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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  March 11, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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breaking news at 5:30. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. police are on the scene of a crash that started with the call of shots fire and then a chase. tampa police say all suspects are in custody. also breaking this morning, deputies in spring hill are investigating a shooting that killed one and injured two others including the shooter.
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bahamas boo's -- bamboo's bar and eatery. we have a crew on the scene, and we will bring you updates as soon as we get them on the air and you can also download our app for more. good morning, bryan bennett. >> good morning, gail. you probably don't even need a jacket this morning. no rain to speak of. it's going to be a dry day, warm day with the high temperature of 83 degrees, and warm, all across tampa bay this afternoon. meredith? good morning, everyone. checking in on 275 north tampa, southbound, still very light traffic, and that's what we like to see for your morning commute, and i-4, in the green, and that means traffic is moving at or above the speed limit, and i-75 out of the
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southbound on 7 5, currently 13 minutes for 54 in through i-4. gayle and gene? >> thank you. the bay area first responders are alerting us to an alarming trend. they have their work cut out for them for spice calls, and it's getting downright dangerous for everyone involved in this. josh, the first responders are concerned for those using spice, and they are also concerned for themselves. what is that about? >> reporter: it goes both ways. we know the synthetic drug spice has been around for awhile. there's been an alarming trend of overdoses, and the drug is putting them on edge. the drug can cause people to be irate, just take a look. >> what's up? >> calm down. calm down. >> calm down. what's going on tonight?
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deed, and this is what the first responders are dealing with, and the drug can cause people to hallucinate and act very change, and now the strength of the drug is increasing as well. during a 4-day period, tampa fire and rescue took 22 calls related to spice, and half of those came in on one day alert. the first responders believe the makers of the synthetic drug are changing the agreements, and that's causing a rash of overdoses, and again, this is a safety issue for first responders and frankly for all of us, and they will be talking about it at the fire station later this morning. you can count on news channel 8 to be here and let you know what we learned about the trend and anything else we find out, we will certainly pass it on for the newscast first at 4. >> eye-opening video, josh. thank you for sharing that. >> st. pete police are
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showered a home with bullets during a drive-by shooting and hit a 3-year-old girl. the drive by was in broad daylight. both victims are recovering this morning, but the police chief is promising to catch the people involved. today hundreds of invited guests are expected to attend the funeral for former first lady nancy reagan. the 94-year-old died of congestive heart failure, and husband. reagan, herself, planned many details of her funeral and memorial including her guest list. president obama will not attend the funeral, instead, he will be speak at south by southwest music festival. he will deliver a speech on century. security there will be tight as
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here he comes! [sirens] >> yep, a witness posted this video of a pursuit on youtube, and you can see the polk county deputies chasing the suspect. he crashed into another truck, and before deputies finally caught him. this morning the driver is facing a long list of charges. not once but twice, the mother of a special needs student claims a school bus driver and the bus attendant left her child on the us and forgot about -- on the bus and forgot about him. the teen had to climb through a window and hitchhike, walking 30 miles home from davenport. geeze!
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station, and it's unclear if the driver will face any charges. one car hit another, flipping it over, and the first car slammed into another vehicle before hitting fire station 11, hospital. now investigating. we just keep hearing about the disturbing stories, and now we are hearing about a man who license. >> reporter: this man is charged were practicing dentistry without a license. look at these pictures. he was arrested after a botched procedure sent a woman to the hospital. experts are getting ready to tag more sharks. this is the team that tagged
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our coast. they will reveal details. >> i'm sure you remember catherine, gene was just talking about her. she's a big girl. the scientists have already learned a lot from tracking her migration patterns. they do this all over the world. they want to focus on florida and georgia, and there's such a significant number of sharks in the areas, and not only will they tag the sharks, but they will take blood and bacterial samples, and they are also trying to find out why sharks heal so fast after being wounded, and that could help humans find ways to fight the bacterial infections, especially in hospitals, and take a look at this. this is the shark tracker, and we just checked on katherine this morning, she's close to bermuda. i guess she is on vacation.
