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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. a duplex fire in tampa. while you were sleeping, flames broke out at a home on north lantana avenue. the red cross is stepping in to help. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. in our other top stories this morning, presidential candidates are putting super saturday behind them and turning their attention to florida. this week, hillary rodham
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will hold rallies in tampa. senator rubio will be in the bay area today after winning puerto rico's delegates and now he is looking to win the sunshine state. >> we're going to win florida. and you will find out on march 15th how confident we are. >> in just a few minute, we will tell you what one republican party spokesman said senator marco rubio needs to win florida's primary. the fight over a sex tape that gained international attention takes center stage in a st. pete court today. opening statements begin today in the hulk hogan verses gawker try. hogan is suing gawker, claiming it violated his privacy by posting portions of a sex tape he was in. remembering nancy reagan, the former first lady died of congestive heart failure over the weekend. she is be buried at the ronald reagan presidential library next to her husband.
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>> yeah, a lot of people will think it's going to be a cool day but not exactly. we will see a fast warm-up and it all has to do with this big area of high pressure. high pressure keeps everything nice and dry and it keeps the cold fronts from getting closer to us and we sit under the dome with clear skies and warming temperatures. so this morning it's cool, 41 in zephyrhills. 55 in tampa. 49 in wimauma. but look at the afternoon, we go well above average to 7 9 degrees. and now in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:08, i take you hour-by-hour to see how fast it does warm up. but i know leslee is going to get you out the door. >> that's right. good drive except for sarasota southbound. but a good drive on the bay area bridges. sarasota, quick reminder, i have been talking about this for over an hour. construction going on and we are starting to see it build. they are trying to wrap it up. but southbound 75 at university parkway, backed up to state road 70 due to the construction.
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neither the interstate as well. and all right, let's go ahead and take a live look at 275 by the 31st street ramp. we had earlier construction here and here. it has cleared. so pinellas county looks fantastic on 275. that's weather and traffic and now back to candace and gayle. >> thank you. happening today, the local trial involving a big name former wrestler and a sex tape gets underway. hulk hogan verses gawker begins in just a few hours and it will put the international spotlight on st. pete. josh thomas joins us outside the courthouse where the case will be heard. it's been a long road to get here. >> reporter: it has been. and while it starts today, this is going to take a while to wrap up the trial. now the former pro wrestler is suing the gawker website over a sex tape it released in 2012. hogan claims the release is an invasion of his privacy.
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of the tape by posting it online. hogan is suing the website for $100 million. the former pro wrestler contends it should not have been made public but attorneys for gawker argue they should be allowed to release it since hogan is a public figure. hogan's attorneys disagree. >> this case is about one video that was posted on a website and whether it was news worthy. that's it. this case isn't about race. >> reporter: now late friday, a jury of six along with six alternates were chose on the hear the case. opening statements in the civil trial are expected to begin at 9:00 this morning. and you can count on news channel 8 to follow the trial throughout the day and have the latest updates on our newscast first at 4:00. >> all right. they're expecting this to take about a month to wrap up. thank you very much. a new phase of erin andrews' peephole trial gets underway today.
