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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good morning. thank you for watching news channel 8 today. i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle. >> and i am gene ramirez. we have two big breaking news stories to tell you about this morning. first, tampa police are investigating a deadly shooting. you're looking at live pictures here. the police department tells us a man armed with a gunfired at them overnight, hitting the center of a shield, protecting the officers. well police then shot and killed that man at a home on cherokee avenue.
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that you're looking at from the still active scene. all of this started with a domestic disturbance call into the police department. and we will have a live report for from you the scene on what minutes. a busy morning. here. you can barely see. for the second time this week, the sunshine skyway bridge is closed. again, the sunshine skyway bridge is closed. your commute. this is a lilive look at the traffic camera that shows the big cloud of fog just hanging over bridge. and officials are telling us that visibility in the area is less than 100 feet. so let's get right to meteorologist leigh spann withth more on this fog again. >> yes, and it's interesting because the vast majority of you watching today will not have fog when you head out the door. in fact, this is the visibility map. most of you can see for miles. and now there's some low- hanging clouds just up off the surface. you may not be able to see the
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see the car in front of you. just when you zoom right here to the sunshine skyway bridge, the clouds have lowered enough to obscure your visibility. and that's why they have closed the sunshine skyway bridge. other another than that, the map is green, 72 in plant city. 70 in clearwater. 71 bradenton. for most of us, some fog is going to burn off by 8:00 a.m. can't promise the same thing for the sunshine skyway bridgege where that marine fog could last longer. by 3:00 p.m., warm and partly cloudy at 81. 75 at 8:00 p.m., just a 10% rain chance. and in weather and traffic on the 8s, i have the rain chance forecast because the rain chances are going up. and leslee has the commute that's going to be a long one for a lot of folks. where is st. patrick? he is busy out in hillsborough county, maybe polk county. he hasn't sprinkled any dustst on the sunshine skyway bridge. very unlucky drive, folks. sunshine skywayay bridge closed down. in fact, we have meliek on the street and he is down where it is closed.
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and now he is on the pinenellas county side. and you can see it's very foggy out there. leigh said, this is basically the only area where you're seeing some intense fog. but it is closed. so what does that mean for you on the drive? it means you gogot to take i-75 which is a long detour. so you want to leave the house early and i will keep you posted and let you know as soon as it reopens. back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you, leslee. now let's go back to the showing you. so right now, tampa police are ininvestigating a deadly police shooting. we know this is happening on cherokee avenue so that's east of himes avenue just south of baballast point boulevard. tampa area. and let's turn things over to news channel 8's ryan hughes who has been at the scene now digging for about two hours trying to get more information. and ryan, from what we're hearing and you're sharing with us, this sounds like a scary,
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>> reporter: exactly adrienne. an hour. we will zoom in to show you the home in question along cherokee avenue here in south tampa. at this hour, you can see a number of police officers still onscene. we are told the call for help came in around 1:10 a.m. a domeststic violence situation between a man and woman. the man began walking around armed with a hand gun. and he eventually went back inside. and police officers in the tactical unit tried to coax hihim outside for around 45 minutes and calling his name on a a pa system. and he walked out onone more time striking a protective shield held by a police officer. the officers returned fire, , hitting and killing the man. this was obviously a very tense situation but we're told these officers are lucky to be alive. listen here. >> sir, do you consider this a close call for the officers onscene this morning?
