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tv   News CH8 Super Sports Sunday  NBC  March 20, 2016 11:35pm-12:05am EDT

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tonight on super sports sunday viva cue bark the -- cuba, the rays hit the island nation prepared to play ball. >> and get out your dancing shoes. it's tournament time on the hardwood and on the ice. find out who punched a ticket to the sweet 16 and which hockey teams could come to tampa for the frozen four, that and more recruiting around with ufc light heavyweight rashad sugar evans, bounce like a butterfly, sting like a bee. super sports sunday is on your
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a swing and a high fly ball, deep left center field, way back and way gone. >> it's a good thing the equipment guys didn't pack up the bats and send them to cuba early. evan longoria hits his first home run of the spring in sarasota right after there was a two run stinger. steven souza, jr., a grand salami. the rays and orioles play to an 8-8 tie. hola, amigos. welcome to super sports sunday. dan lucas is deserving a final day of a well deserved vacation. i'm going like darrius rucker solo tonight. i get to call all the shots starting with changing the logo. how about this to commemorate this occasion, super sports sunday, no parents, spring break, party time, yeah! if you're lucky, i might unbutton the top of my dress shirt. there are no rules.
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forbidden country. we're going to fight and break the broadcast restrictions for ncaa tournament games. i was kidding about the last ones. some lines i can't afford to cross. we begin the show with one of the biggest stories in baseball. tuesday tampa will play an exhibition against the cuban national team, the first mlb game in the island nation since 1999. news channel 8 has boots on the ground. keith cate and sports photographer bob hansen will be in attendance. the rays opponents have been sharpening up this week. meanwhile finishing touches have been painted, paved and stadium. everything is lining up pitch. >> major league baseball is doing everything they can to make it a memorable event for the players and the staff and it's going to be a nice little break from the spring training monotony to go have a road trip, experience a new culture, play a baseball game and turn
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>> this trip is pretty impressive from a logistical standpoint. a normal road trip caters to a party of 55 to 60 people, but the cuba excursion features two planes and about 145 people. the prays equipment staff packed up -- the rays equipment staff packed up this truck yesterday loading it with all sorts of goodies, including some items the team is not bringing back. >> we have a lot of items we're going to leave with the locals. we have a lot of merchandise from our marketing department to utilize down there and we'll have a lot of our fans there. so we have apparel for them. probably half of the equipment manifest will stay in cuba. >> opening day of the 2016 season is two weeks away. things are starting to shape up for the roster with one big exception. rays closer brad box burger will miss at least eight weeks of playing time after abdominal surgery in philadelphia this week.
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41 saves last season. in his ab sense the rays -- absence the rays will close by committee. four innings of clean work happened on saturday against the red sox. >> i just want to make the team more than anything, you know, and then if things fall into place, you know, somebody would be lying to you if they said they didn't want to close out games because that's the no. 1 job in the bullpen. so i would absolutely love that. you could be the most cold and bitter fan to don the red and pewter, but you got to admit the tampa bay buccaneers are better today than two weeks ago.
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jr swzy is a solid edition and grimes and robinson will shore these transactions will influence tampa bay's approach in next month's draft. >> our goal in free agency is to make our team better. we were able to address some of the perceived needs. in the draft we'll still have the same approach. it's going to be best player whether we're moving up or moving back. it's going to be the best player that makes us better, does help us give us more options. we always like options here. for those of you looking for signs which direction tampa bay will go for its no. 9 overall vick, vernon hargraves is meeting with eight teams. coming up let's have something on ice, shall we? a historic win for ben bishop.
