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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  March 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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well good morning and thank you for watching news channel 8 i'm gayle guyardo. >> and our gene ramirez. our top story this wednesday morning, the search for a suspected terrorist in the attacks in belgium. investigators are posting wanted posters of the man they want to find. year-old najim laachraoui. we have the results of another round of primaries and caucuses. bernie sanders racked up wins in utah and idaho. but it doesn't give him enough
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loss to hillary rodham clinton in arizona. on the republican side, senator ted cruz gets a big endorsement after winning in utah. former governor jeb bush endorsed and cruz the and donald trump won arizona's primary with the prize of 58 delegates. and today family and friends of hillsborough deputy john kotfila will say good-bye in massachusetts. a funeral mass is scheduled for today. deputy kotfila died when a wrong-way driver hit him on the selmon expressway. more on that in a minute but let's get a which can on the weather -- but let's get a check on the weather now with leigh. >> the skies are clear, the moon is full and bright. a lot of pictures of. that and cooler if you're going out to see the moon, 48 in lakeland. 45 in weeki wachee. clearwater at 55. everybody is warmer than this time yesterday. tampa, brandon, plant city, about seven degrees warmer. and we will keep warming up too, hitting 80 which is above average. the average of 77.
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8s at 6:08, rain chances will increase and i will run those down coming up. but first, the check situation and make sure people can get to work and school. it's looking good this morning. we've had a very nice drive. right now a look at the travel times. a good drive on the sunshine skyway bridge and also on the howard franklin bridge, just 10 and six minutes there. and no delay as well on the courtney campbell causeway. and i-4 through plant city, seven minutes. bruce b down on 75 through the new tampa area, only eight minutes. enjoy it while you can. last a look at weather and traffic. wac to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. right now, a manhunt is underway for one of the suspected isis terrorists responsible for the attack in brussels. >> yeah, 34-year-old people die when had attackers detonated bombs at the airport and at a subway station. news channel 8's lindsey mastis has been following this story since it broke yesterday morning. and lindsey, we're just now learning the name of the suspect. >> reporter: that's right.
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are searching for is the same man linked to the paris attacks and they have been trying to hunt him down for day, even before the latest attack. police released this picture of the 24-year-old najim laachraoui on monday. and now it's possible he's a bomb maker for isis and he is also a belgium national that traveled to syria and to paris with the plotter who authorities recently captured. and now we also know the names of two suspected suicide bomber, they're brothers, khalid el bakraoui and brahim el bakraoui. notice both are wearing gloves but only on the left hands. investigators believe that could be to hide detonators. and the man on the right is the one authorities are searching for now. investigators reportedly believe najim laachraoui dropped off a bomb and then
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and investigators -- left the airport and the bomb did not detonate. they found a bomb-making site. now the threat continues. isis released a statement promising to attack countries that are fighting against them and they insist these next attacks will be worse. right now, homeland security here in the u.s. insist there's no specific credible threat to the u.s. but they are stepping up security at major airport, rail and transit stations and officials are trying to decide whether people coming from belgium need extra screening before entering the united states. belgium is one of 38 countries where citizens don't need a visa to visit the u.s. >> okay, we will check back with you and learn more about this throughout the morning. thank you. happening today, another emotional good-bye to a bay area hero. in just a few hours family, friends and coworkers will honor hillsborough county deputy john kotfila in massachusetts. news channel 8's adrienne
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hillsborough county sheriff's office this morning. and adrienne, clearly, this is a deputy who impacted so many people. >> reporter: good morning, gayle. that is exactly right. we just keep hearing that over and over again. and of course we know that he meant a lot to the people here at the hillsborough county sheriff's office. but some of you might be wondering why massachusetts? well, the kotfilas not only shared a last name but also a love for law enforcement. kotfila's father is a massachusetts state police sergeant and a former town police officer. one of his brothers is currently an officer there. and that's why the funeral mass today will be at st. patrick's catholic church in massachusetts. you just have to take a look at this touching video. you can see the support the family is truly getting from that community. people lining the streets and holding flags as the hearse goes by. and now back here in the bay area, family and friends said good-bye in lutz.