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look at the shield, it is actually very scary. it is virtually in the center of the shield. you can see there was a clear testify shield. shield. >> reporter: and imagine if the officers did not have that shield. this is another live look at the scene right now. hurt. the woman involved in the uninjured. the officers involved at this point, we know at least one, likely more, they are on administrative leave while the shooting is being investigated but adrienne, again, a very morning. >> you know, ryan, i'm sure the officers are so thankful that they were prepared and had that shshield. thank you. we will check back soon. in the meantime, to stay on top of breaking news like this, no matter where you are, any time of day, just download our news channel 8 app to your smart phone. new overnight, a car plows througugh a tampa home in the middle of the night as the driver of the car tried to get
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hire's how it all went down. investigators report the car mulberry street north and no one in the house was hurt. however, there were two people arrested. it's 6:06. the first case of the zika virus contracted inside the country is confirmed this morning in cuba. again, zika in cuba. hospital. we're just getting detatails on this. thisis is coming just days before president barack obobama's trip to the island nanation. now reports are telling us a 21- year-old havana woman is infected with the virus. and we are told she had not traveled outside of cuba. this makes cuba one of the last nations in the hemisphere with do mystically contracted cases of the virus known -- with the
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confirmed case contntracted in the country. josh thomas joins us from the lake whales police department. where do things stand right now? >> reporter: we know that all five of them are facing charges. now the arrest of the suspects by lake whales police peaked the interest of other police departments following a rash of purse snatchings over the past week from manatee toto here in polk county. and momost of the incidents hahave happened in the parking lots of supermarkets. the mo for the suspecect, first they basically y go up to the victims as theyey load their vehicles or as they are sitting inside the vehicles. a woman named kathy who did not want her face shown on television explained the fear that she is now facing. >> i keep reliving it. it's like a daily occurrence. i'm continuing to say, okay, i got robbed. >> reporter: now yesterday after the suspects struck for
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they had been using was spotted and then stopped here in lake whales. police took five males in the jeep into custody including one adult and four minors. ththose five people have been questioned all night here at the lake whales police department to find out if there's any connection between all of those purse snatchings throughout manatee and polk counties. we know that a 19-year-old of eagle lake has been charged with grand theft auto. those four minors all from lakeland are also facing other charges. gene -- >> all right, a reminder to always be aware of our surroundings, josh. thank you. in just a few hour, we will get a fresh look at the new st. petersburg pier. this morning pier design team will show a mod toll the city council during a workshop. the new plan for the old pier is calleled pier park. the workshop starts at 8:00 at city hall. the weather. today you may not want to be on much. >> yeah, over the gulf of
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seeing sea fog is high. the rest of us just low clouds. no fog when you look at the the map there. but when you zoom down here once again to o the sunshine skyway bridge, those low clouds have become ththick fog and have bridge. now the rest of us, not along the immediate coastline, will see the clouds this morning temperatures to climb. 76 degrees at noon. 79 at 2:00 p.m. 81 at 4:00. and still a warm 77 degrees at 7:00 p.m. on this st. patrick's day. is it going to be a lucky day? for most of us, yes, warm with a 10% rain chance. if you have to travel the sunshine skyway bridge, an unlucky day. best rain chance saturday and early sunday. and by the way, sunday is the first day of spring. we actually get cooler as we head into spring, believe it or not, because the rain chance goes up to 30% on friday and 50% saturday. we will chececk on the unlucky drive into work this morning for some of us. >> i know. st. paddy's day, i must have
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there's a little green. but it's a mess. if you have to use the sunshine skyway bridge, i feel for you because depending on where you live and where you work, it's going to take you a while to get there. we've got meliek on the street out there. he is over here at the southern pinellas county side. and he says that people are actually being turned around. so maybe not everyone is watching the news this morning. you head out the door and waste more time getting down there because you have to turn around. stick with me all morning and i will let you know as soon as it reopens. and that means that 75 is your only viable alternate. it's a a long alternate. a long detour, i know. but that's it. some unlucky st. paddy's day for you this morning. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to adrienne and gene. >> all right, leslee, we know you will keep us updated. thank you. the government is fighting another major tech company. >> yeah, coming up, who they could end up suing and why. and then meet the local house trained gator.
