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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  March 2, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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it's 4:30. two pepeople are dead after a fire at a mobile home in lakeland. you are looking at live pictures of what is left of that mobile home. destroyed. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. news channel 8's ryan hughes just pulled up to the scene in the last half hour. ryan, what are you learning about the victims out there? >> reporter: gene, good morning to you guys. me.
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you can see it is destroyed in this early morning fire. we are told that somebody was driving by around 1:15 this morning when they saw the place in flames. it was probably half engulfed at that point and roughly 10 minutes later, the e entire building was engulfed in flames. we are told that at this point, two people were inside, they died, an adult male and adult female as well as a dog also deceased. there were two dogs on the outside. they were injured but they are apparently doing okay at this hour. right now the polk county sheriff's crime scene investigation unit is here onscene investigating. they don't know if it was an accidental fire or deliberately set. clearly a long road ahead for the sheriff's office and for the state fire marshall who is here onscenene. we will continue e to gather ininformation. once we get more information on this fire, we will let you know. but to recap, two people and a dog dead in this early morning fire. . back to you guys. >> very tragic. all right, we look forward to more updates from you. thanks, ryan.
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meteorologist leigh spann ststanding by. >> good morning. when you step outside, you will notice the difference. it's much warmer than yesterday morning. 62 in winter haven and bartow. brooksville, one of the cooler spots at 57. 65 in tampa. 67 st. pete. look what a difference. you're four degrees warmer in lakeland than this time yesterday but inverness is 20 degrees warmer and 10 degrees warm in bradenton. here's what's happenening. this is around 6:00 this morning. just some patchy high thin clouds. by 8:00, here comes the cold front. when it passes through the area like it should do north of i-4 before lunchtime, you might see extra cloudsds. i left in a 10% rain chance. during the afternoon, the front pushes south and maybe extra passing clouds. another than that, only a 10% rain chance. 75 degrees today. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i will take you eight days
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cold front affects us. what's a affecting us on the roadways? >> not much. pasco county, still dealing with an n accident that the highway patrolol is working. and there's road block on congress between pine hill and ridge. use regency park as an alternate. and wrapping up overnight road work near west shore mall. not impacting 275. you can see everything isis moviving along just fine there. crickets here along i-4 at i- 75. looking great. great time to get out the door. this is going to change in about two hours. gayle,e, gene, back to you. >> crickets. like that. thanks. now to your vote, donald trump on top after a big super tuesday. he solidified his posisition with seven key victories. we're talking about arkansas, virginia, massachusetts,
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>> the i'm going to win all of these states with tremendous numbers and come in the worst is second in the two or three i might not win, i think, you know, , we're a democracy. >> hillary rodham clinton also won seven states. her biggest victory, texas. the democratic front runner also took arkansas, virginiaia, massachusetts, alabama, georgia and tennessee. at a rally in miami, she used her speech to take aim at her republican opponents. >> i believe deeply that if we resist the forces trying to drive us apart, we can come together to make this country work for everyone, the struggling, the striving and the successful. >> clinton says she is now focusing on the upcoming democratic primaries here in florida and michigan. and other winners overnight include sesenator sanders and senator ted cruz and our own
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first state, minnesota. >> yeah, our national correspondent is live from the news channel 8 dc bureau to break down the votes for us. what a night. >> reporter: yeah, it was incrcredible. and especially great night t for florida senator marco rubio. of course, a a few neck in neck races but all in all, a good night for donald trump and hillllary rodham clinton. each candidate already starting to talk like it's the general election. take a look. >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. [ applause ]. >> you know what, it works. instead of building walls, we're going to break down barriers. >> i am a unifier. once we get all of this fifinished, i'm going to go after one person, that's hillary rodham clinton on the assumption she's allowed to run. >> reporter: as you both mentioned, trump won seven states. the new york billion yard was popular in the south, having big wins in georgia and
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senator ted cruz did well in his home state of texas also winning oklahoma and just formally winning alaska. senator marco rubio won his first state, minnesota. a much-needed win as he and cruz will continue to compete to be the republican party's trump alternate. and hillary rodham clinton won seven ststate, sasanders won four. clinton still has a really big delegatete lead ahead of sanders but because ofof the fourur wins he's had and record-breaking fufund raising for the last month, he is not dropping out any time soon. there are still l 35 more states left to vote. and i don't think unless -- there's always a possibility but it doesn't look like any candidate is going to drop out after last night. everything stays competititive. the key votes or the key races coming up are going toto be right there in floridida and also ohio on the republican siside when trump takes on senator r rubio and ohio goverernor john kasich in their home states.
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from last night, it sounds like most of the candidates are staying in the race and trying to get every single last vote. our own primary in just a few daysys here inin florida. >> reporter: absolutely. absolutely. and plus not only florida but on the same day, march 15th, you have ohio, north carolina, illinois, a lot of big delegate numbers in those states. you could definitely sesee the possibibility that if it's going to be trump or clinton, they might formally be ththe nominee on that night. >> okay, we will watch and see what happens. thank you. wewell our primary is still nearly two weeks away. early voting is already happening in hillsbsborough and polk counties. in hillsborough county, , more than 53,000 people have already taken advantage. you u can find more informrmation about florida's march 15th primary including where to vote on our website, 8 on your side is working to get answers about this video. it shows a fight between students at a hillsborough county school.
