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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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well to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle this morning. our top story, honoring a hillsborough county deputy who duty. killed deputy john kotfila. we will show you how his family bye. and right now, polk county deputies are searching for a man they say stole a car from a toddler inside. this happened while the care taker was inside the pharmacy
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and when she came out, the car was gone and the kid as well. the carjacker abandoned d the car with the kid inside. anyone with information is urgeged to call the sheriff's office. that child is okay. >> thankness for that. in a few day, president barack obama and the first family land in havana, cuba. the historic trip starts sunday. anticipation is creating an obama mania on the island: you can see a few thing, shirt, flag, magnets and buttons all over havana for the president. it's 5:31 on this friday morning. tgif. let's get a check of the forecast meteorologist leigh spann. >> good morning. not seeing any thick fog and friday. but there are extra clouds and if you notice ai-10 and the panhandle, a line of showers. the -- notice across i-10 and the panhandle, a line of showers. i will leave in a 20% rain chance today but most of you
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and d if anything, cool -- cooler this morning. it's still above average but cooler than yesterday.y. 62 lakeland. here are the streaming clouds. this is the forecast, 7:00, 8:00 this morning, yeah, more clouds than yeststerday. and not a terrible day by any means. even by 12:30, mostly cloudy. and notice the showers, again, they could stream in. not a big chance though. 81 degrees today despite the clouds. and that slim rain chance. at 5:38, i have the eighght-day temperature trend. and leslee is here to let you know about the roadways. yeah, a couple problems but no fog on the sunshine skyway bridge. the sunshine skyway bridge bridge is open, that's good news but it's not a perfect drive out here. an accident folks westbound i-4 and it's right at u.s. 301. but everything is off to the side of the roadway. you see it over there to the right. and traffic is getting by just fine. there it is on the map, that's where it's located. all right, let's head down to
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east at 75th avenue east, in bradenton now, a collision possibly tying up lanes south of state road 70. good drive across the sunshine skyway bridge. all the bay area bridges look good. and u.s. 41 remains closed at crenshaw lake which is also whitaker through next friday. i have gotten a lot of people contacting me on facebook. what you can do if you have questions about traffic or anything, connect with me on facebook. dale mabry highway is the alternate through next friday. it's going to be closed down. raililroad repair work, that's what's going on there. back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you, leslee. it's 5:33. final good-byes to a hillsborough county deputy killed on the job. he saved a life but ended his own. deputy john kotfila tragically die when had a a wrong-way driver hit him on the selmon expresswsway. today family, friends and colleagues will honor him. right now, flags in hillsborough county are at halflf- staff to remember the fallen hero.
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josh thomas joins us live from lutz. josh -- >> reporter: good morning, adrienne and gene. well, funeral services for deputy john kotfila will begin here at st. timothy catholic church in lutz later today. now the deputy, of course, died in the line of duty last weekend on the selmon expressway. and now according to a witness, deputy john kotfila drove his cruiser into the path of a wrong-way driver to prevent that car from hitting other cars that were going in the right direction. the deputy and the wrong-way driver both lost their lives in the crash. deputy john kotfila is remembered by his fellow law enforcement officers as a man who wanted to make a difference. >> john made us better. he made this program better. he makes this sheriff's office better. . and he's going to be missed. >> reporter: family, friends and law enforcement officers from hillsborough county and across the bay area will attend his funeral later today. now that funeral will begin at
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watch it live on wfla tv as well as on our website, >> an emotional day ahead, josh. thank you. it's 5:35. happening today, closing arguments in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. terry gene bollea better known as hulk hogan is suing gawkerer for $100 million.n. the website published a sex tape showing him with a friend's ex-wife. the jury saw video taped depositions with terry gene bollea. and a major step by the city of tampa. city council members voted to decriminalize marijuana. this is a big story here. that means people in possession of 20-grams aureoles will be fined instead of -- 20-grams or less will bebe fined instead of facing lesser charges. it passed 5-1. well we are getting a sneak peek at whatat st. pete's new pierer will look like and the architects are insisting all of the items on the pier's wish list will become a reality.
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show several changes not in the original drawings such as a boat dock that was originally bridge, that's gone. the architects say structures used to hold the per mid can't hold the new building so new ones will be built. >> although there's some subtleties and differences as they move along, all of the component pieces are there. >> so the plan is to break ground on the new pier by next spring and work be completed by the end of 2018. and take a look at what happened when one camera crew took a ride with the army national guard in texas. you can see how flooded it is there. flood victims wading through knee-deep waters. a rescue team from the houston area rescued several animals left behind. >> it does make you mad because
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we don't want to leave anyone behind. whetheher it's animals or humans. >> and look at this, a horse was also found. he was stuck in a fence line in the water. recovery efforts are still it's 5:37. grab your earmuffs and look to the skies this weekend in south tampa. because the tampa bay areafest is back. let's take a look at -- tampa bay airfest is back. let's take a look at file video. you can watch f-16s speed through the air, coming awfully close to the ground, amazing to see that. and other military as well as civilian aircrafts will zoom high and low in south tampa as well. and as always, another great performance by the united stateses special operations paracommandas. they'll sharare chute into macdill with a large american -- paracommandos.