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hangout in the midst of her voyage. >> i like to see them on the map, but not in person on the beach. last year i went out with researchers to kind of spot in the sharks in our area, tons of tips out there, and the bull sharks, and researchers say those are the ones you want to stay away from. >> the more we know, the better, especially because we bathe in the water where they live. let's check out the beach forecast. >> reporter: there you go. good start. spring breakers, never mind, enjoy the water despite the sharks and jelly fish and other creatures. temperatures middle to upper 60s, and fairly comfortable start to the day. it's warm this afternoon. 83degrees remaining above average for the next 8 days. the satellite and radar picture a few clouds moving through. partly cloudy, but no rain. we are dry. it's been dry for 2 weeks, and this morning, middle 60s, and a
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this afternoon, partly cloudy, and a few more clouds than we had yesterday. again, warm, and the high temperature of 83 degrees, and a good day for spring training, and temperatures arnold 80. meredith? >> good morning, everyone, and if you're catching a flight at tampa international this morning, no delays getting to the airport, and we are seeing an increase in traffic on memorial headed down to southbound 275, and either way they both look good. this is 275, and that is southbound traffic through the i-4 interchange, and no backups just yet. the bay area bridges, courtney campbell, howard franklin, all looking good with under 10- minute travel time, and taking a look back at the airport area, and this time headed up just a little bit north of here, 21 minutes for 54, and by the way there's a starbucks there, all the way in through 275, and no delays. so you have time for the extra cup of coffee. back to you. >> meredith, thank you.
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up. just ahead, what the white house is doing to make having a baby just a little more affordable. >> we all heard about low and slow l.a. traffic, and that was not the case earlier this week. see the surveillance video of the high speed crash that sent a car airborne and why neighbors claim they would have never seen it coming. the trump campaign is facing serious accusations, and
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an investigation is underway to find out if officers in that sucker punch video at a donald trump rally did enough to stop things from
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the attacker is finally facing charges, and this cell phone video still shocks us after seeing it for days now, and it shows the trump supporter sucker punching the protester. it happened as deputies escorted the man who disrupted the valley in north carolina. the protester was yelling at the crowd when he was hit. >> i was walking, and i turned, and he hit me, and i thought it was a punch, but i look at the footage now, and it was an elbow, and he hit me dead in the eye. >> reporter: deputies arrested the protester and later charged the 78-year-old with assault. the trump cam pay -- campaign said it was unfortunate, but they have no control over their supporters. hazmat crews rushed to the ted cruz headquarters after a substance was found at the building on greenway plaza.
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but we are told it's not toxic. no one was hurt. a traffic crash sends a car into the air in the middle of a los angeles intersection. see it here? there it goes. a white car speeds right through the red light, and then it slams right into the suv stopped at the light. police say this triggered a five-car collision, and neighbors claim this intersection is not all that dangerous, and the crash was completely unexpected. >> the suv, thatfuls thatfuls -- that was the guy, and he was sitting there waiting to turn, and there's no way he could have avoided that. >> six people were seriously injured in this, and authorities are investigating the crash. 100 firefighters battled a massive fire that destroyed a warehouse overnight in los angeles. smoke and fire could be seen for miles. no one was hurt, and investigators are looking into
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federal investigators may have an upper hand on islamic terrorists after files on the group's members were leaked. germany's police believe the documents are authentic. one official believes the names and numbers obtained should be published. a memory stick was stolen by a former fighter. it's 5:45 on this friday morning, and this morning, the justice department claims there's probable cause the locked phone of the san bernardino killer has evidence of the attack. the prosecutors say the government and the community need access to the phone and apple must help unlock it. apple and the justice department will help to argue their cases in court. health officials are pleading their case to get help with the spread of the zika virus.
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been reported in the u.s., all traced to traveling abroad. some of the money will go to puerto rico where there's 159 cases of the zika virus. defect. governor brown is getting a lot of buzz this morning, and it started as to why the governor has not endorsed anyone with the presidential race. it's a surprise he has not endorsed marco rubio, and then the host asks him four times if he believes muslims hate trump. when he didn't give a concrete answers, things got heat. >> no, no. i want to know what is going on in your head governor, we are spends.