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andrews is suing her stalker and the management of the nashville marriott hotel where it happened for $75 million. the sportscaster claims the hotel allowed the stalker to book the room next to hers and he took video of her changing and posted it online. erin andrews is the daughter of news channel 8's chief investigative reporter steve andrews. fire investigators are working this morning to figure out what started a stubborn fire at a tampa apartment complex. the fire broke out not far from usf. firefighters thought they had put the flames but the fire reignited. no one was hurt. the fire forced three families from their apartments. the red cross is helping them out. a law office in palm river has quite the mess to clean up. a wall of the law office is smashed up after a driver on 301 crashed right n into it. the damage -- right into it. the damage is so bad, engineers
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no one was in the building at the time. the driver was hurt but is expected to be okay. investigators are trying to determine why the driver crashed. this morning online world is buzzing about the debate between hillary rodham clinton and senator bernie sanders. >> yeah, it heated up. both candidates spent a lot of time focusing on the lake contamination crisis in flint, michigan where the debate took place. and news channel 8's lindsey mastis joins us live with the morning alert. and with the michigan primary just a day away, last night's debate was important for many reasons. >> reporter: it was. good morning. this is one of the most lively debates so far between clinton and senator sanders and right now, #demdebate is trending here in tampa. and one of the most tweeted moments during the debate came during a discussion about bailouts and the two started bickering. >> if you are talking about the wall street bailout, where some of your friends destroyed this economy --
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>> excuse me, i'm talking. [ applause ] >> the you're going to talk, tell the whole story, senator sanders. >> let me tell my story, you tell yours. >> i will. >> reporter: the debate centered on the contamination crisis in flint, michigan. both candidates are calling for the republican governor to resign or for a recall election because of the water crisis. this all went on as maine held a democratic caucus and senator sanders won the maine caucus. and he also picked up a lot of followers online, more than clinton. you can see here, the republicans also got some attention during the debate as well. donald trump also picked up more followers than hillary rodham clinton. and although it is close, senator sanders got a bigger share of the conversation, 55% verses clinton with 45%. and this was during the debate. and despite this, analysts insist that clinton came out the winner during the debate.
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think won the democratic debate. we are putting a poll on our website, so you can vote. candace -- >> all right. thank you. and you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. today the lightning owner is expected to make a big announcement involving the boys and girls club. the event takes place this afternoon at 2:00. he recently started community initiatives including one called build the thunder. it's a program designed to teach children about hockey. and the tampa bay lightning are trying to keep their winning streak alive. they'll go for a 10th straight win tonight against the fliers in philadelphia. over the weekend, the lightning broke a franchise record when they beat the hurricanes for the bolt's ninth win in a row. what a team we have. it's 6:08. and it's chilly outside. >> a little on the cool side but it's going to warm up quickly. just like the lightning, on a
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temperatures are in the 40s and 50s. but well into the 60s at 10:00 this morning. and then 73 by lunchtime. 79 at 3:00 p.m. the kids come home from school, feels really nice outside. and even through the evening, 70, still at 7:00 p.m. and we will be staying dry, not just today but sunny through friday. and a warm week ahead. after today, we will be 80 or above each afternoon and the humidity, yeah, slowly creeping elevens. uncomfortable levels. temperatures from 79 today to 80s for the week. more vehicles on the roadways but we still have a good drive. not seeing any slow downs except for overnight construction in sarasota which i will get to. right now, 275 at 22nd avenue speed. the howard franklin bridge, very few cars at this point.
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minutes to travel across the water here. and all right, from plant city into downtown, i-4 looks very good, 22 minutes either direction. and over in the sarasota area, let's go ahead and get another look at this back-up, folks, all due to overnight construction here. southbound on i-75. right at university parkway. you are backed up to state road 70 at this point. so if you're leaving the house at this point, head out the door maybe 10 minutes early. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to candace and gayle. a diving nightmare for a florida man. >> ahead, his underwater experience that made him believe he was going to die. and an army of women making a difference in the bay area. >> i thought i'm never going to be a person that lives in their car. and tomorrow marks two years since malaysia airline
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up next, the new discovery that
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another possible part from the doomed malaysia airlines flight mh370 has been found.
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last year claims he has found something else. it comes days after the american claims he found a piece of the plane in mozambique. that piece has not yet been linked to the jetliner that disappeared two years ago tomorrow. the coast guard is no longer searching for a passengerrer who fell from a cruiseship near key largo. the texas man was on the 10th deck of a royal caribbean ship when he fell overboard. crews searched more than 2,000 square nautical miles before calling off the search. a woman is accused of driving drunk when she plowed through a campground at the daytona international speedway. it's a story getting a lot of morning. investigators arrested the 43- year-old of cocoa beach. she is accused of ramming four people. police report a breathalyzer test found she had an alcohol level more than two times the legal limit.
