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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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good friday morning to you. and welclcome to news channel 8 today. i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle. >> and i'm gene ramirez. flags s in hillsborough cocounty are at half-staff as family and friends of deputy john kotfila come together to say their final good-bye. the funeral service is happening in lutz. deputy john kotfila was killed by a wrong-way driver last saturday. eight people are getting help from the red cross this morning after a fire at an apartment building in tampa. someone living there was doing some sort of electrical wiring.
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overnight in the attic. thankfully though, everybody is okay. and lots of eyes on this closing arguments in the hulk hogan sex tape trial. terry gene bollea is suing gawker for $10000 million. the website published a a sex tape shohowing him with the ex- wife of a tampa-based radio personalty. we will have more local news in a few minutes but always important in the mornings, the weather leigh. >> that's right. and it's really not too bad this morning. we don't have the fog that we have had the past couple days but there are extra clouds and temperatures if anything are cooler than yesterday. i mean, still above average but it's cooler. 57 in zephyrhills. 64 plant city. 64 clearwater. 68 in bradenton. 70 in tampa. and notice the extra clouds. you will see breaks in the clouds but more clouds thanan recently and look in the gulf of mexico, the rain extends all the way south of the panhandle
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today. only a 20% chance of a stray shower or two. and despite the clouds, a warm high of 81, above average of 77. at 6:08, i will have the rain chance forecast because the rain chance is 20% today but weekend. so you will want to stay tuned for that. >> especially for airfest. dry onon the roadways, no fog on the susunshine skyway bridge. couldn't ask for a better commute at this point. minutes. southbound on the veterans yet. on. ehrlich to 275 right now is a nine minute commute. all right, in bradenton at the southwest side of the intersection at 9th street east and 57th avenue east there, are a few cars in lanes there. so we have some road blockage here due to this decision. i-75 looks fantastic throughout no delays. and u.s. 41 remains closed at crenshaw lake which is also whitaker and that's going to be
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railroad repair work going on. dale mabry is the alternate for the weekend and for the rest of next week. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you, leslee. final good-byes to a hihillsborough county deputy killed in the line of duty. >> yeah, a babay area deputy who many are calling a hero will be >> that's right. and news channel l 8's josh thomas is joining us now from lutz wiwith all the details of this final good-bye. of course, josh, we are e expecting an extremely emotional day, to say the least. >> reporter: yes, no question about it. family, friends and law enforcement officers from across the bay area will be arriving here at st. timothy catholic church in lutz to say a final good-bye to deputy john kotfila. the deputy was killed by a wrong-way driver last saturday on the selmon expressway. a witness said that the deputy swerved into the path of the wrong-way driver to stop the
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headed in the right direction. his actions cost him his life. >> this man put himself in front of us as a human shield. absolutely. he definitely saw what was going on. when i take a step back and look at the way everything occurred, he absolutely was a human shield for us. >> reporter: deputy john kotfila is remembered as a man who wouldn't think twice to help someone and his fellow law enforcement officers are not surprised by his actions last weekend. and now visitation for deputy john kotfila will begin at 10:00 this morning and the funeral service will begin at 1:00 this afternoon. news channel 8 will cover that service live at 1:00 and we will be streaming it on our website, gene -- >> yeah, just so many of his friends and family and colleagues describing him as a fantastic, stand-up guy. thank you, josh. well new this morning, tensions in south korea are
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least one missile into the sea, defyfying new sanctions made by the u.n. and the united states. a south korean news agency reports it was likely a medium range missile capable of reaching japan. this would be north korea's first test of a missile of that range since 201414. the u.s. issued fresh sanctions earlier this week. time now 6:05. right now, deputities in polk county are looking for this guy you see over my shoulder. they tell us he stole a car in mulberry and there was a toddler inin the car. let's take a closer look at the guy on surveillance video. the care taker was inside the pharmacy filling a prescription, , left the child in the car. when she came out, the car and the child were boboth gone. this is eagle 8 video of the car after it was abandodoned. the toddler was still inside thankfully but the suspect you see here, he took off. if you have information on whwho