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includes at least one parent. and that's's where she has a major issue. newsws channel 8's josh thomas joining g us live from hillsborough school board headquarters t this morning. josh, a lot of questions right now. >> reporter: yes, certainly a lot of questions and we are certainly asking those questions of both the school and the hillsborough county sheriff's office. and now the video happened at east bay high school in gibsonton. let's look at the video right now. the nasty fight broke out and involved multiple people. it w was captured on video at that school in gibsonton. in the video, you can see punches were thrown by the student bus mother of one of the boys told us it wasn't a fair fight because of the man you see in the black shirt. she claims he's s the father of one e of the other boys. she is seen slamming her son to the ground and she wants to know why he is not facing any charges. >> to me, you know, i see all the time where parents are arrested for jumping into
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but at the fight on school grounds. >> reporter: now we contacted the hillsborough county sheriff's office and we are told they are looking into the matter. we will check with them later today and d give you an update on this latest situation. >> the video shows a lot. thanks, josh. well time now to turn thinings over to leigh spann and check on your mid-week weather. >> and you know, we have some changes today, they're just not going to be huge changes. let me walk you through the day. alreready warmer with a thin layeyer of clouds out there. i left in a 10% rain chance up until about 3:00, 4:00. but what you will mainly notice is a layer of clouds that comes in as a cold front passes through the area. lunchtime. and 75 at 3:00 p.m. but behind that, the winds start to pick up from the northwest and temperatures fall quickly during the evening. and there arare a lot t of spring training games going on, including the raray. but the local game, , bradenton, the tigersrs and pirates.
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in sarasota, the braves veverses ththe orioles. yes, there's a 10% rain chance but mostly we have just some extra clouds and low to mid- 70s. tempmperatures running right at average over the next couple daysys. average is 75. we are 75 today. 74 thursday and friday. . back to 75 saturday. . long range we do trend a little warmer up to 80 by tuesday. we will check in now on trtraffic on traffic on the 8s to make sure everything is smooth sailing this morning. >> yeah, we're all good. how much fun are the spring training games and you can't beat the weather right now. >> this is why people come to the area this time of year. >> welcome everyone. we want to let you know early morning, fantastic time to be traveling here, 275 at i-4 in downtown tampa. two hours from now, it will be all jammed upup 275. get out the dooror early inin you cacan. we want to shshow you the bridges also looking good from top to bottom, courtntney campbell caususeway, about 10 minutes.
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and gandy, fiveve to six minutetes as well. and widening up the shot to show you 75 southbound at the apex, up to speed ouout of pasco into hillsborough county. anotother update in a couple minutes. gayle, gene, back to you. >> okay, thank you. living in a well-lit area sounds like a safe thing but it may not be that great for your health. >> why coming up. also -- >> i had never seen the sky squirrel so pretty. >> the amazing story of a louisiana woman who survived last week's devastating tornadoes. how she did it. but first, welcome back earthling. that's right, astronaut scott kelly back on that's right morning. how he is doing and what is next for the american astronaut after spending almost a full year in space.
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roasted florida vegetables complete a delicious meal. visit for more great recipes. and remember, delicious is always served fresh from florida. new this morning, astronaut scott kelly is back on solid ground and he's headed to houston n today. he landed safely overnight along wiwith two fellow astronauts. >> yeah, kelly y spent nearly a year at the international space
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prolonged time in space affects people's bodies. >> it's got to be good against the wrinkles. >> i would think so. sign me up. news channel 8's lindsey mastis has the information in the morning alert. >> reporter: astronaut scott kelly won't arrive in houston until late tonight but right now, #yearinspace is trending here in tampa on twitter. we will be tracking his return home all day today. >> scott kelly, back on mother earth after 340 days in space. >> reporter: kelly kept smiling, even helped position himself so he coululd be carried to a chair. he is gigiving the thumbs up. . before landing, nasa shared the video of the undocking. his entire journey is being documented. he revealed that he has to undergo tests when he gets back to houston but he is planning to jump in his pool once all that is done. and then on friday, he's going to talk about his 340 days in space. and he will answer questions on
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so that means you can ask kelly questions too. he promises to keep us updated on social media. i'm going to keep checking and let you know if he posts any selfies this morning. gayle -- >> i love this guy. so engaging. thank you. you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #58 all right. happenining today -- search the #8alert. happening today, spring training games. >> yep, fans are excited to get this season started. we saw the excitement at fanfest this weekend where hundreds showed up to meet their favorites from the tame. they are ready for the season to get underway later today. the rays host the washington nationals in charlotte county at 1:05 this afternoon. the rays came off last season with 80 wins and 82 losses. fans hope for a better season this go round. and they'll wonderer bond -- theyey wonder what will happen to the ray's home stadium.
