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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  March 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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good wednesday morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. we now know the name of the suspected terrorist on the run. he is a 24-year-old. two other suspected suicide bombers caught on camera are identified as brothers and were noun to police. this morning death toll from the brussels attacks has risen to 34. coming up in minutes, how the world is reacting to the attacks. and president barack obama is in argentina this morning.
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one touched down in buenos aires. president barack obama arrived there after a historic trip to cuba where he met several times with razl castro and also attended the historic tampa bay rays baseball game verses the cuban national team. right now, an atlas 5 rocket is headed to the international space station. it blasted off from florida just before midnight. the capsule is carrying nearly 8,000 pounds of food, equipment and scientific research for nasa. 5:31. a beautiful morning. >> it really is. clear skies. a little cool, yes. but closer to what is considered average for this time of the year. the only place that's really below average, inverness at 34. brooksville, 47. and zephyrhills, 44. but lakeland, 50. you might need long sleeves this morning. 55 in bradenton. but notice the difference between yesterday and today. you're five degrees warmer in lakeland. nine degrees warmer than this
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and we will just keep warming up once the sun rises in two hour, we hit 80 degrees, just a couple clouds. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:38, i have an eight-day temperature trend for you into the weekend. don't miss that. and leslee is here to let you the roadways. >> that's right. going to any easter egg hunts this weekend? >> i'm going to be hunting raindrops. bring the umbrella. >> yeah. look at traffic, it looks great. this i-4, u.s. 98 to 75, just 22 minutes. and through wesley chapel from state road 52 to 275, 10 minute commute. we have an accident here, trouble creek at rowan road. not going to slow you down. it was tying up a lane but it's all but wrapped up. u.s. 19 and state road 54 look very good new york city delays there. and let's -- good. no delays there. here's a live picture at kathleen road in the heart of lakeland. no delays. back to gene and gayle. >> all right, leslee, thank you.
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the world are on high alert after new threats from isis. the islamic state group is taking responsibility for the attacks in brussels and threatening other countries. they promise, quote, dark days ahead. and added what is coming could be worse. this morning the death toll from the attacks in brussels as risen to 34. despite the threats the, world is united against terror this morning. iconic landmarks like the eiffel tower you see here in paris honored the victims of the terror attacks. and a symmetry butte at the famous fountain in rome. -- and a similar tribute at the famous fountain in rome. >> and included in the injured in brussels is four americans. news channel 8's lindsey mastis joins us now live.
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outpouring of support worldwide for brussels and the victims. >> reporter: it is. and you can see how the world is coming together on social media. the eiffel tower there, are other monuments lit up as well. this one in rio, berlin, toronto and even iceland. and here in tampa, we are showing our solidarity with belgium. this is the top of the suntrust building. and you can see those colors black, red, yellow, representing belgium's flag. and if you look at this image, this is trending right now on facebook. it's france's flag comfortabling the belgium flag. and of course right here, tough dates of the terrorist attacks in paris and in brussels. and this is a tweet that the white house put out, it's a proclamation from president barack obama saying that all of the flags are going to be flown at half-staff for the rest of the week. and now there's also memorials growing for the victims.
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days of national mourning. coming up in 30 minute, we will have an update on the manhunt. we now have the name of one of the suspects. and we will have more information on him coming up soon. >> i know this continues to unfold. thank you, lindsey. and of course you can follow our morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the hashtag 8 alert. happening today, another emotional day for -- hag tash tash 8 alert. -- #8alert. adrienne, we saw the images from local services in our area but the deputy had many ties to the northeast. >> reporter: good morning, gene. that's right. and i will get to that in a second but first, i want to explain where i'm standing right now. this is the memorial area at hillsborough county sheriff's office. you can see pictures of
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and we are expecting kotfila's as well. the kotfilas are a law enforcement family. john's dad and brother both department in massachusetts. the funeral mass will be at 11:00 this morning at st. patrick's catholic church in massachusetts. and now his father, a massachusetts state police sergeant, one of his brothers is currently an officer. you can see here the support the family is getting from that community. so touching to look at this video. you see people lining the streets as the hearse made its way to the funeral home. and then back here in the bay area, family, friends and law enforcement officers gathered at st. timothy's catholic church in lutz to say their final good-byes to the deputy last friday. you will remember that kotfila died in a head-on crash with a wrong-way driver. the woman who called police to report the accident believes the deputy sacrificed his life to save hers.
