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tv   News Ch8 Today at 400AM  NBC  March 8, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm candace mccowan in this morning for gene ramirez. the search is on for a gunman who opened fire in a south tampa neighborhood. one person is dead and another is now in the hospital and neighbors are on edge. we are checking with police for updates. right now, they have no suspect descriptions. but this morning, they tell us the victims were inside the car when another vehicle pulled up and shots rang out.
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including michigan head to the polls for presidential primaries and caucuses today. today our republican senator marco rubio will attend a rally in sarasota. donald trump will be in jupiter. and the democrat bernie sanders will rally supporters in miami. it's ahead of the primary, a week from today. an 8 on your side consumer alert. skimmer devices with blue tooth technology found at a gas station in sarasota. the skimmers were found at the mobile gas station at the corner of cattleman and fruitville roads. time now is 4:01. leigh spann is here with a look at the weather. >> another gorgeous one. thanks in part to this big area of high pressure keeping us dry. but with the clockwise winds around it, notice how we're starting to see a little bit of cloud cover in the area so patchy clouds during the day
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temperature-wise, not, not bad. 55 in lakeland. 58 in apollo beach. look what a difference, much warmer than yesterday. five degrees warmer in lakeland. 17 degrees warmer in brooksville. we will hit 80 later today. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 4:08, i take you hour-by- hour through your tuesday. and leslee is here to get you through the morning commute. yeah, a fatal accident in polk county. this is in the lake wales area. not a lot of traffic. but all of the westbound lanes. just outside of lake wales, the city proper area, this is evergreen. looks like some eastbound lanes are getting by. meliek on the street, he is live on the scene. and you can see the vehicles there. they have people investigating and working. looks like some traffic is getting by, perhapses this is
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all the westbound lanes to the left are completely blocked. one eastbound lane open at evergreen. i'll be keeping an eye on this one for you throughout the morning. back to candace and gayle. today one of the most famous wrestlers in the world are set to take the stand. hulk hogan is suing gawker for $1.1 million for a sex tape. >> i was embarrassed what it did to me as a person. but even embarrassing as a character. hulk hogan was embarrassed. >> hogan explained he did not know he was being recorded on a security camera. the trial is expected to take up to three weeks. time now is 4:03. it's being called a stern warning for the hotel industry. a nashville jury awarded erin andrews $55 million in her
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the owners of a hotel. >> was the defendant -- [ indiscernible ] yes. did the defendant at fault? answer, yes. >> the jury decide andrews' stalker michael barrett is 51% at fault for the nude video he took and posting those images online. the hotel management capitol were found 49% at fault. analysts believe this is a message to hotels to change procedures. well today a teacher scandal in highlands county and child abuse reporting laws will be the focus of a special meeting with the school board and sheriff's department. two teachers are accused of misconduct with students for photos.
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having sex with a 14-year-old. well, this morning, a dramatic rescue at sea. a coast guard crew out of clearwater saves two men from the cold water of the gulf of mexico. the men ended up in the water after their boat started sinking. paul mueller spoke to the captain of the sinking boat and the coast guard petty officer who rescued him. >> reporter: good morning. it was the boat's maiden voyage but it was anything but. the helicopter taking off from here, the boat from bradenton and the race was on to save lives. >> may day, may day. we're sinking. >> reporter: the captain relived two horrifying hours he and his first mate were onboard his 37-foot boat. and then all of a sudden -- >> about 4 feet.
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>> we've got life rafts. going under now. got the life raft now. >> been on the water all my life. i did my best. >> reporter: after more than two hours in a life raft in rough sea, they spotted the coast guard helicopter and set off the flairs and the strobe light. the coast guard spotted them. >> instantly started waiving their hands. happy to see us. obviously really cold and ready to get onboard. >> reporter: two hours later, they made it onboard and now the captain and the coast guard have yet another survival story to tell. >> just like you would want someone to save you. you got to help them out. >> extremely grateful. thanking god all day long. definitely wasn't the way i wanted to go for sure. >> reporter: the coast guard telling me that the captain did everything right from the flair, the strobe light and also activating the emergency beacon. paul mueller, news channel 8. >> thank you. police are investigating a
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it happened at the gardens at south bay apartments. we have been following the story since our 11:00 newscast. and that is where news channel 8's lindsey mastis joins us live. more than one person was shot. >> reporter: police tell us one victim is in the hospital. we are told that his injuries are not life threatening but the other man died. and they have to get in touch with his family. police tell me both victims were riding in the same car when another car pulled up and shots rang out. take a look at this. you can see a man so upset here. he tries to cross the police line. police have to take him down to keep that from happening. dozens of people gathered and emotions ran high. police are working on finding out what led up to the incident and who is responsible for the shooting.