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he likes to cuddle. ahead, the reason wildlife officials are now considering whether he must be forced out of his comfortable home. and an ironic and tragic
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(vo) making the most o out of
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impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru,
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right now, the subway system in the nation's capitol is finally back open. certainly a sigh of relief for the people there. the shut down lasted about a day, if you can believe that. what a nightmare for commuters. and earlier, crews uncovered potential safety issues on the tracks affleckty cal fires. -- tracks after electrical fires. frank sinatra, jr. died of daytona beach. we were expecting him to sing st. petersburg. so our thoughts and prayers with his family. >> yeah. let's turn our attention over to louisiana where thousands of people are suffering ththrough record- setting rain and lots of now emergency responders are joining forces with the
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soldiers are handing out bottled water and they delivered a thousand flood buckets filled with cleaning supplies. and louisiana law enforcement officers are busy protecting flood victims from looters. new this morning, one person is dead and 35 others are hurt after this, a construction site collapsed. you can n see rescuers here. . it's happening in chinina. let's take a clososer look at the video. crews were work try to save the victims. nobody was trapped in the accident but doctors believe that falling debris did hit a lot of people. now we're getting more details about why a fellow inmate attacked former subway pitch man and convicted pedestrian foal jared fogle. we know the attacker gave fogle a swollen face, scratched neck and bloody nose. according to document, it happened in january. and the other inmate explains he was angry because so many child sex predators are housed
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10. a three-alarm fire sparked at a plant that makes plastic. accident. all eight employees working in the building in birmingham, alabama were able to get out safely. officials report the fire stararted in the workshop area where fiberglas molds are made. and only one part of the building was damaged. and now an 8 on your side alert you need to know about. billions of dollars in expensive medicines used to fight cancer thrown in the trash. it's all because of a one-size- fits-all dosage. researchers examined the top- selling cancer drugs. doses are determined by a patient's weight. but right now, companies are selling the medications in one or two sizezes and that's it. meaning there's usually left over medicication. >> we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars for nearly every drug we looked at going in the trash. >> that's a lot.
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u.s. need to offer more sizes and that it shouldn't break the bank to make those different- sized viles. the u.s. government is taking on another battle with one of the biggest tech companies in the world. >> yeah. the app is designed so no one the company. and now the government claims it's a problem. everything you type can't be read until the person on the receiving end of the message opening it. facebook's mark zuckerberg believes securing communications is how the technology is evolving. >> i don't think requiring back doors into encryption is either going to be an effective way to increase security or is really the right thing to do. >> well the department of justice has not decided whether it will sue the company. a lakeland woman is fighting to keep her pet alligator. you heard that right. marathon has had rambo for 10 years -- mary thorn has had rambo for 10 years.
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remote and likes to cuddle. that's more than most human, come on. she got a license for him years ago when he was just a couple feet long. but the fwc recognized a problem during a recent routine visit. >> he said, how tall is he? and we measured him and that's where it started. >> her face is right there. so she needs 2.5 acres of property to keep a gator that's rambo's size. an expert insists that the life style is not healthy and worries he could bite someone. she claims he has never snapped and she hopes she can keep him. and there she is just opening temperatures very mild. we have a layer of clouds. and a layer of clouds just up off the surface. so you're driving around and you can see the car in front of
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having said that, i'm going to zoom over the sunshine skyway bridge where the clouds have lowered enough that there's actually visibility issues which is why they have closed down the bridge due to the extremely thick fog. basically a cloud that's lowered on top of it. not very widespread. and once that low clouds and fog burn off though, we warm up to 76 at noon. 81 at 3:00 p.m. a warm day for your st. patrick's day. 7 in plant city. 70 in clearwater. 71 in bradenton. and i checked in with big monkey in crystal beach who says 70 degrees this morning. the long range forecast, it's going to stall to the north today which is why i left in a 10% rain chance. but i don't think many of you will see rain. and for tomorrow, the front gets closer so i bumped the rain chance up to 20 to 30%. and i'm momore concerned with saturday with this area of low pressure coming off the gulf of mexico. keeping our rain chance 50% saturday. early sunday, there could be
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and we actually see a significant cool down. a high on monday just 6 8 degrees. and monday night into the 40s. leslee, let's check on the sunshine skyway bridge. all right, it's still closed and now another problem, folks. this is in the wimauma area, possible fatal crash. we have all lanes blocked d here on state road 674 right at carlton lake road. a collision. we have live wires that are down in lanes. and again, both directions here of 674 are blocked. here's your alternate. it's your detour. wimauma up to owens road. allow for an extra 15 minutes here. and of course, the sunshine skyway bridge still closed. let's go to meliek on the street. he is out there and you can see the fog. and you can see all the emergency vehicles. you're not getting by, folks, not going to be able to cross it right now. what does that mean for you? you have to take 75 instead. so leave the house early. updated throughout the morning,
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not a reregular vehicle. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to adrienne and gene. maybe you haveve a bad back or you're always in a rush, maybe you just don't want to do it anymore, there are many reasons you might be tired of tying your shoes. >> or maybe you're just lazy. but nike now has the answer. the new shoe people will be lining up for this yearar.