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like so many law enforcement agencies have such a tight bond. i am reading the local coverage online. all of the papers talking about how several hillsborough deputies showed up to massachusetts just to show respects. of course, we will have much more on this service coming up later today starting at first at 4. gene -- >> and by -- first at 4:00. gene -- >> and by all accounts, his life and death touched so many people. in your vote, four presidential candidates are morning. on the democratic side, senator front-runner hillary rodham clinton took arizona. the win there getting her closer to the needed delegates for the party nomination. clinton has just over 1700 in the republican party, front- runner donald trump won the arizona. trump now has 741 delegates of the 1237 he needs for the
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it was not a sweep night for trump though. senator ted cruz won in utah. cruz now has a total count of 461. well for the second time rather in just two day, sarasota police are investigating a deadly crash. an suv crossed the median on fruitville road tuesday morning, went airborne and hit two cars head-on. a man in one car was killed. another suv swerved to avoid the crash and hit a tree. two other people were injured. now monday, three people were killed in a single car crash in sarasota. all three of them were 21 years old. officers say it's one of the worst crashes they have ever seen. that car split in half when it hit a tree. one person who survived the crash just turned 21 that same day. it's 5:38. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. >> good morning. it will be a great kind of crisp, cool morning to help get your day started. and then a fast warm-up from
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let me break it down for you. by 8:00 in the morning, that's when it's the coolest, 57 degrees then. and then the big jumps in temperatures each hour just like yesterday. 65 already just at 10:00 a.m. and then 72 at noon. 77 at 2:00. 80 at 4:00 p.m. great for spring breakers or anything to do outside, even through the evening. if you do have to go to school and work today, the even willing be nice. 77 at 8:00 p.m. orioles and pirates in bradenton, 75 degrees when it starts. dunedin, mets and blue jays and 74. and the eight-day temperature trend. notice the entire eight days we're above the average of 77. we're going to stay in the low 80s but the bigger story friday, saturday and sunday will be the rain chances. let's check on the traffic situation and make sure people can get to work and school. >> that's right. and if you're going to the spring training game and work near the stadium that the games are playing, you might want to
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congested around there and it's a shocker because you're not used it to. u.s. 41, still blocked at crenshaw lake but it should wrap up by the end of this week. so u.s. 41 still blocked. and also known as whitaker. and that's going to be blocked through friday. and i know it was blocked all last week. it's a two-week project. you are detoured on to dale mabry highway. friday, it should finish. i-4 in the paul buchman highway into the junction of 275 and i- 4, 22 minutes on the drive time. and a great drive, in fact, away from polk county looks great on interstate 4. no delays on the bay area interstates in general. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to the gene and gayle. >> thank you. still ahead, the diet that promises to help us live longer. plus, what some florida state workers claim is making them sick at work. details of the lawsuit they just filed next. but first -- >> reporter: a man was arrested
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impersonating a police officer along this road.
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we're back. a st. petersburg man busted for officer. he was arrested twice in the same weekend. >> yeah, really scary. a quick-thinking driver called police when she was being county. news channel 8's ryan hughs is live this morning. ryan, the driver got suspicious
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>> reporter: gayle, good morning. amber nottinghamm thought at first it was an officer but then something clicked, it wasn't. >> i look in the rear have been jew a few minutes later and appears to have a red light in the windshield. and i panicked. i was like, it's the police. it's not the police. >> reporter: boy was she right. police tell us that it was a 35- year-old driving a 2007 nissan altima. over the weekend, neighbors told police he was a pinellas county undercover sheriff's deputy. and he was in jail for impersonating a cop. and when he left, largo police busted him 15 hours later for the same thing after they claim he chased her along u.s. 19. and now he was back in jail for impersonating an officer but i checked this morning and learned he has since bonded out.
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he pulled over other driver, gayle, and they had no idea he was not a police officer. pretty scary. >> it is. and for that lady to notice that something was wrong and to trust her gut instinct, incredible. thanks, ryan. coming up on 5:45. happening today, the fight over obamacare is headed back to the supreme court. justices are expected to hear arguments in a case involving whether or not the health care law violates the religious freedom restoration act. forcing religious non-profits to act against their religious beliefs. catholic nuns with the little stovers poor say the contraceptive coverage mandate violates their religious freedom rights. and the nfl commissioner is scheduled to speak this morning in boca raton at the closing of the owners meetings. he is expected to address the nfl's 19 proposed rule changes and touch upon the new england patriot's request to have their first round draft picks returned following last year's
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this morning, the two sky divers that collided in mid-air tuesday afternoon continue to recover at tampa general hospital. both were wing suit jumping at sky dive city in pasco county when the accident happened. one diver was able to pull the parachute and land at the site. the other man slammed on to county road 54 using a reserve chute. well today in florida, some state workers are claiming their workplace is making them sick. in a lawsuit they filed against the owners of the center, they claim their facility has mold, raw sewage and rodents that are making them sick. the facility houses seven different state agencies and employees about 1500 state workers. >> people are going there every very, very sick. they have exhausted their sick leave and they have no other days to take off and they have no choice but to go to work. >> in the latest budget signed by the governor, there's a
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will no longer make lease payments after july 1st. all of the employees will be moving out in the coming months. some of our favorite foods can be packed with chemicals to keep them fresh but just because the fda approves the methods, how good is it for us? it's basically rock salt and it's used to melt snow. well, it's also used to preserve fruit cups. nutritionists claim being aware of what we consume can make significant changes to our health. >> it does not take years and months of eating those foods for your gut microbiology to change. experts recommend eliminating processed foods altogether. look for five or less ingredients and avoid excess salt, sugar and fats.