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and now you will remember, kotfila died in a head-on crash with a wrong-way driver. the woman who called police to report the accident believes the deputy sacrificed himself to save her life. we know that some hillsborough county deputies are in massachusetts right now for that service. there's also a lot of touching tributes on social media right now, including from the local police. so i am retweeting some of those this morning. of course, we will have coverage of the funeral starting tonight on first at >> sad day. all right, thank you, adrienne. right now, president barack obama is in argentina. air force one landed in buenos aires overnight following his trip to cuba. and things are getting back to normal in cuba after historic visit. on his last day, he met with cuban dissidents in havana. the president praised their
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spoke to the cuban people from havana's grand theater. news channel 8's keith cate is in cuba and shows us how the president called for the lift of you the u.s. embargo on cuba. >> reporter: good morning from havana. president barack obama is no longer in cuba, he has wrapped up his whirlwind tour. he did it seated beside razl castro at a baseball game yesterday. the rays went on to win that game 4-1 but in the political world, this sort of a double- header for the president. he has to now convince congress that they need to lift the embargo that he has been talking so much about. he has some help on his side, representative kathy castor, a tampa democrat, is fighting on his behalf to get the republicans to join forces with her to lift the embargo. we will see how that goes. and you will hearly hear from kathy castor later on today in our next report coming up at 5:00. in the meantime, i'm keith cate reporting from havana, cuba. a beautiful night in havana and a beautiful morning as well.
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>> all right. thank you, keith. while in cuba, president barack obama attended a baseball game between our hometown team, the tampa bay ray, and the cuban national team. the president sat next to razl castro. at one point, the president tried to catch the wave. the rays ended upbeating the cuban national team 4-1. today the rays are back in florida and the team will take on the twins. >> okay. a lot to talk about. whether this will actually create change or have ramifications beyond what has happened. but the fact that the president of the united states spoke on cuban television and told people that their future is in their own hand, that in and of itself is meaningful. >> because we're not used to hearing a leader say something like that. let's get a check on our local weather. >> and i'm seeing on social media where it took the rays longer to get home. they just arrived. so get back to work, right to the game later today. temperatures this morning, on the cool side.
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50s but not as cool as yesterday and we warm up even more. so you might think it's cool at 8:00 when it's 57. but when it's 72 at noon, short sleeves and short pants by 4:00 p.m. when it's 80 degrees. sunshine and even 76 still at 7:00 p.m. so spring has returned. near 80 degrees today. and now we do stay in the low 80s because of a stalled cold front to the north. but that front is also going to increase our rain chances as we go to 20% tomorrow. 40% friday. and 50% saturday. and of course sunday is easter, a lot going on including the sunrise services. and now the timing at this point, the lowest rain chance in the morning but not a complete no chance. and this time it could still change. but through the day, hit and miss showers. >> you know, just wait. that's the great thing about florida, half the time you just weight -- just passes. right now, traffic looks really good.
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this time, it's not slowing you down. not seeing delays out here. and now an eye on this, this is in the new tampa area, i-75 is not where you want to have a crash. it can back up quickly. but right now, decent despite the crash, south 75 at bruce b down, apparently it's tying up the left lane here. traffic is still getting by. bruce b downs slow and go underneath 75. there's activity going on out there. and let's take a live look at fowler avenue. it's getting busier, southbound, this is heading towards downtown tampa. and then also look at this, 275 at 22nd avenue north in pinellas, still looks very good. speeds about 60 miles per hour. that's weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. a bay area college with a plan to get and keep minority students in school. >> yeah, what the college is doing to make dreams happen. and one man arrested twice for pretending to be something that he wasn't.
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story of her run-in with a fake
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a st. petersburg man was busted not once but twice for impersonating a cop. now investigators wonder just
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news channel 8's ryan hughs is live in pinellas county. ryan, a quick-thinking driver, she wasn't trick bid the suspect. >> reporter: -- ticked by the suspect. >> reporter: gene, good morning. she first noticed the other driver hot on her tail. upon closer inspection, she knew things just didn't add up. >> one light, i mean, just one sole light, cops don't do that. they usually have a bunch of lights and you can hear them telling you to pull over. >> reporter: and amber nottingham was right. police tell us that it was a 35- year-old driving a 2007 nissan altima. and neighbors said he told them he was a pinellas county sheriff's deputy. he was in jail for impersonating an officer and when he left, largo police busted him 15 hours later for the very same crime after they claim he chased nottingham along u.s. 19. and now the scary thing in all this, there could be more victims out there and there could be people pulled over by
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back to you. >> yeah, makes you wonder what thank you. well this morning, the two sky divers that collided in mid- air tuesday afternoon continue to recover at tampa general hospital. both were wing suit jumping at sky dive city in pasco county when the accident happened. one diver was able to pull his parachute and land at the site. the other man slammed on to county road 54 using a reserve chute. helping minorities finish college. statistics show a large gap between minorities and white non-hispanic males. nationally, 59% of black male students and 65% of latino male students graduated college in the 2012-2013 school year. that compares to 80% for white non-hispanic male students. news channel 8's josh thomas shows a program working to change that.