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do you think islam is a religion that hates america? >> joe, i can tell you that a lot of muslims live in our state, and we have a lot of tourists, and we are a great melting pot. that's what i can tell you about the our state. >> this awkward interview is sparking conversation online. we want to know what you think of the way the governor responded to the question. share your thoughts on our wfla facebook page. it's an item that new parents must have in their homes. diapers. they are expensive and cost a lot of money over time. the white house is launching an initiative to make them more affordable for low-income families and it gives them access to the diapers at 25% cheaper this guy doesn't like the price either. the initiative will kick off at
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look at this video here. a fisherman reeled in a 2500- pound great white shark. see it in the water? at first it looks like a reflection of the boat. no, it's the shark. it was caught off the coast of south carolina. the math professor said he only expected to catch red fish about 40 inches long, but on this night, the fisherman got more than he bargained for. >> it took off like a train and the biggest shark i have ever seen jumps up out of the water, and my customer was on the other side and just about had a heart attack. >> it took hours, and finally the men had to call in for backup. they called it wildcat, tagged it with a tracker, and they set it free. it looks like they are doing their own research. >> look at the big mouth and teeth! >> it's 5:48. let's check on weather. a lot of people in town for
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transition. it looked like he was petting the shark, tapping it on the nose. weatherwise, partly cloudy. no jacket required, and temperatures in the middle 60s this afternoon. april. we will be at 83 degrees this afternoon, and right now outside, we are lower to mid- 60s across tampa bay, and almost 70 in downtown tampa. and the satellite and radar pictures showing a few high clouds, and calling it partly of. the bigger view, high pressure, still parked right now offshore in florida, and what that is doing is keeping all the showers and storms, all the heavy rain we have been seeing out in louisiana and mississippi, and it's keeping them in the vicinity. that's why we are seeing so much rain, but continued dry here at home, and today, partly
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like a decent day. meredith? >> also a decent day for the valspar championship that continues today. no delays in the palm harbor area s and -- area, and this is the howard franklin bridge. looking fantastic. 54 all the way through downtown, also looking great on i-75. delay free. 13 minutes 54 to i-4. we have an update to breaking news out of spring hill. the medical examiner just arrive at the bamboo's bar and eatery. that's where a deadly shooting happened 4 hours ago. we know one person is dead and another victim is in the hospital. deputies say the shooter also injured is now in surgery. lindsey mastis is at the bar right now, and a busy shopping area, and she's digging for more information for us. we will have a live report in the next half an hour. stick around for that.
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really grow up, they are probably right. >> who can resist legos? when we get back, we will look at what the museum of science and industry in chicago is doing for the big kid in all of us. it's 5:50, and you're watching
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get a load of, hundreds of thousands of legos in chicago. the new exhibit was designed to show how architects and engineers create and design, but let's be honest, amazing to look at. this was the golden gate bridge, st. louis arch, and it took a whole year to get the designs on paper and then build. spring break is in full swing, swing, and panama beach is where it's at. not really. one shop owner is seeing a 70% decline. >> college kids are posting rest in peace panama city beach. no one is coming because of the new laws. >> many believe the long-term impact of the new laws on the
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blow to the tourism industry. we have a lot of spring breakers headed to clear water. weather and traffic on the 8s coming up in 3 minutes. >> we are almost not sure we were watching the right channel, but you have to see the tone of last night's gop debate. stick around why to see and hear the unexpected vibes for
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good morning. it's 5:58 a.m. temperatures not too shabby. in the 60s. right now betty in plant city, 63 degrees, and a there's a few high, thin clouds. partly cloudy this morning, but no rain. a dry day and it's going to be partly cloudy. the high temperature of 83. we do have an accident being reported in pinellas isn't, and 19 just before
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scene now, and if you're headed north to the ennis brook area for the championship, 16 minutes for gulf to bay, and that's state road 60 all the way in. very quiet morning. we will keep you posted though.
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gunfire erupts at a i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. it happened in spring hill, and and right now one person is dead, and another is injured. >> lindsey mastis is live at the scene on commercial way in spring hill, and lindsey, you arrived there 20 minutes ago, what are investigators telling you? >> reporter: investigators are still on the scene and the medical examiner just got here a short time ago. i want you to look at the


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