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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  March 11, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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4:30 on this friday morning, good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. police are on the scene of a shots fired call and then the scene of a chase this is from east hillsborough avenue, and police say no one was hurt. all suspects are in custody at this time. also breaking, deputies in spring hill are investigating a shooting that killed one and injured two others including the shooting, and it was just a few hours ago at the bamboo bar
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the shooter was still on the scene when police arrived and surrendered. the name of the men involve involved are not being released a in the -- released that the time. temperatures are near 7 0 degrees, and you probably don't need the jacket this morning. let's call it partly cloudy, a mixture of sun and clouds today, and warm temperatures around 83 degrees, and it will be a dry day and warm day, and temperatures middle 80s inland, and our coastal areas for the spring breakers trekking in, 80 in clear water through pinellas park and the manatee county beaches as well. looking pretty good. over to meredith. >> reporter: thank you, brian, looking at the downtown junction and i-4, and this is going to be southbound traffic through the interchange, and
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give it a couple of hours like 2 hours, and it will be all crammed up this is near the hard rock casino. it is moving fine right now. green. the veterans expressway is up to speed from pasco in through the airport. gayle? gene? bay area first responders are alerting us to an alarming trend. the overdose calls for spice is getting alarming for everyone involved. josh, these first responders are concerned for those using spice, but they are also concerned for themselves?
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should b. now the synthetic drug spice, quite frankly has been around for awhile, but there's been an increase in the number of calls tampa police are getting. it puts them on edge because people are irate. >> calm down! calm down! calm down, what's going on tonight? >> reporter: scary stuff in deed, and this is what our first responders are dealing with. the drug can call these to hallucinate and become very, very strange, but now the strength of the drug on the street is increasing as well. during a 4-day period in the last week, tampa fire and rescue took 22 calls related to spice, and half of those came in during one day alone. our first responders believe the makers of the synthetic drug are changing the ingredients, and that's causing the rash of calls and the overdoses, and again this is a
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responders and all of us, and they will be talking about it later this morning at a the fire station in tampa, and you can certainly count on news channel 8 to bring you the latest on what we learned about the latest trend, the alarming trend on that regarding spice- related overdoses. >> alarming to see that video as well, josh, thank you. st. pete police are searching for the gunman who showered a home with bullets, hitting a 3-year-old little girl. two were shot in the shooting during broad daylight. the police are ready to serve justice. time now 4:34. today hundreds of invited guests are expected to attend the funeral of nancy reagan. the 94-year-old died from congestive heart failure, and she will be buried next to her
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she planned many of the details of her funeral including her guest list. president montana be speaking at the south by southwest music festival in texas. it's said he will report on the civic engagement in the 21st century. thousands will be awaiting his arrival there. a wild high speed chase caught on camera in polk county. look at what led to the driver's arrest. >> here he comes! >> reporter: a witness posted this video of the pursuit on youtube, and you can see the polk county sheriff's vehicles chasing the white vehicle. at one point he drives through a pasture and then a ditch. this morning the driver is facing a long list of charges. not once but twice the mother of a special needs student claims a school bus driver and a bus attendant left
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this morning both are on paid administrative leave. gail brown and gwendelyn simmons are facing two counts of child neglect. a car in sarasota went right into a fire state. authorities report one car hit another, flipping it over, and then the first car slammed into another vehicle before hitting fire station 11, and no one was sent to the hospital here. the florida highway patrol is now investigating. we keep hearing about the disturbing stories, and now we are hearing about a man working a as dentist without a license, and police are worried there's more victims.
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napels. he was arrested after a botched surgery in his home sent the woman to the hospital. we will be better understanding our ocean neighbors. >> and now a team is embarking on a voyage with scientists from the bay area. scientists have learned a lot from tracking catherine. they want to focus on florida and georgia because there's a significant number of sharks in the area. they will tag them and take blood and bacterial samples, and it will help them learn how sharks react after being caught and released and are also
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heal so fast after being wounded. that could help humans fight bacterial infections in the hospital. they study sharks and cancers, and this is the look of the map of the tagging. they do it all over the world, but they want to focus on florida and georgia as we mentioned because of the population of sharks. >> yeah, and i went down with a marine on our eagle 8 helicopter all over the area beaches last year, and i remember seeing the black tips out there, and they said walk out for the bull sharks. that's four-letter word you don't want to hear in the water. bull! the only four-letter word i have today, warm. 83degrees right now, and in the 60s across tampa bay. a nice morning, and again
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81, and a few showers on sunday, dropping us to 80 degrees, and above average through next friday. the satellite and radar, a few more clouds rolling through this morning than this time yesterday morning. throughout the morning a mixture of sun and clouds, and middle to upper 60s, and a few more clouds than yesterday, but a good-looking day, and 83 is the high temperature. if you're trying to head out to a spring training game, good weather, and high temperature around 80 degrees at game time. meredith? >> we cannot forget the valspar championship continues, and wear your sunscreen if you're headed tout that gulf tournament. if you're one of the folks getting out there early to secure the best viewing it will be a nice trip for you.
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directions, 17 minutes for the skyway up to the howard franklin bridge, and the bridges are in the green. gayle and gene? over to you. the expenses can really add up. what the white house is doing to make having a baby more affordable. see surveillance video of a high speed crash that sent a car airborne and why neighbors in the area say they would have never seen it coming. trump campaign is facing accusations of promoting violence. find out why after the break. rooms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. there are big rooms, tiny rooms, rooms that are - whoa. with eight times more fragrance control, the new air wick scented oil warmer
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talk about a sucker punch. a trump shorter punched protester in the face, and now that attacker is facing charges, and this cell phone video still shocks us it shows the trump supporter sucker punching the protester. it happens as the deputies escorted the man who disrupted the rally. the protester was yelling at the crowd when he was hit.