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with a largrge american flag. we will call the weather iffy for the airfest on saturday. and not as bad today. so let me takeke you hour-b-by-hour through the relalative good news which is today. 68 degrees at 8:00 a.m. you may notice it's a couple degrees cooler than yesterday, still above average. extra clouds around through the day but we still warm up. we're still in the mid-70s at noon. low 8080s during the afternoon. and only about a 20% chance of a stray shower. if you're going to the spring trtraining game, clearwater, 1:05, dunedin, 1:05, in the mid- 70s. tampa an evening game, 76. all of that about a 20% chance. and skip forward to tomorrow and sunday with the macdill airfrfest. and saturday is a 50% rain chance. yes, breaks in the rain but off and on showers are possible through the day. and we keep the rain through sunday morning. then we see not only drier but
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sunday's high only 72. 68 monday. 73 tuesday. and then trending warmer next week. at 5:38 though, we can at least be thankful that it's not foggy. >> that's right. the sunshine skyway bridge is six minutes. all bay areaea bridges look gogood. and we want to keep in mind, if you go to the yankee's game in tampa, it's's at 6:30, that's rush hour on dale mabry highway. so it's going to be extra heavy. leave the house early. keep that in mind. westbound i-4 at 301, we have a collision. we're starting to wrap up. looks better here. and we only have one police car on the right and everything else has been cleared from the roadways. so essentially it's all cleared up. he's probably doing some paper work. that's the situation westbound i-4 at u.s. 301. all right, let's move over now in the sun coast area, bradenton, 9th street east at
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possibly tying up some lanes. great drive on i-75 through bradenton. i-4 looks great out of lakeland. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s and now back to adrienne and gene. >> all right. thank you. so much more coming up here
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brace yourselves. a loud and packed weekend is on tap at macdill air air force base. ryan, you have exciting things to tell us about happening this year. >> reporter: adrienne, good morning to you oncece again. a lot going on saturday and sunday. these evenents get underway at 8:00 both mornings. a lot going on here and if you
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this is the thing for you this weekend. paracommandos, they'll be here this weekend. and we have two joining us right now. first of all colonel, tell me what you guys do, what the thrill is like when it comes to your job? >> the thrill for us is getting to jump out of an airplane. people would call it perfectly good. but we beg to differ. but we will set up the show and come out starting the show off at about 11:30 each morning. the mass exit, that means about six toto eight jumpers come out in a large formation and we will have smoke on the feet so people can see us from the ground because we will exit about 10,000 feet or great. and then we will open the parachutes around 4,000 feet. and one jumper will have a large american flag banner, about 1500 square feet. and that will come down in conjunction. >> reporter: staff sergeant, i imagine one big deal for you guys is just seeing the thrill by all the spectators at an event like this. that get you going? >> oh, yes.
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it's a really good experience. about 67,000 soldiers and sailors which are across the country, about 90 different countries around the world. and getting experience to jump out of an aircraft and having the e spectator cheering for us, that's momotivating for us. >> reporter: and is this the this particular airfest? airfest. i will be on the practice run this morning because you needed demonstrator. so i wiwill be on the ground and supervisining the guys so they make it safe to the ground. role. adrienne, gene, a huge event coming up. 8:00 in the morning, underway here saturday and sunday. and then the aerial 11:15. back to for now.
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once and it was terrifying and that was tandem so i have a lot of respect. >> i feel bad for the staff sergeant. they send him up for the practice run. >> good luck. > poor guy. all right,t, 5:45. a little serious news here for you now. isis i is committing genocide against christians and other minorities in syria and iraq. that's what secretary of state john kerry just declared. this is only the second time a u.s. executive e branch -- executive branch member used that word during an ongoing conflict. the secretary believes that we must destroy isis by force. so a new york pizza shop owner is facing charges this morning after he admitted he tried to recruit people to join isis. we're talking about the first man to be captured and convicted of suppororting islamic terrorists here in the u.s. he
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his attorney claims he began focusing on religion after he was slashed in the face with a box cutter when he was a teenager. in december, he pleaded guilty to providing material support to isis. so for a second time, former cia director david petraeus will stand before the house select committee on benghazi. the closed interview will take place tomorrow in washington, d.c. general petraeus was head of the cia when a terror attack killed four americans in 2012. he testified on the attack just before leaving the agency. a pep rally performance goes terribly wrong. check this out right here. today at least 20 people are recovering after a fire- breathing performer catches fire. take a closer look at this video in delray beach. you can see the fire breather performing in the middle of the gym when suddenly he became engulfed in flames and you can see people running there.
