakeland, around 95 degrees. again, -- around 59 degrees, again, warmer than yesterday. sarasota a toasty 65. and bob in vevenice at 63. so here are the clouds i was talking about. during the day today, here comes this cold front. of rain. this is just after lunchtime. and when the coldld front is coming through, you will get a batch of clouds. tomorrow morning, you will feel a slight chill in the air but tomorrow will be mild and sunny and despite another cold front coming through friday, we are in for a gorgeous weekend. memeredith is in for leslee with traffic on the 8s. >> i am. a i look at i-4 at i-75, both of those are looking great. and we have road construction here, airport exit off of 275, thatat should wrap up and be out of your way soon and it's not affecting 275. great news there. all good on the veterans
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so smooth sailing out of pasco where where it's the sun coast parkway. turnrns into the veterans expressway here in hillsborough county. whatever you want to call it, it looks good. you may be calling it something later as we run into rush hour but not right now. we do still have an accident here in pasco, congress closed between pine hill and ridge. scoot over and use rowan roroad, aka regency park as the best alternate route. >> thank you. tataking emojis to the e next level. and an important recall for pet owners. up next, the device that mamay be dangerous to your fish.
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aquarium owners. those using top thin power filters need to hear this. hundreds of thousands are being recalled for shock hazards. so far, no i injuries to people have been reported. the e models were sold exclusively atat petsmart. the geneva auto show always boast spectacular cars with mind-boggling price tags. they are nice to look at it.
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it can reach speeds of 260 horsepower. get this, it cosost $2.6 million look. that's about it. the emoji craze has not slowed down and with a new proposal in place, you could be using them more. specialists are submitting plans that would make you the star of your own set of customized emojis. that's right, you could edit them to look like you. and we have taken part. there's gene eating pancakes. > good morning. >> it's breakfast. hello, hollar. >> hello from the other side. >> i love pancakes. >> me too. >> good morning eveverybody. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutetes away. plus, a lot of things keep us awake at night. coming up, the e one thing that improves your safety and security that may make it harder to fall asleep.
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scott kelly's homecoming and where he landed after plummeting to earth at about
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4:2828. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. getting the kids to the bus stop today, it will be significantly warmer for them, right around 36 degrees and a thin layer of clolouds ahead of a cold front. but that cold front is only going toto bring a 10% rain chance. there will be extra clouds during the day and a high of 75. even emoji man says barely going to notice this cold front. look how bored he is. a 10% rain chance today. zero tomorrow. and 10% friday with another front. meredith, how is traffic on the 8s? emoji man might be bored on the roadways but that's a good thing. 75 through braiden area looks fantastic. about 10 minutes to cross the
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looking great on 275. some travel times in hillsborough county, westbound i-4, this is from 7575 in through downwntown, just eight minutes. southbound 275, bearss to i-4, you're watching news channel 8
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it's 4:30. two pepeople are dead after a fire at a mobile home in lakeland. you are looking at live pictures of what is left of that mobile home. destroyed. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. news channel 8's ryan hughes just pulled up to the scene in the last half hour. ryan, what are you learning about the victims out there? >> reporter: gene, good morning to you guys. me.


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