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as soon as i turned, he hit me, and like i thought it was a punch, but i look at the footage now and it was like an elbow or -- but he hit me dead in the eye. >> the protester was arrested and the 78-year-old was charged with support. the trump campaign says the incident was unfortunate, and they don't have control over their supporters. investigatorring are investigating a substance left at the ted cruz headquarters. crews rush to the building when the substance was found at the building on greenway plaza. no one was hurt, and it is not toxic. a car went into the middle wild video. car. the red car slams into the suv
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triggered a five-car collision. neighbors say the intersection is not dangerous, and the crash was completely unexpected. anything wrong. he was sitting there at red light, and there's no way he could have avoided that. >> six people were seriously injured, and authorities are investigating the crash. while you were sleeping, 100 firefighters battled a massive fire that destroyed a warehouse overnight in los angeles. the fire and smoke could be seen for miles, is once the building erupted in flames it took less than an hour for the building to collapse. no one was hurt. investigators are looking into the cause. federal investigators may have an upper hand on islamic terrorists after files on the group's members were leaked. it's believed the documents were leaked. one official believes the names and numbers should be
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a memory stick was stolen by a former fighter from a leader in isis. it's believed the phone of the san bernardino killer has information about the attack. apple and the justice department will be arguing their cases in court. now alert health officials are pleading with congress to fund the fight against the zika virus to prevent the virus from spread from latin america to the u.s. all 200 cases here in the u.s. are traced to traveling abroad, and officials are asking lawmakers to put
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the texas governor will prevent the purple heart for the army soldiers who were involved in the fort hood shooting 5 years ago. a conversation about why the governor has not endorsed anyone in the republican race, and joe scarboro was surprised he has not endorsed marco rubio, and then he asked him four times if he believes muslims hate america like his friend donald trump, and when he didn't give a concrete answer, things got heated. >> reporter: i want to know what is going on in your head governor, we are friends. answer the question. do you personally think that islam is a religion that hates america. >> so, joe, what i can tell you in our state, we have a lot of
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>> we have a lot of latin americans living in our state, and we all get along. we are a great melting pot. that's what i can tell you about our state. >> this awkward interview is sparking conversation online. we want to know what you think of the way the governor responded to the question. share your thoughts on our wfla facebook page. new parents must have diapers they are essential, but they can be costly, and the white house is trying to help out. they are launching an initiative to make diapers affordable for low-income families. it gives diapers to the cheaper. cute baby! 4:48. >> the baby looked sad. new diapers. [ laughter ] this morning, partly cloudy skies, and no jacket is needed
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afternoon, partly cloudy, dry, and feeling like april, but temperatures in the lower to middle 80s. right now, 68 in tampa, and sarasota, 66. and over lakeland, you're at 63 degrees right now, and satellite and radar picture a few high clouds drifting through the area, but no rain. a few more clouds than yesterday, and offshore high pressure again today, and that is acting like a force field, just keeping all the showers in mississippi and louisiana in mississippi and louisiana this is coming our direction once the high pressure weakens this weekend, but it's not going to be anything like the rain they have seen out west, and we will see a few showers as we head into sunday. not really a big deal. we will move in and move out this afternoon, partly cloudy. 83degrees, and the grand prix could see showers this weekend, and a 40% chance of rain on sunday, and that could impact
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they are seeing out west, and temperatures are remaining pretty warm. meredith. >> we want to see the hot spots for the morning commute. taking you out live, 275 north of the i-4 interchange, and you're looking at mlk. light traffic so far, and no delays, and this is i-75, and that's the selman expressway, and also there's not much traffic. that's we like it see. i-4 looking fantastic, 11 minutes the current travel time all the way through downtown tampa, and very light there, and a good morning to our friends in pasco county, looking good at the apex, no problems with i-75 so far, and we will keep you post on that. whoever said we never grow up was probably right. >> who can resist legos? we will show you an inside look at what the museum of science
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doing for the big kid in all of us. it's 4:50, and you're watching
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just get a load of this, hundreds of thousands of legos at the museum of science and industry in chicago. the exhibit was designed to show how engineers and architects create and design, but let's be honest, we just want to play. the golden gate bridge, st.
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legos it took a year to get the designs on payer -- on paper and build the creations. panama city is where it used to be for spring break, but now thanks to alcohol on the beach restrictions, there's a 70% decrease from last year. >> college kids are posting rest in peace panama city beach. that's not good. no one is coming. >> clear water beach is busy, and other businesses have seen similar declines for 50% to 60%, and many believe the long- term impacts outweigh the short- term blow to the tourism industry. congratulations to outstanding young speakers, and these are just some of the young kids who parties thed in
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thank you for inviting me to judge the event this is really big for the area, and a lot of these students will head to the state level and keep on competing. they were dynamic. >> congrats. you have to see the tone of last night's gop debate to understand why things are much calmer now. stick around and see the vibes from the presidential candidates. you're watching news channel 8 today.
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well, good morning. 4:58 right now. and good morning pinellas county. sarasota and manatee in the upper 60s. a few high clouds, but no rain, and a warm day today, with the high of 83. and pinellas county is accident free.
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southbound at 235, and you will see that if you're headed down to the skyway bridge, and the skyway, by the way is very quiet, and the howard franklin is as well. that was traffic inbound to tampa, and it's going to take you 6 or 7 minutes to cross the water.
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good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. we are following a couple of breaking news stories. police reason the scene of a shotted fired call and then it was followed by a chase. tampa police say no one was hurt, and all suspects are in custody. also breaking, deputies in spring hill are investigating a shooting that injured one and killed two at bamboo bar and eatery.


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