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>> thank goodness the child is okay. the irs office in tampa should be less chaotic today and it's because the agency is only taking people by appointment. you probably remember the long lines we told you about. the help customer, -- about, to help customer, they are now requiring customers to book an appointment ahead of time. some welcome the change but others think it's a waste of time. >> they tell me i might have to come back and make an appointment just to get my w-2 forms. >> brought everything i needed to just sit here all day. >> and other people who we talked to who did have the appointments seemed to think it was a good system. if you need anything call 844- 545-5640. we put that number in our story on all right so, you mimight want to grab the earmuffs and look to the skies s this weekend, especially in south tampa because the tampa bay airfest is back. news channel 8's ryan hughs is
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ready to take off and put on a big show? >> reporter: exactly. good morning once again. a fun-filled weekend here on tap at macdill. and we are on the airfield. take a look inside the hanger. you can see some of the vintage planes taking to the skies saturday and sunday. these planes will be told part of the many performances people will be able to watch from below. and we have file video to show you right now. you can watch f-16s from the air force thunderbirds speed through the air, coming awfully close to the ground. and other aircraft will zoom high and low in south tampa as well. and another great performance by the united states special operations paracommandos. now we spoke to one who said he has done 432 jumps and he said, it's still very thrillining for him. listen here. >> there'e's always a little
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we wawant to have a really good show so people are impressed. we train and train and train to be able to do these events. >> reporter: every single year, it runs saturday and sundnday. gates open at 8:00 a.m. and aerial performancnces get underway at 11:15. and admission anand parking is free. so gene and adrienne, 100,000 people expected here over the weekend. should be a great time. >> all right. sure sounds like it. spectators headed out there. thank you. hopefully it will not be washed out because we have some rain coming our way. yeah, i wish i had better news. today is not going to be bad. so if you have plans today to do something outside for the most part, it will be fine. 6:08 now. by 8:00 a.m., you may notice temperatures are up maybe a tree or two cooler than this time yesterday, 68 degrees at 8:00. and despite extra cloud, you will see some sunshine but cloud us this the day. 76 at noon and afternoon high of 81. today's rain chance is 20%.
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but those rain chances start ramping up tonight. for the weekend, off and on rain all day on saturday. and sunday, s mostly goining to be morning rain -- sunday is mostly going to bebe morning rain. we go below average next week. and specifically here's a lock at the rain chances. -- here's a look at the rain chances. 20% today. 50% tomorrow. i had ryan ask them say what would happen if itit does rain. and they said they would makeke the call at the time. still a possibility with the off and on rain that some of the shows will get off. and drying out during the morning on sunday. and wewe will check on traffic on the 8s, how is everything moving this morning?g? skyway bridge. a lot of people like, is it open today? yes, it's been open all morning and a wonderful drive on the sunsnshine skyway bridge. travel times here in tampa. off the howard franklin bridge, it's also a good drive. in fact, all of the bay area point. and off the howard franklin bridge as you move towards
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ashley, a four minute commute. and look at this, bearss avenue to i-4, only nine minutes on the travel times. good drive there. and that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to adrienne and gene. >> all right. thank you. well hosting this special olympic special games for 16 year, usf is handing over the honors to another venue. >> and the new venue couldn't be happier. >> find out who is gettining involved and where the special olympics will be. but first, killed his s second day on the job. the tragic accident that took the life of a construction worker and why the l.a.p.d. is now investigating. it's 6:10.