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arrests and they're not releasing a description at this point. but they believe this was not random. this is all part of an ongoing dispute. as soon as we get more information about the victims and a description of the shooter or shooter, we will let you know onair and online. >> some intense video. thank you. well time now is 4:08. leigh is here with a look at what we can expect this tuesday. >> another gorgeous day here across the tampa bay area. this morning, notice it's a touch warmer than yesterday. yesterday there was a bit of a chill in the air. we will call for around 59 degrees at 8:00 a.m. some might need long sleeves. and then warming up quickly from there. each hour we jump. so we get up to 72 degrees just by 11:00 this morning. into the upper 70s by 1:00. and then 80 by 3:00 p.m. and there will be patchy clouds but generally a nice, sunny day. in fact, in the headline, staying warm in the 80s all week long along with sunshine through friday.
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increasing the rain chances a bit into the weekend. sorry for that timing. but notice, the arch this time of year is -- the average this time of year 175 and we will be 80 or -- year is 75 and we will be 80 or higher every afternoon. we have a little bit of construction. also new traffic pattern in the sarasota/bradenton area. at the county line, overnight construction is affecting university and a little bit of i-75. also, people are now using a new overpass as a temporary overpass as they continue to construct the diverging diamond intersection and that's what had you backed up yesterday. people are still getting used to the new traffic pattern southbound i-75 at university parkway. and lake wales, fatal accident, highway 60 at evergreen. and this is a big issue right now. and let's take a live look with meliek on the street. you can see the traffic that is
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that's one lane. but westbound is completely blocked. and traffic is light. not a lot of vehicles on the roadway. it's very early this morning and there are the two cars. an investigation going on, that's the westbound side where there are no vehicles getting by. it's at evergreen in lake wales. and now back to can gas and gayle. >> -- back to candace and gayle. still ahead, the bay area airports hoping to land the deal to keep planes close. the bizarre scene that played out on surveillance video in new york and what happened to the people inside. plus -- >> reporter: these are sculptures created to help identify unknown victims but there's a problem, i'm 8 on your side's lindsey mastis.
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8 on your side found out some important sculptures that are being kept in storage right now. they are busts of unidentified bodies found in the area. there's a push to get them into the public eye but that could be a long process. >> reporter: these sculptures
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>> for one face, you could have a million people see it but if it's not the one right person, the sister or the daughter, it's not going to make the difference. >> reporter: they stood on display at usf after artists created facial reconstructions from remains found throughout tampa bay. but now poster boards are stacked up and they are under lock and key and the state's attorney's office. is it a disappointment to you that they aren't on display? >> they need to be and what we need is public awareness. it could help catch a killer. >> reporter: where should the busts be? he is open to ideas but one thing is clear, families need to be able to lay their loved ones to rest. well even though the remains were recovered in tampa bay, some of the victims could be from out of state. and we have posted this to our wfla facebook page so you can share it and perhaps even help solve some of the cases.
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tough in the search for a new hanger for noaa's hurricane hunter planes. right now, they are at mcdill air force base but they must move by next year. many in the industry believe lakeland is perfect because it has an 8500-foot runway, plenty of hanger space and left air traffic. st. pete clearwater airport is also in the running. the tennis star's future in tennis is in jeopardy. she admitted to failing a drug the test and now he faces a lengthy ban which could keep her from playing in the summer olympics in russia. the 7th ranked player in the world admits to taking the drug for the past 10 years for numerous health issues. it was just banned by the world antidoping agency in january. she admits to receiving the list of banned substances and an email but claims she didn't look at it. well this morning, we're
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video of a garbage truck crashing off an interstate ramp and falling 100 feet. the florida highway patrol just released the video from the crash last month in miami. this new view shows the driver and what happened inside the truck when it smashes through a guardrail and falls. crash. its dash cam video looking out of the windshield. you can see the ground come into view. when the truck hit the ground, it landed up right. the driver is thrown from the truck but survived and is home recovering this morning. investigators are now trying to figure out what caused the crash. >> amazing video. well, this morning, dramatic video of a small plane falling from the sky. take a look at what surveillance video in long island captured. out of the blue, a plane hits the ground hard, bouncing a bit. and then you see red and white parachute. a father and daughter were inside at the time. they walked away with only bumps and scratches.