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and at least 20 others were hurt. that had to be scary. it was organized for students to get excited for their florida standards ainternational space stationment test. i'm surprised that was -- standards assessment test. an exhibit in washington, d.c. at the national zoo closed after a chemical exemployees. officials report a worker was doing -- chemical explosion. a worker smelled chlorine. when he walked away, he heard a loud boom. it happened in the building that holds the water treatment system equipment. thankfully no people or animals got hurt. the rest of the zoo will open again today. so after a congressional hearing that put michigan's governor in the hot seat, residents in flint are still not satisfied. the governor testified that the state's department of environmental quality assured him the water from the flint river was safe. the governor claims the epa ignored early information about the contamination.
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the toxic water crisis. an nfl player is in a florida hospital this morning after a motorcycle crash. baltimore raven's cornerback trey walker is in critical condition. right now, walker is being treated at miami jackckson's memorial hospital. and you can see the motorcycle right there on the side of the road. the raven's head coach says the team continues to prpray for walklker and his family. the cornerback was selected by the ravens in the 2015 nfl draft. so what exexactly is next for florida senator marco rubio? well, becoming a vice president candndidate for a gop nominee, he's not interested. the florida senator made this remark when he returned to capitol hill. in fact, he said he doesn't run for governor, nothing. he's going to go private but he continued to criticize donald trump saying that trump would destroy the gop.p. he refuted trump's claim that there will be riots if trumump isn't the nominee. we want to give you a live look at a bald eagle's next
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the first lady: they were named that because they liveve in the u.s. national garden. love that, leigh. >> what a sweet little picture there. and we have extra clouds this morningng. at this point, i don't have rain showing up and if anything, it's comfortable out there. temperatures may be a couple degrees cooler thanan yesterday but still above average, just cooler than yesterday. 68 degrees, some patchy clouds at 8:00 a.m. warm and more clouds at noon, 76 degrees. and all in all, a 20% rain chance today. still low. 81 degrees for an afternoon high. and that's's no still pretty warm. plant city, 61. brooksville,e, 60. lakeland, 63. bradenton, 68. and my weather watcher in inverness, she is at 62 degrees right now. and there's a stalled cold front to the north. that's keeping us mild. that's adding the extra clouds, streaming in off the gulf. and that's why embedded in the
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shower or two is possible. 20% today. even by tomorrow morning, 8:30 a.m., rain chances are increasing, coming off the gulf of mexico, and off and on showers are possible all day on saturday as this second cold front comes through. and we will keep the rain in through sunday morning before we really cool down sunday and monday. leslee, how is traffic on the 8s? traffic looks great in the sun coast area. not seeing any delays on the sunshine skyway bridge and the sunshine skyway bridge is a wonderful drive. completely open. looks great. about 10 minutes between the toll plazas. and the map, bradenton, up to speed on i-75, that continues from the sunshine skyway bridge into sarasota. let's move over now and talk about westbound i-4 at u.s. 301. the last look at it, it was just about all cleared up and it has completely cleared now. nothing on the shoulder. everything looks fantasastic westbound i-4 at 301. baback to adrienne and gene. >> okay, leslee, thank you.
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you would expectct to see here in the u.s. but in india, see this all the time. >> every day thing. meet the dog who is one man's ride or die. anand putting extra pep in yourur step. when we get back, , the new way amazon is helping users reach their fitness goals. it's 5:51. you're watching news channel 8 today.
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we'r're back. peopople hoping to stay in shape using fitbits can use amazon's virtual assistant. she has a name and everything. amazon's device is called alexa. sounds friendly. it can use what fitbit knows about your exercise performance and vitals to encourage you u to keep going. if you tell it to ask fitbit how many steps you've taken, she can tell you, you still have to do another 5500 to reach your goal. keep it up. >> we could all use motivation. we have video that will definitely make you smile this morning. okay, let's take a closer look at the dog driving a motorcycle. this video is going viral on social media. perfect viral video, dog, motorcycle, sunglasses. >> he is looking forward.
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>> eyes on the road. a man and his dog sidney ride through the city in indonesia. the owner says they ride all around the time and this is considered pretty normal in indonesia. i bet the peopople there are wondering why it's viral. >> oh, boy. weather and traffic on the 8s is in three minutes. plus, passengers thought they were hit by a missile. >> what caused an american airlines flight to make an emergency landing. it's 5:55.
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time for weather and traffific on the 8s. today, not too bad, 81 for the afternoon high. warm with extra clouds, a 20% rain chance today. as the rain chances go up this weekend, the one positive side to thatat is that the pollen could wants will be going into the moderate category for sasaturday and sunday.
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a look at the bay area bridges here. the howard franklin bridge, a wonderful drive here. and let's move over and take a look at the sunshine skyway bridge. it's open without any fog. how long to move across the hohoward franklin? six minutes. 10 on the courtneyey campbell causeway. seven on the gandy. and 10 on the sunshine skyway
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good friday morning to you. and welclcome to news channel 8 today. i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle. >> and i'm gene ramirez. flags s in hillsborough cocounty are at half-staff as family and friends of deputy john kotfila come together to say their final good-bye. the funeral service is happening in lutz. deputy john kotfila was killed by a wrong-way driver last saturday. eight people are getting help from the red cross this morning after a fire at an apartment building in tampa. someone living there was doing some sort of electrical wiring.


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