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upcoming frozen four at amalie arena next on super sports
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sorry i jumped in late, ben, congratulations on your 50th shutout record. what are your thoughts? >> it's exciting. >> steven stamkos blossoming beat reporter getting the soundbite after last night's big win over the arizona coyotes. they say the pen is mightier than the sword, but if ben bishop had a sword, nobody would come near the net. he stuck with a stick and pen which he's using to rewrite the record book. last month he became the first goaltender to win 100 games in a bolts sweater. last night he recorded his 15th shutout. andre palat provided all the offense the bolts needed. big ben handled business from
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frustrating the coyotes in a 2- 0 victory. tampa bay leapfrogs boston and takes over second place in the atlantic division. >> we really needed this one, not just the win, but the effort level and the consistency in our game. >> obviously we're not happy dallas. so to play, it was probably one of our best periods, if not the first. for three periods. we can play that way, we'll be really successful. >> they thought the difference this game was our penalty kill and bish obviously is a big part of that. to get through that five-on- three is kind of the tipping point in the game right there. there were some uneasy moments, but the boys rallied and it was a heck of an effort. >> lightning play the next six games at home and have to surrender amalie arena april 7th and 9th.
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next month. the 16 team ncaa tournament field was announced today. no. 1 overall seed quinnipiac the cream of the crop in the east region. out west st. cloud state is the top line. denver and boston u on the other side of the bracket. in the midwest north dakota state faces northeastern. michigan plays notre dame. in the northeast it's a murderous row of hockey pour houses, boston college and to tampa. the tourney begins friday. typically there's not a lot of fighting in college hockey. the bird cage masks kind of get in the way. you want to watch a brawl at amalie arena, coming up a preview next month's ufc fight night in tampa by talking to one of the biggest names and baddest dudes on the card. light heavyweight rashad sugar evans joins me one on one next
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oh, he's down! >> september 6, 2008, you remember where you were? chuck ladell probably doesn't. that's because that's the night rashad suga evans shocked the world by knocking out the former champion in usc88. that bought earned evans a title shot against forrest griffin. evans won that one, too, superstardom. since then it hasn't been all knockouts for suga. a series of injuries have caused his career to sputter, but evans has a chance to get things back on track at april 16th in amalie arena. shogun backed out with an injury for the match, so i talked to one of the meanest dudes who ever entered the octagon.
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rashad evans or suga? do you prefer that? >> suga. >> reporter: what are you looking forward to the most? >> just stepping in the octagon, every single time stepping in the octagon especially after being injured two years i realized how blessed i am to do it. so i decided to go out there and fight. >> reporter: how do your legs feel right now with just two fights since then? how is your knee? >> it feels better. i got my movement backen and that's one of the biggest -- back and that's one of the biggest things i rely upon a lot. i got my confidence back. i'm excited to show everybody what i can do healthy. >> reporter: even without being healthy you're a pretty scary dude, got a couple black belts, wrestled at wolverine. i'm a wolverine myself. >> you know what they say? behind every wolverine is a
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>> reporter: how did d you get started -- did you get started in this? >> i met some guy in a bar. >> reporter: that's always how it starts. >> it is. i was a bouncer and he said he trained at no holds barred. i checked out the facility and it was amazing. it wasn't really amazing but just the sport was amazing and i kind of gravitated towards it and i've done it ever since. >> reporter: take you back to 2008 when you knocked out chuck ladell, one of the biggest upsets in the sport, do you still get questions about that? >> i still do and the most awkward thing about it is chuck ladell is one of my good friends. i like chuck and we get along well. it's kind of unfortunate, but at the end of the day it's his business. fight is a fight. >> reporter: he's a better friend now that you know you can knock him out. big one coming up against mauricio rua coming up at amalie.
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>> we were supposed to for. the first time i got injured, hurt my knee, and now we get to fight again and i'm excited for it. it's going to be one of those exciting fights. i'm going to lay it all out on the line. i know he is, too. >> reporter: suga versus shogun, right? who has the better nickname? >> got to be suga because it's just so sweet. >> now that shogun backed out glover teixeira will take his place. watch out for that right hand. it's time for another break, but when super sports sunday returns, we put on our
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jackson off the glass, august, no, tip, yes! >> on st. patty's weekend luck is with the irish. freshman bench warmer rex phluger tips in a game winner with 1 1/2 2nd left beating stephen f. austin 76-75. there were over 13 million brackets submitted to espn's tournament challenge this year. it took less than two day to bust every single one. since the odds of guessing all 63 games correctly is about 1 in 9.2 quintillion, i'd say you've got nothing to be ashamed of, you degenerate office gamblers. in the south region 7 seed iowa took on 2 seed villanova.