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lawsuit against florida power and light claiming a pipe at a nuclear power plant suck ised him while he was scuba diving. he said he was diving with a friend when the pipe pulled him in. he claimed he tumbled through minutes. >> going to chop me up and kill me. and i just considered, you know, do i pull the regulator out and just die? start thinking about my family. you know, how are they going to survive without me? >> the diver explains the pipe eventually spit him out into a pond at the plant. he is suing fpl claiming that the pipe wasn't properly marked but the company insist he stay away. 8 on your side with inside with a look at an army of women helping to better arm the community. i will show you how the group
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mom around and now she's passing it on. >> i think you used to get inside this. you did. you used to crawl -- you remember crawling in there? place. susan and her 6-year-old daughter elizabeth called the salvation army home after a break-up left her and her daughter no place to live. she had a job and a small amount of savings until a turn of events left them homeless. >> i resolved myself, time to stay in the car. i went to a couple places. i ended up driving to florida just praying, i don't know, is this where i'm supposed to be lord? and i remember driving down to florida and seeing salvation building. had not been there. actually. >> reporter: for nine months, she and her daughter livedded here rebuilding their lives. and a year later, they look at this place as their rock. >> over the last two to the
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nourish more than i ever did in 20 years. >> reporter: i -- started to flourish more than i ever did in 20 years. >> i'm happy to give back. to the organization that really helped my younger daughter and regroup. place to stay. i could work but i could still save money and look and find a place, find an apartment. and i transitioned out. and not only just living but starting to move forward. >> reporter: she plans to continue to be part of that army. the women's group, she is moving forward with an associate's degree, a great job and plans to continue her education at usf. and you can get involved with the group as well. they are putting on a fun fashion show this friday to raise money and awareness and i will be there as the emcee.
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the doors open at 10:30. and i have put more information for you on how you can take need their help. able to help her. >> and that's just one of the many stories. i hope you can come to the fashion show. all the money stays here in our community. it's 6:18. how's it looking, leigh? >> well, the skies are clear and it's just a little bit on the chilly side this morning. but it won't stay that way for long. if you need a light jacket, maybe put the short sleeves on underneath. 56 degrees at 8:00 but notice no jacket for the lunch break, pleasant, 73. and should be feel warm in the sunshine with a high of 79. but having said that, it's 48 in lakeland right now. and 41 in brooksville. there's a chill in the air. and even apollo beach at 47.
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and i checked in with rich in oldsmar, he's cool at 44. but the temperatures through the day today. nice, east to southeast breeze. so notice this morning through about 8:00, we will stay in the low to mid-50s. and then watch how we jump the temperatures quickly, just in two hours by 10:00 a.m., 71 in lakeland. 70 in sarasota. you get to lunchtime, plant city at the strawberry festival, 76. 74 for st. pete. afternoon highs around 3:00, upper 70s to near 80. and this even, takes until 8:00 p.m. to drop back into the 60s. 80 tomorrow. and low 80s for the rest of the week. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? [ no audio ] >> take a look right now out in sarasota.
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to be on the lookout for. this is southbound on i-75. coming away from state road 70, hitting the brakes. it's all due to construction right there at university parkway. so you will want to keep that in mind. you are backed up. so leave the house about 15 minutes early until they can wrap that up. we have a good drive on the howard franklin bridge. no delays. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> thank you so much. well, a unique spa that works to sooth what ails you with beer. >> just not for drinking. the way the spa uses a little brew to help you relax. and a push to protect our personal information isn't taking off like it should. after the break, how many businesses are not using chip card technology, even though
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i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping rme to lead the life that
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a survey finds less than
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now using the credit card chip technology that was intended to fight fraud. only 37s or of bidses are accepting the chip-enabled cards right now. the survey looked at 92 service payment providers that service more than half of the u.s. card- accepting market. businesses were supposed to adopt the technology by last october or face penalties. you might call it a naturally intoxicating experience. you can now kick back and relax at a beer themed spa in oregon called hop in the spa. get the name? hop? customers can immerse themselves in hop-infused spa treatments like body wraps, facials and micro brew soaks. it involves taking locally brewed beer, solidifying it and grinding it up and then using it as a bath brew to soak in. >> i see that taking off. >> do you? like the chocolate ones. >> absolutely. weather and traffic on the
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>> new in the next half hour, buc's quarterback jameis winston is getting in touch with his faith. the big step he took over the weekend. and an 8 on your side consumer alert before you gas up for work. the big change you may notice
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it is 6:28 which means getting kids to the bus stop, they may have a chill in the air, 56 degrees. but the sunshine will warm you to 79 degrees by the time the kids home from school. and emoji man has two thumbs up for staying sunny all week and gradually getting warmer, into the low 80s by tend of the week. how about traffic on the 8s? well, overnight construction is creating a problem in sarasota. we are backed up almost before
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it's southbound, folks, right around university parkway and lanes are taken away. and that's what the back-up is for. and another collision here, but this is off to the side of the roadway and it's at cattleman and fruitville road. and another crash on 75 in pasco. more on that come up.