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cardiovascular disease could be as easy as changing your indict et. a study of 80,000 japanese adults found they had a 15% lower mortality rate than those who did not follow the guidelines. >> that steak looked good. come fall, georgia armania will switch to synthetic furs. at 5:48. let's get a check on the weather. you won't need a fur coat, whether it's synthetic or real. >> right, maybe long sleeves, maybe a touch of a chill but seasonably so, right around 57 degrees at 8:00 a.m. if you did put long sleeves on, maybe have short sleeves to change into because it's going to heat up fast. 72 by the time you're out for
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and then really feeling warm, compared to yesterday, a high today of 80 degrees. but like i said, don't get me wrong, it's cooler. in lakeland, down to 48 degrees. 55 in bartow. and the cool spot, inverness, 43. and 48 in apollo beach. high pressure, we like high pressure, it leads to clear skies and you get clockwise wind. we are clear this morning. and that clockwise wind is going to come from the southeast. it's going to be a great day, just a warmer day for us. and as the southeast wind continues, it will help creep the humidity a hill higher. a small rain chance tomorrow. but a -- humidity a little higher, so a small rain chance tomorrow. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, moving at good speeds across the water. no delays on the sunshine skyway bridge. four minutes across the gandy. six across the howard franklin. and seven between tampa and clearwater on the courtney campbell causeway.
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travel times here on i-4 through ybor city, still holding on to a nice drive, i- 75 to 275, just seven minutes. and 275 from bearss avenue down to i-4 in the heart of tampa, only taking roughly 10 minutes. beautiful picture here of i-4 at kathleen road in lakeland new york city delays there either -- lakeland, no delays there either. >> thank you. batman or superman? we all have our favorite and that will take over the big screen soon. but first, it is national puppy day. look at that face. what every dog owner should know to help keep their puppies living a healthier, longer life.
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today is national puppy day. it's a day dedicated to celebrating the most delightful stages of a dog's life which begs the question, how long do our companions stay pup puppies? it's an important consideration. the transition happens between 10 and 24 months and it's gauged based on the puppy's size and breed, not behavior and teeth. >> just like people, some never grow up.
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movie and comic book fans are calling it epic. the anticipation for the new batman verses superman film is set to release this friday. and that anticipation is just too much to bear for some fans. it's a classic show down. >> that's right. it's between batman and superman, the movie will feature other characters like wonder woman, foreshadowing future films to come like suicide squad so the success of batman verses superman is crucial. >> the apocalypse will be unleashed if this movie happens to fail. >> it will have an r-rated version that's available when it comes out on dvd. you can expect to see some roughed up fight scenes in that version. and analysts predict a $150 million opening weekend for the film in the u.s. and canada. you can catch the big show down this friday. lined up for that one. weather and traffic on the 8s is three minutes away. >> plus, in the next half hour, the latest developments in the brussels terror attacks.
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morning about the suicide bombers and the suspect that investigators say got away. you're watching news channel 8
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just a little cool outside. warmer than yesterday, tampa international airport, 75 degrees. light, east to northeast wind at 3 miles per hour. but that's going to switch southeast throughout the day helping it feel like a warm spring day for the spring breakers. a few clouds and we hit 80 which is above average and we're mild overnight with a low of 63. and as the humidity keeps increasing, so do the rain chances. i will run those down coming up. all right, a look at traffic on i-75 around fowler avenue, more vehicle oscarsen the roadway. this is traffic -- vehicles on the roadway, this is traffic southbound towards downtown tampa.
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bend road, just seven minutes. and looking at 10 minutes in the venice area, to river road, that's is in the southern area of sarasota county. tamiami trail, up to speed.
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well good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 i'm gayle guyardo. >> and our gene ramirez. our top story this wednesday morning, the search for a suspected terrorist in the attacks in belgium. investigators are posting wanted posters of the man they want to find. year-old najim laachraoui. we have the results of another round of primaries and caucuses. bernie sanders racked up wins in utah and idaho. but it doesn't give him enough


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