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some news from nike this morning. soon we won't have to tie our shoes anymore because that's hard. the company just debuted its first self-lacing shoe. there it is. it even gross a little. you just slip your foot in and the heel hits the sensor and you can adjust the laces by pressing a button. the sneaker is coming our way for the holiday season this year. but only for members of the
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weather and traffic on the 8s in three minutes. that's right. in the next half hour, you really need to see this dramatic video of a police chase. it ends in flames. we will show you more. and then it took 60-tons of clay to make it happen but mlb officials now say it's time to play ball. >> when the tampa bay rays will play their historic game in cuba.
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on this st. patrick's day, even emoji man is wearing his green hat. wear something green today. when you send the kids to the bus stop, there's fog possible but it's not widespread. it's over the sunshine skyway bridge which has shut it down. 81 this afternoon. only a a 10% rain chance. and look at the cooler days ahead, next week, highs in the
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a possible fatal crash out here. serious injuries involved, state road 674 closed both road. you arare detoured around it. and we have a new crash, fouler and at nebraska and of course the sunshine skyway bridge closed down. take 75 inststead.
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it's 6:30. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle this morning. we start with breaking news. so tampa police fired at overnight. and now the man with the gun, gene s dead. >> yeah, let's go straight to news channel 8's rye -- gene, , he's dead. >> yeaeah, let's go straight to news channel 8's ryan hughes. it began with a domestic disturbance call. >> reporter: gene, good morning to you. that is how this all started around 1:10 a.m. when a man or woman called 911
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alter case. and police arrived that the home on cherokee avenue here in south tampa. that was roughly 15 minutes later. and that's when the man began walking around and he appeared to be armed with a hand gun. he went back into thehe home and police officers tried to coax him out for around 45 minutes. e eventually walked baback into the carport and that's when police told us he fire -- minutes. he eventually walked back into the carport and that's when when police told us he fired. officers returned fire hitting and killing the man here onscene. here's what a police spoke man said. >> the officers are very lucky. they knew it was a dangerous situation. they tried to end it peacefully and tried to engage him in coconversation. i don't know why the e gentleman pulled out the gun and fired. but he did. >> reporter: still questions to be answered. another live look at this point.
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the woman involved in the dispute also uninjured. the officers who opened fire, we're told at least one, likely several more will be on paid leave as this is investigated. but some very tense moments out here this morning, gene. >> yeah, we will continue following this throughout the thank you for that update. and of course, you can download our breaking news app to stay on top of breaking news no matter where you are any time of day. our other big story today, again, the fog. so let's check in with storm team 8 meteorologist leigh spann. sunshine skyway bridge closed again. >> that's right. and the interesting thing is today, the fog is not widespread at all. in fact, most of you, the vast majority will wake up and maybe see low clouds and haze but not thick fog. however, what's happening is that we have a layer of clouds spreading in off the gulf of mexico. and those clouds are just up the sunshine skyway bridge where they have lowered enough to obscure visibility and
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the bridge between southern pinellas and into manatee county at this point. going to be a tough commute for sure but at this moment, they're saying visibility less than 100 feet. so you can't see in front of you. therefore, they have closed it. otherwise on this st. patricick's day, it's warm, 72 in tampa. 71 in bradenton. 70 in bartow. the st. patrick's day forecast, again the majority of us, fog this morning and it's burning off quickly. can't promise the same thing for the skyway bridge. the sea fog may linger through the day. 3:00 p.m., partly cloudy and warm at 81, 10% rain chance this evening. and they are dyeing the river green on saturday and that's when we have a better rain chance. at 6:38, i have the eight-day temperature trend for you. but a lot on the roadads today. it's a lucky day if you're traveling in pasco county and polk county, it's good. hillsborough county is decent. but not so inin the wimauma area and of course if you want to use the sunshine skyway bridge. of course, the sunshine skyway
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and i want to talk about this possible fatal crash, state road 674 blocked both directions at carlton lake road. so how do you get around it? they are detouring you up on sweat road and wimauma. that's how you get around the closure. there's live wires in the rare. and meliek is on the street at the sunshine skyway bridge, folks. and look at, that again, it's completely blocked. take 75 instead. that's a look at weather and traffic on -- look at weather and traffic. >> thank you. we have more breaking news right now. killer whales are going away at seaworld. the park just agreed to stop breeding captive whales. a big spotlight was put on the park years ago after a