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good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. >> and i am gayle guyardo. we begin with breaking news. a duplex fire in tampa while you were sleeping. flames broke out at the home on north lantana avenue. someone does live in one portion of the duplex. help. investigators are trying to fire. other top stories this morning, we are just eight days away from florida's presidential primary. in the coming day, expect to
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campaigning here in the bay area. today marco rubio will be at the convention center. north korea threatens nuclear strikes on the united states and south korea. this in reaction to u.s./south korea military drills that start today. north korea argues that the drills are an invasion rehearsal. well, this morning, the nation is mourning the death of former first lady nancy reagan. she died of congestive heart failure at her los angeles home on sunday. her name is still trending this morning. mrs. reagan was 94 years old. time now is 63:00 1 . let's get a check with -- is 63:00 1 . let's get a check with leigh spann. >> look at what a good morning it is. we are just a few minutes from the sun officially coming up from but lakewood ranch, you can see the beautiful sunrise. 54 degrees at this location.
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bradenton, 54. but headed to the strawberry quickly. watson. lone star at 7:30. even by 10:00 a.m. when it open, it will be warming up to 65. point. a warm 79 this afternoon in plant city around 3:00 p.m. and clear and 68 at 8:00 p.m. in weather and traffic on the 8s, i have the eight-day temperature trend for you. we have a good drive except for this problem out in sarasota. it's all overnight construction. i'll get to it in a second. i told you about a new collision in pasco county. an accident on state road 52 east of 75. right at the flying j gas station. be aware of that. not causing delays. south 275 before gandy boulevard, there's a crash off to the shoulder. traffic is moving fantastic through the area, no delays.
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it's all part of the diverging diamond intersection. southbound 75 very sticky from point. i would take 301 instead until they can get that wrapped up. back to candace and gayle. >> thank you. now to your vote. in the race for the white house as candidates turn their attention to our state trying to gain your vote. at a rally in orlando this weekend, donald trump asked supporters to raise their hands and pledge to vote for him. ahead of form's primary in michigan, democrats hillary rodham clinton and bernie flint. clinton accused sanders of industry. happening today, fresh off a victory in puerto rico, senator marco rubio is now focusing on florida. puerto rico residents cannot vote in general elections but
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their vote could reflect the sentiment of other hispanics. today senator marco rubio is holding two rallies today. >> yeah, the first is here in tampa and then he will move to seminole county. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is live from the tampa news center. and lindsey, what do we expect today? >> reporter: good morning. senator marco rubio will hold a rally at the tampa convention center. the doors open at 4:00. it starts at 5:00. he has to fight to win his home state so he will be giving florida a lot of attention. the latest poll in florida, it's from weeks ago so it's hard to tell whether he has picked up any support, especially after his win in puerto rico. and now he is using that victory to drum up more support for his campaign. >> in an open primary where anyone can vote, not just republican, democrats and independent, i got over 70%. not because i became less conserve at this but because i
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>> reporter: senator rubio needs to beat donald trump in florida and right now trump is in the lead so it's not surprise that the campaign website is directed at trump. this is the first thing you see when you visit the rubio website now. and it says stop donald trump, join marco's team. and senator rubio is crisscrossing the state. he is going to be in downtown tampa starting at 5:00. and then in seminole county at 8:00. back in sarasota tomorrow at 5:00. we will have coverage of senator rubio's rally in tampa starting tonight on first at 4:00. candace -- >> yeah, and rubio closing in on trump, that lead is slimming down at this time. thank you. happening today, the trial of former prowrestler hulk hogan against the website gawker starts in the bay area courtroom this morning and it's sure to gash at the attention of people here -- to garner the attention of people here and around the world. news channel 8's josh thomas is