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been an effort to get more male minority students to attend hillsborough community college and that effort is paying off. male minority students are truly in the minority when it comes to attending college. the president of hcc wants that to come to an end. >> we need to really start working, trying to find ways to reverse that trend. and that's what we're doing here at hcc. >> reporter: dr. ken attwater is continuing to push a program started by his predecessor. >> we have been able to retain about 75% of those students and if you look at the general population, that retention rate is in the mid-30s or so. so it works. it works. >> reporter: mentors play a key role making an impact on students. >> there's a difference between like the person who doesn't have anybody to push them, give them that kick, you know, light
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and then there's the other guy who does have the support he needs. >> reporter: calvin greer is a 21-year military vet who wanted a degree. he credits the program for aiming anymore the right direction. he will attend usf in the fall. >> they try to map out a plan for you, to give you the best success to graduate from hillsborough community college and then proceed to a major university. >> reporter: hcc's president told me, it's not just good for the school, it's also good for the community. >> a program like this that supports minority male graduation completion and retention is a community improvement program. >> reporter: a program that could very well spread around the country. in tampa, josh thomas, news channel 8. >> in addition to being given advice before the move on to the next level, students are also encouraged to give back to help other young minority students who have the same dreams and goals. all about paying it forward.
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a nice cool morning for us but it's going to heat up again. >> exactly. a bright, full moon. grab out the moon glasses. it's setting right now over the gulf of mexico. seen from the clearwater beach camera. it's so bright this morning. but if you see it again, you might feel a little chilly for you but it won't be that way for long. we replace the full moon with full sunshine, 57 degrees at 8:00 a.m. by lunchtime, full sunshine. a perfect beach day for the spring breakers and maybe the non-spring breakers maybe after school. 50 in plant city. it's cool in spots, 43 in zephyrhills. 49 in apollo beach. and i checked in with wendy in brooksville and she is at 45. just that temperatures are going to warm up so fast once the sun comes up. so maybe sleep in a little bit. high pressure for the long range forecast does nothing but keep us with sunshine and warm conditions today.
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from the southeast, building up the humidity. so there's a slight rain chance tomorrow. but then scattered rain as the stalled cold front stays to the north so off and on rain friday. and off and on rain saturday. and at this point sunday morning, maybe dry, but again, just off and on during the afternoon, continuing into monday with another cold front. overall though, temperatures staying in the low 80s. the bigger story over the coming days will be the increasing rain chances. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? well, the roadway, still looking good. we're not seeing delays despite an accident here on i-75. keeping an eye on this one though because 75 can get bogged down quickly. but right now, still looks very good through the new tampa area. southbound 75, a collision by bruce b downs. apparently it's tying up the outside lane. that's the left lane. and then bruce b downs slow as you pass underneath 75. but that's not out of the ordinary there. and 75 at fowler avenue, you
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seeing more vehicles on the roadway. and that's going to continue to get busier southbound. northbound busy too. but still good speeds. here is 275 at 22nd avenue north. so pinellas county, up to speed. no delays on the howard franklin bridge. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much. well, thrill seeker, you will want to stick around to hear about this. busch gardens is moving to the next phase of one of their newest rides. >> yeah, when the ride is set to open and what you can expect. but fist, the exclusive event walt disney world is hosting for a limited number of guests. how much you can pay to take
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on select dates, the park
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will stay open for three additional hours for those who purchase the after-hours option. among the rides that stay open, space mountain and peter pan's flight. disney is not revealing how many after-hours tickets will be sold. and a new roller coaster will soon start thrilling busch gardens visitors. >> the final part has been testing phase. it will spin rider forward and then backwards and then freely bringing them just inches from four-foot long cobra fangs. and now are you a thrill seeker? doing this with me? >> yeah, but i don't like snakes. >> it's not real. >> it's a fake one? >> yeah. >> okay, maybe i'll try. eight in three minutes. -- weather and traffic on the 8s in three minutes. new the next half hour, the beach where police made hundreds of arrests. and why a college professor is holding a baby during the lecture. the touching story. you're watching news channel 8
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okay, it's 6:28. tough show you the big, wright full moon again. seeing pictures on social media. i love how it's reflecting off the water over the gulf of mexico. it's so bright. but once the moon sets and the sunrises, it should be perfect for the spring breakers for today and i know, some of you not on spring break so cool at the bus stop this morning, 57 degrees. warm and comfortable, 80 by the afternoon. and now we do stay warm in the low 80s the next couple days. that's above average of 77. rain chances increase. more about that. coming up. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? first of all, during the commercial break, we will have to ask emoji man what he is drinking on the beach. maybe sprite? clearwater, slow and go traffic on 580.