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new this morning, a los angeles construction worker is dead after falling 53 stories. you can see from here. it was just his second day on the job. how terrible. the man fell on a car passing by, if yoyou can believe that. and now the woman driving that car is in stable condition. we're still not sure if the man was wearing a safety harness at the time. new york city is seeing something that we're familiar with here in tampa, did you catch it there? lightning. during the last few seconds of new york's wabc's newscast on wednesday, here we go,
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hit the top of one world trade center. amamazing that they caught that. >> yeah, great timing. and today the faa is investigating after r an american airlines plane headed for new york's laguardia airport was forced to land at jfk after, lightning. 55 pathologiers and four crew members were onboarard and one experience. >> it was bad. by a missile. >> no. >> there was a flash of light and the big explosion. the plane dipped about 100 -- dipped about 100 feeded, i don't know, it fefelt like i was on a roller coaster and then i smelled smoke. >> that had to be terrifying. thankfully everybody is okay. the family of a texas woman who died while in custody will be able to review the texas ranger's investigation report. you might remember sandndra bland, she died in police custody last summer. authorities ruled her death a
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enforcement of being directly responsible for bland's death. the fbi initiaially declined to show the report to the family. they argued it was protected under law enforcement privilege. a car slams through the front of a shop. you got to see this. restaurant surveillance video cameras captured the suv going into the pizza shop in oakland park. it's in broward county. they vanish under the car and broken glass. authorities claim the driver simply lost control and those two people are expected to be okay. wow, look at that. > amazing. >> yikes. moving on to an 8 on your side warning for those planning a tripip to the beach this weekend. right now, there's a beck -- there's a bacteria warning. it can make swimmers sick. the department of health will test the water again monday and
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it's supposed to rain some this weekend so maybe not headed to the beach. an important 8 on your side consumer alert for you. bumbmblebee tuna is recalling 31,000 cases of chunk light tunana. the recall involves the five- ounce cans produced in february. you see them on the screen there. if that looks familiar, check. the company believes it could be spoiled or contaminated due to improper sterilization. we put the product infoformation on a woman n is thanking the the sarasota police department for their efforts after they removed a four-foot long python in from her patio. > animal services wasn't able early in the morning when she saw the snake so the officers sprung into action, grabbed a pole and put on their game faces. now you might be cringing at home like i am here to see that. but the officers, they weren't exactly thrilled either. >> he kind of blends in.
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but they were glad that it was a snake. >> i prefer that animal call than some other calls that i have to go to. i would have that than a bank robbery going in wondering if sosomebody is going to shoot at you. so handling a snake isn't a big deal. >> you know, it's all about perspective. one officer happened to just have the pole in the trunk so ththey used it to safely move the snake away from that home. >> wow. a change ofof venn view for the hillsborough county -- change of venue for the hillsborough county special olympics summer games. >> our school really does care about helping these kids and allowing them to express their talents and abilities. >> reporter: senior matthew rule started volununteers his freshman year but the relationship between jesuit high and the hillsborough special olympics goes back much higher.
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is but now it's happening at jesuit. it's tradition that their fathers join in to help at the event. >> it's moving for the dads to watch their sons sort of grow up before their eyes as they walk the athletes around and interact with them. >> reporter: it goes both ways. jason stokeses is happy his dad is participating this year. >> this is my senior year and he said he wanted to be involved in what i was doing. >> reporter: working directly with the athlete, the students hope to help and inspire. >> to us, it means a lot, mostly because we're being a light to the community. > reporter: but ultimately, serving. >> they realize that they others. they have had their fathers and teachers and coaches supporting working for them. >> rewarding for everyone involved. even for spectators just to see the greaeat work done out there. attend.