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pinellas county -- joining us from outside the pinellas county courthouse. >> reporter: a lot of people looking forward to the trial. opening statements are scheduled to begin in the trial after the jury was selected on friday. hogan is suing the website gawker after it released the sex tape of hogan in 2012. hogan claims it was an invasion of his privacy but the website countered that he is a public figure and that the tape should be considered news worthy. gawker's general counsel addressed that issue. >> we will take them through our facts and the evidence in this case and i think they'll understand that what we published is protected by the first amendment when a celebrity is talking in dethe tail about a story, the media is -- detail about the story, the media is allowed to join in the conversation and that's what we did here. >> reporter: now a jury of six as well as three alternates have been chose on the hear this case.
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civil trial are slated to begin at 9:00 this morning and news channel 8 will have the very latest at first at 4:00. >> you know, being that hulk is from here, we are getting a lot of attention in pinellas county. thanks, josh. child abuse reporting laws will be the subject of a special meeting between the highlands county sheriff and the county school board tomorrow. this is in response to open investigations into pornography at three local schools. it accuses two teachers that are accused of misconduct for sending or receiving naked photos and another is charged with having sex with a 14-year- old. it's an end of an era for the tampa tribune. according to the tribune, it printed its last newspaper from the presses in downtown tampa. from here on out, the tribune will be printed in pinellas county by its competitor, the tampa bay times the. news staff is in the process of moving into new offices in hillsborough county. that's because their plans to
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downtown headquarters to build a 400-unit residential complex. it's going to be absolutely beautiful. and i actually, it will be our neighbor here. the news center has shared the property for all these years. and over to leigh spann now. >> an end of an era for sure. the sun is coming up, it's beautiful. it's a little cool. so i don't see a lot of people on st. pete beach. most of us in the 40s and 50s. we see leaps in the temperatures once the sun comes up. 59 at 9:00. afternoon high of 79. that's above average. but plenty of sunshine and nice breeze. 70 by 7:00 p.m. couldn't ask for better spring training weather. bradenton, phillys and pirates, tampa, astros and yankees,
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looking at nothing but sunshine, mid-70s. put that sunscreen on. in fact, you will the sunscreen for the next eight days. temperatures will trend warmer actually into the low to mid- 80s by thursday. and we check with traffic on the 8s because i know people are heading out on the roads this morning. >> that's right. if you actually work by the stadiums, you might want to bring your lunch because it's congested about an hour before and about 45 minutes after the games for spring training. on the roads, what you need to know, we have a collision folks. just heads up here, state road 52 east of 75 at the flying j, a slow down. maybe people checking out what's going on. and a crash before gandy, 275, that's on the side of the roadway. no delays across the water in any of the bridges. this is the big delay, this is southbound i-75, backed up before state road 70. you're really hitting the brakes here. it's all due to construction
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still out there south 75 at university parkway. and we've got an accident as well at fruitville. that's off to the shoulder. a live look at traffic out there, no video stream here, but 275, 54th avenue south, pinellas looks good. when we come back, we will take a look at downtown tampa. >> thank you. help. >> still ahead, the cute emergency she needed help with with. and jameis winston's new commitment off the field. the big step he took on a retreat for nfl players. but first, a violent rampage in new york city. why the suspect's family believes he attacked two people and killed another. it's 6:40 on this monday morning and you're watching
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down a man accused of going on a seven-hour deadly rampage. he is accused of slashing a woman in queens and setting a homeless person on fire. police shot him several times when officers claim he wouldn't drop his knife. his family claims that he suffers from mental issues and stopped taking his medication. philadelphia police are searching for a gunman who opened fire inside a chruch's chicken restaurant. witnesses report the man was eating when he pulled out a gun. times. hospital. investigators don't know why the man snapped but suspect he became angry when employees started cleaning tables nearby as he was eating. happening today, doctors in cleveland will discuss the details of the first uterus states. doctors performed the surgery last month on a 26-year-old.