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that the engine die thed. the ntsb is now investigating. well, in fresno, california, police are looking for two robbers who took off with an atm from a mini mart. surveillance video captured the men hooking something to the doors. the chains broke so the men drove through the front door. once inside, you can see them wrestling with the cash machine and take off. this morning, a pennsylvania woman is making a plea to whoever stole her purse from a church. >> she doesn't care about the money inside the purse but she wants some important items. >> part of my husband's ashes which i can't replace that. so those two things because they're basically irreplaceable. >> you heard her say two things. besides the ash, her late mother's rosery beads were also inside the purse. she was volunteering at church
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since the theft, some papers turned up on a nearby street from her purse. a storm packing heavy rain, high winds and possibly a tornado hit parker county. one man driving in the car caught got in the storm and describes what happened. >> it just hit the car so hard. and all of a sudden, jerked around the other direction and the car started trying to lift up it was totally terrifying. >> that man suffered cuts and bruises but is otherwise, okay. well now it's 4:18. and leigh, good news, we aren't expecting weather like that. >> no, the thing that is keeping us dry is keeping the storms pinned back to the west. but for us, patchy clouds, but it's going to be another awesome day to be outside. 59 degrees. just a little bit cool around 8:00 this morning but warmer than yesterday. and already, i would call it warm at 75 by noon.
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which is above average. in zephyrhills, 50 degrees. so it's cool, just warmer than yesterday. polk county, 56 in winter haven. and 61 in bradenton. 63 in clearwater. and bob in venice also checked in at 71 degrees. so what's going to happen to the temperatures? we can use our temperature map to show you. generally a southeast wind today which will warm us pretty quickly. starting at about 4:30. by 6:00 a.m., temperatures in the mid-50s, low 50s in the northern areas. by 8:00, the low 60s. by 10:30, most in the low to mid-70s including 72 in lakeland. and into the afternoon, 80 in plant city at 1:00 p.m. 7 in inverness. the 3:30 time frame, all of us in the low 80s. by 7:00 p.m., low to mid-70s. hard to beat it. in fact, we will try tomorrow, low 80s and lows into thursday. how about traffic on the 8s?
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good speeds but overnight construction. it was a big issue yesterday. because there's also a new pattern in place for traffic southbound i-75 around university parkway. we have portions of university blocked and a little bit of i 5 in the particular area. all right, let's take a look at polk county. waking up to a fatal accident the. and we've got an investigation taking place, westbound 60 at evergreen. and this is just outside of the main area of lake wales to the east of it. meliek on the street, he's live with a view for us. the vehicles getting by with the cones in the roadway, that's eastbound traffic. they're alternating lanes but the westbound side to the left where you see the flashing light in the distance and the two vehicle, all the westbound traffic is blocked here at evergreen. so you're alternating in the lanes. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to candace and gayle. >> leslee, thank you. a luxury automakerrer is celebrating its 100th
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>> ahead, the concept car bmw hopes will help them thrive for another 100 years or more. and the debate over paid sick leave. the new research that has some scientists arguing it's a best
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better in cold water. what a way to celebrate 100 years. bmw is showing off the self- driving concept car. the luxury automaker believes it could be the future of driving, calling it the bmw vision next 100. in driver mode, the cartels you ideal speeds and in ease mode or auto pilot, the steering
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and passenger cans turn to face one another. wonder how much that's going to cost. >> it looks cool. i would drive it. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. plus, a brave little girls about the day a man tried to kidnap her. >> screamed. >> new in the next half hour, hear her story and how her backpack might have helped save her life.
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it's 4:28 on this tuesday morning and you may see cool spots this morning but it's warmer than yesterday for the kids at the bus stop, mostly afternoon. emoji man says this is perfect beach weather. the only issue may be for those allergy suffers because the pollen count is in the high category today, tomorrow and thursday. unfortunately. leslee --
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a quick look here from state road 64 to fruitville road, nine minute. bruce b downs to i-4 , roughly eight minutes on the drive time. and we have a fatal accident with an investigation, lanes are closed westbound. they're actually sharing them over with the eastbound lanes. and this is westbound 60 right
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good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan in for gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. our stop stories this morning, tensions run high as tampa police investigate a deadly shooting in south tampa. two people were shot at an apartment complex on south lois avenue. one of the victims is dead. the other one is recovering in the hospital at this hour. new this morning, we have learned both victims were inside a car when they were shot. hulk hogan is expected back on the stand today in the civil


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