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on the sewer here. westbound 580, hitting the brakes here. down to 19 miles per hour there. so keep that in mind. leave the house a bit early. and starting the to see a delay, watching southbound 75 at bruce b downs.
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6:30 on this wednesday morning, good morning, welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gene ramirez. >> and i'm gayle guyardo. cnn is reporting an arrest in the brussels attack. they are not identifying the suspect. it comes as investigators search for 24-year-old najim laachraoui. he is one of the suspected suicide bombers seen in surveillance photos from the airport.
6:31 am
in argentina this morning. he met several times with razl castro and attended a historic game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national baseball team. and right now, an atlas 5 rocket is headed to the international space station. it blasted off from florida just before midnight. the capsule is carrying nearly 8,000 pounds of food, equipment and scientific research for nasa. what a beautiful morning it is for a lift-off. leigh -- >> certainly is. perfect clear skies, just showed the picture of the full moon over the gulf of mexico. and there's a chill in the air. it is warmer than yesterday. so we've got 43 in zephyrhills. it's around 48 in lakeland right now. 50 plant city. and warmer in st. pete as it usually is on the water. 62 degrees and 55 in bradenton. notice the difference, brooksville nine degrees warmer than yesterday. tampa, seven degrees warmer. eight degrees warmer in bradenton.
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80 degrees and even 23 f you're not on spring break. in weather and traffic on the 8s at 6:38, an eight-day temperature trend for you and let you know how long it's going to stay warm. we have an update on 75. i told you i would watch it because 75 is tricky. it's such a wonderful interstate and then you blink your eye and if there's an accident, there is a congestion problem really quickly. down to about 38 miles per hour here and it's due to a collision southbound i-75 at approaching the accident. it's tying up the right lane. and new tampa, hopefully going to be wrapped up soon. and over here in clearwater, westbound 580. there's road work there. down to 19 miles per hour. >> thank you. right now, cnn is reporting an arrest in the terror attacks in brussels but is not naming that person that has now been
6:33 am
this comes as a manhunt has been underway for a suspected terrorist. responsibility. days ahead. and added that what is coming could be worse. well this morning the death toll from the attacks in brussels has risen to 34. despite the threat, the world is united against terror. iconic landmarks like the eiffel tower in paris are honoring the victims in. berlin, the gate also displayed colors of the belgium flag. and a similar tribute at the famous fountain in rome. an american service member and four of his family members are among the victims. news channel 8's lindsey mastis is now live. there's such an outpouring of support worldwide for brussels and the victims. >> reporter: that's right. you know, you can see how the world is coming together on social media.
6:34 am
eiffel tower is lit up and many other monuments as well in rio, berlin, toronto, even iceland. and even here in tampa. belgium. take a look at this. building. you see the colors there, black, yellow and red to represent belgium's flag. if you take a look at this, right now. this is a cartoon showing the french flag comforting the belgium flag. and you have the dates here representing the terrorist attacks in paris and brussels. and the white house tweeted this proclamation from president barack obama showing that the flags will be at half- staff for the rest of the week there. are memorials growing as well for the victims. and belgium is having three days of national mourning. just an outpouring of support on social media. back to you. >> globally. all right.