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committee will meet to discuss the zika virus crisis in brazil. the mosquito-borne illness is raises concerns for the athletes involved in the 2016 summer games. the area is considered a hot spot for the disease. organizers are trying to calm fears. they explain august is brazil's cool season so the mosquito population will be smaller. relief for the family and friends of former president jimmy carter. doctors will still perform tests to make sure that the cancer doesn't come back. in august, carter was diagnosed with melanoma that spread to his brain. today a big announcement for bronco's quarterback peyton manning. he is expected to officially announce his retirement. manning will discuss his decision at a news conference at 1:00. over the weekend, he called the denver bronco's about his decision.
6:46 am
he leaves with two super bowl wins. he is also the only quarterback to achieve 200 wins in a career. the buc's quarterback jameis winston is going through big changes. it happened while he attended a spiritual retreat for nfl players in colorado. that's where winston and his girlfriend accepted christ and were baptized. this is video she posted on her instagram account. well, spring training is in full swing in the bay area. today the tampa bay rays will take on the boston red sox. the two teams will meet in fort myers. the first pitch is 1:05. and lakers are celebrating one of the biggest upsets in nba regular season history. they entered the game against last year's champs the golden state warriors. the lakers beat curry and the warriors 112-95. in an 8 on your side
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expect to pay a little bit more to fill up your gas tank this morning. gas prices have been going up over the past two weeks. it's the first significant rise since june of last year. we just checked and according to the gas buddy, the current national average for a gallon of regular gas is $1.81. the average price in florida is a little bit higher, $1.83. and in tampa, you can expect to pay around $1.80 this morning. well for some women, not being able to figure out what to wear can be an emergency. >> the 2-year-old called 911 when she needed help getting dressed at her home in south carolina. but her parents didn't know she had made the call. a deputy was nearby so she met the child. the deputy helped her put her pants on but her mother was shocked. >> i taught her, call 911 if you need help. and i didn't know she was going
6:48 am
>> gives a new meaning to fashion police. deputies say they wish all their citizens were as glad to see them as her. look at her. >> so sweet. on is cute. >> what an early indication, a fashion diva. >> absolutely. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. >> my goodness. that's cute. and a beautiful picture happening right now in sun city center with the sun coming up and just a lot of color in the sky. it's a little chilly. you may need a light jacket at 52 degrees this morning but don't worry, you're not going to need it for long. we warm to 56 degrees at 8:00 a.m. 73 by the lunch break. and 79 during the afternoon. so that's warmer than average. still lot of sunshine. we are really transitioning into spring. and with that comes the cooler mornings, including 49 degrees in clearwater right now. and warmer in st. pete at 61 right there on the water. tampa at 55.
6:49 am
festival, 50 right now. 48 in bartow. and brooksville at 41. but i checked in with my weather watcher big monkey in crystal beach, very comfortable and cool at 52 degrees. big area of high pressure across the eastern half of the country. we typically like high pressure. it leads to sinking air and clear skies. but around this big area of high pressure, you get clockwise winds. so today an east to southeast wind. but as the days go on, it will push into the atlantic which will bring our winds from the southeast. so a gradual increase in temperatures. a slow increase in humidity. but not to uncomfortable levels at all, just the low 80s for the rest of the week. today most of us in up the every 70s. 23479 lakeland and tampa -- 79 in lakeland and tampa. bartow, a high of 80. and 78 in tarpon springs.