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the agreement was made between seaworld and the humane society. and right now, several law enforcement agencies are questioning fiver peopople accucused of snatching purses -- five people accused of snatching purses from manatee to polk couounty. news channel 8's josh thomas is live for us. how did these people actually get away with the robberies? did they get away at all? sounds like a lot. >> reporter: well, they have been arrested so they only got away for so long. now investigators are trying to piece this together. we know that they have been questioning the suspects all night here at the lake whales police departmenent. and now the suspects are accused in a string of purse snatchings over the past week from manatee to here in polk county. but the latest happened yesterday as a woman sat in her car in a publix's parking lot in auburndale. a suspect asked her a question and the next thing she knew, she was a purse snatching victim after he reached through
6:36 am
>> you think you're safe sitting in the car. and you don't think anyone can see you that far down but they can. >> reporter: now she then contacted police who found the stolen jeep with five people inside here in lake whales. one adult and four minors were taken in for questioning by several police agencies as they try to figure out if there's a connection between the string of purse snatchings. we know that late last night and early this morning, a 19- year-old of eagle lake was charged with grand theft auto. those four minors all from lakeland have also been charged with several other offenses. >> wow, josh and we're always so so distracted, checking the phone, doing other things but thank you. this morning, surveillance video of a dramatic crash that ended a polk county pursuit. it's a little grainy but look, that's the car flipping once,
6:37 am
this is surveillance video from a business in lakeland. the video shows when the car which had been stolen during an armed carjacking last month goes over a bank, flips over and then bursts into flames. look at the top center of your screen. you can see it right there. henry cokier, the business owner where the video came from, he couldn't believe what the cacameras captured. >> that guy must have been going 65, 75 miles per hour because it launched. i mean, he was a solid six or seven feet in the air. >> surprisingly here, the two teens inside the car survived and according to the sheriff, both have criminal records. the white house is releasing details ofof president barack obama's hihistoric two-day visit to cuba. the president arrives monday and he will be traveling with the first lady and their two daughters as well as his mother- in-law. the president will meet with young entrepreneurs. the first family will attend a state dinner hohosted by razl castro.
6:38 am
will not be meeting with fidel castro. the tampa bay rays are flayplaying the phillys this afternoon. it's the first of four games they'll play this week before traveling to cuba for the historic game in havana. now next tuesday, moot moore will be pitching at this -- tuesday, matt moore will be pitching at this stadium. major league baseball shipped more than 630-tons of clay and equipment to make sure the nearly 70-year-old venue would be up to tiptop shape. and although the field is far from perfect, mlb officials tell us, it's ready for action. >> the field is not quite up to a major league field but that's okay. again, it's about the event. we just want to make sure that the field is safe, that the players can perform well on the e field. that's all. >> sounds good. and now the game will be the first for a big league club in cuba since 1999 when the baltimore orioles played cuba's
6:39 am
let's turn things over to leigh spann. hi, lee.e. >> that's right. -- hi, leigh. >> that's right. we are watching clouds off the gulf of mexico at this point. and again, a little bit of fog that has just crept in to the sunshine skyway bridge area. and when i'm looking at visibility, , i'm finding the lolowest visibility right along the shoreline. most o of you though just fine. again, clouds very low. but along the ground level, you can see well in front of you, no big deal there. let me show you the forecast. morning. but the bigger story for most of us will be how warm it feels around 70 degrees. more sunshine getting us up to 76 degrees at noon onon this st. patrick's day. and justst a 10% rain chance with a high today ofof about 8 1 degrees. again, most of us just seeing the low clouds. just that the sunshine skyway bridge, those clouds have lowered enough to completely obstruct visibility over that bridge.
6:40 am
it. >> no. >> it may take an extra hour or so to get around. >> yeah, especially if you live at the northern end of the e manatee county and work at the southern end d of pinellas county. definitely a long detour. and it tends to get busier into hillsborough county. you have to go through the junction. just a mess. here's what's going on. we have a fatal crash here, state road 674 at carlton lake, seeing delays in the area in the wimauma area. you are detoured around. but look at the westbound. allow for an extra 20 minutes to get around this particular crash. we have live wires in the roadway as well. again, the sunshine skyway bridge is completely closed. let's go to marek on the street. he is -- meliek on the street and you can see there is police cones out there. bebefore you leave the house, check with me here at news channel 8 today. i will keep you posted and let you know as soon as it reopens. again, it's closed right now.