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off at 9:00 tomorrow morning. and let's hand it off to leigh. the weather r might not cooperate. >> it's going to be off and on rain. not an all-day rain tomorrow. but the rain chance is higher. what y you see at this moment, patchy clouds this morning. rain in the gulf of mexico, i'm only putting in about a 20% chance of that making it onshore through the day. so not a bad day today. 68 degrees at 8:00 a.m. mostly cloudy but still warm at noon at 76. 81 degrees at 4:00 p.m. and any shower you see would be quick. it's a little cooler than yesterday morning, apollo beach, 61. 70 in st. pete. and 57 in zephyrhills. and i checked in with my weather watcher betty in plant city and it's 63 degrees at her house. the going into the future part. the front to the north today which is why there's only the 20% chance of a shower off the gulf of mexico. and tomorrow, even in the morning, this is about 8:15, more showers could come in from
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throughout the day as one cold front sneaks in here, we don't clear out the rain until sunday morning when a second cold frfront comes through. that's the one that's going to send snow up to the northeast and bring cooler air for us. highs s on monday only 68 degrees. how about traffic on the 8s? still looking at a great drive on the bay area interstates. i got word of an accident in pinellas county, 61st avenue at haynes road. hillsborough county, ybor city, 301 to 275, serious complaints minute commute. still l a good drive. and the veveterans expressway, haven't slowed down too much yet. still in the green from ehrlicich to 275, a 10 minute commute. and a crash here, 9th street at 57th avenue east, still in lanes. back to adrienne and d gene. >> thank you. still ahead this morning, uber promises its drivers convenience and flexibility. >> yeah, and they are holding true to their word.
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giant is now doing to keep its
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got to get paid, right? uber is launching a program giving drivers the option to be paid on the spot. they can deposit earnings from each ride into an account of go bank. that's a branch of the company green dot. only in san francisco right now. but drivers would want be charged a fee to use the account as long as they use it every six months. >> i like to be paid every day for work. that would b be nice. >> you would spend it too fast. >> you're right. weather and traffic on the 8s is in three minutes. and at 6:30, remembering deputy john kotfilila. family and friends will come together for his final good-bye later today. we have the detailils of ththe funeral services next in a live reportrt from lutz. and new in thehe next half hour, a developing story.
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houston fatally shot two suspected robbers. we will have the latest on that
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here at 6:28. sending the kids to the bus stop this morning, a few clouds around, comfortable, 68 degrees. only a 20% rain chance today but extra cloud, still warm today at 81. tomorrow and sunday, the rain chances do go up so emoji i man is reminding you of that. but as the rain chances go up, our temperatures are going down, 81 and 80 saturday. and only 72 sunday. and 68 on monday. kind of cool. leslee, we have issues in traffic on the 8s. certainly do. we have issues over the past last 15 minutes.
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an accident involving a pedestrian and that's at north boulevard just west of florida. take waters avenue, it looks decent. and line ball to the north wraps around and hits armenia. busch boulevard closed both directions west of flflorida at nonorth boulevard.
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good morning to you. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm adrienne pedersen in for gayle this morning. ouour top stories, honoring a hillsborough county deputy who gave his life in the line of duty. you remember the wrong-g-way driver hit and killed deputy john kotfila. now in just a few minute, we will show you how his family and friends plan to say good- bye. right now,w, polk cocounty deputies are searching for a man they say stole a car from a toddler inside. this happened while the child's
6:31 am
when she came out, the car with the child d were gone. the carjrjacker abandoned the car with the child still in it though. anyone with information is urged to call the sheriff's office. president barack obama and the first family landnd in havana cuba in a few days. their historic trip starts sunday. anticipation is creating an obama mania on the island. look here. you can see things like shirt, flags, magnets and buttons all over havana. it 16:31 on this -- it is 6:31 on this friday morning. >> not a bad way to get friday started. we don't have fog which is good news. we do have extra clouds and notice a lot of rain south of the panhandle in the gulf of mexico. but as this rain gets closer to our shoreline, it kind of dissipates but wouldn't be out of the question through the day that one holds together enough to sneak through here. i left in a 20% rain chance. but not bad, 57 in zephyrhills. you may notice it's a little
6:32 am
morning, 60 in apollo beach. 70 tampa. 67 bradenton. and our forecast throughout the day today, notice going forward around 8:00, yes, more clouds. but these showers are kind of few and far between. yes, they're there and that's why i left in the 20% rain chance. and but clouds the bigger story along with the warm conditions hitting 81 degrees. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:38, i have an eight-day temperature trend that will take us through the rain and then trend cooler. but first things first, a lot going on on the roads right now. >> yeah, unfortunately. thing have changed, we are headed into rush hour and we have a big crash here that has both directions of busch boulevard completely blocked. that is eaeastbound and westbound busch boulevard. just west of florida at north. that's where the problem spot is at. you're not going to be able to get by. major delays in the area, especially westbound. so go up to line ball avenue, even befofore you get to 275 or just take waters avenue. either of those look decent.