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and you can follow the morning alerts each day on facebook and twitter. just search the #8alert. happening today, another emotional day for deputy john kotfila's family and colleagues as they gather for a final good- bye. a funeral service in massachusetts. news channel 8's adrienne pedersen is now live from the hillsborough county sheriff's office. adrienne, we saw the images from local services here in the bay area. but deputy kotfila had many ties to the northeast. >> reporter: good morning, gene. that's right. and i'll get to that in a second but first, i want to give you some perspective from where i'm standing right now. this is the memorial area at the hillsborough county sheriff's office so here you can see pictures of testify deputies who passed away. we're expecting kotfila's picture to be up here eventually. and now in the meantime, you should know that the kotfilas are a law enforcement family. john's dad and brother both
6:36 am
the funeral mass will be at 11:00 this morning in massachusetts. kotfila's father currently a massachusetts state police sergeant. officer. you can see here in this touching video, the family is truly getting support from the massachusetts community. you are looking at people american flags as the hearse made its way to the funeral home. now back in the bay area, people gathered in lutz to say their final good-byes just this last friday. you remember of course kotfila died in a head-on crash with a wrong-way driver. the woman who called police to report the accident believes the deputy sacrificed himself to save her life. and now our sheriff's office along with other law enforcement agencies have a tight bond and that's why several hillsborough county deputies are in massachusetts for that service today. they also attended the wake yesterday. of course, we will have much more coverage beginning at first at 4:00. gene -- >> and by all account,
6:37 am
was much loved by so many people in his life and death he touched so many people. not just here but the country as well. a new endorse. this morning for republican presidential candidate senator ted cruz. former florida governor jeb bush just threw his support behind cruz. it comes as the texas senator claimed a victory in the so- called western primaries. cruz won utah's 40 delegates while front-runner donald trump claimed victory in arizona with the prize of 58 delegates. on the democratic side, senator bernie sanders is the projected winner in utah and idaho. front-runner hillary rodham clinton claimed victory in arizona. her win will keep her sizable lead intact. the next round of caucuses are this weekend for democrats in alaska, hawaii and the state of washington. an 8 on your side warning this morning about an atm scammer preying on people. right now, this crook is linked
6:38 am
america atm right off bee ridge road. the latest victim is an 83-year- old woman. donna who doesn't want us to use her last name was at an atm when a man used a machine next to her and then approached her. he claimed his machine wasn't working so he needed to use hers. she moved aside and let him use it. >> and then i thought, donna, you really are stupid. you don't know that he finished your transaction and put his card in. >> donna's transaction was not completed and the man withdrew $800 from her account. bank of america reimbursed her for the money she lost. and investigators are warning other atm users to be cautious. let's get a check of weather and traffic on the 8s. >> right now, the sky is clear. we have the big full moon setting and just about an hour, the full sunshine will be coming up this morning. temperatures around that time at 8:00 will be at 57 degrees.
6:39 am
but boy, that's that doesn't last long. we jump to the mid-60s by 10:00 a.m. and make another leap to 72 by the lunch break. and then a huge jump to 77 at 2:00. 80 degrees at 4:00 p.m. great day to be outside. even if you have to go to work and school, the evening wonderful, 76 at 7:00 p.m. spring training games too, 75 degrees when the orioles and pirates play in bradenton at 1:05. 1:07 in dunedin for the mets and blue jays and 74. and notice the eight-day temperature trend stays in the 80s all eight days. the bigger story, friday and easter weekend, rain chances. those coming up. but first, we know there's a big problem out the door. yeah, on i-75. 75, again, it it's wonderful when there's no problem. but as soon as there's a crash, it backs up quickly. and that is what we're seeing, especially through the new tampa area where we have significant traffic anyways.
6:40 am
miles per hour here. we've got a crash right beyond bruce b downs, backed up before bruce b downs at this point. just leave the house about 20 minutes early and you should be fine. the back-up is about a 10 minute delay but that allows for extra time in case it gets worse by the time you get there. in pinellas county, bay pines to the east, right here at park street, we just got word of a collision. be on the lookout for that. and also moving up here to the clearwater area, heads up, a little bit of slow traffic westbound 580, they're doing some sewer repair work there. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you. a 4-month-old baby girl ends up in a college lecture. >> how the professor handled the situation. and school prank lands a -- and school prank, what investigators claim she did.