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will they stay in st. pete or move to tampa? >> they're so close by for us. we're like 10 minutes from the stadium. if we decide to go a game one night, we can go. so i would regret if they move to tampa but i understand. >> well, our dan lucas will be at the game and we will have his reports starting tonight on first at 4:00. this morning, an important health alert, your occupation could put you at a a higher risk of cardiovascular disease. new data from more than 5,000 people over the age of 45 shows sales and service workers have more risk factors for heart disease and stroke than those in management or otheher professional jobs. tranansportation workers have the highest smoking rate among all occupation types. and 90% of police and firefighters are overweight. those same lights that brighten the midnight streets
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interrupting your sleep. a new study out of stanford university interviewed more thanan 15,000 people on their sleeping habits. peopople living in well-lit areas wewere more likely to sleep lessss than six hours a night and be more dissatisfied with their sleep p qualitity. the titime is 4:48 on this wednesday morning. and it sure is mildld out there. >> it is. it's stilill dark so hopefully you got some good sleep last night but notice when the sun comes up, it will be a few degrees warmer than yesterday and actually a layer of clouds. 36 degrees at 8:00 a.m. as the -- 63 degrees at 8:00 a.m. while the front is passing through the area, the clouds will get a little thicker for a short period of time. 72 rise at noon. 75 at 3:00 p.m. so still mild but the winds will start to pick up from the nortrthwest. so as gayle mentioned, it's warm now, 58 bartow. 65 in tampa.
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here's the front i'm tracking. high thin clouds spreadading across the area and a few degrees warmer. notice where the front is, that's where the extra cloudsds are. watch it as it heads to the sosouth. winds from the northwest. tomorrow morning, about 10 degrees coolerer than now but the afternoon should be pleasant at 74, lower humidity. a secondary front on friday brings a beautiful weekend. lelet's check in now with meredith with traffic on the 8s. and we want to give you an update on the road construction near the west shore mall as promised. they have wrapped up here. usually they do byby 5:00 a.m. no problems along kennedy anand 275. as a matter of fact, throughout the bay area, our interstates are looking great.t. so we want to gigive you some drive times. getting started here with i-4, westbound, this is going to be out of polk coununty between 98 and i-75, you're looking fantastic withth the 22 minute drive.
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southbound 75 between 54 anand 275 at the apex, looking fantastic with a 10 minute trip. of course, we will keep you updated all l morning long. for now though, gayle, gene, back to you. >> thank you so much. well a woman in louisiana is thankful to be alive. she survive when had a tornado passed over her outside of a hardware store. david owns the ststore. this is what the store used to look like. and then this. destroyed. he was able to get all employees to the safe areas in the building with just seconds to spare. but here's where it gets scscary, she had just dropped off fedex deliveries at the same hardware store. when she walked outsidide, she noticed the sky swirling around her. she tried running back inside but it was too latete. the doors were locked. with no other choice, she stood outside next to a vending machine and prayed for the
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>> well, i got this made for you. >> god us in his hands the whole time. >> he did. he did. >> love you. i'll never forget this. >> you will always be part of our family. >> that's beautiful. >> beautiful moment. >> yeah, she did not know him prior to this but they have established an unforgettable bond. >> i bet. and to think that she thought, let me hide and hope for the best here. >> isn't ththat incrcredible. and i love the way people come together when there's tragedy and horrible things that happen, you can count on folks to come together during tough times. >> incredible video. it's a full house this morning in california afteter a sheep dog delivers a a record number of puppies. >> super cute. first though, the tampa bay area artist turning a chair in "the voice." you will hear her perform.
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that's right after the break. you're watatching news channel 8
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what is love if you're not really sure >> all right, we are still in the blind audition phase of "the voice." and the one you just heard that's giving me goose bumps
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>> that's a powerful voice for a young girl. . >> isn't it? >> she got christina to turn her chair. wow. >> they can relate. >> yeah, that pop sensation was thrilled to get our local teen on her team. just listen in. >> the voice gods are shinining down on my chair r totoday. look, i'm so hahappy to have you on my team. what were you guys doing, sleeping? what were you doing? >> you are in the best hands. the best hands s for a voice like that. >> thank you so much. >> that is true. she is in the best hands. and you will be sure that you follow her journey. you can watch more blind auditions coming up next monday channel 8. all right, 1717 cups, that's how many -- 17 pupup, that's how many babies a momma dog is now carrying for. six girls. look at that. they're all doing well this
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farms to protect lilivestock when they're old enough. already thinking about their jobs. the man who delivered the litter said the record delivery before this was 12. beautiful. it's 4:55. weather and traffic on the 8s
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a 10% rarain chance today as the weak cold front comes through the area. 75 degrees during the afternoon but cooling quicklkly this evening to a lolow of 54. you're watching news channel 8
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>> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. we have breaking news this morning. two bodies found in a burning mobile home in polk county. this say live picture of that scene and you can just see that charred home. this is on old polk city road in lakeland. we will have a live report on what we're learning about the


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