6:33 am
boulevard and that's due to a pedestrian-involved accident. and another collision, 61st accident at haines road. that's a look at weather and traffic and now bag to adrienne and gene. >> thank you,less -- now back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you, leslee. finanal good-byes to a hillsborough county deputy killed on the job. he saved a a life but that ended his own. deputy john kotfila died when a wrong-way driver hit him on the selmon expressway. today, friends, family and colleagues will say good-bye. right now, flags in hillsborough county are at half- staff to remember our fallen hero. >> and news channel 8's josh thomas joinsns us live from lutz. josh -- >> reporter: good morning adrienne and gene. in a few hour, funeral services will begin here in lutz. of course, the deputy died in the line of duty last weekend
6:34 am
according to a witness, deputy john kotfila drove his cruiser into the path of a wrong-way driver to prevent that car from hitting other oncoming cars. the deputy and the driver both lost their lives in that crash. deputy john kotfila is remembered as a man who wanted to make a difference. >> john made us better. he made this program better. he makes this sheriff's office better. and he is going to be missed. >> reporter: family, friends and law enforcement officers from hillsborough county and across the bay area will attend that funeral here this afternoon. and of course, you can watch the very latest on that funeral service which we will cover live at 1:00 on news channel 8 as well as stream it on our website, >> okay, josh, an emotional day ahead for sure. thank you. it's 6:34 happening today, closing arguments in the hulk hogan sex tape trial, a lot of people talking about this one here.
6:35 am
as hulk hogan is suing gawker for $100 million. the website published a sex tape showing him with a friend's ex-wife. the jury already saw videos of taped deposisitions with terry gene bollea. and now other big news, a major step by the city of tampa. this is big here. city council members voted to decriminalize marijuana. what does that mean? well, people in possession of 20-grams or less will be fined instead of facing misdemeanor charges. it's sort of like getting a traffic ticket. it passed 5-1. it's 6:35 now. and we are getting a sneak peek at what st. petersburg's new pier will look lilike and the architects are insisting that all of the items on the original wish list will become a reality but this is interesting, the brand new color renderings show several changes that weren't in the original drawings. aamong the changes for example, there was a boat dock in the original drawing. that's supposed to be near ththe main building. that's gone.
6:36 am
pyramid that was brought down cannot hold the new buildings built. >> although there's some subtleties and differences as they move along, all of the component pieces are there. >> they got a lot of feedback on my facebook yesterday when i put the images side by side. the plan is to break ground next spring and worker is supposed -- and work is supposed to be completed by the end of 2018. brace yourselves, it's 6:36. a loud and action-packed weekend is on tap at macdill air force base as the 2016 airfest gets underway tomorrow morning. our ryan hughs is joining us live. ryan, i know there are exciting things going on for this weekend. >> reporter: adrienne, a lot going on here this weekend. you can see some of the planes behind me. and we will show you the hanger. these are some of the planes on display and taking to the skies as well this weekend. and d now you probably have seen
6:37 am
from planes and land in sports stadiums for big events. this team will be here as part of the special operations. they'll parachute into macdill with a large american flag. one member has jumped 432 times to-date. and you can watch f-16s from the air force thunderbirds speed througugh the air, coming close to the ground. anand other aircraft will zoom high and low in south tampa as the weekend goes on. and a moment ago, we spoke to a paracommandos and here is what he cacalled the most thrilling part of the forces. >> the most exciting part about this is actually seeing the crowd cheering for us and especially the young kids. they love the military and they cheer for us, it keeps usus going. >> reporterer: certainly an enjoyable thing to see. people look forward to they vent every year. it runs saturday and sundayay and begin -- -- forward to this
6:38 am
it runs saturday and sunday and begins at 8:15 and jumps begin at 11:15. >> will we see you jump out of any planes? >> reporter: i hate heights so you never know. >> so probably not. okay. stay safe on the ground, ryan. >> not going to happen. we are getting a new look at severe flooding in texas. just take a look here. this is what happened when one crew took a ride with the army national guard. some people are using kayaks to get around, sandbags around home, flood victims wading through knee-deep waters ail animals. you saw the dog there. >> it kind of does make you mad because we look at animals as they look at us. they look at us as people that can help them and we don't wantnt or humans. >> a horse was also found stuck in a fence line in the water. underway. let's get a check on our weather conditions for today as we head into this weekend. >> well, we have not so bad today.