6:41 am
thinking twice about pulling over. how her suspicions ended up in
6:42 am
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a st. petersburg man busted by police officers for pretending to be one of them. this is not the first time the man impersonated an officer. in fact, he was arrested twice in the same weekend. >> yeah, a quick-thinking driver called police when she was being followed by the man in pinellas county. news channel 8's ryan hughs is live now. so the driver got suspicious quickly. tell us what happened. >> reporter: well, gayle, good morning. amber nottingham noticed a vehicle on the back bumper as she drove along u.s. 19 right here. and at first thought it was an officer and then something clicked, it wasn't. >> i look in the rear view and he's got what appears to be a red light in the windshield. and then i really panicked, i was like, it's the police.
6:45 am
i was like, it's not the police. >> reporter: and boy was her instinct right. police tell us it was a 35-year- old driving a 2007 nissan altima. over the weekend, neighbors told police he told them he was an undercover sheriff's deputy for pinellas county. he was in jail for impersonating a cop and when he left, largo police busted him just 15 hours later for the same thing after they claim he 19. he was back in jail for impersonating an officer but he has since bonded out of jail. and the big question now is out there? are there people he pulled over who did not know he was an office senator gayle, a scary thought indeed. woman. thank you so much, ryan. daytona beach police are break. this comes as police make more than 200 arrests this past weekend.
6:46 am
hundreds of spring breakers for underage drinking. many tourists claim they became today know that after panama city beach cracked down on drinking. the florida mother shot by her own 4-year-old son could face criminal charges. the sheriff is recommending that jamie guilt will charged with failure to secure a firearm. she is a pro-gun activist. her son shot her when he found a loaded hand gun in the truck the two were riding in. this 12-year-old florida girl is facing charges after pinching a boy's butt at school. she was even booked into juvenile detention. her father believes it's over reaction from the mother of the boy who wanted to press charges. the pinching itself happened two weeks ago between classes according to a report. she said she didn't know the boy and that the game is something students often do at school. well, this morning the city of toronto is remembering its infamous former mayor.
6:47 am
he was a controversial figure. ford was 46 years old. the former mayor gained notoriety after admitting smoking cocaine. remember anymore and he was repeatedly caught drunk in public. -- remember him? he was also repeatedly caught drunk in public. and sarah palin is planning to make a come back in reality tv. if picked up, it would premier next year. welcome fall, giorgio armani will stop offering fur in all of its collections. they join other designers in switching to synthetic alternatives. armani himself made a statement claiming it was based on issues aimed at protecting the environment and animals. sue see enthusiasts in california got an unexpected side of snake with their meals. it happened when the man brought a small snake into the restaurant.
6:48 am
left and returned with a bigger one. i'll show you. he dropped the 13-foot python on the floor. employees called 911. firefighters wrangled the snake out of the hiding spot. and it was taken into animal control. >> huge. well it's a question many parents face, what to do when your baby sitter cancels -- babysitter cancels? >> one woman faced that when she had to go to class. she took her daughter with her and the professor's reaction is going viral. he's holding up the baby girl of a student. he picked up the little baby when she started fussing during the lecture. and he told the wife and full- time mother, if she had a problem, she could bring her baby to class. isn't that really sweet. >> very nice. >> and understanding. >> i love it. it's great. sometimes you just don't have a plan b. >> exactly. >> when plan a fails. what else you going to do? let's get a check on the weather. >> i can't get enough of this
6:49 am
over the gulf of mexico with the big, bright, full moon reflecting on the water there, just gorgeous this morning. only a slight chill in the air. we will call it seasonably cool around 57 degrees at 8:00 a.m. and we will switch the full moon to nothing but sunshine and that's going to warm us up quickly, 72 at noon. and compared to how it feels this morning, it's going to feel quite warm at 80 this afternoon. and cool in zephyrhills, 42. down to 57 in tampa. and 49 at apollo beach. warmest spot, st. pete, 62 verses 55 in clearwater. high pressure has been keeping us clear and we have the nice, cool morning but around high pressure, you get clockwise winds. throughout the day, the winds coming from the southeast keeping us warm and making for a great day. and that southeast wind continues to pump up the humidity a bit overnight. so that i did have to put in a stray shower or two tomorrow afternoon. and i'm actually more concerned with this stalling front to the north. that's going to bring a 40% rain chance friday.
