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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  August 8, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of days creating flooding and a good time for kids who like to jump in it. first to steve in the weather center. >> we have an area of low pressure in the northern part of the gulf of mexico. lots of atmospheric moisture that's what's produced the rain. some impressive totals the last couple of days. this is a view right now from clearwater beach at over -- frenchies. heavy rain has fallen since midnight. citrus county has seen the most rain. the bulk of the heavier rains shifting to the east coast. but those are some impressive numbers. almost two inches in tampa. over that in downtown st. petersburg. as we look at the estimates
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some impressive amounts. you can see broad ranges elsewhere farther south. 3 hnt 4 in the sen -- 3.4 inches in the central part of man that tee county. additional rainfall as a result of this area of low pressure not moving. it will back off to the northwest eventually but until that time we could see more rain across the areas that are already flooding and that is the >> thanks steve. pasco county residents bracing for more rain and flooding. several streets still covered. jamel lanee' joins us now. >> good evening stacie. you know what this street iron bark drive remains closed off after this retention pond here
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rain fell in this area overnight. and these residents there seems to be no relief in sight. especially for right now with more rain on the way. >> jennifer has lived her for 18 years. for the last decade the retention pond across the street has become a major issue. her sandbags can only do so much. >> the roads used to flood and then all of a sudden now there's so much water that the pond was overflowing after that. >> so used to it now? >> no. definitely not used to it. we're prepared but you're still not used to it. >> early morning storms flooded several streets around pasco county. [ inaudible ] and so as for this retention pond right now the officials tell me that there's a pump truck out here a little
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residents say that this water would stay here for at least two weeks. so now they have to wait at least one week before that water recedes. >> jamel lanee' live in pasco county thanks. some breaking news. a 4-year-old little boy in crate kl -- critical condition after being hit by a car. we flew over the scene in north port a few minutes ago. investigators say th darted out into the road. tropicaire boulevard is shut down while police investigate. a new case of the zika virus that appears to have been transmitted by florida mosquitos. someone in palm beach county contracted the virus but officials think they got it in miami-dade county. that's now 17 cases of zika transmitted in florida. all health department miss the state are offering --
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offering free zika testing to pregnant women. a video of a train that derailed and shut down state route 37 for most of the day. 10 cars went off the tracks after 9:30 this morning south of bradley junction. it opened about two hours ago. no word on what happened. tax dollars wasted? not on his watch. mark douglas is making sure your money isn't going down the >> it is a saga 8 on your side has been following for decades. an sanctua ry for bids. it's going to cost you. we're talking about the suncoast seabird sanctuary and its beleaguered founder ralph heath. he's under ininvestigation for the tenth time.
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>> the conditions at the warehouse are deplorable. >> the attorney for hees's -- ralph heath's family says the recent bust was the last straw. his sons have been trying for years to force heath out of the charity he founded in 1971. >> the family has tried for the last several years to negotiate with ralph an easy exit. >> but this is more than family feud. taxpayers will help fund the court battle and you've already paid to investigate for years. he's been targeted by the ira, department of labor, u.s. fish and wildlife. workers compensation the fdle the doc the pinellas sheriff and cold enforcement and even the town of indian shores on the taxpayer's dime. >> the activities that heath
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reported on and other people have obviously there's been taxpayer dollars for that. those expen dpitures -- expenditures continue. >> the family says he has control of the bank account but refuses to pay. he no longer lives in the beach house. he resides in an rv parked at the warehouse his family will foreclose on. back try to keep things going. >> we have made it work so far what we've been given. >> meanwhile heath prepares for a family feud in a courtroom you paid for. >> we try to tune it out and stay focused on the bird. >> heath will be back in court next week to face charges for animal neglect and wildlife violations. it's highly unlikely he'll ever get a permit to handle wildlife again.