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villanova led by as many as 38 points. villanova will play miami in the sweet 16 thursday. vcu and oklahoma played a much more competitive contest in the west region. the sooners booming early. jordan woodward hits a three. oklahoma up 13 at halftime. 2nd. give me all three of these. the bench loves it i think. somebody get him medical attention. vcu not going anywhere, though. more comes by cox than the easter bunny. he dishes to michael gilmore. the rams take a 62-61 lead. vcu would yield eventually. oklahoma survives vcu 85-81. because of the aforementioned broadcast restrictions i got to show you full screens for the late games. syracuse blows out middle
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as soon as we said aloha to the rainbow warriors, it's time to say aloha. maryland moves off beating hawaii 73-60. the terrapins play kansas in the sweet 16. 11 seed northern iowa almost upset texas a&m, but the panthers blew a 10 point lead with 30 seconds left. aggies win 92-88 in double overtime and get oklahoma thursday. we've lost another 2 seed, xavier falling to wisconsin 66- 63. game winning triple with one second on the clock. badgers are in the sweet 16 for the fifth time in six years. let's look over to the nit where the two seed gators move on to the elite eight. florida led ohio state wire to wire. casey hill and dorian finney smith combined to score 31 points. florida 74, ohio state 66. the gators get the winner of monmouth, george washington on wednesday.
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2nd round of the women's tourney, thanks to 31 points from senior courtney williams. bulls survived colorado state 48-45 last night. rams had a slot to tie the game in the closing -- shot to tie the game in the closing 2nd, but they get nothing. -- closing seconds, but they get nothing. usf plays ucla in the next round. in 1937 the fair labor standards act made the eight hour workday common practice in the united states. yesterday at sebring international speedway that law did not apply. there were multiple rain delays due to weather and cautions. despite not making a push toward the front of the pack, minutes. the no. 4 corvette had a win and in gtb
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would you say motor sports revs your engine? let's hit the gas for the auto club 400. austin dillan pole sitter loses the lead on the 1st happen. thanks, kevin harvick, that girl definitely won't talk to me now. lap 47, kyle larson hits the wall on the target ad after losing a tire, a plus for accuracy. 82 go, danica patrick bumps into kasey kahne going into the wall, not happy. waving her arms armed, she's upset -- around, she's upset. two laps left, caution comes out and question go to overtime. after the restart johnson goes inside on harvick to steal the win, career victory no. 77 for superman passing dale earnhardt for sixth all time. hey, that guy is like the arnold palmer of golf, man. final round of the arnold palmer invitational in orlando,
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troy merritt chipped with a bunker for bird. do you go with a fist pump or high five? nobody wins here. jump ahead to the 16th hole. jason day gets a share of the lead with chappell. one more wrist curl, bogeys and falls to 16-under. day would finish 17-under and win the arnold palmer invitational. do you know how many words i've read tonight? a lot. there's a few more left to read, though. after one last break sometimes it's better to be lucky than good. you'll find out why one of the dumbest errors of spring training this year was a blessing in disguise.
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lobbed back and daley in a
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>> i love doc more than most people love their families, but he was wrong on this one. it's not marc-andre fleury who bats the puck into the net. head. take another look. off the dome across the line. the penguins beat the capitals 6-2. week. as i mentioned earlier, major league baseball opens regular season in two weeks. there's still time to iron out some kinks and cut players because of stuff like this. >> here's the next pitch. lift it in the air to left field. he's going back and he is circling under a few feet from the rim of the track. he will make the catch on that one. he thought it was the last out. he threw the ball over the wall to the fans there. >> daniel nova tosses what he thinks is the third out into the crowd, but it works out for
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romero forgot the tag at 1st. so once they get a new ball, the angels pitchers throws over to 1st and that's the third out. you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here of thanks for staying up with me. can we get that retooled graphic behind me once more with the no parents thing. there it is. that's pretty cool. spring breakers rejoice. thanks for staying up late. follow me on twitter if you get a chance @wlfapaul. good night, tampa bay.
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