6:41 am
there and have to turn around and add more time on the long commute. back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you. you never expect to see one of these creatures at the beach. what texas beachgoers found in the water. >> that's right. it has them thinking twice, maybe three times before going back in. and then two people are dead. many more are hurt. what caused a massive deadly fire. all of this inside a busy traffic tunnel. where this hapappened after the
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
two people are dead. more than 60 others hurt after a fire erupted inside a traffic tunnel in japan. officialings say a crash involving a dozen cars ignited the flames. one victim died in the tunnel. another passed away at the hospital. this tunnel is one of the main
6:45 am
and now a driver in ohio is counting his blessings this morning after escaping scaped beining hit by a train. you are about to see it right here. ththe entire thing caught on camera. now you will see the van stuck on the tracks. the owner rushes up to grab something as the train, look at that, as the train approaches, smashes the van. and now he grabs the bag and does run just before the train barrels down. within seconds, you see it smashing into the van. a police officer right there. unbelievably, nobody was hurt. also caught on camera, a store clerk helping save a baby girl after her mother collapses to the ground. rebecca montana was working behind the counter when a young mother went to pay and she started having a seizer and baby. some quick thinking. and then she called 911. this morning, the mom and baby
6:46 am
take a look at the excitement in this german shepherd puppy's face. her name is luna and she has quite the story. she is waking up with her family inned is but luna, listen to this, she was presumed dead after she fell off a fishing boat. that happened five weeks ago. okay, five weeks ago. all of this happening near an island about 60 miles off the coast offed is. after she fell, her owner spent two days searching for her. nothing. no luck. no sign of luna anywhere. and fast forward to this past tuesday and she was found by the u.s. navy chilling by the beach. >> just really mind blowing to tell you the truth. when i got the call that this happened, never even thought in my wildest dreams that this would be a possibly, that i would ever see her again. and yeah, i mean we just have to thank the navy really. .
6:47 am
a biologist said her coat color blends with the sand and makes it her hard to spot. kobe bryant fan, you can win a pair of free tickets to floor seats in his last game of all time. it's all in the name of charity. bryant is well aware that tickets to the lakier's april 19 game against utah, the final game of his career, are in high demand. so he is raffling off two tickets to raise money for several charities and there's more. the winner will also get plane tickets to la, a hotel room and, this is probably the best, the chance to high-five the future hall-of-famer himself. and if you can believe it, tickets to that game are already selling fofor a couple thousand dollars. >> wow. well, you might have to be reminded, you have to wear green today. yeah, it's st. paddy's day. right now, last-minute preparations in new york city. it's big st. patrick's day parade. millions will line the streets
6:48 am
new york city mayor de blasio is set to march in this year's parade. this ends a two-year boycott of the nation's largest st. patrick's day parade by the mayor and now that ththey have dropped their ban of allowing gay groups to march under their own banner. the sign of this catch off the coast of hawaii. the families were on a charter fishing trip whehen they reeled in a marlin thatat weighed more than 800 pounds. it took them about six hours to get the fish onboard. after the families took picture, he was taken to a fish auauction. okay, so something that will have beachgoers thinking twice before taking a dip but don't worry, it's not in our backyard. in freeport, texas, an 8.5-foot gator. experts claim it's not uncommon for gators to go into the surf.
6:49 am
they jumped over the logs and one of the logs wasn't a log. >> game wardens don't remove the gator. instead, they recommend beachgoers don't feed it. leigh, i wouldn't feed even if no one said that. >> thick clouds across the area. bubut they're just up off the surface for the majority of us. can't say the same thing as we bounce down here to the sunshine skyway bridge. where those clouds have lowered enough. the sea fog has crept over the moututh of the bay right over the sunshine skyway bridge. and that has closed the bridge due to the thick fog. everyone will wake up with extra clouds this morning. just the fog may hang tough along the coast. and this is the forecast for everyone elsewhere after about 9:00 a.m., clouds break up, 76 at noon. and afternoon high of 81. and there's just a 10% rain chance here on your st. patrick's day. 72 in tampa. 71 st. pete. 72 plant city.