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another. >> and i've been a witness to all these stores and it's amazing to me why haven't government agencies put him out of business? >> i've been asking that for 20 years. you name it wildlife violations, animal abuse. he keeps going. it's like he has nine lives. there have been sanctioned against him but he's managed to stay in business. >> that means more >> absolutely. >> mark douglas thank you very much. still to come tonight. breathing new life into a cold case. what the fbi is doing to bring new interest to a murder from decades ago in hopes of finding a killer. plus purple bruises popping up on the bodies of swimmers and other olympic athletes. what's causing those marks? we'll show you. the ancient art of cupping
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35 years after she disappeared the fbi is now offering a $20,000 reward for tammy joe alexanr's ki. her body was found in a corn field in upstate new york in 1979.
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now investigators are working leads. >> we have a couple of dna swabs. persons of interests and i'm going to specify persons of interests not a suspect. people that i want to learn more about. >> detectives used dna samples from her family to match the name to the unidentified girl who remained nameless in this grave for 35 years. democratic presidential hillary clinton stopped petersburg today. she talked about her job creation plan saying she wants to help anyone starting a small business by giving them a break on student loan payment. but she also attacked donald trump's economic plan. >> it's outrageous to me that somebody who claims to be so successful has done it by stiffing hardworking americans.
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touring three daughters brewery in st. petersburg. she has another event this evening. what do you imagine for the rays ballpark that is the question they're asking fans like you. they lawned ballparkre it allowed people to show their ideas. from baseball totb the buc's first preseason game this thursday. news channel 8 your official buc's station will broad cast that -- broadcast that game on our sister station great 38. you probably noticed something odd about fie cal phelps last night. >> he's not the only athlete with the marks. what those marks are coming up. here's the current medal
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. how do we make the economy work for everyone? hillary clinton's plan starts here... by making big corporations and those at the top finally pay their fair share in taxes. and those companies that move overseas? she'd charge them an exit tax. then she'd use that money to make the largest investment in creating good paying jobs since world war ii. millions of jobs.
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now special coverage of the rio olympics. olympians in rio sporting something different than four years ago in london. have you noticed those purple marks on their skin? it's part of an ancient technique that's become popular. it's called cupping.
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thousands of years is having its olympic moment. john rogers is joining us live. what are these marks john and i want to know later if you have one on you? >> well the cat's out of the bad. i do actually. check it out. i got this earlier today. it's a hick ki. yes a kickey just like -- hickey just like teenagers give each other on the necks when tlair dating. -- they're dating. decorated olympian michael phelps made a splash on social media and it wasn't for winning another medal it was for a circumstance kl -- circle of a different kind. >> those are cup marks guys. i got cupped the other day. >> the swimmer has praised the techniques and many other athletes have caught on too.
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today i learned how it works. >> going for the areas of tension. >> stacey is working on jackie miller a try athlete. these cups -- triathlete these cups increase blood flow and it relaxes the muscles. the cups are left there from two to 15 minutes. if there's a lot of toxins in the muscles dark hickeys could they can remain for days. >> does that hurt at all? >> miller has been doing this for years and swears by it. >> she's kept me injury free. there's weeks i train upwards of 25 hours hour a week and i've never had a serious injury. >> cupping is the newest technique becoming a sensation. >> i have a few on my neck as well.
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assure you they are not. basically the way i can describe it feels like someone is pinching you with a warm sensation. it's an effective massage technique. very relaxing. even though it looks painful, i'm fine. i will probably have them for the next couple days. >> i hope the stress is gone and i hope you fiance is watching so she will understand all of these thanks buddy. >> we've seen plenty of touching moments at the olympics including one getting attention today. it followed the men's free style relay team. and ryan held was overcome with emotion. he spoke with lester holt and opened up about what was going through his mind. >> a little bit of my mind
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doing this for everyone back home. i'm doing this for all the swimming fans out there. but most of time it's just the sound of my own thoughts like just telling myself to go. i can handle the pain. push through. this is for something bigger than me. >> it really hurts. >> yeah. oh yeah. >> he was in the moment for sure. you can watch the full interview the a few minutes on nbc nightly news. yes we've got a lot of but the temperatures are nice. 75 degrees here. down at nissan of ve nis three quarters of an inch of rainfall. # 2 degrees and mostly cloudy skies continue. that's been the story throughout the day. that's at hula bay. the clouds racing across the area. flash flood watch in effect citrus, hernando, levy and pasco counties.