6:50 am
28 wednesday. 83 thursday. and saturday night, time to spring forward and lose an hour of sleep. >> thank you. well, meanwhile, you can hop on the roadways and you're the. we are pushing into rush hour so it's not great. ybor city, 301 to 275, about 11 minutes. and 15 minutes southbound on the veterans expressway between ehrlich and 275. and waters and himes, just very congested. allow for extra time. and bearss avenue store,-4, it's about a 15 minute commute. starting to get busier into downtown. a great drive off of the howard franklin bridge. and here's the big problem, it's all due to overnight construction that's lingering out there on the roadway. you are now backed up to state road 64 on i-75.
6:51 am
this is through bradenton, manatee county, when we reach sarasota at university parkway. it's got you backed up the to state road 64. take 301 instead. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back the to candace and gayle. >> thank you so much, leslee. look at this, a new species of octopus discovered at the bottom of the ocean in hawaii. and it already has a nickname, casper. it has a ghost-like appearance there. and instead of two rows of suckers on the arms like most, it just has one. experts found them 14,000 feet below the surface. no one has ever seen this octopus before. >> so cute. what you need to know before you walk out the door. >> including the presidential race that comes to tampa this week. who will be here today and thursday.
6:52 am
involving hulk hogan gets underway today. up next, the reason we won't be hearing from the hulk in this case.
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hulk ho ban's sex tape scandal is headed to court. >> news channel 8's josh thomas at the pinellas county courthouse. opening statements begin in just two hours. >> reporter: yes, and the jury is selected to start hearing opening testimony in this case which is scheduled to start at 9:00 this morning here in st. petersburg. now hogan is suing the gawker website for releasing 41 seconds of that sex tape in 2012. he claims it's an invasion of his privacy. hogan is suing the website for $100 million we are told that he is expected to plead the if
6:56 am
to testify -- plead the fifth and is not expected to testify during this trial. a new face of erin andrews' peep toll -- a new phase of erin andrews' peephole trial gets under way today. andrews is suing her stalker and nashville marriott for $75 million. she claims the hotel allowed the stalker to book the room next to hers. erin andrews is the daughter of news channel 8's chief investigative reporter steve andrews. presidential candidates are florida. to tampa today. he will hold a rally tonight seminole county. well democrat hillary rodham clinton will come pain in tampa on thursday. right now, the campaign staff is not releasing details just yet but we will share the details as soon as we find out. this morning, the nation is mourning the death of former first lady nancy reagan.
6:57 am
failure at her los angeles home sunday. mrs. reagan was 94 years old. a duplex fire in tampa while you were sleeping. flames broke out at the home on north lantana avenue. someone does live in one portion of the duplex. the red cross is stepping in to help and investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. it's a little cool this morning. we are at 41 in zephyrhills 40 in brooksville. 47 in apollo beach. but the sun is coming up now and we will start seeing temperatures climb really quickly. in about an hour, most of us will still be in the low to mid- 50s. and by lunchtime, 73 and pleasant. 79 at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow, warmer at 80. we get into the low 80s for wednesday, thursday and friday. and then spring forward this weekend. all right, looking at traffic right now. hitting the brakes through ybor city, nothing out of the ordinary here. 12 minute commute westbound on
6:58 am
expressway busier. ehrlich to 275 is now 17 minutes. and i want to talk about the sun coast area, over an hour delay state road 64 to fruitville road southbound on 75. why? well, overnight construction. believe it or not, lingering out there at university parkway. and that's what's got you backed up all the way before state road 64. so bradenton is a parking lot on 75 southbound. head over to u.s. 301. it will make your life so much nicer this morning on your commute. >> that's tough. >> it. is and we usually don't have big issues in the sun coast area, at least not at this time. but tough drive on 75. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us. >> first at 4:00 is the next newscast.
6:59 am
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good morning. paying respects. police officers salute the hearse carrying former first lady nancy reagan from her home. a funeral being planned for later this week at the reagan presidential library, where she'll be laid to rest next to her husband. a woman being remembered as a devoted wife and a political force who redefined the role of first lady. we look back at nancy reagan's extraordinary wife and talk exclusively to her son ron today, monday, march 7th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news,


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