6:39 am
rain chances will go up. let me focus on today and i will move forward into tomorrow. here's an hour-by-hour look, , 68 degrees when the sun comes up around 8:00 this morning. you will see papassing clouds and there e is a small rain chance today, 10% around lunchtime. and then 20% through the afternoon. but even with cloud, it's still warm today, 76 at noon. 77 at 7:00 p.m. spring training not too bad. clearwater and dunedin, mid- to upper 0s, cloudy skies and the 20% rain chance. and in tampa, it's a 6:45 game though and still extra clouds. and now we go to the macdill airfest. ryan is going to keep his feet on the ground there. 80 degrees. he said he talked to some of the paracommandos and they said they need 18 knot winds or less and no heavy rain to be able to jujump. and now it's going to be off and on rain so bring the rain
6:40 am
of the shows may have postponed or canceled but i think you will get some in. and cool down early next week. and we will check on traffic on the 8s because we know there are issues. >> there are. and not just the normal ones. getting congested into downtown tampa because e we're getting closer to rush hour but a major accident on busch boulevard, not too far away from florida. a quick look at travel times. still good off the howard franklin bridge into tampa. bearss avenue to i-4 building a little bit, 11 minute commute now. and westbound i-4 moving into tampa through ybor city, starting to hit the brakes. and now busch boulevard, it's completely blocked, both directions at north boulevard. also, north boulevard is blocked both directions at busch. so what you need to think is taking line ball or taking waters avenue instead of busch boulevard and as far as north boulevard, there's not a lot of simple cross streets. they don't actually pass underneath busch.
6:41 am
florida or over here to armenia instead of north boulevard depepending on which way you're going. this accident involves a pedestrian. and that is why it is closed both directions. they're out there investigating. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to adrienne and gene. >> thank you. now we all post pictures of our kids online. >> or our dogs. >> well, who wouldn't want to show off their kid's first loose tooth, right? >> and now there's a name for it. and according to expert, it can be good but also not so good. and the outrageous name for the social media sharing trend and what experts say you should not do. and more changing coming to cuba. the changes being made to cuban change. you're watching news channel 8 8
6:42 am
now at havertys furniture, it's our spring home event, where you can create the perfect home. from now until march twenty-first... you'll find huge savings on stylish pieces, plus you'll save an extra one hundrered dollars, on every thousand you spend. and, we're offering twenenty-four month, no interest financing. come in today for storewide sasavings. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. [thwack] the spring home event. from classic c to contemporary,
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there's a big change coming in dealing with dollars in cuba. a personalty imposeed on the
6:45 am
that's going away. the cuban foreign minister made the announcement. you see right now, cubans pay a 10% penalty on u.s. dollars exchanged at banks and currency exchange locations in cuba. the cuban government did warn we should not expect anymore changes unless the embargo is lifted. check this out, there is obama mania in cuba right now. flags, shirt, buttons are all for sale featuring the president of the united states. if you can read them in spanish, it's all in goodod fun. they're joking and funny messages on there. and it's ahead of the first family's ariel in havana happen -- family's arrival in havana happening sunday. president barack obama will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba since 1928. that was calvin coolidge. of course, you can count on news channel 8 to bring you highlights of the president's historic visit to cuba. our own keith cate is headed toto
6:46 am
you can see his reports starting sunday. it's 645. two suspected robbers are dead after being shot by police outside a furniture store in houston. another suspect is in the hospital and two others are in police custody right now. police opened fire on the five people when they pointed weapons at them. now one of the suspects posed as a store employee before the robbery. none of the officers were hurt. it's still under investigation right now. isis is committing genocide agagainst christians and otother minorities in syria and iraq. that's what secretary of state john kerry just declared. now this is only the second time a u.s. executive branch member used the term genocide during an ongoing conflict. the findings do not obligate the u.s. to take any additional action but the secretary believes part of our response needs to be to destroy isis by force.