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last friday. the likelihood of heavier rain in this area and that's the way it played out. this p in effect -- this in effect until tomorrow at 8:00 p.m. pam got a great shot today. not a great beach day but at the very least cooler overall. 4.17 inches for august. below normal last week not so much this week. 2.23 inches this is the one international. it really can vary depending on your location for rainfall. cooler tomorrow again. # 5 degrees. there's -- # 5 degrees. -- 85 degrees. by the end of the week back to our normal routine. this area of low pressure to the north is helping to create a different pattern for us. showers continue to come on shore. citrus county south of inverness at this point. north of hernando countiment
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passing into sections of polk county. there are some heavier pockets in here. the real heavy stuff is on the east coast. heavy rain possible in northern areas. most of this rain not expecting severe. largo low 80s. same in sunset. 79 in frost proof. nice to report these temperatures in august. upper 70s, low 80s. that's the area of low pressure. with the counterclockwise circulation. not anything tropical like a depression or storm but an area of low pressure. of course we had that circulation taking advantage of the warmth in the gekz. that's full of water -- gulf of mexico. that full of water. nothing real heavy expected although we can see a heavier pocket of heavier rain in here.
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morning hours the rain chances pick up a bit. that's around 7:00 a.m. a messy commute in some areas possible. especially in the north part of the bay pinellas county included. some of the heavier rain would focus inland on this model. that's a pretty high number there. 60% rain chance on wednesday. that's transitioning back to the summertime pattern with an afoo in the plan. for thursday and friday you can see the rain chances mostly afternoon evening with early sunshine but the possibility. especially over the areas that have seen rain. those are the areas we don't want to see rain but that's the possibility. coming up the bucs run for cover from the rain. also we're going to take a look at the one position that head coach dirk seems to be satisfied with so far. jeff patterson just ahead with
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spoerz sports is brought to to you by your honda dealers. the e-yes rain you're -- heavy rain you're seeing is having an effect on the bucs. they had to cut practice short. he had planned to be in pads changed because he didn't want the guys too banged up on the hard playing surface. practice more difficult today because there's no lines, end zone at the prop. it's better than not practicing at all. >> the way the weather was today we wouldn't have gotten anything done outside. so you know we had to make the best of it. that's all we could do.
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cameron again today. he's ahead of jenkins. he called him smart. he went to lar vard so that's a -- harvard so that's a given. he knows where to be and how to get there. he says he's happy to be back. >> it's a good offense to be in. working with jameis has been awesome. to see his growth from last year to this point last year. his command of the offense is awesome. fun playing with him. >> please make a note of this. the bucs preseason opener is three days away. news channel 8 your official bucs station we'll broadcast the game on the great 38. it starts at 7:00 p.m. on thursday. the tampa bay rays are in toronto tonight starting a six-
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new look at matt duffy playing in his first game since the rays dealt matt moore getting duffy in return. he's expected to play tomorrow and wednesday as he works his way back up. did you see the duck cyclist that tweeted she's okay? oh wait a minute. so many great things going on at the olympics. one of the brightest far katie ledecky sweeping the longer free style events. she won the 400 meter free and set a new world record last night. today she posted the top qualifying time in the 200 meter free. >> i want to know what happened. >> she had a con suggestion. -- concussion. she was passed out for a while. she hopes to be out of the hospital later this week. has some broken bones. >> has the cyclist you're
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>> have a great night. voting n the u.s. senate." marco rubio stopped showing up for work. let us down. i'm patrick murphy and enough's enough. i'm proud to work with president obama. to protect social security and a woman's right to choose. and grow this economy so it works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approve this message
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meltdown, chaos as delta suffers a worldwide crisis. terminals packedit people. water slide tragedy, a 10-year-old boy dies on the tallest water slide in the world. a terrifying accident and growing questions tonight about what happened. sounding the alarm, 50 senior republicans warning donald trump would be, quote, the most reckless president in american history, showing his support is cratering.


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