6:50 am
fog in spots this morning. a stalled front to the north, that's why i left in a 10% rain chance but most of us will be dry. tomorrow, the front gets farther south and mild and muggy. but a 30% rain chance friday. and that's up to a 50% chance on saturday. a lot going on on saturday so make plans. and then cooler next week. leslee, a lot on the roads too. >> yeah, absolulutely. we are starting to see congestion in typical spots like westbound on i-4 in ybor city. a possible fatal crash. state road 674 at cacarlton lake road, completely shut down both directions. you are detoured around this spot from owens road up to sweat loop road. that's how you get around. allow for an extra 20 minutes here in the wimauma area. live wires are in the roadway too. that takes a while to clear. dale mabry at swan in south tampa, westbound i-4, crash. southbound 275 slow moving into tampa.
6:51 am
and of course, the biggest story of the morning, susunshine skyway bridge remains closed. what does that mean for you? i-75 is the alternate. let's go to meliek on the street. he is out there. a lot of flashing light, cones on the roadway. they are waiting for the fog to thin out so you can see better but right now, still closed down. an unlucky drive for if you take the sunshine skyway bridge. you have to take 75. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. >> thank you. well what you need to know before you walk out the door is up next including a group of robbers accused of snatching purses in several bay area countiesful we will explain where they are right now. and ahead, we are on top of breaking news this morning. up next, a deadly police shooting kills a man in a tampa carport. what brought police to his home. you're watching news channel 8
6:52 am
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breaking news, tampa police overnight. >> that's right. police say they fired at a man after he shot at them first, hitting their shield dead in the center. tampa. ryan, what's the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you once again. take a look behind me. you can see that the investigation is still underway. police were called to a home on cherokee avenue just after 1:00 this morning because of a domestic dispute. we're toldld a man then came outside. he had a gun and he went back inspied returned and that's when around 45 minutes later, hehe shot at officers, striking a protective shield one was helding. they in return shot at that man roughly eight to 10 shot, killing him onscene.
6:56 am
throughout the investigation. today. >> thank yoyou -- ryan hughes, news channel 8 today. >> thank you. and four teenagers s and one adult are being questioned in a area. the five werere arrested wednesday night. at this hour, this invevestigation is ongoing and charges are pending. and new overnight, a car plows through a tampa home in the middle of the night as the police. you can see it there. investigators report that the car crashed into a home on mulberry street north. nobody in the house was hurt. ththat's the good news. both people in the car were arrested. tampa is moving closer to lessen the punishment for having small amounts of marijuana. the city council will vote on this issue this morning. in the new law, the punishment would be a citation and a fine starting at $75. that's less than the fine for a speeding ticket. and the council is expected to approve this this morning. and president barack
6:57 am
is headed to capitol hill today. appeals court judge merrick garland will speak with senators. he would replace justice antonin scalia who died suddenly last month. music lovers are mourning the loss of frank sinatra, jr. this morning. just before a scheduled performance right here in the bay area. he died of a heart attack in daytona beach. and we were expecting to see e him sing tonight in st. petersburg. >> sad news for sure. we have a layer of clouds across the entire tampa bay region but the sunshine skyway bridge w where the thick fog has closed the bridge between pinellas and manatee county which will impact a lot of people's commute this morning. and by the way, also st. patrick's day, wear your green. and we have fog in other spots but it's not widespread. just the low cloud, 71 degrees at 8:00. by 3:00 p.m., should feel warm around 81 degrees. and more clouds this even something only a 10% rain chance or night ahead of a 30%
6:58 am
and cold front on the first day of spring and ironically, we're chilly on the first day of spring. >> that leprechaun must have passed over the sunshine skyway bridge. and unlucky traffic westbound i-4 through ybor, 15 minutes. southbound on the veterans expressway, ehehrlich to 275, a 16 minute commute. possible fatal crash state road 674. and meliek on the street at the sunshinene skyway bridge. it is closed. take 75 instead. >> okay. thank you. and thank you for join eight employeeses own this thursday morning. happy st. paddy's day everybody. our next newscast is first at 4:00: have a great day. and stay with us throughout the
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. battle supreme. president obama's pick heads to thee hill today. democrats pushing hard. >> have e the guts, the guts to vote yes or no. >> is the nomination dead on arrival? we will talk to the president's chief of staff. where is the love? a new poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump are deeply unpopular even in their own parties while trump has a dire warning for the gop if there is a contested convention. >> i think you would have riots.


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