6:50 am
and even easter sunday, there's a good rain chance. again, not going to rain all day in any one spot but the chance is going to be there for off and on rain through the weekend. make sure the egg hunts maybe are inside at times. >> that would be fun. inside the house. something tells me things would get broken around my place. all right. speaking of crashes, we do have one. that in just a second. but traffic is holding on to a decent drive, 40 miles per hour through downtown tampa. let's look here, 275, this is where it's starting to build coming away from fowler around hillsborough avenue as you continue to move into downtown, this is where it's going to get slower and slower. the crash, 20 minute drive now i-75 in new tampa southbound from 275, that's the northern apex down to i-4. it will take at least 20 minutes. why? well, because we have an accident here. and not only do we have an accident that's really got you
6:51 am
per hour, actually down to about 7 miles per hour the closer you get to the crash. so heavy here coming away from the northern apex. keep that mind. and try to take 275 if you can right now. this is due to a crash with mulch in the roadway that they have to pick up. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you so much, leslee. well, starbucks is doing more than giving americans a morning boost with coffees. it's now working to feed needy americans. the coffee giant announced plans to donate 100% of left over foods to the group feeding america. >> that's nice. >> yeah, a worker at one store came up with the idea. if it work, starbucks plans to give 5 million meals to needy americans by the end of the year. >> yeah, eliminate the waste. starbucks is celebrating spring with a brand new drink. it's called the car male minority honey latte. it comes hot, ice or blended. the drink will only be
6:52 am
so get it soon with the hot weather here, that frapp version sounds like a good one. >> does sound good. i've heard reports that it's delicious. the results of the latest primary, who is ahead and who has catching up to do. is identified. all the updates in the tragic terror attack in brussels.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
a suspect in the tragic brussel terror attacks is now under arrest. >> the report is from judicial sources. it comes as police arrest 24- year-old najim laachraoui. he is believed to have dropped off a bomb.
6:56 am
off a relative at the airport when the blast happened. their names are not listed on any casualty lists but no one has been able to reach them. today family and friends of hillsborough deputy john kotfila will say good-bye in massachusetts. a funeral mass is scheduled for today. deputy kotfila divide a wrong- way driver hit him on the selmon expressway. and we have a results from another round of presidential primaries and caucuses. democratic senator bernie sanders racked up wins in utah and idaho. the wins don't give him enough delegates though to make up for the loss to hillary rodham clinton in arizona. on the republican side, senator ted cruz won the caucuses in utah and received an endorsement from former florida governor jeb bush. in the meantime, front-runner donald trump won arizona's gop primary. and while you were sleeping, air force one touched down in buenos aires,
6:57 am
hoping to strengthen ties with argentina's new president. this comes after his trip to cuba and met with razl castro and tend a game between the tampa bay rays and cuba's national baseball team. the rays won that one 4-1. go rays. and right now, an atlas 5 rock set headed to the international space station. a beautiful blast off this morning from florida just before midnight. the capsule is carrying nearly 8,000 pounds of food, equipment and scientific research for nasa. the sky is clear this morning and there is a chill out there. but it's not as cold as yesterday. zephyrhills, you're winning in the cold department, 42 right now. but 55 in clearwater. 55 in bradenton. and 48 in lakeland. even though it's cool, it's sunny and it will be a beautiful warm-up to 72. feels nice outside for your lunch break. and 80 at 4:00 p.m. great beach day because tomorrow warm at 82 but add in rain chances at 20%. and up to 40% chance friday. and 50% on saturday. all right, looking at
6:58 am
nothing out of the ordinary. u.s. 301 to 275, 11 minutes. ehrlich to 275, 16 minutes. but the big issue, new tampa, 21 minutes now of a delay coming away from the northern apex. and head down toward i-4. it's due to the crash at 8 miles per hour. isn't that nice? southbound i-75 past bruce b down, mulch in the roadway. take 275 through the area and make your way over on fletcher or fowler. 275 looks good right now. not too bad, at least in the northern area. >> thank you. and thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning. the next newscast is first at 4:00. >> and of course, we will keep you updated throughout the morning with breaking news, weather and traffic.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. breaking news. reports this morning the man in white seen at the brussels airport with those two suicide bombers has just been arrested. he's believed to be a bomb maker with ties to the paris massacre. his capture coming after a massive man hunt, including raids throughout the city. today, wednesday, march 23rd, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is a special edition of "today," terror in brussels, with matt lauer in brussels, belgium, and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in


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