6:47 am
owner is now faces charges this morning. he admits he tried to recruit people to join isis. we are talking about the first man to be captured and convicted of supporting islamic terrorists here in the e united statates. prison. began focusing on religion after he was slashed in the face with a box cutter that happened when he was a teenager. well in december, he pleaded guilty to providing material support to isis. okay, you're not going to believe this. horribly wrong. today at least 20 people are recovering after this, a fire- breathing performer catches fire. take a closer look at the closer video from delray beach. you can see the fire breathing performing in the middle of the gym when suddenly he became engulfed in flames. he was rushed to the hospital. at least 20 other people were hurt. the pep rally was organized to get students excited for the
6:48 am
i'm honestly shocked the school would allow that inside. an exhibit at the national zoo in washington, d.c. closed after a chemical explosion. officials report a worker was doing some routine maintenance between the otter and beaver happen at thes when he smelled chlorine. once he e walked away, he heard a loud boooom. it happened in a mechanical building that holds the water processing filtration and treatment system equipment. thankfully though, no people or animals were harmed. and now the rest of the zoo will open again today. all right, it's being called the age of shareenting. on average, parents post 1,000 pictures of their kids online by age 5. in fact, 92% of kids have an online appearance by their second birthday. experts claim oversharing can be too much for others. >> there's some people who are turned off by learning too much
6:49 am
darlings in other people's lives. >> well, with all of the technology in traditional relationship, experts wonder what it means for the future of our culture. interesting there. 6:48. a check on the weather. i know some people who are guilty of that. some things. private. guess for sure. this morning, i am sharing with you patchy clouds around of mexico. notice there are a couple showers but as ththey get closer to the shoreline, kind of fizzle out. and i think that's going to happen for most of ththe day which is why i will keep in the clouds this morning. it's coolerer than yesterday too. it's 68 degrees although that's still above average. more clouds continue to stroll in off the gulf, 76 at noon. and then at any point, a 20% rain chance. and otherwise warm at 81. zephyrhills, 57. down to 59 in apollo beach.
6:50 am
degrees right now. here's what's happening, front to the north kept the rain yesterday well above the i-10 corridor. same thing today, extra clouds but rain to the north this morning and maybe a stray shower or two. and things change overnight. by tomorrow morning, more showers coming in off the gulf. and in fact, off and on rain possible through the day with this second cold front, a 50% chance. and morning rain on sunday. and then much cooler next week. leslee, let's check on traffic on the 8s. all right, it's getting thicker out there. traffic starting to slow throrough ybor city as i mentioned. now up to eight minutes from 301 to 275 on i-4 westbound. and veterans expressway, 11 miminutes ehrlich to 275. that's southbound. northbound is a breeze on the veterans expressway at this time of the morning. again, ybor city, a slow down there. but the big issue is at busch boulevard. busch boboulevard is closed both directions due a pedestrian accident here, folks.
6:51 am
line ball avenue instead of busch and it's closed between north boulevard and florida. and also, instead of using north boulevard, because that's closed too, you have to take florida or move over to armenia. all the side streets don't cross busch. avoid the intersections. it's quite a mess. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. now back to adrienne and gene. >> okay, thank you, leslee. what you need to know before you walk out ththe door is up next including the search for a man who deputies believe stole a car in mulberry with a toddler inside. yeah, plus, we are live with the detailils of today's funeral service for hillsborough depututy john kotfila and how you can helplp the family during this very difficult time.
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
well today family, friends and colleagues will honor
6:55 am
>> that's right, tragically died when a wrong-way driver hit him on the selmon expressway. . news channel 8's josh thomas is live in lutz with us with the latest details. >> reporter: good morning. a few minutes ago the hearse carrying the casket of deputy john kotfila just arrived here at st. timothy's catholic church here in lutz which will begin shortly. he is being hailed as a hero. witnesses say he swerved into the path of a wrong-way driver on the selmon expressway to prevent the vehicle from hitting other cars traveling in the right direction. visitation for deputy john kotfila will begin at 10:00 this morning and the funeral service will start at 1:00 this afternoon and will be attetended by friend, family and law enforcement officers from across the bay y area and we will chair it live on news channel 8 at 1:00. >> okay, josh, thank you. polk county deputy are searching for a man they say stole a car from a mulberry
6:56 am
it happened when the child's care taker was inside and left the kid outside. when she came out, the car was gone and so was the child. the carjacker abandoned ththe car with thehe child inside. anyone with information is urged to call the polk county sheriff's office. >> glad that kid is okay. closing arguments in the hulk hogan sex tape trial are set to begin today. terry gene bollea better known as hulk ho ban is suing gawker for $100 million. the website published a sex tape showing him with the ex- wife of a tampa-based radio personalty. the macdill airfest is happen wind. >> that's right, this year's show will be -- happening this weekend. >> that's right. this year's show will be extra special, they are celebrating 75 years. >> reporter: good morning once again. the planes are ready to take to the sky to entertain around 100,000 spectators. we have video of the personal ops team doing what they do
6:57 am
macdill with a large american flag. and you can watch f-16s from the air force thunderbirds speed through the air. it ruruns saturday and sunday, gates open at 8:00. aerial performances underway at 11:15. back to you. and this morning, 70 degreeees in tampa. 70 in st. pete. and cooler in other spot, 61 lakeland. 57 zephyrhills. i will keep extra clouds around. the clouds off the gulf of mexico. 76 at noon. and 81 at 4:00 p.m. so today's rain chance just 20%. but for the airfest tomorrow, the river green festival in downtown tampa, a 50% rain chance. it won't rain all day but the possibility is there for off and on showers and continues into sundaday morning. and drier and d cooler. >> all right. looking at traffic, the biggest issue remains on busch boulevard, closed both directions between florida and north boulevard. so take waters or line ball. and we have meliek on the street with a live look. this accident involves a pedestrian.
6:58 am
a lot of cones on the roadway. looks like they're letting traffic by in one area but this is a mess here, westbound definitely closed off. northbound closed off. maybe eastbound might be open now on busch boulevard. again, take waters or line ball instead. that's what you want to do. it will ease your cocommute. and take armenia instead of north boulevard. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us on this friday morning. our next newscast is first at 4:00. >> we will stay on top of these stories throughout the day for and you you can catch our updates during the "today" show. >> and you can get news any time on and by downloading the news channel 8 app. have a great day everybody. welcome to the weekend. >> happy friday.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. nasty nor'easter. a massive snowstorm brewing for the very first day of spring. millions in its path from the carolinas to maine. the question is, will there be a lot or a little? stop trump. the movement to block donaldd trump from getting the republican nomination gaining steam. conservative leaders mapping out a strategy. a hacker group declaring total war on trump, releasing his personal information online. now overnight, a scare for his family. a threatening letter sent to his son. are things going too far? today exclusive.


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